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"More than a place, the Shady Dell was and will forever remain a state of mind." - Shady Del Knight

"More than a place, the Shady Dell was and will forever remain a state of mind." - Shady Del Knight

Wednesday, June 27, 2018

A 65 Week Engagement at the Sands!

In 1933, one year after Olympic Gold Medal
swimming champion Johnny Weissmuller
played the lord of the Jungle in Tarzan the
Ape Man, another U.S. Olympic swimming
champ, Buster Crabbe, played Tarzan the
Fearless... a role that implied a rivalry
between the two. Buster Crabbe went on
to star as Flash Gordon and Buck Rogers.


What is the name of Crabbe's 1950s TV
serial filmed on location in Morocco?




Buster Crabbe starred as Michael Gallant,
a captain in the French Foreign Legion in
North Africa, in the mid 50s TV series
Captain Gallant of the Foreign Legion.

Captain Gallant was similar to another favorite
series of mine, The Adventures of Rin Tin Tin.
A fort was the setting for both shows and
both featured a young boy as mascot.

In Captain Gallant, Crabbe's real life son,
Cullen, played Cuffy, the Legion's mascot.

On Rin Tin Tin, Lee Aaker played Corporal
Rusty, an orphaned boy adopted by the
soldiers at Fort Apache in Arizona.

Rin Tin Tin premiered October 15, 1954.
That same week Rosemary Clooney was
breaking into the top 5 with "This Ole
House," a record my parents owned
and played often. Rosemary's single
featured vocals by bass man Thurl
Ravenscroft, the actor who gained
fame as the voice of Tony the Tiger
shouting " "They're grrreat!" in the
Kellogg's Frosted Flakes commercials.

"This Ole House" - Rosemary Clooney
(Nov. 1954, highest chart pos. #1)

Captain Gallant premiered February 13, 1955.
That same week the Fontane Sisters, a pop trio
from New Jersey, were climbing the chart with
their latest single "Rock Love," a song originally
recorded by singer and actor Eddie Fontaine.

"Rock Love" - The Fontane Sisters
(Feb. 1955, highest chart
pos. #14 Cash Box)

 Did you watch Captain Gallant

 Do you remember Rin Tin Tin

 Do you like Rosemary Clooney 

 and The Fontane Sisters? 

Have a Shady day!

Thursday, June 21, 2018

Best of Bandstands in Foreign Lands - Vol. 6: Three Flirts Produce Passion!

Welcome to volume 6 of  

my globetrotting series



I'm Shady Seaweed, here to bring you more great music performances that originated from TV studios, big halls and nightclubs in Europe and other parts of the world from the 1960s through early 2000s.

Join me now for another exciting

trip back in time as we visit

Bandstands in Foreign Lands!



Our 6th BIFL tour begins in the UK at The Roxy,
a mid 80s music TV series that originated from
Newcastle in North East England and was aired
on the British TV network ITA (Independent
Television Authority.) That's where we find
Brit popper Rick Astley performing his
international smash hit "Never Gonna
Give You Up," a single that topped the
chart in 25 countries including the U.S.

"Never Gonna Give You Up"
Rick Astley  {Aug./Sept./Oct. 1987 (UK),
highest chart pos. #1, Feb./Mar. 1988 (U.S.),
highest chart pos. #1 Hot 100 & Cash Box,
live perf. on UK music TV series The Roxy}



In the spring of 1979, a few months before I caught
their live show on the grandstand at the York (PA)
Interstate Fair, the Philly sibling act Sister Sledge
scored one of their biggest disco hits with the
chart-topping "Lost In Music." Here they are
in London performing the song on the long-
running TV series Top Of The Pops.

"Lost In Music" - Sister Sledge
(Apr/May 1979, highest chart pos.
#1 U.S. Hot Disco Singles,
#17 UK, live perf. on
Top Of The Pops)



In 1959 R&B singer/musician Wilbert Harrison
had a #1 chart hit with "Kansas City," a song
covered by The Beatles and many other artists.
In 1962 Wilbert waxed the self-penned blues
song "Let's Stick Together" which failed to
chart. It took till the end of the decade for
Harrison to return to the top 40. He did so
with an updated version of "Let's Stick
Together," a musical appeal for peace
and unity with the title changed to
"Let's Work Together." Arguably the
best cover of the song was recorded by
the Los Angeles blues/boogie rock band
Canned Heat. To their credit, the band
generously insisted on delaying release
of their version in the U.S. until Harrison's
original had a chance to run its course in the
market. Harrison's single cracked the top 40
in the U.S. but failed to catch on in England.
Meanwhile the Canned Heat cover ignited
like sterno and became the band's biggest
UK hit, reaching #2 and lasting 15 weeks
on the chart. Gyrating to the Canned Heat
cover, here they are (gotta love 'em), the
studio audience dancers on Britain's
music show Top Of The Pops.

"Let's Work Together" - Canned Heat
{Feb./Mar./Apr. 1970 (UK), highest
chart pos. #2, Nov. 1970 (U.S.),
highest chart pos. #26 Hot 100,
#17 Cash Box), clip of studio
dancers on Top Of The Pops)



Arthur Alexander was a country-soul pioneer.
His songs were covered by The Beatles, Stones,
Otis, Tina, Killer Jerry Lee and other famous
recording artists. "Every Day I Have To Cry,"
penned by Alexander, was first recorded by
Steve Alaimo, the teen idol who went on to
host Dick Clark's series Where The Action Is.
BIFL now takes us to the UK and a mid 60s
British rock/pop music television show called
Ready Steady Go! That's where we find soulful
songstress Dusty Springfield set to perform her
version of the song. Ready - steady - GO!

"Every Day I Have To Cry"
Dusty Springfield (from Apr. 1964 EP
 Only Want To Be With You, live perf.
on Mar. 20, 1964, ep. of
Ready Steady Go!)



Italo disco is a style of electronic new wave music
that reached its peak of popularity in the 80s. You're
about to hear one of the greatest hits of the genre -
"Tarzan Boy" - a single that topped the French
chart five weeks in a row, charted high in the
UK and other parts of Europe and lasted six
months on the U.S. Hot 100. "Tarzan Boy"
was recorded by an Italian band fronted by
Jimmy McShane, a singer from Northern
Ireland who relocated to Milan. In this clip,
McShane dazzles the audience on Peter's Pop
Show, the annual music special aired on the
West German public broadcaster ZDF.
Ladies and gents-- Baltimora!

"Tarzan Boy" - Baltimora
{Aug. 1985, highest chart pos.
#1 France, #3 UK, #13 Hot 100
(in Feb/Mar. 1986), live perf.
on Peter's Pop Show}


RAI 1, Italy

Hi-NRG is a genre of electronic dance music
characterized by a fast tempo, reverberated
vocals and pulsating basslines. One of the
best examples of the style is "Passion" by
The Flirts, a sexy girl trio consisting of one
blonde, one brunette and one redhead, an
act conceived by New York genre mogul
Bobby Orlando. Released as a single in
1982 and 1983 in Canada, the UK and
other countries (but not in the U.S.),
"Passion" became a hit across Europe.
The Flirts performed their international
sizzler on Discoring, the Italian music
television series carried on Italy's
public service broadcaster Rai 1.

"Passion" - The Flirts
(1982 B single, highest chart pos.
#4 Germany & Switzerland,
#21 U.S. Dance, #22 Netherlands,
#36 Belgium, live perf. on
Italian TV series Discoring)

I hope you enjoyed vol. 6 of



Stay tuned for the

next edition coming soon.

Have a Shady day!

Sunday, June 17, 2018

John Ettline - Every Dell Rat's Dad

It's Father's Day...

time to honor


"Every Dell Rat's Dad."

John didn't have kids of his own but,
as every Dell rat knows, he would
have made a great father and he
was like a dad to us all. Again
this year I am proud to present
that classic Father's Day scene
from The Donna Reed Show as
Dell rats everywhere remember
a great man and father figure,
Mr. John Ettline.



Tuesday, June 12, 2018

You've Met the Beatles, the Supremes, the Temptations (and the Fockers)..... Now Meet and Greet... the Dell Rats!

A year ago, when I ran a post featuring Dell Rat Ron,
it occurred to me that more than half of the people
who regularly comment on SDMM are new arrivals
and probably didn't know who he is. In the twelve
months since that post ran, a couple more people
have joined the club. With that in mind, I'd like
to take this opportunity to officially introduce
to my new friends and followers three great
guys - original Dell rats who for years have
generously shared their memories and
contributed lists of their favorite songs
to Shady Dell Music & Memories.

In today's post each of my old buddies will
be naming a favorite Dell song and I will
be playing a game of Six Degrees by
replying with an "answer song"
that is somehow related.


Ron Shearer and I went to the same high school,
were in the same graduating class and hung out
at the Dell together. Actually Ron started going
to the Dell two years before I did, when he was
only 14. Ron and I also attended Penn State
at the same time. Nobody loves soul music
more than Ron, and I think it is also safe
to say that no one has attended more
live soul shows across the country.

I hadn't seen nor heard from Ron in decades
when suddenly, out of the blue, shortly after
my one year blog anniversary in 2009,
Ron contacted me, having just seen
SDMM for the first time.

Ron wrote:

"I definitely like the nostalgia. Those pictures
on your year anniversary definitely made me
feel like I was walking up the steps from the
parking lot, etc." (FYI - SDMM had only
two or three followers at the time and my
anniversary post received ZERO comments.)

Ron surprised me by revealing that, over the
years, he had forgotten the term "Dell rat"
which was used in a disparaging context
by anti-Dell members of the community
to describe the group of regulars that
frequented the Ettlines' hangout - a
label that was proudly adopted by
the teenage patrons themselves.

"Keep up the good work on your blog," Ron
wrote. "John and Helen were special people.
They had a lot of love, for themselves, each
other, and countless of us. You really do a
fine job paying homage to the Ettlines and
the people they helped to grow up, as well
as helping us to look back and see where
we've come from and what's a part of us."



Ron told me his favorite Dell song is
"Island Of Love" by The Sheppards,
a Chicago vocal group that performed
a transitional style of R&B, creating
a bridge between 50s doo-wop and
60s soul. "Island Of Love" didn't
make the Billboard 100, only the
Bubbling Under chart, but Ron
says it was huge at the Dell!

 "Island Of Love" - The Sheppards 
 (Aug. 1959, highest chart pos. #109) 



Ron, I've got a closely related doo-wop goodie
for you. It's "Lover's Island," the lone hit single
by the California doo-wop group The Blue Jays.
I'm curious, good buddy. Do you think "Island
Of Love" and "Lover's Island" are the same
key...or not the same atoll? (Isle Google it!)

 "Lover's Island" - The Blue Jays 
 (Sept. 1961, highest chart pos. #31) 


Now meet original Dell rat Jerre Slaybaugh,
a friend who has been following Shady Dell
Music & Memories from its start in 2008.

Jerre Wrote:

"I got onto your site due to reading about the
Oaks reunion and the Oaks CD." (Shady's note:
The Oaks aka White Oaks Park, was another
York area hangout for teenagers. The Oaks
was the North York counterpart to the south
side's Shady Dell.) Jerre continued: "I'm
glad I stumbled on to the site. I spent
most of my Dell time from
1961 – 1965."

It's a small world after all, because Jerre also
attended Penn State and he and I even worked
at the same Weis Markets store location, only
at different time periods. "I graduated from
York High in 1961," wrote Jerre, "and went
to York College for 2 years. During 1961-63
I spent the majority of my free time at the Dell.
I worked at Weis Markets and many of my
friends from YJC (York Junior College)
and Weis hung at the Dell. I then went to
Penn State from 1964 - 65 and only got to
the Dell on holidays and over the summers.
Then I was in the USMC until 1969 and
missed out on those years."



Jerre's top Dell song is the religious deep soul
ballad "Human" by Tommy Hunt, formerly a
member of The Flamingos. Shortly after Hunt
left the classic doo-wop vocal group in 1960
he was approached by songwriter/producer
Luther Dixon who had Tommy record the
single "The Parade Of Broken Hearts."
Tommy's record didn't receive much
exposure on radio until New York DJ
Jocko Henderson accidentally played
the wrong side - "Human." Tommy's
churchy ballad took off and became
the biggest U.S. hit of his career.

 "Human" - Tommy Hunt 
 (Oct. 1961, highest chart pos. 
 #48 Hot 100/#5 R&B



Jerre, I've got a Six Degrees special for you.
He (The Creator) is also the inspiration of the
song "A Hundred Pounds Of Clay" recorded
by Gene McDaniels. Like "Human," "Clay"
was penned by Luther Dixon (along with
Kay Rogers and Bob Elgin) and charted
the same year as Tommy's record - 1961.

 "A Hundred Pounds Of Clay" 
 Gene McDaniels (May 1961, 
 highest chart position 
 #3 Hot 100/#11 R&B


Greg Gulden is an original Dell rat of the 60s
who apparently hung out there the same years
Ron and I were in attendance, but we simply
don't remember each other. Greg and I met
and became friends through the little blog
that could - Shady Dell Music & Memories.

Greg appears in the iconic photo above taken
in 2012 as he posed next to the Dell fireplace,
a spot to which every Dell rat gravitated on
cold winter nights when John Ettline built
a roaring blaze to keep us warm.

Greg wrote:

"Your Blog has helped me remember not only my
time at the Dell but also my time at York High and
my teen years growing up in York. During the 60's
the Dell was all about the music. Reading your
Blog takes me back to the best days of my life.
I loved John and Helen as much as you
could love two people."



"This song did not get a lot of play time at the
Dell," Greg explained, "because it was not a
great dance tune. When we talk about the
records on the Dell jukebox no one has
explained how they got there, I like to
think it is a part of that old Dell Magic.
This group came in under the radar and
went on to become a super group that still
sells out shows today. This is one the songs
that make up the soundtrack of my life. The
group is the Moody Blues and the song is

 "Go Now!" - The Moody Blues 
 (Apr. 1965, highest chart pos. #10, 
 perf. on UK TV show Top Of The Pops



Greg, my answer song is the original version
of "Go Now" waxed by Carolina R&B queen
Bessie Banks. Recorded in late 1963 a week
after the JFK assassination and released at
the start of 1964, Bessie's soulful single
got buried in the avalanche of records
released in America by the Beatles
and other British Invasion acts.
Bessie's fab 45 failed to chart -
didn't even Bubble Under!

 "Go Now" - Bessie Banks 
 (Jan. 1964, uncharted) 

Thank you, original Dell Rats Ron Shearer,
Jerre Slaybaugh and Greg Gulden, for being
faithful friends all these years and for your
valuable contributions to the blog created
with guys like you in mind, your home away
from home, Shady Dell Music & Memories!

Have a Shady day!

Thursday, June 7, 2018

Shady Train - Ep. 7: Saturday Love!


Shady Train...

the hippest trip in America!

60 nonstop minutes across the

tracks of your mind into the

exciting world of Soul!

And now, here's your host...

Don Cornelius!

Hey there and welcome aboard. You're right on time for another mind blowing journey on the big train, so let's roll.

And we're kicking it off with a talented band
from the Big Apple. Produced by Wes Farrell
and Thom Bell, they are currently riding high
on the chart with their debut single on the
Chelsea label entitled "I'm Doin' Fine Now."
It's a smooth groove that makes you move
real smooth. The Shady Train gang is takin'
a stroll down the line to-- New York City!

"I'm Doin' Fine Now"
(Ruud's Extended Moulton Edit)
New York City (April/May 1973,
highest chart pos. #17 Hot 100/#14 R&B)

AT 1:12 MARK!

In 1966 Frankie Valli and the Four Seasons made the top 10 with "Working My Way Back To You." Now, fourteen years later, another top group has recorded the song and is enjoying an even bigger hit. As they join us to do their latest single on Atlantic, a two-song medley "Working My Way Back To You" and "Forgive Me, Girl," the latter written by Michael Zager who arranged the recording, a big Shady Train welcome, gang, for-- The Spinners!

"Working My Way Back To You"/
"Forgive Me, Girl" (Remix) - The Spinners
(Mar. 1980, highest chart pos.
#2 Hot 100/#6 R&B)

And we're delighted to welcome for the first time one of our favorite bands and certainly one of the funkiest bands in the business. They are here to do a number from their new album Strikes Again! on the Whitfield label. The song is entitled "Do It, Do It" and they are-- Rose Royce!

"Do It, Do It" - Rose Royce
(from August 1978 album
Rose Royce III: Strikes Again!)

And let's meet four lovely ladies who were picked for stardom and produced by the brilliant Leon Sylvers. As they join us to do their latest single on the Epic label entitled "After the Dance Is Through," let's hear it, gang, for-- Krystol!

"After The Dance Is Through" - Krystol
(1984 U.S./1966 UK, highest chart pos.
#40 R&B/#4 UK Club Play, from
1984 album Gettin' Ready)

And we are pleased to have with us another extraordinary canary. She and her very gifted stable mate on the Tabu label are responsible for one of the hottest single recordings of the year. As they join us to do the song entitled "Saturday Love," put your hands together please, ladies and gentlemen, for Mister Alexander O'Neal and-- Cherelle!

"Saturday Love"
Cherrelle with Alexander O'Neal
(Mar. 1986, highest chart pos.
#2 R&B/#26 Hot 100, from Oct. 1985
Cherrelle album High Priority)

And let's welcome aboard the Shady Train for the first time the talented young men who are responsible for one of the biggest records of 1976 and a new style of funk music called "Disco Jazz." Representing the Bang label of Atlanta, Georgia, they are known as-- Brick!

"Dazz" - Brick (Dec. 1976/Jan. 1977,
highest chart pos. #3 Hot 100/#1 R&B,
from Aug. 1976 album Good High)

And look out now, it's the Shady Train gang, the Shady Train line. They've got the knack and they're comin' down the track with Shalamar- "I Owe You One!"

"I Owe You One" - Shalamar
(Aug. 1980, highest chart pos.
#60 R&B/#13 UK, from
Aug. 1979 album Big Fun)

That oughta hold you for a while. You come on back and get into it with us again next time.  You can bet your last money, it's all gonna be a stone gas, honey. I'm Don Cornelius, and as always
in parting, we wish you love...peace...and soul!

Saturday, June 2, 2018


So when they continued asking him

He lifted up himself and said unto them,

'He that is without sin among you,

let him first cast a stone at her.'

- John 8:7, King James Bible

Rev. Herbert L. Rice,

the pastor of my church when I was a boy,

was born 100 years ago

this week on June 4, 1918,

 two months after the

birth of my mother. 

Pastor Rice died May 31, 1968,

50 years ago this week.

Rev. Rice's untimely death from illness came days
before he would have celebrated his 50th birthday.

To my surprise I found an online excerpt from a 1954
issue of the York newspaper The Gazette and Daily.
I was four years old that spring and got my name
in the paper as a participant in a "beginner"
level Sunday school program over which
Pastor Rice presided. As you will notice,
his daughter Jane (Janie as I called her)
also took part in the program:

June 12, 1954

Children's Day will be observed at Bethany Reformed
church during the 9:30 a.m. Sunday school period
tomorrow. Taking part in the beginners and
nursery departments' portion of the program
will be Judy Schnetzka, Tommie Anderson,
Jonetta Pomraning, Debbie Miller, Tommie
Rudisill, Kathie Burg, Jane Rice,
Stephanie Newcomer,

A former Navy chaplain, Pastor Rice reminded
me of John Ettline. He was "larger than life,"
with a stocky build and a strong, resonant voice.
Every Sunday at the conclusion of the service,
Rev. Rice shook hands with members of the
congregation as we filed out of the church.
He had big, powerful hands and a vice like
grip. Herb Rice didn't just shake your hand.
He crunched it. :) At our annual Sunday
school picnics, "Babe" Rice could smack
a softball from here to kingdom come.

Wanna know what I liked most about
Herbert L. Rice? I admired Rev. Rice
because, unlike some ministers, he was
not aloof. He did not pontificate from an
ivory tower. He was down to earth, a man
of the people, by the people and for the people.
His honest warmth and enthusiasm were infectious.

The message I received from Pastor Rice,
the life lesson I learned, was to treat others
 with tolerance and compassion. Like John
and Helen Ettline, Pastor Rice wasn't afraid
to roll up his sleeves and get his hands dirty.
He didn't shy away from sinners. He moved
toward them and embraced them. He did not
worry about being corrupted by them. It was
just the opposite. Rev. Rice's guiding light
shone upon them and changed their lives.

In February 1955, Pastor Rice delivered a sermon
entitled: "Spiritual Refreshments." On this the 100th
anniversary of his birth and the 50th anniversary of
his death, I wish offer spiritual refreshment of my
own by dedicating a song to him. Rev. Rice was
a cool guy and I think he would appreciate the
message behind "Natural Born Sinner" by my
favorite metal band In This Moment. The song,
which encourages us to choose love over hate
and tolerance over prejudice is, I believe,
in step and in sync with the preaching of
my beloved minister Herbert L. Rice.

I'm so tired of you telling me
How to live and what I should not be
And I'm so tired of you telling me
What to do and what I don't believe

I'm so over you telling me
Why I should hate and only you can see
And I'm so sick of you telling me
That I will burn, I will not be free

I'm not gonna change
So stay out of my way
I don't need you to understand
That I'm already saved

"Natural Born Sinner" - In This Moment
(from Nov. 2014 album Black Widow)

I know you're scared and don't understand
This is my life, this is who I am
What I do know is, come Judgement Day,
I followed love, can you say the same?

Herbert L. Rice was a great man, an inspiration,
and I loved him. Like John and Helen Ettline,
like my dear friend Margaret Schneider, and
like my parents, Walt and "Terry" Anderson,
Rev. Rice was an excellent role model and
a major influence in my life. Thank you,
Pastor Rice. I will remember you always!