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"More than a place, the Shady Dell was and will forever remain a state of mind." - Shady Del Knight

"More than a place, the Shady Dell was and will forever remain a state of mind." - Shady Del Knight

Friday, September 16, 2016

Hay Hay Hay... It's the Long Awaited Return of the Farmer's Daughters!

Welcome to Vol. 3 of


...down home, down to earth

darlings and their ditties...

far removed from those

slickers in the cities!

I'm Shecky Shady.

Ever hear the one about

the farmer's daughters

and the playboys?



In 2010 Kathy Lynn and the Playboys (no relation
to the Gary Lewis Playboys) were inducted into the
Buffalo Music Hall of Fame and continue to perform
today. Formed in 1963, Kathy Keppen-Ameno and
her group were the house band at the Peppermint
Stick teen club in Buffalo. They shared a stage
with national acts that included Freddy Cannon,
the Four Seasons and the Angels. The group
played at venues in Western New York,
Pennsylvania and Ohio and opened for the
Ronettes and the Dave Clark Five. Here
are Kathy Lynn and the Playboys with
"My Special Boy," a 1964 single that
starts out sounding like Jan and Dean's
"Surf City" ("two girls for every boy").

 "My Special Boy"
 Kathy Lynn and the Playboys 
 (December 1964, uncharted) 

The killer bee of "My Special Boy" is
another up tempo barn burner, "I Got a Guy,"
Kathy's fiery, gravel voice style reminds me
of rockabilly queen Wanda Jackson!

 "I Got a Guy" 
 Kathy Lynn and the Playboys 
 (December 1964, B side 
 of "My Special Boy") 

The following year Kathy Lynn and the Playboys
released another great yet uncharted record in
the garage/rock 'n' roll/rockabilly style,
(think Brenda Lee) - this one called
"Little Baby."

 "Little Baby" 
 Kathy Lynn and the Playboys 
 (April 1965, uncharted) 


What a discovery! I love the bold, soulful vocal style
of Barbara Mills. Barbara is another thrush who,
with a little luck, could have been the next
Brenda Lee. It's a small world because,
as it turns out, Barbara is the sister of
Newbeats' lead singer Larry Henley.

Recording for the same Nashville based label,
Hickory, Barbara waxed a dynamite doublesider
(great songs back-to-back) but, unfortunately,
neither side charted. The A side, "Queen
of Fools," became a Northern dance floor
filler. I fancy Barbara's killer bee song
"(Make It Last) Take Your Time."

 "(Make It Last) Take Your Time" 
 Barbara Mills (August 1965, 
 B side of "Queen of Fools") 


In 1959, California girl Dee Dee Dorety released
the cool but uncharted rockabilly 45 "Billy Billy."
In 1966 Dee Dee entered the echo chamber of
Hollywood's Gold Star Studio and recorded
"If the World Only Knew," one of the best
West Coast Northern Soul singles of the
Spectorian Era. How did this sensational
record perform on the Billboard chart?
3 guesses...and the first 2 don't count!

 "If The World Only Knew" 
 Dee Dee Dorety (March 1966, 


If you watched Hee Haw in the early 70s
you saw series regular Rickie Page perform.

Rickie (also spelled Ricky) was a member of
The Nashville Edition, the 2 man - 2 woman group
of backing singers on the show's musical numbers.
Rickie moved to Nashville in 1965 to become
part of the area's thriving country music scene.

Earlier in her career, from the late 50s through
the mid 60s, Rickie was based in Los Angeles
where she wrote and recorded pop and R&B songs
under a variety of names. Rickie sang backup on
many other recordings. She was one of Bobby
'Boris' Pickett's Crypt-Kickers, the girls who
sang "He did the mash" on the novelty
horror hit "Monster Mash."

Rickie's recording sessions were a family affair.
Her husband George Motola produced most of
her singles. Her three singing daughters, who
made records as The Bermudas, provided
backing vocals as did Rickie's sister.

Rickie had already headed east to Music City
when the following doublesider was released.
The A side, "I Cry Inside," was produced
by Billy Sherrill and inspired by Phil
Spector and his Wall-of-Sound.

 "I Cry Inside" - Rickie Page 
 (October 1965, uncharted) 

The A+ B side of Rickie's release, "I'm His Girl
(No One Knows Him But Me)," has a big, bold
sound and a Popcorn friendly dance tempo.

 "I'm His Girl (No One Knows Him But Me)" 
 Rickie Page (October 1965, 
 B side of "I Cry Inside") 

I hope you enjoyed listening to these
Farmer's Daughters... simple, unpretentious
performers who had a wagon load of talent
but never got the big break or a hit record.
In case you didn't notice, not one of the
recordings in this post reached the chart!

 Shady's Law states that a record's chart 

 performance has absolutely nothing to do 

 with its quality and greatness. That said... 

 I hereby welcome these new inductees into 

 the Shady's Law Hall of Fame (Shame)! 

Have a Shady day!


  1. This is good timing, Shady-- because we recently watched that Wanda Jackson documentary for the second time. You are so right-- Kathy Lynn sounds a lot like Wanda on I Got A Guy. Barbara Mills is a terrific discovery! Take Your Time-- Make It Last sounds like a hit to me-- I can hardly believe it didn’t make the top 100. I am just as surprised about Dee Dee Dorety’s record. If the World Only Knew is another great sound. I remember seeing The Nashville Edition on tv years ago-- it must have been on Hee-haw. Ricky Page has a pretty voice and deserved to make it as a solo singer.

    You noted that not one of those songs made the Billboard chart-- Did any of them make the Bubbling Under chart?-- Did any of these artists have hits with other songs?

    Thank you for introducing another fine group of farmer’s daughters, Shady!

    1. Hi Kathryn!

      Thanks for taking a look and a listen as I present volume 3 of Farmer's Daughters, little known female artists who gave us great yet poor selling rock-a-billy and country influenced recordings.

      It amazes me how much Kathy Lynn sounds like rock-a-billy queen Wanda Jackson on that second side. I can't help wondering why "I Got a Guy" wasn't pushed as the A side of the single.

      Check out the "then and now" pictures of Kathy & the Playmates on the band's Facebook page:

      I love the Newbeats and am equally stoked about lead vocalist Larry Henley's singing sister Barbara Mills. "(Make It Last) Take Your Time" was a hit just waiting to happen. It's still waiting!

      I remember sitting in a little pub during my four years at Paterno State and watching Hee Haw every week. I too remember The Nashvile Edition as regulars on the show. It's too bad Rickie Page couldn't land a hit record on her own. Here is a clip of Rickie's daughters, The Bermudas, performing their #62 charting record "Donnie" on Dick Clark's American Bandstand in May 1964:

      To answer your question, NO. None of the records in this post (except "Donnie") made the Hot 100 and none of them made the Bubbling Under chart. None of the artists in this post (except Rickie Page's daughters The Bermudas) ever had a charted record, as far as I can tell. They are truly "no-hit wonders."

      Thank you again for leading off the discussion today, Kathryn. Have a great weekend!

  2. Thanks for sharing some Gems I have missed!

    1. My pleasure, Mike. Thanks for stopping by, good buddy!

  3. Good Morning Shecky! I'm afraid I didn't pay much attention to Hee Haw in the early 70's, but I do remember hearing of the Nashville Edition, and from the newspaper clipping, they do look familiar. Sometimes, I would tune in to Hee Haw, to see Dolly Parton, or maybe if Conway Twitty was to appear. If I come across the show in the future (sometimes it does come up), I will certainly pay more attention.

    This was really good to see, I am proud that you are around to dig up these 'should have been' stars! I think my favorite is Rickie Page, but her style and voice takes me back to, "To Sir With Love"! I don't know why, but, her songs had good story lines, and moved right along smoothly-and were dance friendly.

    I also liked DeeDee Dorety. I had never heard of the Northern West Coast Soul! I think it's a cool description, and I liked her song.

    Your Farmer's Daughters edition is really great...hard work, well done! I do remember Wanda Jackson, what a pistol! She really had them rocking, didn't she?

    By the way, Sheck...I happened to see a blue, oh, 1960-61 VW on my reading list and went back to read about it! What a trip! I guess you learned a valuable lesson there!

    This was fun. Thank you for the songs and history. I think most of us have no idea how some of the best singers fell through the cracks. Have a great day and fabulous weekend Shady! ♫

    1. Hi, Suzanne!

      Mrs. Shady and I were traveling today and we're just getting off the road. I am pleased to see that you stopped by, dear friend!

      Yessum, when it's time to crack jokes (which is often) Shady assumes the identity of Shecky Shady, old school stand-up comic. :)

      Isn't it wonderful how Dolly Parton is still among the movers and shakers of the entertainment industry? She did alright for herself. I hope you saw the recent TV movie about Dolly's childhood. Mrs. Shady and I loved it!

      When I was a boy my parents owned Conway Twitty 45s and I enjoyed listening to them, especially his spot on impersonation of Elvis on his very first release in March 1957, "I Need Your Lovin'":

      I'm pleased that you enjoyed this batch of Farmer's Daughters. If you'd like to catch volumes 1 and 2 of this series follow these links:

      VOL. 1:

      VOL. 2:

      Aha! I see that you've been checking out some of the posts you missed in your long abscece, Suzanne. Yessum, it was 50 years ago on August 12 that I flipped my dad's VW in my hurry to get to the Shady Dell. The VW was actually white in color and it was a 1964 model. Thanks for reading that post, dear friend, and thank you for your excellent comment on today's post.

      Have a wonderful weekend and I'll talk to you soon!

  4. Well, now you've gone in a totally new direction but I wanted to tell you after reading your last post that I watched the first episode of ARROW on Netflix. I think I am going to like this series.

    1. Hi, Kathleen!

      Thank you very much for coming over, dear friend!

      I'm pleasantly surprised to learn that I have turned you into an "Arrowhead." :) I hope you enjoy the series. It has a lot of heart and many episodes are wall-to-wall action.

      Now if I could just get you interested in the music I post we'd be in business! :)

      Thank you again for dropping by, Kathleen, and enjoy your weekend!

  5. It was nice hearing these little gems. My dad played a lot of this kind of music when I was growing up, but I don't recognize any of these songs.

    Have a great weekend!

    1. Hi, Sherry!

      Thanks for coming dear friend!

      I was in my mid teens when these records were released, but I don't remember any of them. I became acquainted with these artists and records for the first time three years ago when I got into the Phil Spector sound and subsequently the girl group sound (U.S. and UK) and female solo artists of the 60s (U.S. and UK).

      I hope you enjoyed a tune or two, dear friend Sherry. Thanks again for joining me and have a great weekend!

  6. This was a great list of songs (shame on you, buying public and tone-deaf DJs!) that just got better as it went! For me, Rickie was the top of a very tall heap. I remember trying to learn info on the "Crypt-Kickers" before, and had about as much luck learning anything as I did with the Hollywood Argyles! The last song really wowed me, and all of these ladies definitely are deserving of a place in a HOF- even if it was the all-ignored list.

    1. Hi, Chris!

      Thanks for coming over, good buddy!

      I'm thrilled to know that you enjoyed these Farmer's Daughters (every one of them related within Six Degrees to Granny C).

      Yes, Rickie Page was a regular on Hee Haw and she was also one of the Crypt-Kickers backing singers on "Monster Mash." It's always exciting to trace an artist's career and discover their contributions to the soundtrack of your youth. If you didn't notice my reply to Mrs. Shady, I posted a link to a clip of Rickie's daughters performing on American Bandstand:

      If you like what I did here with Farmer's Daughters #3, then you might want to paste these addresses and check out the first two volumes:

      VOL. 1:

      VOL. 2:

      Thanks again for making time for a visit and your great comment, good buddy Chris. Have a safe and Scrappy weekend!

  7. Hi Shady!
    Peeked in this morning before work and couldn't wait to get back to the latest from your trove of musical treasures!
    Indeed, I'd heard of the Nashville Edition but didn't readily register Rickie - what a treat! I really like "I'm His Girl", and what's not to like about being a part of the "Monster Mash"?
    Hadn't heard of any of the others but enjoyed Kathy Lynn's "I Got A Guy".
    I think they all deserve a place in Shady's Law Hall!
    Thanks for another terrific post, dear Shady :-)

    1. Hi, Diedre!

      How are you tonight, dear friend? Thank you very much for dropping in!

      Yessum, I shifted gears this time and brought you a set of songs in the rockabilly and country vein with a little Spectorian West Coast Northern Soul thrown in for good measure.

      I'm thrilled to find that Rickie Page is going over so well with listeners. Did you notice the rhythm on "I'm His Girl"? It is an example of the "Popcorn" beat, the standard tempo set by record spinning DJs in Belgian niteclubs because it is conducive to a particular style of dancing the patrons preferred.

      I keep picturing rockabilly sparkplug Wanda Jackson whenever I listen to Kathy Lynn's "I Got a Guy." I'm glad you enjoyed it!

      Thank you again for swinging over for a first day visit, dear friend Diedre. I wish you a safe and happy weekend!

  8. WOW !
    Lots of singers I never heard and knew about.
    I thought that Kathy Lynn sounded a bit like Brenda Lee at first to me. Not quite but much of the same timber ? I really like her songs.

    cheers, parsnip

    1. Hi, Gayle!

      Thank you for coming over to meet the Farmer's Daughters, dear friend!

      Yessum, Kathy Lynn sounded at times like Brenda Lee and other times like rockabilly queen Wanda Jackson. Kathy and her band are still performing and you can check out their FB page to see what they look like then and now:

      Thank you again for your visit and comment, dear friend Gayle, and have a wonderful weekend!

  9. holy crap! I never heard of these, but it made me get up and twist again (like we did last summer). and at my age, hoo wee, that hurts! :)

    1. Hi, anne marie!

      Welcome welcome welcome to Shady Dell Music & Memories, my new friend!

      These artists and songs slipped through the cracks and failed to make the chart, didn't even Bubble Under. I never heard of them myself until three years ago when my interest turned to girl groups and female solo artists of the 60s.

      Between your post and mine we got the joint jumpin' and the blood pumpin'. :)

      Thank you for your visit and comment, anne marie, and have a super weekend!

      (Y'all come back now, ya hear? :)

  10. Hi Shady!

    I loved watching the re-runs of Hee Haw and loved watching Ricki Page! I always loved her voice. I am glad you included her. :)

    I've never heard of the other performers, but I loved the songs you posted. It's a shame some of the performers never charted - they have wonderful voices.

    Can't wait to see your next round! Have a great weekend, dear friend.

    1. Hi, Jessica Marie!

      Thank you very much for dropping by, dear friend!

      I'm surprised you watch Hee Haw reruns. Are you also into Lawrence Welk? :) I'm excited to know that you remember Rickie Page and her group as regulars on Hee Haw.

      Yessum, every one of these Farmer's Daughters is a no-hit-wonder. All of these great recordings failed to make the Hot 100. They didn't even Bubble Under (see Shady's Law).

      Thank you again for your visit and comment, dear friend JM. I have at least one more volume of Farmer's Daughters in the can so stay tuned!

    2. Hi Shady,

      I do like Lawrence Welk. Don't watch it much anymore, but if Mystery Space Science Theatre isn't on, I'll watch Lawrence Welk. :)

    3. Hi, Jessica!

      Your tastes are even more eclectic than Shady's and that's saying something. :)

      I hope you're having a swell weekend. Thanks for the return visit!

  11. Ah, a group hailing from my neck of the woods! Sounds like Kathy Lynn and the Playboys made a splash in Buffalo. I liked "I Got a Guy" a lot.

    Loved the Monster Mash! That was great art there! :) What a neat bit of trivia too with Rickie.

    I most probably did see Rickie perform as I watched Hee Haw back in the day. I liked her "I Cry Inside."

    I'm surprised that none of these songs charted. What a shame! Especially Barbara Mills "Make It Last." That's a good song!

    This was a nice way to wake up this morning. Thanks for sharing these gems with us. Have a great weekend...
    I'm off to feed to dogs before we go visit my dad in the hospital. He has pneumonia. Getting better though so he should be able to come home on Monday... It's always something around here...

    Have fun this weekend, whatever you do!

    Michele at Angels Bark

    1. Hi, Michele!

      Thank you for visiting, dear friend!

      How's your dad doing? I'm so sorry he is stricken with pneumonia. if I'm not prying, does this mean that your folks decided to stay with you in Texas instead of returning home back east, or is their return simply delayed by your dad's illness?

      I'm delighted to know that you had fun and enjoyed the rockabilly and country style recordings made by these Farmer's Daughters. Yessum, Kathy Lynn & the Playboys are from your old neighborhood up in the Buffalo area. Here's their FB page:

      Doesn't Kathy sound exactly like Wanda Jackson on "I Got a Guy"? I'm pleased to know you enjoyed Rickie Page and especially excited that you like the Barbara Mills side. Barbara is my Pick to Click for this volume of F.D.!

      I'll be praying for your dad's full and speedy recovery, dear friend Michele. Thank you again for making time for a visit and have a good weekend!

    2. The folks are still planning on returning to NC. Sigh. I just don't get it. But their ultimate goal is to return here so I guess that's the best I can hope for at this point. I'll be taking them back home in early November. :(

      Thanks for your well wishes for my Dad. He should be coming home on Monday...

    3. I pray that everything works out for the best, dear Michele. Hang in there. You are a wonderful daughter and a great friend!

  12. Hi, Shady; These are all unfamiliar to me. so thanks for the introduction. It's surprising none of the records made it to the charts. They all have that typical early '60s sound and should have caught on with the public. Luck, timing and who you know all have to come together to make things happen, it seems. It's too bad so many artists fall by the wayside. Rickie Page was the best of the bunch, IMO. I didn't watch Hee Haw but remember The Monster Mash. Cool bit of trivia there! Another interesting and informative post. Cheers!

    1. Hi, Debbie the Doglady!

      How are you, dear friend? How's the blog revamp coming along? I admire and thank you for continuing to support the blogs of others while yours is undergoing renovation. I can't wait to see the changes you made.

      Yessum, these Farmer's Daughters had great voices and made excellent recordings but their records failed to put a dent in any chart, including the Bubbling Under survey. I'm thinking these records might have been victims of Beatlemania and the British Invasion. There are other possible reasons why they were unsuccessful. Kathy Lynn and the Playboys had an old school name and recorded in an old school style. The times were passing them by. Barbara was a little bit country, a little bit rock 'n' roll and maybe that prevented her record from catching on with either fan group. "(Make It Last) Take Your Time," "If the World Only Knew" and "I'm His Girl (No One Knows Him But Me)" are all long and/or cumbersome titles. I have a theory that, more often than not, records with long titles do not become hits. That still doesn't explain "I Cry Inside," a nice three word title and a pleasing song that nevertheless sold poorly.

      Thank you again for making time for a visit, dear friend Debbie. Take care of yourself and have a marvelous weekend!

  13. Well,Shady, web design can be exhilarating (when something works) and frustrating (when it doesn't). It's a meticulous, arduous process but I love it! ☺ Since it will probably take a couple more weeks at least (I'm turning the website into a multi-function portfolio) I don't want to lose touch completely. Besides, your posts are always interesting. Your theories about why these records didn't catch on make perfect sense.The British Invasion was probably the biggest reason. Music was changing drastically and these tunes were from the "old" era. Have a good weekend, yourself. ☺

    1. Hi, dear Debbie!

      (I just found your follow-up reply on the previous post.)

      I can't wait to see your state-of-the-art website. (I just hope it doesn't lock me out. Please keep checking your spam folder! :)

      Thank you for coming back to chat, dear friend Debbie. Have a super weekend!

  14. Tom, I came by earlier today,read your post and listened to this fabulous music but I forgot to make my presence known. *slap forehead* In my self defense, I did manage to give a tweet out, though. Am I safe? Okay, all of these new-to-me talents are dynamite! You know, I didn't know I was a singer (Kathy Lynn and the Playboys). The thing is they spelled my name wrong. What a shame! That might explain why I'm not getting any royalty checks. I was a just tot when that Kathy Lynn was doing her thang. I really loved Ricki Page's vocals - very nice! Actually all of these "Farmer's Daughters" are truly standup acts and what a pity none of them didn't make a ginormous splash in the industry. I loved the introduction, my friend. Great post! Have a tunetastic weekend!

    1. Hi, Cathy Lynn! :)

      Thank you very much for dropping by, dear friend!

      That's quite a coincidence that you share the same first and middle name with a singer who has been a household name in Buffalo, NY, for more than 50 years. I am very happy to know that you enjoyed this edition of my series Farmer's Daughters. I am sold on all of these gals but I would have to say that the platter by Larry Henley's sister Barbara Mills is my Pick To Click. I don't understand how it missed the chart, unless the long, nondescript title was to blame. I have a theory that three word titles catch on more easily than longer titles. Barbara might have had a sizeable hit if the title had been either "Make It Last" or "Take Your Time." See what I mean?

      Thank you again for coming by, not once, but twice, and for your excellent comment, dear friend Cathy. I wish you and DH a very happy Sunday!

  15. I've never heard of any of these fine artists, but all the songs sound like other songs I've heard. But, after all, it was the classic sound of the day and it's always good to hear even the sound-alikes.

    Funny, I've got a male musician friend named Rick Page so Rickie caught my attention. Rickie sure had a long, storied, and interesting career. Wonder if she's written
    her memoirs? Could be an interesting read for sure.

    Nice line up up artists.

    Arlee Bird
    Tossing It Out

    1. Hi, Lee!

      Thanks for visiting, good buddy!

      I didn't know any of these artists or songs until two or three years ago when I assembled this volume of Farmer's Daughters.

      These recordings slipped through the cracks even though they were as good or better than others that made the chart.

      It wasn't as if these artists were doomed to obscurity because they were on tiny, independent record labels. Their records were released by established labels. Swan was a successful teen pop imprint famous for releasing "She Loves You" by the Beatles along with slabs by Freddy Cannon and Danny & the Juniors. Era gave us the hit "The Birds and the Bees" by Jewel Akens along with 45s by Donnie Brooks, Dorsey Burnette, Gogie Grant and Ketty Lester. (Dee Dee Dorety also had the benefit of recording "If the World Only Knew" at Gold Star Studio, one of the finest facilities in the country, a hit-making factory.) Hickory Records was home to Sue Thompson and the Newbeats feat. lead singer Larry Henley, brother of Farmer's Daughter Barbara Mills. Epic Records issued platters by Bobby Vinton, The Dave Clark Five, The Hollies, Donovan, The Yardbirds and many more.

      I think the problem with these recordings is that they had a somewhat dated sound at the time of release. British acts, Motown acts and the Beach Boys were among the dominate forces in pop music in the mid 60s and these recordings didn't fit into any of those categories. The timing simply wasn't right.

      Thanks again, Lee, and have a great week ahead!

  16. Hi Shady,
    You sure do change it up on the blog! What a contrast from last post!
    My fave on this post is. . .
    MONSTER MASH!!! (just kidding)
    Really, it's Barbara Mills, "make it last". I love horns in a song and she has a great voice. I think she sounded like Petula Clark. What a shame none of these songs made it to the big time! They certainly were the sounds of that era!
    Toni Deroche

    1. Hi, Toni!

      How are you, dear friend? Thanks for coming!

      Yessum, I try to mix it up and present something for every taste. (In my next post the pendulum swings back to your favorite kind of music.)

      I'm delighted to know that you appreciate Barbara Mills. Her song is my Pick To Click and I agree that she belts it out like Pet Clark.

      It astounds me that none of these fine recordings even made the lower reaches of the chart. Thank goodness for the many great CD compilations that are bringing these gems to market for the first time in decades.

      Thank you again for your visit and kind comments, dear friend Toni, and have a wonderful week ahead!

  17. Hi Shady! I'm sorry I'm late but it's been a crazy time around here. First let me say that I enjoyed every artist featured here. I don't know any of them but I know in the mid sixties the music scene was full of English bands so maybe that's a reason for not charting. Too bad. I really liked Kathy Lynn's tune "Little Baby" the best on this post. My thoughts this week have been with some family members going through some tough things right now. First, your and my good buddy Eddy has been pretty sick. We thought we might lose him in fact. But he's doing a bit better and time will tell how it will all turn out. I'll keep you informed. On another front my dear brother who just moved to Georgia has be diagnosed with Lung cancer. Tests for him begin this week. I won't be blogging about it since my Mom doesn't know. So I might be a bit absent in the blog world for a bit. Thanks for always having fun,new tunes for me to enjoy and sorry for bending your ear with family problems! Have a good week!

    1. Hi, YaYa!

      Dear friend, I am very sorry to learn of the misfortunes around your family. I was thinking about you earlier today and realizing how long you have been absent and I suspected it was for that reason. You never need to apologize for being late or for missing posts. Your credit is good here. Family first. I am terribly sorry to hear about your brother and I will pray for a positive outcome. My buddy Eddy is getting up in years for his breed and I always worry about his health. I pray that he bounces back. I hope things are better for your mother and sister by now. Hang in there, dear friend.

      I'm glad you enjoyed the post. Thank you very much for making time for a visit in the midst of your family crises. You are in my thoughts and prayers, dear friend.

  18. Love these - not what I normally listen to, but fun to listen to.

    1. Hi, Sarah!

      Allow me to officially welcome you to Shady Dell Music & Memories, my new friend. I am very happy to see you!

      Over the course of a year I try to offer a mix of music in a wide range of styles covering a span of 60 years. Sooner or later I will present your favorite type of music. Let me know what it is and maybe I can wing it in sooner rather than later.

      Thank you again for dropping in, new friend Sarah. I wish you and Choppy and Schooner a terrific week ahead!

  19. Aw. Why don't we make music like these today?

    1. Hi, Lux!

      How are you, my friend around the world?

      I alternate between posts containing old music and new music because it allows us to see and hear the vast differences between the way we were then and now, determine how we got here and discuss where we are headed.

      Thank you again for your kind visit and comment, dear friend Lux!

  20. Wow! I haven't heard any of these in ages, but they did bring back some memories. Thanks for posting these and letting me wallow in a bit of nostalgia.

    1. Hi, Cheryl!

      Thanks for popping in for a visit!

      As I mentioned to Luxie (above) some of the music I present is very old and some very new. Regarding this post, I don't remember any of these recordings from my teenage youth. I discovered them recently, three years ago, when I began to get interested in the Spectorian sound, girl groups and female soloists of the U.S. and UK.

      Thanks again Lee, and enjoy your week!

  21. Awesome collection of music, Mr. Shady ... I copied your 2 volumes for personal use with your permission ... was a bit too young back then, but appreciate the music a lot. My husband is 12 years older than me, and I cherish his record collection ... my favourites are Theresa Brewer and Helen Shapiro. Love, cat.

    1. Hi, cat!

      Welcome welcome welcome, my dear feline friend! :)

      Wow! I grew up listening to the Teresa Brewer 45s that my parents owned. Teresa was one of my mother's favorites. Songs included "Let Me Go, Lover," "Music Music Music," "Tweedlee Dee," "A Tear Fell" and "Bo Weevil." Helen Shapiro is a huge name in the UK but I honestly don't remember listening to her records back in Central Pennsylvania the 60s.

      Hey, cat, I want to let you know that I am dedicating my next post to you - yes YOU, cat, so please check back here this Thursday and enjoy!

      Thank you again for your visit and cheery comment, dear friend cat. I hope to see you back here on Thursday! :) :) :)


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