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"More than a place, the Shady Dell was and will forever remain a state of mind." - Shady Del Knight

"More than a place, the Shady Dell was and will forever remain a state of mind." - Shady Del Knight

Sunday, February 19, 2017

That Was Then - This Is Now, Vol. 2: The Jarring Juxtaposition of Female Vocalists & Groups Past & Present!

You've come a long way, baby...

and these jarring juxtapositions

offer indisputable proof!

Welcome to Vol. 2 of my series

Jarring Juxtapositions:

That Was Then - This Is Now!

It is not my intention to pass judgement,
only to offer a comparison. Hard as it
might be for you to believe, I enjoy
all of the female artists in this
series and regard all of these
performances as great.

Join me on this jarring journey
back and forth through time as
we compare the look, the sound
and the attitude of female
singers then...and now!



It's a different world, my friend. When I was
a boy in the 1950s and early 60s, most girls
looked, sounded and acted like Mary Stone,
teenage daughter on The Donna Reed Show
played by Shelley Fabares. Back then there
was greater emphasis on formality. When
people spoke they used indoor voices and
communicated more respectfully. Proper
manners, etiquette and decorum were
emphasized. Return with me now
and enjoy a classic girl pop song
performed by one of my favorite
yestergirls... Shelley Fabares.

"Johnny Angel" - Shelley Fabares
(Apr./May 1962, highest chart pos. #1
scene from The Donna Reed Show)



By day, Linzey Rae is just your average girl
at home with her cat. By night, she sings
with The Anchor, a five-piece Denver-
based metalcore band. In this surreal
shot-at-home tutorial, Linzey Rae
shows us what's cookin' in her
  Metal Kitchen.

"Metal Kitchen #1: The Ghost Inside makes
Shepherd's Pie with Linzey Rae" (2015)
(Cover of “The Great Unknown,”
a 2012 song by the LA melodic
hardcore band The Ghost Inside.)



From the aural assault of Linzey Rae
we travel back in time to experience
the infectious smile, charming
personality and down home
goodness of Dolly Parton.

Dolly's 1967 debut album Hello, I'm Dolly
yielded two hit singles and brought the
up-and-coming country artist to the
attention of Porter Wagoner who
introduced Dolly on his television
series The Porter Wagoner Show.
Here's Dolly singing "Dumb Blonde, "
the first hit single from the album.

"Dumb Blonde" - Dolly Parton
(Nov. 1966 single from Feb. 1967 album
Hello, I'm Dolly, live appearance on
The Porter Wagoner Show)



Here's a young lady who takes "dumb blonde"
to the next level. Submitted for your approval
(or disapproval as the case may be) Norwegian
zinger and television personality Lene Alexandra.
In 2007 the former stripper and lad's mags model
scored a top 3 hit in Norway (#5 in Finland)
with her debut single, the outrageous
bubblegum dance-pop ditty
"My Boobs Are OK."

"My Boobs Are OK" - Lene Alexandra
(Mar. 2007, highest chart pos. #3 Norway,
#5 Finland, from Feb. 2008 album
Welcome to Sillycone Valley)




I think I'm gonna be sad. I tend to
get that way when I think about the
pop duo The Carpenters and how
Karen left us far too soon. In 1970
a cover of the Beatles' hit "Ticket
To Ride" became The Carpenters'
first single to reach the chart.
Listen now to one of Karen's
greatest and most beautiful
vocal performances.

"Ticket To Ride" - The Carpenters
(Apr./May 1970, highest chart pos. #54
from October 1969 album Offering)



In shocking contrast to Karen Carpenter,
I bring you one of today's hottest singing
stars. Check out the look, the sound and
the attitude of Taylor Momsen, lead
singer of the hard rock band
The Pretty Reckless.

"Absolution" - The Pretty Reckless
(from Mar. 2014 album Going To Hell)

I think I'm gonna be sad

I think it's today

Have a Shady day!


  1. Jarring juxtapositions indeed—lol! I don’t know which was more outrageous— Linzey screaming her way through a recipe in her metal kitchen— or Lene Alexander singing about her boobs—lol! I never heard of either of those “zingers”— as you put it— but the shock value alone makes their videos worth watching. I can’t make up my mind whether the boobs song sets the feminist movement back to the Stone Age— or if it moves it forward by reminding us about women who get by on looks alone. Either way it is a fun song and a funny video. I remember Taylor Momsen from some of your other posts— and I like her voice and rock attitude. She sings in a bold manner but without screaming— and I appreciate that. I don’t remember ever seeing Dolly Parton looking that young— and I like how you juxtaposed her Dumb Blonde song with Lene’s boobs song. I didn't know the Carpenters sang Ticket To Ride. You are so right— it is a beautiful and touching performance by Karen— a treasure. You put together another great one in your series That Was Then-This Is Now!

    1. Hi, Kathryn!

      Thanks for leading off the discussion as I present vol. 2 of That Was Then – This Is Now, a series that allows us to see, hear and feel the vast difference between female artists and music of the past and present.

      I couldn’t believe my eyes and ears the first time I came across that bizarre cooking tutorial posted by metal maven Linzey Rae. In the video, Linzey screamed her recipe as she covered the song “The Great Unknown,” by a Los Angeles based melodic hardcore band called The Ghost Inside. Linzey's kitty seemed to take all the screaming in stride. :)

      It was only a few months ago that I discovered Lene Alexandra, the pride of Norway, and her ditty “My Boobs Are OK.” From what I gathered, the idea for the song came about after Lene was hit in the breast while playing a game of touch football. A few days later a friend asked, “Is your boob OK?” and Lene replied, “Yes, my boobs are okay.” I agree that Lene’s song is cute and funny and that it raises awareness about women in the workplace who trade on their looks and gain an unfair advantage over women who are intelligent and hardworking but less beautiful and well-endowed. In the course of her long career, country legend Dolly Parton has often been the object of jokes about dumb blondes and big boobs and she has graciously taken the kidding in stride. In fact she has been known to be the originator of jokes that call attention to her full figure. The TV station where I worked in the 70s broadcast The Porter Wagoner Show and I remember watching some of Dolly’s early career performances way back then.

      I’m happy to know you enjoyed “Absolution,” the Taylor Momsen song, along with that wistful Beatles’ cover by Karen Carpenter. I think I’m gonna be sad!

      Thank you again for taking time to listen and comment, Kathryn, and have a great week ahead!

  2. Hi, Shady!

    I was reading about Taylor Momsen yesterday on some tabloid site - apparently she doesn't want to be famous anymore because her look changed. I never heard of her before, but I love what you posted. I love her style and I will have to check out more of her music!

    To me, it's funny how woman musicians have changed. Today, it's okay to be edgy and more yourself. Part of me is happy about that, but there is something about the oldies I like too. I guess I tend to listen to everything and get a feel for every genre from every decade.

    Thanks for sharing, dear friend! Enjoyed the music, as always. Have a great Sunday!

    1. Hi, Jessica Marie!

      Thank you for coming by and for leaving this great comment, dear friend!

      I'm pleased to know that you enjoyed "Absolution," a track from the album Going To Hell by The Pretty Reckless. I wasn't aware that Taylor Momsen doesn't want to be famous anymore. Sounds like a tabloid style "alternative fact" to me. :) I like this Wiki quote about Taylor:

      << Emma Matthews of Rock Sound commented that "The Pretty Reckless may have evolved over the years, but one trait that remains is frontwoman Taylor Momsen's fearlessness in the face of change." >>

      I'll bet your dad has introduced you to many artists of the past and helped you cultivate an appreciation of oldies like "Johnny Angel."

      Thanks again for your visit and comment, dear friend JM, and have a great week!

    2. Hi, Shady,

      I think it was one of those tabloid magazines! It was something to read in the beauty salon. I often laugh at the tabloids.

      Yes! And Nan, his mother. She used to have a lot of the records and I would love listening to them. I miss those days.

    3. Hi, Jessica Marie!

      The Taylor Momsen video I posted promoting "Absolution" from the band's album Going To Hell is a collection of images of Taylor looking like a badass rock chic. Critics say the new Pretty Reckless album Who You Selling For reflects the band's maturation. Perhaps Taylor has matured to the point that she wants to shed her bad girl image to some extent.

      I know you miss Nan. I'm glad she introduced your dad to great music of the past and that you were exposed to it as well.

      I hope your week is improving, dear friend JM!

  3. I wrote something extensive only for saying there were conflicting edits...not sure why this Shelley Fabares has a pretty voice and it is so sweet and innocent. The next gal looks sweet in her dress and her cat and then she sounds like the devil singing. I always hate that type of singing and music. Dolly and her dollies look so young and her dollies don't seem to be as pronounced as compared to stripper gal where my eyes fell out of their sockets...hahahaaa. That is quite the video and Norway may never be the same. I have to say I shake my head at how I feel it set women behind decades. Love Karen Carpenter and I look at her death as something that brought anorexia to the forefront. I really like the last gal..Taylor. She has a great voice and quite the range I think. It would be neat to see what other types of music she could do. I have to commend you for the great way you juxtaposed these women, a lot of thought went into this and loving it.

    1. Hi, Birgit!

      Thank you very much for coming down and offering this terrific comment, dear friend!

      Yessum, I'm having loads of fun juxtaposing the sweet innocence of 50s and early 60s girl singers like Shelley Fabares with today's brazen metal mavens, hard rockers and shock poppers. I have 15 more volumes of this series coming up so stay tuned.

      I'm so glad you had fun watching the various videos even if you found a couple of them revolting. Karen Carpenter's performance is the one that keeps me riveted. She was a gifted artist and her early death was an incalculable loss to music. I'm pleased to know you like the bold vocal style of hard-rocker Taylor Momsen. She's the real deal as far as I'm concerned. She has recorded some kinder, gentler ballads, but I think she's at her best when she tackles the edgy rock that's found on her Going To Hell album.

      Thanks again for joining the fun, dear friend BB, and have a super week ahead!

  4. I had to look up juxtapositions, even though I've heard the term. Just guess I hadn't the occasion to see it used properly!

    Isn't "Johnny Angel" a dreamy, beautiful song? No one else could have sung that one like Shelly Fabares. I am still a fan to this day. Even with a soft voice, Shelly's style and presence commands attention!

    Kathryn is right about Linzey-what a bunch of noise!!! lol!

    I have always enjoyed Dolly, though sometimes her costumes and hairstyles were over the top. Her appearance certainly didn't hurt her performances and popularity, tho. My parents would always watch Dolly and Porter, they were really a good duo! I don't remember hearing "Dumb Blonde" before, but it is a cute song.

    Miss Alexandra is a cute took me a minute or two, but, I have to say the song has a great beat and the video is cute. The only question is, just where exactly can one use such a video and song without ticking someone off? It's not appropriate for commercials on TV. The only thing for sale there is boobs, and, I guess a plastic surgeon could use it for advertising, lol!

    It is still sad about Karen Carpenter. It makes me sad and mad! She was pushed into losing weight for her stage presence, but I'll say no more about that! The video was beautiful, I didn't know they recorded "Ticket to Ride". A great job! I miss her style, she could really move your emotions!

    So, here we are at "Absolution"! I loved it! The video wasn't that impressive to me, but the instrumentals, beat and Taylor's fierce vocals! Great song!

    Shady, your presentation was juxtafantastic! An eclectic mix of old and new, good and great! I'm glad to see you and your picks today, it's a muggy day in the Lone Star State. No school tomorrow, so Scootie is pretty excited! Have a great week! Take care!♫

    1. Hi, Suzanne!

      Thanks for joining me on a Sunday, dear friend. I am very happy to see you!

      I'm glad you enjoyed having your senses jarred and jolted by these tunes, old and new. "You've come a long way, baby," the familiar expression goes, but where this wild ride is taking us is anyone's guess. :)

      When I watch Shelley Fabares I feel sad over innocence lost. When I watch Karen Carpenter I feel sad over a beautiful voice silenced and a young life that ended too soon.

      On the other side of the aisle, I'm pleased to know that you stuck with Lene's "Boobs" video long enough to realize that it is actually a decent dance ditty and that Lene is not just your average run of the mill lad's mags model, but a good comedic actress. (Remember Carol Wayne, the actress who played the busty dumb blonde in numerous sketches on Johnny Carson's Tonight Show?)

      I own Lene's CD Welcome To Sillycone Valley and there are several great tracks on it!

      I am tickled silly that you appreciate the authoritative vocal style of Pretty Reckless lead singer Taylor Momsen, who started out as an actress and model and went on to become one of the leading ladies of rock in the 2010s.

      That's right. Holiday tomorrow and no school or postal delivery. I hope you and Scootie find some fun things to do. Thanks again for joining the party here today, dear friend Suzanne, and have a fabulous week ahead!

  5. Jarring was definitely an adequate adjective for these pairings. In all but the last, I sided with the thens, but I've always been partial to rock music so Taylor Momsen won out.

    1. Hi, Ashton!

      Thanks for dropping by to see and hear indisputable proof that there is a vast difference between female artists then and now.

      I know you aren't a fan of the extreme hard stuff, and so it doesn't surprise me that you mostly favored the "then" songs, but I am pleased to know that Taylor Momsen has picked up yet another new fan. She seems to be everyone's favorite so far.

      Thanks again for joining the fun, dear friend Ashton!

  6. Yes, there certainly is a huge difference from then to now. I'll take a big dose of then. Call me old fashioned but the crude, loud and really vulgar actions of some in the new stuff tells me that they can't rely on their own vocals to make it. They need all the other junk to set them apart and really the new stuff all ends up sounding the same. The sad part is most of them really do have talent. Any way, I've always loved Shelley Fabares and the Donna Reed show. I think they looked so much alike they really could have been Mother and daughter. Good old Dolly had the boobs but certainly didn't have to shout it out did she. I also know she's no dumb blonde...she's a smart cookie who used her talent and her looks to set her apart but also gave back to her home state to help others with jobs and tourism to her "Dolly Wood". Karen Carpenter always makes me sad as I watch her videos and listen to her clear vocals with her brother. None like her. It makes me sad that she let the media drive her to her death. "You can't please everyone, so you've got to please yourself"...maybe that's the song she needed to sing. Thanks for a super fun post again! Hope your week is great Shady. Happy Presidents Day!

    1. Hi, YaYa!

      Thank you very much for joining the discussion as we collectively scratch our heads and ask in bewilderment, "How did we get here?" :) At some point in our history, shocking the audience became more fashionable and bankable than performing with decorum and delighting the audience's senses with pretty sounds. I often wonder how boomer age folks like you and I would have responded if heavy metal and over-the-top sexed-up pop had existed when we were young. It doesn't see likely that we would have grown up to be the same people we are today, do you agree? Makes you wonder what long term effects material of this nature will have on today's young people.

      Yessum, Dolly Parton is an inspiration. She came from a dirt poor childhood, made a huge success of herself, remained humble and gave back.

      Re: Karen Carpenter, I just keep writing this because it is true: "I think I'm gonna be sad," and I am every time I watch Karen perform. Another song comes to mind: "If I could save time in a bottle." In other words, I wish Karen was still alive and well as she was in the video I posted.

      Thank you again for your kind visit and insightful comments, dear friend YaYa, and happy Presidents Day to you as well! Please hug Chubbs for me!

  7. Hi Shady!
    Wow! This was a roller coaster line up, my friend. A couple of grimaces notwithstanding, I enjoyed the mix of past and present talent. Dolly is such a burst of sunshine and Taylor’s vocals could take her well beyond Pretty Reckless. Karen’s magnificent voice is always mesmerizing. Like you, I feel the melancholy ache left by her passing. I didn’t know she did “Ticket to Ride” but she sure did it well. Your thoughtful mention of “Time in a Bottle” brought to mind another song called “Photographs and Memories” (also by Croce). Can you imagine the impact it would’ve had if Karen had recorded it? I’ve enjoyed the entertainment, dear Shady!

    1. Hi, diedre!

      How are you, dear Arizona friend? I'm happy to see you today. Thanks for coming to ride the roller coaster of love - like - and - grimace with me! :)

      Of the three "this is now" artists in the post, Taylor Momsen is gathering nearly all of the compliments so far, even though she offered no recipe for Shepherd's pie and no cute animated cartoon for us to watch. :) I'm happy to know you appreciate the sound of The Pretty Reckless. This is their third appearance on SDMM and it Shirley won't be the last.

      That nugget by The Carpenters, the cover of the Beatles hit "Ticket To Ride," is one of their earliest recordings, waxed in 1969 and released on their debut album in the fall of that year. The LP was originally titled Offering and the name was later changed to Ticket To Ride. As the story goes, Richard Carpenter was listening to the Beatles original early in '69 and it occurred to him for the first time that it could be turned into a nice ballad. His instincts were certainly correct and Karen's evocative interpretation stands as a classic in its own right. The video itself is also a treasure. Yessum, I certainly remember "Photographs and Memories" along with "Operator (That's Not the Way It Feels)" and other great songs by Jim Croce, and I grow sad when I think about his his early death, too. He perished in a plane crash at age 30, two years younger than Karen Carpenter was when she passed away. We lost many great artists under tragic circumstances.

      Thank you again for your kind visit and excellent comment, dear friend diedre, and enjoy the rest of your week!

  8. What can one say, some of today's music leaves a lot to be desired although the boob song was kinda catchy, just saying

    1. Hi, Jo-Anne!

      How are you, my dear Aussie friend? Thanks a lot for joining the fun!

      I'm happy to know you are giving a cautious thumbs up to Lene Alexandra's ditty. I agree that it is a catchy song and Lene did a great job in the video in her comedic role as a well endowed dumb blonde who uses her assets to her advantage and always gets what she wants.

      Thanks again for coming over to play, dear friend Jo-Anne, and enjoy the rest of your week!

  9. Tom, female artists from yesterday were different and I by far prefer them over most gals in the mewsic industry today. Of the three newbie features I like the lead vocals of The Pretty Reckless but I'm not heavy rock/metal fan so this is group I wouldn't listen to regularly. Her attitude is quite the contrast from your yestergirl picks and female singers today can learn much from past women artists. The problem is most girls today don't wanna be like yesterday gals. Thanks for the intro! Interesting series, my friend. Sorry for the late visit. My allergies are bothering badly today. :( Have a good afternoon!

    1. Hi, Cathy!

      Thanks for dropping in to sample some sounds with me, dear friend! I'm sorry to find out that your allergies are acting up. The tree pollen down here irritates my sinuses most times of the year. I hope your ear is doing better these days, at least.

      Yessum, the song selections in this 15+ volume series are jarring, jolting and, in some cases, revolting. I'm happy to know you appreciated The Pretty Reckless even tho you probably won't run out and buy their albums any time soon. You apparently turned thumbs down on the other two "now" artists but, on a positive note, you learned a new recipe for Shepherd's pie. :) I'm pleased to know you enjoyed the kinder, gentler songs of the yestergirls. You're right. It seems rare for young up-and-coming singers to imitate the stars of the past. More often they imitate modern pop idols, a long string of artists that seems to have started in the late 90s with Britney Spears and Christina Aguilera.

      Thanks again for coming to chat, dear friend Cathy. Please feel better and enjoy the rest of your week!

  10. Tom,

    It's rare to find female artists with a pure artistic sound they can call their own. How refreshing it would be to find a wave of young gals to take on a retro fit!

    My ear is doing better but I think while I have all this sinus congestion it's not going to clear completely. At least I can hear better than I was before and that's a huge help.

    Have a good day, my friend!

    1. Hi, Cathy!

      Thanks for swinging by again, dear friend! I'm happy to "hear" that your ear is doing better. I hope you soon experience relief with your sinus congestion and are breathing easier.

      Imagine a young female artist looking and sounding like Mary Stone on Donna Reed. I'm sure there are some, but I wish it would become the new hot trend and more artists would go retro.

      Thanks again for coming and enjoy the rest of your week, dear friend Cathy!

  11. Tom,

    I often wondered about tree pollen in Florida but I know mold is a huge problem in the Sunshine state and that's one thing I'm horribly allergic to. It's too bad you have problems with the tree pollen year round. I do get some breaks usually more than I have had but these last several months I've had more trouble with my allergies/sinuses than I've had in years. I don't know what's up with this but it's driving me nuts. I had to stop taking OTC allergy meds on Sunday because it makes me feel really weird after a taking it a few days straight but I had to take some this morning. *UGH* When my allergies are flared up it also bothers my ears which means I take a temporary set back. I have yet to get completely get my right ear fully opened.

    Enough talk about my silly problems! I agree with you it would be awesome to see girls take a Mary Stone persona. It might be a little hard to sell to the younger crowd at first but I think they will stay in the game longer with the already older crowd and when the youngster grow up then they'll be more mature to handle that style of mewsic. It sounds like a purrfect strategy to me. Have a good day, my friend!

    1. Hi, Cathy!

      My allergies also seem to have gotten worse as I got older. Mold is indeed a problem in Florida and I'm sure it is another factor causing my breathing difficulties. I'm sorry your ear is still acting up. It's no fun listening to mewsic with a clogged ear, is it?

      Ironically, after I wrote my reply to you yesterday, I noticed a video on YouTube in which a young female singer was dressed Fifties style and sang a retro type of song. I wish I could remember her name but I was busy at the time and it didn't register. Kids follow hot trends and I'm sure if one of their idols decided to go retro with a great song and video and it went viral, then many copycat artists would follow and a new/old genre would be born.

      Thanks again for coming over to chat, dear friend Cathy!

    2. Tom,

      Mold allergies are horrible for us. It affects my breathing some but it's not horrible. I'll be so happy when my ear clears up and I get a little break in seasonal allergies. I hope you feel better soon.
      If you stumbled upon that retro style singer again let me know and I'll check it out. Who knows maybe we'll see a trend of gals and girls looking to the past for inspiration! Have a good weekend, my friend.

    3. Hi, Cathy!

      Will do. There are quite a few solo artists, groups and bands that occasionally dabble in a retro style, but far fewer that embrace it completely and produce all of their material with a retro feel.

      They aren't exactly 50s doo-wop, but an interesting modern band that I recently discovered is called Uncle Acid & the Deadbeats. They are so influenced by the bands of the psychedelic period of the late 60s that, according to Wiki, << in order to replicate the sound of that era, the band uses vintage instruments and recording equipment. >> That's dedication to authenticity!

      I wish you and DH a fine weekend as well, dear friend Cathy!

  12. Although Karen Carpenter never really sang R&B. She still sang with a whole lotta SOUL! Love her always. Calling her good is an understatement. She was GREAT!

    1. Hi, Dave!

      I was just thinking about you today, good buddy. Thanks a lot for dropping by to read, listen and comment!

      I totally agree with you about Karen C. That's why I am drawn to her as an artist and why I selected this particular recording of hers, one of her earliest, a soulful rendition of "Ticket To Ride."

      Thanks again for visiting, Davie. Come again soon and, in the meantime, in between time, say hello to The Class of 60-Something for me!

  13. Although I'm quite unfamiliar with most of the singers mentioned here, I remember being introduced to Karen Carpenter's life and career when reading about a film Todd Haynes made that was blocked from public release and distribution but eventually became a cult flick.

    Speaking of short films, I've been trying to reach you, as you are one of the bloggers who won the 2017 Giveaway gift pack for the Mni Wiconi Blogathon I wrapped up recently with Shannon at The Warrior Muse and Misha at The Five Year Project. Can you contact me so I can send your goodies?

    Thanks a Bunch!

    1. Hi, Nicole!

      Welcome to Shady Dell Music & Memories! I am very pleased to meet you and I thank you very much for dropping in to comment on the post.

      I remember Haynes' unorthodox and controversial short film biopic entitled Superstar: The Karen Carpenter Story and how Richard reacted so adversely to it. Thank you for reminding us about that part of the Carpenters saga.

      Gosh, Nicole, I don't know how I managed to win a prize just by commenting on a couple of blogs that ran posts raising awareness about the DAPL and its impact, but I am nevertheless grateful and will be in touch with you. I noticed some familiar faces over at Shannon's The Warrior Muse and enjoyed paging through Misha's The Five Year Project and, of course, your site The Madlab Post.

      Again I thank you for joining the discussion, Nicole, and I hope you will consider following SDMM. I would be honored to welcome you, Shannon and Misha into my circle.

      Enjoy the rest of your week, my new friend!

  14. Hey Shadester!!! Love love love me some Dolly anytime anywhere. I love her flashy clothes and big hair and her angelic voice. I grew up with her music and even dressed as her when i was in junior high for halloween and won first place! Never was a fan of the Carpenters. I know that is shocking- a friend asked me once if i was an alien because everyone likes The Carpenters. Karen's story is so sad too.
    I've mentioned on previous posts about Taylor in Pretty Reckless. I love her! I have downloaded her last 2 cd's off itunes and enjoy all the songs. Also, she is the one that plays Cindy Lou Who in the movie The Grinch.
    The song My Boobs are Ok sound exactly like the song from Vacation House- My roof- My roof- the roof is on fire.... Like serious plagiarism its so much alike.
    Was hoping id like the metal kitchen more but nope- i didnt.
    Fun fun post!!

    1. Hi, Holliwood N Vine!

      How are you, dear friend? Thanks for coming over to experience another edition of That Was Then - This is WOW... uh,I mean... Now. :)

      I'm happy to know Dolly Parton's early performance on Porter Wagoner was to your liking. If you can find one I'd love to see a picture of you dressed as Dolly for Halloween.

      It does seem rare to find people who didn't care for The Carpenters. Truth be told I don't have any of their music in my current collection, but I do like to listen to them occasionally to cleanse the palate after a steady diet of dance-pop and heavy metal. I'm delighted to recall that you appreciate the vocal quality and rock style of Taylor Momsen. Me too!

      I can't seem to find anything about Vacation House or the song "Roof is On Fire" which you think sounds just like "My Boobs Are OK." I'd like to listen to it so please provide a link if possible. I'm Sorry Linzey's metal kitchen didn't appeal to you. I hope you at least liked her recipe. :)

      I'm so glad you had fun here today, dear friend Holli (Dolly?:). Enjoy the rest of your week and I'm sure we'll be chatting again soon!

  15. Karen Carpenter was the absolute best of all time, IMO. When I did a 'Favorite Five" post of female vocalists last year, she topped the list.

    I love Dolly, too - both as a singer AND as a person.

    1. Hi, Kelly!

      Welcome back to SDMM, my new friend. I'm happy to see you!

      Thanks for weighing in on Karen Carpenter and Dolly Parton. It seems we are in total agreement about their talent and their character.

      I have a future post coming up that will be similar to your "Favorite Five." It will be interesting to see if any of our selections match. Stay tuned!

      Thanks again for joining the fun, Kelly. Have a super week and come back and visit again soon!


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