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"More than a place, the Shady Dell was and will forever remain a state of mind." - Shady Del Knight

"More than a place, the Shady Dell was and will forever remain a state of mind." - Shady Del Knight

Sunday, November 20, 2016

Charli's Angels!

Welcome to part 10 of my 12-part series

covering the rising female stars of

pop, pop rock and pop rap.



Charli XCX (Charlotte Emma Aitchison) is
a perfect little angel as you will soon see.
The English singer/songwriter began her
career performing in London warehouse
rave clubs. Charli XCX first gained fame
as the featured vocalist on two worldwide
hit singles. "Fancy" by Australian rapper
Iggy Azalea and "I Love It" by Icona Pop,
a female electro-pop duo from Sweden.

"I Love It," a song included on Icona Pop's
first two albums, topped the US Dance chart.
It was used in the soundtrack of the racing
video game Need for Speed: Most Wanted
and on various TV shows, movie trailers
and commercials. I love it! Do you?

"I Love It' - Icona Pop ft. Charli XCX
(May/June 2012, h.c.p. #7 Hot 100,
#1 US Hot Dance-Electronic.
#1 in UK and in Scotland,
from Nov. 2012 album Icona Pop
& Sept. '13 album This is...Icona Pop)



At the end of 2014 Charli XCX released
her second studio album Sucker. It landed
in the Billboard top 30 and was ranked
6th best album of 2015 by Rolling Stone.

In 2015, Charli XCX cracked the UK top 10
and topped the Israeli chart with an alternate
version of "Doing It," a song from Sucker,
featuring the vocals of Yugoslavia born,
London bred singer and actress Rita Ora.
The video was inspired by the movies
 Thelma & Louise and Natural Born
Killers and by the iconic Barbie Doll.

"Doing It" - Charli XCX ft. Rita Ora
(Feb./Mar. 2015, highest chart pos.
#8 UK/#7 Scotland/#1 Israel,
from Dec. 2014 album Sucker)


"Break the Rules," the second single from
the Charli XCX album Sucker, was used in
the trailer for the 2015 movie Goosebumps
and ranked #5 on Cosmo's list of best
songs of 2014. You gotta love Charli
and her gal pals in this video as they
chant "I don't wanna go to school...
... I just wanna break the rules."
Not since Cyndi Lauper's
"Girls Just Wanna Have Fun"
have girls just wanna'd to
have this much fun!

"Break the Rules" - Charli XCX
(Aug./Sept. 2014, h.c.p. #27
US Mainstream Top 40,
#6 Austria/#4 Germany,
from Dec. 2014 album Sucker)


Here's another song by Icona Pop
taken from their album This Is...
Seems like these sassy Swedish
synth-poppers are "On a Roll."

"On a Roll" - Icona Pop
(from Sept. 2013 album
This Is... Icona Pop



Now meet another of Charli's angels,
Australian rapper, songwriter and model
Iggy Azalea. At age 16, Iggy (Amethyst
Amelia Kelly) relocated to the states and,
in the years that followed, established
herself as a hip hop artist, releasing
an album, three EPs, two mixtapes
and 13 singles. Iggy's 2014 album,
The New Classic became a world-
wide hit and spawned the chart-
topping single "Fancy" which
features vocals by Charli XCX.

"Fancy" - Iggy Azalea ft. Charli XCX
(Feb/Mar. 2014, highest chart pos.
#1 Hot 100/#1 Australian Urban
#1 New Zealand/#1 Canada


British singer (and shrinking violet) Rita Ora
returns now to cap off the post with "I Will
Never Let You Down," a single that made 
its debut at #1 on the UK chart and topped
the U.S. dance chart. A remix of the song
appeared on the Pepsi visual album Pepsi
Beats of the Beautiful Game released in
advance of the 2014 FIFA World Cup,
the world championship of men's
national association football teams.
In the vid, Rita is flanked by twin
sisters Polly and Sophie Duniam,
who gained fame on the BBC
TV series Home Farm Twins.

"I Will Never Let You Down"
(R3hab Remix) - Rita Ora
(Mar. 2014, highest chart pos.
#1 UK, #1 U.S. Dance Club
#1 Scotland)

I hope you enjoyed the shooting stars
of pop in part 10. I'll be hip-hopping
along to part 11 soon, so stay tuned.

Have a Shady day!


  1. First of all— happy birthday, dear husband! Care to reveal your age?—lol

    At first I thought this was yet another of your television show parodies. I never heard of any of these girls or groups— but they all rock. Their songs have catchy melodies and strong dance beats. My favorite videos are the Thelma and Louise bit on Doing It and the Girls Just Wanna Have Fun thing on Break the Rules. I think my favorite song is the last one— I Will Never Let You Down. This all girl post is loaded with frisky fun and mischief and great dance music— I had a terrific time watching and listening!

    1. Hi, Kathryn!

      Well aren't you sweet? Answer me. Aren't you sweet? :) Thanks for remembering my b-day. Yessum, 15 years ago today little Shady came into the world. :) I have vivid and rather disturbing memories of that day. My life got off to a rocky start when the doctor gave me a good spanking. I was only 10 seconds old, for crying out loud, and already in trouble!

      No respect, I tell ya...
      No respect at all.

      Now to the post. Thank you for tuning in to Charli’s Angels! These young women all have the same things in common. They are unstoppable. They are sassy. They ooze girl power attitude. They wanna break the rules, make their own and have lotsa fun, so look out world here they come! Every one of these recordings is a gem of pop or pop rap and can be found on one or more various artists compilations on the market I have all of these in my personal collection and they energize me when I play them during my evening workouts. I don’t even think I can pick a favorite here because they are so evenly matched.

      Thanks again for taking a look and a listen, Kathryn, and have a great Thanksgiving week!

  2. Hi Shady,

    I love Charli XCX! The library has her album and I had to upload it to my iPod. I would recommend Sucker to anyone - it's a very fun album.

    I also love "I Love It." I haven't really listened to Icona Pop, but I did like listening to the other video you posted. Rita Ora isn't bad either, but for whatever reason I could never get into Iggy Azalea. Though, I do like "Fancy."

    Have a great Sunday, dear friend!

    1. Hi, Jessica Marie!

      Thank you for stopping by on a Sunday, dear friend. It's good to see you!

      I own the Sucker CD and I agree it is loaded with great songs. I read an article recently that named Charli XCX as one of the most underrated modern pop artists, one who inexplicably has not yet caught on with listeners in the U.S.

      I love these two tracks by Icona Pop. The lyrics to "I Love It" always make me laugh:

      I crashed my car into the bridge
      I don't care, I love it, I don't care

      I'm glad you found a few tunes to your liking, dear friend Jessica Marie. Thanks again for visiting and have a super week ahead!

    2. I have heard of that - Charli XCX's album is rarely checked out from the library. It also took the library 6 months to add it to the collection because they couldn't find a record for it in the Library of Congress database. Guess the Library of Congress follows those trends too. It makes me sad because she is talented.

      Yes! Those lyrics make me smile too. They make me giggle as well.

      I hope you have a great Thanksgiving!

    3. Hi, Jessica Marie!

      Thanks for popping back in today. I wish you and your family and kitty (and pet monster) a very happy T-giving! :)

  3. I like all of these artists, although Fancy gets overplayed on the radio here something fierce.

    I have someone for you to check out - JoSmith. She actually went to school for me and just released her first album.

    1. Hi, Ashton!

      Happy Sunday, dear friend, and thank you for coming by!

      Yessum, "Fancy" is probably the most played of these songs. I still am not tired of hearing it though. I'm a little surprised than an explicit rap song is played heavily on the radio in Alabama.

      I just listened to "Queen of Fools" and other teasers posted by JoSMITH (stylized). She has a pleasing voice and I like her style. Are you saying she went to high school with you? Thanks for letting me know about Jo and thank you again for your visit and comment, dear friend Ashton!

    2. We actually went to all of primary school together. Nice girl. I'm glad she's finally getting to realize her dream.

    3. Thanks for letting me know about her. I will probably be adding her album to my collection.

      I also thank you for your ongoing friendship and support, Ashton. You are now my oldest actively participating blog friend and that means a lot to me!

      Have a great week. I hope your little girl has a wonderful Thanksgiving!

  4. Hi Shady,
    I remember watching Charli XCX a while ago on SNL! I enjoyed her hit, "Boom Clap" and "Breaking all the rules", (which seems to be my theme song!)
    I also love Iggy's "Fancy"! I exercise to it often!
    Another great post of Pop Divas!
    Oh, BTW, would you please tell Mr. Anderson I said,"HAPPY BIRTHDAY"!!!! Hope he has a wonderful day!
    A Proud American

    1. Hi, Proud American!

      Welcome back to Shady Dell Music & Memories!

      I didn't know that Charli was a guest performer on SNL. I hope she sang better than Lana Del Rey. :)

      Yessum, I frequently listen to "Boom Clap," "Break the Rules" and all these other songs during my workouts. The beat is excellent for setting the pace of an aerobic step routine.

      I will pass along your birthday wishes to Mr. Anderson and I am sure he will appreciate your thoughtfulness (as he has for 8 years).

      Thank you again for your visit and comment, APA, and have a happy Thanksgiving!

  5. Tom, I wanted to pop in quickly to wish you a very HAPPY BIRTHDAY, my friend! I'm in the middle of making DH's grandmother's stack cake recipe but I will be back by to listen to all of your mewsic selections. I hope you have a good day celebrating the blessings of another year!

    1. Hi, Cathy!

      What a wonderful surprise to see you today and to be on the receiving end of your sweet birthday greetings. You made my day, Cathy! (I wish I could taste that stack cake of yours. :)

      I hope you enjoy part 10 of my pop series. Thank you again for spreading cheer and demonstrating the power of genuine friendship. I hope to see you soon. Enjoy your T-giving week, dear friend Cathy!

    2. Tom, I'm ba-a-a-ck! Got the cake baked and now it's time to sample it after dinner. I have to fight DH to keep him from attacking it before he's actually had real food. Silly boy! Anywho, I listened to all of your electrifying dance tunes and yes, I really do like I Love It! I'm actually familiar with this song and many of the others featured today. You really had me chair boogieing putting me in a fantastic mood! Now, I need to boogie back into the kitchen to get dinner going before someone sneaks into the cake. Have a good evening, my friend!

    3. Thanks a million, dear Cathy, for making time to complete your mission and listen to my song set. I'm thrilled to know you are familiar with most of these recordings and like them. As I have been telling others, dance-pop numbers like these come in handy for 60-somethings like me. I play them during my daily 30 minute exercise sessions. I have an aerobic step and the dance beat sets the pace and keeps me moving. I'm happy to know they got your body moving, too, and that they put you in a good mood. Mission accomplished on my end!

      I hope DH didn't run off and hide in the closet with your whole cake while you were leaving your comment. :) Thanks again for the return visit, Cathy, and for making my b-day extra special with your warm and genuine friendship. I appreciate it so very much. Have a wonderful week and a happy Thanksgiving, dear friend!

    4. Tom, That's great you have a regular 30 minute workout routine everyday. With DH out of work, my exercise regimen got busted and I'm looking forward to getting back into the groove when he starts his new job. I'll miss having him around the house all day, but it'll be nice to get back to my usual routine. DH didn't steal my stack cake away to the closet and we did sample it. It's one of the best I've made he said and I have to agree. I'm not sure what I did different but whatever I did it was great. Maybe, it's our good mood that is influencing our taste buds. I don't know but I'm enjoying everything a little better these past few days. Have a blessed Thanksgiving and be safe traveling, my friend!

    5. Thank you, Cathy!

      Mrs. Shady is a great cook but for some reason she doesn't like to bake cakes. However this morning she made two pumpkin pies plus a generous batch of fresh cranberry relish for us to take along to her daughter's house tomorrow. I can't wait for the feast to begin!

      Your happiness is mine, dear Cathy. Life tends to dish out pleasant surprises to offset the disappointments. I have many reasons to be thankful at this point in my life not the least of which is this great and durable friendship of ours. :)

      Thanks again for dropping in to chat, dear friend Cathy. Happy turkey day to you and your family!

  6. I didn't know it was your birthday today or I would've stopped in sooner! HAPPY BIRTHDAY TOM! Hope it's been fabulous.

    I enjoyed your Charlie's Angels presentation. I especially liked the song (and the video) "Doing It". "Break the Rules" was a fun one too. You're right: very reminiscent of Girls Just Wanna Have Fun.
    I was also surprised by how much I liked Iggy Azalea's "Fancy". Good stuff there.

    Another great installment Shady.
    Perfect music to get your birthday going...
    Again, I hope it was terrific and that you did something fun!

    Michele at Angels Bark

    1. Hi, Michele!

      It's great to see you, dear friend. Thanks for dance-popping in! :)

      Yessum, it's my birthday, and it feels great to be surrounded by friends like you. Thank you very much for the wishes!

      I'm pleasantly surprised to know you enjoyed a few of these sassy songs about things like crashing cars into bridges and getting high and getting wrecked. These ladies shake things up, push the envelope and refuse to behave and conform. Again I'm so glad you enjoyed yourself!

      Thanks again for the birthday greetings and for your kind and generous comment, dear friend Michele. Have a wonderful week and a happy Thanksgiving!

  7. Happy Birthday, friend Shady ... so U r one of those "in betweens" ... half Scorpio, half Sagittarius ... half water, half fire ... o, my ... but if ever in doubt, U r always welcome in ma humble Sag home, k? ... Rita is awesome ... thanx 4 introducing me 2 her ... smiles ... Love, cat.

    1. Hi, cat!

      How are you, my feline friend? Thanks for coming down!

      I am not into astrology but, if you say I am half water, half fire, it explains a lot. :) (Mrs. Shady says I'm 100% baloney. :) I hope my Scorpio is compatible with your Sagittarius. Otherwise the only way to explain our great friendship is that we "Break the Rules," we're "On a Roll" and you and "I Love It." That's a "Fancy" way of "Doing It" (describing our rapport) but, bottom line, "I Will Never Let You Down." :)

      Thank you again for your visit, comment and birthday greetings, dear friend cat!

    2. ... awesome reply, friend Shady ... u smart and me like ... Love, cat.

  8. Happy birthday! I hope you enjoyed!
    fun songs to go with the party

    1. Hey, Mikey, thanks a lot for the b-day greetings, good buddy. That's very nice of you.

      You're right. This would be a great play list to get the party started if I had a real party. You're always invited and thanks for stopping by. Happy Thanksgiving, Mike!

  9. I have to read your blog posts to keep up with the current hot songs and singers. I've been sequestered behind my computer for a few years and lost track of what's hot and what's not. Thanks for the run down on these young ladies and their music.

    1. Hi, Cheryl Lee!

      How are you, dear friend? Welcome back!

      In this year long series I am shining the spotlight on dozens of exciting new and established pop, pop-rap and pop-rock female artists. At the time I began assembling these dozen posts, I knew only a few of these young women. I have enjoyed discovering the singers and songs that have been hot on the charts and filling dance floors in clubs around the world in recent years. I'm pleased to know you rely on SDMM to bring you a fairly decent smattering of EDM nuggets.

      Thanks for your visit and comment, dear friend C-Lee. Have a wonderful week and a happy T-giving!

  10.'re a Birthday boy, sort of on the cusp of "hot stuff", and, "going for it"! Happy 15th Birthday, Shady!

    I really like Rita Ora. She has a very mature voice, and, almost has mannerisms of Marilyn Monroe (but we know better). And, her sisters are really cute too! I think " I will Never Let You Down" would be my number 1 pick of all these pretty good songs.

    "Break the Rules" sounded real familiar, like I've heard it before. It is a fun video and song, that brings back the 'wanna do that' for a lot of us girls during high school days. And, I noticed only one blonde in the video-I really did enjoy it!

    "On a Roll" was another good one. Just when I thought they were going to drag it out, they jumped into a pretty beat mode, and I liked the black and white MOD clothes and glasses.

    I made it back from KC Saturday afternoon, and was pretty tired. But, my mom, sister and I had some great times at Branson and in KC. They were so happy I made it again, twice now, in the past 6 months! I will have a few tidbits for my blog in a few days.

    Have a wonderful Thanksgiving Shady, and Mrs. Shady. Hope your Birthday has been great! This is a fun post-you sure can pick 'em. Take care...from another Sag! ♫

    1. Hi, Suzanne!

      I'm very happy to see you, dear friend, and to know that you are back home in Texas safe and sound after a week of traveling out of state. I've been missing you!

      Yessum, Shady got another year older while you were away. I am now 15 going on 68! :) I'm beginning sense a pattern here. I'm wondering if all of my friends are Sags. Wouldn't that be a phenomenon worth studying? :)

      I'm delighted to know you found value in the post and discovered a few toe-tappers to get stuck in your noggin for a few days. Rita Ora's "I Will Never Let You Down" has a catchy melody, doesn't it? The twin sisters that dance with her in the video are the stars of a reality TV series in the UK. I never heard of them or that show but they must be big in Britain. I'm pleased to know you enjoyed Charli XCX and the girls of Icona Pop, too.

      Thank you very much for making my birthday week a happy one, dear friend Suzanne. I can't wait for you to play show and tell and give us the highlights of your trip to Branson. Thanks again for your kind an supportive comments, dearie, and happy Thanksgiving to you and Scootie Potter!

  11. Hi dear Shady!

    Aw, sorry I missed your birthday, Mr. A. (it tickles me that now there are two in my life!) I hope your day was wonderful.

    I really liked "I will never let you down" She (Rita) reminds me of someone I can't quite place, but it's a nice wisp of a memory just the same ;-)

    Thanks for the show and Happy Thanksgiving to you and Mrs.!

    1. Hi, Diedre!

      Glad to see you today, dear friend. Thank you very much for swinging by!

      Are you saying there are two Mr. Andersons in your life? FYI - my real first name is James but I go by Jim. Then there's my wife Margaret and my three children - Princess, Bud and Kitten. :)

      I'm pleasantly surprised that so many people like the Rita Ora song there at the end of the post. I can't think of who Rita reminds me/us of, but I think she fits right in with these other female poppers and rappers. They are all young and restless, bold and beautiful, brash and sassy. :)

      I'm happy to know you enjoyed the show, dear friend Diedre, and I thank you again for making time for a visit this week. I wish you and your family a very happy Thanksgiving!

  12. Shadester- Happy Happy Birthday to one of my most favorite blogger friends of all times!!!!
    Fun post as always. I was familiar with Icono Pop and Iggy although im not much of a fan of Iggy. I liked the song Doing it more than all played today.
    Have a wonderful day and celebrate your birthday all week. xoxo

    1. Hi, Holli!

      Thank you very much for coming, dear friend, and for bringing birthday greetings with you. I appreciate it! U know darn well that U are one of my favorite people on earth 2!

      I'm excited to find out that you know some of these pop acts and that you had fun with the post and enjoyed Charli & Rita's song "Doing It" along with their wild and woolly video reminiscent of the hit movies Thelma and Louise and Natural Born Killers.

      Thank you again for spreading good cheer and for being a wonderful friend year in and year out. I wish you and Todd and your bow-wows a very happy turkey day, dear Holliwood! :)

  13. Came and liked the post as I usually do

    1. Hi, Jo-Anne!

      How are you this morning (10:30 am local time), my dear Australian friend? Thanks for popping in!

      I'm glad you enjoyed Charli's Angels, the hits of Brit girls Charli XCX and Rita Ora, the female Swedish duo Icona Pop and native Australian rap prodigy Iggy Azalea.

      Thanks again for your visit and comment, dear friend Jo-Anne!

  14. The only one I wasn't familiar with was the Break the Rules one. Nice song! Fun post! Hope you have/had a great Thanksgiving!

    1. Hi, Sherry!

      Sorry I'm so late replying, dear friend, but I just got back home from a long day of travel.

      Thanks for taking a look and a listen as my 10th set of female poppers performed for you. I'm delighted to learn you already knew most of these songs and I'm glad you like the one that was new to you, "Break the Rules," a girl power anthem if there ever was one.

      Yessum, I had a nice T-giving and I hope you and your family did as well. Thanks again for coming by, dear friend Sherry. Have a terrific Black Friday and weekend!

  15. Ok, so I'm really, really sorry but so glad I caught this post! I enjoyed all the numbers and even knew "I love It". The final song I enjoyed too and for some reason her voice or maybe it was the song reminded me of another artist but just can't place it. Anyway, I do hope you had a great birthday and sorry I missed it on Sunday! Happy Thanksgiving and I count your blog as one of my favs that I'm most thankful for! Enjoy your what do you 21 yr olds do for fun?

    1. Hi, YaYa!

      As I told Sherry (above) I just got back off the road from a long day of travel and family togetherness in another part of the state. I am very happy to see a comment from you, dear friend. Thank you for joining the fun!

      I'm delighted to learn that you already knew the wacky "I Love It" song. I just gave another listen to the last song, Rita Ora's. Her voice and style are similar to quite a few other pop vocalists of the 2010s. That's a good thing because I love the sound. This particular remix of her recording "I Will Never Let You Down" is a danceworthy classic.

      Yessum, I celebrated my birthday last Sunday. Thank you for mentioning it. I don't know for sure what 21 year olds do for fun because my mental age is locked in at 15. :)

      I had a great Thanksgiving and hope you and Chubbs and your family did, too. I feel sad knowing that Eddy wasn't there with you this year.

      Kathleen, this election year put a huge strain on many of us, and I admit that I lost some friends as a result. I am very proud that you and I have stayed together another year and hope we can continue to be friends the rest of our lives. I admire and respect you. Thank you very much for your ongoing support. I deeply appreciate it!

      God bless!

  16. Believe it or not, I'm pretty familiar with Charlie XCX. I discovered her through another of my Pandora stations. Eventually, I came to set her own Pandora station and the songs usually have such a great beat, I use them when I go for my walks. I even eventually picked up the True Romance CD. Eventually, I discovered a few more artists I like when listening to her Pandora station, even a few I picked up CD's for. Yes, I'm still a CD person.
    Interesting bit of trivia. The song Fancy I was unfamiliar with, but I was still somewhat familiar with it as Weird Al used it in one of his parody songs. "Handy"

    1. Hi, Jeffrey!

      Thanks for visiting my back pages again, good buddy. I'm glad I found your comment.

      I wasn't aware of that Weird Al cover of "Fancy." I just watched the video and got a big kick out of it.

      I'm happy to learn that you were already familiar with Charli. I agree that her recordings have a beat that helps pace your exercise sessions. I listen to Charli and her angels just about every evening during my workouts.

      Thanks again for your visit and comment, good buddy Jeffrey!

  17. I am so sorry for not visiting sooner. I truly appreciated what you said on my blog. I have a new doctor which is good news but my hubby and I were dealt a blow...our one cat Mia died last night...Dec 1st. My hubby found her and it looks like she suffered a heart attack. Now on to your babes this posting.....I actually like most of them! I know the first song well,and I really do like it quite a bit. The. 2nd song is also fun but the image of the man in that little speedo is burnt in my memory. The other famous song, meaning I actually know it, by Iggy is not one of my favourites since I don't care for rap but when the refrain happens I always think of Gwen Stefani. This was a good post and most of the music I could listen to:)

    1. Hi, Birgit!

      Thank you very much for coming by to comment in the midst of all your adversity. I am saddened to learn that one of your kitties has died, and just a short time after you introduced her to us on your blog. I am so very sorry you have that added grief on top of your illness and worries about your mother and good friend. Sometimes life dishes out a heap of trouble all once, doesn't it? I will be thinking about you and praying for you.

      I'm happy to know you found a few tunes to like in this batch of modern pop. Thanks for listening.

      Take care and remember that I am thinking about you, dear friend Birgit.


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