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"More than a place, the Shady Dell was and will forever remain a state of mind." - Shady Del Knight

"More than a place, the Shady Dell was and will forever remain a state of mind." - Shady Del Knight

Wednesday, July 26, 2017

What the World Needs Now, I Think You'll Agree, is a Strong Shot of JD!



She opened for the Beatles on their historic
first U.S. tour in 1964. She co-wrote one
of the most iconic songs of the 1980s, a
worldwide #1 smash hit for Kim Carnes.

She wrote an exhilarating pop love song
that became a 60s hit for the Merseybeat
band the Searchers and was covered in the
21st century by ABBA's Agnetha Faltskog.

 Who is she? 

Does the name Sharon Lee Myers ring a bell?
How about Sherry Lee Myers?
Sherry Lee?
Jackie Dee?
Jackie Shannon?
Jackie Dee Shannon?

Those stage names all belong to the same lady,
Jackie DeShannon. Jackie is best known for her
two top 10 hits of the 60s, the Burt Bacharach -
Hal David song "What the World Needs Now Is Love"
(#7 in 1965) and her biggest hit, a song she wrote,
"Put a Little Love in Your Heart" (#4 in 1969).

Recently, when I dug deeper into Jackie's bio
and catalog, I hit pay dirt. I first discovered that
Jackie is a gifted songsmith. I also learned that
in addition to the gentle, laid back pop songs
for which she is most famous, Jackie D could
get down and rock with the best of them.

Performing since she was a young girl,
Jackie started out doing country & western
and rockabilly. She wrote most of her own
songs, something very few female vocalists
were doing during that period.

In 1958 Jackie wrote and recorded a lively tribute
to Buddy Holly. As you watch the video, notice
how Jackie looked and sounded like another
favorite female of mine, rockabilly queen
Wanda Jackson, right down to the growl
and the "yeah" ad lib.

"Buddy" - Jackie Dee 
(August 1958, uncharted)

On the flip side of "Buddy" is another song
penned by Jackie, a teenage lament that
combined two popular 50s dances,
the stroll and the calypso.

"Strolypso Dance" - Jackie Dee 
(Aug. 1958, uncharted B side of "Buddy")

The same 1958 Nashville recording session
that yielded "Buddy" and "Strolypso Dance"
produced an excellent track that, for whatever
reason, remained unreleased until 2002 when
it showed up on a CD compilation. Sounding
a lot like Brenda Lee under the influence
of Jerry Lee Lewis, Jackie splits the
difference between rockabilly and
rock 'n' roll on "I Need Lovin'."

"I Need Lovin'" - Jackie Dee 
(Aug. 1958, unreleased)

Recording as Jackie Shannon in 1959
(the 45 shown in the following video is a
1960 reissue that used the name "DeShannon")
Jackie once again put a Wanda Jackson growl
in her voice and turned on the 'tude with
"Trouble," a song originally written for
Elvis Presley. Jackie's record had hit
written all over it but, sorry to
say, it never broke nationally.

"Trouble" - Jackie Shannon 
(April 1959, uncharted)

In 1960 Jackie changed her stage name to
Jackie DeShannon. The first single she released
under that name was "Lonely Girl, a title that
implied it was an answer to "Lonely Boy," a
chart topper the previous year for Paul Anka.
However Jackie's record had nothing to do
with Anka's song. Instead, it was another
great rock 'n' roll number and another
song written by Jackie D!

"Lonely Girl" - Jackie DeShannon 
(1960, uncharted)

In 1961 Jackie DeShannon released "Baby
(When Ya Kiss Me)" b/w "Ain't That Love,"
a cover of a Ray Charles song recorded by
brother Ray in 1957. I prefer the fab flip
which finds our Jackie D shouting the
rhythm & blues like Tina Turner!

"Ain't That Love" - Jackie DeShannon 
(Nov. 1961, uncharted B side of 
"Baby {When Ya Kiss Me}")

 Stay where you are! 

 Another strong shot of JD 

 is on tap in my next post! 

Have a Shady day!


  1. Kathryn AndersonJuly 26, 2017 at 2:43 AM

    I love Jackie DeShannon— but I didn’t know she went by all those other names— didn’t know she recorded so many songs— didn’t know she opened for the Beatles— and didn’t know she wrote Bette Davis Eyes and When You Walk in the Room. It was interesting to learn about the early part of her career when she recorded her own songs in a variety of styles. She really does sound like Wanda Jackson on some of those early records. You’re right— Jackie is prolific and terrific— a great singer and a great songwriter— and I look forward to hearing more from her in part two!

    1. Hi, Kathryn!

      Thanks for being the early bird again this week and leading off our discussion of Wanda Jackson... uh... I mean Jackie DeShannon. :) Yessum, on some of her early recordings, Jackie sounds more like Wanda than Wanda sounds like Wanda. :) I am pleased to know that you enjoyed Jackie's early work. Jackie released a string of very good singles recorded in a variety of styles and using different artist names, but they all sold poorly. As you might have noticed, the word "uncharted" appears over and over again. Stay tuned for part 2 when Jackie's luck finally changes and she runs up the chart with her big hits.

      Thank you again for joining me, Kathryn, and have a great day!

  2. Not forgetting that Jackie DeShannon and Bobby Vee appeared together in the film "Come On Let's Live A Little". Hardly a classic but still.

    1. Hi, Joey!

      It's good to see you, my English friend. Thank you very much for coming across the pond to read about Jackie DeShannon and sample some of her early recordings.

      I vaguely recall watching that Jackie D - Bobby Vee movie many years ago. I just checked the credits and it is interesting to note that Kim "Bette Davis Eyes" Carnes also had an acting role in it. Actor/singer Eddie Hodges also appeared in the teen musical along with Ken Osmond - "Eddie Haskell" from Leave It To Beaver.

      Thanks again for contributing to the discussion, good buddy Joey. Enjoy the rest of your week and please come back again soon!

  3. I've always like Jackie DeShannon, but associate her with the 1960s. I did not know she wrote "Betty Davis Eyes" or that she was even still actively involved in the music business in the 1980s. Learn something new...

    1. Hi, Kirk!

      Welcome to Shady Dell Music & Memories, my friend! I went to your blog and checked out your blog roll and discovered that you and thehamish (Gayle) have been following each other for quite a few years. I assume that's how you found my blog. I also did some reading on your site (Nov. 2008 and Nov. 2012) and checked the sites of a few of your friends. I was pleasantly surprised to find people whose political views seem closely aligned with mine. (In 9+ years of blogging I have not found many.)

      I am also delighted to know you that you like singer/songwriter Jackie DeShannon. Until recently, when I did some research, I knew precious little about Jackie. I was familiar with her two biggest hits but that was the extent of it. In this two part series I am pleased to bring you some of the other great recordings she made along with songs she wrote that other artists turned into hits.

      Thank you again for taking a look at my latest post, Kirk. I appreciate it and hope you will choose to follow SDMM. You are always welcome here. Take care!

  4. I have trouble keeping straight some of the singers from the 50s/early 60s and it's no wonder in this case, seeing how many different names she went by! I also find it fascinating to see how many songs we're familiar with were actually written by others. I remember what a shock to know just how many songs Prince had written!

    1. Hi, Kelly!

      How are you today, dear friend? Thanks for coming by!

      Yessum, I am finding that many of the recording artists I have admired over the years are/were also prolific songwriters. Some achieved relatively few hits of their own but penned songs that became major hits for other artists. As a recording artist Jackie DeShannon went hitless for many years before breaking through. History has been kind as music historians salute her achievements, and she is getting her props in the 21st century as younger generations discover her greatness as a singer and songwriter and become new fans.

      Thanks again for joining the fun today, dear friend Kelly. Take care and I hope to see you back here for Part 2 of Jackie D!

  5. Well, 'shut my mouth'! I am so amazed and impressed, with a lady I have always admired! Jackie DeShannon has always been a favorite of mine. I only wish we could have seen more of her energy in the mid 1960's! I'm sure it was hard enough for Wanda Jackson to stay on the scene in the 1950's, since women weren't showcased as much during those days!

    "Strolypso" is a great song, but, just doesn't come across as the type of song that a woman would sing. The song makes me think of Paul Anka and Dion!

    Jackie is really great on the "Wanda Jackson" growl...who knew? I didn't even know she existed until "What The World Needs Now" came along. It's a unique and exciting sound... too bad Jackie wasn't brought forward more to capitalize on her talents. (My dad loved that growly sound, he may have known about her then).

    "Buddy"! What a great find, Shady! This is a cool song! And, "Walk in The Room" sounds familiar. I may have heard that one before.

    "Bette Davis Eyes" is a real treat! I have always been a fan of this song, and, who better to sing it than Kim Carnes! Kim has her own growl, doesn't she! The video is great! I would never have thought of Jackie co-writing this song.

    Well, Shady, I'm pretty much down to "Trouble"...OMG! This song is probably the one that made "King Creole" my favorite Elvis movie! How many stars and thumbs up can I give this one? And, Jackie singing it? She nails it!

    Each of the songs you presented today, are unique in that they don't all sound alike. I am still so impressed and proud to know that there is so much more to Jackie DeShannon than I could imagine. She is so talented, and possessed a sound that a lot of us didn't know existed. I'm an even bigger fan of hers now!

    Thank you for sharing this amazing story with us, Shady. Looking forward to learning more! Have a great week, Shady! ♫

    1. Hi, Suzanne!

      Thank you so very much for swinging by today to learn more about one of your favorite artists and mine, Jackie DeShannon aka, aka, aka, aka...

      Like you I knew very little about Jackie's background and the many recordings she made before breaking through in the mid 60s with her signature song "What The World Needs Now Is Love." I was originally going to pay tribute to Jackie in a single post but discovered so many songs of hers that I like that I needed to expand it into a two-parter.

      Yessum, I have grown to love the Wanda Jackson growl. I became a fan of the rockabilly queen a few years ago and Mrs. Shady and I have twice watched the documentary about her life and career. Jackie D. captures Wanda's spirit and vocal style on a couple of those early sides. It's a shame they sold poorly and failed to make the chart.

      I would have to say that "Trouble" is also my Pick-To-Click for this part 1 post. On it Jackie adopts the Wanda growl, harnesses the Elvis swagger and turns in a recorded masterpiece. I believe my good buddy Karo would have liked that particular rockabilly rock record.

      Thank you again for making time for me and J-D today, dear friend Suzanne. Part 2 is coming up next Tuesday, Aug. 1, and I'll be seeing you then. In the meantime, in between time, take good care of yourself and master Scootie.

      Stay safe and God bless, dear friend!

  6. I remember her Jackie DeShannon name and her 2 hits you mentioned. Loved them! To find out how many years and how much talent she gave the music world is amazing. And how many names! I love the Bette Davis song and didn't realize of course that she wrote it. When I saw the Beatles in concert back in the early 60's I couldn't tell who opened for them because all I cared about then was THEM! Yeah, I was one of those screaming fans. I'll look forward to more JD...she's a real talent!

    1. Hi, YaYa!

      It's so nice of you to come over for a visit, dear friend. Thank you very much!

      Yessum, many recording artists "bubble under" for years before achieving a hit. Such was the case with Jackie DeShannon. It seems to me that when an artist changes stage names over and over again and jumps from record label to record label, it is a sign that he or she is struggling. It's good to know that Jackie's story has a happy ending with major recorded hits to her credit along with songs she wrote that became hits for other artists.

      Gosh, wouldn't it be something if you actually saw Jackie D open for the Beatles way back when but simply don't remember her in the midst of your moptop fever? :)

      Thank you again for taking a look and a listen to part 1 of my tribute to Jackie DeShannon. There are seven more great recordings of hers coming up in part 2, so please come back next week.

      I hope all is going well for you this week, dear friend YaYa. Take care and enjoy the rest of it!

  7. Tom,

    I've never heard of Jackie D or any of her pseudos but I do know her hit song recorded by Kim Carnes. I'm not sure if I'd heard "Walk In The Room" before today by the oldie groups you mentioned. I'll check with YouTube in a bit but I was happily surprised to learn one of Abba's lead female vocals is still recording and I enjoyed her cover song. All the songs Jackie recorded are totally new-to-me. It was interesting to learn about her and to listen to her varied mewsic style. I will look forward to the next edition in this series. Great fun post, my friend! :)

    1. Hi, Cathy!

      It's very nice of you to come by during DH's birthday week. I am very happy to see you, dear friend!

      I am excited about presenting a new-to-you artist and lots of new-to-you songs. I think you might recognize and remember Jackie DeShannon's two big hits which are coming up in part 2. I'm sure you have heard of the British Invasion group The Searchers. The Searchers borrowed several recordings made by U.S. artists and turned them into bigger hits. Their cover of "Walk In The Room" was a top 40 hit in the U.S. around Halloween 1964.

      Former ABBA singer Aggie Faltskog, now age 67 (born a few months after Shady), released her latest studio album in May 2013. In November of that same year, she sang on stage for the first time in 25 years.

      Thank you again for checking out part 1 of my Jackie DeShannon tribute, Cathy. I'm glad you learned and enjoyed. I wish you a happy Friday and a great weekend and invite you back here next Tuesday for the part 2 conclusion. Take care, dear friend!

    2. Tom,

      The older groups I either don't know by name but know after I hear a song or two or I'm getting an introduction late in life. Regardless, it's always a joy to learn more about mewsic that I'm not familiar with. I do know The Searchers by name. Perhaps from something your or another blogger or maybe from my Internet mewsic sleuthing. I can't say for sure now but I do know the band by name. I can't tell you anything about their songs, though. I'd have to visit YouTube to listen to some of their song selections as a reminder. I can't wait to see/hear what you share in your next part on Jackie D. Have a good week, my friend!

    3. Thank you so very much, Cathy!

      My impression of The Searchers is that they covered a good number of recordings originally waxed by U.S. artists and did such a fine job that their updated versions became classics in their own right.

      Stay tuned now for part 2 of Jackie D coming tomorrow morning. Thanks again, dear friend, and have a great day!

  8. I always wondered who sang the vocals for "Time of my Life"! I love DeShannon's style.

    I hope you have a great weekend.

    1. Hi, Jessica Marie!

      Thank you very much for reporting in on a Friday evening, dear friend. I am happy to see you!

      I'm sorry, dearie, but I am drawing a blank on your reference to "Time of My Life." Do you mean the song from Dirty Dancing sung by Bill Medley and Jennifer Warnes? The only Jackie D song I can find that makes reference to time is "24 Hours a Day," a ditty that's coming up in part 2.

      Anyway, I thank you very much for your visit and comment and I'm glad you like Jackie's style. Have a great weekend, dear friend JM!

    2. Yes! That;s the song I mean. They sound a bit similar.

      Sorry about that - last week was rather difficult and reading/listening to this entry made me feel a bit better.

      Weekend was better, though! Have a great Sunday evening, dear friend.

    3. Hi, Jessica Marie!

      Thanks for returning to explain what you meant. It makes me happy to know that my posts have the power to give your spirits a needed boost when you are having a tough week. I'm glad you had a better weekend. I see you did some skating!

      Thank you again for coming back over. I wish you a much better week ahead, dear friend JM!

  9. What's in a name? :D
    She's beautiful and obviously talented. It's kind of weird for me that she keeps changing her name but well, she's awesome.

    How are you, my friend?

    1. Hi, Lux!

      Thank you very much for coming by to experience some of the early recorded work of Jackie DeShannon aka aka aka, along with songs she wrote that became famous when recorded by other artists.

      I'm happy to know you enjoyed these recordings. Now stay tuned for clips of Jackie performing live on TV shows coming up in part 2.

      Thank you again for stopping by, dear friend Luxie, and enjoy the rest of your weekend in the Philippines!

  10. You made me an instant fan of Jackie D, friend Shady ... smiles ... Love, cat.

    1. Hi, cat!

      How are you this evening, dear feline friend? I am very happy to see you!

      I'm delighted to know you took a liking to Jackie D, her songs and her vocal styling. Now stay tuned for seven more great recordings by this talented songstress coming up Tuesday in the part 2 conclusion.

      Thank you for coming and lubbins, lubbins, lubbins to you, dear friend cat!

  11. What a shame that Jackie is not a household name. She looks like a sweet gal, blond and almost wholesome with that big ass guitar and her killer sultry voice! She is unique because she paid homage, to me anyways, to Buddy Holly and then she went all dirty, in a most fun way, with Trouble. I love the song sung by Agnetha of ABBA which I love!! Looking forward to learning more about her and who she was inspired by

    1. Hey hey hey, Birgit!

      How are you, dear friend? I am happy to see you here on a weekend and thank you very much for coming!

      To me Jackie DeShannon IS a household name, but I understand what you are saying. The Internet Movie Data Base states that Jackie's trademark is her "sexy hoarse voice." In that respect Jackie is much like Kim Carnes for whom she wrote "Bette Davis Eyes." It should come as no surprise that Jackie recorded that song first (in 1974). Check out the totally different arrangement on Jackie's version:

      I too love Aggie F. and own four of her five English language solo albums including the 2004 release My Colouring Book which contains her cover of Jackie's "When You Walk In The Room."

      Thank you again for being a true blue friend and coming over on your weekend, dear friend BB. Jackie D part 2 is coming up Tuesday and I hope you will swing by and enjoy it. Take care!

  12. I only remember What the World Needs Now. And I had no idea she had so many stage names or the long history in the music business. Wow. You dug up some very interesting things, Shady.

    1. Hi, Cheryl!

      How are you doing today, dear friend? Thanks for joining me for part 1 of a two-parter saluting one of my favorite ladies of song, Jackie DeShannon.

      Yessum, you named Jackie's famous signature song and it's coming up tomorrow morning in part 2. As you are discovering, "What the World Needs Now" is only one of the great recordings she made and it wasn't even her biggest chart hit. Stay tuned as I prepare to spin seven more terrific JD recordings in tomorrow's part 2 post.

      Thank you again for joining the fun, dear friend C-Lee!


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