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"More than a place, the Shady Dell was and will forever remain a state of mind." - Shady Del Knight

"More than a place, the Shady Dell was and will forever remain a state of mind." - Shady Del Knight

Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Happy 105th Birthday, Dear Margaret!

April 15, 1912: the historic

sinking of  the RMS Titanic.

Three days later...

on April 18, 1912...

a child was born in

York, Pennsylvania. 

Her name: Margaret.

When Margaret was a year old her family,
the Browns, moved into the house that
father George built, an estate that
decades later would be known
as the Shady Dell.

I am overjoyed to announce

that today... our dear friend

Margaret Schneider

...a member of the Shady Dell's

royal First Family...

the amazing woman we

have affectionately nicknamed

"The Oldest Living Dell Rat" celebrating her

105th birthday!

Please join me in wishing Margaret
a very happy day filled with fond
memories of her long life.

God bless you,

dear Margaret!


  1. Dear Margaret— let me be one of the first to congratulate you on reaching the 105 years mark. That is quite an accomplishment! I can only imagine all of the memories that are running through your mind this day— memories that date back to a time long before the rest of us were born— a time when you and the Shady Dell were young. You have been blessed with a long life and countless friends all around the world. Have a wonderful birthday, dear Margaret!

    1. Thank you, Kathryn!

      Margaret Brown Schneider is an amazing person, and I am indeed overjoyed to realize that today she is celebrating her 105th birthday.

      People who seek the keys to longevity should look to Margaret because, clearly, she has found them. Margaret derives joy and satisfaction from life's simple pleasures and her daily routine. She does not wallow in regret, does not dwell on the setbacks, hardships and heartaches she has endured during her long life. She lets go of them and puts them where they belong... in the past. Margaret keeps a sense of humor, often surprising people and putting them at ease by uttering clever quips when least expected.

      For years now Margaret Schneider has been my mentor, my inspiration. I love Margaret very much and wish her a very happy birthday.

    2. Kathleen Mae SchneiderApril 20, 2017 at 4:52 AM

      You are right about Mother having many memories of earlier days. She often says in an almost bewildering way that "I had so many things happen in my life", reminding me of my computer when its cache is full!

      Noticing she was pensive yesterday, I asked her what she was thinking about and she said, "Back home at the Dell and the things we did as kids". Although she sometimes gets confused about present-day events, those times are cemented in her memory.

      In conversations like that one, it's easy to picture her as a child instead of a very old woman. She must have been a lively little thing - skinny and frail, but daring too. There was an unmistakable twinkle in her eye when she told me again about "stealing" her much older brother Austin's roller skates.

      When I questioned that they were probably too big for her, she said, "They didn't fit real good, but they stayed on enough." We both laughed at the thought of her clattering and lurching around wearing those too big skates on the Dell's wraparound wooden porch. Smiling triumphantly, she added her memory of sneaking candy with her sister Mildred from a secret hiding place under their father's desk. (No doubt with all those kids, he would never have had any without hiding it!)

      Thank you, Kathryn, for adding to Mother's celebration with your comment.

  2. Dear Margaret,

    Happy 105th birthday and congratulations on reaching this wonderful milestone!

    I can only imagine all the memories you have and still pass along to your friends and family. I'm thankful Shady shares some of these wonderful memories.

    Enjoy your day, dear Margaret, and happy birthday!

    1. Good morning, Jessica Marie!

      Thank you very much for coming to this special birthday celebration for Margaret Schneider - "The Oldest Living Dell Rat" - brought into this world the week that the Titanic sank and, by the grace of God, still with us today.

      I want you to check back here, JM, because, when time permits in the days ahead, Margaret's daughter, Kathleen Mae Schneider, will be responding to your comment with a message of her own. In addition, we are hoping to bring you in my next post some of the pictures taken during Margaret's 105th birthday celebration.

      Thank you again for being here today and for offering birthday greetings to Margaret, dear friend Jessica!

    2. Kathleen Mae SchneiderApril 20, 2017 at 3:52 PM

      Thank you, Jessica Marie!
      I tell everyone I meet who is impressed with Mother's longevity as well as the history of which she has been a part, that we all have stories to tell about our lives, no matter the length. Also, I make it my message to stress the importance of "interviewing" parents and older relatives and friends to get their recollections recorded - now - while you have them with you.

      Many times they feel they aren't important enough or haven't done anything impressive to warrant attention, but once you get them going and talking about their lives, the memories come flooding back. Those narratives are often rich with fascinating detail that amplifies what we learned in high school history class.

      Mother was one of those humble folks who didn't think her life was that interesting when I started writing about her life, and look where her memories have taken us. Of course, we have been so fortunate to benefit from Tom's kindness and diligence in making her an important part of his blog. It has expanded her story literally around the globe. She is so pleased with all this outpouring of care from complete strangers!

      We are grateful for your part in this, Jessica, so thank you again for your comment.

  3. Happy birthday, Margaret! That's quite an accomplishment.

    1. Thank you very much for sharing birthday greetings with our dear Margaret, good buddy Alex!

    2. Kathleen Mae SchneiderApril 20, 2017 at 4:11 PM

      Hi Alex!
      When I read your comment to Mother, she was surprised to get credit for her 105 years. In her mind, she just lived the best she could and trusted God. She therefore considers her many years His "accomplishment"!

      Thanks for your birthday message, Alex.

  4. Happy Birthday, dearest Margaret! I hope you have a grand time celebrating but try to keep the partying down. I'm sure your neighbors will appreciate it. :) Seriously, what an amazing accomplishment, Miss Margaret! What is your secrete to longevity? Do you jog a mile or are you a cough potato? Do you have a restricted diet or do you throw caution to the wind? Whatever you're doing, you're doing something right! What a blessing to witness so many changes for more than a century. What has been the most impressive thing you've seen in your life time? Knowing what you know now, what would you tell your 18 year old self if you could? Here's hoping you have a wonderful day spent in the company of those who love you the best. May God's blessing continue to be with you another year!

    What a swell post, Tom! It's interesting that Margaret was born only days after the Titanic went to its watery grave. Nice tribute to obviously a very nice lady! Have a good day, my friend!

    ~Curious as a Cathy
    Art Sketching Through the Alphabet “O” (Owl)

    1. Hi, Cathy!

      Thank you very much for coming by on your busy A to Z morning and spreading cheer as we celebrate 105 years of life for our dear friend Margaret Schneider, the senior member of our Shady Dell family.

      I happen to know that Margaret has a sweet tooth and loves candy, but I will let her daughter Kathleen fill you in when she replies to your comment. Please understand that Kathleen is one of Margaret's primary caregivers and doesn't have much spare time. Therefore it might take several days for Kathleen to submit her reply to you.

      I love what you wrote here, Cathy, especially the fascinating questions you have for Margaret. I'm sure we would all have plenty of advice and wisdom to share with our 18 year old selves. I think I would give my 18 year old self a swift kick in the pants and shout, "What you're doing there?... don't do that!" :)

      Yessum, the breaking news about the Titanic was beginning to trickle into American households the day that Margaret was born. Margaret is our treasure, an amazing woman and a fine human being. Thank you again for being here on this very special occasion, dear friend Cathy!

    2. Tom,

      No worries. I'll wait for Kathleen's response whenever she can get around to me. Margaret is an amazing person and it's wonderful you treasure her.

      I think I would tell my 18 year old self, "Believe in yourself, baby coz you can do it and you're smart, smart, smart as a tack". I know I'm not a genius but I failed to see my full potential when I was younger. All it takes is belief in oneself and brother the results are surprising when you believe in yourself. :) I'm sure I'd kick myself in the pants, too. I did some stupid things but then what teenager doesn't? I think stupid is a phase regarded for all adolescence must survive before they can grow up.

      Have a good day and thanks for visiting this morning's "P" Art Sketching Through the Alphabet post!

    3. Hi, Cathy!

      Kathleen had a minute yesterday to send me a personal email. In it she told me that she is thrilled by all the people who have come to the blog and offered birthday greetings and well wishes for Margaret. Thank you again for being one of them!

      You are smart as a tack, Cathy, and your growing confidence is revealed in your writing and in your artwork. :)

      I feel lucky to have survived my teens, 20s and 30s. I suppose the lesson I learned is that it is never too late to turn your life around.

      Thank you again for coming to chat, dear friend Cathy. I'll see you tomorrow!

    4. Tom,

      Oh, I'm delighted Margaret is thrilled with her bday response here on SDMM. That warms my heart.

      You're right, it's never too late to turn one's life around. It would be awesome if the younger generation would heed their parents or grandparents words. They can learn and avoid so much if they apply the things handed down to them. Sadly, they seem to want to live the same poor judgement filled experiences that we did. A smart person will break that cycle by not only listening but doing.

      Thank you for your kind words. You're such a good friend. Have a great day!

    5. Kathleen Mae SchneiderApril 20, 2017 at 5:25 PM

      My Cathy - what an insightful inquiry for mother (and me...)! I'll answer as best I can both from asking Mother and having known her for 70 years.

      Mother's answer to your first question is that for her, it isn't a secret! It's quite a simple formula, with all components of equal importance. # 1: Love everybody, no exceptions. #2: Forgive, especially those who are the hardest to do so. If you don't, it will make you miserable. (Given that some people treat us very badly, this in effect makes #1 possible.) #3: Do everything in moderation & be frugal. #4: Work hard. #5: Think of, and help others, (especially those in worse shape than you) to take your mind off your troubles. Importantly, don't "dwell on" those troubles. #6: Treat others the way you would like to be treated. Walk in their shoes. #7: Ask God to help you and trust that He will.

      The only exercise I ever saw my Mother do was related to #4 above. Since she considered her role as wife and mother her career and never worked outside our home, she filled her days with a lot of physical activity hanging out laundry, working in her large vegetable and flower gardens and mowing our lawn, first with a push rotary mower and later with a power assist walk-behind model. (She didn't give that up until she was 96!) She also canned and froze a lot of our food and gave a lot away. She was always very busy and never got depressed.

      For years Mother's one unhealthy indulgence was to eat about a pound of bacon and she consumed a gallon of 2% milk every week, (kinda breaking her moderation rule!). She rarely could afford highly processed food for our family and made our own main dishes, bread, soups and desserts. We always had an abundance of fresh fruit since we were allowed to glean from the orchard that her brother owned. Now, since she has no teeth, she survives on all pureed foods and smoothies that my sister and I prepare for her. (Sadly, she's had to give up her bacon!)

      As far as the most impressive thing she's seen in her lifetime, I would say that my iPad just blows her away. She can't wrap her mind around the virtual library in this thin device, and how in seconds I can call up pictures of her as a baby here on SDM&M or watch a live cam of baby bald eagles.

      When asked about what she'd tell her 18-year-old self, she had trouble grasping the concept, because she's content with the choices she's made (especially marrying my father) and has absolutely no regrets!

      Thank you, Cathy, for showing such a personal interest in my Mother as shown by your questions and kind compliments. You are an example of one of those things that impresses her greatly!

    6. Kathleen,

      Had my paternal grandma lived, she would be 109 in June. Unfortunately, she passed in 1980. I lost my maternal grandparents within a year of the other's death (2011/2012). So, I enjoy knowing there are those such as your mother who is celebrating many happy years.

      The things you mentioned remind me so much of my grandparents, parents (who are still with me), and my in-laws (only my FIL is with us). Working hard, keeping a big garden, canning, ... were just normal ways of life. I can't believe Margaret was mowing the lawn at 96. That's amazing! DH's maternal great-uncle lived over 100 years and was driving his car well into his 90s. He was incredible. I'm told he kept a journey and would've loved to have read it which he loaned out over the years.

      I can imagine the iPad mesmerizing your mother. It's pretty darn fascinating that one can get so much entertainment from such a small device while at home or on the go. I'm blown away all the time by technology and think it's so cool!

      We don't eat bacon but I'm gonna tell DH maybe we should begin eating it again with Margaret's wonderful track record. lol We always tease one another about bacon clogging up the ole arteries and yet we hear often how some old-timers consumes the foods we avoid. What's wrong with this picture? Maybe scientist have it all wrong!

      Please let your mother know it meant a lot to me that she made time to respond to my questions and I enjoyed reading them. She sounds like a wise woman. Some of her responses I already practice and others I'm learning to give into but being human I find it hard sometimes. Also, it's wonderful to hear that your mother doesn't have any regrets. This is something very few can say in their life time. I know I have regrets but am trying to make them fewer and fewer as time goes by.

      I hope you, your mother, and family have a good weekend and may God's face shine upon you every single day! :)

    7. Kathleen Mae SchneiderApril 21, 2017 at 10:12 AM

      Hi again, Cathy! I will certainly let Mother know you appreciated her responses to your questions.

      It sounds like you have a lot of family experience with aged loved ones, and benefit from their approach to life. You and your husband also might learn a lot more about resilience and patience, among other things, if you fall into the role of caregivers, as my sister and I did six years ago. I consider it a blessing to have our elders with us, like guiding lights in a world that can seem very hostile and confusing. Some cultures venerate the aged among them, even in some cases declaring them national treasures.

      That's not so much the case in our society, where getting older is predominantly neither admired nor respected. We are largely youth-oriented, and I feel we could learn much from these old souls, instead of letting them languish unseen and unheard in facilities. What a waste of yet vibrant human potential!

      When Mother still mowed her lawn, she sometimes took two or three days to finish it, especially in the hottest days of summer. The neighbors would often get scared if they didn't see her head into the house to rest and cool off, and seeing the mower standing in the middle of the grass. One neighbor said he figured if the engine wasn't still running, Mother was okay and they were safe!

      We used to call her "The Lawn Ranger" because she just loved mowing. Just a month or so ago she woke up early in the morning and told me with a great big smile that she dreamt she was mowing again. After a drink of water, she looked at me with that inimitable twinkle in her eye that I live so much and said, "I need to hurry up and get back to sleep. The back lawn is a mess and I need to finish."

      It was neat chatting, Cathy, and we appreciate your invocation of God's blessings as we go forward. We wish the same for you and your family. Thank you!

    8. Kathleen,

      Your mother's dream tickled me and I hope she got the back lawn mowed. Thank you for making time for me. Have a wonderful weekend. You and your mother are always welcome to visit my humble little niche in Blogosphere anytime, Curious as a Cathy. Don't worry it's a play on words. My site is really quite tame. lol :D

  5. Good Morning, dear Margaret. What a great celebration today, your 105th! And to think the news of the Titanic was bursting all over town on the day of your birth, makes it even more special!

    I know Shady is so excited and happy to send your tips for longevity out to us Dell enthusiasts. Believe me, we have enjoyed learning the history of this wonderful hideaway from yesterday. We have also been graced by the discovery of you, and your wonderful childhood connection to this property.

    A very Happy Birthday to you Margaret. I am sure you will enjoy your day! Sending hugs and best wishes your way. ♥

    1. Hi, Suzanne!

      Thank you very much for coming to Margaret's birthday party, dear friend!

      You're right. I am very excited to announce this important milestone in the long life of a wonderful woman, Margaret Elizabeth Brown Schneider. Just think, Suzanne. Margaret began her life in a day and age that would be difficult for most of us to comprehend, accustomed as we are to our modern, fast-paced world filled with technological marvels and instant communication. To her credit Margaret has remained unspoiled by all the changes and continues to live by common sense principles she adopted at an early age. Her longevity is well earned through a life of simplicity, frugality, kindness, generosity, forgiveness and unconditional love.

      Thank you again, dear friend Suzanne, for sharing hugs and extending best wishes to Margaret. I appreciate your visit and hope you will check back later in the week to read daughter Kathleen's reply to your comment. Enjoy the rest of your week, dearie!

    2. Kathleen Mae SchneiderApril 21, 2017 at 10:45 AM

      It's so good to hear from you again, Suzanne. Mother thanks you for your good wishes.

      Although I have Shady Dell "genes" through Mother, the place fascinates me even more because I never went there as a teen (I was warned NOT to go! lol...) As she approaches the end of her journey through this life, Mother frequently, and out of the blue, reminisces about one of the happiest times in her life as a little girl growing up at the Dell house.

      Maybe it's because it is so bittersweet to hear her, even at her age and with frail voice, recounting those times long gone, or because there remains for me a mystique about the Dell that was only amplified when I had the good fortune to visit it before it was lost to our family. Both aspects of experience beckon to me, inspiring me to delve farther into its history and record its stories.

      Mother is very happy to know all these strangers are interested in her beloved home - and in her as its child. I am certain she will love your comment as evidence, as well as the hugs and good wishes, so thank you from her, and me as well!

  6. Happy birthday Margaret!! Triple digits and beyond are quite an accomplishment. I wish you much happiness and hope that you enjoy every moment of this special day!

    1. Hi, Kelly!

      Thank you very much for making time for another visit today and for helping me honor a cherished friend, Margaret Schneider, "The Oldest Living Dell Rat," as she turns 105 years of age. It is indeed quite an accomplishment, one that will elude most of us. Margaret's philosophy of life - to love unconditionally, to let go of negative feelings and count your blessings - is a recipe for longevity and serves as a shining example for all of us to follow.

      Thank you again for joining the celebration, dear friend Kelly, and enjoy the rest of your week!

    2. Kathleen Mae SchneiderApril 21, 2017 at 4:34 PM

      It was very kind of you to add your birthday wishes to our list, Kelly.

      We kept our celebration of Mother's birthday low-key. Because of her age, she has low vision and hearing and too much confusion upsets her, but we know she enjoyed the special attention, gifts and decorations.

      You might enjoy seeing some scenes from her birthday in an upcoming post. We hope to see you then.

  7. What keen-eyed lady Margaret is. And how wonderful to meet her here today. Have a wonderful birthday celebration with your friends and family.

    1. Hi, Cheryl!

      I am very happy to see you back here again today, dear friend!

      Thank you very much for coming to meet Margaret Schneider for the first time and to wish her a happy 105th birthday. Margaret will be very happy to know that you and other published authors are taking an interest in her life story, one that dates back to the early 20th century in York County, Pennsylvania. Margaret's daughter, Kathleen Mae Schneider, has been sharing fascinating details about the early years of her mother's life as a resident of the Shady Dell in her series In-Dell-ible Memories running exclusively here on SDMM. When time permits, Kathleen will be posting more chapters, so please stay tuned.

      Thank you again, dear friend C-Lee, for your kind visit and for offering birthday wishes to our guest of honor, Margaret Schneider. Enjoy the rest of your week!

    2. Kathleen Mae SchneiderApril 21, 2017 at 8:05 PM

      We are glad you stopped by to help celebrate Mother's century +5 birthday, Cheryl. Thank you for your kind comment!

  8. happy b-day, Maggie ... i just got up, it's snowing, i'm going back to bed ... Love, garfield :)



    2. Hi, cat!

      Thank you very much for dropping by to say happy birthday to Margaret.

      Living in Florida, where spring starts early, lasts three days and changes to summer, it is hard for me to believe it is snowing anywhere, but knowing that you live in a mountainous region of Western Canada, I suppose I shouldn't be surprised. I enjoyed the cartoon of the kitty discovering snow and the birdie that taunts the cat. :)

      Thanks again for coming, dear friend cat, and enjoy the rest of your week!

    3. Kathleen Mae SchneiderApril 21, 2017 at 8:14 PM

      Thank you for your comment, Cat! Coincidentally,Mother loves Garfield and owns a plush version with a Santa hat and t-shirt that say "Bah Humbug."

  9. I say a hearty and beautiful birthday to Margaret. She was born a year before my dad and I think that not only was she born the year the Titanic went down but 2 years before the start of WW1. She was a young girl when the horrible flu epidemic ravaged the entire world, was a teen during the jazz age and lived through the Great Depression and WW2. She must have some great stories and I would love to know her take on some of these key events. I hope someone has written these down. In 1912, Lilian Gish was making films along with Mary Pickford and Francis X Bushman. The Ziegfeld Follies was all the rage and I wonder what fun music were the hits for that time. Hey! You should do a hit parade of music for the year she was born...if you dare...hahahaaaa. It would be vastly different from what you have placed here.

    1. Hi, Birgit!

      Thank you very much for coming to Margaret's birthday party, dear friend. I am delighted to see you!

      This is a tremendous comment from you, too, Birgit. I love how you listed the people and events that were in the news, on the tips of tongues and on the silver screen at the time of Margaret's birth, during her childhood, and through her years as a young adult. When Margaret's daughter Kathleen replies to your comment in the days ahead, I am sure she will be able to provide interesting details about some of the things you mentioned such as the flu epidemic. Please check back here for Kathleen's response.

      Margaret's stories about her life at the Shady Dell in the early 20th century have indeed been written down. They can be found on the back pages of this blog in the chapters of In-Dell-ible Memories, the series written by Kathleen over the last few years. When time permits, Kathleen will be posting more of Margaret's adventures as a member of the Dell's First Family, so please stay tuned.

      Can you imagine how young people of the WWI era would have reacted to hearing modern, hip hop and rap songs? Surely they would have thought it came from another planet.

      You picked a great day to return to SDMM, Birgit, and I very much appreciate it. Margaret and Kathleen will be extremely pleased with your thoughtful comment. Enjoy the rest of your week, dear friend BB!

    2. Kathleen Mae SchneiderApril 21, 2017 at 8:50 PM

      Your comment was surely on target in the history department, Birgit! Mother was just six when she came down with Spanish influenza, brought to our country by returning soldiers from WW1 and it soon spread to become the world's first great pandemic. Her father brought her through it with homemade cough medicine (It had turpentine in it!) and by letting her high fever "burn it out of her."

      Mother was the classic "flapper" and went dancing regularly with my father when they dated. She knew how to dance the Charleston and the Lindy Hop (named after Charles Lindberg), had a cold wave hairdo, and saw Mary Pickford and Rudolph Valentino films. She married my father during the Great Depression, and still has gas ration papers from WW11 in her attic.

      Yes, I'm writing down her stories while I have her with me, and fleshing them out with facts from the internet and the county archives when I can get some time off from caring for Mother in her home. My husband Bob is a retired high school social studies teacher and college professor, so he's a big help too, in getting Mother's stories put into a larger context and providing a frame of reference.

      Since you are a history buff, check out the "tin can tourists" online. After Mother's family left the Dell, they were a part of that movement. I never heard about them in history class, and will be writing about them when I get around to adding more chapters to the series Tom mentions.

      I am anxious to share all I've been told and what I've found out through research. However right now, as Mother becomes more frail, I'm consumed by her care and trying to maintain my health. Unfortunately there is a scarcity of time and energy!

      I really appreciate your comment, Birgit, and I hope you will be a part of future posts about Mother's life. I look forward to your enthusiasm and knowledge-based writing.

    3. You must be busy and it must be so difficult being the main care giver. I understand this as my mom has dementia, which I don't think your mom has. We needed to have her go to long term care but the care giving never stops. I am amazed that she got that flu but so glad she was pulled out of it. From what I heard this flu actually started in the states on some barracks and then went overseas and onward from there. I love that she had that classic flapper hairstyle from the 1920's. Who was her favourite film star?? I will look forward to any posts you write here and I always love what Shady brings. It is wonderful learning bout this.

    4. Kathleen Mae SchneiderApril 23, 2017 at 3:35 AM

      I am very busy because I'm only home for about two full days a week. Mother wants to stay in her home and that is 45 minutes away from mine. The hardest part of caregiving for my sister and me is sleep deprivation. Mother doesn't have significant dementia, although she forgets some short term things. The problem is waking up every two hours at night. We get no sound sleep, but she cannot help it. We are presently looking for more respite care but it is expensive.

      Since I never heard of that origin of the Spanish flu I need to do more research.

      It seems Lillian Gish was Mother's favorite star. At least that's the only one she remembers!

      This IS a good spot to keep on learning! Thanks for your return comment.

  10. Happy 105th Birthday, Margaret! I hope you have a wonderful day full of fun and love. I am sure you will because of your family who loves you.

    My own mother will be 90 in June and I hope she will follow your lead in living to 105 and beyond. She lives with my husband and I now and we feel so blessed to have her here with us.

    God bless you and your family, Margaret, on this very special day.

    1. Hi, Belle!

      I am delighted to see you, dear friend! Thank you very much for dropping in today and helping Margaret celebrate her 105th birthday.

      I am sure Margaret and her daughter Kathleen remember you and, believe me, they admire you and look forward to your comments. I already received an email from Kathleen letting me know how much she appreciates all of these comments and birthday wishes for her mother. Your kindness has made good people happy today and I am sure that makes you feel happy as well.

      God bless your mother, Belle. I hope your wish comes true and that she lives to be 105 just like Margaret. Having a loving, caring family member close by much of the time is one of the factors that can help a person to live a long life. I know Margaret is thankful to have Kathleen and Kathleen's sister Betty by her side, and your mother is most certainly thankful to be close to you every day, too.

      Thank you again for joining me for this year's special tribute to Margaret, dear friend Belle, and for your kind and thoughtful words. God bless you and your family!

    2. Kathleen Mae SchneiderApril 21, 2017 at 9:24 PM

      I remember you, Belle! We had some great conversations after Tom published my chapters of In-Dell-ible Memories.

      When I read your comment to Mother she reacted by saying, "I wonder if her mother is as much of a nuisance as I am..."! She specializes in self-deprecation and often floors us with the unexpected connections she makes.

      When Mother said that I asked her, if when I woke her up 70 years ago in the middle of the night for a feeding or diaper change, she considered me a "nuisance", she hesitated with a straight face and perfect comic timing and said, "I GUESS not"!

      If your 90-year-old Mother lives with you and your husband, I don't need to tell you how much we can still learn from our elders. It is truly a privilege and honor to return the love they gave us all our lives, isn't it?

      I wish you good health and all the best in this sacred time you have with your mother. It undoubtedly is a rare gift given to those of us fortunate enough to have a parent blessed with longevity.

      I look forward to more exchanges with you in the future. Thank you for your lovely comment and request for God's continued blessings for Mother and our family. May they return to you many times over!

  11. Isn't she just beautiful?! Happy Birthday dear Margaret! (That was my Grandma's name!) I hope this day is wonderful for you and I can only imagine how the world must look to you as you think back to all that you've witnessed these 105yrs. Think of all the inventions, medical advances, technology taking over everything! God bless you with good health and the love of your family this year. We've never met but I feel like I know you just a little from this blog that has kept the Shady Dell and all it's memories alive and well for us who can only wish we could have been there back then! Thanks Shady for making Margaret's day even more special!

    1. Hi, YaYa!

      ... and thank you, dear friend, for being here for Margaret and Kathleen on this very special occasion as we celebrate Margaret's 105th birthday!

      Thank you for telling me that your Grandma's name was Margaret. It is also interesting that you, Margaret's daughter and Mrs. Shady are all named Kathy. :)

      Yessum, it boggles the mind to think of how the world has changed since our dear Margaret entered into it three days after the unsinkable ship Titanic went down. I smile whenever Kathleen reminds us that Mother refers to our connected online world as "the inner-net." :)

      The wonderful thing about Margaret is that we all feel like we know her even though we never met her. We owe that to Kathleen who has been putting her mother's memories in writing and sharing them with us in her series In-Dell-ible Memories. More chapters are coming so please stay tuned.

      Even though we have never come face to face with Margaret, we have come to recognize her as an outstanding citizen of the world and someone to treasure. Margaret is an inspiration, a person to look up to and learn from, someone who deserves our love, respect and admiration. It works both ways. Even though Margaret and Kathleen never met you, YaYa, they know you by now and think very highly of you. :) Stay tuned because Kathleen will be along a.s.a.p. to leave a personal reply to your comment.

      Thank you again for being here and helping to make Margaret's 105th birthday one of her greatest ever, dear friend YaYa!

    2. Kathleen Mae SchneiderApril 21, 2017 at 9:39 PM

      Dear, Dear YaYa!

      Mother and I are so pleased to have you be a part of her birthday gift! Her birthday was wonderful mostly because Mother is so humble and sweet, even at 105. We kept kidding her about falling asleep in the middle of the festivities, but she as much as said we should have expected it since we planned the party during her nap time!

      Mother has seen so many changes in her long life, so when she states emphatically that "Nothing stays the same", we respect her century of experience with that. She is a survivor and a tough, tough lady. When Tom sent us a link to the world's oldest living woman last year, I asked her if she would like to live to be 112. "I don't know," she said. "That's pretty old..."

      I'm glad to introduce Mother to you and hopefully you can see through my descriptions why we love her so!

      Thank you so much for taking the time to write a wonderful comment, and to offer friendship to Mother and me.

  12. She is so dang cute!!! How amazing to be 105. WOW- she doesnt look a day over 80! Both my grandmas are alive at 89 and 90 and my great grandmothers lived to both be 98. I have some long lasting genes. I hope she enjoyed her birthday yesterday.

    1. Hi, Holli!

      Thank you so very much for joining the celebration as we mark a major milestone in the long life of our dear friend Margaret Schneider, her 105th birthday!

      Yessum, it sounds like you do indeed have some good genes working in your favor. I plan to be around at least another 50 years and I hope you will be here, too. :)

      Thank you again for being here today for birthday girl Margaret. Stay tuned now because Margaret's daughter Kathleen is putting together a guest post that will include pictures taken at yesterday's party. I plan to publish that one next Tuesday.

      Enjoy the rest of your week, dear friend Holli!

    2. Kathleen Mae SchneiderApril 21, 2017 at 9:49 PM

      Hi, Holli!

      It was funny to see Mother actually blush at your description of her as 'cute'. She sees mostly wrinkles!

      Mother enjoyed her birthday - lots of flowers and balloons, cards and emails - and all the good wishes such as yours sent to her through SDM&M. I hope your grandmothers' genes do provide a long and happy life for you. Thank you for stopping by and for commenting.

  13. 105 wow that isn't anything to sneeze at I would love to be 105

    1. Hi, Jo-Anne!

      How are you, my dear Australian friend? Thanks so much for coming to Margaret's 105th birthday party!

      Some good advice can be found in the old Frank Sinatra song:

      Don't you know that it's worth
      Every treasure on earth to be young at heart
      For as rich as you are
      It's much better by far to be young at heart
      And if you should survive to a hundred and five
      Look at all you'll derive out of bein' alive
      And here is the best part, you have a head start
      If you are among the very young at heart

      Thanks again for your visit and comment, dear friend Jo-Anne!

    2. Kathleen Mae SchneiderApril 21, 2017 at 9:54 PM

      105 is pretty impressive, JoAnn. However, before you make that wish for yourself, try spending some
      time with Mother and realize that at 105 you will most certainly not be like you are now! Thanks for your comment!

  14. Oh, my goodness! She's amazing. You truly are related. Happy birthday, Margaret! So blessed!

    1. Hi, Luxie!

      Thank you very much, my phine Philippine phriend, for coming all the way from Manila for this thrilla - Margaret Schneider's 105th birthday celebration!

      Margaret and her daughter Kathleen will be delighted to know that a friend living so far from York, PA, offered birthday greetings.

      Thank you again, dear friend Lux, and enjoy the rest of your week!

    2. Kathleen Mae SchneiderApril 21, 2017 at 9:58 PM

      Mother and I surely do appreciate reading a birthday wish from all the way around the globe. Yours is the only one from the Philippines. Thank you!

  15. Wow! 105! That's so amazing! Happy Birthday to Margaret!

    1. Hi, Sherry!

      Thanks for dropping by to celebrate with Margaret, dear friend!

      Yessum, age 105 is amazing. We should live so long. :)

      Thanks again, Sherry, and enjoy your Friday and weekend!

    2. Kathleen Mae SchneiderApril 21, 2017 at 10:04 PM

      Sherry, it's good to hear from you on Mother's birthday. Thanks for your greeting!

  16. Better late than never. A very happy birthday to Margaret from another Dell Rat.


    1. Hi, Jerre!

      Thank you very much for stopping by, good buddy! Margaret and Kathleen will be very happy to see that you made it over.

      You aren't really late for Margaret's birthday party because this post runs on the front page through Monday. If all goes according to plan, it will be followed on Tuesday by a post written by Kathleen that includes pictures taken on the 18th and days after as friends and family came to Margaret's house to visit the birthday girl.

      Thanks again for being here, Jerre, and for helping me pay tribute to the much loved senior member of our Dell rat family, the one and only Margaret Elizabeth Brown Schneider!

    2. Kathleen Mae SchneiderApril 21, 2017 at 10:11 PM

      Mother always laughs when we call her a Dell Rat, but I assure her it's an honorable title! Thanks, Jerre, for your birthday wishes for Mother.

  17. Sorry I'm late to get here but I was travelling over Easter. Happy Birthday to Margaret. 105, wow the stories she must have to tell!

    1. Hi, Joey!

      Thank you very much for coming over this week, my friend!

      Shady has been known to run a good number of gag posts, but I assure you and other new friends that Margaret Schneider is 100% real. She is affectionately called "The Oldest Living Dell Rat" because she and her family were the first to occupy the Dell estate when it was brand new in 1913. Margaret's father, George Brown, built the house and it still stands on a hillside south of York, PA.

      Margaret does indeed have many colorful stories to tell about her childhood at the Dell and they can be found here on SDMM in chapters of her daughter Kathleen's series In-Dell-ible Memories. New chapters with more stories will be coming in the future so stick around.

      Thanks again for helping us mark this amazing milestone in Margaret's life, Joey!

  18. Kathleen Mae SchneiderApril 22, 2017 at 6:03 PM

    Not to worry, Joe! Now I'm the one who's late in replying to your comment...

    Some of Mother's stories I've heard growing up and others just in the last few years, but I am amazed that even now Mother remembers a lot.

    Once when writing Mother's account of her education (she only finished 6th grade because it wasn't compulsory to go any further back then), I asked her to tell me again the name of her teacher that she liked so much. She told me her name without hesitation and then added, "I never said I liked her. She was terrible with children!"

    When I was a teacher I tried, like doctors, to first do no harm. So here was proof that a classroom experience with a woman apparently ill-suited to the profession so long ago left its mark on at least one little girl who still remembered it 90 years later!

    Thank you for stopping by and adding your comment. Mother will be delighted to hear from you.

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