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"More than a place, the Shady Dell was and will forever remain a state of mind." - Shady Del Knight

"More than a place, the Shady Dell was and will forever remain a state of mind." - Shady Del Knight

Friday, September 9, 2016

Verdant Vindication: Thea's Rave!


OLIVER QUEEN: We're finished, Diggle.
We're ruined. Verdant is closing.

There's a hot new club at SDMM
called Riley's Rave and it's
putting us out of business.

You do what you want, Roy, but I'm
not going to sit on my hands and let
Verdant go down without a fight!


Welcome to

Verdant Vindication!

It's Die Hard with a Vengeance

as Star City's premier nightclub

makes a triumphant comeback!

I'm Thea Queen, Oliver Queen's kid sister
on the hit CW Network TV series Arrow.

Ever since it opened in July, Riley's Rave,
operated by the cast of Sense8, has been
siphoning customers away from Verdant
with its Friday night dance parties.


Tonight, the warriors of the Arrowverse
strike back. The best way to do that
 is to beat them at their own game.
With a little help from my friends
I am hosting Thea's Rave...
bigger and better bash...
and I'm the DJ!

Thea Queen

Let me ask you this. Do Riley Blue and her
cohorts wear masks and don cool superhero
costumes? Negatory... they sure DON'T!
So let's pack the dance floor and show
those sensates what a real rave
looks like and sounds like!


Oliver Queen
The Arrow/Green Arrow

My name is Oliver Queen. I went from
billionaire playboy to superhero vigilante.
I'm fighting a never-ending battle to
save my city from the forces of evil
and corruption. Tonight I need your
help to save an integral part of
 of Starling City - club Verdant,
the disco that covers for my
vigilante operations in the
basement Arrowcave.

In my battles I try to avoid lethal action,
but the woman you are about to meet KILLS.
She's Nelly Furtado, the feisty Canadian
singer/songwriter who sold 12 million
copies of Loose, an album that spawned
four #1 charting singles including this one.
Skip to the 2:25 mark to begin the rave,
crank it up to 10, and watch out -
this lady's a maneater!

"Maneater" (Bloodlywing Remix) - Nelly Furtado
(May 2006, highest chart pos. #1
U.S. Dance Club/#1 UK & Denmark,
from June 2006 album Loose)

(Thea's Rave Intro)

Dinah Laurel Lance
Black Canary - Team Arrow

I'm Laurel Lance, lawyer turned vigilante.
I wanna be... I wanna be a great fighter
like my sister Sara is/was. (It depends
on which season you're watching.)

Let me introduce two exciting artists
on the UK music scene. Katy B is a
singer, songwriter and musician who
records in the house, R&B, dance and
UK garage categories. Chris Lorenzo
is a house ghostwriter and inde-
pendent producer specializing
 in nu garage, UK jackin’ house
and bassline. In 2016 Katy and
Chris teamed up and released the
promotional single "I Wanna Be,"
a track from Katy's third album
Honey. Jump to the 1:20
mix mark and jam!

"I Wanna Be" - Katy B with Chris Lorenzo
(promo single from Apr. 2016 album Honey)

AT 1:20 MARK!
(Thea's Crossfade/Mix Point)

Detective Quentin Lance
Starling City Police Dept.

I'm Quentin Lance, Laurel and Sara's
father. My career as a detective
has had its ups and downs.

Thea's Rave now switches live to Ireland,
 where we meet Cork beauty Amanda D'Arcy,
better known in the music world as singer,
songwriter and producer Miss Motif. As a
renowned international house DJ, Mandy
 stuns audiences by adding her vocals live
while mixing. Miss Motif was part of the
electro/techno dance-pop group Scent
that included members from Italy and
London. In 2003 Scent's debut single,
the electro house track "Up & Down,"
cracked the top 20 in the UK and
topped charts across Europe.

"Up & Down" - Miss Motif
(2003 single, live performance at
Heineken Thirst World Tour, Ireland)

AT 1:52 MARK!
(Thea's Crossfade/Mix Point)

Felicity Smoak
Overwatch - Team Arrow

I'm Felicity Smoak, the IT tech for
vigilante Team Arrow and Oliver Queen's
friend, confidant and soul mate. 

Krewella is an EDM duo from Illinois -
sisters Jahan Yousaf and Yasmine Yousaf.
In 2013 this sister act burned up the
Mainstream Top 40 with our next
dance floor filler. You're in the
middle of Thea's Rave and
we're living for the night!

"Live For the Night" - Krewella
(July 2013, highest chart pos.
#100 Hot 100/#30 Mainstream
Top 40from album Get Wet)

(Thea's Crossfade/Mix Point)

Malcolm Merlyn
The Magician/Dark Archer

I'm Malcolm Merlyn, wealthy businessman,
Thea's biological father and martial arts
mentor and Oliver Queen's nemesis.
The wars waged for control of
Star City will go on and on.

To Sweden we go for a double dose of  
dance-pop songstress Agnes Carlsson.
In the summer of 2008 Agnes cracked
the top 10 in Sweden, Belgium and the
UK with "On and On," a single from her
album Dance Love Pop. Cue at 1:54
and let the beat go on and on!

"On and On" (Cahill Remix) - Agnes
(Aug. 2008, highest chart pos.
#8 Sweden & Belgium, #10 UK Dance,
from Oct. 2008 album Dance Love Pop)

AT 1:54 MARK!
(Thea's Crossfade/Mix Point)

Roy Harper
Arsenal - Team Arrow

I'm Roy Harper, Oliver Queen's protégé
and a vigilante fighter on Team Arrow.
Thea, I miss you.  I miss "us."
Don't go breaking my heart.
Come back to me!

In the fall of 2011 Agnes released
the promotional single "Don't Go
Breaking My Heart" and it landed
in the top 3 at home in Sweden.
 Jump to the 2:43 mix point and
dig this Agnes double play!

"Don't Go Breaking My Heart" - Agnes
(Sept. 2011 promotional single,
highest chart pos. #3 Sweden) 

AT 2:42 MARK!
(Thea's Crossfade/Mix Point)

Sara Lance
The Canary - Team Arrow

I'm Sara Lance, Laurel's sister,
Quentin's daughter, Oliver ex-lover
and a vigilante on Team Arrow.
I was killed in 2014 (spoiler)
but now I'm alive.

Ukrainian singer, actress, model and
former Mrs. World Kamaliya returns
tonight with "I'm Alive," a single from
her 2013 album Club Opera. Feel the
city breakin' and everybody shakin'
and we're stayin' alive, stayin' alive!

"I'm Alive" - Kamaliya
(single from Nov, 2013
album Club Opera)

AT 2:22 MARK!
(Thea's Crossfade/Mix Point)

John Diggle
Spartan - Team Arrow

I'm John Diggle, Oliver's partner and
confidant and another vigilante superhero
on Team Arrow. We're stronger together.
If we all stick together, work together
and fight together, no enemies
will defeat us.

Kiesa Rae Ellestad, stage name Kiesza,
is a Canadian singer, dancer and multi-
instrumentalist who looks and sounds
like Sheena Easton. From Kiesza's
chart topping major label debut
album Sound of a Woman,
here's the danceworthy
track "No Enemiesz."

"No Enemiesz" - Kiesza
(Nov/Dec 2014, h.c.p.#7 UK Dance
#4 Japan Dance, from Oct. 2014
album Sound of a Woman)

AT 1:50 MARK!
(Thea's Crossfade/Mix Point)

Ray Palmer
The Atom

I'm Ray Palmer, Starling City businessman,
CEO of Palmer Technologies and the robotic
vigilante known as The Atom. I'm going to
make you lose your self control on the
dance floor with Infernal, a Denmark
duo consisting of Lina Rafn and Paw
Lagermann, winners of the Danish
Artist of the Year award. In 2006
Infernal released "Self Control"
covering a song by Italian singer
Raf that became a worldwide hit
in 1984 for American songstress
Laura Branigan. Click at the 4 minute
mark and ignite Infernal combustion!

"Self Control" - Infernal
(Oct. 2006, highest chart pos.
#3 Denmark/#6 Finland, #18 UK,
from October 2004 album
From Paris To Berlin)

AT 4:00 MIN. MARK!
(Thea's Crossfade/Mix Point)

Last call for alcohol and time for the
last dance, a double dose of Infernal!

Thea Queen

Tonight Thea's Rave has taken you
to dance clubs all around the world:
Denmark, Sweden, the UK, Ireland,
the Ukraine, the U.S. and Canada.
 Now let's hit the road as Infernal,
the Danish duo from Copenhagen
takes us "From Paris To Berlin."

"From Paris To Berlin" - Infernal
(Jan. 2005, highest chart pos.
#1 Denmark/#2 UK/#2 Ireland
#2 Hungary/#25 U.S. Hot Dance,
from October 2004 album
From Paris To Berlin)

AT 1:43 MARK!
(Thea's Crossfade/Mix Point)

We did it, mother. Verdant is back
...and it's here to stay.

Thanks for being here tonight!

Your support has helped the
champions of Star City save
club Verdant from extinction.

Catch season 5 of Arrow on

The CW Television Network

and the whole series from

the beginning on Netflix!


  1. I still love From Paris to Berlin. Great track.

    1. Hi, Joey!

      Welcome to Shady Dell Music & Memories, my new friend!

      I'm very happy to know that you are tuned in to what I'm doing here, Joe, especially tonight when I put away the moldy oldies to bring you the second in my series of midnight raves featuring the greatest international house, techno and dance-pop recordings of the last 20 years.

      I'm glad you enjoyed the cool classic "From Paris To Berlin." No doubt the tune will get stuck in quite a few heads as the party progresses through the weekend and the coming week.

      Thanks again for dropping by and helping to save club Verdant, Joey. :) Take care and please come back again soon!

  2. You made me promise to stay up and I’m glad I did! This was an amazing lineup— a rave to remember. Only thing— I can’t get From Paris To Berlin out of my head now! lol

    I didn’t know a single one of these songs— and the only artist I knew was Kamaliya and that’s only because I remember her from another post— Riley's Rave— correct? I’m Alive is another great song by the Russian artist. I remember how Riley’s Rave started with a bang— and Thea’s Rave followed suit, kicking off with Nelly Furtado and Man Eater. Katy B has a smooth, pleasing voice and I liked the groove of Wanna Be. Up & Down has a European flavor— different and exhilarating. Live For the Night is another zesty one that gets your blood pumping— just like Man Eater. I really liked the back-to-back Scandinavian disco sounds by Swedish singer Agnes Carlsson— she’s fantastic! Kiesza is another exciting performer— and you're right— she does look and sound like Shenna Easton. I wonder where Diggle came up with “stronger together” — it would make a great campaign slogan! lol I remember Self Control by Laura Branigan— and I like the cover by Infernal. From Paris To Berlin capped off the night in fine fashion.

    Thea’s Rave lived up to the hype, Shady, and I can’t wait for more of this midnight madness!

    1. Hi, Kathryn!

      Thanks for staying up late for another midnight rave, this one hosted by another bunch of our favorite people, the cast of Arrow.

      I’m happy to know that these tunes got you dancing tonight, Kathryn. It’s true. “From Paris To Berlin” is the kind of song that can get stuck in your brain for days on end, but I can think of much worse things to be playing on repeat in your mind.

      You have a good memory. Kamaliya sang “Butterflies” on my first midnight special - Riley’s Rave. Yessum, Thea’s Rave got off to a bold, rowdy, sassy start with that killer remix of “Maneater” by Nelly Furtado. "Live For the Night" by Krewella is a down and dirty dancer in the same vein. I'm surprised that it halted in the last position on the Billboard Hot 100.

      I was thrilled to discover the exciting international artists Katy B of England, Miss Motif of Ireland, Swedish disco queen Agnes Carlsson and Canada’s Sheena Easton look-alike, Kiesza. Did you notice that Agnes had arrows in her chest in the video “Don’t Go Breaking My Heart”? I wonder who was responsible, Oliver or Roy. :) I’m glad you enjoyed the fantastic finish - a rousing double-play by another European act, Infernal.

      I have no idea where Diggle came up with the words “stronger together” but I think he might be on to something there. :)

      Thanks again for partying with me tonight, dear Kathryn. I hope to see you at the next rave coming later this year!

  3. Hi Shady. I made it to the rave-WOW! I've heard of the show Arrow, but I've never seen it. And, hey...I do have Netflix, so I would be able to get the whole scoop on it.

    This was remarkable-I enjoyed most of the music, especially Miss Motif, "Up and Down". I liked Nelly Furtado's "Maneater" and "Live For The Night". The videos are really good, and the music very danceable. Riley's Rave sure is a tough act to follow. I thoroughly enjoyed this well organized compilation of music, and introductions of the characters.

    Hats off to the DJ for taking us on such an exciting musical tour-fantastic job!♫♫

    1. Hi, Suzanne!

      How are you, my dear friend? Thank you very much for staying up late in Texas to attend Thea's Rave. Your dancing is divine! :) Sorry I spilled punch on your shoes. :)

      Yessum, if you have Netflix you can watch Arrow from the beginning. Mrs. Shady and I watched Heroes on NBC a few years back, got hooked on superhero fantasy, and currently watch five other comic based series: Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., The Flash, Daredevil, Jessica Jones and Arrow. They are all great shows.

      I'm delighted to know that you enjoyed the play list for this rave. I wish I could take credit for the song selection, but it was all Thea. :)

      The first of these midnight posts, Riley's Rave, was hosted by the cast of Sense8, another highly recommended series that Mrs. S and I watch.

      The idea behind these midnight raves is to invite you to use your imagination. For just a few minutes forget that you are a member of the baby boom generation, a responsible adult, and imagine that you are a Generation Z teenager. You heard it through the grapevine that there will be a private, super secret rave Friday at midnight. When the time comes you sneak out of the house, beat it over to party central, shed your worries and cares and dance the night away with others your age. These simulated raves are a modern manifestation of the Shady Dell, a "forbidden" hideaway where teenagers gathered to forget about the responsibilities of adulthood that loomed ahead, come alive, blow off steam and party like there's no tomorrow, totally free and uninhibited. The calendar might say we are in the autumn of our lives, Suzanne, but Shady sez you can choose instead to make this an Endless Summer. The party never has to end unless you allow it to.

      Thank you again for being such a faithful and supportive friend all these years, Suzanne. It makes me very happy to have you back here at SDMM. My next post was created with you and Karo in mind. I hope you enjoy it. Have a super weekend!

    2. Hello, Dear Shady! Next time, I'll wear my punch proof shoes, Shady, haha! I am glad that you do not use the 'senior' word-Generation Z is a better description for us "still want to dance group". I will come again. Your raves appear to be a bit more under control than the raves of the late 1980's (Oh, I never went to one!). And, the costumes are fabulous! I dance a lot in my kitchen now, but, Scootie has asked me not to do the jerk! It annoys him! He's so funny! Thank you Shady, it means so much to feel so welcome as a closet babyboomer! See you soon. You and Mrs. S have a wonderful weekend! ♫

    3. Hi again, dearie!

      I'm so happy to know that you had a good time at the rave. Like you I never went to a real rave, but the Shady Dell experience was pretty close. There was another teen club in Central PA that was very much like a rave and I only went there once (for fear of getting arrested). Many of the teenagers danced with beer and liquor bottles in their hands! It was a real free for all - more loosely structured than the Dell. In the late 70s I hung out at a disco that stayed open and played dance music till the break of dawn. It was legally allowed to stay open all night because it was essentially a "bottle club" - BYOB. I'm sure you can imagine how loud and crazy things got by 4 or 5 am! It was jolting to walk out of that dimly lit place in the morning and have the sunlight hit you in the eyes. I felt like a vampire! :)

      When I was a boy, my parents often insisted on dancing in front of me. They danced to big band sounds which made it all the more repugnant to a young rock 'n' roller like me. I remember being astonished when they told me they actually liked one of my Dave Clark Five records and danced the jitterbug to it!

      Thank you again for dropping by, dear Suzanne. You are a SDMM V.I.P. and you will always be welcome here.

      God bless!

  4. Really loved the Katy B/ Chris Lorenzo video, friend Shady ... Winter coming here soon ... and me DO NOT WANT TO BE HERE ... dancing in da sun would be alright ... smiles ... tears ... Love, cat.

    1. Hi, cat!

      Welcome back to SDMM, my furry feline friend! :)

      I'm thrilled to know that you enjoyed "I Wanna Be," the danceworthy track by Katy B and Chris Lorenzo. The recordings by Katy B and the Canadian artist Kiesza are infused with R&B and that makes them very appealing to me.

      You're just back from Cuba, I see. I imagine the chilly weather in Canada is quite a jolt. I watched the video.

      According to Wiki:

      << Sunshine Village is a Canadian ski resort, located on the Continental Divide of the Canadian Rockies within Banff National Park in Alberta and Mt Assiniboine Provincial Park in British Columbia, Canada.>>

      I take it you live in that part of Canada, cat. Do you ski? Do you visit that resort?

      Thank you again for coming to the rave, dear friend cat. It might be getting colder in your part of the world, but you are always welcome to come here and bask in the warmth of our friendship. Have a great weekend!

    2. I do some skiing, but me quite bad at it ... sending you a video of skiing sunshine/ goat's eye ... me in da blue falling all over da place. son Paul on snowboard and daughter in law Leanne filming ... You coming? ... smiles ... Love, cat.

    3. Hi again, cat!

      WOW - that was an exciting video! You are too modest, dear friend. You looked like a seasoned skier to me, and a lot more courageous than Shady. I can't imagine myself negotiating those rugged trails dotted with various sizes of trees. I'd be afraid of winding up like Sonny Bono. You tackled those slopes like a pro and your son was amazing on the snowboard. You DIL Leanne did an excellent job catching the action from her POV helmet cam. I'll bet every muscle in your body gets a good workout as you ski down a long mountainside.

      Thanks again for sharing that, dear friend cat, and enjoy the rest of your weekend!

  5. Wow! Shady! You REALLY know how to get the party (rave) started! I'm sure the effects are soooo much different at midnight verses 8:00 a.m.!!!!
    I love these sounds/songs, almost brings me back to the familiar disco (beat) days! Most of these songs start off slow and build, build, build! Makes ya wanna jump, jump, jump!
    and WOW! Nelly Furtado is certainly not "like a bird" anymore! LOL!
    My faves in this rave's "Up and down" by Miss Motif and "I'm alive" by Kamaliya. She has a sultry/sedutive voice.
    I wonder if Verdant plays my fave (spin) rave radio hit by Rihanna, "We found love in a hopeless place"?
    I'm sorry I missed the party at 12:00 BUT, you got me moving and grovin and up early and feelin good this morn!
    I love all the cast of characters!
    Great Post, Shady!
    Toni Deroche

    1. Hi, Toni!

      Thanks for traveling all the way to Club Verdant in Starling City for Thea's Rave. 10+ hours in, the music is still playing LOUD and the party's still going strong!

      Yessum, it's exciting to experience a simulated rave late at night, but it also works in the morning to get your eyes open and your blood pumping.

      Knowing your taste in music I am not surprised that you enjoyed Thea's play list. I agree that several of these tracks recall the best of the disco years. I'm pleased that you enjoyed Nelly Furtado's blistering show opener, light years removed from the easy going, melodic disco fare of the Bee Gees - Saturday Night Fever era. I'm thrilled that you mentioned Irish lass Miss Motif, the international DJ who delights club goers by adding her vocals live whilst mixing. I'm also happy to know that you enjoyed Russian music missile Kamaliya and her rousing "I'm Alive." I just watched Rihanna's video for "We Found Love" and enjoyed it. It's another example of a song that starts quietly, builds to a plateau and finally explodes into full dance mode - pure joy!

      I'm glad you enjoyed meeting the cast of characters from Arrow. This was intended to be a "one and done" but who knows... they might be back someday. :)

      Thank you again for your friendship and support, dear friend Toni, and enjoy your weekend!

  6. Tom, loved how you entwined your favorite TV series characters/story with some international pop sensations. Agnes might be my favorite artist. Kiesza does favor Sheena Easton, but her vocals have a hint of Sheena. Speaking of Sheena, I'm featuring her in my Tuesday series, Whatever happened to. ;) I'm gonna listen to more Agnes YouTube vids, as well as Infernal later today. I feel like I've been transported back to the disco era with your music picks. What a great way to start the day! Have a good weekend, my friend and thanks for the introduction of some fine tunes.

    1. Hi, Cathy!

      Welcome welcome welcome to The Midnight Special - Thea's Rave!

      I'm delighted to know that you appreciate the concept of having Arrow characters toss to the tunes.

      I am totally sold on Agnes and I'm happy to know that her sound resonates with you, too. Agnes, along with Infernal and other artists in the post, put a fresh spin to the classic disco and urban club sounds of the 70s, 80s and 90s.

      I look forward to your Sheena Easton post, Cathy. I'll be there! As I put this post together I recalled with sadness the fate of Laura Branigan, the fine songstress who gave us "Gloria, "Self Control" and other hits. We lost her to illness more than a dozen years ago!

      Thank you again for coming to the party, dear friend Cathy. I wish you and DH a safe and happy weekend!

  7. This is all kind of overwhelming to me. I loved Oliver Queen though. I think when the weather cools down a bit I'm going to have to rewatch SENSE8. You amaze me, Shady. You put so much work into your posts. I'm humbled.

    1. Hi, Kathleen!

      Welcome to Thea's Rave, a star-studded, week long gala hosted by Thea Queen and her brother Ollie. I'm very happy to see you, dear friend!

      You make me smile, Kathleen. No matter what I post, old or new, music or memories, you always seem to be overwhelmed. I hope that's a good thing. :)

      Yessum, I highly recommend Arrow and Sense8, two fantasy TV series that Mrs. Shady and I are enjoying tremendously. Arrow begins season 5 on the CW early next month and Sense8 kicks off season 2 around Christmas.

      Thank you again for you visit and comment, dear friend Kathleen!

    2. I am just awed by your breadth of knowledge. I have not seen ARROW--I'll add it to my list--and I plan to re-watch SENSE8. Maybe that will help.

  8. Well, I said I was going to be late but I spent way too much time at the local speak-easy and had to get some sleep before coming to your rave. And what a way to wake up!! This was some great dance music. I liked most of it, especially Kamaliya's "I'm Alive" and Kiesza's "No Enemies".
    You are definitely introducing me to some new music. I'm sure if I was young and back into the scene, I'd know all this music. But my young days are far behind me now, having just turned 54 on Tuesday. Yikes!

    Thanks for the lively wake-up Shady! I totally enjoyed it...

    Have a great weekend!

    Michele at Angels Bark

    1. Hi, Michele!

      Happy birthday to you, dear friend! Shucks, 54 isn't old - no way! Besides, you can choose to think, act and feel young. My nocturnal incarnations of Studio 54 just might help you to do that.

      Thank you very much for spending a portion of your weekend dancing with me and the gang from Arrow. Your attendance at Thea's Rave helped save Club Verdant from extinction. :)

      As the comments trickle in, I'm delighted to find various artists being singled out as favorites. It seems like every one of these rave performers resonated with one person or another. It would be very hard for me to name a Pick To Click from this play list because I love them all.

      I am delighted to introduce you to new artists and sounds. Keep in mind that I didn't catch the pop bug until February of this year, so this is all uncharted territory for me as well.

      Thank you again for dropping by, dear friend Michele. I wish you a safe and happy weekend!

    2. Thanks for the birthday wish Tom! I appreciate that! It was fairly it should be at my age. Ha! :)

    3. Michele, please don't think of yourself as old. Heck, I'll be 67 in a couple of months! You are actually one of the youngest friends I have. I feel like I'm robbing the cradle! :)

      You are a treasured friend. One-L. Thanks again for supporting my second rave all-niter. :)

    4. You bet, Tom. I'm happy to support you. You're a good friend!
      Did you see the video I posted the other day, about the baby quail hatching? The music in that is nice, especially at the end...

    5. No, I didn't see that! I don't know why, but some of my followed blogs are sinking the the bottom of my list in the right column. Do you see that yours is listed last even though you posted much more recently than other blogs above yours? I don't know what's going on with that. I need to start looking at the entire list from now on.

      I'll be over in a minute!

    6. Thanks for stopping by and checking it out! These blogs can be persnickety sometimes!

    7. Hey 1-L, did you notice John Diggle's intro - the part highlighted in red? I put that in there with you in mind. :)

  9. Great. Now Don't Go Breaking My Heart is in my head.
    Kamaliya was worth the watch though.
    Then again, I'm still on a high after the latest Underworld trailer.
    Big fan of The Arrow? I've watched some of it, but I admit The Flash drew me in better. But I'm all for as many superhero shows and films as they can crank out.

    1. Hi, Alex!

      Thanks for attending the Arrow rave, good buddy!

      "Don't Go Breaking My Heart" might be my Pick To Click" in this batch. It was by sheer coincidence that the vid shows Agnes getting a bunch of arrows in her heart. :) I just got the "Don't Go Breaking My Heart" CD single by mail order the other day. I also have "On and On" and "Release Me," the other sensational singles by the queen of the modern Scandinavian disco sound, Agnes Carlsson. Glad you dig Kamaliya of the Ukraine, too. (Let's not forget those wild and crazy Russian Serebro girls. :)

      Mrs. Shady and I love The Flash, Arrow, Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., Jessica Jones and Daredevil - all terrific superhero shoes in varying degrees of darkness.

      Thanks again, Alex, and have a great weekend!

  10. Hi Shady!

    I'm loving the new series! And I like all the songs you've posted. I'll have to buy them on iTunes when I get my new laptop!

    1. Hi, Jessica Marie!

      Thanks for joining the fun at Thea's Rave, dear friend! As you can see, the party's still going strong 20+ hours in.

      I'm happy to know that you like the song selection. Thea Queen gets all the credit. :)

      Thanks again for swinging by, dear friend Jessica Marie, and enjoy the rest of your weekend!

  11. Well, I finally made it! I know a lot of Arrow fans- but getting involved in a TV series and I don't get along anymore, so I have only seen a handful of season one episodes.

    In the meantime, I tried doing your crossfade thing and believe I made a right mess of it. Nonetheless, I did enjoy what I heard of the tunage, especially Katy B and Miss Motif. As you know, I have had Krewella on the M10, so they're jake with me, and I'd have to say the one song I might have jumped out of a bit early was the leadoff by Furtado, which didn't particularly trip my trigger.

    I actually think this was a better rave than last, and you do a helluva job putting the concept together.

    I am awaiting you next rave at the Clampett Mansion and hopefully you'll aim for a no-Saturday-work weekend (aka dumb luck) because the effect is better at midnight than 10:30 AM on Sunday!

    1. Hi, Chris!

      Welcome welcome welcome to the festivities, good buddy! I was going to tell you to send me your work schedule, but if it is prone to last minute changes, then it would defeat the purpose. Anyhow, I am very happy that you made it over this morning!

      I'm delighted to know that you appreciated the Arrow concept and enjoyed Thea's Rave. I'm pretty sure you liked it better than Riley's Rave because, overall, it wasn't quite as nasty and in your face as the first one. There are 5 more Riley's Raves in the can and each one has its own "personality"... so please stay tuned.

      I'm tickled silly (that's a thing) to find out that you fancy English thrush Katy B and the fetching lass from Cork, Ireland, Amanda D'Arcy aka Miss Motif (a valid candidate for your Beauty Contest, bub).

      It's fun trying to crossfade the songs (like a real DJ) all the way through the rave. Sometimes it works and the records mix seamlessly. Other times the BPMs don't match or the beat is out of sync and it is rather jarring. It was nice of you to take time to attempt a megamix.

      Thanks for the idea of having the Beverly Hillbillies host the next rave. I can't promise anything, but I guarantee you'll love my upcoming rave featuring Jerry Van Dyke and the cast of My Mother The Car. :)

      Thanks again for attending the platter party, good buddy Chris. I wish you a restful Sunday and I'll see you soon!

  12. Fabulous rave, dear Shady!
    Sorry I'm late, I have a friend in need just now. This is the perfect respite;-)
    The only artist I'd heard of was Nelly Furtado - when she feels like a bird. But all the shows and videos were good. Especially, Kiesza. I am in love with those magic purple shoes and was completely wowed when dancers began morphing out cloth! Kamaliya was also a favorite, her video reminded me of one of those Medieval dinner shows in Vegas. By the way, can I get a couple of souvenir steins for my friend and I? Oh, and I had to step outside (though I no longer smoke) to view all of the shows because all that appears is an empty box. Must have something to do with those strange lights we had in the sky Wednesday night ;-) More on that later. Have a restful Sunday, my friend!

    1. Hi, Diedre!

      Welcome to the funhouse (madhouse?), dear friend. I'm very happy to have you over!

      To borrow Joe Pesci's quote from the Oliver Stone film JFK, your comment is "a mystery wrapped in a riddle inside an enigma." :) I admire you for coming to the assistance of a friend in need, and I hope your efforts are making a difference for her or him.

      I'm not sure what you mean by "all that appears is an empty box." Do you mean that some of the videos wouldn't load properly on your computer? That happens sometimes, for example if you are using an older machine or a laptop or if your internet service provider experiences technical difficulties. Did you try refreshing/reloading the page? Were you finally able to view all of the vids? I certainly hope so.

      I'm very happy that you found a few of Thea's songs to your liking. (I didn't put together the play list. She did. :)

      Yessum, Nelly Furtado has changed her style considerably over the years. On the club favorite "Maneater" she takes no prisoners. As Oliver Queen said in his intro, she KILLS. (I'm not about to argue with him. :) I'm also pleased to know that you enjoyed "No Enemiez" by Kiesza. Her dance routine and the special fx in the video are very entertaining, aren't they? Some of Russian singer Kamaliya's videos are epic productions with lavish period costumes and elaborate choreography including the one featured here, "I'm Alive." I'm so glad you enjoyed it!

      You wrote:

      "By the way, can I get a couple of souvenir steins for my friend and I?"

      You can have Ben Stein and Gertrude Stein. How's that? :)

      You are such a dear friend, Diedre, and I thank you for breaking away from your responsibilities long enough to turn back the clock and be a kid again. Thank you again for attending Thea's Rave and have a wonderful week ahead!

    2. Hi again!
      Naturally all videos appear just fine now ;-) I wasn't deterred, I simply opened youtube in another window and hopped back and forth!
      Not sure how much help I am, but I don't mind sitting through the darkness with a friend who'd do the same for me. I know the sun will shine for her again real soon and I want to be there when it does ;-)
      Thanks again, dear Shady!

    3. You are a wonderful person, Diedre. I know you're the kind who is always there to help a friend in need. I pray that the sun does indeed shine for your friend again... and soon!

      God bless!

  13. Thought I'd take a peak even though I'm late. There's a lot going on in this place where time seems to stand still..

    Man, you are really into this Arrow show.

    Arlee Bird
    Tossing It Out

    1. Hi, Lee!

      Thanks for coming, good buddy!

      Your're not late at all. As Agnes sings, this marathon dance party goes "On and On" all week long, ending Friday at 2 am California time. (They shoot horses, don't they? :)

      I like how you expressed that, Lee. SDMM is indeed a place where time stands still and you have an opportunity to use your imagination.

      Mrs. Shady and I both love the Arrow TV series and other comic superhero shoes including Daredevil, Jessica Jones, Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. and The Flash. We also got into the NBC series Heroes when it was on. I am currently loving Stranger Things, the new series starring Winona Ryder and a cast of wonderful child actors.

      Thanks again for your visit and comment, Lee!

  14. This is quite a post! The only artist I'm familiar with is Nellie Furtado. We have some interesting costumes here. I wonder if I could get away performing an orchestra concert dressed like that. ;)

    1. Hi, Sherry!

      Thanks for dropping by, dear friend!

      I'd love to see you playing violin in concert dressed as one of the fighting Canary sisters from Arrow! :)

      I hope "quite a post" means that you enjoyed Nelly F and the other artists that Thea Queen dug up for us.

      Thanks again for your visit and comment, Sherry!

  15. I'm beginning to dream strange Arrow-like dreams, Shady. And then there are all those canaries that flit in and out of my subconscious. I may have to actually see some episodes to quiet my mind and get a peaceful night's sleep again.

    1. Hi Lee!

      Thanks for swinging over, dear friend!

      After three promo posts in a row followed by the main event, I'm not surprised that you are having Arrowesque dreams. So am I! :)

      I hope you enjoyed dancing to the rave music and perhaps picked up a new favorite song in the process.

      Thanks again for coming by, Lee!

  16. HI, Shady; I started reading this and watching the videos a few days ago, but got interrupted. Better late than never, I hope. ☺ Thanks for the introduction to "Arrow". I've never seen the show but the characters look interesting. As for the music, I'm wondering what happened to Nelly Furtado's vocals. I quite like the original of Man Eater, but the instrumental, not so much. You have another stellar line up of pop divas here. "Self Control" was a good song way back in 1984 when Laura Branigan did it (see it HERE). Infernal's version isn't bad and I'd say I like them the best, overall. Rave on, my friend!

    1. Hi, Debbie the Doglady!

      Thank you very much for making it over to the Arrow party, dear friend!

      Coming from you and knowing your taste in music, this evaluation of Thea's Rave constitutes a "rave review." :) I need to look it up, but I believe "isn't bad" is the highest praise you have ever given a pop song. :)

      Yessum, Arrow is an action packed and highly entertaining fantasy series, and Felicity Smoak, the character played by Canadian actress Emily Bett Rickards, is the heart and soul of the Arrow team.

      I'm not sure what you are saying about the Nelly Furtado piece. I think her vocals remain the same as the original. I take it you don't like the remixed backing tracks. The Bloodlywing remix is my favorite of the many remixes offered. Again, I'm sorry our ears didn't match on that one.

      I'm happy you were able to make it through the 10 songs in the rave and announce a Pick To Click - Infernal's version of "Self Control," the song made famous by Laura Branigan. Laura's music video was requested and played often at the MTV station where I worked during those years in the 80s:

      We need to keep in mind that Laura's hit version of "Self Control" was also a cover.

      Thank you again for giving rave #2 a whirl, dear friend Debbie. With five more volumes of Riley's Rave already in the can, I do intend to rave on. I sincerely appreciate your support of this and other pop oriented series. Enjoy the rest of your week!

  17. Yes, when it comes to pop music, "isn't bad" is high praise. ☺ I tried the Nelly Furtado video again. I had it on low volume the first time and didn't hear any vocals. They were there when I turned it up, but very faint. You're right, the arrangement isn't my taste. Yes, I am aware that Laura Branigan's "Self Control" is a cover version. I like it a bit better than Raf's original. She did a few remakes of Italian songs, the most famous one being "Gloria". Arrivederci, amico!

    1. I always feel sad when I think about Laura Branigan's fate, and it always brings to mind the "curse" of her big hit "Gloria." Do you know the story?

      In the hit 1983 movie Flashdance, the character Jeanie Szabo used Laura's "Gloria" recording for her figure skating performance. Jeanie was played by actress Sunny Johnson. In the summer of 1984, a year after the movie was released, Sunny died as the result of a burst blood vessel in her brain. She was only 30 years old. Twenty years later, in the summer of 2004, Laura Branigan died under similar circumstances, from a previously undiagnosed ventricular brain aneurysm. Laura was only 47. Creepy, isn't it?

      Thank you for the return visit, dear friend Debbie. It is always a pleasure to connect with you!

    2. I knew Laura died young from a brain aneurysm, but hadn't heard the "curse' story before. That's some coincidence; sad!

    3. Hi, dearie!

      I just now noticed your reply. I don't think there is actually a story going around about the curse of "Gloria." I came up with that on my own and wanted to share it with you. It simply occurred to me how the two women and their similar untimely deaths are linked to the song. It is a creepy coincidence.

      Thank you again for your cheery visits and comments, dear friend Debbie!

  18. Ok I just read what you wrote above and it is creepy. They were both too young to die and what a shame. Now I had to take a couple of days to listen to the music and see the videos. I know they all work well with the characters from the TV show. So first, every time I see the pic of Thea Queen I think she has a red tail and then I realize it's her bow...fools me every time. That Nelly Furtado video is sooooo different from her hit where she showed herself as a free gal from hippie school. I'm not one for the song here. Chris Lorenzo is ok but I actually liked Miss Motif and found it different from the others here. I also enjoyed Krewella but am wondering what is explicit?? Agnes is just meh for me and I didn't care for the version of that song Agnes did. Kamiliya I see quite weird but I really enjoyed the song and video. Kiesza is excellent with the dancing and I like the song but her outfit at the end looks like a new design for the women's beach volleyball . Infernal was another meh for me and the last video was taking in Tron for visuals but the music, again, is better than the last one. So there ya go...I don't know any but I enjoyed some.

  19. Hi, Birgit!

    Thank you very much for coming down to meet the cast of Arrow and for listening to the dance recordings in this rave. FYI - the songs you didn't like were picked by Thea Queen. I'll take full credit for the ones you did like. :)

    Thank you for giving me the play by play. I'm delighted to know you found a couple of these songs to your liking, especially the 2000s Ibiza anthem "Up & Down" by Irish lass Miss Motif and the recordings by the three "K" acts - Krewella, Kamaliya and Kiesza.

    You asked:

    << I also enjoyed Krewella but am wondering what is explicit?? >>

    The lyrics include the following:

    << My bitches ain't no dimes, they be motherfuckin' dollars >>

    Thank you again for coming to the rave, helping save Verdant from going out of biz and sampling the songs by these modern dance-pop artists. Enjoy the rest of your week, dear friend Birgit!


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