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"More than a place, the Shady Dell was and will forever remain a state of mind." - Shady Del Knight

"More than a place, the Shady Dell was and will forever remain a state of mind." - Shady Del Knight

Monday, December 26, 2016

New Year's Rockin' Eve in the Shady - It's Time To KISS 2016 Goodbye!





Hi, I'm Shady Seaweed, the World's Oldest Living Toddler. Welcome to my second annual New Year's Rockin' Eve in the Shady. Tonight we're going to kiss 2016 goodbye with KISS!

Kiss will destroy you with three of their
songs, beginning with "Talk To Me" from
Unmasked, the band's 8th studio album.

Released in the spring of 1980, Unmasked
was the last Kiss album to feature the four
original members - Paul, Gene, Ace and
Peter, although an uncredited Anton Fig
replaced Peter on drums for the entire
session. Here they are, the loudest and
hottest band in the world, (yessum...
I looked it up, and they are, in fact,
the loudest and the hottest)...


"Talk To Me" - Kiss 
(November 1980 single from
May 1980 album Unmasked)


You're tuned to New Year's Rockin' Eve
in the Shady, and next, let's go live via
satellite to Stockholm for a performance
by Robyn, Sweden's most exciting export
since ABBA. She's a little bit Madonna...
a little bit Billy Idol... and ALL THAT!
Click the vid at the 25 second mark,
crank the loudness up to 10 and
experience an artist who must be
seen (and heard) to be believed.

"Indestructible" - Robyn
(Live at Berns Salonger, Stockholm,
Nov. 2010, highest chart pos.
#4 Sweden, #13 Denmark,
#21 UK Dance, from the
Nov. 2010 album Body Talk)



Kiss takes the stage once again, this time
to perform a song written by Paul Stanley.
"Got To Choose" is the lead track on
the band's second studio album
Hotter Than Hell released
in the fall of 1974.

"Got to Choose" - Kiss
(from October 1974 album
Hotter Than Hell)


I am pleased to welcome back for the second
year in a row Maria Brink, Chris Howorth
and their Los Angeles metalcore
band In This Moment.

You are about to experience one of the
greatest live metal performances ever
as Maria and the boys do "Daddy's
Falling Angel," a song from their
debut album Beautiful Tragedy.

"Daddy's Falling Angel" 
In This Moment
Live at DeepRockDrive
(from Mar. 2007 album
Beautiful Tragedy)



If you're just tuning in, you're watching
New Year's Rockin' Eve in the Shady,
and now it's time to meet the second
act of the night coming to you
from Boss Angeles.

It's Joe Jonas, one of the singing Jonas
brothers, and his uber cool band DNCE.
These guys and a girl play an exciting
blend of funk pop and dance-rock.
Here they are with their top 10
hit single "Cake By the Ocean,"
Kiss them hello... D-N-C-E!

"Cake By the Ocean" - DNCE
(Sept. 2015, highest chart pos.
#9 Hot 100/#1 U.S. Adult Top 40,
#4 UK/#1 Germany, Israel, Japan
and four other countries, from
Oct. 2015 EP Swaay and
Nov. 2016 album DNCE)


The clock strikes twelve and Kiss makes
a final curtain call to ring in the new year
with a song from their 11th studio album
Lick It Up. From the fall of 1983, here
is "Young and Restless Wasted."

"Young and Wasted" - Kiss
(from Sept. 1983 album
Lick It Up)

2016 is coming to an end...


Happy New Year, dear reader,

and thank you for another year

of friendship and support!


  1. Hello Shady Seaweed! lol I'm glad we finally agree on something— I agree that you are the world’s oldest living toddler. lol.

    I am not as much of a Kiss fan as you, but I liked their three songs. I don’t think I ever heard those three before. I remember In This Moment from last year and years before. Her screaming and screeching on that song is a little too extreme for my taste— but there’s no denying she and her band know how to rock the house.

    Robyn and DNCE are also new to me. You’re right— Robyn has the voice of Madonna and the moves and body language of Billy Idol. She is a dynamic performer. I’m surprised I never heard of her before this. DNCE is fantastic! Jonas has a great voice and the band is exciting to watch.

    It looks like you have started a tradition with New Year’s Rockin’ Eve— and it’s a fun way to end the year. Happy New Year!

    1. Hi, Kathryn!

      Thanks for coming to my second annual New Year’s Rockin’ Eve in the Shady (not to be confused with Tea Time With the Teletubbies).

      I’m glad you enjoyed these three Kiss performances. I suppose you and other readers might be wondering why the audio and video were out of sync on the second and third Kiss songs. There are many fan-made videos on YouTube paying tribute to Kiss and other artists. These homemade vids use bits and pieces of existing concert footage married to the original studio recording. This is done in cases where the audio from the live stage show is significantly inferior to the studio sound. These unofficial videos offer superior sound along with historic footage of the band, but the lip flap is often out of sync.

      Yessum, Maria Brink screams like a banshee on “Daddy’s Falling Angel,” and that’s a very good thing for metal fans like me. Bands that rock hard will always be welcome here at SDMM, and my Halloween posts and New Year’s Eve spectaculars are the perfect times to turn them loose. The greatest fear a lover of extreme metal can have is that a favorite band of the genre will go soft on them, sell out and adopt a softer, more melodic, more commercial sound. This blistering performance by my favorite metal band In This Moment is reassuring, quite literally music to my years. Harsh as it might seem to you, "Daddy's Falling Angel" does not by any means represent the most extreme form of metal. On a scale of 1 to 10 it would probably rate a 7 when taking the entire metal spectrum into account.

      I’m happy to know you enjoyed Robyn and DNCE, two acts that I discovered while doing research for my year-long pop series. Robyn is the real deal and I have more of her brilliant performances in the pipeline. Same with DNCE. Those new kids on the block are in the groove, turning out funky dance music and garnering a multitude of fans.

      Thanks again for your visit and comment, Kathryn. Let’s make 2017 a fabulous year, okay?

  2. Happy New Year Shady! Whenever I see or hear KISS I always think of the reality TV show with Gene Simmons and his family. It's hard to believe that's the same guy who rocked the music so many years ago! He's either really a crazy person or the smartest darn business man ever. Many times in the OR when DR.B was still in our hospital, he blasted KISS. He would have loved "In This Moment" so much but I know you like to feature a wide variety of music. DNCE is more my style I guess! Enjoyed that and all the KISS numbers that I'd never heard before. I hope you have a really fun party time with Mrs. Shady as we bid farewell to 2016 that flew by so fast. See you next year!

    1. Hi, YaYa!

      Thank you very much for being so punctual to the party as we ring out the old and ring in the new with the loudest and hottest band in the land... KISS!

      During its run from 2006 to 2012, I watched quite a few episodes of Gene Simmons Family Jewels. You're right. It didn't seem like I was watching the same guy who turned into the fire breathing, blood drooling Demon on stage with KISS. Simmons is a very shrewd businessman, that's for sure. Starting in the 70s he figured out how to effectively package and market KISS as a brand as well as a band.

      I remember you telling me about the OR surgeon playing KISS while cutting. It's hard to imagine In This Moment blasting during a delicate procedure but it wouldn't surprise me if some doctors have played the metalcore band in their operating rooms (hopefully while the patient was asleep :).

      I'm happy to know you enjoyed some of "tonight's" musical lineup and I thank you again for coming, dear friend YaYa. Happy new year to you and your wonderful family!

  3. hahahahahahaha. . . You can Kiss 2016 goodbye ! ! !
    Just heard the George Michael died on Christmas day.
    I wasn't a Wham fan but I like many of his singles.
    Too bad this was his "Last Christmas"

    Happy Happy New Year to you.
    cheers, parsnip

    1. Hi, Gayle!

      Welcome back, dear friend! Yessum, you returned just in time to KISS 2016 goodbye. I hope you enjoyed a tune or two performed at my imaginary live New Year's Eve broadcast.

      Millions of fans are in shock over the death of George Michael and awaiting further details. The music world lost many great ones in 2016.

      Happy new year to you, to thehamish and to your kitties, dear friend Gayle!

  4. Tom, I've tried a few times to stop by to visit you before now but things got hectic with the family over the weekend. Anywho, thank you for stopping in to wish us a Merry Christmas. I hope you and Mrs. Shady had a funtastic celebration!

    I love this idea of a New Year's Rockin' Eve blog post to close out the year! I sorta have something like this planned with my Saturday Songsuasion post, except I'm featuring #1 Peak 2016 Songs to end the year. Hopefully, you'll get a chance to stop by.

    Unfortunately, I'm having problems with my right ear and can't hear very well. So, heavy metal and/or screaming vocals were just a bit too much for me to take in today. However, the new-to-me Swedish chick, Robyn's sound I was able to appreciate and am eager to listen to more of her stuff. You're so right, she's a bit like Madonna. I'm not sure about Billy Joel, though. I haven't seen him perform enough to know. Another interesting talent and personal fave in this lot of artists is Joe Jonas & DNCE, whose also new-to-me. Is Joe Jonas related to the famous "Jonas Brothers"? Again, I'd like to hear more done by Joe & his band. I'm going to go to YouTube in a bit to see what I can find on both of these new-to-me musicians. Thanks for sharing these cool tunes as we Kiss 2016 goodbye! My prayer is that the New Year holds good things for you & yours. Thank you for your sincerity and trueheartedness, my friend. God bless you!

    1. Hi, Cathy!

      Thank you very much for being the early bird this morning. How kind of you to make time for a visit in the middle of your busy holiday week!

      Mrs. Shady and I will be on the road again Friday but I will be back in my Shady cave by Saturday and look forward to experiencing your version of New Year's Rockin' Eve.

      I'm sorry you are having a problem with one of your ears, dear friend. If you don't like hard rock and heavy metal, then hearing loss is actually beneficial as you listen to most of the songs in this post. :)

      I'm happy to know that you enjoyed Swedish singing sensation Robin Miriam Carlsson, stage name Robyn. As you might recall, I presented a couple of songs by another Swedish female artist, disco queen Agnes Carlsson, in one of my recent rave posts. She is known professionally as Agnes, dropping the Carlsson. (I think every Tom, Dick and Harry in Sweden is named Carlsson. :) I'm sure you meant to write Billy Idol there. Robyn certainly does not remind me of Billy Joel. :) If you aren't familiar with Billy Idol, take a quick look at this video and note the similarities to Robyn in his physical appearance, attitude, gestures, flair for the dramatic and even camera shots.

      Yessum, I'm sure you remember the singing Jonas Brothers, Nick, Joe and Kevin, who rose to fame in the mid 2000s on Disney Channel movies and TV series. I have a performance by Nick Jonas coming up in a future post. DNCE is a group that really impresses me. They have the look, the style, the chemistry, the song material and a funky, blue-eyed soul sound that should enable them to be consistent hit makers in the years to come.

      Thank you again for your kind visit and for the generous well wishes for 2017, Cathy. I especially thank you for looking past the pipe and seeing the real Shady. The qualities you attribute to me are a reflection of what's inside you, the same qualities that draw me to you and make us great friends. I look forward to growing our friendship throughout the coming year.

      God bless you, too, and happy new year to you and Robin!

    2. Tom, Thanks for clearing that up for me regarding Robyn. Billy Joel is what my brain was wrapped around but now that I've had a couple of cups of coffee and that you've pointed out your reference to Billy Idol then she I see the similarity between the two. I think this ear problem messes with my head, too. Seriously, it does. I get confused a little when a lot is going on, especially when I'm trying to listen to something or someone. It's craziness! I hope this mess clears up soon. Have a safe trip back and you can rock the new year in with either or both of my Saturday Songsuasion or BoTB posts this weekend! Happy,Happy New Year!!

    3. Thanks so much, dear Cathy!

      I temporarily forgot about your ear problem and I am sorry it continues to plague you. I sometimes get swimmer's ear after taking a shower and the condition is really annoying, especially for mewsic lovers like you and me. I hope you experience relief soon.

      Thank you again for returning to say hello. You are always welcome here at SDMM, dear friend Cathy!

  5. Hey Shady. Happy Holidays. Fun Rockin' New Year's Eve post. I really like DNCE and their Cake by the Ocean song! Also new to me was Robyn. She indeed does sound a lot like Madonna. Good stuff there.

    I never really was a big KISS fan. I like a few of their songs. These ones you presented here were all new to me. It was nice to see them perform without all that makeup on! I can finally SEE these guys!

    The In the Moment: I couldn't listen to but a few seconds of that one. Too much screaming and screeching. I just don't get that style and I definitely don't like it. I can't imagine being at a concert with that kind of "music" --- Ugh! Maybe that's my age showing... :)

    HAPPY NEW YEAR! 2017 is but a few days away. I don't know if I'm ready yet... :)

    Michele at Angels Bark

    1. Hi, Michele!

      Thank you very much for dropping by, dear friend! I'm glad you like my New Year's Rockin' Eve concept. I think I'll take Mrs. Shady's advice and turn it into an annual tradition the way Dick Clark and Ryan Seacrest did.

      I had the chance to meet the KISS guys backstage and unmasked in January 1986, and they have always been at or near the top of my favorite bands list. I selected three great but seldom heard KISS classics for this post. Of course, KISS sounds like the Singing Nun compared to bands like In This Moment. Maria Brink & her guys are my current co-fave band alongside Butcher Babies. Call it scream therapy, but when I listen to a metal performance like "Daddy's Falling Angel," I feel an instant rush of pleasure and my 15 year old mind tells me "this is it... this is just right... this is perfection." I'm sorry your ears and mind reject this style of music, but you and I agree on more important matters like politics, greyhound racing and animal rights.

      Happy new year to you, your mother and your dogs, dear One-L Michele. Thank you very much for sticking with me this year and continuing to build and refine this great friendship of ours. See you next year!

  6. Enjoyed your "Kissing" away 2016! I liked "Indestructable," too. Good song.

    Hope you and your wife have a wonderful 2017!

    1. Hi, Sherry!

      How are you, my dear Georgia friend? Thanks for coming by for my last post of the year: "KISS 2016 Goodbye." (FYI: Gene's snake tongue is 100% real!)

      I'm delighted to know you enjoyed that live performance of the hit single "Indestructible" by Sweden's exciting female artist Robyn. I am completely sold on Robyn and have more clips from her riveting live shows and conceptual music videos coming up in future posts.

      Thank you very much for solidifying our friendship this past year, Sherry. I wish you, your husband, your entertaining kids and your equally entertaining cat and dog all the best in 2017! See you then, dear friend!

  7. I was never a Kiss fan, yeah they had some songs I liked but not much of a fan

    1. Hi, Jo-Anne!

      Thank you for coming all this way to help me KISS 2016 goodbye!

      I'm sorry you aren't much of a KISS fan. I hope you liked the other artists I presented. I'm currently working on a three-part series that you might enjoy more. It will feature Australian entertainers. It's coming in 2017, so please stick around, dear friend. Happy new year, Jo-Anne!

  8. Hi, Shady!

    What a wonderful selection, especially for an end-of-the-year party! The songs you chose are a perfect send off for an eventful year. :)

    I will also listen again on New Year's Eve. :)

    1. Hi, Jessica Marie!

      Thank you very much for coming to my year-ender KISS party, dear friend!

      Yessum, I picked a set of songs that are hot on my personal hit parade at the moment, including three great KISS tracks that I haven't heard in years, a blistering live performance by last year's hosts, Maria Brink and her band In This Moment, plus two acts that are making their SDMM debut tonight - Robyn and DNCE.

      I'm glad you had a good time and I invite you to return Saturday night and listen again to these New Year's nuggets.

      Thanks for being such a great friend in 2016, JM. Let's keep the ball rolling through the coming year!

    2. I might have to do something like this, but the slide show I am posting on 12/31 should suffice. :)

      Thank YOU for being such a great friend to me in 2015 and 2016. I look forward to reading and chatting more in 2017!

    3. Hi, Jessica!

      I can count on one hand, perhaps on one finger, the number of friends I have who like or even tolerate heavy metal and hardcore rap. You are one such friend and I appreciate that. I look forward to having lots more fun with you here and at your place in 2017.

      Happy new year, dear friend JM!

  9. Kiss is so apt for the end of year.
    Merry Christmas!

    1. Hi, Luxie!

      Welcome back to SDMM, my friend around the world!

      Thank you very much for coming over for my last post of 2016 featuring KISS... in and out of makeup. Just think. KISS declined to perform at the inauguration next month, but I got 'em for New Year's Rockin' Eve in the Shady - what a coup! :)

      Thanks for your friendship and support throughout 2016, dear Lux. I hope we will stay connected through 2017. I wish you a safe, healthy and happy new year, dear friend!

  10. HI Shady Seaweed! Sorry, I'm dragging up in the caboose. It's been a busy week so far, and, today is the first I've even logged on to blogger since right before Christmas!

    Wow! Well, I was never a follower of Kiss, although I knew who they were in the 80's. So, even tho I know their names, I hardly know their music. I really liked "Young and Wasted, and enjoyed all of their videos you presented. I have the utmost respect for this group because of their longevity (always love their costumes) and, they give back. They do for others! A great group, what a way to close out the year-with a big KISS!!!

    Robyn is "Indestructible" isn't she! I watched the whole video, and, she really put on a great show. The audience was very receptive. Her band is also very good.

    Joe Jonas has a lot going on..."Cake By The Ocean" is a good upbeat song, and the video is very cool. It's really the first I've seen and heard of him on his own.

    Well, Shady, I hope you had a pretty great Christmas! I have to tell you I'm glad it's over, but I don't know about the new year coming up. I guess we just need to open our eyes and minds wide, and jump in with both feet! Glad to see you gearing up for a new blogging year! Take care...Happy New Year, dear friend! ♫

    1. Hi, Suzanne!

      It's great to see you, dear friend! Thank you for making time for a visit during this busy week between Christmas and New Year. You made it in plenty of time. The ball hasn't even begun to drop yet. :)

      I remember being blown away by KISS the first time I laid eyes and ears on them in 1974. I have been a big fan ever since, but moved beyond them a few years ago to harder and heavier sounds like those produced by Maria Brink and her band In This Moment. It is important to point out that even a band like In This Moment is considered too tame, too melodic, to commercial by hardcore fans of more extreme forms of metal. I have collected some of that very extreme material but doubt that I will post any of it because most of my readers are having a hard enough time listening to mainstream, middle of the road metal bands like Maria's.

      Anyhow I am pleased to know that you enjoyed one of the KISS offerings and also found value in Robyn and DNCE, two acts that were completely new to me until 2016.

      Mrs. Shady and I were (and still are) on the road and had a nice Christmas with family. I hope the same can be said for you and Scootie and your mom and sister back home. I know 2016 was a struggle for you emotionally, and the anniversary of Karo's death is something you will have to deal with soon. I'll be here for you all the way, Suzanne, wishing you well, wishing you healing and peace, and hoping that you can focus on the happy memories of the past and on making many happy memories in 2017. Thank you very much for returning to SDMM this year and for renewing your friendship vow. Your return was the best surprise and greatest gift I received all year.

      Happy new year to you, dear friend Suzanne!

    2. In 1974 I must have still been in the disco scene, and some classic rock...oh, I think Crosby, Stills, & Nash, Moody Blues & KC and the Sunshine bands. I hadn't even heard of KISS at that time! They are good, I will admit.

      But, I wasn't to taken with Maria Brink...too much screaming! lol!

      Hope you're having a great time on your travels. I'm considering a trip to Las Cruces, NM in the spring. How funny! I've never been there, but it's just outside of Texas. We'll see. Thanks Shady! Will see you soon! ♫

    3. Hi again, Suzanne!

      Mrs. Shady and I had a cup of coffee at a diner in Las Cruces, NM, two years ago. We stopped in Las Cruces on our way from El Paso to Flagstaff to visit the Grand Canyon. I hope you get to take that trip. West Texas and New Mexico were a delightful change of scene for us.

      May all good things come to you in the coming year, dear Suzanne. Thanks again for your friendship and support!


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