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"More than a place, the Shady Dell was and will forever remain a state of mind." - Shady Del Knight

"More than a place, the Shady Dell was and will forever remain a state of mind." - Shady Del Knight

Friday, August 18, 2017

Riley's Rave 2 Offers a Profound Quote: "Art is Love Made Public" - Sense8



I'm the Icelandic DJ who rocks the clubs of London
on the sci-fi television series Sense8. Welcome to
Riley's Rave #2, an underground experience that
only you and a few other close friends know
about. Say the password "CODE BLUE"
and the burly bouncer will wave you
through the door. Once inside you can
rock till you drop as I play the hottest
and coolest electronic dance beats
from artists around the world.

* CAUTION: Use this post only as directed.
These tracks are meant to be played LOUD,
so be sure to crank it up to 10. No wimping out!
Listen to my playlist only if you are ready to
 party. If you attempt to listen at work you
will most likely become intoxicated by the
booming bass lines, cancel that important
business meeting and wind up getting fired.
I accept no responsibility if that happens!

* Beware: This isn't your grandmother's disco.
This is an adult swim. Some of these songs
and videos might be unsuitable for children.

Break away now from your humdrum life.
Sneak out of the house, beat it over to my
second rave and immerse yourself in the
frenetic international club sound that is
uniting the youth of the world.



- Nicki Minaj

Icelandic DJ living in London

You met Canadian singer Nelly Furtado
in 2016 when she performed at club Verdant,
a competing dance venue belonging to the
Arrowheads who hosted Thea's Rave. Nelly
is with us tonight to sing "Night Is Young,"
 not to be confused with the Nicki Minaj song
"The Night Is Still Young." This one by Nelly
was produced for her Greatest Hits album
released in 2010. The video was shot in
Downtown Toronto and features Nelly's
fans cycling, dancing and partying.
The night is still young. Click at
the 2:12 point of the video
and let the fun begin!

"Night Is Young" (BunHeaD Remix)
Nelly Furtado (Oct. 2010, highest chart
pos. #20 Canada/#10 Belgium/#7 Slovakia,
from 2010 album The Best of Nelly Furtado)

AT 2:12 MARK!
(Riley's "Cold Intro" to Rave)

Kickboxer, Seoul

I am Sun. I rise to the occasion
 whenever one of my sensate friends
 needs help. Now meet Cheryl Ann Tweedy,
better known as Cheryl Cole and best known
simply as Cheryl. The English singer, dancer
and television personality got her start in
2002 as a member of the English-Irish
pop girl group Girls Aloud.  In 2012,
as a solo artist, Cheryl released
"Call My Name," a single from
her second studio album
A Million Lights"Call
My Name" was a major hit,
 soaring to #1 in the UK,
Ireland, Scotland and Poland.

"Call My Name" - Cheryl
(June 2012 single from
album A Million Lights)

(Riley's Crossfade/Mix Point)

Police officer, Chicago

As Riley crossfades into the next record,
you will again be listening to Cheryl Cole,
this time as a member of Girls Aloud.
Following a three year hiatus during
which Cheryl and other members of
the group pursued solo projects,
Girls Aloud reunited in 2012 to
celebrate their 10th anniversary.
"Something New," a single from the
album Ten released that year, became
the official song for Children in Need,
a BBC charity established to benefit
disabled children. "Something New"
was a hit, peaking at #2 on the
UK and Scotland charts.

"Something New" (The Alias Remix,
Matt Nevin Video Edit) - Girls Aloud
(Nov./Dec. 2012 single from album Ten)

(Riley's Crossfade/Mix Point)

Hindu pharmacist, Mumbai

I am Kala, no stranger to out of body experiences,
and tonight you shall have one. Riley's Rave now
presents the sound of Grammy Award winning
performance artist Lady Gaga and a video for the
song made by a group of talented, ambitious and
passionate young Dutch filmmakers, dancers,
fashion artists and actors. As you watch, you
will swear it is Lady Gaga in  the video...
but it is not her.  The lip sync and dance
routine is performed by a Lady Gaga
imitator named Lizalo Galama. Let us
 shift this rave into high gear, Click at
the 1:47 mark of the video, turn up
the volume and "Dance in the Dark!"

"Dance in the Dark" - Lady Gaga
(Nov. 2009 highest chart pos. #9
US Dance/Electronic Digital,
#6 Slovakia, #9 Hungary,
#10 Czech Republic, from
EP The Fame Monster)

AT 1:47 MARK!
(Riley's Crossfade/Mix Point)

I am Wolfgang. I am a fighter. I will protect you.
Tonight's rave playlist includes not one, but two
Lady Gaga impersonators. Meet Amanda Seiler,
a South Florida filmmaker and Gaga fan who
put together another terrific custom video,
this time using the song "Electric Chapel,"
an electronic rock and pop metal single
from Lady Gaga's #1 charting studio
album Born This Way. Meet me, baby.
Meet me in "Electric Chapel!"

"Electric Chapel" - Lady Gaga
Video cover by Amanda Seiler
(May 2011, #23 U.S. Dance/
Electronic Digital Songs,
from album Born This Way)

(Riley's Crossfade/Mix Point)

Gay actor, Mexico City

I am Lito. I love Pitbull. He has tenacity.
He has machismo. The Miami-based rapper
is nicknamed Mr. Worldwide because he
has performed around the world and has
broken down barriers that separate people.
Pitbull reminds us that there is room in this
 country and this world for all kinds of people,
that life is just a party and we are all invited,
and that there is no time to hate when you
are making love and having fun. "Fun" is
the name of the game in this music video
inspired by Miami Vice and starring
Pitbull and Chris Brown.

"Fun" (Noodles Remix)
Pitbull ft. Chris Brown
(April 2015, highest chart pos.
#30 U.S. Billboard Rap Songs,
from Nov. 2014 album Globalization)

AT 1:22 MARK!
(Riley's Crossfade/Mix Point)

Matatu driver, Nairobi

I am Capheus aka Van Damn.
In Riley's Rave #1,introduced you
to Serebro, the edgy female dance-pop,
electro-pop and nu-Disco girl trio from
Russia. Serebro's double platinum album
Mama Lover got the group noticed around
the world. Serebro maintains a sexy image
and the video for "Gun," their second single
from the album, offers provocative proof.
Search for the 47 second mark
and fire when ready!

"Gun" Serebro
(Sept. 2012, highest chart pos. #23 Italy,
#66 U.S. Dance Club Play, single from
June 2012 album Mama Lover)

(Riley's Crossfade/Mix Point)

trans woman hacktivist 
& blogger, San Francisco

My name is Nomi - not Michael - Nomi.
Demi freakin' Lovato is in the house tonight.
The Los Angeles based singer, songwriter,
actress and model lists Christina Aguilera
and Kelly Clarkson as her biggest influences.
In 2014 Demi teamed up with English singer,
songwriter, rapper and model Cher Lloyd
and released an empowerment manifesto
that topped the U.S. dance chart. Hands
in the air like you "Really Don't Care."

"Really Don't Care"
(Fabio Codato 2k15 Remix,
ReVision by VJ Anonymous)
Demi Lovato ft. Cher Lloyd
(May 2014, highest chart pos.
#1 U.S. Dance Club Songs,
from May 2013 album Demi)

AT 2:46 MARK!
(Riley's Crossfade/Mix Point)

I never worry, life is a journey

I just wanna enjoy the ride

What is the hurry? It's pretty early

It's okay, we'll take our time

The night is still young

And so are we

- Nicki Minaj

If you have any sense at all...'ll join us for our next rave.

See you soon!


  1. It was great to see the soul mates of Sense 8 back on your blog— especially now that we are working our way through season two of the show.

    First off— I appreciated the quote from the show used in the title of the post, but I can’t remember which character spoke that line. If you used it I am sure you can tell us. I also like the Nicki Minaj song lyrics you wrote and the messages contained in some of these songs. It is a fantastic bunch of dance songs. They are all new to me— but I remember Nelly Furtado, Girls Aloud, Serebro and Lady Gaga from older posts.

    Those two Lady Gaga impersonators did a wonderful job and their videos are well made. The Serebro girls are wild ones— but I admit that I like their edgy style. I also appreciate what Lito said as he introduced Pitbull. His words could not have come at a better time. I also appreciate the message of Demi Lovato’s song Really Don’t Care and the way the video was done.

    I enjoyed every one of these rave songs— and I would have to say that my favorites this time around are Call My Name, Something New, Dance in the Dark, Electric Chapel and Really Don’t Care.

    These exciting songs will keep us dancing through the weekend— and I look forward to Riley’s Rave 3!

    1. Hi, Kathryn!

      Thank you very much for attending Riley's Rave 2! (I'm sorry I spilled my drinky-poo on your new top out there on the dance floor. I'm sure the stain will come out if you treat it with white cleaning vinegar :)

      I am pleased as punch (see above) to learn that you had a good time at the dance. To answer your question about the quote in the post title, it was uttered in season 2 - episode 1 by Lito's boyfriend Hernando, the teacher, as he addressed his class. Another great quote by Hernando is as follows:

      "Love, like art, must always be free."

      Free is the key word and freedom the common thread throughout this set of dance tunes - freedom of expression and freedom to be who we are w/o being judged. I believe the party people in the street depicted in Nelly Furtado's video are celebrating youth and freedom and promoting peace and love as did the young people of the Woodstock generation.

      I'm pleased that you enjoyed the performance videos made by those two Lady Gaga look-alikes along with the empowering words of songs like "Dance in the Dark" and "Really Don't Care."

      If you listened long enough to Serebro's "Gun" song you came to a spot where their recording samples "Twist and Shout" by the Beatles, a nice touch, I thought. I also hope you stuck around long enough to see the male dance routine later on in the "Really Don't Care" video.

      Thank you again for coming to Riley's second house party, Kathryn. See you at the next one!

  2. Well now I know who Riley Blue is! That's a program I've not ever watched.

    The whole rave scene is something I missed out on, though I do have a song or two by a couple of these artists on my old iPod.

    1. Hi, Kelly!

      Thanks a lot for coming by, dear friend. I'm glad you could attend the rave on day one of its seven day run.

      If these characters interest you and you like sci-fi you can catch seasons 1 and 2 of Sense8 on Netflix. The bad news is that the series was recently canceled to the chagrin of its many enthusiastic fans, Mrs. S and myself included. There has never been a series quite like it.

      The closest I ever came to the rave scene was hanging out in discos that stayed open all night long.

      Thank you again for your visit and comment, dear friend Kelly, and have a nice weekend!

  3. Hi Shady-Wow, what a great mix of "art made public"! CODE BLUE is the appropriate password for sure! I don't follow Nelly Furtado's music, but I know who she is. It's always good for me to see a performer in action, in order to appreciate their talents. "Night is Young" is a good song, and video.

    I really admire Lady Gaga, but have only seen her perform on awards shows, and on the Today show. Consequently, I don't always recognize her songs unless I hear her name, and, I appreciate her wonderful talents! My son is totally in love with her! The two impersonators did a great job on the videos and songs. The "Dance in The Dark" was more believable, but I enjoyed the song choice "Electric Chapel" more!

    I think I missed something with the Pitbull video. I like his style, but I just didn't get this one, except for the cool cars! My sister adores Pitbull, and I have seen him perform on the I♥ Radio concerts.

    "Something New" with Cheryl is a good song. It has projects a great vibe with lots of energy that pulls it off. I give it a 'thumb's up'! Guys, you'd better look out for this one, lol! And, I always love a wet street with old cars scene for a good song like "Call My Name"!

    Ok, so I'm going to skip over the "Gun" video...not a fan, but the song is pretty good, lol! And, what a great dance team on the Demi Lovato song, "Really Don't Care"!

    I must agree with Kathryn on today's favorites! I believe that I enjoyed Cheryl's talents and songs the most! Also, Riley Blue is a real cutie, and a wonderful hostess-good job!

    You've got a great crew here, Shady. This post contains a variation of surprises, with colorful and vibrant entertainers!

    Thank you for a lively mix of new happenings with touches of familiarity! Have a great weekend-I've got Scootie starting school on Monday! ♫

    1. Hi, Suzanne!

      Thank you very much for coming over and dancing your Texas morning away to the tunes played by the sensates of Sense8 at Riley's Rave #2.

      I share Rusty's admiration of Lady Gaga. I like her philanthropy and activism as much as her music. Turns out she is also an excellent actress. Her performances blew me away on the "Hotel" season of American Horror Story, another TV series that I highly recommend. I'm sure you realize all the work that went into the videos produced by those two Gaga wannabes. With its rock edge, "Electric Chapel" is a song that gets under my skin. I'm glad you like it, too.

      Cheryl and her famous group Girls Aloud are among my favorite artists these past couple of years. I have many of their original recordings and remixes. I'm very pleased to know you enjoyed their songs and vids.

      Pitbull is a Miami based rapper who has an extensive library of solo recordings. He has also been guest rapper on the recordings of many other artists. The prevailing theme running though most of Pitbull's songs is that life is meant to be a celebration, one continuous party filled with uninhibited fun. This video for "Fun" was inspired by the hit TV series Miami Vice. Pitbull's music unites young people all over the world. Everyone is invited to his party. I like and share his philosophy. It's the Shady Dell way.

      I know Scootie must be excited about the start of another school year. I wish him a very successful one.

      Thank you again for your kind visit and generous comments, dear friend Suzanne, and have a great weekend!

  4. Lady Gaga, if you're reading this, the gauntlet's just been thrown down. Get a film crew and blow those impersonators right out of the water. I know you can do it. I'm counting on you!

    That said, those were a couple of fun tributes.

    1. Hey, Kirk!

      How are you doing, my friend? Thanks for popping in on your weekend. I appreciate the visit!

      Yessir, I was pleasantly surprised to find those two "fake" Gagas. Each of their productions met the 5 strict, stringent criteria that I demand for a video to be included on a rave play list:

      1) I like the songs. They are both "raveworthy."

      2) Both have good sound quality.

      3) Both have good picture quality.

      4) Drawing a blank here.

      5) I should have said 3 criteria.

      I'm glad you enjoyed the Gaga tributes, Kirk, and once again I thank you for coming. If you have Netflix l urge you to give Sense8 a try. Mrs. Shady and I swear by it... not AT it. :)

      Enjoy the rest of your weekend, Kirk!

  5. Never heard of Riley Blue and never been to a rave in my life...............

    1. Hi, Jo-Anne!

      How are you, my dear Australian friend? Thank you for coming to the dance party!

      You never heard of Riley Blue?
      You have never been to a rave in your life? Well, there's a first time for everything, Jo-Anne... just sayin'... :)

      Now that you know about Riley Blue and her sensate soul mates, I hope you will watch Sense8 if it is available in your region. I also hope you enjoyed the tuneage played at RR #2.

      Thank you again for your visit and comment, dear friend Jo-Anne!

  6. Wowsa, that was some rave, Shady! My ears are ringing and I'm all hot and sweaty from dancin'... Crazy time!
    Seriously, that was fun. You kicked it off just right with "The Night is Young." I also liked Cheryl and "Call My Name."

    Very interesting the Girls Aloud song "Something New" became the representative song for the charity for disabled children. Still trying to figure that one out but that's cool... Makes me think highly of the girls getting involved with such a worthwhile charity.

    I'm a fan of Lady Gaga. I don't know all her music, don't know most of it really but I became a fan with her "Born This Way" release. I liked "Dance in the Dark." And the Gaga imitator in this song was definitely better than the one in "Electric Music Chapel." That was a super double dose of Gaga!

    I enjoyed the Crockett & Tubbs-inspired video for "Fun." I used to watch Miami Vice every week. That was such a hot show. The Miami Vice movies never lived up to the series unfortunately.

    Serebro's "Gun" is certainly a racy video! It's a good song for sure.
    And you ended the night with a song evoking a carefree attitude, "Really Don't Care". Me either! :)

    Whew, that was some rave, my friend! Thanks for shaking me up!
    Have a good weekend,

    Michele at Angels Bark

    1. Hi, Michele!

      I'm excited and delighted to see you, dear friend. Thank you very much for coming to Riley's Rave #2.

      Now they're dancin' on the ceilin'
      They're dancing' on the floor
      People everywhere comin' through the door
      They know it's a party goin' on
      We're gonna dance and romance all night long

      It Ain't nothing' but a party
      It Ain't nothing' but a house party

      I am happy to learn that you found something to like in every song the Sense8 gang played at the hop and that you appreciated the Gaga and Miami Vice tributes. All three of the above mentioned videos were elaborate productions, weren't they?

      I appreciated the idea used for the "Really Don't Care" video, having young men and women doing a lip sync to Demi Lovato's vocals and having her pop into the picture with them occasionally. The dance routine was also a great touch.

      I'm glad you had a good time at the rave, Michele. Thanks again for dropping in. Stay tuned for three more Riley's Raves plus at least four other raves with different themes. They are all in the pipeline. I hope things continue to go well with your mother and that you are getting some rest and relief from the hassles of helping her settle in. Enjoy the rest of your weekend, dear friend Michele!

  7. I have to say my fav is Lady GaGa who always kills it. I don't mind the music overall but they just meld one into the other except for GaGa. I do like Pit Bull but not this one all that much. I do like the 3rd song because it does seem a bit different but this just isn't my cup o tea:)

    1. Hi, Birgit!

      Thank you very much for staying up late to make it a clean sweep -
      leaving a comment on each of my last three posts. I appreciate your time and effort, dear friend!

      As you will notice in the details written in blue above each video, about half of these are house remix versions of the original studio recordings. I think what you are saying is that most "house" style music sounds the same to you. That is exactly what my ears told me for years until I got interested in this music genre. I rejected house music and closed my ears to it. It is exactly what my mother used to say about rock 'n' roll. All 60s music for teenagers sounded the same to her - Beatles, Rolling Stones, Motown, Beach Boys - and she didn't like any of it. It is a fascinating phenomenon how our minds lump together things (or people) that do not interest us, that we do not understand, or that we have come to believe we don't like.

      I am very pleased that you dig Lady Gaga's recordings and hope you enjoyed the lip sync performances of those two Gaga impersonators. I am also happy to know that you like Girls Aloud and certain songs by Miami rapper Pitbull.

      Thank you again for attending your second Riley's Rave, dear friend BB. I wish you a safe and happy week ahead!

  8. Awesome,awesome post, friend Shady ... liked Lady Gaga a lot cuz I work night shifts on psych 34 thus dancing in da dark with my patients a lot ... Love, cat.

    1. Hi, cat!

      How are you this weekend, dear friend? Thank you very much for coming to my latest bash, an all-day/all-nighter hosted by Riley Blue and her Sense8 cast mates.

      I'm happy to learn that you like Lady Gaga and that you do your share of dancing in the dark on the night shift.

      Thanks again for joining the fun, dear friend cat. Lubbins lubbins lubbins to you!

    2. I entered the convent 17 years old ... I stayed for 9 years cuz they gave me shelter and a darn good education in nursing and specializing in psych ... then I left them cuz me just could not and still cannot believe and never will believe in anything but myself ... even after marrying and having 3 kids ... I still believe in myself the most ... makes sense ... Anyway, cat.

    3. Hi again, cat!

      Good for you, dear friend! You've got to believe in yourself first in order for others to believe in you. All of your life experiences - the good, the bad and the ugly - have served you in one way or another. You have learned from them. You have grown.

      Thank you again for coming to chat, dear friend cat!

  9. Me again. I'd like to echo what Michele Truhlik said. "Born This Way" also made me a Lady Gaga fan. That plus her outrageous performing style. Wendy O. Williams by way of disco.

    1. Hi, Kirk!

      I'm so glad you got your hand stamped at the door on the way in, good buddy, so that you could get back inside and rave on. :) Thanks for the return visit!

      I have Gaga's Born This Way deluxe CD set which includes numerous remixes of that single. The REAL Lady Gaga (not the "alternative" Gaga :) appeared in Riley's Rave #1 in her iconic video for "Born This Way" (the Bollywood Remix):

      I agree that Gaga's outrageous performing style is reminiscent of punk rocker Wendy O. whom I remember well. People who shy away from performances of this type fail to realize that these are artists and this is their art. As Hernando, Lito's boyfriend on Sense8, stated to his class, "Art is love made public." The quote inspired me so much that I decided to incorporate it into the title of the post.

      Hey, thanks again for coming over to extend the discussion thread, Kirk. You are always welcome here and we are open 24-7 for your convenience. :)

      Have a great week!

  10. I'm Cheryl. Of course, not a famous at THE Cheryl, but Cheryl nonetheless.

    Hard to believe that grandmas had disco, but of course they did. And grandpas wore sideburns. Ah, the joy of the 70s.

    Once again you've introduced me to world of people I'd never heard of. Thanks for opening my mind and letting information in.

    1. Hi, Cheryl!

      I am delighted to see you today, dear friend. Thanks for coming!

      Oops, the solar eclipse is underway. It just got dark and now I can't see the keyboard. I'll have to finish this reply later. :)

      Yessum, the disco years are fading into the distant past and the young people who threw themselves into the movement are now grandparents. Welcome to the 2010s where house DJs play deep beats louder than a jet engine and throngs of party people dance till dawn at raves likes this one.

      If the characters of Sense8 interest you I hope you'll give the program a try. Last night I binge watched three episodes. I'm happily hooked and will surely go through painful withdrawal when I come to the end of season two and realize there ain't no more. (The series was canceled.)

      Thank you again for your visit and comment, dear friend Cheryl-lee!

  11. Hi Shady!

    Finally making my way back and I'm glad I am joining you for this piece. You are right - this isn't my father's disco! While I love the disco my dad listened to, I love rave music!

    My iPod stopped updating and now I have to stream on Amazon. I might have to see if I can find any of these artists on Amazon and download them. These songs will make wonderful exercise songs!

    Have a great week, dear friend!

    1. Hi, Jessica Marie!

      I'm glad to have you back, dear friend. Thank you very much for accepting my invitation and attending the second rave hosted by Riley Blue and company, the sensates of Sense8. It's a cool TV series and, knowing you as well as I do, I think you'd appreciate the message the series puts forth.

      I am also excited to know that you dig these beats. Did you know that summa deeze beats are raw and summa deeze beats break the law? :) (Those are lyrics from one of my favorite songs by the Swedish dance-pop zinger Robyn.)

      I'm glad you mentioned exercise because I have all of these hits and remixes in my collection and use them on a daily basis to pace my workouts.

      Thank you again for joining the party, dear friend JM, and have a great week!

  12. Tom,

    I'm here as promised! We had a great time witnessing the total solar eclipse. I was not prepared for photographing the event since it we cut things too close to the wire and barely got eclipse glasses. It was pretty darn spectacular and it was well worth driving south of Knoxville (about 30 minutes) to be in a spot where totality was 2mins 30secs and having to fight the horrendous traffic home. Anywho, I'm now ready to see what Riley Blue has to share this morning but before I delve in commenting on things I just wanted you to know that I couldn't afford to burn my cellular minutes watching videos.

    Cheryl is smokin' hotastic and she has a fine voice. Am I correct in thinking that you introduced Girls Aloud to me in a previous post? I preferred Cheryl's solo, "Call My Name" over Girls Aloud, "Something New". I think the rapping at the beginning of that song is a downgrade but then you know I don't care for rap or talking in songs. I think I need to sample more of Girls Aloud to get a better sense of their style.

    I don't remember Lady Gaga's "Dance in the Dark", so this was a nice intro. You know I was thinking the chick in the vid didn't look exactly like Lady Gaga and that's when I noticed your comment that it's an imitator lip syncing. Lizalo Galamad's vid is just as weird as a Lady Gaga video. All that aside, I usually enjoy her mewsic, though. Of course, she had a talking segment in this song which deflected from the song IMO but otherwise it's a good song. I must admit although I'm not familiar with the second Lady Gaga song, "Electric Chapel", I really liked Amanda Seiler's cover. She has nice vocals.

    I am not really a Pitbull fan but some of his tunes are electric "Fun" and spot on dance floor party "Fun"! The latino chick featured is beautiful but then Pitbull usually has some pretty gals in his mewsic vids.

    All I can say is, good thing you posted the warning ahead that some vids may not be suitable for some viewers because Serebro's racy "Gun" vid will cause some people's eyes to pop wide open. Heck, who needs coffee to wake ya up when all ya gotta do is play this video, right? The girl with the blue lips is really pretty!

    There is only a song or two that I like by Demi Lovato and "Really Don't Care" isn't one of them. It's too electro-pop to suit my ears but I'm always open to experiencing new song choices and totally had fun dancing to your features.

    We have the Sense 8 sitting in our to watch cue on Netflix. We'll eventually get around to it. Thanks for sharing another electric dance mewsic edition, my friend. Have a tunetastic week!

    1. Hi, Cathy!

      Thank you very much for coming to the rave, dear friend. I am delighted to see you today!

      I'm happy to learn that you and DH had the chance to experience totality and that you considered it well worth the drive time and traffic hassles. I watched the CNN video showing people in Oregon and other places taking in the awesome spectacle. One reporter noted that the temperature dropped 5 to 10 degrees when the sky went dark. What a phenomenon! I'm sure many animals were fooled and confused by the eclipse.

      I am excited to know that you enjoyed some of the mewsical selections in Riley's Rave #2. "Call My Name" is certainly one of my favorites, too. Cheryl performed as part of her group Girls Aloud in RR #1 a year ago. I embedded an entire medley of their hits in that post so if you'd like a quick and easy introduction to Girls Aloud you could go to that post and listen to the medley:

      Unlike you I have cultivated a taste for rapping, spoken parts and the electro sound in modern dance mewsic. Many recordings today are a hodgepodge of voices, sounds and samples of older hits. Sometimes the cluttered formula works and sometimes it doesn't.

      To clarify, the vocals you hear on "Electric Chapel" are those of Lady Gaga herself, not the Gaga impersonator Amanda Seiler. Amanda is merely a fan who put together that video as a tribute to the artist.

      Yessum, those Serebro women go out of their way to be sexy, vulgar some would say. Much of the dance mewsic produced in the millennium is deliberately racy. When young people are out on the dance floor in a club or at a rave, they tend to respond favorably to rowdy, naughty songs. I was part of that scene for many years and witnessed patrons' behavior first hand. Alcohol and drug fueled party people act like there's no tomorrow. One of Pitbull's songs has the spoken part: "What happens in Vegas says in Vegas. What happens in Miami..... never happened."

      If you guys watch Sense8 you will need to let me know what you thought of it. There are only two seasons of the series. Caution: The show contains a lot of nudity and adult situations. Meanwhile Mrs. S and I are still plowing our way through the Haven series and enjoying every minute. I read the other day that a 4th season of From Dusk Till Dawn was originally planned but has now been shelved. They might simply present a few additional episodes to tie up the loose ends and bring the story to a conclusion.

      Thank you again for joining the fun, dear friend Cathy. I wish you a tunetastic week as well!

  13. Amanda did a really good cover of Electric Chapel. I'm impressed!

    Enjoy the rest of your week!

    1. Hi, Sherry!

      Thanks for coming to the second of five Riley's Raves, dear friend!

      Amanda Seiler is a Gaga lover who decided to produce a fan video for a Gaga recording that does not have an official video. Like the other Gaga imitator, Amanda merely performs a lip sync to Gaga's original recording and therefore it is only a video cover.

      I hope you found one or two other songs that you like and that you will try watching the featured TV series Sense8.

      Thanks again your your visit and comment, Sherry!


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