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"More than a place, the Shady Dell was and will forever remain a state of mind." - Shady Del Knight

"More than a place, the Shady Dell was and will forever remain a state of mind." - Shady Del Knight

Monday, October 10, 2016

We All Scream... for SCREAM QUEENS!



Welcome poor pathetic losers pledges.
I'm Chanel Oberlin, creator of the bitch face.

I'm narcissistic, spoiled, selfish and rude.
I'm the queen of mean - an awful person.

But I’m rich and I’m pretty, so it doesn’t really matter.

ANNOUNCER: The sisters of Kappa Kappa Tau
sorority have a problem, an even bigger
problem than finding a nail polish to
match their designer clutches.

I came. I sawed. I conquered.

The buzz around campus is that a chainsaw
wielding serial killer is on the loose dressed
as the school's mascot - the Red Devil.

Kappas should be sawed and not heard.

One by one Kappa sisters and pledges are being
murdered by the phantom Red Devil whose
arsenal also includes knives, a staple gun,
a riding mower and anything else he
can find to use as a weapon.

My work is cutting edge and
I make sure they get the point.
(Folks... I got a million of 'em.)

The Red Devil could strike anywhere at
any time. Everyone's in danger including
stuck-up Chanel #1 and her minions...

the campus keystone cop,
lead investigator on the case...

and sundry Greeks, freaks and geeks.

They're all here, characters you'll love to hate
and hate to love, in the Fox television series


CHANEL OBERLIN: What fresh hell is this?

What could be worse than a serial killer
turning Kappas into de-Kappas?

What could be worse than my on again -
off again relationship with that
cheating horn-dog Chad Radwell?

What could be worse than Dean Wormer
Dean Munsch's proclamation that this year
Kappa will be required to accept anyone
who wishes to become a pledge?

What could be worse than to be surrounded
by you, Chanel #5 and you, Chanel #3 and
you Chanel #2, three lowly minions who
don't do nearly enough to please me
and make me look good?

Chanel #2 (above), I know you got killed off
in the pilot episode, but that's no excuse.
If you must abandon me - then fine!
I got one less problem without ya...
Go lick doughnuts!


CHANEL #5: Wake up, Chanel! An evil is infiltrating
our sorority house at this very moment and its
scarier than Red Devil and hell week combined.

CHANEL #3: She's right, Chanel. This terrifying
menace threatens to bring down Kappa and
destroy all that we have accomplished here.
It's called... (5 sec. pause)... HEAVY METAL!



"Monsters Ball"



"Break the Cycle"



"Bloody Creature Poster Girl"



"Dead As F(BLEEP)k"



"We Are the Lamb"

Of course it’s blood.

In my experience, any time somebody asks,
 “Oh, I wonder if that’s blood,” it’s almost always blood.

I mean, you know how many times it’s,
like, ketchup? Zero percent of the time.






  1. lol— I think this is the only parody you have ever run that is a TV show I don’t watch with you— but I had no problem getting the gist. Scream Queens pokes fun at all those horror movies that follow the same hackneyed formula. Your script writing was fantastic and funny on this one. As for the music— it was a refreshing change for you to switch to heavy metal after months of pop. I remember a couple of those bands from earlier posts. Their intense rock and creepy videos fit the Halloween season well. This was a hoot-- another fun filled and exciting post!

    1. Hi, Kathryn!

      Thanks for joining the fun!

      Yessum, this is one TV series you chose not to watch with me no matter how often I begged. :) This post gives you an idea of what you’ve been missing. Scream Queens is a campy, dark comedy based on all those horror/slasher "Ten Little Indians" body count movies that have been entertaining teenage audiences for more than 40 years. Main cast members Emma Roberts (Chanel #1) and Skyler Samuels (Grace) also appeared in seasons of Scream Queens' sister series American Horror Story. Chanel #5 is played by Abigail Breslin who, as you might recall, starred in the movie Little Miss Sunshine. You must not have recognized Chanel #2. It is Ariana Grande, the famous pop singer I introduced on the blog a couple of months ago, the one who was recently involved in a scandalalous incident in which she was caught randomly licking doughnuts in a shop just because she can. :) Another regular of the Scream Queens cast is Lea Michele of Glee fame. Then, of course, there is Jamie Lee Curtis who is a veteran horror film scream queen, and Oliver Hudson who made us laugh for many seasons on the hit TV sitcom Rules of Engagement.

      I’m glad you enjoyed the intense sights and sounds of these metal bands. Actually all of them have been featured on SDMM before. This being the Halloween season, I decided to shift gears for a while and offer a break, albeit a brief one, from my dance-pop series.

      Thank you again for reading and commenting, Kathryn, and have a wonderful week!

  2. Whew!!! Guess I've been pretty sheltered for a while. I've not heard of the Scream Queens series, have they offered you a position for script writing? You're a natural, Shady! The illustrations are just fantastic! "Oh, my gauze", love it! Can I use that sometime?

    What creepy videos, but "Bloody Creature Poster Girl" is pretty good. The video fits the song perfectly, with great in and out photos from yesterday and today.

    The first two videos had good theatrics, even though I could only get a few words from them, lol! Actually, I think they only had a few words to say! Like the black and white effects on "Break the Cycle" with the candles. It made me think of Marilyn Manson, but much better theatrics. These videos would be truly great for Halloween parties, "Monsters Ball" would be a real good beginning to a party.

    "Dead as F(bleep)k" is my favorite. I love the beat and the way the singer consistently stated his case! I felt like I was walking right along with him, haha!

    This is great, Shady! The photos are really fantastic, thought I saw Jaime Lee Curtis wielding a large knife.

    Hope you all are feeling a bit more normal now, and, Matthew is out of bounds. I think we got some of the winds here, because it was pretty windy a couple of days ago, and we got a small amount of rain on Friday.

    Thank you for this fun post, Shady. It's good to see you, have a wonderful week! ♫

    1. Hi, Suzanne!

      How are you, dear friend? Thank you for coming! I just got back off the road after a morning trip to another city.

      I'm pleasantly surprised that you found so much to like in this post. Scream Queens is broadcast first run on the Fox network and streaming (screaming) on Netflix. As a lifelong fan of horror and the macabre I love this series. (It's right up my dark alley. :)

      Yessum, that's veteran horror movie scream queen Jamie Lee Curtis looking daggers (and clutching one) in that promotional still. Jamie stars as the dean of the college where the serial killings take place. As you might expect, she worries more about the school's reputation than the safety and welfare of the student body, kinda like the Mayor of Amity Island in Jaws. She tries her best to cover up the murder spree and keep a lid on the growing crisis in the hope that it will just go away.

      I'm thrilled to know that you got into these heavy metal selections. For the past three years Butcher Babies and In This Moment have been my two favorite female-fronted metal bands with Deadlock and Kittie tied for second. The male band Motionless in White performs a style of melodic, gothic metal that I love. I'm happy to know you enjoyed their comical "Dead As F--K" song which apparently uses narration from a vintage horror film, although I can't seem to find which one. It is a clever and naughty song and makes me laugh out loud when I listen to it. It is my Pick To Click, too!

      Yessum, the storm has come and gone and, thank goodness, we had minimal effects from it. It is hot as blazes again today and we are wishing and hoping for a cool front to sweep through, the sooner the better.

      Thank you again the your kind visit and upbeat comments, dear friend Suzanne, and have a wonderful week!

  3. Featuring one of the greatest scream queens ever, Jamie Lee Curtis! All they need is Linnea Quigley and they're set.

    1. Hi, Alex!

      Thanks for coming, good buddy!

      You are correct, sir. Jamie Lee Curtis has done comedy films like A Fish Called Wanda but she will forever be remembered as a horror movie scream queen. Remember Terror Train? I have that poster.

      I hope you enjoyed listening to some rock and metal for a change.

      Thanks again for dropping in, Alex!

  4. Me no watch TV at all ... as too much real life going on here ... but appreciate your effort and most of all your friendship, friend Shady ... smiles ... Love, cat.

    1. Hi, cat!

      Thank you very much for coming down, dear friend!

      I wish everybody would read your comment because, to me, it is good as gold. Although you were not familiar with the content of the post, you acknowledged the effort that went into it and told me how much you appreciate our friendship. That was very kind and considerate of you, cat, the mark of a true friend.

      Thank you! :)

    2. Cuz me will never let go of a true nugget of gold like you, friend Shady ... always ... Love, cat.

    3. Thank you, sweet friend.

      You're the best! :)

  5. Hi Shady!

    I have to watch this show - your commentary on Scream Queens made me giggle.

    One of my favorite Kittie songs! Brackish is my all time favorite, but "We Are The Lamb" is my second favorite. You've also really sold me on In This Moment and Motionless in White.

    Thanks for this post, dear friend. Look forward to next week's post.

    1. Hi, Jessica Marie!

      Thank you very much for coming by, my dear Philly Phriend! :)

      I'm glad you didn't miss this post that combines one of my favorite TV series with a deadly dose of horror metal.

      If you enjoy those teen-oriented horror flicks in which the characters are slaughtered one by one at a cabin in the woods, then I am sure you'll enjoy season one of Scream Queens. Emma Roberts and Jamie Lee Curtis lead an all-star cast. (See my reply to Mrs. Shady.)

      Yessum, I remembered how much you love Kittie. "We Are the Lamb" is creepy fun and undoubtedly inspired by numerous zombie movies and TV series. I now own almost every Kittie album released and I love every one of their songs. I urge you to collect ITM AND MIW. Both goth metal bands rock around the clock.

      Thanks again for showing up for the monsters ball, dear friend JM, and enjoy the rest of your week!

    2. Hi, Shady!

      I will have to see if the library system owns the DVDs. I hope they do! Is the series still on? What time does it come on?

      I'm heading into the city today and I think I might check out ITM's CDs.

      Hope all is well!

    3. Hi, Jessica Marie!

      Scream Queens season one is out on DVD. Season two is now underway on Fox and airs Tuesday night at 9. Both seasons of Scream Queens are available on Hulu and Amazon Video. I haven't started watching season two yet but can testify that season one is great fun with many scenes, sight gags and lines of dialogue that pay homage to the horror and slasher movies most of us have seen over the years.

      In my opinion every album released by LA metal band In This Moment amounts to a "greatest hits" volume. They're that good. Their videos are elaborate, big budget productions. A DVD was recently released which contains most of their official vids. Those ITM mini-movies are exciting, entertaining and delightfully disturbing.

      Thanks for the return visit, dear friend JM, and have a great day in Philly!

  6. Hi Shady!
    I trust you and Mrs. Shady made it through the storm okay?
    Great post, my friend! You're quite the word weaver. Alas, I'm not into heavy metal or scream queens but I enjoyed Jamie Lee Curtis in many other shows like Trading Places - Jim Belushi in a gorilla costume - ha! When they tried filming during trading hours 6 billion in trade stopped so they conceded to filming on the weekend. Al Franken still gets royalties as the baggage handler - how's that for negotiating? Jamie was also in episodes of NCIS and Columbo:-)Did you know she was even in Petticoat Junction? I thought the show was a lot older than that.
    Back to work for me, thank you dear Shady, for always having something for everybody;-)

    1. Hi, Diedre!

      Thank you so much for coming, dear friend, and for leaving this marvelous comment!

      Yessum, we live on the Gulf coast. The hurricane raked the Atlantic coast and our winds never even reached tropical storm force. We had only a few brief bands of rain. Thanks for asking!

      Your remarks serve as a tutorial on how to leave an intelligent, satisfying comment even when you don't know and don't particularly like the specific content of the post. You got creative and started a discussion thread related to the topic. That's the way to do it!

      I have enjoyed Jamie Lee Curtis ever since I saw her in Prom Night and Terror Train, two teenage body count massacre movies similar to the plot of Scream Queens. To this day I still have a pristine copy of the Terror Train one sheet. Of course I remember Jamie in the Halloween series and in Trading Places and A Fish Called Wanda. I believe the name of the TV series to which you referred was Operation Petticoat. If you enjoy dark comedy, movie spoofs and tongue in cheek humor, then I urge you to watch Jamie in Scream Queens.

      Thanks again for your visit and entertaining comment, dear friend Diedre!

  7. Hi Shady!
    Well this was a scary post! Not the pictures, the MUSIC! LOL! (it's a tad early for a Halloween post) I will hand it to ya, you sure do know how to mix it up (to the extreme)! I don't watch Scream queens but I do LOVE Ariana G.!(btw, I got a laugh out of "I got one less problem w/o ya" and licking donuts"!!! LOL)---she is a "Dangerous woman"! Also, had to laugh about all the Channel # girls.
    I will tell you that my fave tune on this post was In this moment's, "Bloody Creature poster girl"
    Mostly cuz it wasn't as loud, scary, gnarly, gravelly and crazy! Although, now, I don't think I need a nap cuz afterall that--I'm wide awake!!!!!
    Toni Deroche

    1. Hi, Toni!

      Thank you very much for coming over to experience my latest labor of love, a parody of the TV series Scream Queens mixed with a selection of horror metal tunes. I don't think Oct. 10 is too early to run a H-ween post. (Home Shopping Club has been selling Xmas items since the 4th of July :) I usually have a glut of ideas for the H-ween season and to fit all of the posts in, I need to get them started on or before October 1.

      I'm delighted to know you got my Ariana Grande joke there. I should have known it wouldn't fly over your head. I was sorry to see Ariana's character killed off in the pilot episode of the series and hope they bring her back in season 2.

      I'm thrilled that you liked at least one of these gothic heavy metal gems. That lyric video for "Bloody Creature Poster Girl" has been running on Y/T for a long time and I'm glad it was still available for use in this post. Same with the lyric video for "Dead As F--K."

      I'm happy to know the post spooked you awake, dear friend Toni. Thank you again for your visit and terror-ific comment, and enjoy the rest of your week!

  8. You know how much I enjoy Halloween and this post made me laugh even though I'm not huge on heavy metal or brain eating....that scene reminded me of work...anyway I must say you have the most interesting blog on the planet and never fail to amaze, entertain and also instruct. I've never watched Scream Queens and I'm sure you're shocked because of my love of creepy. But who doesn't love Jamie Lee Curtis? I've been thinking of you and your family down in Florida in this hurricane. I hope all's well with you and Mrs. Shady and no damage done to property. Atleast your computer works! Take care!

    1. Hi, Yaya!

      Thank you very much for coming and for leaving such a great comment, dear friend!

      Yessum, over the years that I have known you, I have come to realize how much you love H-ween. I also realize that heavy metal isn't your favorite style of music, but your comment was kind and generous nevertheless. The best part is that you got a laugh out of the post.

      "Mission accomplished!" :)

      YaYa, you made my day by suggesting that I have the most interesting blog on the planet. That is the nicest compliment I have ever received in the 8+ years that I have been doing this. I promise that I will continue to do my best to keep an edge on my posts and avoid becoming too predictable. I like to challenge friends like you to try something new and see if you might like it. That said I think you'd get a kick out of the campy dark comedy Scream Queens. I read that the ratings aren't as good for season 2 (and I haven't started watching it yet) but I can vouch for season 1. It's loads of fun.

      Mrs. S and I are AOK in the wake of hurricane Matthew. The storm stayed far to our east and our highest sustained winds were only in the 25-30 mph range. We hope that was the last gasp from the tropics for the 2016 season. Thanks for your concern!

      Thank you again for remaining an amazing friend to me all these years, YaYa. I don't know what I'd do w/o you. Have a wonderful week!

  9. You've given me so much to digest here! A whole series of Scream Queens? Really? And I thought they were out of fashion, the last real one being Jamie Lee.

    I'm the one out of it, I guess. I need to stop all this crazy solitary writing and start socializing in the real world.

    Thanks as always for the visual treat with giggles along the way. Keep 'em coming.

    1. Hi Cheryl Lee!

      How are you, dear friend?

      Yessum, Scream Queens is the name of the popular TV series on Fox Network and Netflix. Veteran movie actress Jamie Lee Curtis heads an all-star cast in a send-up of the low budget horror/slasher movie genre. It's hilarious - laugh out loud funny!

      I have learned that authors typically don't watch much television, choosing instead sequester themselves away from the world in order to concentrate on their writing. If you match that description then I urge you to give Scream Queens a try when you decide to come up for air. :) It's mindless fun, a guilty pleasure that will recharge your batteries and restore your missing muse.

      Thanks again for dropping in, dear friend C. Lee. Enjoy your week!

  10. ugh, ariana grande; what a piece of no-talent crap she is!

    and I never watch that vast wasteland called television.

    1. Hi, anne marie!

      Thank you for coming down, dear friend!

      It seems my current crop of friends is divided into two groups - people who watch TV but don't watch the shows I like, and people like you who don't watch TV at all! That surprises me.

      It also surprises me that you don't think Ariana Grande has talent. A gazillion fans would surely argue.

      How did you like the heavy metal, or need I ask? :)

      Thanks for your visit and comment, dear friend anne marie!

    2. dear shady, I quit watching tv in 1999; I would rather read a book or knit. heavy metal is not my thing, but rock on with your bad self.

    3. Hi, anne marie!

      Thank you for dropping back in, dear friend!

      Thanks for sharing this, anne marie. I am always curious to know how my friends spend their leisure time and what they like and don't like. It is also fascinating to discover the how and why of it. For example, I would like to know if there was a specific catalyst, something that occurred in 1999 that caused you to say "enough is enough" and quit watching TV altogether, or did your resolve to quit build slowly over a long period of time? The reason I ask is because ten years earlier, in 1989, I stopped buying and listening to new, current popular music and returned to my roots, my oldies from the 50s and 60s. I stuck with that type of music for almost 25 more years before suddenly getting the urge to travel forward in time through the classic heavy metal years of the 80s and 90s and into the new millennium. I have been a fan of modern metal ever since.

      Thank you again for coming to chat, my exciting new friend, and enjoy the rest of your week!

  11. Wow, you watch some strange stuff... I was very confused until... well, actually I'm still kinda confused. Is it a sign of age that the only one of those girls that caught my interest at all was Jaimie-Lee?

    I'll hit up the songs later. Not a Metal day today, I'm afraid.

    1. Hi, Chris!

      Thanks for coming by, good buddy, or should I address you, Dear Abby style, as "Confused in Indiana"? :)

      I think you need to check for a pulse if Jamie Lee Curtis is the only female in this post that caught your interest. :)

      I'm sorry it's not a Metal day, my friend. I hope you'll return and check out the tuneage when you're in a better mood. The post runs 6 days.

      Thanks, Chris!

    2. Okay, so I am back, and first thought is putting Monster Ball back to back with Blue Magic's Sideshow. Is that bad?

      Liked the little-more-melodic Break the Cycle better, In This Moment even better. Gotta admit the videos didn't do much for me, so I occupied myself with typing comments as I went.

      Not trying to be a prude but... I think I'd have been better off not looking at the Dead as you-know-what's lyrics.

      I think for me, I like the instruments, I can abide most of the singing. But the fascination with death just does zilch for me. I want music to be a celebration of life, so the subject matter is kinda antithetical to me.

      I would say that out of the lot, I enjoyed the musicianship on We Are The Lamb the best. I could live without the 2 secs of video I saw, lol!

      My pulse WAS prolly low yesterday, but I can't get him interested in chicks who look like the first words out of their mouths would be, "OMG, nice to meet yooooo..." I am more interested in the "Hi, I'm so-and-so, let's get tacos" look, lol!

    3. Hi, Chris!

      Welcome back, good buddy! I was hoping you'd return to the scene of the grime. :)

      I totally agree. "Monsters Ball" and Blue Magic's let the "Sideshow" begin are practically THE SAME SONG! :) I can imagine Riley and Thea seamlessly crossfading between the two at their raves. :)

      I'm happy you listened long enough to enjoy the melodic middles of these tunes. Too often people run for the hills after the first few seconds and miss the part they would probably like or at least be able to tolerate.

      So Chris, are you saying you don't like Halloween and horror movies and scary TV shows (and clowns prowling around in the woods? :) "Dead as F--K" was no doubt inspired by hundreds of Gothic horror movies over the years that have included scenes of the dead coming back to life by one means or another. Granted the song's theme is morbid and the lyrics naughty but, at the same time, it's funny and fun to listen to. Same thing with the other songs. Shock and horror are what the H-ween season's all about.

      Yessir, the sorority sisters on Scream Queens are stuck up, shallow and pampered, not the type you would feel comfortable having pizza and beer with.

      I'm sorry your eyes, ears and sensibilities didn't match mine, good buddy. That is bound to happen a lot knowing our differences, but I do appreciate you coming back over to give the songs and the show an honest try. That's being a great friend.

      Enjoy the rest of your week, good buddy Chris, and I'll catch you over at your place soon.

  12. I can tell it is October from your posts !
    Scream Queen and Jamie Lee Curtis all in one post !
    I don't watch the show or know any of the music but it was a fun.

    cheers, parsnip

    1. Hi, Gayle! Hi, thehamish!

      Thanks for coming over, both of you!

      It's interesting how Jamie Lee Curtis is the most discussed actress in this post so far. I'd like people to get to know a great new scream queen by the name of Emma Roberts. In addition to starring roles in Scream Queens season 1 & 2, Emma appeared in two seasons of sister series American Horror Story and the movie Scream 4. Emma's one to watch!

      So how'd ya like the heavy metal? :)

      I'm glad you had fun, Gayle, that's the main thing. Take good care of yourself, thehamish and your cats and enjoy the rest of your week!

  13. I've heard of the show, but in your post I learned more about it than I had previously. Still I'm unlikely to ever watch it.

    I'm not up on my scream queens. The first one that came to mind for me was Julie Adams. I'm living in the past I guess.

    Arlee Bird
    Tossing It Out

    1. Hi, Lee!

      How are you, good buddy? Thanks for coming by!

      I'm sorry your tastes don't match mine on current TV shows like Scream Queens. At first I was reluctant to try the series but, after learning that singer Ariana Grande played one of the sorority sisters, I tuned in out of curiosity and got hooked on the campy fun.

      Thanks for the memory, Lee. Released in Feb. 1954, Creature From the Black Lagoon was one of the first horror movies I ever watched and one of the most memorable. My big brother took me to see it. Julie Adams, credited as Julia Adams, played the damsel in distress, the object of the amphibious gill-man's desire who needed to be rescued from his clutches by the handsome hero.

      Thanks again for coming over to chat, good buddy Lee!

  14. Shadester!!! First of all, I love this post. Secondly, the music was perfect and i wrote the songs down to add to my playlist next weekend for my annual Holliween party so Thank you for that! Lastly, how am i not watching this show? I see the previews every week and i love scary but it just didnt seem interesting enough to commit to another show. I may have to look into it. Also, go lick a donut made me laugh because i totally remember when Ariana was in Seattle and did that. Crazy!

    1. Hi, Holli!

      How are you, dear friend? I've been missin' you and I'm very happy to see you!

      It delights me to know that you enjoyed my Scream Queens parody and also dug the music on the menu. Your H-ween party will surely rock if you add these horror metal goodies to your playlist.

      I highly recommend Scream Queens if you like dark comedy and the slasher movie genre. The series is more funny than scary. FYI - this parody post includes several actual quotes from the show. That might help you decide if it's your kinda thing. (I take credit for adding the "one less problem w/o ya" and "go lick doughnuts" lines. :)

      This was a wonderful comment, dear friend Holli, and I thank you very much for it. I hope you and Todd, your mother and your dogs are all doing fine lately. Thanks again for joining the party. I always look forward to your visits. Enjoy the rest of your week, dearie!

  15. I have not watched this show and don't think I will because it just sounds overall, depressing since it is based on killing all these good looking girls, even the one with that contraptionon her face. The music, as you know, is not my favourite but I did like the last one with the images of Nosferatu.

    1. Hi, dear Birgit!

      Thank you very much for staying up late to come on down! :)

      As for your reaction to Scream Queens and horror metal music, well, all I can say is that I aim to please. :)

      Yessum, (spoiler alert), it was depressing to see lovely pop songstress Ariana Grande get bumped off in the pilot. The good news is that Glee star Lea Michele, who plays Hester, the girl with the neck brace, (spoiler alert), survives season one and is back for season two. In season one, veteran movie scream queen Jamie Lee Curtis filmed a shot by shot recreation of her mother Janet Leigh's classic shower scene in Alfred Hitchcock's Psycho.

      I'm happy to know you found something to like about metal girl band Kittie's "We Are the Lamb" zombie video.

      Thanks again for your visit and comment, dear friend BB, and enjoy the rest of your week!

  16. So much screaming going on here, today! My ears hurt just looking at it! You have to watch out for staple guns. They're lethal.

    Have a great rest of the week!

    1. Hey, Sherry!

      How are you, dear friend? Thanks for coming by!

      Funny you should mention staple guns. I just watched the horror thriller Final Destination 3 which contained a scene in which a staple gun turned lethal.

      If the pictures alone hurt your ears then I have a pretty good idea how the metal music affected you. :)

      Thanks again for your visit and comment, Sherry!

  17. What a perfect post for the Halloween season, complete with appropriate music, Shady! :) Please accept my apologies for not keeping up with things lately, but I'm hoping to get back on track very soon!

    Although not a huge fan of the horror genre, I do like Jamie Lee Curtis. She's aged beautifully, yes? How fitting that the original movie "Scream Queen" is doing her thing on TV, now. As you know, I do like a lot of metal music, but prefer singing to growling. ;) The videos were still fun to watch, though. Greatly entertaining, as always!

    1. Hi, Debbie!

      Welcome back to SDMM, dear friend. I'm happy to know you are still following me.

      Remember a couple of years ago when Jamie Lee Curtis announced that she will no longer wear make-up? She wears little or no make-up in Scream Queens and yet still looks great. She also looks like she works out in the gym regularly. On Scream Queens, Jamie plays the role of scheming, corrupt, homicidal college dean (season one) turned hospital administrator (season two) to perfection. I am into season two now and it is just as funny as season one. John Stamos (Blackie on GH, Jess on Full House and Tony on ER) has a prominent role in season two.

      I was proud to offer in this post both male and female metal acts that offered ample amounts of melodic playing and singing. I'm glad you found something to like.

      Thank you again for your ongoing friendship and support, Debbie, and enjoy the rest of your weekend!

    2. Jamie Lee and John Stamos both look fabulous! :) Great role models for ageing gracefully. Of course I'm still following you! You had doubts about that? As you know, I was otherwise engaged for a few weeks, between the website redesign and my mother's passing, but things are settling down, now. Cheers!

  18. Okay, you got me on this one--I actually liked Motionless in White. I watched both videos. It was sort of like a collaboration of Alice Cooper, Marilyn Manson, Edward Scissorhands, and Tiny Tim. Are these real people? As for Scream Queens, back in the olden days when I was in high school we used to have Chiller Theater out of Pittsburgh every Friday Night. Featuring Chilly Billy Cardille and, oh, the screaming that went on!!! This was about the time they filmed NIGHT OF THE LIVING DEAD there. Which, by the way, one of my friends is turning into a musical to be produced for Halloween 2017. Always something to look forward to.

    1. Hi, Kathleen!

      Thank you very much for coming, dear friend. It's great to see you!

      This is a fantastic comment, Kathleen. Looks like I finally tapped into a vein of interest. You shared some very interesting pieces of info with me and the other readers.

      Whodathunk you'd actually like Chris Motionless and his Scranton, PA, goth metalcore band Motionless in White? I'm thrilled to know you enjoyed the MIW vids. I don't see or hear anything resembling Tiny Tim in them but I'm not about to argue that point. :)

      On my side of the state I watched TV ghost host John Zacherle along with Dr. Shock and his daughter Bubbles on Philly stations and Dr. Lucifer on a station in Baltimore.

      I well remember Chilly Billy Cardille playing the TV anchor in Night of the Living Dead, one of my favorite movies of all time. I have seen the movie many times in B&W and colorized, studied it in college and have books on the making of the iconic monster movie. It must have been exciting for you to be a resident of Pittsburgh when Romero, his Latent Image crew and his small but dedicated acting troupe were filming around the area and especially when the film was released in theaters and drive-ins, setting a new standard for screen terror and scaring the crap out of everyone in the mid-Atlantic region.

      I can't wait to see NOTLD the musical!

      Thank you again for contributing so much to the discussion, dear friend Kathleen. I will be over to check out your post sometime this evening.

      Enjoy the rest of your weekend!

  19. I've been on here earlier, but I keep getting interrupted. Scream Queens looks like a very funny show - or are you making it funny? I don't know. When I saw the girl with ear muffs on, I remembered seeing her on the Tonight Show talking about her role. She was thrilled to get the job.

    Love your punny humor.

    1. Hi, Belle!

      Welcome back to SDMM, dear friend! I am surprised and delighted to see a comment from you, especially on a post that contains heavy metal! :)

      I'm glad the title of the post caught your eye and reminded you of one of the actresses discussing her role on the Tonight Show. The ear muff wearing character Chanel #3 is played by Billie Lourd. You might also recall Abigail Breslin, who plays Chanel #5 in this series, from her starring role in the movie Little Miss Sunshine. Of course, I'm sure you know Jamie Lee Curtis, veteran of many horror and comedy films and the daughter of Janet Leigh, famous for her role in Alfred Hitchcock's Psycho.

      To answer your question, yes and yes. Scream Queens is a very witty and edgy series. In this post I used several direct quotes from the show. I also wrote some funny dialogue for the characters.

      Thank you again for your kind visit and comment, dear friend Belle. I hope you will come back and see me soon. I love having you here!

      God bless!

  20. I had never heard of this before, and then suddenly this post and a few weeks back they started putting out cards in my card collecting app.
    PS - I shall be catching up on posts. Just bear with me. Working on getting to them today. :)

    1. AOK, Jeffrey!

      I'm glad I noticed your comment in my archives.

      So, what is your reaction to this promo for Scream Queens? Willing to give the series a try? What is your reaction to the metal music? Please feel free to express yourself, good buddy. I am always interested in your reaction/opinion.

      Thanks, Jeffrey!

    2. I apologize, but I have to admit, the music is not my cup of tea. I have an aversion to be shouted at in music. Though I listen to many different genre's and eras, I find this sort of music annoying and I have a hard time listening. I did try, however.
      Hope you are not eternally disappointed in me.

    3. No, that's AOK, good buddy, but I think you'd change you tune if it was Diana Krall in goth getup shouting at you. :)

      I was just trying to get you to stay on topic and avoid leaving a generic comment that didn't add anything to the discussion. I know that you have come to expect the same from me when I visit your blog, right?

      I am still curious to learn if you think you'd like to watch Scream Queens. I am several episodes into season 2 now and it's great fun. I think you'd like it.

      Thanks for reporting back in, good buddy Jeffrey, and enjoy the rest of your week!

    4. Diana Krall. Hmmmmmmmmm.......

      I've never been a fan of slasher flicks and such, even with beautiful women included. I still have a hoard of other shows I'm working on catching up on. And can you believe I have yet to see the Supergirl series? I had been so looking forward to it, but have been waiting for the price to come down on DVD.
      I may be giving Scream Queens a miss for now. But let me know the second Diana Krall makes a special surprise visit. I'll head over post haste. ;)

    5. Will do, good buddy! Scream Queens and sister series American Horror Story have featured singers Ariana Grande and Stevie Nicks as guest stars. It's not beyond the realm of possibility that Diana will show up at some point. :)

      Thanks, good buddy!


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