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"More than a place, the Shady Dell was and will forever remain a state of mind." - Shady Del Knight

"More than a place, the Shady Dell was and will forever remain a state of mind." - Shady Del Knight

Monday, August 29, 2016

Counting Down the 200 Greatest Hits of the Shady Dell (#120 to #116)

 It's time once again to put your 

 musical knowledge to the test 

 as we continue our countdown of 

 The 200 Greatest Hits of the Shady Dell! 

 You know the drill. 

I'll give you a line or two of lyrics taken from five
of the most popular Dell songs of the mid 60s.
Your mission, Jim, if you decide to accept it, is to

 Name That Tune. 

Put on your thinking cap. Here are the lyric
samples for the next five Dell songs:

Sorrow would be written
On my face
By the pen of loneliness
Time couldn`t erase

Tonight I'll sing my songs again
I'll play the game and pretend

Am I asking too much
for you to stick around

But I'm telling you, darling
I feel it in my heart,

got it in my soul

You were so real that
I could feel your eagerness


Okay, let's find out how well you did.
Here are the Dell songs in today's countdown:

 120. "I'll Turn To Stone" 
 The Four Tops (June '67) 

 119. "Homeward Bound" 
 Simon & Garfunkel (February '66) 

 118. "Lightnin' Strikes" 
 Lou Christie (January '66) 

 117. "With This Ring" 
 The Platters (March '67) 

 116. "I Had Too Much To Dream (Last Night)" 
 The Electric Prunes (December '66) 

How many songs did you correctly guess from the lyric clues? Refer to the grading scale below to determine your musical I.Q.

 All 5 right – 

 Congratulations! You’ve been appointed 

 dean of the College of Musical Knowledge. 

 3 or 4 right – 

 Licensed lyric lover. 

 2 right - 

 Lyrically challenged. 

 1 right – 

 Sign up for remedial classes 

 at the School of Rock. 

 0 right – 

 You just dance and hum along! 

Have a Shady day!


  1. It has been ages since we played Name That Tune and I am a little rusty. Just call me "lyrically challenged" because I only got 2 right— The only songs I guessed correctly are Simon & Garfunkel’s Homeward Bound and Lou Christie’s Lightning Strikes. I remember that psychedelic song by the Electric Prunes— but I didn’t guess it from the lyrics. I don’t remember that Four Tops song at all— but I remember 7 Rooms Of Gloom. I know the Platters but not that Dell song— what a great performance at the Hilton! This was fun, Shady!

    1. Hi, Kathryn!

      Thanks for playing Name That Tune. I just checked and, to my surprise, this is the first new installment of the Dell's Greatest Hits Countdown in more than a year!

      Don't be ashamed that you only guessed two of the songs out of five. With that score... you have taken over sole possession of the lead! :)

      That Four Tops killer bee "Turn To Stone" had a better dance beat than the A side "7 Rooms of Gloom." As I recall it was a bigger Dell hit and played more often than "Gloom." "With This Ring" was one of two Dell jukebox hits released by the reinvented Platters of the 60s, the other being "Washed Ashore" which ranks even higher on my survey.

      Thank you again for playing, Kathryn, and have a fine day and week!

  2. I don't dance so I guess I'll hum. I knew the bands (except for the Electric Prunes) but had no idea on the songs.

    1. Hi, Alex!

      Thanks for coming over, good buddy!

      I'm surprised a rocker like you knew the soul groups, the folk rock duo S&G and falsetto pop singer Lou Christie but didn't know the psych band Electric Prunes.

      If you're saying your score was ZERO, that's still good news... because you are in second place! :)

      Thanks again, Alex, and have a great week!

  3. I am definitely 'lyrically challenged'. The Four Tops and The Platters were also my favorites!!! Nice choices, Shady (smile).

    1. Hi, Dixie!

      Welcome back, dear friend!

      I'm pleased to learn that you enjoyed the two somewhat obscure recordings by the Four Tops and the Platters.

      If your score places you in the Lyrically Challenged bracket, then you, my dear, are tied for the lead with Mrs. Shady! :)

      Thanks again for coming, dear friend Dixie!

    2. Cool, it's definitely an honor to be tied with Mrs. Shady!

    3. Hi, Dixie!

      Thank you for coming back over, dear friend! As the day wore on and other people played Name That Tune, three others guessed two of the songs. That means you are part of a 5-way tie now! :)

      Thanks again dear Dixie. I hope you feel better day by day. I'm thinking about you!

  4. Hi Shady!
    This was invigorating! I absolutely knew Homeward bound and Lightning Strikes, should have guessed the Platters' song (did you ever see a happier group of singers?), nothing but crickets for the Four Tops (oops), and I had one of those "Doh!" moments when I saw the Electric Prunes since I always liked the tune but made up words for lyrics I didn't understand :-)
    It appears I am Lyrically Challenged, my friend. But I had a great time - thanks!

    1. Hi, dear Diedre!

      Thank you very much for dropping by for an invigorating game of Name. :)

      It seems you and Mrs. Shady correctly guessed the same two songs and both wound up in the Lyrically Challenged category. Factor Dixie's score in and (DRUM ROLL) we have a three way tie for first place! What are the odds? :)

      Yessum, it was common practice for Dell rats to make up words to songs that had the vocals buried beneath layers of guitar distortion, pounding drums and crashing cymbals. My friends and I always sang "I had too much to drink last night," and you'll unfriend me if I tell you the lyrics we came up with for "Louie Louie." :)

      Thanks again for your kind visit and comment, dear friend Diedre. Have an excellent week!

  5. I only recognized the lyrics to "Homeward Bound" and "I Had Too Much to Dream" right off, as they are among my favourites. Then I listened to the recordings and went "Duh", except for the Platters song. That's one I'm not familiar with. I'm surprised to learn that "Turn to Stone" isn't that well known. It was a huge hit in Europe.

    1. Hi, Debbie the Doglady!

      Thanks so much for hustling over here on day one to view another segment of my Dell's Greatest Hits Countdown and play my brain buster game Name That Tune.

      I am very relieved that you didn't nag me about Levi Stubbs' girly voice. :)

      You are the first person to correctly identify that Electric Prunes hit from the lyric sample. Nicely done! I think most people will recognize the S&G lyrics w/o too much of a problem.

      The Platters reinvented themselves in the 60s, updated their sound a bit, and gave the Dell two fine Musicor singles - the one posted here and "Washed Ashore (On a Lonely Island in the Sea)" which will appear in another part of the Countdown.

      It doesn't surprise me that the Four Tops killer bee "I'll Turn To Stone" was a lot more popular in Europe. It has an excellent dance beat and was surely a favorite on the Northern Soul club circuit. For some reason Motown allowed the fine side to go to waste on the back of "7 Rooms of Gloom." Shady sez the songs should have been released as A sides on separate singles. The Rodentia Intelligentsia played "Turn To Stone" approximately 3X more often than "7 Rooms."

      Thanks again for your visit and excellent comment, dear friend Debbie, and have a terrific week!

  6. I didn't do that well. I did nail Simon and Garfunkel though. I used to play them on my way to work every morning. My favorite as I speed down the freeway was Slow Down You Move Too Fast! :-)

    1. Hi, Lee!

      Thanks for dropping by for your first round of Name That Tune, the game in which I test your musical I.Q. and shine the spotlight on the greatest Shady Dell jukebox hits of the mid 60s.

      I have great news for you, Lee. By nailing S&G's "Homeward Bound," you bump Alex down to third and move into second place in the competition. :) In addition, the French judge gives you a perfect 10 for style. :)

      How well I remember the perky, bouncy "59th Street Bridge Song."

      Thanks again for coming, Lee, and have a wonderful week!

  7. I'd prooly and most certainly fail your test, friend Shady ... cuz I never listen to the words of a song, but when the music moves me it really moves me ... smiles ... thanks for sharing another awesome post ... Love, cat.

    1. Hi cat!

      Love love love to you, my furry feline friend! :) Thank you for coming.

      If you didn't guess any of these five songs that's AOK - because you are tied with Alex for third place - not too shabby! :)

      I'm happy to know that music moves you. It has the same effect on me.

      Thank you again for your visit and comment, dear friend cat!

    2. Yes, I'll has vacation now, friend Shady ... has been in Cuba 7 times as made a good friend there ... her name is Isabel ... Viva Cuba! ...

    3. ... purrs and smiles ... Love, cat.

    4. The residents of Central and SW Coastal Florida have Cuba's mountains to thank for breaking up tropical storms and hurricanes before they hit us with their full force. I think they did it again this past weekend. :)

    5. I hope you have a wonderful time and stay safe, dear friend cat! :)

  8. Love the Supremes. Love S&G and the Four Tops. Don't know about those Prunes though.

    1. Hi, Kathleen!

      Welcome back to the fun, dear friend!

      It appears you did not wish to play Name That Tune with us today, but I'm happy to know that you like the Four Tops. The Tops spun often at the Shady Dell and S&G had jukebox hits with "Homeward Bound" and "I Am a Rock."

      Prunes are an acquired taste and you seem to be saying that psychedelic rock isn't your favorite category.

      Thanks again for your visit and comment, dear friend Kathleen!

    2. Yo be honest, I'm not sure what psychedelic rock is. I have always loved rock music but I find as I am getting older I listen to classical more and more. Mostly because I am always thinking about stories I'm working on and I don't want other words in my head. But I love your enthusiasm for it.

    3. Hi again, Kathleen!

      Thank you very much for the return visit. As I mentioned in an earlier reply, you seem to be in the same boat with one of my other Kathleen friends, Kathleen Mae Schneider, whose exposure to music over the years has primarily been classical. Kathleen Mae has limited knowledge or understanding of the music I present here on SDMM. She and I come from different worlds, I guess you could say, but the desire to form and maintain a genuine, long-lasting friendship is the glue that keeps us together. I have come to believe that you feel the same way about it. I promise you this. I will continue make every effort to cultivate an interest in what you are presenting on your site if you will continue to do the same for me. :)

      Thank you again for swinging by, dear friend Kathleen, and enjoy the rest of your week!

  9. I will admit I only named two... but four of the songs sounded very familiar. They were probably driving songs; listening to CDs my dad had growing up as he drove.It was a walk down memory lane. :)

    1. Hi, Jessica Marie!

      Thank you very much for coming to play Name That Tune!

      If you got two right then you are in a 5-way tie for FIRST PLACE! You heard right - FIRST PLACE! :) To break the tie I will give each of you flint and wood shavings and whoever makes fire first wins. :)

      I'm glad you enjoyed this stroll down memory lane, dear friend JM. Thanks again for being here!

  10. I got the gimme (S&G) but missed the rest. I might have had a chance on Lightning Strikes had the lyric been longer (or maybe had "chapel in the pines" in it, lol!), but Too Much To Dream was one of those "Hear the music, guess the lyrics" for me. Great tunes in any event!

    1. Hi, Chris!

      Thanks for popping over at the end of your work day. I appreciate it, good buddy!

      Yessir, "Homeward Bound" is a six inch putt and a couple of the others are a hole in one.

      Seeing as how you only got one right, you will be required to sign up for remedial classes at the School of Rock. The good news is that you are tied with C. Lee McKenzie for SECOND place. You have a very good chance of bringing home the silver, good buddy!

      I'm glad you enjoyed my temporary return to oldies but goodies, Chris. Thanks again for coming and have a Scrappy week!

  11. Ok Dear Shady, I'm being perfectly honest here..I only guessed S&G and that's because I loved them with all my heart. However, once I saw Lou Christie and then the Electric Prunes I knew the songs for sure! The rest I didn't know the songs but I do the artists. I'm not sure if that gets me any brownie points but I would even bake some real brownies if that would help! No? Well, I guess I'm doomed to stay in school for a bit eternity! Have a great week!

    1. Hi, YaYa!

      Thank you very much for swinging by to give Name That Tune a try. I'm happy to see you, dear friend!

      It appears you wrote me a "Dear Shady" letter here. :) Like C. Lee and Chris M, you correctly guessed the Simon & Garfunkel hit and drew a blank on the other tunes. That means evening classes at the School of Rock for you, missy, but it also means that we have a 3-way tie for second place!

      I'm glad you remembered the songs by the Prunes and Lou Christie once you heard them. The sides by the Four Tops and Platters were big at the Dell but were not huge national hits. "Turn To Stone" reached #76 on the Hot 100 while "With This Ring" made it to #14.

      You certainly do get extra credit for being my oldest regularly commenting friend and follower and that means a great deal to me. Have a wonderful week, dear friend YaYa!

  12. Great post! I guessed the Simon & Garfunkel song and I was just listening to "I Had Too Much to Dream Last Night" the other day! Such good songs. I didn't guess Lightnin' Strikes but that is such a fabulous song. Wasn't familiar with With This Ring and I didn't guess the Four Tops song.

    Fun Countdown Shady! I like this a lot...

    Have a great day...

    Michele at Angels Bark

    1. Hi, Michele!

      Thank you very much for breaking away long enough to check out the latest segment of my Dell's Greatest Hits Countdown. I appreciate your visit!

      I'm happy to know you enjoyed this batch of tunes and I was happy to introduce two that were unfamiliar - the ones by the Platters and Tops.

      If I am reading you correctly you only guessed one song before having to peek at the answers. Therefore you are tied with three other friends for second place.

      Remember, too, that you will have a chance to improve your g.p.a. in the next round of Name That Tune, so please stick around.

      Thanks again for joining the fun, dear friend Michele. Enjoy the rest of your week!

  13. Tom, I stink at this game, but I'm horrible with oldie lyrics. But, I know most of your song choices. There are three that are totally new-to-me, but the groups I know. Thanks for the challenging music fun. I scored a big fat "0"! I'm good with just humming and dancing along, though. :D

    1. Hi, Cathy!

      Thank you very much for paying me a visit, dear friend.

      Playing Name That Tune using printed words instead of audible notes is a lot harder. These are my familiar Dell songs but even I couldn't guess some of them from the lyrics.

      I'm glad you recognized all five artists. If you got a score of zero, don't panic. You are now in a three-way tied for third place and have a chance to bring home the bronze! :)

      Thank you again for joining the fun, dear friend Cathy. Enjoy the rest of your week!

  14. I only got 2 right. Oh well!! I am not ashamed to say i have never heard of the Electric Prunes. I love learning something new from your posts!
    I just love Simon and Garfunkel. They gave us some amazing classics that never get old to listen to.
    Thank you Shadester!!!

    1. Hi, Holli!

      Thank you very much for coming by, dear friend!

      The Electric Prunes were hot for a short while, a few months in 1967, and only landed two of their psychedelic singles on the Billboard Hot 100. Their signature song "Too Much To Dream" reached #11 and the follow-up "Get Me To the World On Time," cracked the top 30 at #27. One other single released that summer, "Dr. Do-Good," merely Bubbled Under and stopped at #128.

      Good news, Holli. With two correct answers you are part of a 6-way tie for first place! :)

      Thank you again for visiting and playing, dear friend Holli!

  15. Well, I'm not going to start off with a lie...I didn't get any right. Guess I was just hummin' and dancing through those tunes!

    I hope you still accept comments from lost bloggers, Shady! I'm trying to make my way back from some not so good times. My husband, Karo was quite sick for a while, then passed away in January.

    I have to tell you, I'm so excited to have seen and listened to The Electric Prunes today! Haven't heard from them in decades! And, it's always a treat to hear from Lou Christie.

    I'm going to attempt blogging again, but, I don't know if I can remember how, lol! I've wanted to come by and say hello, and hope you're doing well. Glad to see you're still blogging! ♫

    1. Hi, Suzanne!

      I am in total shock. This is like seeing a ghost. I never thought I'd see you here again and I am very grateful to know that you are still out there and still following me. Welcome back, my dear dear friend! :)

      Suzanne, I am terribly sorry to learn that Karo has passed away. Last time I heard from you he was in and out of the hospital and when you withdrew from blogging entirely I suspected it was because of his health problems. I have thought about you very often since then, hoping Karo would bounce back, hoping you would return to blogging. I certainly didn't want you to return under these sad circumstances. You have my deepest sympathy, Suzanne. I am very thankful that I had a chance to get to know Karo and to read the interesting and educational rockabilly reminiscences on his blog. I pray that your heart is on the mend. Please know that you are always welcome here and that you always have a friend at SDMM.

      I'm sure you remember this Countdown/Name That Tune series. It has been running practically 8 years now. If you didn't guess any songs from the clues then don't feel badly. You are tied for third place with several other people.

      I hope you are still tending your garden and I look forward to a new post from you after all this time. Scootie must be all grown up by now! :)

      Please come back soon and often, dear friend Suzanne. Sending thoughts and prayers your way.

      God bless!

  16. I am humming and dancing along 'cos I didn't get big wonder:) when I listened to the songs, I knew every one except the Platters. The Platters video made me laugh as the lady was in the same dress and the men kept changing things up, it's usually the other way around. I love that song by the Electric Prunes and Simon and Garfunkel. Too bad those boys were not as harmonious in real life as they were with their voices. I have a question...who sang the King Kong song?

    1. Hi, Birgit!

      Welcome welcome welcome, dear friend! I'm so glad you came to play a friendly game of Name That Tune.

      (Keep in mind, ladies and gentlemen, this is only an exhibition. This is not a competition. Please -- no wagering. :)

      You are very observant, BB. I didn't notice that the female member of the Platters trio didn't change outfits between outdoor and indoor takes.

      I'm delighted to know that you love the psych rock band The Electric Prunes.

      I never heard of the "King Kong" song, only the lyric used in "Bad, Bad Leroy Brown" by Jim Croce.

      On Wiki I found these artists who recorded songs titled "King Kong":

      "King Kong" (E-Rotic song), 2001
      "King Kong" (Jibbs song)
      "King Kong", by The Kinks
      "King Kong", by Bow Wow Wow from the album See Jungle! See Jungle! Go Join Your Gang, Yeah. City All Over! Go Ape Crazy
      "King Kong (part 1)", by Jimmy Castor
      "King Kong Song", by ABBA
      "King Kong", a composition by Frank Zappa on the 1969 Mothers of Invention album Uncle Meat
      "King Kong", by Daniel Johnston on the album Yip/Jump Music
      "King Kong (Your Song)", by Bobby Pickett and Peter Ferrara
      "King Kong", a dubstep single by Bare and Datsik (musician)

      Are any of those the one you are thinking of?

      If you got ZERO correct on this mom & pop quiz, don't fret. You are tied for third place. A tie-breaking fire-making contest is scheduled for later this year. :)

      Thanks again for coming by, dear friend BB!

    2. Believe it or not there is the King Kong song done by ABBA!

    3. I blame my do have it here:) it's ABBA..strange song eh?

  17. I'm surprised that I never guessed The Four Tops and Simon and Garfunkel! Two of my favourites. Oh well, I enjoyed listening to their songs and the others none the less. Hope you're having a great week Shady.

    1. Hi, Sarah!

      It's great to see you, dear friend. Thank you for coming over to play Name That Tune!

      I'm sorry you failed to identify any of the songs, but happy to know that you enjoyed all five of them nonetheless.

      Thank you again for joining me this week, dear friend Sarah. Good night, have a pleasant Thursday and come back and see me again soon!

  18. Hey, what's going on, Shady? The game is still going? Just thought I'd check in with you.

    1. Hi, Kathleen!

      Yessum, I'm still open for business and looking for people who want to test their skill playing my brain busting Name That Tune game.

      Typically I let a post run (or breathe as I like to put it) for 6 or 7 days before replacing it. However I am trying something radically different starting tomorrow morning. Tomorrow's post will be the first of four in a single week - the first time that has ever been done in the 8+ year history of SDMM. I invite you to stop by whenever possible. You are an exciting new friend and I'm happy to have you here.

      Enjoy the rest of your weekend, dear friend Kathleen!

  19. I know all those songs but certainly not based on the lyrics--I got zero right. Just dancin' and hummin'.

    Arlee Bird
    Tossing It Out


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