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"More than a place, the Shady Dell was and will forever remain a state of mind." - Shady Del Knight

"More than a place, the Shady Dell was and will forever remain a state of mind." - Shady Del Knight

Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Shady, The Boy Who Cried Wolfman!


Oh baby baby baby..... goodness gracious, this
here's the Wolfman. I'm back and that's a natural fact, Jack!  I'm subbing at the microphone for my good friend Shady Del Knight and I'm here to play stax o' wax at the greatest little station in the nation, SDMM!

Night time's the right time for a game of give n' take
Ask your pretty car hop "Do fries go with that shake?"

So grab your sweetie and tune me in
Wolfman Jack's about to begin.

Now, you pay close
attention to these songs,
baby, or the Wolfman's
gonna GETCHA!

You know that the Wolfman is your doctor of love. Lo and behold, here's a young lady who writes her own prescriptions. It's Natalie Assenti aka Debbie Dovale, a 13 year old singer from the Pittsburgh area, performing the killer B side of her 1964 Roulette single "Come Home." Physician, heal thyself! Debbie Dovale sings "I'm My Own Doctor."

 "I'm My Own Doctor" - Debbie Dovale 
 (February 1964, uncharted) 

Now listen here, the Wolfman's got the hottest wax in the whole wide world! Up next, a Bronx girl group called the Chiffons. These ladies are best known for their hits "He's So Fine," "One Fine Day" and "Sweet Talkin' Guy." This one is a rare album track that knocks me out, a catchy keeper called "Every Boy and Every Girl."

 "Every Boy and Every Girl" - The Chiffons 
 (from 1970 album My Secret Love

You're diggin' the cat on the radio, Wolfman Jack, and I got a treat for you, a terrific girl group from Nashville,
a trio called the Avons. Singing a song written by Ronnie Wilkins of Ronny & the Daytonas, these ladies laid down a sizzling slab of Northern Soul
on the Groove label - "Push a Little Harder," baby! AHHHOOOOOH!!!

 "Push a Little Harder" - The Avons 
 (October 1963, uncharted) 

Awwww, if you got the curves, baby, I got the angles! This here's the Wolfman and I've got another treat that's hard to beat. It's sweet little Maureen Gray, the Philly filly who started making records at age 12 and went on to sing with Eric Clapton, David Bowie, George Harrison, John Lennon and Yoko Ono. Although it's autumn, Maureen reminds us that life's a beach and "Summertime Is Near!"

 "Summertime Is Near" - Maureen Gray 
(Aug. 1963, B side of "The Story of My Love") 

She's back! Donna Reed's daughter Mary Stone aka Shelley Fabares returns to SDMM with a killer cover of Neil Sedaka's big hit "Breaking Up Is Hard To Do." Take it away, Miss Fabares!

 "Breaking Up Is Hard To Do" - Shelley Fabares  
 (from the September 1962 album 
 The Things We Did Last Summer

Awww Mary Mary... where you goin' to?
That was Shelly Fabares taking us to Shangri-la
with her interpretation of a Neil Sedaka favorite.

Now hear this. It's blue-eyed soul songstress Babs Tino performing a song penned and produced by Burt Bacharach who worked with Babs on several of her recordings. The old Wolfman says
this pleasing platter is Babs' best - "Forgive Me!"

 "Forgive Me (For Giving You Such a Bad Time)" 
 Babs Tino (Aug. 1962, highest chart pos. #117) 

Oh my my, forgive me for running out of time
but I just did, baby! That wraps up this
edition of Clap For The Wolfman.

If you've been listening in your car...
thanks for the ride, baby!

Now you listen to the Wolfman. I wanna see your face back here in the Shady place for my next show! Until then, this is your old friend Wolfman Jack signing off from the greatest little station in the nation... SDMM.


Thursday, September 22, 2016

Beneath and Way Beyond the Valley of The Super Ultra-Vixen Pussycat Dolls!

This post is dedicated to my

purrfect... mewsic loving

furry feral feline friends

cat at ^.^


Cathy at

I'm Morris. I have 9 lives. In fact I have 9 Lives
three times a day. I guess that's why some
people say I'm too big for my britches.
I am here today along with a few of
my kitty kompadres to introduce...

...The Pussycat Dolls, an all girl song and dance
group from Los Angeles. The Pussycat Dolls
are the cat's pajamas, primary lead singer
Nicole Scherzinger is the cat's meow,
and their songs and videos are
guaranteed to give you
cat scratch fever.

As the world's most finicky cat, I hate censorship.
Give it to me straight or not at all. That's why
I have decided to start things off with the
 uncensored, explicit language version
of "Don't Cha," the lead single from
The Pussycat Dolls' 2005 debut album
PCD. Featuring guest rapper Busta
Rhymes, "Don't Cha" was an
international hit, topping the
charts in more than a dozen
countries and making VH1's
list of The 100 Greatest
Songs of the 2000s.

"Don't Cha" - The Pussycat Dolls
feat. Busta Rhymes - April 2005,
highest chart pos. #2 Hot 100,
#1 U.S. Pop 100 & Dance Club Songs,
#1 UK & a dozen other countries,
from Sept. 2005 album PCD)

I'm Felix the Cat...
...the wonderful wonderful cat.
Remember me?

I'm a cartoon character from the silent film era.
Whenever I get in a fix I reach into my bag of tricks.
EEEK! It's a dog!... Snoop Dogg, that is, and he's
featured rapper on our next song. "Buttons,"
the 4th single from The Pussycat Dolls'
PCD, has a distinctive Middle Eastern
feel. Released in the spring of 2006,
"Buttons" zipped to #1 on the U.S.
Dance Club and Mainstream
Top 40 charts and topped the
surveys in 4 other countries.

"Buttons" - The Pussycat Dolls
feat. Snoop Dogg (April 2006,
highest chart pos. #1 U.S.
Mainstream Top 40 & Dance Club,
#1 Australia Urban, #1 New Zealand,
Austria & Hungary, from
Sept. 2005 album PCD)

If you must know... I'm Garfield.

The skinny on me is that I'm a fat cat
born in a comic strip in the late 70s.
I love to eat, hate to diet, do a whole lot
of nothing and hope to stamp out Mondays
in my nine lifetimes. Our next song by
The Pussycat Dolls is another track from
PCD, a mash-up of two lion size hits of
the past - "Tainted Love," the 80s classic
by the English synthpop duo Soft Cell,
and "Where Did Our Love Go," the
first #1 charting hit for the Motown
super-group the Supremes in 1964.

"Tainted Love/Where Did Our Love Go" 
The Pussycat Dolls (from
Sept. 2005 album PCD)

I'm Krazy Kat.

Me and my shadow, a cantankerous mouse named
Ignatz, were popular comic strip characters in the
first half of the 20th century. "Wait a Minute" is
another single from PCD, and features guest
vocals by singer/songwriter/rapper Timbaland
who produced and co-wrote the song with R&B
and hip hop artist Keri Hilson. In the fall of
2006 "Wait a Minute" made the top 30 on
the U.S. Hot 100, went top 10 in the
Netherlands and top 3 in Finland.

"Wait a Minute" - The Pussycat Dolls
feat. Timbaland (Oct. 2006,
highest chart pos. #28 Hot 100,
#7 Netherlands/#3 Finland,
from Sept. 2005 album PCD

I'm The Pink Panther...

As I'm sure you recall, I am the animated cartoon
character who first found fame in the opening credits
of the 1963 Peter Sellers film of the same name.
(Peter also starred in What's New Pussycat.)
I'm a cool cool kitty bringing the show to a
close with a red hot ditty. "Hot Stuff
(I Want You Back)," another killer
kover by the Pussycat Dolls, pays
tribute to the #1 charting 1979
disco hit by Donna Summer.

"Hot Stuff (I Want You Back)"
The Pussycat Dolls (from
Sept. 2005 album PCD)

Hold your horses, Pink Panther.
We're not done yet!

Hi, I'm Tony the Tiger. For the last 65 years
I've been the advertising cartoon mascot for
Kellogg's Frosted Flakes. After listening
to the Pussycat Dolls, what can I say?

And I'm the famous tiger mascot who started
promoting Esso Extra gasoline in 1959.

To conclude today's kitty koncert let's turn
back the clock and hear from the coolest cat
in the UK - Mr. Tom Jones. In the summer
of 1965 the Welsh warbler scored a top 3
U.S. hit with "What's New Pussycat,"
a song composed by Burt Bacharach
and Hal David and used as the theme
of the aforementioned comedy film
of the same name written by Woody
Allen and starring Peter Sellers.
Tom'll put a tiger in your tank!

"What's New Pussycat" - Tom Jones
(July 1965, highest chart pos.
#3 Hot 100/#11 UK, from 1965
movie What's New Pussycat,
live September 25, 1970, on
TV series This Is Tom Jones)

Well, what are you waiting for?

Cat got your tongue?

Fur ball stuck in your throat?

Just swallowed a canary?

Feel like throwing a hissy?

We'd appreciate your mewsings

about The Pussycat Dolls

and Tom Jones!

I'm the Cheshire Cat, the feline fil-osofer from
Lewis Carroll's Alice's Adventures in Wonderland.

I'm all smiles because I just found out that
there's a volume two of this series. The bad
mews is that you won't be able to see it
until after a long paws for the holidays.

You'll just have to grin and bear it.

Put 'em up, put 'em up!

I'll fight ya with one paw

tied behind my back.

Friday, September 16, 2016

Hay Hay Hay... It's the Long Awaited Return of the Farmer's Daughters!

Welcome to Vol. 3 of


...down home, down to earth

darlings and their ditties...

far removed from those

slickers in the cities!

I'm Shecky Shady.

Ever hear the one about

the farmer's daughters

and the playboys?



In 2010 Kathy Lynn and the Playboys (no relation
to the Gary Lewis Playboys) were inducted into the
Buffalo Music Hall of Fame and continue to perform
today. Formed in 1963, Kathy Keppen-Ameno and
her group were the house band at the Peppermint
Stick teen club in Buffalo. They shared a stage
with national acts that included Freddy Cannon,
the Four Seasons and the Angels. The group
played at venues in Western New York,
Pennsylvania and Ohio and opened for the
Ronettes and the Dave Clark Five. Here
are Kathy Lynn and the Playboys with
"My Special Boy," a 1964 single that
starts out sounding like Jan and Dean's
"Surf City" ("two girls for every boy").

 "My Special Boy"
 Kathy Lynn and the Playboys 
 (December 1964, uncharted) 

The killer bee of "My Special Boy" is
another up tempo barn burner, "I Got a Guy,"
Kathy's fiery, gravel voice style reminds me
of rockabilly queen Wanda Jackson!

 "I Got a Guy" 
 Kathy Lynn and the Playboys 
 (December 1964, B side 
 of "My Special Boy") 

The following year Kathy Lynn and the Playboys
released another great yet uncharted record in
the garage/rock 'n' roll/rockabilly style,
(think Brenda Lee) - this one called
"Little Baby."

 "Little Baby" 
 Kathy Lynn and the Playboys 
 (April 1965, uncharted) 


What a discovery! I love the bold, soulful vocal style
of Barbara Mills. Barbara is another thrush who,
with a little luck, could have been the next
Brenda Lee. It's a small world because,
as it turns out, Barbara is the sister of
Newbeats' lead singer Larry Henley.

Recording for the same Nashville based label,
Hickory, Barbara waxed a dynamite doublesider
(great songs back-to-back) but, unfortunately,
neither side charted. The A side, "Queen
of Fools," became a Northern dance floor
filler. I fancy Barbara's killer bee song
"(Make It Last) Take Your Time."

 "(Make It Last) Take Your Time" 
 Barbara Mills (August 1965, 
 B side of "Queen of Fools") 


In 1959, California girl Dee Dee Dorety released
the cool but uncharted rockabilly 45 "Billy Billy."
In 1966 Dee Dee entered the echo chamber of
Hollywood's Gold Star Studio and recorded
"If the World Only Knew," one of the best
West Coast Northern Soul singles of the
Spectorian Era. How did this sensational
record perform on the Billboard chart?
3 guesses...and the first 2 don't count!

 "If The World Only Knew" 
 Dee Dee Dorety (March 1966, 


If you watched Hee Haw in the early 70s
you saw series regular Rickie Page perform.

Rickie (also spelled Ricky) was a member of
The Nashville Edition, the 2 man - 2 woman group
of backing singers on the show's musical numbers.
Rickie moved to Nashville in 1965 to become
part of the area's thriving country music scene.

Earlier in her career, from the late 50s through
the mid 60s, Rickie was based in Los Angeles
where she wrote and recorded pop and R&B songs
under a variety of names. Rickie sang backup on
many other recordings. She was one of Bobby
'Boris' Pickett's Crypt-Kickers, the girls who
sang "He did the mash" on the novelty
horror hit "Monster Mash."

Rickie's recording sessions were a family affair.
Her husband George Motola produced most of
her singles. Her three singing daughters, who
made records as The Bermudas, provided
backing vocals as did Rickie's sister.

Rickie had already headed east to Music City
when the following doublesider was released.
The A side, "I Cry Inside," was produced
by Billy Sherrill and inspired by Phil
Spector and his Wall-of-Sound.

 "I Cry Inside" - Rickie Page 
 (October 1965, uncharted) 

The A+ B side of Rickie's release, "I'm His Girl
(No One Knows Him But Me)," has a big, bold
sound and a Popcorn friendly dance tempo.

 "I'm His Girl (No One Knows Him But Me)" 
 Rickie Page (October 1965, 
 B side of "I Cry Inside") 

I hope you enjoyed listening to these
Farmer's Daughters... simple, unpretentious
performers who had a wagon load of talent
but never got the big break or a hit record.
In case you didn't notice, not one of the
recordings in this post reached the chart!

 Shady's Law states that a record's chart 

 performance has absolutely nothing to do 

 with its quality and greatness. That said... 

 I hereby welcome these new inductees into 

 the Shady's Law Hall of Fame (Shame)! 

Have a Shady day!

Friday, September 9, 2016

Verdant Vindication: Thea's Rave!


OLIVER QUEEN: We're finished, Diggle.
We're ruined. Verdant is closing.

There's a hot new club at SDMM
called Riley's Rave and it's
putting us out of business.

You do what you want, Roy, but I'm
not going to sit on my hands and let
Verdant go down without a fight!


Welcome to

Verdant Vindication!

It's Die Hard with a Vengeance

as Star City's premier nightclub

makes a triumphant comeback!

I'm Thea Queen, Oliver Queen's kid sister
on the hit CW Network TV series Arrow.

Ever since it opened in July, Riley's Rave,
operated by the cast of Sense8, has been
siphoning customers away from Verdant
with its Friday night dance parties.


Tonight, the warriors of the Arrowverse
strike back. The best way to do that
 is to beat them at their own game.
With a little help from my friends
I am hosting Thea's Rave...
bigger and better bash...
and I'm the DJ!

Thea Queen

Let me ask you this. Do Riley Blue and her
cohorts wear masks and don cool superhero
costumes? Negatory... they sure DON'T!
So let's pack the dance floor and show
those sensates what a real rave
looks like and sounds like!


Oliver Queen
The Arrow/Green Arrow

My name is Oliver Queen. I went from
billionaire playboy to superhero vigilante.
I'm fighting a never-ending battle to
save my city from the forces of evil
and corruption. Tonight I need your
help to save an integral part of
 of Starling City - club Verdant,
the disco that covers for my
vigilante operations in the
basement Arrowcave.

In my battles I try to avoid lethal action,
but the woman you are about to meet KILLS.
She's Nelly Furtado, the feisty Canadian
singer/songwriter who sold 12 million
copies of Loose, an album that spawned
four #1 charting singles including this one.
Skip to the 2:25 mark to begin the rave,
crank it up to 10, and watch out -
this lady's a maneater!

"Maneater" (Bloodlywing Remix) - Nelly Furtado
(May 2006, highest chart pos. #1
U.S. Dance Club/#1 UK & Denmark,
from June 2006 album Loose)

(Thea's Rave Intro)

Dinah Laurel Lance
Black Canary - Team Arrow

I'm Laurel Lance, lawyer turned vigilante.
I wanna be... I wanna be a great fighter
like my sister Sara is/was. (It depends
on which season you're watching.)

Let me introduce two exciting artists
on the UK music scene. Katy B is a
singer, songwriter and musician who
records in the house, R&B, dance and
UK garage categories. Chris Lorenzo
is a house ghostwriter and inde-
pendent producer specializing
 in nu garage, UK jackin’ house
and bassline. In 2016 Katy and
Chris teamed up and released the
promotional single "I Wanna Be,"
a track from Katy's third album
Honey. Jump to the 1:20
mix mark and jam!

"I Wanna Be" - Katy B with Chris Lorenzo
(promo single from Apr. 2016 album Honey)

AT 1:20 MARK!
(Thea's Crossfade/Mix Point)

Detective Quentin Lance
Starling City Police Dept.

I'm Quentin Lance, Laurel and Sara's
father. My career as a detective
has had its ups and downs.

Thea's Rave now switches live to Ireland,
 where we meet Cork beauty Amanda D'Arcy,
better known in the music world as singer,
songwriter and producer Miss Motif. As a
renowned international house DJ, Mandy
 stuns audiences by adding her vocals live
while mixing. Miss Motif was part of the
electro/techno dance-pop group Scent
that included members from Italy and
London. In 2003 Scent's debut single,
the electro house track "Up & Down,"
cracked the top 20 in the UK and
topped charts across Europe.

"Up & Down" - Miss Motif
(2003 single, live performance at
Heineken Thirst World Tour, Ireland)

AT 1:52 MARK!
(Thea's Crossfade/Mix Point)

Felicity Smoak
Overwatch - Team Arrow

I'm Felicity Smoak, the IT tech for
vigilante Team Arrow and Oliver Queen's
friend, confidant and soul mate. 

Krewella is an EDM duo from Illinois -
sisters Jahan Yousaf and Yasmine Yousaf.
In 2013 this sister act burned up the
Mainstream Top 40 with our next
dance floor filler. You're in the
middle of Thea's Rave and
we're living for the night!

"Live For the Night" - Krewella
(July 2013, highest chart pos.
#100 Hot 100/#30 Mainstream
Top 40from album Get Wet)

(Thea's Crossfade/Mix Point)

Malcolm Merlyn
The Magician/Dark Archer

I'm Malcolm Merlyn, wealthy businessman,
Thea's biological father and martial arts
mentor and Oliver Queen's nemesis.
The wars waged for control of
Star City will go on and on.

To Sweden we go for a double dose of  
dance-pop songstress Agnes Carlsson.
In the summer of 2008 Agnes cracked
the top 10 in Sweden, Belgium and the
UK with "On and On," a single from her
album Dance Love Pop. Cue at 1:54
and let the beat go on and on!

"On and On" (Cahill Remix) - Agnes
(Aug. 2008, highest chart pos.
#8 Sweden & Belgium, #10 UK Dance,
from Oct. 2008 album Dance Love Pop)

AT 1:54 MARK!
(Thea's Crossfade/Mix Point)

Roy Harper
Arsenal - Team Arrow

I'm Roy Harper, Oliver Queen's protégé
and a vigilante fighter on Team Arrow.
Thea, I miss you.  I miss "us."
Don't go breaking my heart.
Come back to me!

In the fall of 2011 Agnes released
the promotional single "Don't Go
Breaking My Heart" and it landed
in the top 3 at home in Sweden.
 Jump to the 2:43 mix point and
dig this Agnes double play!

"Don't Go Breaking My Heart" - Agnes
(Sept. 2011 promotional single,
highest chart pos. #3 Sweden) 

AT 2:42 MARK!
(Thea's Crossfade/Mix Point)

Sara Lance
The Canary - Team Arrow

I'm Sara Lance, Laurel's sister,
Quentin's daughter, Oliver ex-lover
and a vigilante on Team Arrow.
I was killed in 2014 (spoiler)
but now I'm alive.

Ukrainian singer, actress, model and
former Mrs. World Kamaliya returns
tonight with "I'm Alive," a single from
her 2013 album Club Opera. Feel the
city breakin' and everybody shakin'
and we're stayin' alive, stayin' alive!

"I'm Alive" - Kamaliya
(single from Nov, 2013
album Club Opera)

AT 2:22 MARK!
(Thea's Crossfade/Mix Point)

John Diggle
Spartan - Team Arrow

I'm John Diggle, Oliver's partner and
confidant and another vigilante superhero
on Team Arrow. We're stronger together.
If we all stick together, work together
and fight together, no enemies
will defeat us.

Kiesa Rae Ellestad, stage name Kiesza,
is a Canadian singer, dancer and multi-
instrumentalist who looks and sounds
like Sheena Easton. From Kiesza's
chart topping major label debut
album Sound of a Woman,
here's the danceworthy
track "No Enemiesz."

"No Enemiesz" - Kiesza
(Nov/Dec 2014, h.c.p.#7 UK Dance
#4 Japan Dance, from Oct. 2014
album Sound of a Woman)

AT 1:50 MARK!
(Thea's Crossfade/Mix Point)

Ray Palmer
The Atom

I'm Ray Palmer, Starling City businessman,
CEO of Palmer Technologies and the robotic
vigilante known as The Atom. I'm going to
make you lose your self control on the
dance floor with Infernal, a Denmark
duo consisting of Lina Rafn and Paw
Lagermann, winners of the Danish
Artist of the Year award. In 2006
Infernal released "Self Control"
covering a song by Italian singer
Raf that became a worldwide hit
in 1984 for American songstress
Laura Branigan. Click at the 4 minute
mark and ignite Infernal combustion!

"Self Control" - Infernal
(Oct. 2006, highest chart pos.
#3 Denmark/#6 Finland, #18 UK,
from October 2004 album
From Paris To Berlin)

AT 4:00 MIN. MARK!
(Thea's Crossfade/Mix Point)

Last call for alcohol and time for the
last dance, a double dose of Infernal!

Thea Queen

Tonight Thea's Rave has taken you
to dance clubs all around the world:
Denmark, Sweden, the UK, Ireland,
the Ukraine, the U.S. and Canada.
 Now let's hit the road as Infernal,
the Danish duo from Copenhagen
takes us "From Paris To Berlin."

"From Paris To Berlin" - Infernal
(Jan. 2005, highest chart pos.
#1 Denmark/#2 UK/#2 Ireland
#2 Hungary/#25 U.S. Hot Dance,
from October 2004 album
From Paris To Berlin)

AT 1:43 MARK!
(Thea's Crossfade/Mix Point)

We did it, mother. Verdant is back
...and it's here to stay.

Thanks for being here tonight!

Your support has helped the
champions of Star City save
club Verdant from extinction.

Catch season 5 of Arrow on

The CW Television Network

and the whole series from

the beginning on Netflix!