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"More than a place, the Shady Dell was and will forever remain a state of mind." - Shady Del Knight

"More than a place, the Shady Dell was and will forever remain a state of mind." - Shady Del Knight

Tuesday, December 26, 2017

New Year's Rockin' Eve in the Shady!





Hi, I'm Shady Seaweed, the World's Oldest Living Toddler. Welcome to my third annual New Year's Rockin' Eve in the Shady. Tonight we're going to kiss 2017 goodbye with KISS!


The opening act for tonight's show is Shady's
pick as the greatest band of the 21st century.
We switch live to a bandstand in a foreign
land -  Tokyo, Japan - where you are about
to experience one of the most spectacular
performances in modern rock history.

Image courtesy vvveverka: Elizabeth (Elly) Sevcik @

Making their third consecutive appearance
on New Year's Rockin' Eve in the Shady is
In This Moment, the Los Angeles based
band fronted by Maria Brink, the most
exciting and charismatic metal maiden
in the business, a mesmerizing siren
with a powerful, compelling voice.
Crank the loudness up to 10 and
experience the full force of
modern metal. Behold the
deadly "Black Widow!"

"Black Widow" - In This Moment
(from Nov. 2014 album Black Widow,
live performance in Tokyo, Japan)



Kiss is in the house!

Actually our headliners are backstage doing
their makeup, ruminating, and getting ready
for their three song set beginning with the
the opening track from their 1989 album
Hot In The Shade. Let's listen in!

"Rise To It" - Kiss (Apr./May 1990,
highest chart pos. #81 Hot 100,
#40 Mainstream Rock, from
1989 album Hot In The Shade)

For their second number of the night, Kiss
performs a song that was recorded in 1982
for their second compilation album Killers.
Here they are, the loudest and hottest band
in the world - Kiss - "I'm A Legend Tonight!"

"I'm a Legend Tonight" - Kiss
(from June 1982 album Killers)

Kiss finishes big now with a song from
Lick It Up, the 1983 album that marked
the beginning of the Kiss unmasked era.
Once again here are the stars of the
show, Kiss, with "A Million To One!"

"A Million To One" - Kiss
(from September 1983
album Lick It Up)


If you're just tuning in, we're spanning
the globe and kissing 2017 goodbye on
New Year's Rockin' Eve in the Shady.

Now let's switch live to Denmark and meet
Christine Milton, the talented young singer
whose voice bears an uncanny similarity to
that of Britney Spears. It was Christine who
originally recorded "Superstar," a single that
topped the Danish chart for seven weeks early
in 2003 and became an international hit later
that year when covered by Brit bird Jamelia.
Taking the stage now to sing another song
from her 2004 debut album Friday, here
is Christine Milton with "So Addictive!"

"So Addictive" - Christine Milton
(Sept. 2004 single from album Friday,
live perf. on 2004 music show
on Danish TV channel DR1)



These guys were named by Billboard Magazine
as the most successful duo of the rock era and
ranked #15 on its list of the 100 greatest artists
of all time. As they join us to perform one of
their chart topping hits "I Can't Go For That,"
ladies and gentlemen, please welcome two of
Philly's phinest -- Daryl Hall & John Oates!

"I Can't Go For That (No Can Do)" 
Daryl Hall And John Oates
(Dec. 1981/Jan. 1982,
highest chart pos. #1, from
Sept. 1981 album Private Eyes)

BLONDE feat. 


To wind up the blogcast, let's bop over
to Britain for some deep house beats.

The production duo Blonde fronted by the
lovely and talented English R&B thrush
Karen Harding will perform their top 20
UK dance hit "Feel Good (It's Alright)."

"Feel Good (It's Alright)"
Blonde feat. Karen Harding
(Aug./Sept. 2015, highest chart
pos. #76 UK/#19 UK Dance)

2017 is coming to an end...


Happy New Year, dear reader,

and thank you for another year

of friendship and support!

Tuesday, December 19, 2017

Mad and Madder Men!

Welcome back to the

Sterling Cooper ad agency

office Christmas party!

We're treating you to the sounds of today -
the hottest up-and-coming female singers
of the 60s, appearing at here at our gala
through the magic of videotape and film.

I'm Bert Cooper, senior partner
here at Sterling Cooper.

My goal before I die is to teach my Mad Men
underlings How to Succeed in Business
Without Really Trying. You do that by
taking three hour, three martini lunch
breaks with beautiful women and by
consuming plenty of liquor at the
office to enhance creativity while
you work on ad campaigns for
major clients. It's a rat race,
folks, and perky country
songstress Jody Miller
joins us now to sing
"The Race Is On,"
originally waxed
by George Jones
and turned into
a top 20 pop hit
by Jack Jones
(no relation).  

"The Race Is On" Jody Miller
(from 1965 album Queen of the House)
(Live perf. on July 31, 1965, ep.
of Hollywood A Go-Go)

I'm Megan Draper.

Here at Sterling Cooper I went from
lowly receptionist to Don Draper's
secretary to the new Mrs. Don Draper
and an aspiring Hollywood actress.
I did it all by using the kind of subtle
body language seen above. Here again
is Jody Miller, this time starring in a
Scopitone jukebox film, performing
a song written and first recorded by
Bobby Darin. Released as a single in
the summer of '62, "Things" was a
top 3 chart hit for Bobby.

"Things" - Jody Miller
(Sept. 1966, uncharted,
Scopitone jukebox film)

I'm Pete Campbell, a ruthless
account exec at the Sterling shop.

I have questionable judgement both
professionally and personally and my
specialty is blackmailing people to get
what I want. New Christy Minstrels
alumni Jackie & Gayle (Jackie Miller
and Gayle Caldwell) are back with us
again, this time with a song from the
soundtrack of the musical teen romp
Wild Wild Winter. Check out this
beachy keen sound of the season - 
"Our Love's Gonna Snowball"!

"Our Love's Gonna Snowball"
Jackie and Gayle (Dec. 1965,
scene from Jan. 1966 movie
Wild Wild Winter)

I'm Trudy Campbell, Pete's wife (below).

Pete and I have a rocky relationship.
I know for a fact he's been cheating
on me with that Gilmore Girl (below).

Meanwhile, Pete found out that
I too have a secret double life...

as "Annie Edison" - a student
enrolled at community college
in Colorado (above & below).

Last May, Shady Del Knight posted a
tribute to backing singer Clydie King.
One of Clydie's greatest recordings is
"Home Of The Brave," a 1965 single
on which she sang background with
Sherlie Matthews behind lead singer
Charlotte O'Hara, an act credited as
Bonnie And The Treasures. Jody
Miller also recorded "Home Of The
Brave" and the two records climbed
the chart simultaneously. Jody now
takes the stage to sing her version
of the bold message song about
nonconformity and tolerance,
a recording that earned Jody
her second top 40 hit.

"Home of the Brave" - Jody Miller
(Sept. 1965, highest chart pos. #25,
live perf. on Oct. 23, 1965 ep.
of Hollywood A Go Go)

I'm Sally Draper, Don
and Betty's daughter.

I'm always getting into mischief but,
to my credit, I do it in very stylish
clothes. I'm very competitive with
my mother. Only one of us can be
queen of the house. Here once again
is Jody Miller with her signature
song and biggest hit, starring
in another Scopitone film!

"Queen of the House"
Jody Miller  (May/June '65,
highest chart pos. #12,
Scopitone Jukebox film)

I hope you enjoyed our

office Christmas party.

We want to thank our special musical
guests Donna Loren, Jody Miller and
Jackie & Gayle, for being here. Now
for all of us at Sterling Cooper along
with our families at home, this is
Don Draper saying happy holidays. 

Just think. It's 1960-something.
Heavy smoking and drinking are
good for you, and the future's so bright
 it's giving us all an Excedrin headache.


Tuesday, December 12, 2017

It's a Mad, Mad, Mad Men World!

I'm Don Draper...

...hottest of the ad men on

Mad Men.

Welcome to the Sterling Cooper office
Christmas party. The gang's all here to
introduce an all-girl lineup of singers
that will entertain at tonight's bash.
I guarantee they're great because
I personally romanced auditioned
each and every one of them. The
ladies will be performing for us
tonight through the magic of
film and videotape.

Let's get the party started with pop princess
Donna Loren, the spokesperson for Dr Pepper
and a regular on the music TV series Shindig!
Here's Donna singing a cool cover of a song
originally recorded in 1960 by the London
rock 'n' roll group Johnny Kidd and the
Pirates. Five years later the song was
waxed by a Canadian group called
Chad Allan and the Expressions
and was a top 40 hit stateside.
Soon thereafter they became
famous as The Guess Who.
When you see and hear
Donna perform you'll
be shakin' all over!

"Shakin' All Over" - Donna Loren
(Live perf. on July 7, 1965,
episode of Shindig!)


I'm Roger Sterling, agency senior partner.

I'm relaxing in the V.I.P. with my 100%
platonic friends The Doublemint Twins.
The bookends girls and I would like you
to experience another fine performance
by Donna Loren on Shindig! Here she is
singing "Bad Boy," a song originally
written and recorded by R&B/R&R
great Larry Williams and made
popular by the Beatles who
often played the number
at live stage shows.

"Bad Boy" - Donna Loren
(Live on July 7, 1965,
episode of Shindig!)

I'm Betty Draper (below left),
Don Draper's first wife and
Mommy Dearest to our children.

I'm a real B - pampered, spoiled,
difficult and high maintenance -
but the good news is that it
doesn't matter because I'm
beautiful.  Once again here
is Donna Loren doing some
finger poppin' on Shindig!

"Finger Poppin'" - Donna Loren
(Live perf. on April 14, 1965,
episode of Shindig! )

I'm Peggy Olson.

I worked my way up at Sterling Cooper
from Don's secretary to a copywriter
with my own office. The problem is
that I keep bumping my head on
the glass ceiling and never get
the respect I deserve in this old
boys' club. Jackie Miller and
Gayle Caldwell, formerly of
The New Christy Minstrels,
are here to remind us -
"That's How It Goes."

"That's How It Goes"
Jackie and Gayle
(Live on June 12, 1965,
ep. of Hollywood A Go Go)

I'm Joan Harris, an office
manager at Sterling Cooper.

Two things to remember about me.
#1 - You can look, but don't touch.
#2 - Whatever a man can do I can
do better, from making coffee to
making whoopee, from running
the secretarial pool to running
the whole company. Got it?
Now meet country pop singer
Jody Miller here to sing a song
originally recorded by rockabilly
queen Wanda Jackson in 1956 -
"Silver Threads and Golden Needles."

"Silver Threads and Golden Needles" 
Jody Miller (July 1965, highest
chart pos. #54, from 1965 album
Queen of the Houselive perf. on
July 21, 1965, ep. of Shindig!

The party's just getting started.

Stick around for more of

the sounds of today!

The brightest new female

singing stars of the

Swinging Sixties

coming right up in part 2!

Tuesday, December 5, 2017

I Want The Beatles For Christmas!... and Santa, I Want The Bee Gees Too!

You say goodbye

and I say hello again!

Meg Griffin back with you to 

present part 2 of my tribute

 to the coolest combo ever...


As a bonus, today's post will also feature
another dreamy boy group whose music
I love to dance to any time at all.

First up, The Beatles. I have a personal
message for each of the Fab Four.

John - Help! I need somebody, not just anybody.
Don't let me down. I need you eight days a week!
What are you doing with Yoko? You're going to
lose that girl and get with me. All you need is love,
Johnny... and you've got a ticket to ride into the
sunset with your Meg McMuffin. Tomorrow
never knows but, if my wish is granted, you
and I will come together and tie the knot!
Imagine me as your missus!

Paul - You are my heartthrob, the love of
my life. Every little thing you do - you do for
me, oooh. I've just seen a face and it's yours,
Paul. Those soulful eyes turn me into jello.
Will I wait a lonely lifetime to be your bride?
Will I give you all my loving? If you want
me to, I will. Got to get you into my life,
my baby-face boy toy. We can work it out!
I want to marry you, Paul, like... yesterday!

George - isn't it a pity you and I never met?
I know I'm a dark horse, but I'm sure I can
blow away the competition and win your love.
What is life without you, dearie? Got my mind
set on you. Someday, one day, when you sing
"Something in the way she moves attracts me
like no other lover," I will be the one making
your guitar gently weep and we'll live happily
ever after in our very own crackerbox palace.

Ringo - you're gear, luv, yeah yeah yeah!
Oh my my, I can't act naturally when you
flash that smile. Only you and you alone
can make my little heart beat like a drum.
Hey! baby, it don't come easy, Snokeroo,
and all I've got is a photograph. Now
I want the real thing... my very own
Ringo under the Christmas tree!

Written by Beatle John, the glorious ballad "Because" features three-part vocal harmony by John, Paul and George recorded three times to produce the effect of nine voices. From their 1969 album Abbey Road, here are those Brit boy babes I love so well, The Beatles, performing "Because!"

"Because" - The Beatles
(from fall 1969 album Abbey Road)

Now here are The Beatles with a cover of "Smells Like Teen Spirit," the biggest hit for the grunge band Nirvana, a single from Nevermind, the album that first brought alternative rock into the mainstream in the early 90s. "Smells Like Teen Spirit" brushed the top 5 in the U.S. and performed well on music charts all over the world. Listen to this groovy Beatlesque version performed by those super cute Liverpool lads!

"Smells Like Teen Spirit" (Nirvana Cover)
The Beatles (Nirvana single peaked
Jan./Feb. 1992, highest chart pos.
#6, from Sept. 1991 album Nevermind)

What can I tell you about Beatle John? He's in love with me and I feel fine. It wasn't always smooth sailing for John. There was a time when John's fans turned on him and the rest of the Fab Four and burned their Beatles records. It happened after a March 1966 interview in which John was reported to have stated "We're more popular than Jesus now." Turns out John was misquoted, his words misheard. He did not claim that The Beatles were more popular than Jesus. In this rare sound bite, John sets the record straight and explains what he actually said.

Misheard words are more common than you might think. There are numerous examples of misheard lyrics in popular songs and the rest of the videos in this post will prove it. In part one you heard "Yes It Is," the B side of "Ticket To Ride." Now it's time for you to listen to that famous A side penned by John, but listen closely and read the captions. For years you were memorizing and singing the wrong words to this classic Beatles chart-topper!

"Ticket To Ride" - The Beatles
(May/June 1965, highest chart pos.
#1, from 1965 album Help!)

Misheard lyrics also abound in the songs of my other favorite boy group The Bee Gees. Take for example three of The Bee Gees' chart-topping singles from the soundtrack of the 1977 musical Saturday Night Fever. Fans simply weren't listening carefully enough and learned the wrong words. Here they are, the Brothers Gibb, with the first of those misunderstood songs, the ballad "How Deep Is Your Love." Take it away, Bee Gees!

"How Deep Is Your Love" - The Bee Gees
(Nov./Dec. 1977, highest chart pos. #1, from
OST of 1977 film Saturday Night Fever)

For decades millions of people thought The Bee Gees were singing "Night Fever" when the correct name of the song is "Nice Beaver." Folks, if you can't even get the title right, something's wrong!

"Night Fever" ("Nice Beaver") The Bee Gees
(Mar./Apr. 1978, highest chart pos. #1, from
OST of 1977 film Saturday Night Fever)

And finally here is another mega-hit from Saturday Night Fever, "Stayin' Alive" presented here for the first time with captioning that reveals the official song lyrics. What are you waiting for? You should be dancing!

"Stayin' Alive" ("Stainalight") - The Bee Gees
(Feb. 1978, highest chart pos. #1, from
OST of 1977 film Saturday Night Fever)

I'm smitten, a confirmed


...and those groovy Gibbs

give me goose bumps and

Saturday Night Fever 

all day every day!

Please please me, Santa.

I want

The Beatles

for Christmas,

and The Bee Gees too!

(All vocals and impressions in this post
were performed by the English comedian,
impressionist and musician Stevie Riks.)