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"More than a place, the Shady Dell was and will forever remain a state of mind." - Shady Del Knight

"More than a place, the Shady Dell was and will forever remain a state of mind." - Shady Del Knight

Saturday, April 1, 2017

"Now You Can Call Me Ray... or You Can Call Me Red... But Don't Call Me Late for Dinner (or this post)"... Spader Said!


Shady old chum's tricks?

I'm sure you remember me,
your dear old pal and partner
in grime, Raymond Reddington.

As you know, this is my second visit
to SDMM. My first drop-in was a
positively delightful experience.

Just think, if I make it back
here a third time...

I will have pulled off the old hat trick.
"BA-DUM-BUMP," as you like to say.

A little birdie told me you have spent the better
part of two years posting an extra-ORDINARY
amount of dance-pop. Far be it from me to tell
you how to run your blog, Shady, but, come
now... don't you think enough is enough?
Groups called Booty Luv, Sugababes and
Pussycat Dolls? Really, Shady? And a song
called "My Boobs Are OK"... Seriously?
The natives are getting restless, if you
catch my drift. Let me remind you that
have high friends in low places and
that actions have consequences. If you
continue down this path, forcing lame
disco upon us, then let's just say it will
be...counterproductive...and there will be
repercussions beyond your wildest dreams.
(shudders) Ooooh... I get goose bumps
just thinking about it. Alrighty then, I'm
sure I've made my point. I won't take any
more oyour valuable time. By all means
feel free to go ahead and present whatever
type of music floats your boat. Don't let
anything I said influence you or weigh
heavily on your mind. You have
yourself a nice day then.

Th.. th... thank you, Ray... Raymond...
Mr. Reddington, sir. I was just wondering. Do you remember that other Raymond? Raymond J. Johnson, Jr.? Remember
his shtick on The Gong Show and in commercials for Natural Light beer?

"My name is Raymond J. Johnson, Jr.

Now you can call me Ray...
or you can call me J"...

No? Don't remember him? Not amused?

O------kay then, moving on...



















& RICK ROSS feat.




We meet again, Shady.

Goodness gracious, I guess you showed me!
I can't tell you how disappointed I am that
you traded in sugar pops for thug rap. Need
I remind you that we had a gentleman's
agreement that you would stick to more
popular and acceptable styles of music
along the lines of classic rock, the Beatles
and an occasional Sinatra favorite? Dropping
these bombs was a clever, bold and defiant
move on your part, albeit not a very smart
one. Oh well... nhard feelings. Water
under the bridge, as they say.
Let bygones be bygones. 

I have an idea. 
Why don't we put this
unpleasantness behind us? I insist that
you let me buy you dinner. There's a
quaint little place called Killian's on the
outskirts of town. They serve positively
scrumptious Lamb Wellington smothered in
horseradish. It's to die for. I'm also thinking
some fava beans and nice chianti might
hit the spot. The kitchen never closes
so be there at midnight. You really
 must come, Shady.

By that I mean... you really
must come..... or else.



  1. Kathryn AndersonApril 1, 2017 at 3:39 AM

    This is another well written and very funny parody of James Spader’s Blacklist character Ray Reddington. I could hear his voice speaking the words you wrote— lol.

    It has been many years since I have thought about Raymond J. Johnson. I remember him in those beer commercials— but I didn’t watch the Gong Show and I didn’t know that he did his shtick on it. what a character!

    I never know what to expect from your April Fool posts. This year’s prank caught Spader by surprise and it surprised me as well. I remember watching that Spring Break movie with you a few years ago— and I remember there being rap in the soundtrack. As you know I am not a prude. I like grunge rock, Kurt Cobain and Nine Inch Nails, but I’m sorry— I just can’t get into rap— especially the extreme variety. I knew that gangster rap exists, but this is the first time I have really listened to it and watched videos. They are rather disturbing, don't you think? Then again, I suppose the people who make them intend them to be. My reaction is the same as Reddington’s— but their use in an April Fool’s post to provoke Reddington's wrath is a clever idea. I also get the message that you should always be careful what you wish for because, if you complain that you are tired of all that dance music and want a change, you might like the alternative even less— lol.

    Who is that fellow in the picture at the end of the post? I don't recognize him.

    Funny, shocking, entertaining, nostalgic— this post is anything but dull, boring and ordinary— another very creative post for April Fools day!

    1. Hi, Kathryn!

      Thanks for coming! I’m glad you got a kick out of the script I wrote for Ray Reddington as once again I pay tribute to one of our favorite TV series The Blacklist.

      Do you remember how every Wednesday on the old Mickey Mouse Club was “Anything Can Happen Day”? On the SDMM calendar every April Fools’ Day is “Anything Can Happen Day.” :)

      I’m pleased to learn that you remember Raymond J. Johnson Jr., the character created by comedian Bill Saluga. Here is Raymond J. Johnson Jr. in one of those beer commercials:

      It doesn’t surprise me that you (and Reddington) didn’t enjoy the hardcore rap songs and videos in this post. I don’t expect to find many fans of the genre. This is the first and only time I have posted gangsta rap. I did so for two reasons. First, I have cultivated an appreciation of this style of musical expression. Secondly, SDMM is intended to be a place where people can study and discuss cultural phenomena. Hardcore rap is an interesting phenomenon and is a topic worthy of discussion at least once. This will probably be the one and only time I post extreme rap, not because I am worried about negative feedback, but simply because there are other styles of music I want to cover. As you may or may not recall, I own the Spring Breakers soundtrack CD and enjoy listening to it. Yessum, the message of this post is “be careful what you bitch for.” :)

      To answer your question, the dude pictured at the end of the post is Dandy Mott, a character in Freak Show, season 4 of American Horror Story. (I wish you’d watch that series with me! :)

      Thank you again for being the early bird, Kathryn, and happy April Fools’ Day to you!

  2. Even if he was only fooling, I still wouldn't cross him. Those high people in low places are not to be messed with.

    1. Hi, Alex!

      Thanks for popping in, good buddy.

      I have loved Spader ever since his early roles in movies like Pretty In Pink and Less Than Zero. He remains one of my favorite actors. I'm glad you enjoyed the parody. Have a great weekend, Alex!

  3. You're not escaping the evil eye of James The Fixer Spader, Shady. Best be on guard. However, he did "guide" you into some interesting musical territory and for that I'm grateful. Variety is, after all, the spice of . . .

    1. Hi, Cheryl!

      How are you this weekend, dear friend? Thank you very much for swinging by early on. I appreciate your visit!

      Yessum, when it comes to personal power. Spader has it in spades. :) His facial expressions and body language are congruent and he has the ability to intimidate people with his evil eye. I am delighted to know that you didn't run for the hills when you encountered hardcore gansta rap. Variety is indeed the spice of life, and I like to mix things up here on SDMM. I only post music that I truly enjoy and, hard as it might be for some people to believe, I happen to like these rap songs from the Spring Breakers soundtrack, a movie that I highly recommend.

      Thanks again for coming to chat, Cheryl Lee, and enjoy the rest of your weekend!

  4. Tom,

    I enjoyed your use of Redds character in today's post and I'm VERY happy to find out that the rap mewsic is only an April's Fool edition. You seriously had me a little worried there for a bit and I was thinking why would Redd even complain about the Dance Pop mewsic after hearing rap. Nope, no one should utter any bad words about your enlightening run with some of today's upcoming talents. Great prank and you made me giggle with this one, my friend. Have an awesome weekend and thanks for visiting my #AprilA2Z Art Sketching Through the Alphabet Letter "A"+ #BoTB edition with angels as my subject. Have a good weekend and blessings to you and yours!

    1. Hidey ho, Cathy!

      Thank you very much for coming by on this busy day #1 of the hectic A To Z Challenge. I appreciate you for making time to visit me in the midst of your rounds of dozens of other blogs!

      Welcome to my Saturday Serenade featuring the sweet sounds of thug rap! :) I promise I won't make a habit of posting stuff like this, but a once and done post seems reasonable to me. I've been wanting to use these songs because they are standouts on the Spring Breakers soundtrack. I figured April Fools' Day would be my best opportunity to work them into a post.

      Yessum, this post pokes fun at people who might be complaining about the abundance of house and dance club music I have been posting the last couple of years. I know very well that you are not one of them because you are a fan of modern dance-pop. I admire your capacity to embrace many different styles of mewsic from Julie London to Malese Jow and Kat Graham. You have posted those artists on your own blog and have recommended them to me. Thank you again for that!

      I realize this rap music from Spring Breakers is shocking and disturbing, but there are a few key points I would like to make to suggest that the movie and its soundtrack are more mainstream than the casual observer might think:

      * It’s important to remember that James Franco, one of today’s hottest and most popular actors, starred in Spring Breakers and directed that “Dopeboys” video for rapper Dangeruss.

      *In addition, Selena Gomez, one of today’s hottest and most popular actresses and pop singers, also had a prominent role in the movie.

      *“Lights,” the international hit by English singer and songwriter Ellie Goulding, is included on the Spring Breakers soundtrack along with those hardcore rap songs.

      For readers who aren’t familiar with Spring Breakers, the 2013 movie was filmed at locations here on the west coast of Florida. It follows the adventures and misadventures of four college-age girls, played by Vanessa Hudgens, Selena Gomez, Ashley Benson and Rachel Korine, on spring break in Florida. They are the modern equivalent of the characters played by Connie Francis, Dolores Hart, Paula Prentiss and Yvette Mimieux in the hit 1960 spring break movie Where The Boys Are, and James Franco is the modern George Hamilton. It might seem like the understatement of the century to observe that times have changed! :)

      Thank you again for swinging by on your busy Saturday, dear friend Cathy. I hope DH is recovering nicely and that all is quiet on the home front. Enjoy the rest of your weekend!

    2. Tom,

      I Googled James Franco because I'm horrible with putting names with faces. The first hits I got I thought I have no clue to who this metal tooth dude is until I scrolled down a bit and that's when I recognized him. I guess the first thing I recall Franco in is his role as Harry Osborn from Spiderman, which IMDb reminded me. We haven't seen the movie Spring Breakers. Unless it's something totally goofy like you'd expect with a bunch of boys then this chick version may not be up our alley to seeing. I will check out the trailer to see if it stands a chance, though. :) As well, I may have to listen to the soundtrack since you mentioned Lights and Gomez featured on it. I'm always open to new mewsic tracks and you're a great source to introducing me to some new stuff!

      Thanks for asking about DH. He's doing well. His next follow-up is tomorrow. We're hoping the pressure in his left eye is better and that he no longer has to patch his up at bedtime. We're also hoping that he isn't restricted to sleeping only on his right side, too. That position is tiresome for his body causing aches in his shoulder, hip, and knee which in turns interrupts his sleep. His vision is making slow improvements, so we're very happy about this development. I'm so thankful we got this taken care of when we did and hated that it took so long but that's the way things go sometimes. We appreciate your thoughts and prayers, my friend. Have a good day and I'll be see you!

    3. Hi, Cathy!

      I am pleasantly surprised to see you again today in the middle of the A to Z chaos and knowing you need to get to a doctor appointment today. I hope the doc can get your ear fixed up for you. Thanks for the update on DH, too. Mrs. Shady wasn't happy during her convalescence from cataract surgery. She hated having to sleep in a certain position and being forbidden to bend over which puts pressure on the eye. But she recovered fully and is fine now. You are my second blog friend whose husband recently sustained a detached retina and required surgery. My prayers continue for DH and for my Ohio friend's hubby.

      To clarify, Selena Gomez does not sing in the Spring Breakers movie, nor are any of her songs on the soundtrack. Knowing your likes and dislikes, I doubt that Spring Breakers is your kind of movie. James Franco plays an unsavory, violent rapper/gangster type. His character in the movie was inspired by Dangeruss, the rapper in this post. I first saw James Franco in the TV series Freaks and Geeks.

      I want to take this opportunity to add a few more thoughts about the explicit gangsta rap videos presented in this post. In my previous reply to you, I suggested that it might be the understatement of the century to say that times have changed since the year 1960 when Connie Francis and her girlfriends went on spring break in the movie Where The Boys Are...but have they really? Granted, the rap songs and videos in this post are disturbing. They offer a graphic look at life on the mean streets where power and money rule, where self-made men fight to survive and stay on top, and where macho posturing and swagger are used to command respect, where it is all about who controls the territory, has the biggest bank account, the most cars, women, etc. However, let me put things into perspective for you. In one of his books, music historian Steve Propes tells us that genre recordings deal with “subject matter of great and personal importance to their audience” and treat themes “in an honest and compelling manner...” Propes listed the following themes used in the recordings of a specific category:

      “Sex and virility
      Partying and nightlife
      Fast cars
      Drinking (occasionally presented in a boastful manner)
      Crime, punishment and dangerous situations”

      Add explicit language, drug dealing and deadly gang turf wars to the list, and Propes might have been discussing today’s gangsta rap scene; but in his book, published in 1972, he was referring to rhythm and blues recordings of the early 1950s… 65 years ago! Yessum, times have changed, but popular styles of music dealing with subjects like crime, danger, violence, immoral acts and high risk lifestyles have been around since before rock ‘n’ roll was even born and I will soon launch a new series featuring the mewsic of that period. In addition, one of the common threads through R&B and rock ‘n roll songs down through the years has been that of males exaggerating and boasting about their power, virility and wealth. If you think about it, these three rap songs aren’t that much different from the Elvis song "U.S. Male," the Dion song “The Wanderer,” "Macho Man" by the Village People or the Bo Diddley song "I'm a Man":

      All you pretty women
      Stand in line
      I can make love to you baby
      In an hour's time

      Thanks again for making time to visit today, dear friend Cathy. I'll see you over at your place tomorrow!

    4. Tom,

      I agree times or circumstances haven't changed all that much. It's the faces and names of today's hip-hop assuming their predecessors role with a more disturbing presence with their arrogant and in-your-face attitudes. Maybe old-timers thought the same thing of then hip mewsicians strutting their stuff and belting their offensive lyrics. What it boils down to in the end is presentation, don't you think? Thanks for the eye opening education into the comparison of today's vs yesteryear's artists! Have a good day, my friend!

    5. Hi, Cathy!

      On Thursday of this week I am beginning a new series covering the music of a time period that I have neglected until now - R&B recordings of the early 1940s through late 50s. In this 11 part series there will be examples of what you and I have been discussing. Themes and lyrics of recordings made during the period often dealt with adult subjects like wild partying, excessive drinking, gambling, chasing hot women and getting into trouble with the law. Male boasting about virility and lovemaking skills was a common thread. However, the songs were not at all confrontational like they are today. They were performed in a lighthearted, sometimes whimsical manner. The words "naughty" and "mischief" come to mind, words that seem almost irrelevant in today's music which often has a very different, dark and dangerous tone, and includes threats of violence or even deadly force.

      Thanks again for being such a great friend and dropping by today, Cathy. Have a wonderful day and I'll be seeing you tamale!

    6. Tom,

      I shall look forward to your upcoming series 40s & 50s R&B. This should be a good one. You're right with your assessment the overture of lyrics from yesteryear vs today was by far more easy going, less serious, even playful where as today it's just angry and hateful sounding. Thanks for the heads up and for your continued dedication to my A2Z Art Sketching Through the Alphabet series this month. Have a fabulous day, my friend, you're the best!

    7. Hi, dear Cathy!

      As you and I know, "friendship," like "love," is a verb. Actions speak louder than words, and the friendship pact, the friendship commitment we made to each other is something of which I am very proud. :)

      Thanks again for stopping in during your busy A TO Z morning, dear friend Cathy. Have a great day!

  5. Hi, Shady,

    Happy April Fool's Day!

    You made my evening - I'm over here jamming to Meek Mills. :D My dad likes that Meek Mills song too; he always calls me in when MTV plays this song. I also liked the Dangeruss song. I might have to check out more.

    Next time you should feature Caskey. :) Caskey is one of my favorites:

    Have a great Saturday, dear friend. Loved this post as usual.

    1. Hi, Jessica Marie!

      Thank you for coming over, my dear rap lovin' friend! I think you might be the only one I have. :)

      I'm delighted to know you dug the collaboration of Rick Ross - Meek Mill and the others on "Big Bank," and that you also like the James Franco directed "Hangin' With Da Dopeboys." It's hard for me to believe your dad likes this stuff but, then again, I am older than he is and I like it, too!

      All three of these cuts are from the Spring Breakers album. I recommend it and the movie itself if you haven't see it yet. It was is filmed right here in my neck of the woods.

      I followed the link and enjoyed the Caskey track. Thanks!

      Happy April Fools' Day to you, too, dear friend JM, and thank you again for dropping by to sample some hardcore with me this evening. Enjoy the rest of your weekend!

    2. I remember when I was younger, dad introduced me to some rap songs he heard while at work! It was too funny. He works with a bunch of youngins, so he's always exposed. :)

      I'll have to check out Spring Breakers! Thank you.

      Have a great Wednesday evening, dear friend!

    3. Hi, Jessica Marie!

      Nice of you to pop back in for a visit. You have a very cool dad. Working with younger people helps someone like your dad stay young. Thanks for sharing this with me.

      Yessum, I think you would enjoy the Spring Breakers movie. J. Franco is amazing in it.

      Have a good night and I'll see you tomorrow, dear friend JM!

  6. And a very happy belated April Fool's Day 2 U 2, Mr Shady ... ghee ... for a while me thought: What da heck is going on in Shady country now? ... and me said to meself: Me lived for 30 years in dis country and me still don't know nothin? ...
    Anyway ... hope, U had a very guuud April Shady Day or else ... smiles ... Love, cat.

    1. Hi, cat!

      Happy April to you, dear kitty friend! :) I'm pleased to see you today and hope you're having a wonderful weekend.

      This comment of yours would have worked well on my last post which featured domestic and international house/dance club music. I say that because I enjoyed the song to which you linked, "Yolanda Be Cool," and read on the description of Ultra Music that Fedde le Grand, who brought us the two Ida Corr numbers in my previous post, is a member of that EDM production company's roster.

      I hope you enjoyed rappin' and rollin' with me today, dear friend cat. Thanks again for coming and have a fine feline week ahead! :)

    2. ... purr ... Love, cat.

    3. Lubbins lubbins lubbins, cat!


  7. So sorry I'm late for the "April Fool" edition featuring Mr. Spader. Even though I simply adore him, I don't watch "The Blacklist"! I watched it early on in the series, but eventually wandered off to another show. He sure did ream you, Shady! I guess you'll be changing your itinerary just ever so slightly! However, I don't see you bowing down to him 100%. I believe I detected a bit of rebuttal and rebellion in your lineup today, lol!

    I also remember Raymond J. Johnson, Jr. His looks alone were enough to keep you watching and listening to his dialogue. I did watch the Gong Show some. It had its entertaining moments!

    A very well written post, Shady! You are so clever, coming up with fun dialogue. I love Spader's, aka Reddington's, description of "thug rap"! He was a great host!

    So, I picked up on another quote from your sidebar. Even though I've read your Dell story quite a few times, I still find it intriguing. "The place gave off a vibe that was completely new to me-an exhilarating blend of romance, adventure & danger." Shady, that is exactly how I felt the first time I went to a dance club. It was in a basement, with concrete dance floor! I heard "The House of the Rising Sun" there, and "Mony Mony" loudly for the first time! I'm sure many of us can stop, think, and identify with these feelings!

    So, with that, I will venture off into "working with Scootie on math land". Happy late April Fool's Day! We've got rainstorms all day today, so we're being lazy! Take care, have a great rest of the weekend! ♫

    1. Hi, Suzanne!

      Thank you very much for sharing a part of your weekend with me, dear friend. I am very happy to see you!

      Mrs. Shady and I started out watching The Blacklist together, but by the second or third season I noticed that she wasn't paying as much attention as she was at the beginning. I still love the show because I can't get enough of Spader, but apparently she can take it or leave it. I'm pleased to know you enjoyed Spader's subtle warnings about what will happen to Shady if he doesn't stop with the sugar pops and his veiled threats after being subjected to a healthy dose of thug rap.

      I guarantee that I won't make a habit of posting gangsta rap and that I have a good mix of music and memories coming up in the months and years ahead. In fact I am currently working on a new series that will take us back to the years before rock 'n' roll existed - the 1940s and early 50s. Stay tuned!

      I am tickled silly to know that you remember Raymond J. Johnson, Jr. I was hoping I'd find a few readers who recalled his appearances in those beer commercials and on The Gong Show. Did you read that the show's creator and host Chuck Barris died on March 21? Hard to believe he was 87, but we're all getting up there, I guess.

      Dear friend, I can't tell you how much it means to me that you continue to study my sidebar cover story and that you take time to share your own memories that relate to my experiences. That's exactly what I am hoping for week after week here at SDMM, but don't get often enough. I know exactly what you were talking about when you described going down into that basement dance venue for the first time - tingling with excitement and anticipation with a little apprehension and dread mixed in. As we drove up the hill toward the Dell, we could hear the music being played on the jukebox in the dance hall. It drifted out over the whole countryside for all who lived within a half mile radius to hear. I wish I could remember exactly which song was the first one I heard that night as we approached the Shady Lady of Violet Hill. Thank you very much for triggering my fond memories with your comment, dearie. Keep coming back here and getting in touch with those feelings, those youthful vibes, and I promise that you and I will stay young forever. :)

      I see that you are working on a new novel and movie adaptation called "Scootie Potter in Math Land." :)

      Thanks again for your kind visit and exceptional comment, dear friend Suzanne. Have a great week and I'll see you again soon!

  8. This is the best!! I totally remember that guy's schtick about You can call me Ray or you can call me Jay.....
    I cracked up that you actually posted the gangsta rap but thats what i love about you- you're not one to be predictable. The rap wasnt all that bad actually. I knew of the song by Waka Flocka Flame. To end it with a pic of the guy from American horror story is the best though. Thats one of my favorite series. your blog brings me joy Shady!!

    1. Hi, Holliwood N. Vine!

      Heavens to Murgatroyd! (Snagglepuss reference :)... I am shocked and delighted by your comment, dear friend. I predict that you will be the only friend/reader who:

      A. remembers Raymond J. Johnson, Jr.

      B. recognized Dandy Mott and watch and like American Horror Story

      C. doesn't want to tar and feather me and ride me out of town on a rail for posting hardcore rap.

      D. knows the Waka Flocka Flame song.

      This is a rare alignment of the stars that probably won't occur again for another thousand years! :)

      What can I say, Holli. It always makes us happy when we find people who share our interests. Year in and year out, you and I seem to find a lot to share and I am grateful to have you.

      Thank you again for swinging by and for making my day with your kind and supportive comment, dearie. Take care and I hope to see you again soon!

  9. Haha. I like that your conversation is like a movie scene.

    Though I don't remember this Jay/Ray sorry.

    1. Hi, Lux!

      Thanks for popping in from the Philippines, dear friend!

      I actually wrote this script as a "deleted" scene from the American TV series The Blacklist, but you get the idea.

      That Raymond J. Johnson, Jr. bit was popular decades ago. I don't expect young people like you to remember it, especially those in far away countries. Bill Saluga, the comic who created the Johnson character, will be 80 years old a few months from now.

      Thanks again for coming, dear Luxie!

  10. Hey there, Shady!
    Thanks for leaving the light on ;-) Any Lamb Wellington left? I've brought along Tums for the horseradish ;-)
    Spader makes an interesting MC supervisor. I don't recall the Johnson guy, but I've heard the phrase (You can call me...) all my life it seems. I remember thinking "For Pete's sake, would somebody just call him?"
    Will you be going for another music award (see sidebar), dear Shady?

    1. Hi, diedre!

      I am delighted to see you, dear friend. Thank you very much for stopping by! Yessum, I left the light on for you. Please take a load off. Pull up a chair and allow me to serve you some delicious Silence of the Lamb Wellington. :) (Shady's used to eating crow.) You might need those Tums for the tummy after listening to today's musical lineup. :)

      Your friendship credit is always good here, diedre, and I just finished reading all three of your replies to my comments on your A to Z. What you did there, offering humble, honest communication along with a generous apology for being tardy to the pardy, is all it really takes to be a grade A blog friend in my book. I am happy to renew my friendship vows. Thank you for reaching out!

      Luckily, you are just in time to bask in the warmth of my first (and probably my last) hardcore rap post, featuring toe-tappers from the soundtrack of the movie Spring Breakers. not to be confused with Gidget Goes Hawaiian. :)

      If you recall hearing the phrase "You can call me..." all your life, then Shirley it can be traced back to comic actor Bill Saluga who turns 80 in September.

      I doubt many readers would want to nominate me for another Bloggy Music Aaward based on this particular post, but stranger things have happened. Actually I am pleasantly surprised to find readers much more receptive to this post than I thought they would be, and even discovered a couple of rap lovers in my circle.

      Thank you again for your friendship and support, diedre. I will be over again tomorrow to read your "D" music post spotlighting my favorite group Disco Tex & His Sex-O-Lettes. (If I'm right about that I will keel over.:)

      See you tamale!

  11. Raymond Johnson. What a Hoot! We did some
    shows with his comedy group back in the 60s. He was outrageously funny in the dressing room. We were constantly asking him to do his "Doesn't Has To" routine. Thanks Shady for the wonderful memories you brought me!

    1. Hey, Davy!

      Thanks for reporting in, my old friend. It's great to see you again!

      I'm happy to know that you remember comic actor Bill Saluga. Not only that, you guys even shared a stage with him! That's a tidbit I never heard before, and I thank you for sharing it. I can imagine how he cracked everybody up in the dressing room with his "Doesn't hasta" routine and other antics.

      The gangsta rap in this post probably has you wondering how in the world we got here and what happened to the sweet soul music that was so popular when you and I were young. Stay tuned for tomorrow's post, Dave, because I'm taking us back 70+ years to the dawn of doo-wop. You might enjoy some of the sounds from your earliest boyhood, probably some that influenced you and inspired you to become a soul man.

      Thanks again, Dave, and have a great day!

  12. Well, you got me for sure! I'm late to this party and I can't believe I didn't realize this was your April 1 post! Good job and thankfully I can say up front I didn't like any of the videos! Just not me but you're very clever with the delivery here. It's been a crazy week at the Pines and tomorrow we head up early again the Cleveland Clinic and hopefully get a good report on Jack's eye. Of course it's going to rain again and then snow on Friday and 70de on Sunday. Yep, I think Mother Nature is giving out the April fools day jokes all month around these parts! Take care and have a good rest of the week!

    1. Hi, YaYa!

      I'm glad I found your comment this morning. Thank you very much for checking in. I know your life has been hectic lately due to Jack's medical emergency. I hope his eye is on the mend and I am very sorry you have poor travel weather as you take him to Cleveland and back for his follow-ups. Please be careful on the roads. I will be praying for Jack's full recovery.

      Thanks again, dear friend YaYa, and God bless!

  13. Sorry for the lateness but the A to Z has me in a bind or whatever you may call it. I wouldn't want to piss this man off even though I have never watched the show, it seems you have the character down pat! ...or Nick, or Jeff:) So, I can't. Listen to this music...I can't even call it hurts my ear drums. Actually, that's not true, I think I could listen to this that the so called duo who were singing at my moms long term care ho e. It was supposed to be Elvis but it was a mom and pop duo who took their singing lessons from screeching cats.

    1. Hi again, dear BB!

      I MUST remember to look at the previous posts to make sure I don't miss your comments. I know you are tied up with the A to Z, and I am grateful that you could come by on the weekend.

      Regarding this hardcore thug rap, you and Mrs. Shady seem to be most critical of it. I was shocked to find a few people who actually like it as much as I do. I'd say it must be a guy thing, but the other rap lovers are women. :)

      I'm glad you appreciated my script writing skill on the James Spader monologue. I don't envy you having to listen to a mom and pop duo entertaining at an A.L.F. I'll stick with my Waka Flocka. :)

      Thanks again for making time for Shady, dear friend BB. I'll see you tomorrow at BB Creations!


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