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"More than a place, the Shady Dell was and will forever remain a state of mind." - Shady Del Knight

"More than a place, the Shady Dell was and will forever remain a state of mind." - Shady Del Knight

Sunday, February 12, 2017

Be My Valentine, Sugababe!

Hi, I'm Meg Griffin of Family Guy,

filling in this week for Shady.

Valentine's Day is coming

and here I sit... all alone...

dateless... loveless... hopeless.

I wish that I could be like the cool kids
'Cause all the cool kids, they seem to fit in.

Maybe things would be different if I had an extreme make-over!

Pretty woman, walkin' down the street
Pretty woman the kind I like to meet

I'd give anything to look like Mila Kunis
and land a hunky guy like Ashton Kutcher!

Til then I guess I'm stuck with nerdy Neil Goldman.

Oh well, a girl can dream, can't she?
Watch these V-day videos that Shady picked
out for you. I'll be back at the end of the post.


I'm sold on Sugababes, the veteran Brit girl trio
that makes R&B go POP! Formed in 1998 with
members Siobhán Donaghy, Mutya Buena and
Keisha Buchanan, Sugababes underwent a few
personnel changes over the years that brought
Heidi Range, Amelle Berrabah and Jade Ewen
into the act. Every Sugababes lineup has given
us gems of the genre. In 2006, with members
Keisha, Heidi and Amelle, Sugababes released
the new song "Easy" as the lead single on
their greatest hits album Overloaded:
The Singles Collection.

"Easy" was a top 10 hit in the UK and reached
the top 5 in Slovakia and top 3 in Belgium.
There was electricity in the air as the soulful
Sugababes performed the song live on VIVA,
a music TV channel in the UK and Ireland.

"Easy" - Sugababes
(Nov. 2006, highest chart pos.
#3 Belgium/#5 Slovakia/#8 UK,
from album Overloaded: The Singles
Collection, live performance on VIVA)


Here's a great performance by the original
lineup of Sugababes - Mutya, Keisha and
Siobhán. Appearing live in 2000 on the
UK music TV show Top of the Tops,
the girls mesmerized the audience
with "Overload," the first single
from their debut studio album
One Touch.

"Overload" - Sugababes
(Sept. 2000, highest chart pos. #2
New Zealand, #3 Germany & Austria,
from Nov. 2000 album One Touch,
live performance on Top of the Pops)


On New Year's Rockin' Eve in the Shady
you were entertained by Joe Jonas, former
 member of the pop rock band The Jonas Bros,
and his new, super cool funk pop/dance rock
band DNCE. Now meet one of Joe's brothers,
singer/songwriter and Disney Channel movie
actor Nick Jonas. In the fall of 2014, as a solo
artist, Nick achieved the highest charting and
best selling single of his career with "Jealous"
which cracked the top 10 on the Hot 100 and
hit #1 on the Hot Dance Club Songs chart.

"Jealous" - Nick Jonas
(Club Killers Deep House Remix,
Sept. 2014, highest chart pos. #17
U.S. Pop Songs/#17 U.S. Dance Club,
#38 Hot 100, from Nov. 2014
album Nick Jonas)




Jessica Eden Malakouti is one of the brightest
rising stars of modern dance pop. Using the
stage name Eden xo, the Los Angeles based
singer/songwriter scored a hit with "Too Cool
To Dance," a song and video featured last year
in vol. 1 of my series on post-millennial pop.
As an act called Jessie and the Toy Boys,
Jessica opened for Britney Spears on her
Femme Fatale tour. From Jessica's 2011 EP
Show Me Your Tan Lines, here is one of the
singles that inspired this post - "Valentine."

"Valentine" - Jessie & the Toy Boys
(promo single from June 2011 EP
Show Me Your Tan Lines)



Time to spice things up with another dose
of Sugababes. "Push the Button," one of the
girl group's biggest hits, was named by some
critics as one of the best pop singles of the
2000s. Recorded by the combo of Keisha,
Mutya and Heidi and released in the fall
of 2005 as lead single from the group's
4th studio album Taller in More Ways,
"Press the Button" hit #1 in the UK
and four other countries.

"Push the Button" - Sugababes
(Nov. 2005, highest chart pos.
# 1 UK & four other countries,
from Oct. 2005 album
Taller in More Ways, live
performance Sept. 2005)



One by one Siobhán, Mutya and Keisha
left Sugababes, but the original lineup
reunited in 2012 amid reports they were
back in the studio working on a new album.
In 2013, the trio, renamed Mutya Keisha
Siobhan aka MKS, released the critically
acclaimed single "Flatline." A minor hit
in the UK and a substantial hit in Ireland
and Lebanon, "Flatline" proved that the
founders were still capable of producing
that otherworldly, almost indefinable,
Sugababes sound!

Mutya Keisha Siobhan
(Sept. 2013, highest chart pos.
#14 Ireland/#19 Lebanon/#50 UK)


Great news, folks -

I just got invited to
the Valentine's dance!

Giggity giggity!

What the hell, Quagmire? Meg tells me
you're her date for the V-Day dance!!!

Now take it easy, Peter. It won't cost
you a cent. I'm doing it free of charge!


  1. First of all you put together a very funny cartoon vignette for one of our favorite shows— Family Guy. The characters are accurately portrayed and the story line is similar to one you would find on the show— and just as funny.

    I never even heard of the Sugababes but they are amazing— beautiful young women, sexy and with smooth voices that blend together on catchy songs. My favorite is Push the Buttons.

    I liked Joe Jonas on your New Year's Eve post and I enjoyed Nick Jonas equally well in this one. It's cute the part where he plays keyboards with that older woman. His song Jealous is a good one for Valentine's week when people celebrate love and romance and jealousy often rears its head. I remember Eden xo from that post last year. She has a great voice for pop and I enjoyed her song Valentine.

    This is a cool post for Valentine's week, filled with humor and great music— as always!

    1. Hi, Kathryn!

      Thank you for checking out this year's V-day post featuring Sugababes. I didn't discover this UK trio until a year ago when I was working on my pop series. At first I intended to include them in that year-long series or in one of my rave posts, but I came to the conclusion that they should have their own post because they are so charismatic and made so many fine recordings. I say "made" because it appears the Sugababes have fizzled out and have no plans for future reunions or recording sessions. It is impossible for me to pick a favorite song from this batch because they are all A+ in my opinion. If I had to choose I would select "Easy" and "Push the Button." I was also pleasantly surprised by "Flatline" by MKS, the Sugababes incarnation of the 2010s. It's as good as anything they ever recorded - right in the pocket like a plug in a socket.

      I am also excited to bring you that groovy Nick Jonas hit and "Valentine" by Jessie Eden Malakouti, one of the edgiest and most underrated pop performers on the modern dance-pop scene.

      I'm happy to know you enjoyed my Family Guy sketch and the musical offerings. Thanks again for being the early bird and have a great week, Kathryn!

  2. Replies
    1. Hi, Alex!

      Quagmire becomes fixated on anything female that moves. :) I hope you enjoyed the sketch and the sounds.

      Thanks, good buddy!

  3. I LOVE your Family Guy vignette to open and end this entry. You gave me a good chuckle, especially at the end when Quagmire wants to take Meg out on a date. I can only imagine! Family Guy is one of my favorites: thanks for the laugh.

    I was never big on Nick Jonas or the Jonas Brothers. I skipped over that one. I do like Sugababes. I'm going to have to download some more of their songs. I like their sound.

    Have a great week ahead and happy Valentine's Day, dear friend!

    1. Hi, Jessica Marie!

      Thanks for joining the fun as I present England's Sugababes, a soulful R&B/dance-pop trio that won me over this past year with their singing style and sexy ways. I'm happy to know you like these Brit girls and got a few giggles from my Family Guy piece. Be sure to check out Jessie & the Toy Boys because their EP is wall-to-wall greatness.

      Thanks again for coming over, dear friend JM, and have a wonderful week!

    2. Hi, Shady,

      I'll be sure to check out Jessie a day the Toy Boys! Always love listening to new music!

      Have a great Thursday, dear friend!

    3. Hi, Jessica Marie!

      Yessum, Jessica M is an underrated artist. Keep in mind that she also records under the name Eden xo.

      Thanks, dearie!

  4. At least we are not celebrating V.D. day...that would not be acceptable:) I like the Valentine's Day with the family Guy Gal....poor thing looks more like the average gal I see than the o es usually in the movies or TV. Well, this music is not my favourite but the girls have good voices and harmonize well. I like the last one. That one girl, Jessie, is appealing even though her voice sounds techno pop. I have no desire to listen to any Jonas brother:) Happy Valentines Day

    1. Hi, Birgit!

      How are you, dear friend? Thanks for coming to my annual V-Day dance! In years past, this bash has been hosted by Austin Powers, International Man of Mystery, but this year the honor of guest hosting went to Family Guy's Meg Griffin. Yessum, Meg is the average teenage girl next door. In the series she never gets any respect from her folks and therefore occasionally turns to her lecherous neighbor, commercial airline pilot Glenn Quagmire, for attention and comfort.

      I'm happy to know you have an overall positive impression of Sugababes. Golly, you are the second Jonas hater to comment and I find that interesting and puzzling. I'm curious to know what's not to like about those boys. Yessum, I'm sure that Jessie (aka Eden xo) uses the latest studio whistles and bells on her recordings. In doing so, she has come up with several gems of the genre, in my opinion.

      Thank you again for your visit and comment, dear friend BB. I wish you a happy Valentine's Day as well!

    2. The boys just sound like they have had their gonads taken off with a spoon. They don't sound like men but whiny little boys to me.....drippy..hahahaaa I am a little better today and actually made a card! I just didn't upload it. Happy Valentine's Day to you, well ahead of the game. I can't write V- Day because it just is too close to VD day and that is a whole other meaning:)

    3. Hi again, Birgit!

      Thanks for coming back to follow our thread, dear friend. Now you've got me curious. If you don't like men who sing in high pitched voices, it is probably a sure bet that you didn't like Tiny Tim. But does it also mean that you do not like Frankie Valli and the Four Seasons, Lou Christie or the Newbeats? Or is there a subtle difference in voices that makes all the difference. That's what's true for me. I can come to the conclusion that I like or don't like a particular style of music, for example, but the minute I make that rule I start discovering exceptions to it. It's fascinating and a bit frustrating because I am trying to better understand my likes and dislikes.

      Thanks again for taking time to connect, dear friend BB, and enjoy your week!

  5. You work so hard on all your posts. Always so nicely put together.
    I have been busy with other not fun stuff so mine are quite lacking. Thank Goodness thehamish has been helping me.
    I don't watch much TV and never have seen the Family Guy.
    But when it is all said and done... more important
    Happy Valentines Day to you.

    cheers, parsnip

    1. Hi, Gayle!

      It's good to see you, dear friend. Thank you very much for making time for a visit! :)

      Thank you also for the compliment. SDMM is a labor of love, a lot more play than work. I select content that delights me (as every blogger should do) and if Mrs. Shady and my other readers like what they see and hear, all the better. If not, I am still happy and satisfied and have a record of what interested me and when.

      Minute by minute, Family Guy yields more laughs than any other TV comedy series I have ever watched barring none. I urge you to give it a try if you happen to like edgy topical humor.

      I will be over shortly to see what you and thehamish have been up to this past week.

      Thank you again for your friendship and support, dear Gayle, and happy Valentine's Day to you, too!

  6. Hey Meg, it was so nice of you to stand in for Shady today. I hope he appreciates your good humor and choice of music. However, I'm not sure Quagmire is the best choice for your Valentine date. Ok, I know the pickings are slime (I mean slim, lol!) in your town, but I guess you can grin and bear it!

    Of course I have never heard of the Sugababes, but, what a great group! They really woke me up with "Flatline"! A fabulous, colorful video and their mature voices-it was fabulous! I really enjoyed their video "Push The Button", as it reminded me of some of our girl groups of the early 1960's. You would have to have been there, Meg! Their very stage presence really brought this song home!

    I like Nick Jonas on his own, and have seen some of his work on Shady's blog, the New Year's Rockin Eve show!

    Well, Meg, I salute you for bringing us such a nice show of music and lovely ladies! I wish you a wonderful Valentine's Day...I know how it feels not to have a date, and go to the dance by yourself! But, in the end (50 years later) I found the most romantic man ever, and it was worth the wait!

    Tell, my dear friend Shadytine hello for me, and Happy Valentine's Day to him and Mrs. Shady! ♫

    1. Hi, Suzanne!

      How are you, dear friend? I'm very happy to see you and thank you for stopping by as I present another Family Guy parody (there have been a few others) plus three music acts that have become favorites of mine: Nick Jonas, Jessie & the Toy Boys, and those sultry soul sirens from England, the Sugababes.

      Regarding Glenn Quagmire, you wrote:

      << Ok, I know the pickings are slime (I mean slim, lol!) >>

      I think you were right the first time! :) Quagmire is a slime and a sleaze, albeit a lovable one in the context of the series. If you aren't watching Family Guy I highly recommend it.

      I'm thrilled to know you enjoyed the act in the center ring, Sugababes, and singled out as faves the songs "Flatline" and "Push the Button." Both of those songs make me swoon. Yet, I could say the same about "Easy" and "Overload." I totally agree with the things you wrote about Sugababes. When they harmonized, the Brit girl trio produced an otherworldly sound and they had magnetic stage presence. It's a shame they have apparently called it quits and have no immediate plans to bless us with more of their great music.

      Thank you again for your cheery visit and for expressing so much in your comment, dear friend Suzanne. I wish you a happy week ahead including Valentine's Day which I know will be bittersweet. God bless!

  7. Never watch much TV, in fact none at all cuz me dislike 2 b indoctrinated ... the sugababes are a fine example of indoctrination ... one is white, one is black and one is Hispanic, surprised dey didn't include an Asian girl ... anyway ... wishing U and Mrs Shady a very happy Valentine, friend Shady ... am off 2 travel Feb17 to Mrch03 ... talk 2 U upon return, hmmm? Love, cat,

    1. Hi, cat!

      You had me fooled, dear feline friend. I thought you already took your trip and were back home. Now that I know when you are leaving, I have time once again to wish you a safe trip and lots of fun and adventure.

      I'm not sure how you become "indoctrinated" by watching television and listening to mixed race pop music acts like Sugababes. Based on your recent post about Canada's indigenous people of the First Nations and the horrors of the Canadian residential school system, I assume you are saying that TV and mixed race pop acts are leading us to a blended, homogenized society and diluting each individual group's cultural heritage. Whatever the case, I respect your opinion and actually applaud you for being able to avoid the ubiquitous influence of the mass media.

      Happy V-Day to you, dear friend cat. I will miss you and eagerly await your return along with pictures from your getaway. Bless you, cat!

  8. She'd better watch that Quagmire dude. He's nothing but trouble!

    Have a very Happy Valentines Day, and enjoy the rest of your week!

    1. Hi, Sherry!

      How're you doing, dear friend? Thanks for coming over!

      Yessum, that darned Quagmire is crazy about the ladies, and that includes the girl next door, Meg Griffin (voice provided by Mila Kunis). If you're not watching Family Guy yet, I highly recommend it.

      Thanks again for your visit and comment, dear friend Sherry!

  9. Tom,

    Our kids liked The Family Guy but I never cared for it too much. Sugarbabes are hot chick band! I liked their more recent tune, "Flatline" the best. It seemed to suit them purrfectly. I appreciated the intro of all the feline artists featured today.Nick Jonas' electro-pop single makes me wanna get to my feet and dance, which is precisely what I need. I need to gettin' movin'. I need to shake things up. My coffee is wearing off! I better get up before this burst of energy wears off, my friend. Thanks for sharing and for visiting earlier. Have a good one!

    1. Hi, Cathy!

      Thank you very much for coming by to experience my latest Family Guy parody along with a lineup of pop artists and songs selected for Valentine's Day.

      I'm excited to know that you enjoyed my picks, especially my featured artists Sugababes. I'm high on those ladies and impressed that the various combinations of group members yielded fine recordings. I agree that "Flatline" is a great one and I never get tired of hearing it. The title seems fitting because the act flatlined at that point and the MKS women have no plans to continue recording or doing live shows together.

      I have all of these songs on heavy rotation in my CD changer and exercise to them nightly.

      Thanks again for visiting and happy Valentine's day, dear friend Cathy!

    2. Tom, I enjoy how clever you are at pulling off your parody posts. You have an excellent sense of humor and you really get into the characters through your writing. It's kinda sad when you like a group and they break up but you never know they may decide to do a reboot tour someday. Have a lovely Valentine's Day with Mrs. Shady!

    3. Hi, Cathy!

      Thank you for swinging back over for another dose of Sugababes and Family Guy. Thank you for the compliment, dear friend. I enjoy presenting parodies of my favorite TV series or simply promoting them w/o a humorous touch as I did in my post paying tribute to From Dusk Till Dawn, one of the series you originally recommended to me. If I know the characters of a series well enough, I can effectively write dialogue for them and build story lines around them. The characters in Family Guy are very easy for me to write for, it seems, and I have featured the show at least a half dozen times on SDMM.

      If the Sugababes do not reunite there is always a chance the individual members will become part of other groups or pursue careers as solo recording artists.

      Thanks again for coming to chat, dear friend Cathy, and happy V-Day to you and Robin!

    4. Tom,

      I recall in past posts you bringing to life TV series, including From Dusk till Dawn, on your blog. I think it's great fun to see how you do this and it works so well. I envy people such as you who can do this sort of thing but then we all can't be alike, can we? That's why I try to surround myself in life and in Blogosphere with friends who have various talents and intellect who inspire and teach me things. For instance, I can't pull off your kind of posts you did show me the importance of tossing interesting tidbits in my mewsic post and that's what I try to do. Thanks for being such a good friend. Have a delightful weekend with Mrs. Shady!

    5. Hi, again, Cathy!

      Thanks for continuing our thread, dear friend! Yessum, I think it is great that we can inspire one another and learn from each other here in the blog world. Over the last couple of years, my mewsic listening habits have been shaped by you and some of the TV series that Mrs. Shady and I now enjoy can be linked directly back to you. I am still watching Damages, for example, and preparing to watch season 3 of FDTD. I am grateful to you.

      Thanks again for dropping back in to chat, dear friend Cathy, and enjoy your weekend!

    6. Tom,

      Damages is an excellent TV series. I hated to see that one end. Last night, we watched the movie "Knowing" on Netflix with Nicholas Cage which actually turned out to be a good movie. Rose Byrne (Ellen Parsons character) also starred in the movie. It's funny how Damages is the first place I was introduced to Rose and this is the first movie I noticed her in. I'm sure she's in other stuff that I've seen but I just don't remember but I find this to be the case often. New faces that appear shortly after in something else. We started FDTD season 3 but got off track watching other stuff. We'll eventually get back to that series. Are you watching the new 24? Another to check out is Lethal Weapon? We're using the network apps to keep up with these shows current episodes. Well, gotta dash. Enjoy the weekend and I'll see ya around next week, my friend!

    7. Hi hi hi, Cathy!

      Happy Saturday to you, dear friend! Thanks a lot for stopping back in.

      I think Rose Byrne is a fine and very exciting actress, and Damages is the only thing I have seen her in thus far. I like Nick Cage even tho he is often panned by the critics, and I am willing to give Knowing a try.

      No, Mrs. Shady turned thumbs down on the new 24 series and I haven't gotten around to watching it yet. We did watch the original series with Keifer. The promos I have seen for Lethal Weapon look good, but there are so darn many choices these days that it is hard to keep up. Mrs. S has nixed the Blacklist spin-off but seems eager to see the spin-off of The Good Wife.

      I hope you are having a super weekend, Cathy, and thank you again for being such a great friend!

  10. Hi Meg – please give my regards to dear Shady!
    Hadn’t heard of the Sugababes, but there were a few enjoyable samples here. My favorite was “Flatline” – had to smile at the friendly waver in the background at the popcorn stand. The video images and tune itself has some great fluctuations (all upbeat) and brought to mind good-time travelling and fun summer days! It was just like Shady to throw in those teasing lines of lyrics to tantalize us Orbison fans ;-)
    Not to worry dear Meg, we ladies are lucky to have the Peters and Uncle Guidos of the world around to save us from Valentine quagmires ;-) Have a terrific time!

    1. Hi, diedre!

      I'm so happy to see you, dear friend!
      Thanks for joining the fun as I present the sultry, soulful UK trio Sugababes and other pop artists to help get you in the mood for Valentine's Day.

      I'm delighted to know that your ears match mine on Sugababes, particularly their last (latest) single "Flatline." Seems almost everybody who commented so far has named it as their personal "Pick To Click" and I am not about to argue. Did you recognize where that video was shot? Wiki sez << The official music video for "Flatline" was shot by fashion photographer KT Auleta at the Venice Beach in Venice, Los Angeles, during the week of 8—14 July 2013. The trio revealed that they had seen her work on the Italian edition of Vogue and thought it was "amazing", therefore, they picked her to film the visual. >> The film shooter later followed the girls out to the desert in their car for the last segment of the video.

      Thanks for playing along with my Meg Griffin/Family Guy sketch. What a great comment from you! Thanks again for coming by, dear diedre, and happy Valentine's Day to you and your special someone!

  11. Is Shady out because he's on a date? :D
    I remember my "youth" with Sugababes.

    Happy Valentine's Day!

    1. Hi, Luxie!

      Thanks for joining the fun, my phine Philippine phriend. I'm always happy to have you over!

      Yessum, Shady couldn't be here because he is on a date with Lois Griffin. :) Peter didn't mind, but Brian is awfully jealous. :)

      It's cool that you remember Sugababes from your youth. I hope that means you liked them.

      Thanks again for stopping by, dear friend Lux, and happy Valentines's Day to you and your special someone!

  12. OH Family Guy!! My husband loves watching therefore i watch it by default. I love Brian and Stuey.
    Happy Valentines Day Shadester!!!

    1. Hi, Holli!

      Thanks for swinging by, dear friend. I'm glad to see you!

      I'm happy to know you are familiar with Family Guy through osmosis from Todd watching the series. Brian and Stewie are very funny when they play off each other, but Peter is the funniest character on the show, in my opinion.

      Thanks again for joining the fun and happy Valentine's Day to you and Todd, dear friend Holliwood!

  13. Except for the Jonas kiddo I didn't know the other groups but they are lovely and talented and I enjoyed this mix of Valentine fun! You never fail to educate me on me...groups and songs! Hope your Valentine's Day was great. Your menu certainly sounded yummy and spending it with your sweet Valentine makes it perfect! I'm off work today because "We're going to the Chapel, and we're going to get married"...remember that diddy? Well, my oldest son is getting married to his lovely Evelyn today! More on my blog later but I shared this news with you first! Have a good day in beautiful Florida!

    1. Hi, YaYa!

      Thank you very much for dropping by, dear friend. I'm excited to see you!

      Congratulations to your son and his soon to be new bride, Evelyn. I remember you showing us pictures of them a while back. How romantic that they are getting hitched during V-Day week! I am honored to be your first blog friend to get the news. As I recall my big brother got married on Valentines Day in 1958. On a sad note, my mother collapsed on Valentine's Day, 1995, and died in the hospital one day later, and so I am plagued by those unpleasant memories at this time of year.

      I'm happy to know you enjoyed listening to some new-to-you recording artists and that you appreciate their looks and talent.

      Thank you again for making time for a visit before heading off to the "Chapel of Love," dear friend YaYa. Enjoy your day and the rest of your week!

  14. ... so enjoyed Ur Valentine's post, Mr Shady ... smiles ... me is off 2 travel again 4 a while ... and if dey have WIFI in Bali me will catch up with U dere,k? ... smiles ... Love, cat.

    1. ... me suspect, me will always smilimg at U, friend Shady ... Love, cat.

    2. ... "smiling" I meant to say ... I hate spelling mistakes ... cat.

    3. Hi, cat!

      Thanks for dropping in one more time before you leave for Bali. It was very kind of you, dear friend!

      I hope my reply to your previous comment made sense and accurately spoke to your concerns. I believe that preserving cultural identity is very important to you and that is why you do not always agree with cultural trends that strip it away and make us all the same. I am pleased to know that you found some value in the post regardless.

      I am honored to think that you will always be smiling at me, dear cat. :) Me 2! I actually look forward to your typos and corrections because they help run up my comment total. :)

      Have loads of feline fun in Bali, dear, cat. Take pictures of the beach, the entertainers and the local kitties and post them on your blog for all to see. Stay safe and have a great time. C U when I C U. :)

    4. :) :) :)

      Please take good care of yourself, cat.

      I'll be missing you!


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