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"More than a place, the Shady Dell was and will forever remain a state of mind." - Shady Del Knight

"More than a place, the Shady Dell was and will forever remain a state of mind." - Shady Del Knight

Thursday, June 21, 2018

Best of Bandstands in Foreign Lands - Vol. 6: Three Flirts Produce Passion!

Welcome to volume 6 of  

my globetrotting series



I'm Shady Seaweed, here to bring you more great music performances that originated from TV studios, big halls and nightclubs in Europe and other parts of the world from the 1960s through early 2000s.

Join me now for another exciting

trip back in time as we visit

Bandstands in Foreign Lands!



Our 6th BIFL tour begins in the UK at The Roxy,
a mid 80s music TV series that originated from
Newcastle in North East England and was aired
on the British TV network ITA (Independent
Television Authority.) That's where we find
Brit popper Rick Astley performing his
international smash hit "Never Gonna
Give You Up," a single that topped the
chart in 25 countries including the U.S.

"Never Gonna Give You Up"
Rick Astley  {Aug./Sept./Oct. 1987 (UK),
highest chart pos. #1, Feb./Mar. 1988 (U.S.),
highest chart pos. #1 Hot 100 & Cash Box,
live perf. on UK music TV series The Roxy}



In the spring of 1979, a few months before I caught
their live show on the grandstand at the York (PA)
Interstate Fair, the Philly sibling act Sister Sledge
scored one of their biggest disco hits with the
chart-topping "Lost In Music." Here they are
in London performing the song on the long-
running TV series Top Of The Pops.

"Lost In Music" - Sister Sledge
(Apr/May 1979, highest chart pos.
#1 U.S. Hot Disco Singles,
#17 UK, live perf. on
Top Of The Pops)



In 1959 R&B singer/musician Wilbert Harrison
had a #1 chart hit with "Kansas City," a song
covered by The Beatles and many other artists.
In 1962 Wilbert waxed the self-penned blues
song "Let's Stick Together" which failed to
chart. It took till the end of the decade for
Harrison to return to the top 40. He did so
with an updated version of "Let's Stick
Together," a musical appeal for peace
and unity with the title changed to
"Let's Work Together." Arguably the
best cover of the song was recorded by
the Los Angeles blues/boogie rock band
Canned Heat. To their credit, the band
generously insisted on delaying release
of their version in the U.S. until Harrison's
original had a chance to run its course in the
market. Harrison's single cracked the top 40
in the U.S. but failed to catch on in England.
Meanwhile the Canned Heat cover ignited
like sterno and became the band's biggest
UK hit, reaching #2 and lasting 15 weeks
on the chart. Gyrating to the Canned Heat
cover, here they are (gotta love 'em), the
studio audience dancers on Britain's
music show Top Of The Pops.

"Let's Work Together" - Canned Heat
{Feb./Mar./Apr. 1970 (UK), highest
chart pos. #2, Nov. 1970 (U.S.),
highest chart pos. #26 Hot 100,
#17 Cash Box), clip of studio
dancers on Top Of The Pops)



Arthur Alexander was a country-soul pioneer.
His songs were covered by The Beatles, Stones,
Otis, Tina, Killer Jerry Lee and other famous
recording artists. "Every Day I Have To Cry,"
penned by Alexander, was first recorded by
Steve Alaimo, the teen idol who went on to
host Dick Clark's series Where The Action Is.
BIFL now takes us to the UK and a mid 60s
British rock/pop music television show called
Ready Steady Go! That's where we find soulful
songstress Dusty Springfield set to perform her
version of the song. Ready - steady - GO!

"Every Day I Have To Cry"
Dusty Springfield (from Apr. 1964 EP
 Only Want To Be With You, live perf.
on Mar. 20, 1964, ep. of
Ready Steady Go!)



Italo disco is a style of electronic new wave music
that reached its peak of popularity in the 80s. You're
about to hear one of the greatest hits of the genre -
"Tarzan Boy" - a single that topped the French
chart five weeks in a row, charted high in the
UK and other parts of Europe and lasted six
months on the U.S. Hot 100. "Tarzan Boy"
was recorded by an Italian band fronted by
Jimmy McShane, a singer from Northern
Ireland who relocated to Milan. In this clip,
McShane dazzles the audience on Peter's Pop
Show, the annual music special aired on the
West German public broadcaster ZDF.
Ladies and gents-- Baltimora!

"Tarzan Boy" - Baltimora
{Aug. 1985, highest chart pos.
#1 France, #3 UK, #13 Hot 100
(in Feb/Mar. 1986), live perf.
on Peter's Pop Show}


RAI 1, Italy

Hi-NRG is a genre of electronic dance music
characterized by a fast tempo, reverberated
vocals and pulsating basslines. One of the
best examples of the style is "Passion" by
The Flirts, a sexy girl trio consisting of one
blonde, one brunette and one redhead, an
act conceived by New York genre mogul
Bobby Orlando. Released as a single in
1982 and 1983 in Canada, the UK and
other countries (but not in the U.S.),
"Passion" became a hit across Europe.
The Flirts performed their international
sizzler on Discoring, the Italian music
television series carried on Italy's
public service broadcaster Rai 1.

"Passion" - The Flirts
(1982 B single, highest chart pos.
#4 Germany & Switzerland,
#21 U.S. Dance, #22 Netherlands,
#36 Belgium, live perf. on
Italian TV series Discoring)

I hope you enjoyed vol. 6 of



Stay tuned for the

next edition coming soon.

Have a Shady day!


  1. I think I'm glad the electronic new wave stuff didn't escape the eighties.
    The singer in the first video is definitely lip syncing.

    1. Hi, Alex!

      Thanks for coming over as the early bird again this week, good buddy. You have quite a streak going! :)

      I know you love your prog rock, but I didn't know you dislike the 80s electronic new wave genre. I love it all. Back then it wasn't considered scandalous for an artist to lip sync to his or her hit record, nor is it considered shameful today.

      Thanks again for your visit and comment, good buddy Alex!

  2. Baltimora and The Flirts are the two new names to me this time.

    As for Sister Sledge... all I can think of is "We are Family"!

    1. Hi, Kelly!

      Thanks for popping in, dear friend! I'm very happy to see you!

      Baltimore was a one hit wonder, but boy oh boy was "Tarzan Boy" a biggie in my neck of the woods. I hadn't heard of The Flirts until a couple of years ago when I discovered them on a CD dance-pop compilation. I now own one of their greatest hits collections.

      I saw a live Sister Sledge show on the grandstand at the York Fair in late summer 1979. Peaches & Herb was the other act on the program.

      Thanks again for dropping by, dear friend Kelly, and enjoy the rest of your week!

    2. Funny you should mention Peaches & Herb. Stay tuned.... ;)

    3. I am standing by and staying tuned, dear friend Kelly. Is there a Friday Musical interlude in my near future? :)

    4. You'll get one of those next week, but sometimes music works its way into other random posts. :)

    5. AOK, Kelly!

      The anticipation is building, dear friend. Peaches and Herb have been one of my favorite duos since the mid 60s. I'll be on the lookout.

      Have a great evening, Kelly!

  3. Oh wow...I`m second here:) So Most are lip syncing which always makes me laugh but have warm memories all the same. my ex hated that rick Astley song and I would torture this day by playing so it stuck in his head-hahaaa. The women behind bars and the go go boots and fringe is just so fun to watch and some look stoned out of their gord. I was still a bun in the oven when Dusty sang this song and was born just a couple of months later. I love the Tarzan song and can;t help but recall all the times I danced to this in some disco. I can`t get over the makeup he had on-these are so 80`s with the neon and big hair. The Flirts know how to flirt...whatever became of themÉ

    1. Hi, Birgit!

      Thank you very much for coming down to shake your booty with me, dear friend. :)

      I am happy to know you enjoyed watching these vids and listening to the new wave - synth pop sounds of the 80s. I need to let you know about a recent trend on YouTube. Many skilled production people are stripping the original weak sound from old performance videos like these and replacing them with the full-bodied remastered sound of the original studio recordings. Most do a great job of syncing the new high quality audio to the old videos. Therefore, what might seem like a lip sync is actually the work of the uploader who replaced the TV show soundtrack for greater listening pleasure.

      Yessum, those "women behind bars" on Top of The Pops made quite a spectacle of themselves. Your ex might have Rick Astley stuck in his head, but it will take the jaws of life to pry the images of those femme fatales from Shady's noggin. :)

      Poor Jimmy McShane, the heavily made up face and voice of Baltimora, died young, at age 37, as a result of AIDS.

      Bobby Orlando is the mastermind behind The Flirts. Bobby wrote the songs and produced the records using female session singers. For the touring act he selected a trio of beautiful models/dancers - one blonde, one brunette and one red head - to perform as "The Flirts." The Flirts lineup changed many times over the years. The best known member is Linda Jo Rizzo, the blonde zinger in the video. Linda is still an active artist, doing shows and recording albums and singles as a solo artist and with others.

      Thanks again for your visit and great comment, dear friend BB!

  4. Where does anyone start with this, Shady? Gotta get a fresh cup of java, be right back!

    Too much fun...there HAS to be something for everyone's pleasure on this post!

    "Never Gonna Give You Up" is a pretty cool song, played at a lot of the dance clubs in the later 80's and early 90's. I never knew who performed the song, so it was good to see him on stage.

    Canned Heat-one of the older great groups, huh! I do remember and liked "Let's Work Together". How about those 'Top of the Pops' dancers, not all the best moves, but great outfits that were typical of 1970. I remember owning some of those skirts and short tops back in the day, lol!

    I think many of us adored Dusty Springfield. I have always felt saddened by her life and passing. So many singers are able to give us so much pleasure, without us not even aware that they are suffering so many personal issues. She was one of the best for sure, and really owned her cover of "Everyday I Have to Cry". Not all entertainers back then would move out into the crowd, to mingle and dance. Bravo to Dusty!

    "Tarzan Boy" was another one that was played at dance clubs in my area, though I never heard of Baltimora! I really like the dynamics of this song, and thought Jimmy McShane had such a great voice. This is a number that could get you out on the floor!

    I have always enjoyed Sister Sledge in their vitality to entertain and awe an audience with their stage presence. And, with this I am so impressed with "The Flirts". How cute and sassy these girls are! Their song "Passion" is good, but I would put my money on thinking they could do better. I place their vocals and moves right up there with Sister Sledge, The Pointer Sisters and LaBelle!

    A very great post, Shady Seaweed! Good job! Here's hoping your transition from a somewhat smothering Spring, into a very sweltering summer will be a smooth and cool one! Thank you for a great post. Take care, dear friend. ♫

    1. Hi, Suzanne!

      Thank you very much for making time to swing by and groove to some tuneage from the 60s, 70s and 80s, dear friend!

      You're right, Suzanne. As always, I tried to mix it up and include something for everybody. I'm glad your memories match mine. New wave synth pop was all the rage during my second stint as a bachelor, and these hits by Rick Astley and Baltimora were played heavily in the discos I frequented.

      The song "Let's Work Together" carries a message that is still relevant in today's society. I love the original version by Wilbert, and the cover by Canned Heat is equally great. Those fetching Brit birds on TOTP do indeed give us a look at the sexy clothing and hair styles of 1970.

      I was astounded to find that pristine video of Dusty covering Arthur Alexander and Steve Alaimo on Ready Steady Go! Watching Dusty's body language and how she confidently worked the crowd of teenagers in the studio was a pleasure to behold. She was such a solid pro and died too young. Baltimora's Jimmy McShane was only 37 when he succumbed to AIDS, a very sad end to his life and career.

      Today, for the first time in the Biffle series, I am presenting performances taken from the British TV show The Roxy, where Rick Astley performed, Ready Steady Go!, the show on which Dusty appeared, and Discoring, the Italian pop music showcase that hosted The Flirts.

      To quality to become a "Flirt," all you needed to be was beautiful, a blonde, brunette or red head, and a good dancer with a winning smile. Producer Bobby Orlando handled the rest of the details, minor as they were, like the singing part. :)

      Sister Sledge was a sensational family group. I saw them live in 1979 with the latest lineup of Peaches & Herb, another hit act of the disco era. Sadly one of the Sledge sisters, Joni, died in March 2017.

      Thank you again for joining the fun today, dear friend Suzanne. I very much appreciate your visit and comment. Enjoy the rest of your day and have a safe and happy weekend!

  5. I love Son of a Preacher Man by Dusty Springfield . That just happened to boom in popularity when it was on Pulp Fiction soundtrack. I liked this song Everyday I have to cry.
    The Tarzan song cracks me up and brings back memories. My stepdad used to play it when I was younger.
    Sister Sledge was awesome and like their sound on anything.
    Lots of fun with different styles in this post.
    Thanks so much for stopping by my little ol blog yesterday. Such a great friend!!

    1. Hi, Holliberry!

      Welcome back to your home away from home, Shady Dell Music & Memories! It's wonderful to see you again, dear friend, back from a very long blogging break. Thank you very much for coming over!

      I'm happy to know you are a Dusty Springfield fan. I especially like Dusty's early career recordings and live performances such as this one on the British pop music show Ready Steady Go!

      Thanks for sharing that you remember your stepdad liking and playing "Tarzan Boy." To me this synth-pop smash is one of the most exciting songs of the new wave 80s.

      In recent years, as I have dug deeper into their catalog, I have developed a greater appreciation of Sister Sledge. The sibling act caught fire at the height of the disco craze, but the bottom quickly dropped out of their career when disco faded in popularity.

      I'm glad you had fun listening to these sounds of the 60s, 70s and 80s, dear friend Holli. Thank you again for coming over. It's wonderful to be reunited with you after all these months. Take care now and have a super weekend. I hope to see you again soon, Holliberry! :)

  6. Hey, thanks for Rick rolling me dear friend. :) While many people hate being Rick rolled, I absolutely love the song. I love 80s electronic music and I definitely love the list today.

    Have a great Thankful Thursday!

    1. Hi, Jessica Marie!

      How are you, dear friend? I'm pleased to see you as I present vol. 6 of my Bloggy Award winning series "Biffle." :)

      I'm happy to learn that you don't mind being Rick rolled. I have no problem with Mr. Astley or his hit song, and just look at the kids in the audience and the balcony. They are obviously groovin' to the sound. It's a shame how many rock lovers dismiss electronic music. Adding more choices enriches your life, and I love having eclectic taste. I'm glad you're the same.

      Thanks again for swinging over, dear friend JM. Have a good Friday and a safe and happy weekend!

    2. Hi, Shady,

      I know! I groove along with those kids. :) I am seeing Vans Warped Tour in a few weeks (13 July) and look forward to seeing all sorts of genres perform. I think listening to a variety of music broadens your world. But, hey, like you, I love music!

      Thanks for the comment today on my blog. I hope you have a wonderful rest of the weekend.

    3. Hi, Jessica Marie!

      Thank you for returning to chat, dear friend! I am always delighted to discover on YouTube these nicely restored video clips that show enthusiastic audiences and dancers at bandstands in foreign lands. Like you I believe eclectic taste in music broadens your horizons and promotes tolerance and acceptance.

      Thank you again for dropping in for a second time, dear friend JM, and enjoy the rest of your weekend!

    4. Hi Shady,

      I work with this retiree at my full-time job (she retired from one company and came to our company) and she can't get over the fact that I am familiar and love the oldies like she loves. Especially old school funk and r & b.

      I love watching the old music shows and videos. I love seeing smiling faces and just seeing how the world was at that time.

      Have a great Sunday, dear friend!

    5. Hi again, Jessica Marie!

      You are indeed impressive with your interest and knowledge of music of the past. It builds rapport when you are able to discuss with seniors the music and culture of their youth. When young people look at old people it is easy to forget that many of them were groovy teenagers like the ones in these 70s and 80s videos.

      Thanks again for coming over, dear friend JM, and have a wonderful week ahead!

  7. I was happy to see I remembered a few of these artists and a few tunes too! Rick Astley, Sister Sledge, Dusty Springfield. The others were new as well as the songs. I guess I didn't visit enough discos back in the day! I recognized the outfits of the 70's...they were hanging in my closet back then! I forgot how short those skirts were! However, you could find those same clothes today...the hairstyles have changed though! Thanks for introducing me to something always! Have a great week!

    1. Hi, YaYa!

      Thank you very much for dropping in for another dose of "Biffle." I am very happy to see you, dear friend!

      Rick A, Sister Sledge and Dusty are three of the big name acts in this set, but I am sure you also remember Canned Heat, the blues/boogie band of the hippie era that gave us "Going Up the Country" and "On the Road Again" and played at Woodstock. The Canned Heat version of "Let's Work Together" was released in Europe at the start of 1970 in conjunction with their European tour and became their biggest hit in the UK, peaking at #2. Stateside the record reached its zenith at #26 between H-ween and T-giving that same year.

      I knew you'd be checking out the clothing styles and hairdos on those Top Of The Pops dancers. Based on a comparison of old clips, it seems like the Brit girls on TOTP dressed and danced more provocatively than the ones on American Bandstand circa 1970. It was interesting how the studio dancers were nearly all girls dancing w/o male partners, and that they danced in a row "behind bars." Noticing that the camera angle was low, I concluded that the girls were dancing on an elevated stage with the camera down below, and that the bars were simply there for safety to keep them from falling. Nevertheless, the effect, intended or not, is rather striking, something I never saw used on any other dance program for teenagers.

      Thank you again for your visit and comment, dear friend YaYa, and have a wonderful weekend!

  8. You didn't note the US chart listing for "Tarzan Boy", making me think it didn't do well here, yet I recognized that song immediately! Is there some cover version I'm thinking of?

    1. Hi, Kirk!

      Thanks for coming over on your weekend, good buddy! I'm glad to see you!

      I did indeed list the U.S. chart position for "Tarzan Boy." It peaked at #13 on the Hot 100 which is the name of the U.S. Billboard Pop Chart. See it now? The record was very popular in the dance clubs I frequented during my second bachelorhood. I'm happy to know you remember the song as well.

      Thanks again for coming, Kirk, and enjoy the rest of your weekend!

  9. Tom,

    Baltimora and The Flirts are two bands I do not remember nor do these song selections by these groups ring a bell. I'm not familiar with Dusty Springfield's song, either. However, I do know your firs three song choices quite well. For some reason Rick Astley's vocals don't seem to go with him. I'm not sure why but I heard the song a zillion times before I actually saw the artist and I guess I just had a different mental image of the guy. Isn't that strange how your brain perceives a person by his/her voice? Sister Sledge topped the chart with "Lost in Music" the year we were married. I barely remember the song and this is probably the first time to hear it in 39 years. Canned Heat is one of those lost and founds from the 70s, as well is another that escaped my memory. Thanks for sharing another edition of BANDSTANDS IN FOREIGN LANDS! Have a pAwesome week, my friend!

    1. Hi, Cathy!

      Thank you very much for swinging by to sample the songs in vol. 6 of "Biffle." I am very happy to see you, dear friend!

      Until recently The Flirts were unknown to me as well, but I have vivid memories of Baltimora frontman Jimmy McShane and the band's big synth pop hit of the 80s "Tarzan Boy."

      Yessum, there were many times, especially in the 50s and 60s, when I formed a mental image of a recording artist based on how they sounded on the radio and on my turntable. Later, when I saw them on television, I was shocked at how different they looked. Many did not look nearly as good as they sounded. "Video killed the radio star," as the song goes. :)

      I'm pleased to know that this song by Sister Sledge was riding high the year you and DH were married. That same year I saw the sisters perform live at the York Interstate Fair. Along with "Lost In Music" their set included "He's The Greatest Dancer" and their signature song "We Are Family."

      In the late 60s and early 70s you must have been a little too young to pay attention to the Woodstock band Canned Heat. Their cover of "Lets Work Together" was a major hit in my region.

      Thanks again for coming over, dear friend Cathy. I wish you a pawesome week as well! :)

  10. That was quite a romp through the decades, Shady. Had to watch some of them all the way to the end. Loved the Sister Sledge routine, and I could never tire of hearing Dusty Springfield sing.

    1. Hi, Cheryl-Lee!

      I'm so glad to see you, dear friend. Thanks for coming by!

      I tend to favor female artists, and I'm with you on these great songs and videos featuring Sister Sledge and the late great Dusty Springfield. Dusty was particularly impressive in those early years. She sang with confidence and enthusiasm and it rubbed off.

      Thanks again for putting some music in your day here at SDMM, dear friend Cheryl-Lee. Have a good week, take care of yourself and come back and see me again soon!

  11. Thoroughly enjoyed this post, friend Shady … my favourite radio station is tuned and on day and night and plays 70s and 80s music … awesome to hear Canned Heat again … my all time favourite song by them is "On the road again" … Love, cat.

    1. Hi, cat!

      How are you, dear feline friend? Thanks a lot for spending some time in the Shady watching old vids and listening to old tuneage!

      I'm pleased to know that you and I are in sync with regard to our enjoyment of these danceworthy sounds of the 70s and 80s. I am also delighted to know that you remember the blues and boogie band Canned Heat. Thanks for mentioning another of their hits "On The Road Again." I am sure you also remember their best known single "Going Up The Country, the unofficial theme song of the Woodstock rock festival.

      Thanks again, so much, for your kind visit and comment, dear friend cat, and enjoy the rest of your week!

  12. … where is my "lubbins:, hmmm? Always, cat.

  13. I never thought I'd get Rick rolled on your page, haha! Funny story - I have a former coworker who still randomly sends me disguised links to that song.

    I have a pretty big announcement over on my blog if you care to check it out. The announcement is three posts back but a better explanation of the decision just went up today.

    Anyway, hope you're enjoying your summer, Shady!

    1. Hi, Ashton!

      Welcome back to Shady Dell Music & Memories, my dear old friend! I want other readers to know that, in your case, the word "old" refers to the longevity of our friendship. You and I have remained friends since 2009 and I am grateful to have had the opportunity to follow your life and career all these years. I just finished leaving a comment on your double post bidding farewell to television news. Once again I would like to wish you all the best in your new venture and hope you will continue blogging and stay tuned to SDMM. You are a valued friend, Ashton!

      Until my friend Jessica mentioned it, I had completely forgotten about the Rickrolling prank phenomenon of the 2000s. If I really wanted to Rickroll the readers of this post, clicking the link to the Rick Astley video would redirect them to Disco Tex and His Sex-O-Lettes. :)

      Thank you again for your ongoing friendship and support since 2009, dear friend Ashton, and best of luck to you and your family in the years to come. Please stick around and follow my journey. Thank you!


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