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"More than a place, the Shady Dell was and will forever remain a state of mind." - Shady Del Knight

"More than a place, the Shady Dell was and will forever remain a state of mind." - Shady Del Knight

Wednesday, April 25, 2018

Flashdance... What a Feeling!

...a feeling of confusion

and bitter disappointment

when you realize this post

has nothing to do with:

Instead, it's another of my
brain busting trivia questions,
so put on your thinking cap.

Actress Malese Jow played Anna on the
fantasy TV series The Vampire Diaries.
Malese is a dang good singer as well,
as her recording of "Redlight," a song
written by Selena Gomez, proves.

"Redlight" - Malese Jow
(May 2010)

Jesse L. Martin (below right) played
NYPD Detective Ed Green on Law & Order.

Green was partnered with a fan favorite,
Jerry Orbach's Detective Lennie Briscoe.

Shantel VanSanten (below) played
Quinn James on One Tree Hill.

Shantel was also featured in the music video
"Fragile Bird," a single by Canadian singer
Dallas Michael John Albert Green, known
professionally as City and Colour.

"Fragile Bird" - City and Colour
(April 2011, highest chart pos.
#1 Canadian Alt. Rock, from
June 2011 album Little Hell)

Dominic Purcell (below left) played Lincoln
Burrows. Wentworth Miller played his brother
(from another mother) Michael Scofield.

Burrows and Scofield spent a heck of a lot of
time breaking out of and into secure facilities
on another of my favorite shows Prison Break.


Malese Jow, Jesse L. Martin, Shantel VanSanten,
Dominic Purcell and Wentworth Miller
are all in my next post.






Malese Jow, Jesse L. Martin, Shantel VanSanten,
Dominic Purcell and Wentworth Miller all appear
in one of my favorite comic based TV series:



"Dance With The Flash"

... a rave party to end all rave parties
(until the next one comes along).

Barry's two part dance-a-thon begins



will originate from

S.T.A.R. Labs, Central City,

and will be simulcast here on SDMM.

Barry Allen and his friends (and foes)
guarantee the tuneage played at
this blowout will be a lot hotter...

...and cooler... than Flashdance!





  1. Tom,

    Thanks for the upcoming post teaser. I remember Malese Jow from TVD. I even featured her as a singer on my blog, if you recall. It's quite possible I recall that she's on The Flash TV series but I'm not 100% sure. My brain stays in a fog. *roll eyes crazy* Have a good day, my friend!

    ~Curious as a Cathy
    A2Z iPad Art Sketch 'V' Victorian Lady

    1. Good morning, Cathy!

      Thanks for being the early bird again this week, dear friend!

      Your brain might stay in a fog (like mine) but you have a good memory, because you are the friend who introduced me to actress and singer Malese Jow on your blog a couple of years ago. I never watched The Vampire Diaries but I was wowed by Malese's version of this Selena Gomez song. I also enjoyed her acting role on The Flash.

      Stay tuned for Barry's Bash, a two week dance party that gets underway next Tuesday.

      Thanks again for coming by, dear friend Cathy, and have a terrific day!

    2. Tom,

      First up, sorry for not getting over to visit for a few days. Yikes, am I ever feeling the pinch with keeping up with blogging and home life. I have so much on my plate as we prepare for DH's surgery this coming week and then trying to stay on top of the additional traffic from A2Z visitors. Yesterday, we went to the mountains and today we need to do yard work.

      Yes, I thought I introduced you to Malese Jow but I didn't say anything because sometimes I get things mixed up. lol I'm glad you enjoy her mewsical style. She surprised me, as did Kat Graham (also from TVD).

      I sure do appreciate your visits every day, though. It's great having someone in my corner such as you cheering me on. I am looking forward to this post on Tuesday. Have a good weekend, dear friend!

    3. Thank you, Cathy!

      While I don't expect you to match me comment for comment all the way through the A To Z month, I certainly do appreciate it when you make time to return here and continue our discussion. Thank you!

      I will be presenting more mewsic by Kat Graham in future posts, so stay tuned for that, and I look forward to having you over to dance at my latest rave next week.

      Thanks again for dropping in, dear Cathy. Our ongoing devoted friendship means a great deal to me as it does to you. I wish you and DH a delightful weekend and hope his eye surgery next week is a complete success.

  2. Well, Shady! This is quite an intro to your up and coming Rave! Sounds pretty exciting! I'm afraid I am not familiar with the two young ladies you featured, but Malese Jow is a pretty girl with a great singing talent.

    "City and Colour" is a group also unknown to me, but I like the song "Fragile Bird". It is pretty good...just not sure about the video though, lol!

    I'm inclined to expect that your Barry's Bash "Rave" will be fantastic with bright colors, wild dancing and great music! I just hope I can remember the password, lol!

    It's so good to see you, Shady! We'll have a mildly cool day today, with a chance of rain. How I still love the cool days! Have a wonderful day! And, THANKS for the invite!♫

    1. Hi, Suzanne!

      Thank you very much for coming over to check out my teaser for Barry's Bash... a rave party to end all rave parties (until the next one comes along).

      I did not watch Vampire Diaries, nor was I a regular viewer of One Tree Hill. Therefore, until recently, I was not familiar with Malese or Shantel. I enjoyed their character portrayals in the early seasons of The Flash. Mrs. Shady plays reruns of Law And Order every evening and therefore I often see Jesse L. Martin paired with the late great Jerry Orbach whom you might remember as Baby's dad in Dirty Dancing. I loved Dominic and Wentworth in Prison Break. In addition to The Flash they both appear on Legends of Tomorrow, and Purcell has roles in other series in the DC Comics universe including (Green) Arrow and Supergirl.

      It might be our new location, but we are enjoying a surprising number of breezy and reasonably cool days this spring. We'll take all we can get! :)

      Thank you again for coming over, dear friend Suzanne. Put your dancing shoes on and join me next week for Barry's Bash "Dance With The Flash." Until then, take care and God bless!

    2. I also enjoy reruns of Law and Order and I always liked Jerry Orbach. I have even read a few of James Patterson's NYPD Red novels! I guess some of us are just born "crime fighters" aren't we!

      I am glad to hear you are enjoying your new home and environment, Shady! I'm dusting off my dancing shoes, bah hah! Take care, my friend! ♫

    3. Thanks so much, Suzanne!

      Four years after his appearance in Dirty Dancing, Jerry Orbach had a role in Delusion (1991), a little known crime film I saw and liked so much that I bought it on VHS. Jerry O's portrayal of Lenny Briscoe on Law & Order was exceptionally well done, making him a fan favorite, and I was saddened by his death. Same with Dennis Farina who played Lieutenant Mike Torello on Crime Story, starred in his own crime series in the title role of Buddy Faro (Mrs. S and I watched both of the above shows) and later played the part of NYPD Detective Joe Fontana on Law & Order. Both great actors, Orbach and Farina, died at the age of 69. Simply put, they left us too soon.

      Thank you again for coming over to chat, dear friend Suzanne. I hope you and Scootie are both feeling well and in good spirits. Take care and enjoy the rest of your week!

  3. You certainly do know your pop culture... and I'm woefully lacking in that department (though I know some)!!

    I can't remember if The Flash was part of our viewing in the early 90s or not. (I was a sleep deprived young mother at that point) I do know my husband read the comic as a kid.

    I'll be back for the party. :)

    1. Hi, Kelly!

      Thank you very much for coming by this week, dear friend. I am very happy to see you!

      Yessum, I do pay close attention to pop culture. As a child of the 50s I was fascinated by the relatively new invention called television. I found myself reciting lines of dialogue from my favorite shows and memorizing cast lists. I studied the mass media in college and had two separate careers in television. I am sure that I lack knowledge of many things that keenly interest you, not the least of which are the marvelous arts and crafts you display on your blog.

      The Flash is a current TV series, not a show from the 90s. It made its debut in the fall of 2014 and has just been renewed for season 5. Each season features a new set of guest characters in addition to the main cast. Malese was introduced in season one and Shantel in season two. Actress Violett Beane was also introduced in season two and now has a recurring role on the new medical TV series The Resident which I highly recommend.

      Thank you again for your kind visit and comment, dear friend Kelly. Prepare to dance till you drop next week at Barry's Bash!

    2. Ah... but if you'll check IMDb, you'll see there WAS a version in the early 90s!

      Now... draw back to sitcoms from the 60s (and possibly early 70s) and I bet I can hold my own with you. My all-time favorite is Gilligan's Island! :D

    3. Hi, Kelly!

      Thanks for letting me know. With the exception of the old Superman series of the 50s and the Batman series of the 60s, I didn't have a great deal of interest in superhero action TV shows until the 2010s when a large number of series based on characters in Marvel and DC comics went on the air. I never heard of that 1990-91 version of The Flash.

      Yes! I loved Gilligan's Island as much as you, and have characters from that series scheduled in future posts. To show you how I memorize cast lists, I will name (w/o peeking) the cast of that series: Alan Hale, Jr., Bob Denver, Jim Backus, Natalie Schaefer, Tina Louise, Dawn Wells and Russell Johnson. (Okay, I just checked my work on Wiki and discovered that I spelled Natalie Schafer's name incorrectly.)

      I very much enjoy our exchanges, Kelly. You are a great friend and I thank you for returning to the scene of the grime. :) Enjoy the rest of your week, dear friend!

  4. Hi Shady!

    A clever invitation to your upcoming Bash! I really enjoyed Redlight. You have quite the knack for finding multi-talented entertainers!
    I haven't seen the Flash, but I still watch Gilligan's Island ;-)

    1. Hi, diedre!

      Thank you very much for coming over in the midst of your busy A To Z schedule, dear friend. I appreciate it!

      I am pleased to learn that you like Malese Jow's rendition of the song "Redlight." Malesee is no slouch in the acting department either, and so is the lovely Shantel VanSanten. The two women play interesting characters on The Flash. Martin, Miller and Purcell are among my favorite male actors and I also thoroughly enjoy their performances on the show.

      I would wager that, like another vintage TV classic I Love Lucy, Gilligan's Island is running somewhere in the world at any given time of the day or night, 365 days a year. The characters and situations still make me laugh 50 to 55 years later. To answer the question that fans love to ask each other, I would choose Mary Ann over Ginger. :)

      Thank you again for your kind visit and comment, dear friend diedre, and enjoy the rest of your week!

  5. Ok, this was over my head except for Law and Order which I think I've seen every episode. I love seeing the same actors play different characters in different episodes. Anyway, I'll be back next week! It will be May! We still have nothing blooming, no leaves on the trees, and it will be in the 30's tonight. Let's hope May brings Spring!

    1. Hi, YaYa!

      Thank you very much for swinging by to see my promo for The Greatest Show On Earth - Barry's Bash - coming to your town (via SDMM) next Tuesday.

      I think between us Mrs. Shady and I have also watched every episode of L&O. I watched it in first run and Mrs. S watches it in reruns every evening. We just finished watching another episode of The Flash and enjoyed it as usual. If you never tried comic superhero TV series we highly recommend Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., Jessica Jones, Daredevil, Supergirl, Arrow and Legends of Tomorrow along with The Flash.

      I can't believe how long winter is holding on in your region! As you might expect, your misery is my pleasure because we have enjoyed many breezy days down here and the temps have been very reasonable for weeks on end.

      Thank you again for coming, dear friend YaYa, and enjoy the rest of your week!

  6. Oh My Goodness so are so funny or mean to trick us or just just mad crazy !
    Your post are just so interesting. Jerry Orbach what a terrific Actor and Broadway performer.

    cheers, parsnip

    1. Hi, Gayle!

      Thanks for coming over and allowing me to mercilessly tease you with a brain buster as I announce the next exciting rave event on the SDMM schedule - Barry's Bash - coming your way next Tuesday. Warning: This is not your granddaddy's disco.

      Thank you again for joining the fun, for your compliment, and for helping me remember the great actor Jerry Orbach. Enjoy the rest of your week, dear friend Gayle, and please give Winston a pat on the head for me!

  7. She is a cute singer but I don’t find her unique and the second one I couldn’t listen to which is a bummer. I am loving the cr8me fighting style to present your big announcement for May 1st...looking forward to it

    1. Hi, Birgit!

      Thanks for coming down to see me again during "April Madness" - the hectic A To Z Challenge. I am happy to see you, dear friend!

      I'm surprised you could not watch video #2 since you are in Canada and the song is by a Canadian artist. I'm glad you appreciate the style of my teaser for Barry's Bash. I hope you will attend the rave next Tuesday, unwind from the grueling A To Z, and "Dance With The Flash."

      Thanks again for your visit and comment, dear friend BB!

  8. Well I'll try to post another comment; hopefully this one will go through. I can't remember what all I said in the last one and I have to run soon so this will be short:

    Great teaser for your next rave, a la Flashdance. I was never really into comic books and haven't been able to get into any of the comic book tv series, except The Walking Dead.
    It's great that Jesse Martin is going to be in Flash. I just wish that Jerry Orbach could be too. I loved his NYPD Blue character Lennie Briscoe and I adored Jerry Orbach as an actor. Was very sad when I learned of his passing. He was one of the greats...

    Thanks for featuring "Fragile Bird" -- it's a new-to-me song and new-to-me artist. The song is stuck in my head, to my delight.

    My physical therapist just arrived so have to run. But I'll be back in touch soon. Have a good day today and enjoy your visit to your old home...

    Michele at Angels Bark

    1. Hi, Michele!

      Thank you very much for composing a second comment, dear friend. I appreciate the extra effort.

      I am just heading out the door but saw your lovely comment and wanted to respond to it before we hit the road.

      Like you I loved Jerry Orbach in all of his acting projects, including the little known 1991 crime film Delusion which captured my imagination to such an extent that I bought a VHS copy of it even though I no longer have a deck to play it on. Jesse L. Martin is in the main cast of The Flash. In addition to his stint on L&O, I remember Jesse on another series that Mrs. S and I loved - Ally McBeal. Jesse has also appeared on the DC comics TV series Supergirl which co-stars Calista Flockhart of Ally McBeal. It's a small world after all. :)

      I'm glad you enjoyed "Fragile Bird." Stay tuned for Shantel, Malese, Jesse, Dominic and Wentworth. They're all coming right up in my two-part rave Barry's Bash which gets underway next Tuesday.

      I am keeping my fingers crossed for a positive outcome from your physical therapy, for your mother's complete recovery and for your hounds' well being. Thank you again for making time to visit, dear friend Michele!

    2. Oh yeah, I forgot what I had included in my original comment: I also was a Prison Break fan -- of the first go-around. The second one, which was focused on a prison in the middle east (it was the middle east, wasn't it? I can't remember exactly) I didn't get into so much. I missed several episodes and never bothered to catch up so I have no idea what happened. The first introduction to the series though: the first season or first few seasons if it went that far, were fabulous!

      Cool that those two "brothers" will be in the new Flash...

    3. Hi, Michele!

      Thank you very much for returning to add to your comment, dear friend. That was very nice of you!

      I believe you are thinking of Prison Break Season 3 in which Michael Scofield is confined in a hellish Panamanian jail the entire season. Like you I didn't find that season as good as the first two based at Fox River. There was also a Season 4 and 5 and now Season 6 is in the works! The "brothers" showed up as super-villains on The Flash and were also together on Legends of Tomorrow. Sarah from Prison Break went on to star in an excellent TV series called Colony.

      Thank you again for coming to chat, dear friend Michele. I hope to be connecting with you again soon!

  9. Shady,

    I absolutely love this teaser. Can't wait until 1 May!

    Have a great weekend, dear friend.

    1. Hi, Jessica Marie!

      Welcome back to SDMM for more music and fun, dear friend!

      I don't know if you are a fan of The Flash, but I think you'll like some of the music played at Barry's Bash. It will include house remixes of hits by notable hip hop artists.

      My two-week rave party gets underway next Tuesday and you are invited to attend, dear friend JM. Till then, have a great weekend!

    2. Thank you, JM. Stay happy and have a super week!

    3. I have my popcorn ready as well!

      Today has been great. Have a super week as well!

    4. Hey, dearie, I left a comment on your ice skating post and then a short while later when I returned it had vanished! I just wanted you to know that I didn't forget you.

      Have a great week, dear friend JM!

    5. Oops! Here's an update. I just checked your post again and my comment is there now, along with your reply. I'm so glad you didn't miss seeing it! :)

  10. Have yet to see the new Flash show, but I'll be there for Barry's bash.

    1. Hi, Kirk!

      Thanks for popping over, good buddy!

      Mrs. Shady and I love comic superhero TV series, and The Flash is one of the most entertaining. The special effects alone are worth the price of admission, but the cavalcade of characters keeps you interested, too. Remember the Beach Boys hit "Heroes and Villains"? That's what The Flash and other DC and Marvel series are all about.

      I'll be lurking for you at the rave next Tuesday, good buddy Kirk. Remember the password: META-HUMAN! Have a great weekend and I'll see you then!

    2. Oh, I'm quite familiar with superheroes, Shady, both Marvel's and DC's. I just tend to prefer them in comic books. For me personally, all the special-effects in the world can't equal a good Jack Kirby or John Romita drawing.

      That said, I've had my favorite non-comic book superhero sagas over the years. The 1960s Batman TV show (as well as the movie based on it), the 1950s George Reeves Superman TV show, the 1960s Spider-Man animated TV series, the 1970s The Incredible Hulk TV series, the late '70-early '80s Christopher Reeves movies, the two Batman movies directed by Tim Burton and starring Micheal Keaton, the Tobey Maguire Spider-Man films of 10, 15 years ago and any X-Man movie with Patrick Stewart as Professor Xavier (though I sometimes wonder if it's really Captain Picard after his starship crashed.) I just haven't been keeping up with the current superhero crop, but then I haven't been keeping up with much of anything.

    3. Hi again, Kirk!

      Thanks for coming by to keep our thread going, good buddy. I appreciate it!

      As a young boy I was introduced to myriad horror and sci-fi comic books thanks to my big brother who bought tons of them and left them scattered about for me to read. Like you I appreciated the fantastic illustrations found in those comics. My brother also took me to see hundreds of similar themed films during the 1950s. On the small screen I never missed an episode of George Reeves' Superman and as a teenager I never missed an ep of Adam West's Batman. FF to the 2010s, because I somehow lost interest in the genre for decades in between. Mrs. Shady is primarily responsible for reigniting my passion for superhero TV series in this millennium, starting with Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. We recently started watching Supergirl and love it. Melissa Benoist as Supergirl occasionally shows up on The Flash, Arrow and Legends of Tomorrow.

      Thanks again for returning to chat, good buddy Kirk, and enjoy the rest of your weekend!

  11. Finally !
    I've found you again

    1. Hi, John!

      Welcome to Shady Dell Music & Memories, my friend! If you are telling me that I once was lost, but now am found, then I'm happy that you have returned to the scene of the GRIME. :)

      I've been checking out your Going Gently site and I can tell right away that I'm gonna like it, simply because I am an animal lover.

      I invite you back here next Tuesday to dance the night away with The Flash and his gang of friends and foes. A two-parter, Barry's Bash promises to deliver two solid weeks of madness and mayhem, so please be here.

      Thank you again for stopping by, John, my new friend, and have a great weekend!

  12. I used to follow your showbiz/ film snippets quite some time ago!

    1. That's good to know, John. Many of my future posts will include tributes to favorite movies, TV shows, actors and actresses, most of them in parody form, so please stay tuned, my good friend!

  13. I'll try and be there, friend Shady ... but no promises ... as Spring has finally sprung here in Central Alberta, and so I'd rather experience Spring springing and cherish every moment that is +23C ... cuz then Summer happens fast and furiously quickly as well as by the end of August, we'll have night frost again ... Much love though, ok? ... cat.

    1. Hi, cat!

      How are you, dear feline friend? Thank you very much for coming down this weekend!

      Hey, if the long awaited spring weather has finally arrived in your part of the world, then I don't blame you one bit for wanting to get out there and enjoy it while you can. I hope the pleasant spring weather lasts and doesn't immediately give way to hot, sticky conditions of summer (like we have here in Florida).

      If you can make it to the rave party next week or the week after, I promise to do the Twist and the Mashed Potatoes with you. :) If you can't make it, you know darn well that we will still be great friends. :)

      Enjoy the rest of your weekend, dear friend cat!

    2. You missed a beat, friend Shady ... as the sequence of smiles should be as follows: :) ... :):) ... :):):) ... :):):):) ... and so on ... Much love, cat.

    3. Lubbins lubbins lubbins, dear cat! :)

  14. This is like playing Trivial Pursuits, a game I love. I'll have to do some catching up on my TV series watching. Netflix to the rescue. I'd completely forgotten Prison Break, and I liked that show. Thanks, Shady!

    1. Hi, Cheryl-Lee!

      Thanks for popping in, dear friend! Yessum, Shady strongly recommends that you put away those dang books and start watching more television! :)

      Which character was your favorite on Prison Break - T-Bag or C-Note? :) By the way, C-Note (Rockmond Dunbar), is now appearing on the TV series 9-1-1 which Mrs. Shady and I love to watch. T-Bag (Robert Knepper) has been defending himself against allegations of sexual assault, allegations he has repeatedly and vehemently denied.

      Thanks again for joining the fun, dear friend Cheryl, and enjoy your week!


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