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"More than a place, the Shady Dell was and will forever remain a state of mind." - Shady Del Knight

"More than a place, the Shady Dell was and will forever remain a state of mind." - Shady Del Knight

Monday, December 26, 2016

New Year's Rockin' Eve in the Shady - It's Time To KISS 2016 Goodbye!





Hi, I'm Shady Seaweed, the World's Oldest Living Toddler. Welcome to my second annual New Year's Rockin' Eve in the Shady. Tonight we're going to kiss 2016 goodbye with KISS!

Kiss will destroy you with three of their
songs, beginning with "Talk To Me" from
Unmasked, the band's 8th studio album.

Released in the spring of 1980, Unmasked
was the last Kiss album to feature the four
original members - Paul, Gene, Ace and
Peter, although an uncredited Anton Fig
replaced Peter on drums for the entire
session. Here they are, the loudest and
hottest band in the world, (yessum...
I looked it up, and they are, in fact,
the loudest and the hottest)...


"Talk To Me" - Kiss 
(November 1980 single from
May 1980 album Unmasked)


You're tuned to New Year's Rockin' Eve
in the Shady, and next, let's go live via
satellite to Stockholm for a performance
by Robyn, Sweden's most exciting export
since ABBA. She's a little bit Madonna...
a little bit Billy Idol... and ALL THAT!
Click the vid at the 25 second mark,
crank the loudness up to 10 and
experience an artist who must be
seen (and heard) to be believed.

"Indestructible" - Robyn
(Live at Berns Salonger, Stockholm,
Nov. 2010, highest chart pos.
#4 Sweden, #13 Denmark,
#21 UK Dance, from the
Nov. 2010 album Body Talk)



Kiss takes the stage once again, this time
to perform a song written by Paul Stanley.
"Got To Choose" is the lead track on
the band's second studio album
Hotter Than Hell released
in the fall of 1974.

"Got to Choose" - Kiss
(from October 1974 album
Hotter Than Hell)


I am pleased to welcome back for the second
year in a row Maria Brink, Chris Howorth
and their Los Angeles metalcore
band In This Moment.

You are about to experience one of the
greatest live metal performances ever
as Maria and the boys do "Daddy's
Falling Angel," a song from their
debut album Beautiful Tragedy.

"Daddy's Falling Angel" 
In This Moment
Live at DeepRockDrive
(from Mar. 2007 album
Beautiful Tragedy)



If you're just tuning in, you're watching
New Year's Rockin' Eve in the Shady,
and now it's time to meet the second
act of the night coming to you
from Boss Angeles.

It's Joe Jonas, one of the singing Jonas
brothers, and his uber cool band DNCE.
These guys and a girl play an exciting
blend of funk pop and dance-rock.
Here they are with their top 10
hit single "Cake By the Ocean,"
Kiss them hello... D-N-C-E!

"Cake By the Ocean" - DNCE
(Sept. 2015, highest chart pos.
#9 Hot 100/#1 U.S. Adult Top 40,
#4 UK/#1 Germany, Israel, Japan
and four other countries, from
Oct. 2015 EP Swaay and
Nov. 2016 album DNCE)


The clock strikes twelve and Kiss makes
a final curtain call to ring in the new year
with a song from their 11th studio album
Lick It Up. From the fall of 1983, here
is "Young and Restless Wasted."

"Young and Wasted" - Kiss
(from Sept. 1983 album
Lick It Up)

2016 is coming to an end...


Happy New Year, dear reader,

and thank you for another year

of friendship and support!

Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Poppin' Around the Christmas Tree! Little Mix - Big Sound... and Who Did Shady Pick As Pop Artist of the Year?



L I T T L E   M I X !

X Factor alumni Little Mix are back to
perform for us in this the 12th and final
volume of my year long series on the
exciting young female stars of pop.

Little Mix specializes in girl power anthems
like "Wings," the lead single from their 2012
debut album DNA. "Wings" vaulted to #1
on the charts in the UK, Scotland and
Ireland. I love the cold intro on this
recording. With "Wings" these
fly girls take off and soar!

"Wings" - Little Mix
(Aug./Sept. 2012, h.c.p. #26
US Mainstream Top 40,
#1 UK, Scotland & Ireland,
from Nov. 2012 album DNA)

In the fall of 2013, Little Mix released
their second studio album Salute.

"Move," the album's lead single,
is a bass heavy R&B style song
inspired by 90s club sounds.

"Move" - Little Mix
(Nov. 2013, h.c.p. #3 UK,
#2 Scotland/#5 Ireland,
from Nov. 2013 album Salute)

Get Weird, the third Little Mix studio
album, dropped in the fall of 2015.

"Hair," a dance-pop single from
the album, features guest vocals
by Grammy nominated Jamaican
dancehall/reggae artist Sean Paul.

"Hair" - Little Mix
(Apr. 2016, highest chart pos. #11 UK,
#10 Australia, #7 Scotland, from
Nov. 2015 album Get Weird)

"Love Me Like You" is another
Little Mix single from Get Weird.

The retro style video recalls 60s proms
and sock hops along with girl groups
like the Ronettes and Supremes.

"Love Me Like You (Christmas Mix)" -
Little Mix (Christmas season 2015,
h.c.p. #1 New Zealand Heatseekers,
#11 UK, #5 Scotland/#8 Ireland,
from Nov. 2015 album Get Weird)


Jada Facer is best known as an actress.

Born in Utah, now living in Los Angeles,
Jada won the Young Artist Award for
Best Leading Young Actress in a TV
Movie for her part in the 2011 film
Love's Christmas Journey. In 2014
and 2015, Jada had a recurring
role on the ABC Family TV
series Melissa & Joey.

Thanks to her YouTube channel, Jada is
getting noticed for her ability as a singer
and musician. Listen to Jada's pure, sweet
voice on this next song. Accompanied on
guitar by singer, songwriter and producer
Tyler Ward, 15 year old Jada performs a
 cover of "Shout Out To My Ex," the lead
single from the just released Little Mix
album Glory Days. Shady sez: as an
actress, singer, or both, Jada Facer
is destined for stardom!

"Shout Out To My Ex" 
Dec. 2016 Little Mix cover
by Jada Facer ft. Tyler Ward

Now it's time for me to name my Pick To Click
for the entire 12-part series. Taking into account
her age: 14... her voice: incredible... and her
star potential: ginormous... I proclaim our
hometown heroine, Tampa Bay native

Skylar Stecker

Pop Artist of the Year!

You might be saying "Let it snow,"
but here in Florida we say
"Let It Show."

"Let It Show" - Skylar Stecker
(Aug. 2016 single)

"Rascal" - Skylar Stecker
(single from Sept. 2015
album This Is Me)

"That's What's Up" - Skylar Stecker
(single from Sept. 2015
album This Is Me)

What a journey it has been!

Thank you very much for following me
all this year as I presented some of the
greatest, most exciting young female
performers of modern pop, pop rock
and pop rap. We now return to our
regularly scheduled programming.


Friday, December 16, 2016

Soup's On: Shady's Dishing Out More Hot Campbell's To Welcome Winter!


Welcome to Pt. 3 of my salute

to one of the queens of pop,

rock 'n' roll and rockabilly...

Jo Ann Campbell!

Go, Johnny, Go! (1959) was one of the many
rock 'n roll movies produced in the late 50s
and early 60s. This one starred legendary
DJ/promoter Alan Freed and featured
 teen pop idol Jimmy Clanton whom
you'll see in the following clip.

Go, Johnny, Go! was released six months
before Clanton gained a top 5 hit with
"Go, Jimmy, Go." The musical lineup
of the film included Jo Ann Campbell.
In this scene Jo Ann takes the stage
and performs her latest release
"Mama, (Can I Go Out Tonite)."

"Mama (Can I Go Out Tonite)" 
(February 1959, uncharted,
scene from June 1959
film Go, Johnny Go!)

In Part 2 you listened to Jo Ann's 1959
single "Beach Comber." On the B side
of that platter is a cute novelty ditty
with male and female spoken parts.
It's a familiar theme in early 60s
teen pop songs: "I Ain't Got
No Steady Date."

"I Ain't Got No Steady Date" 
(July 1959, B side of
"Beach Comber")

Switching to ABC-Paramount in 1960,
Jo Ann waxed "Kookie Little Paradise."
 It's yet another novelty 45 and begins
with the sound of Tarzan's ape call.
"Kookie Little Paradise" was one
of only three Jo Ann Campbell
singles to make the chart.

"Kookie Little Paradise"
(Sept. 1960, highest
chart pos. #61)

In 1961 Jo Ann kicked her jets
and put the pedal to the metal.
The result was another novelty
rocker that used sound effects.
Meet "Motorcycle Michael."

"Motorcycle Michael" 
(Mar. 1961, uncharted)

Jo Ann was rockin' the blues in this
1961 single which paid tribute to
rockabilly star Duane Eddy
and his twangy guitar.

(October 1961, uncharted
B side of "Mama Don't Wait")

Hey, Let's Twist is another of those
quick and dirty "jukebox" movies.

This one milked the early 60s Twist
craze and starred Joey Dee and the
Starliters. The flick featured singing
and acting performances by Jo Ann.
Released on New Year's Eve, 1961,
Hey, Let's Twist marked the acting
debut of Joe Pesci, then only 18.

In the movie, curvaceous cutie Jo Ann
takes the stage, turned heads and begs
"Let Me Do My Twist." The boys in the
Peppermint Lounge were only
too happy to oblige.

"Let Me Do My Twist"
(from the 1961 movie
Hey, Let's Twist!)


Jo Ann Campbell married country singer
and guitar player Troy Seals, brother of
Jim Seals of Seals and Crofts, Dan Seals
of England Dan and John Ford Coley, and
Brady Seals of Little Texas/Hot Apple Pie.
Jo Ann & Troy recorded a couple of duets
together and in 1965 were regulars on
Dick Clark's Where The Action Is.
Soon after Jo Ann retired from
the music scene to focus
on raising a family.

Jo Ann Campbell was prolific and terrific.
She was also versatile, able to perform
rock 'n' roll, rockabilly, country style
ballads and novelty ditties with
equal dexterity.

Jo Ann's recordings on the Gone label
in particular are what I consider to be
shockingly good given the fact that
not one of those 14 sides reached
the chart. It's typical that I like
Jo Ann's uncharted records
more than her hits.

Jo Ann Campbell

was a real "Gone" gal.

Hopefully she will

not be forgotten.

Have a Shady day!

Sunday, December 11, 2016

Caution: Red Hot Campbell Wax!

Welcome to part 2 of

my holiday series

turning back time

and paying tribute

to rock 'n' roll and

rockabilly queen

Jo Ann Campbell!

Jacksonville spark plug Jo Ann Campbell
started rockin' and rollin' at the age of 18.
Jo Ann released a string of great records
but most of them missed the chart.

Like another favorite of mine,
Wanda Jackson, Jo Ann Campbell
looked innocent but could turn on
the nasty. On her 1958 Gone Records
release "Whassa Matter With You,"
Jo Ann uses a Wanda Jacksonesque
growl to get the point across. Jo Ann
also sounds like Connie Francis did
on that female singing star's early
career rock 'n' roll records. When
you hear how the band cooks on
this Campbell's classic I know
you'll be stirred!

"Wassa Matter With You"
(April 1958, uncharted)

On the B side, Jo Ann rocks again
with another catchy concoction.
This 45 features a Bossa nova
beat, vocal melismas by Jo Ann
and a cool chorus - all the makings
of a hit. Whassa matter, Billboard?

(April 1958, uncharted B side of 
"Wassa Matter With You")

The next Gone classic released by Jo Ann
was another song she wrote, this time
under the pseudonym of Doris Hatcher.
Big, bold, brassy, brash and sassy,
and hinting of danger, it's another
Campbell platter that had hit
written all over it. Nada!

"I Really, Really Love You"
(July 1958, uncharted)

Flip Jo Ann's record over and
you've got the glorious B ballad
"I'm Nobody's Baby Now."

It was bad enough that Jo Ann's
dance records sold poorly. It was
a crime that this dreamy country
style ballad saw no chart action
whatsoever. To Shady's ears
"I'm Nobody's Baby" (Now)
sounds a lot like the
Connie Francis hit
"Who's Sorry Now."

"I'm Nobody's Baby"
(July 1958, uncharted B side of
"I Really, Really Love You")

Jo Ann's bad luck streak was unfortunate
and unfair because the quality of her
records remained high year after year.

Jo Ann was still only 20 when, at the end
of 1958, she released a fabulous big beat
ballad. It's soon time to ring in the new,
and Jo Ann gets us in the spirit with the
Neil Sedaka - Howard Greenfield song
"Happy New Year Baby."

"Happy New Year Baby" 
(Nov./Dec. 1958, uncharted)

"Tall Paul" was Annette's "all."
Jo Ann Campbell urged gals to get
a "Tall Boy." Bobby Darin wasn't
exactly tall (5' 9") but, as you might
have gathered from watching the
videos in this series, Bobby and
Jo Ann were lovers for a couple
of years before Bobby married
actress Sandra Dee. The vid
you are about to watch contains
more candids of Bobby and Jo
for your edification.

"Tall Boy" 
(Nov./Dec. 1958,
uncharted B side of
"Happy New Year Baby")

With an irresistible rock 'n' roll rhythm,
killer guitar solo and effective use of a
male chorus, Jo Ann's "Beach Comber"
should have made waves on the chart.
Nothing - not even a ripple!

"Beach Comber" 
(July 1959, uncharted)

Stick around. There's more hot

Campbell's to warm your innards

coming up next in Part 3!

Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Campbell's Classics: Mmm Mmm Good!

She was a little bit country

and a whole lotta rock 'n' roll.

Jo Ann Campbell!

In this 3 part series we're turning back the clock
to the 50s and early 60s. You will meet zesty
singer Jo Ann Campbell and hear some
of her greatest recordings.

For decades the only thing I knew about
sassy songstress Jo Ann Campbell was
her 1962 top 40 hit single "I'm the Girl
From Wolverton Mountain," an answer
to country crooner Claude King's hit
"Wolverton Mountain," which spent
nine weeks at the top of the
country music chart.

"I'm the Girl
From Wolverton Mountain"
(Sept. 1962, highest
chart pos. #38)

I lied. I was also familiar with another
novelty record that became a minor hit
for Jo Ann the following year. "Mother,
Please!" (I'd rather do it myself) was
based on the popular slogan from the
Anacin pain reliever commercials.

"Mother, Please"
(May 1963, highest
chart pos. #88)

When I did some digging I realized that I
had missed a bunch of great recordings
made by this vivacious vocalist from
Jacksonville, Florida.  Let's go back
to the start of Jo Ann's career
and check 'em out.

Jo Ann's debut single, released in 1956
when she was age 18, set the rockin' tone
for many records that followed. "I'm Coming
Home Late Tonight" is an up tempo goody
reminiscent of "Sixty Minute Man," the
hit by Billy Ward's Dominoes
five years earlier.

"I'm Coming Home Late Tonight"
(1956, uncharted B side of 
"Where Ever You Go")

I was thoroughly impressed by the bluesy
authenticity of Jo Ann's follow-up
single, "Come On Baby."

I was surprised to learn that Jo Ann wrote 
the song and did so while still in her teens.

"Come On Baby" was released on break-in
novelty record king Dickie Goodman's
Eldorado label as the B side of a less
than spectacular ballad written by
Goodman. If I had been in charge
I would have picked Jo Ann's
original song as the A side!

"Come On Baby" 
(1957, B side of
"Forever Young")

Jo Ann next signed with Gone Records
and released seven excellent singles,
most of them doublesiders.

Here's a great example. The A side
features a boogie woogie piano intro that 
sounds like the beginning of Little Richard's 
hit "Lucille." I declare, Jo Ann Campbell,
"You're Driving Me Mad!"

"You're Driving Me Mad"
(1958, uncharted)

On the flip side of most up tempo records you
usually find a ballad. Not so on this single.
What you''ll find instead is more of
that pounding piano and a whole
lotta "Rock and Roll Love."

"Rock and Roll Love" 
(1958, uncharted B side of 
"You're Driving Me Mad")

If you've developed a taste for

Campbell's classics... stay tuned.

I'm serving more in parts 2 & 3

and they're mmm mmm good!

Have a Shady day!