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"More than a place, the Shady Dell was and will forever remain a state of mind." - Shady Del Knight

"More than a place, the Shady Dell was and will forever remain a state of mind." - Shady Del Knight

Monday, October 30, 2017

Creature With a Thousand Eyes!
































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  1. Love these B movies and Ray Milland was fun to watch in X-Ray Eyes except when he was dancing:) The eyes have it and that first song is fun and I know it well. The typical beach blanket bingo look makes it a fun Watch. The second video is also fun with her bad lip synching and her love...for herself. She does have a lusty voice and those bikini go-go girls made me laugh but the guy who had the lass in the cooking pot made me shriek. At first I thought it was Tony Randall!

    1. Hi, Birgit!

      I am very happy to see you dear friend! Thank you very much for being the early bird this week and experiencing the thrills, chills and spills of Creature With a Thousand Eyes!

      I am not surprised that an experienced film buff like you knows Ray Milland and is familiar with his role in X: The Man with the X-ray Eyes (1963) directed by Roger Corman. It's one of my favorites. You might also know that The Beast With a Million Eyes was also co-directed by an uncredited Roger Corman who also co-produced the fright flick with Samuel Z. Arkoff.

      I'm glad you were brave enough to watch that Bobby Vee video for one of his biggest hits "The Night Has A Thousand Eyes." Seems to me those "teenagers" were trying a little too hard to have fun. :)

      I am also happy to know that you mustered the courage to witness "The Web of Love" starring pin-up model, B movie actress and singer Joi Lansing. I had to laugh at the at the 1:35 mark of the video when she sings about "the big black cobra" because the guy in the snake costume looks like Ty Burrell who plays Phil Dunphy on Modern Family. :)

      I want to mention that both artists in this post died too soon. Bobby Vee was diagnosed with Alzheimer's disease and died just before Halloween a year ago. He was only 73. Although Joi Lansing reportedly did not drink, smoke, or use drugs, she fell victim to breast cancer and died at age 43. Joi's mother outlived her by a dozen years. Sad.

      Thank you again for your visit and interesting comment, dear friend BB. Have a super week!

  2. Tom,

    I don't know any of these movies but they look like good ole classics. "The Night Has A 1000 Eyes" is a great old song. I heard it for the first time a few years ago. Ah, wait...I think it was a contestant on The Voice or AGT. Of course, I can't swear to it now.

    Joi Lansing looks familiar but I certainly do not recognize her song. I did check her out on Wikipedia and learned that she's noted for her pin up photos and B-featured movies. It was sad to read that she died so young at 43 to breast cancer. Anywho, seeing her in the skimpy swimsuit reminded me of a hilarious scene from "Young Frankenstein" movie scene What Knockers". We watched the movie over the weekend and had several LOL moments which was purrfect!

    Thanks for sharing a not-so spooky Halloween mewsic tunes with us today!

    1. Hi, Cathy!

      Thank you very much for popping over for Halloween fun, dear friend. I am pleased to see you!

      I'm happy to know you are familiar with the Bobby Vee hit song "The Night Has A Thousand Eyes" even if your first exposure was a cover version performed on one of those TV talent shows.

      You are going to think I copied off your paper. I was writing my reply to Birgit while you were posting your comment, and therefore you and I both mentioned the tragic end of glamour girl Joi Lansing who died of breast cancer. Some reports claimed she was only 37 while the consensus is that she was 43. That is way too young when you consider the fact that she adhered to a clean, alcohol free, smoke free, drug free lifestyle. I would also like to mention that in spite of Joi's willingness to show off her attractive figure (34D bust) in projects like this Scopitone film, she never posed nude. Thanks for linking to that great scene in Young Frankenstein. Teri Garr, a former go-go dancer, was quite a looker, wasn't she? Wiki reminds us of Teri's early career: "Garr began as a background dancer in uncredited roles in youth-oriented films and TV shows including Pajama Party (a beach party film), the T.A.M.I. Show, Shindig!, Shivaree, Hullabaloo, Movin' with Nancy, and nine Elvis Presley features."

      Thank you again for your cheery visit and comment, dear friend Cathy. Have a super week!

    2. Tom,

      As Walter Matheu might say, "Holy Moly" Joi sure had a rake, didn't she? And, WOW, she did have a clean life considering most celebrities are the opposite in lifestyle.

      Thanks for sharing the tidbits about Teri Garr. I didn't know these things and yes, she was and still is a looker. I hate that she suffers from MS (I think that's correct). Thanks for sharing!

    3. Hi, Cathy!

      Thanks for coming back over to chat today, dear friend!

      Yessum, Teri Garr is another famous entertainer stricken with serious illness. As you mentioned she was diagnosed with MS and, according to Wiki, has not not acted in films or television since 2007.

      I'm happy to know you learned something new about Teri's early career, specifically that she was an uncredited dancer in many movies and TV shows.

      Enjoy your weekend, dear friend Cathy!

  3. Very clever way to introduce the songs, Shady!

    1. Hi, Alex!

      How are you, good buddy? Thanks for joining the H-ween fun!

      I'm happy to know you liked the presentation. I am guessing that you are not familiar with any of these films or either of these songs. It is my pleasure to introduce them.

      Thanks again for your visit and comment, Alex!

  4. Grew up watching late night horror hosts so have probably seen every horror B-movie made between 1930 and 1970. Seen a lot of beach movies, too (though not late at night), so probably have seen the Bobby Vee clip before (at least I'm familiar with the song) Joi Lansing I wasn't familiar with, but I looked up her name and see she's the stripper who dies at the end of the famous tracking scene that opens Orson Welle's "Touch of Evil", a film I've seen several times.

    Thanks for this Halloween treat.

    1. Hi, Kirk!

      Thanks for coming over, good buddy. I'm pleased to see you!

      I'm delighted to learn that you grew up watching late night horror hosts which I am sure must have included my favorite Elvira - Mistress of the Dark.

      From what I have gathered, this video of Bobby Vee singing "The Night Has A Thousand Eyes," his top 3 charting hit from the early weeks of 1963, was not a scene from one of those beach movies. Like the Joi Lansing clip it is a Scopitone film, a mini movie made to play on a jukebox along with the song. Corny and cheesy are words that describe most Scopitones.

      Thanks for contributing a new tidbit about Joi Lansing. I studied Touch Of Evil in film class at college but have since forgotten that Joi was the stripper in that opening scene.

      I'm glad you got a kick out of my H-ween post, good buddy Kirk. Thanks again for coming by and enjoy the rest of your week!

  5. OMG, Shady! What a 'scary'web you weave! Ray Milland was good at being kind of creepy wasn't he! I do remember "The Man With X-Ray Eyes"! But, I don't remember the other films, however, I did recognize the name Paul Birch on the Beast with 1,000,000 Eyes!

    I always liked "The Night Has a Thousand Eyes", but that video is a bit, "I don't know", seedy? One guy is shaking a skewer with who knows what on it, into the fire while he's dancing. And the girlfriend...oh goodness! The swimsuits in this video would have been much sought after by some of the girls I grew up with. A few of them are pretty sparse of fabric, lol! Which brings us to Joi! I have never heard of her, but, looking back on to one of your comments, it is a shame she died so young! I noticed that among her flashy swimsuits, one of them was identical to the one worn by the girlfriend in Bobby Vee's video.
    This is a fun post, Shady. It's one of those "out of the ordinary", which makes life interesting and fun, kind of posts.

    I'm glad to have seen you today, bringing Ray Milland with you, lol! I've had a very busy past two weeks, with Scootie's Birthday, then making a hat for his Science Hat parade at school tomorrow, and, trying to get ready for Halloween. Now we're under a pretty sure threat of rain tomorrow night, with cold temps! Of course! Poor Scootie is concerned about it ruining Halloween. I really hate to see this month end, and, I am enjoying some cooler weather now. Our time will fall back on Sunday, and, it is already starting to get dark a bit earlier! I hope you and Mrs. Shady have been able to recoup from the wrath of Harvey, and relax a little bit these days.

    Happy Halloween, Shady! Take care, and watch out for the little goblins (and the big ones, lol). ♫

    1. Hi, Suzanne!

      Thank you very much for trotting over today, dear friend. I'm pleased as Halloween party punch to see you! :)

      Wow, I'm happy to know you remember Ray Milland as The Man With X-Ray Eyes. Mrs. Shady must have X-ray eyes because she's always saying that she sees right through me. :) I am also pleasantly surprised to find out that you remember Paul Birch, a character actor used by director Roger Corman in two other sci-fi/horror movies: Day The World Ended and Not Of This Earth.

      Isn't that Bobby Vee Scopitone film goofy? All that wild dancing, gesticulating and smiling seems forced to me - over the top - totally unnatural, and it doesn't fit the story line of the song. Bobby Vee was a fine rockabilly singer early in his career and I also like pop songs like this one recorded at the peak of his popularity, but I don't think this wacky Scopitone would be considered one of the high points of his career.

      Yessum, Joi Lansing lived clean but died young in 1972 while her mother lived until 1984. Maybe Joi and the model from the Bobby Vee vid were roomies and shared outfits. :)

      I hope Scootie had a happy birthday. What in the world is a Science Hat parade? I put on my thinking cap but drew a blank. :) Maybe I should wear the dunce cap. :)

      Yessum, it would be a shame if the kiddos in Texas need to go out trick-or-treating on a raw and rainy night. Here in our section of Florida the Halloween forecast is better than it has been in many years - sunny but cool with a high only reaching the low to mid 70s. Most years the temp is well up into the 80s on H-ween and everyone who ventures outdoors gets bit by bugs. We finally got a blast of refreshingly cool air down here requiring us to switch over from A/C to heat last night for the first time this season. I'm loving it!

      Thank you again for your kind visit and wonderful comments, dear friend Suzanne. Have a safe and happy week ahead!

    2. Scootie did have a pretty good Birthday! As you, I was baffled about the "Science Hat" parade. And, they're having it on Halloween day? So, they have to make a crazy hat that is science related to some of the forces they have studied this year. And, since Scootie is quite the weather geek, his teacher suggested that we use weather related items on the hat. It was not easy. If I can ever get the photo off of my phone to my computer, I hope to post it at a later date. Something has happened and I am unable to transfer pictures from my phone today, ugh!

      And, Shady, you are right about the Bobby Vee video. I like him, but, the video doesn't fit the story line of the song.

    3. Thanks, Suzanne!

      I hope Scootie's Science Hat wins a prize and I hope it does't rain on his parade. That would be ironic since his hat will have a meteorological theme. I hope you can get your tech problems solved and post a picture of it.

      Thanks again for swinging by, dear friend Suzanne!

  6. I'm not one for horror films, at least not the modern variety. Maybe it's because I prefer things left to my imagination rather than laid out in such a graphic manner. (the same could be said for sex as well as violence!)

    Now those older B-films could be fun!

    1. Hi, Kelly!

      How are you today, dear friend? Thanks for joining the H-ween fun today on SDMM!

      Roger Corman is one of my favorite directors not only because he could make a movie on a very low budget but because he made them exciting, funny and scary w/o resorting to excessive blood and gore. You have probably seen and enjoyed some of Corman's films which include a bunch that starred Vincent Price in E.A. Poe adaptations: House of Usher, Pit and The Pendulum, Tales of Terror, The Raven, The Haunted Palace, The Masque of The Red Death and The Tomb of Ligeia. Corman also directed Price in Tower of London, a flick derived from Shakespeare's plays Richard III and Macbeth.

      Thank you again for your visit and comment, dear friend Kelly!

  7. What a funny setup for the post today. Very fun.
    I knew the Bobby Vee song but what a funny video. Oh my goodness.

    cheers, parsnip

    1. Hi Gayle! Hi, Mandibles!

      Thank you for dropping in, dear Arizona friends!

      I'm happy to know you got a kick out of the presentation. Both vids in this post are Scopitones, the forerunners of modern music videos. Scopitones were produced for playback along with the corresponding records in specially designed jukeboxes. Invariably Scopitones were goofy and tacky and usually featured jiggling, scantily clad women.

      Thanks again for your kind visit and comment, dear friend Gayle!

  8. I'm trying to decide which was scarier...the short short plaid shorts of Bobby Vee or maybe it was the speedo on the dancer! Then the final video was so cheesy and funny that I'm still laughing as I type this out! What a great Halloween shout out! Hope you have some scary surprises tomorrow or at least some cute trick or treaters! Can't believe it's the last day of October and we're suppose to have some snow again. Now that's scary!!!

    1. Hi, YaYa!

      Happy Halloween, dear friend! Thank you very much for joining the fun as I present two old, creepy and totally cringeworthy Scopitone films.

      Those bubbly teenagers in the Bobby Vee film are having waaaaay too much fun, aren't they? I keep getting the urge to smack 'em! :)

      And I jumped for Joi when I saw her modeling those skimpy swimsuits. :)

      What's really scary is that somebody high up in an office somewhere, probably an old guy smoking a cigar, thought these projects deserved the green light and ordered them produced! :)

      What??? More snow for Ashland? I hope it doesn't hamper the little trick-or-treaters as they make their rounds.

      Thank you again for being here, dear friend YaYa. Once again, happy H-ween to you!

  9. All of this scares me because I remember those posters. I remember also that the artwork was so modern. Really? And how about The Thing? Couldn't go out after dark when that movie came out.

    1. I guess my link to the new blog didn't work this morning. Why am I not surprised? A month off and I can't do links? Anyway, hope you'll come over and tell me what you think of my new digs. Here's the link:

    2. Hi, Cheryl-Lee!

      It's great to see you again, dear friend. Welcome back to Shady Dell Music & Memories!

      Hey, now you're talkin'! The Thing is one of my favorite sci-fi - horror films, and that goes for the 1951 picture as well as the remake released 30 years later. They are very different films and both excellent. I hope the scare my Halloween post put into you is the fun kind.

      Yessum, I will be over shortly to click your link and hopefully be transported to your new blog.

      Thank you again for your kind visit and comments, dear friend C-Lee!

    3. Cheryl, I tried to leave a comment on your new site and it did not get published. This often happens to me when I try to comment on Wordpress blogs. Please check your spam or junk folder and try to find my comment.

      Thank you, dear friend!

  10. What a super fun post Tom! Those movies look fantastic, if you want a taste of cheesy. I love those kind of movies, they crack me up. I'll have to look these classic B-movies up for sure! I think I'd especially like the monster spider one. :)

    And the songs' videos were hilarious too. Loved seeing the bathing suit styles of yesteryear. And spiderweb girl (Joi Lansing) was just an over the top cheese-fest! OMG, so funny!

    A fabulous Halloween post. Thanks for the giggles. Hope you and Kathryn had a terrific Halloween last night. Did you do anything fun??

    Michele at Angels Bark

    1. Hi, Michele!

      Thank you very much for swinging by to join the fun on Halloween week, dear friend!

      I'm happy to know that my goofy, cheesy post gave you a few chuckles. If you want to get into vintage B horror and sci-fi movies, the filmography of director Roger Corman is a good starting point. Corman made films on a shoestring and on an extremely tight schedule. He was able to crank out gems of the genre in a few days and for a cost of a dollar-98 (or close to it).

      I'm tickled to know you got a kick out of spiderweb girl Joi Lansing. Joi's life came to a sad and premature end, but it's fun to rewind to an earlier and better time when she was a glamour model, B movie actress and a singer of sorts and made this wacky Scopitone film.

      Mrs. Shady and I had a restful Halloween. We didn't do anything except watch a few TV shows which included The Good Doctor, a new series we both recommend.

      Thanks again for being here, dear friend Michele, and enjoy the rest of your week!

  11. Hi Shady!
    I've always liked that Bobby Vee song, but those shorts of his - yikes!
    Good to see your entertainment mastery still at work, my friend ;-)
    Hope your Halloween was terrific - Happy November!

    1. Hi, diedre!

      Thank you very much for coming by, dear friend! I always appreciate your visits.

      I watched that Bobby Vee video at least half a dozen times and never once caught myself gazing at his shorts! :) I suppose I was too busy watching the jiggling girls in that Scopitone. It should be agin' the law for those dang fool young'uns to be havin' that much fun! :)

      Thank you again for coming over for some sounds and smiles, dear friend diedre. I hope the month of November will be good to you. Please come back and see me soon!

  12. Not familiar with any of this your presentation nor with Halloween ... but dat okay cuz I love u ... smiles ... Always, cat.

    1. Lubbins lubbins lubbins, cat!

      Thanks for popping in for a belated Halloween visit, dear friend. I hope all is well with you. Stay tuned for a special flashback post coming Monday. Until then have a great weekend!


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