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"More than a place, the Shady Dell was and will forever remain a state of mind." - Shady Del Knight

"More than a place, the Shady Dell was and will forever remain a state of mind." - Shady Del Knight

Thursday, January 5, 2017

Counting Down the 200 Greatest Hits of the Shady Dell (From #115 to #111)

 It's time once again to put your 

 musical knowledge to the test as 

 we continue our countdown of 

 The 200 Greatest Hits 

 of the Shady Dell! 

 You know the drill. 

I'll give you a line or two of lyrics taken
from five of the most popular Dell songs
of the mid 60s. Your mission, Jim,
if you decide to accept it, is to

 Name That Tune. 

Put on your thinking cap. Here are
the lyric samples for the next
five Dell songs:

We got to make the break
'Cause we got too much at stake

You been running
all over the town now.

It's sleeping in my memory.

I'm going red and my
tongue's getting tied

Thank you for that gleam
that flows with grace


Okay, let's find out how well you did.
Here are the popular Dell songs
in today's countdown:

 115. "(We Ain't Got) Nothin' Yet" 
 The Blues Magoos (December '66) 

 114. "Mustang Sally" 
 Wilson Pickett (December '66) 

 113. "I Am A Rock" 
 Simon & Garfunkel (May '66) 

 112. "Let's Spend The Night Together" 
 The Rolling Stones (February '67) 

 111. "Sunny" 
 Bobby Hebb (July '66) 

How many songs did you correctly guess from the lyric clues? Refer to the grading scale below to determine your musical I.Q.

 All 5 right – 

 Congratulations! You’ve been 

 appointed dean of the 

 College of Musical Knowledge. 

 3 or 4 right – 

 Licensed lyric lover. 

 2 right - 

 Lyrically challenged. 

 1 right – 

 Sign up for remedial classes 

 at the School of Rock. 

 0 right – 

 You just dance and hum along! 

Have a Shady day!


  1. It has been a while since you posted Name That Tune. Sign me up for night classes at the School of Rock because I only guessed one of those songs. I love Paul Simon and The Rolling Stones— and I recognized the words to I Am A Rock— but I didn’t know those words to Let’s Spend The Night Together. I also like that Blues Magoos song. Even though I got a low score this time I still had fun playing the game and listening to those fabulous Shady Dell songs of the 60’s!

    1. Hi, Kathryn!

      Thanks for reporting in bright and early. What??? You almost flunked my mom & pop quiz? :) You should have stayed up late last night cramming for the test instead of binge watching NCIS reruns. :)

      You’re right. It has been a while since I played Name That Tune with the Dell Countdown. The last time I ran it was the end of August last year. I am not surprised that you knew those Paul Simon lyrics. Sorry you drew a blank on all the rest. Better luck next time.

      Thanks again for playing, Kathryn, and enjoy the rest of your week and weekend!

  2. Tom,

    I'm not gonna lie to ya, I didn't know any of the songs (again) and earned a big fat "0". Of course, I knew the all the songs, except for "Let's Spend the Night Together" by the Stones and that's because I've not given their stuff much attention and am not much of a fan. I definitely hummed and did a little chair boogie listening to these oldies. For some reason Sunny holds some sort of magic but I have no clue why. I reckon something good must have happened around the time I was introduced to this song and the two memories are forever tied together. :) I really loved this morning's mewsic and I'm gonna give you a tweet out for others to play along! BTW, did you catch my WW photos? You might like wanna check Balsam Mountain Inn out for y'all future vacation plans this way. Have a good day, my friend and thanks for visiting!

    1. Hi, Cathy!

      Thank you for being such an early bird today. I'm delighted to see you, dear friend!

      I'm sorry you scored a zero on the test. Cheer up. It is difficult to figure out songs by reading only a few of the words, and I purposely pick the most obscure lyrics I can find.

      You are not the only one who thinks "Sunny" holds magic. Written by Bobby Hebb himself, "Sunny" is one of the most often recorded popular songs of the 20th century. It certainly held a lot of magic for Dell rats to have made the Dell's Greatest Hits survey. I think the lyrics to "Sunny" are quite poetic compared to some of the ditties that became hits during the same period. Check out these other passages from the song:

      My life was torn like wind-blown sand
      And a rock was formed when we held hands

      You're my spark of nature's fire
      You're my sweet complete desire

      Indeed perhaps something good happened in your life the first time you heard "Sunny" and it got you anchored to the song. It happens all the time, both positive and negative.

      I missed that post of yours because we had repair work done at our residence and later needed to drive to the airport to pick up Mrs. Shady's son. Mrs. S and I are always open to your suggestions on travel and accommodations and I am eager to read about that Inn. I will be over shortly to read your post.

      You might have received a big fat "0" on the quiz, but you score 100% as a friend, Cathy. Thanks again for coming over and have a super Thursday!

    2. Ahh, thanks for the 100%! That's sweet and I'm glad you made it over to take the tour of Balsam Mountain Inn. Have a good day, dear friend!

    3. You too, dear Cathy! On my grading scale, you get an A+! :)

  3. Good morning, Shady!
    Thanks for a fantastic start to the day! Add to the terrific tunes the fact that I knew three (yes, three!) on the lyrics quiz and I'm nearly giddy!
    Wilson Pickett, Simon & Garfunkel and Bobby Hebb - though I knew the song (Sunny) and not the artist on that one ;-) I'll be setting the dial to oldies on the road today!
    Happy day, my friend.

    1. Hi, diedre! (I remembered :)

      Thank you very much for being another early arrival to the oldies party as I resume my official Countdown of the 200 G.H. of the Shady Dell (mid 60s edition).

      I am astonished that you guessed three of these songs from those lyric fragments. You, dearie, have forged into the lead in this contest, and I will be very surprised if anyone tops your score.

      There's a lot of interesting trivia about "Mustang Sally." It was originally recorded in the spring of 1965 by the man who wrote the song, Sir Mack Rice. As the story goes, the song began as a joke when songstress Della Reese was craving a new Ford Mustang. Rice called the song "Mustang Mama" but Aretha Franklin came up with the idea to change it to "Mustang Sally." At the Shady Dell, two different cover versions of "Mustang Sally" became jukebox hits - this 1966 single by Wilson Pickett, and a cover waxed earlier in the year by The Young Rascals. The Rascals cover was played much more often than Pickett's and ranks much higher on my survey. You will have a chance to I.D. their version of "Mustang Sally" when the Countdown gets to that segment, but it will take four or five more years before I get to that post, so please be patient. :)

      Thank you again for your visit and excellent comment, dear friend diedre (I remembered :). Have a wonderful day and I'll see you again soon!

  4. Just call me shameful, Shady! I should have gotten all of them, but, only scored two. I know every one of these songs, but sometimes they sing so fast, lol, that I couldn't catch all the words...or, could it be that I was dancing too fast, and didn't pay attention to what they were saying?

    I love Mustang's really a favorite of most of us old classic rockers! Karo and I actually recorded it some years ago, but I won't let anyone listen to it. He couldn't find a stopping place, and I was fighting a cold, so it just goes on and on!

    And, I did get "I am a Rock". I just sing that song a lot, so I got the feel of those words.

    I love all these other songs you presented. Had forgotten about the Blues Magoos, and really enjoyed the video of them. That is a real good dance song...that's why I didn't recognize the your phrase!

    This was a good list...guess my thinking cap is a little off kilter this morning. I've got a lot going on at one time. Multi-tasker!

    It's been pretty chilly here, Shady, around 38° right now. I'll be picking Scootie up this weekend. I think there is to be possible snow flurries tomorrow (no promises tho). But I like getting Scootie out to the park with his scooter so he can work off some of that energy!

    Thanks for the great songs, all were up there in my book! Maybe next time I'll get a better score, haha! Take care, Shady ♫

    1. Hi, Suzanne!

      Thanks for coming by for my second post of 2017, dear friend - another installment of my Dell's 200 G.H. Countdown.

      You say you correctly guessed two of the songs from the lyric clues? Congratulations! Although your official designation is "Lyrically Challenged," you have leapfrogged into second place with a darned good chance of bringing home a silver medal for Team Texas! :)

      If you read my reply to diedre (above) you will see some interesting facts (supposedly) about "Mustang Sally." I wish I could hear the tape of you and Karo singing it. It can't be all that bad. Sir Mack Rice, the guy who penned "Mustang Sally," was delighted when his song was picked as the fab flip of the Rascals' huge hit single "Good Lovin'" (another R&B cover), because he made lots of $$$ from sales of the record, even though his song was on the B side.

      WHAT? 38 degrees in your vicinity? I wish you'd send some of that cold air my way. It is a little cooler here the last couple of days, but I'm in the mood for a genuine cold snap. (Guess I'm foolish for living in Florida.)

      I hope Scootie enjoys his visit with you and plays off some of that youthful energy (something else that I've been wishing for and not getting :)

      I'm tickled silly that you enjoyed this set of songs from the Dell Countdown, dear friend Suzanne. I hope your year is off to a great start. Take care, have a great weekend, and I shall see you soon!

  5. I know most of the bands and their songs, but I didn't get any of the lyrics. Had you selected Sounds of Silence, I might've gotten that one.

    1. Hi, Alex!

      Thanks for coming over, good buddy. Happy New Year to you!

      I'm sorry you couldn't guess any of the songs from the lyrics, but the good news is that you are tied for 4th place in the competition! :)

      Keep in mind that I did not "select" these songs. They were selected in the mid 60s by the Rodentia Intelligentsia, the Dell rats, who "voted" for their favorites by pumping their dimes and quarters into the Shady Dell jukebox. These are records that were played often enough at the Dell and for a long enough period of time to earn them positions on my 200 Greatest Hits list. "The Sound of Silence" is also on that list and will be showing up in a future post, so be on the lookout for those lyrics.

      Thanks again, Alex, and enjoy the rest of your week!

  6. The only one I recognized the lyrics to was "Mustang Sally." However I've heard the Simon & Garfunkle and Rolling Stones' songs before.

    Have a wonderful weekend, Shady!

    1. Hi, Ashton!

      Many thanks for being here for another segment of my 200 G.H. Countdown, dear friend!

      Hey, If you got one right, it means you are tied for third place - not too shabby in this tough competition. Thanks again for being here and playing Name That Tune in the Shady.

      I wish you, your husband and little girl a wonderful weekend, too!

  7. I am so pathetic..... only one and it was just a guess.

    Used to drive a beautiful dark blue with gold specks in the paint Mustang. I loved that car ! And played that song full blast all the time.

    cheers, parsnip

    1. Hi, Gayle!

      Thank you very much for coming by to play an invigorating round of Name That Tune.

      I take it you correctly guessed "Mustang Sally" from the word clues. With a score of one right you secured a tie for third place and have a decent shot at the bronze. (The tie-breaker goes to the first contestant to make fire.)

      I wish I could have seen you cruisin' the Sunset Strip in your vintage Stang. If you have pics please post them on your blog! :)

      Thanks again for joining the fun, dear friend Gayle. Take good care of thehamish and your finicky katties and I'll see you again soon!

  8. Well, I just dance and hum along. I didn't get any! I'm surprised I didn't get at least the Simon and Garfunkel one. Or the Stones!

    I've always said though, I'm more into the music than the lyrics. But still, I should've gotten at least one! :(

    It's gloriously cold here and I have to go let the dogs out. Time to bundle up then come back in and crawl under the blanket on the recliner and snuggle with the boys! A perfect Friday night!

    Enjoy your weekend Shady!

    Michele at Angels Bark

    1. Hi, Michele!

      Thank you very much for coming to play Name The Tuneage! :)

      WHAT??? You flunked the test? That is a surprise, but look on the bright side. With a score of zero, you stake your claim to a share of 4th place. No shame in that! :)

      You and I are alike because we pay more attention to the sound of a recording. Our enjoyment does not hinge on learning all of the lyrics.

      I envy you for experiencing good honest cold winter temperatures. We still haven't had a decent cold snap this season, but I heard it is supposed to be 7 degrees cooler tomorrow. That's a start. I also envy you for being able to snuggle with your hounds. I am dogless and wish that I could experience pet ownership again, but Mrs. S and I agreed that we don't want to go there.

      Thanks again for your visit and comment, dear friend Michele. I hope you are having a great Friday night and I wish you a safe and happy weekend!

  9. I am dancing and humming long:) Now I suck at trying to guess the songs but I do know each song well and love them especially the first one and Simon and Garfunkel. This was nice to listen to....Happy New Year!

    1. Hi, BB!

      Thank you very much for coming down to view this segment of the Greatest Hit Countdown.

      You got a zero? Don't fret, dear friend. You are not alone. You join a growing number of people in 4th place and you get a grade of A+ just for showing up. I'm pleased to know you love the Magoos and S&G.

      Thanks again for joining the fun, dear friend, Birgit, and happy New Year to you, too! (It will soon be time to say "Merry Christmas" again. Just wait and see. :)

  10. Sorry I'm late to class! Thursday had me working until Friday 1am, back to work Friday at 7a-3:30 so I just hit the computer this afternoon. At least Chubbs didn't eat the homework this time! However, I'm signing up for the remedial class as I only got the S&G tune correct since it was actually asleep in my memory! I was happy to see that I knew each and every song after seeing the titles so maybe a little extra credit to help my grade? Good start to this new year Shady and I hope all's well in your neighborhood. I couldn't believe seeing the craziness at that Florida airport and hope you and any friends or family are OK. It's a super cold weekend up here and the wood burner is doing it's best to keep us comfy. Enjoy your sun and warmth!

    1. Hi, YaYa!

      Thank you very much for reporting in, dear friend. I appreciate it, especially since you've had such a rough work schedule the last few days.

      Getting one right answer on my Name That Tune quiz is like hitting a bases loaded grand slam home run in the bottom of the 9th with two outs and two strikes on you. :) Most people seem to be guessing the S&G song w/o much problem. Those Rolling Stones lyrics are probably the toughest to guess. Yessum, I am always willing to give extra credit to a grade A+ friend like you. :)

      Yessum, it was very disturbing to read about the shooting at the airport. Mrs. S and I were at at the Tampa Airport two nights earlier. Makes you think.

      We aren't feeling much Florida warmth today. We are starting to get a taste of winter. It was cloudy and drizzly earlier, and now the wind is blowing hard and the temp is dropping like a rock. We are expecting an overnight low of 38, the coldest air of the season for us. I can only imagine how much colder it is up your way. Stay warm.

      Thanks again for your cheery visit and comment, dear friend YaYa, and enjoy the rest of your weekend!


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