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"More than a place, the Shady Dell was and will forever remain a state of mind." - Shady Del Knight

"More than a place, the Shady Dell was and will forever remain a state of mind." - Shady Del Knight

Thursday, July 6, 2017

Best of Bandstands in Foreign Lands - Vol. 2: Mover Closer and Turn It Up!

Welcome to volume 2

of my new series



I'm Shady Seaweed, here to bring you more great music performances that originated from TV studios, big halls and nightclubs in Europe and other parts of the world from the 1960s through early 2000s.

Join me now for another exciting

trip back in time as we visit

Bandstands in Foreign Lands!


 (LEGS & CO) 


Last month we rode the Shady Train. Today
we're riding the Love Train, and "the first stop
that we make will be England." That's where
we find the lovely and talented dance troupe
Legs & Co on the long running music TV series
Top of the Pops. The dancing damsels are set to
take the stage and do their interpretation of an
international disco hit by the Bee Gees from
the soundtrack of Saturday Night Fever.
The single topped the U.S. chart for
more than two months in the spring
of 1978. Here to turn "Night Fever"
into Nightie Fever are Legs & Co!

"Night Fever" - Bee Gees
(Mar./Apr. 1978, highest chart pos.
#1 Hot 100/#1 Cash Box/#1 UK
& four other countries, from
Saturday Night Fever OST,
dance perf. by Legs & Co
on Top of the Pops)





In the early weeks of 1973 The Spinners,
known in the UK as The Detroit Spinners,
achieved their second consecutive chart-
topping R&B single for Atlantic Records
with "Could it Be I'm Falling In Love."
In 1985 a soulful English duo consisting
of David Grant and Jaki Graham reached
the UK top 5 with a fine cover of the song.
Here are David and Jaki performing
their hit on the Dutch music
TV showcase TopPop.

"Could it Be I'm Falling in Love"
David Grant & Jaki Graham
(1985, highest chart pos. #5 UK,
perf on Dutch TV series TopPop)



We now switch to a bandstand in Munich, Germany,
where we are about to witness an American star on
the rise. It's Whitney Houston in the spring of her
breakthrough year, 1985, appearing on PIT, the
German music TV show hosted by Peter Illmann.
The blossoming diva sang "How Will I Know,"
a song that became her third chart topping
single early the following year. This is how
I choose to remember Whitney Houston -
young, vibrant, full of life, with fire in
her eyes and flashing a winning smile
as she delivered one of the greatest,
most exciting performances
of her career.

"How Will I Know" - Whitney Houston
(Jan/Feb. 1986, highest chart pos.
#1 Hot 100/#1 R&B, from Feb. 1985
album Whitney Houston, live performance
June 12, 1985, on German TV show PIT)

AT 1:40 MARK!



It starts with a great song. "Move Closer"
is a great song. Written and recorded by
Phyllis Nelson, a native of Jacksonville,
Florida, the romantic autobiographical
ballad was a departure from the string of
dance records Phyllis had released during
the disco era. "Move Closer" peaked at #1
on the UK chart in April 1985 and stayed
on the Brit survey nearly half a year. Sadly,
Phyllis Nelson's career and life were cut
short by breast cancer and she died at the
age of 47. Behold Phyllis in better times
as she performed her chart topping hit on
the UK music show Top Of The Pops.

"Move Closer" - Phyllis Nelson
(Apr. 1985, highest chart pos.
#1 UK, perf. on Top Of The Pops)



Did you know there was a British version of
Soul Train? I didn't until I started this series.
Created in 1985 by Don Cornelius in response
to the international popularity of his U.S. series,
6.20 Soul Train aka 620 Soul Train, debuted on
Channel 4 UK and lasted only one season before
it was replaced by a similar show, Solid Soul,
which aired from 1986 to '87. 620 Soul Train
was hosted by Jeffrey Daniels, former member
of Shalamar. Like its American counterpart,
620 Soul Train featured a group of dancers
in the studio doing the latest moves. In the
following clip, Gary Byrd of Gary Byrd and
the GB Experience, a U.S. band known for
their UK hit single "The Crown," featuring
vocals by Stevie Wonder, introduces a song.
Click at the 45 sec. mark for Gary's toss and
check out the 620 gang as they get down to
"Turn It Up!" by The Conway Brothers,
another American R&B/disco-funk
band of the mid 80s.

"Turn It Up" - The Conway Brothers
(June 1985, studio dance segment
from UK series 620 Soul Train)




Back to Germany we go for a performance on
DISCO, a televised pop music showcase carried
on Germany's ZDF network, the public service
broadcaster in Mainz. It's Dave Edmunds, a
Welsh singer and guitarist who specialized
in UK Pub Rock and new wave rendered in
a retro 50s rock 'n' roll style. Edmunds, who
started playing in bands at the age of ten in
1954, scored an international hit in 1970
with "I Hear You Knocking," a cover of a
1955 record by New Orleans R&B singer
Smiley Lewis. Curiously, Edmunds' single
followed a song with a similar title, "Knock
Three Times" by Dawn, into the top 5 on the
U.S. chart, and is almost a sequel or answer
to the Tony Orlando song. Across the pond,
Edmunds' record topped the UK chart for
six weeks. Watch now as Dave Edmunds
entertains the German teens on DISCO.

"I Hear You Knocking" - Dave Edmunds
(Christmas 1970 thru Feb. 1971,
highest chart pos. #4 Hot 100,
#1 UK, perf. on German
TV series DISCO)

I hope you enjoyed vol. 2 of



Stay tuned for the

next edition coming soon.

Have a Shady day!


  1. Kathryn AndersonJuly 6, 2017 at 3:16 AM

    Ha— it doesn’t surprise me that you like Nightie Fever— lol. It seems like many of the music shows back then featured female dance companies— correct? I enjoyed that song by the Bee Gees— my favorite from Saturday Night Fever. I never heard of the English duo David and Jaki but they sang a great version of Could it be I’m Falling in Love. That performance by Whitney Houston, a young star on the rise, was sensational— one of her best for sure— and it makes me sad to remember that her career and her life came to an early end. I never heard of Phyllis Nelson— but I thoroughly enjoyed her song Move Closer. I wasn’t aware there was a British version of Soul Train. It was fun to see the different set and watch the dancers in action. I haven’t heard the song I Hear You Knocking in ages. That was a great video of Dave Edmunds performing on a German TV show. This was terrific— a lot of fun. You are coming up with some excellent videos for this series and I look forward to the next edition!

    1. Hi, Kathryn!

      Thanks for reporting in bright and early!

      Yessum, Top Of The Pops and other European TV music shows in this series featured resident all-female dance troupes. One interesting tidbit I found is an article about the West German TV series Musikladen (formerly called Beat-Club in the 60s). The author of the article calls the go-go dancers on Musikladen “the worst disco dancers the world has ever seen”:

      Much more graceful, I think you will agree, were the dancing women on Top Of The Pops, starting in the 60s with The Go-Jos. From 1968 to 1976 the TOTP dancers were called Pan's People. Throughout most of 1976 the troupe was called Ruby Flipper. From late '76 until late '81 they were called Legs & Co. From that point until 1983 the company was called Zoo and, for the first time, the lineup included male dancers. Of course, here in America we had the Solid Gold Dancers, The Sweet Dream Dancers that performed on the mid 80s series Dancin' to the Hits hosted by Lorenzo Lamas, and the Golddiggers who sang and danced on The Dean Martin Show. Hollywood A Go-Go had the Gazzarri Dancers and Shindig, Hullabaloo, Shivaree and Where The Action Is all had resident dance troupes, the latter with male and female dancers.

      I totally agree that the version of Could It Be I'm Falling In Love" by David and Jaki is a classic in its own right. Jaki Graham did quite well for herself. She had a string of hits in the UK and earned three Grammy nominations.

      The Whitney Houston performance is indeed sensational. She truly had "the eye of the tiger," was filled with spirit, energy, vitality, poise and confidence. What a performance, this after host Peter Illmann got confused and mistakenly introduced her as Dionne Warwick. :) In addition, the graphics on the screen got the title of the song wrong. Whitney was a solid pro and wowed those German teenagers with her hit song. It makes it hard to FF to her tragic end.

      Another tragic story as that of Phyllis Nelson. She wrote the beautiful ballad "Move Closer' and had a promising career going only to fall victim to cancer and die in her mid 40s. It was a great loss to music.

      620 Soul Train was quite different from the U.S. version. Oddly, there was no train theme, no animated train opening for the show, no train props on the set. Maybe that's why series only lasted one season.

      It was great to find that HQ-HD clip of Dave Edmunds playing his hit for the rather awkward German teenagers on DISCO. There are a number of people doing excellent restoration work on YouTube making a series of this kind possible.

      Thank you again for your visit and comment, Kathryn!

  2. Dear friend, this is how I want to remember Whitney Houston as well. Vibrant, full of life and hope. Her performance was amazing!

    I enjoyed this and loved hearing songs from other lands.

    Have a great Thursday, Shady!

    1. Hi, Jessica Marie!

      Happy Thankful Thursday to you, dear friend. Thanks a lot for coming over!

      Isn't that Whitney Houston performance a gem? It brings tears to my eyes. It is a thrill to see an artist like Whitney on the way up and near her peak. If you watch that clip from a point a few seconds earlier, you will hear German host Peter Illmann botch the intro and identify Whitney as Dionne Warwick (her cousin). Being introduced as the wrong person might have shaken other artists and resulted in a sub-par performance, but Whitney recovered brilliantly and nailed it.

      I'm so glad you enjoyed this edition of BIFL, dear friend JM. Thanks again for joining the fun and have a great weekend!

    2. I did notice that and I never realized that Dionne Warwick was Whitney's cousin!

      While I wasn't the biggest Whitney Houston fan, I love her early music. It sends shivers up my spine whenever I hear her voice. It truly is a shame what happened to her and Bobi Christina.

      Have a great Saturday!

    3. Hi again, dear Jessica!

      How's the birthday girl? Having fun in Atlantic City?

      Time and time again I find that I like an artist, group or band's earlier work better than their later work. There's something about being on the way up that is very exciting. The journey's the thing.

      Thank you again for joining the fun here at SDMM on your birthday/vacation weekend, dear friend JM!

    4. I had a great day trip! I sent you an e-mail on Sunday about that. :)

      I'm the same way when it comes to music.

    5. Yessum, I received and read your email.
      Body surfing was one of my favorite activities whenever I vacationed at a beach town. I typically spent hours each day riding the waves.

      Stay safe and enjoy the rest of your week, dear friend JM!

  3. I'd heard that version by Dave Edmonds.
    As for the first video, any time you can get women dancing in negligees is a plus for me.

    1. Hi, Alex!

      Thanks for coming, good buddy. I'm happy to know you dug the dancers on Top Of The Pops. Shucks, I didn't even notice they are female. Thanks for pointing that out. :)

      It had been decades since I listened to that killer kover by Dave Edmunds. I was delighted to find this high quality vid with restored picture and sound.

      Thanks again for coming by, good buddy Alex!

  4. Tom,

    Good-morning! I'm taking a break from computer file cleaning to visit with you. I loved American Bandstand and am enjoying your series on foreign country take-offs of this long running program in the states. The vid of Legs & Company is awesome! This bunch of ladies were feminine looking and moving. Their cute little sheer costumes reinforces that they enjoy being women. Today such attire is sure to be shot down. I for one appreciate seeing girls who look and behave like girls. :)

    Whitney Houston was a powerhouse performer and like you I prefer to remember her as she was in her early years full of vitality. Her vocals were not over produced. That's something I noticed happened with her singing style. Some might argue that she sung emotionally but I felt like the opposite. The words were only an act and not from her heart. You can see in this earlier vid that she enjoyed herself and her voice seemed pure.

    That's said to read about Phyllis Nelson. I don't remember her. Have you featured Nelson on SDMM before now?

    The Conways is another new-to-me group or at least this song of theirs doesn't make the bells in my head go jingle-jangle.

    Naturally, I recall Dave Edmunds "I Hear You Knocking" but if you had asked me who he is then I'd have a hard time telling you because I'm horrible putting an artist with his/her mewsic UNLESS it's someone I know real well.

    This is a great second episode in your new series line and I can't wait to check out future posts! Have a good day, my friend!!

    1. Hi, Cathy!

      How are you, dear Tennessee friend? Thank you very much for coming over and for leaving this spectacular comment!

      I agree that there was a period of time when women celebrated their femininity and men didn't get a knee to the groin for looking at and appreciating them. There was nothing shameful or sleazy about the various lineups of dancing women on Top Of The Pops, even when they were scantily clad as they were in this performance which has been dubbed by YouTubers as "Nightie Fever." :)

      I agree that Whitney Houston was fresh and unspoiled at this early stage of her career. It is very exciting to behold her confidence as she sings a song that was to become one of her biggest career hits. I dare say she had those German teenagers riveted and in the palm of her hand.

      Phyllis Nelson might have become a household name like Whitney Houston had she not taken ill and died young - at age 47. Whitney died at age 48. This is the first time I have presented Phyllis Nelson on SDMM but she is slated to appear in a future episode of Shady Train.

      Prior to doing my research for this series I never heard of The Conway Brothers, Gary Byrd, The GB Experience or 620 Soul Train. It is all new to me and I am having fun learning right along with you.

      Thank you again for making time for a visit and for leaving such a marvelous comment, dear friend Cathy. I hope you and DH are AOK and that you enjoy the rest of your Thursday!

    2. Tom,

      LOL, oh that's good "Nightie Fever". That's exactly what it looks like they are wearing. :) I think those of us 50 + group appreciate the way things were and aren't offended by womanly attributes and femininity. I think people of today like it but are too afraid to say so because it's not cool. The sound of heels clicking across a floor is like a magnet turning heads. That's what happens every time I wear mine. It doesn't matter the age or the sex, everyone looks. What's so interesting is to see really small girls who star intently at my shoes. They are instinctively drawn to girlie high heels. Doesn't that tell you something? I think so. Oh and I see agree on these matters. I am clinging to hope that a new generation will rise up to embrace these things again. I think we'd have happier men and women if they did. I'm looking forward to your future post including Phyllis Nelson. Have a good day, my friend!

    3. Hi, Cathy!

      Thanks for the return visit, dear friend!

      Yessum, on this particular matter, you and I are in agreement. I miss the era decades ago when romance was alive, when men and women alike knew the game and enjoyed playing it. I am talking about the game of attraction, flirtation and courtship that can lead to love, a mutually satisfying relationship and a happy marriage. It is a keen observation that the sound of high heels clicking across a hardwood floor turns heads. Men, women and children alike can't help but look, and the extra height literally elevates a woman's perceived importance and authority.

      Thanks again for coming by and contributing your musings to the discussion, dear friend Cathy. I hope you and DH are both doing well and I hope you both enjoy the week ahead!

  5. Oh this was a fun post to get my day started! I LOVE Dave Edmond's "I Hear You Knocking". Such a great song and he's a talent for sure, playing all the instruments on the recording of that song. That was his only Top 40 hit in the US.

    I wasn't aware of the British Soul Train version shows. The guy talking to Gary Byrd had quite the haircut! And there's a dancer in the video who looks a lot like Prince! I'm surprised that the Don Cornelius 620 Soul Train show only lasted one season and the succeeding show Solid Soul only lasted from '86-'87. I never heard of the Conway Brothers, I don't think. At least I have never heard Turn It Up until today.

    Neither have I heard of Phyllis Nelson. Her song Move Closer is nice. I like it.

    And I LOVED Whitney Houston's performance of her hit How Will I Know! Was an interesting
    - and maybe a bit uncomfortable - introduction interview by Peter Illmann: And then he goes and mistakenly turns her over to the crowd as her cousin Dionne Warwick! Good Lord!! But she took it well and all had a laugh, thankfully. I think How Will I Know may be my favorite Whitney song. Brings back some fun memories from the decadent 80s.

    New-to-me duo David Grant and Jaki Graham surprised me: they did the Spinners justice on their cover of Could It Be I'm Falling in Love. I mean, who could top the Spinners doing that song? ... and Jaki & David just may have! Such a good song either way. And the shoulder pads sure took me back to the 80s. :)

    And finally, any day that starts with a little Bee Gees is a good day! I love the Bee Gees and in fact will be featuring them in one of my upcoming Monday's Music Moves Me freebie posts. Legs & Co were fun to watch, although the smoke was getting on my nerves. It was so thick! I'm listening to the song again as I'm signing off here: another song that brings me to a smile and a warmth in my heart remembering way back then to the 70s, my most favorite decade.

    A great volume in your Bandstands in Foreign Lands series! Will look forward to the third installment.

    Have an awesome day Tom. I have to go get ready to receive a dog who is arriving within the hour...and then another one coming at noon. Big week here. It started to thin out with 7 going home yesterday but 2 additions today will bring me back up to 9 for the weekend. A little quieter than 14... and much more mellow now that the two Pugs have gone home. Usually I have mostly greyhounds but this past holiday weekend I had quite a few other breeds (2 Pugs, 2 Lab mixes, a Terrier mix and a mini-Australian Shepherd, along with the 8 greyhounds). A lot more barking with these other breeds! This coming weekend will be much quieter. I might even be able to get out and go to the store for a minute! :)

    Talk soon.

    Michele at Angels Bark

    1. Hi, Michele!

      Thank you very much for swinging by from over Austin way, dear friend, and for writing what you would call a very "meaty" comment! Wow!

      I'm excited and delighted to know that you got so much out of this edition of BIFL (pronounced "biffle" :) I figured you'd like the sharp, clear video of Dave Edmunds performing his rockin' update of the New Orleans style R&B hit of the mid 50s originally waxed by Smiley Lewis with Huey Smith on piano. Is it just me, or did those German teenagers in the DISCO studio seem awkward? :) They just seemed to flounder around during the performance and Dave even bumped into one girl as he tried to get to the stage to start his song. :)

      Yessum, a Soul Train show that originated from London, England - whoda thunk it? It was a stripped down version of the original and I don't think the host, ex-Shalamar member Jeffrey Daniels, had very much charisma - certainly nowhere near as much as Don Cornelius. The Conway Brothers were one of dozens of brassy funk bands that sprang up in the 80s. As you heard on the intro, Gary Byrd was a rapper of the same time period. His most notable song "The Crown," which sounded an awful lot like "Rapper's Delight" by The Sugarhill Gang, was a collaboration with Stevie Wonder and featured Stevie's guest vocals.

      I am so glad people are seeing and hearing what I do in that extraordinary Whitney Houston performance. It takes a lot of professionalism to shake off a bungled introduction and wow the crowd like Whitney did. "How Will I Know" is my favorite Whitney recording.

      I am also delighted to know that your ears match mine on the David Grant - Jaki Graham duet "Could It Be I'm Falling In Love." They certainly do come close to surpassing the Spinners original.

      I'm pleased that you have "Nightie Fever" on repeat. :) I hope the song gets stuck in your head all day.

      Gosh, you do have a full house filled with K9 friends. I hope they didn't get spooked by the fireworks noise over the weekend.

      Thanks again for making time for a visit and for leaving such a wonderful comment, dear friend Michele. Take care and have a fabulous weekend!

  6. I had no idea there was a version of Soul Train in the UK! Considering it only lasted one season, I guess I'm excused for not knowing. ;) Besides... at that point (1985) it wasn't really the kind of music I was listening to on a regular basis.

    Enjoy your weekend, Shady!

    1. Hi, Kelly!

      Thanks for popping in for Vol. 2 of Bandstands in Foreign Lands. I'm glad you could join us, dear friend!

      Yessum, 6.20 Soul Train seems to be a surprise to everyone who is commenting today. I found out about the show only a few months ago. The show was quite a bit different from Don's original series stateside - no animated open, no familiar theme song, no tracks across the floor, no Soul Train Line. I found only a few decent clips from the show, and this one, showing the Soul Train UK dancers getting down to "Turn It Up!" is one of them.

      I hope you found something to like and again I thank you for being here, dear friend Kelly!

  7. I love Whitney Tom! Thanks for sharing this video. Such a great loss for the music world 😞 What a pity she wasted her life and talent, I think it happens once in a lifetime a voice like hers

    1. Hi, Katia!

      How are you, my dear old Italian friend? Thank you very much for taking a look at my second post featuring various artists, many of them American, performing on foreign (to me) television programs. (An Italian TV show will also be presented in this series.)

      I totally agree that the early death of Whitney Houston at the age of 48 was a tremendous, incalculable loss to music. The soul thrush was already at or near her peak when she nailed this performance of "How Will I Know" on P.I.T. - Peter-Illmann-Treff in West Germany.

      Thank you again for joining the fun, dear friend Katia, and have a safe and happy weekend!

  8. Hi Shady. How cute, the Babydoll PJ Girls dancing to the BeeGee's Night Fever! I did not know there was a Soul Train in the UK either! How cool is that! You know, even with the Beatles, Stones, and other English and foreign groups popping over to the US in the 60's, their country and lives seemed so far away. But, today, with our social media, and the great videos that were saved, we can feel closer to these artists and their lives...and their countries no longer appear to be in the distance!

    If I hadn't been familiar with The Spinners, and the great song "Could It Be I'm Falling in Love", I would swear this is a greatest hit by David Grant & Jaki Graham! They nailed it with their great voices and stage presence!

    I remember Dave Edmunds "I Hear You Knocking". It's really a good song with a great 50's beat!

    And, how about Miss Houston! I just adored her in the early days. This video you gave us her best side, didn't it...kind of like the New Kid on the Block! She was quite the beauty with a big voice that rocked the world and captured our hearts! We are still at a loss from her tragedy!

    It is such an honor to know that foreign artists love the music they've gotten to experience from the US. They have been able to fashion themselves in their careers accordingly and with success. Thank you, Seaweed for bringing us more new artists from other lands. I really enjoyed the videos, and, oh yes..."TURN IT UP"! Have a great weekend! ♫

    1. Hi, Suzanne!

      How are you, dear Texas friend? I am excited to see you today and to know that several of these songs resonated with you.

      I am stumped by the early cancellation of 6.20 Soul Train UK after only one season. The series was created in the first place in response to the enormous international popularity of Soul Train U.S.A. Perhaps if the show had been more closely modeled after the original by having a cool, slick, hip, sophisticated host, a Soul Train Line, and the train and tracks theme, it might have enjoyed a longer run. Having watched most of the surviving videos from the show, I can testify that they brought to the studio some excellent UK-based soul, R&B and disco artists. Unfortunately the audio and/or video quality of most clips is too poor to make the cut for this series.

      I am pleased that your ears match mine on David & Jaki. The stars were in perfect alignment when the soul duo (the UK's answer to Peaches & Herb, I would say) decided to record a cover of that Spinners classic. They truly made the song their own.

      I'm also delighted that you recognized the greatness in that Whitney Houston performance. There are other YouTube clips of her singing the same song at other venues at other times and they pale in comparison to the one embedded in this post. I found one more great performance by Whitney of this particular song and I am saving it for a future installment of this series. Stay tuned.

      I'm so happy you enjoyed this Sing-Along with Seaweed, dear friend Suzanne. :) I hope it isn't too sweltering hot over there today. We are finally getting rain here every other day to help ease our drought. Take care of yourself and Scootie, have a fine weekend, and I hope to connect with you again soon!

  9. Gret compilation of potential hooping music, friend Shady ... smiles ... ...
    Love, cat.


    1. ... smiles ... Love, cat.

    2. Hi, kitty cat!

      How are you, dear feline friend? I am happy to see you!

      Those hooping videos are amazing, cat! My parents bought me a hula hoop in 1958 and I enjoyed playing with it, but I never developed anything approaching the skills displayed by those women and girls. The nighttime fire hoop routine was especially incredible. For that young woman to perform those hoop tricks in daylight would be have been fantastic enough. It was otherworldly to watch her do them at night with the hoop on fire. Thank you very much for sharing those vids, dear friend cat, and enjoy your weekend!

  10. I love that last song very much! Who knew the Germans had something like this and the same with the show with Whitney Houston. I had to laugh t the guy's 2 coloured 80's. The first one made me laugh and I wonder how often you watched that video:) they are essentially in little baby dolls dancing around. Once again t was fun listening to these songs...some which I know and others not but they were still fun

    1. Hi, Birgit!

      Welcome to the party, dear friend, as we go back in time, hop across the pond, and visit (drum roll) Bandstands in Foreign Lands. I am happy to see you!

      Yessum, it has been exciting for me to discover the various West German TV music shows, watch the musical guests that appeared on them, and take note of the clothing styles of the period. Germany had a thriving music scene in the 60s, 70s and 80s when these shows were on the air, and so did The Netherlands. Many great performance clips have survived and I will proudly present them to you.

      Yessum, at last count I have watched that "Nightie Fever" video 36,777 times! :) I'm thinking perhaps Top Of The Pops was going through budget cuts and couldn't afford to clothe those poor women. :)

      Thank you again for making time for a visit, dear friend BB. Have a splendid weekend!

  11. I can tell you I remember a lot of Whitney Houston music though I was a kid back then. She's a diva. A talent that's incomparable. Rare to find someone like her today.

    1. Hi, Lux!

      How are you, my Philippine phriend? Thanks for taking a peek at the post as I present vol. 2 of recording artists performing on stages in foreign lands.

      I'm glad you recognize the talent of Whitney Houston, filled with zest in this early video but, like too many other great entertainers, a candle in the wind extinguished much too soon.

      Thanks again for your visit and comment, dear friend Luxie!

  12. We so seldom hear about our musical stars in foreign venues, yet they're often sensations in other countries when they're not so big here. The ones you've posted about today were popular just about everywhere! I enjoyed listening to some of these today, especially Whitney Houston in Germany. Thanks, Shady.

    1. Hi, Cheryl!

      It's great to see you again, dear friend. Thank you very much for coming over to sample some songs in BIFL #2.

      You're right. Some homegrown American artists were more popular in the UK and other foreign lands than they were here in the states. Some U.S. artists relocated to Britain in order to be closer to their fan base.

      I'm so happy to know that you enjoyed this stunning performance by young, fresh-faced Whitney Houston. "If I could save time in a bottle..."

      Thanks again for stopping in, dear friend Cheryl-Lee, and have a wonderful week ahead!

  13. So nice to see and hear Whitney Houston in her better days! She had so much talent.

    Enjoyed this little walk through the seventies and eighties. It made me muse about how much styles changed from the 50s and 60s.

    1. Hi, Sherry!

      Thank you very much for coming by to samples the sounds of the 70s and 80s as they emanated from these Bandstands in Foreign Lands.

      Yessum, it is very exciting to behold young rising star Whitney Houston, making it hard to believe how tragically her story ended.

      One of the great things about this series is that it gives us a look at fashions of the period worn by teenagers in England, Germany, The Netherlands and other countries.

      Thanks again for stopping in, dear friend Sherry. I hope life on the home front has improved since your last visit.

  14. How fun to step back into my high school years...well, the 70's part anyway! The 80's had me raising kiddos and not paying a ton of attention to music but the styles shown on the telly made me wonder if I really wore anything like that?! I did know many of the songs played here and enjoyed watching the teens from across the pond! Loved Whitney in her younger days. What a talent and beauty only to be surrounded by so much tragedy in the later years. Thanks for a fun post again and sorry I'm so late to the dance party. Hope all is good with you Shady! Stay cool..wait, you're always "cool"!

    1. Hi, YaYa!

      Thank you very much for dropping in, dear friend. You arrived just in time to check out the second volume of Bandstands in Foreign Lands before it gets bumped off the front page tomorrow morning.

      I'm delighted to know you remember several of the songs in the post and that you enjoyed having a look at the outfits worn by the teenage dancers on the various shows (along with the lingerie clad dancing damsels of Legs & Co on TOTP). I'm glad you didn't miss Whitney Houston giving one of the most thrilling performances of her career singing "How Will I Know" to the West Germans.

      Thank you again for making time for a visit and for your thoughtful comment, dear friend YaYa. Enjoy the rest of your week!


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