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"More than a place, the Shady Dell was and will forever remain a state of mind." - Shady Del Knight

"More than a place, the Shady Dell was and will forever remain a state of mind." - Shady Del Knight

Monday, April 25, 2016

104 Candles: Come See How Margaret Spent Her Centennial + 4 Birthday!

Tom Anderson subbing for Shady Del Knight today. I am delighted to welcome back my dear friend and guest host Kathleen Mae Schneider. Last week, Kathleen's mother, Margaret Brown Schneider, affectionately known to her many fans around the world as The Oldest Living Dell Rat, celebrated her 104th birthday. Today, in this special report, Kathleen brings us the highlights of Margaret's celebration.

B is for 


Kathleen Mae 

"You're not 104...

You're 25 with

79 years of experience."

- Anonymous (modified)

April 18, 2016, dawned bright and sunny,
almost as if Mother Nature celebrated my mother's
birthday along with us by pulling out all the stops.
Flowering trees, tulips, daffodils and pansies were
in full glory, as well as violets that carpeted the
grass, as they did on that day she was born in 1912.
Mother was so happy this day was here and so were
we, since she soldiered through and recovered
from a serious illness just a few months ago.

Here are some scenes from her birthday week.
(We celebrate over several days, so as not to
overwhelm and tire Mother out.)

Mother's house was decorated and ready for
drop-in visitors, extended family members,
and a small family party. Her living and
dining rooms were hung with streamers,
a flower banner and the colorful balloons
Mother loves. Fresh flowers were everywhere.

There was even this balloon, an homage
to the pet monkey that lived in the Dell
house attic when Mother was a little girl.

We made sure to decorate with lots of gerbera
daisies, butterflies and bright shiny colors.
 The heart balloons symbolize what I personally
think is one of Mother's keys to longevity -
She says simply, "I love everybody!"
After 69 years of knowing her, I've seen
her demonstrate this time and time again -
no exceptions. She means it.

One very special first birthday visitor
was Toni Deroche, who saved and restored
Mother's childhood home, The Shady Dell.
Behind them are some of her 53 (and counting!)
birthday cards, displayed on a shutter rescued
from the Dell house. When Mother saw it
she said, "That shutter is as old as I am!"

Another pink rose bouquet thrilled Mother,
sent by a grandson from Seattle. Her other
large bouquet of mixed roses is seen in
Photo #2, from an old friend. Both
came with very sweet notes attached!

A photo collage showed many past times
and events of Mother's long life. She marveled,
"Was that the way I used to look?"

Mother's birthday cake featured a photo
of her at age 20 in a pair of knickers that
she still has in a trunk in her attic!

Mother's gifts included sweets, clothing,
a pillow for her back, a warm pair of slippers,
lottery tickets (winning $31!), a teddy bear,
an origami star made by her granddaughter
who taught in Japan for two years, and a
butterfly mug that read "You are
Awesome!" inside.

I asked Mother if she could guess another
special surprise that arrived early on
her birthday. She was stumped...

Here she is with the wonderful gift of a
tribute post from Tom and the readers of
Shady Dell Music & Memories which
amazed and pleased her very much. Given that
her century of life spans so much technology,
from the first telephones onward, getting
messages from around the world and seeing
her picture on my very thin iPad just astounds her!

Mother never had a birthday party or gifts when
she was growing up, so it really means a lot to
have one all these years later. Her 104th birthday
was a time to remember and treasure. She was
surrounded by much love and many good
wishes, and thrilled by all the attention.

Thank you so much for the part

you played in making it so!


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Margaret's Birthday

Monday, April 18, 2016

Happy Birthday, Margaret! The Oldest Living Dell Rat is Now 104 Years Old!

This is a very special occasion.

Margaret Elizabeth Brown Schneider...

"The Oldest Living Dell Rat"...

is 104 years old today!

For the benefit of new readers, Margaret was born
in 1912, three days after the sinking of the Titanic.
When Margaret was a year old, she and her family
became the first residents of the Shady Dell,
built by her father George Brown. Over the
last few years, Margaret has been sharing
true stories of her life at the Dell during
the WWI years and Roaring Twenties
exclusively here on SDMM in the
 chapters of In-Dell-ible Memories,
a special guest series written by her
daughter, Kathleen Mae Schneider.

Margaret Schneider is an inspiration to people
of all ages around the world. Please join me in
wishing Margaret a very happy 104th birthday.

Happy Birthday, Margaret!

We love you so very much!

Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Dell Rat Ron Returns with a Riddle: What's Black & White & Read All Over?


That's right! Dell Rat Ron is back and

we've got stax o' wax just for you.

Ron will spin 60s soul records and

I'll play 70s and 80s soft rock.

How delightfully jarring is that?

Let the platter party commence!

Ron, if you don't mind,

I'll take first serve!


For a ten year period, mid 70s to mid 80s, Australia's
Little River Band was a frequent flier on American
radio with 13 of their catchy, ear pleasing singles
reaching the top 40.  A while back I posted
two LRB favorites, "Lonesome Loser"
and "Cool Change."  Here's another,
 "The Night Owls," from the band's
1981 album Time Exposure.

 "The Night Owls" - Little River Band 
 (Sept. 1981, highest chart position #6 
 from the album Time Exposure

Ron, you and I were

night owls at the Shady Dell

where soul music ruled.

Bring it on, good buddy!


 Shady, it felt so good 
 to hear on one of 
 Dell Rat Jerre's song 
 lists his choice of 
 "Warm and Tender 
 Love" which, to me, 
 was a better Percy 
 Sledge song than 
 "When A Man Loves 
 a Woman".  While 
 I've always enjoyed 
 "When a Man Loves 
 a Woman", it is just a 
 small part of a very 
 nice body of work. 
 It reminds me of 
 going to a great 
 restaurant and always 
 ordering the first item 
 on the menu and not checking out the other great entrees. 
 "Warm And Tender Love" was a great follow-up-I liked it 
 even better, but my favorite major hit of Mr. Sledge's has 
 always been "Take Time To Know Her," which is great 

 "Take Time to Know Her" - Percy Sledge 
 (May 1968, highest  chart position #11) 

 Percy made many other great recordings including 
 the three that Shady posted: "It Tears Me Up," 
 "Out of Left Field" and "Cover Me," but my 
 other most favorite is Percy's version of Elvis 
 Presley's beautiful song, "Love Me Tender", 
 which I think sounds more personal and 
 intimate than Elvis's. 

 "Love Me Tender" - Percy Sledge 
 (July 1967, highest chart position #40) 

 I saw Percy Sledge at the Howard Theater in 
 Washington,  D.C., when he was touring with 
 "Warm and Tender Love".  He finished his set with 
 "When a Man Loves a Woman" and unbuttoned 
 and tore his shirt off and threw it in the audience. 
 Those women went crazy! The Howard was 
 always more than a 99% black audience and it 
 was a real blast---extremely fun and interactive 
 always. Sadly, Percy died a year ago this week. 
 He played a show in Muscogee, OK, a few years 
 ago with tickets selling for $30.  Unfortunately 
 I was unable to attend. 

I saw Sister Sledge

at the York Fair, Ron.

Sorry you missed

Mister Sledge

in Muscogee.

Let me continue now with my

Soft Rock Serenade.


Ace was a British band of the 70s fronted by
singer/songwriter Paul Carrack, a respected
rock journeyman with outstanding vocal
ability.  In 1974, Ace scored a top 5
U.S. hit with "How Long," written
and sung by Carrack.  All these
years I thought "How long has
 this been going on?" referred
to a cheating lover. As the
story goes, Carrack wrote
the song after learning that
Ace bassist Terry Comer
was moonlighting with
other bands. Who knew?

 "How Long" - Ace (May 1974, 
 highest chart pos. #3 Hot 100/#2 Cash Box 
 from the 1974 album Five-A-Side

Ron, I see that you have more

soul classics on your turntable.

Let's hear them!


 Shady, I mentioned earlier that I was unable 
 to attend that Percy Sledge concert in Oklahoma. 
 I regret that I had to miss a Maxine Brown show 
 in Tulsa, too. Maxine, as you might recall, 
 started her career with this beautiful ballad. 

 "All In My Mind" - Maxine Brown 
 (February 1961, highest chart pos. #19) 


 "All in My Mind" and Maxine's follow-up hit "Funny" 
 (highest chart position #25) were released on the small 
 Nomar record label. After a brief and unsuccessful stint 
 at ABC Records, Maxine signed on at Wand, the up- 
 town soul subsidiary of New York's Scepter Records, 
 where she became the label-mate of Chuck Jackson. 
 I've enjoyed Michael MacDonald's version of this 
 next song for years, but rarely hear the original. 
 The arrangement is unique, and it followed 
 Chuck Jackson's hits "I Don't Want To Cry" 
 and "Any Day Now". 

 "I Keep Forgettin'" - Chuck Jackson 
 (September 1962, highest chart pos. #55) 

 After both Chuck and Maxine had 
 been recording for several years, 
 Wand Records decided to team 
 them up. This resulted in several 
 hits and two successful albums. 
 "Something You Got" is the first 
 single they released together. 
 I saw them both, individually 
 and together, at the Howard. 
 Together, they were as hot as 
 Marvin Gaye and Tammi Terrell. 
 They absolutely rocked the house! 

 "Something You Got" 
 Chuck Jackson & Maxine Brown 
 (May 1965, highest chart position #55) 

Ron, there's just

enough time for me

to squeeze in one last

Seventies smoothie.


Before he played around with Brooke and Taylor
in his role as Ridge Forrester on the CBS daytime
drama The Bold and the Beautiful, Ronn Moss
played bass for the L-A pop rock band Player.
(That's a lot of playing, bub!)

During the Thanksgiving and Christmas season
of 1977 the radio airwaves were filled with the
sound of Player's hit single "Baby Come Back"
which topped the pop chart and reached the
top 10 on the Soul chart. Here's Ridge Ronn
and the guys with another genuine classic
of the soft rockin' 70s!

 "Baby Come Back" - Player 
 (December 1977, highest chart position 
 #1 Hot 100/#10 Hot Soul Singles

Thank you, Dell Rat Ron,

for playing black & white

with me today. I hope our

post is read all over.

See you next time!

Have a Shady day!

Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Dell Rat Jerre Slaybaugh Takes the "My Life According To..." Musical Challenge!

Hi, dear friend! I'm sure you

can't blot out of your mind

recall my recent post...the

My Life According To... 

Musical Challenge

in which I told the story

using the titles of songs

recorded by Ray Charles.

Good news! My old Shady Dell buddy Jerre Slaybaugh was so inspired by the post that he decided to try his hand at it.

To refresh your memory about
how this challenge works, read this:

Jerre answered the list of questions with song titles
from one of his favorite artists and he's curious to
see if you can name the famous recording act by
the time you get to the end of his life story.

Here now is

My Life According To...?

as told by Jerre Slaybaugh.


Are you a male or female?

"Only Living BOY In New York"

Describe yourself:

"A Most Peculiar Man"

How do you feel?

"We Got A Groovy Thing Going"

Describe where you currently live:

"America" on "Bleeker Street"

If you could go anywhere,
where would you go?

"Homeward Bound" "At the Zoo"
to "Somewhere They Can't Find Me"

Your favorite form of transportation?

They call me "Baby Driver"
taking the
"Bridge Over Troubled Water"

Your best friend is?

My "Old Friends" like "Mrs. Robinson"
and "So Long Frank Lloyd Wright"

Your favorite color is?

I like my
"Big Bright Green Pleasure Machine"

What's the weather like?

The weather man said it was a
"Hazy Shade of Winter" and "Cloudy"
but he never gets it correct
 and "The Sun Is Burning".

Favorite time of day?

Time for the "7 O'Clock News"
when it is "Late In The Evening"
or sometimes it is
"Wednesday Morning 3 AM"

If your life was a TV show,
what it would be called?

"You Can Tell The World"
"I Am A RocK"

What is life to you?

I been Ayn Randed and
branded left handed and
"A Simple Desultory Philippic"
describes my life just looking
for a "Song For Asking"

Your relationships:

"Old Friends" like "Cecilia"
and "April Come She Will"

Your fear(s):

Saying "Bye Bye Love"
or listening to
"The Sounds of Silence"

What is the best advice
you have to give?

"Go Tell It On The Mountain"
because no one is listening.

If you could change your name,
what would you change it to?

I would be "The Boxer"
called "Richard Cory"

Thought for the day:

I would steal from Mr. Dylan and tell you
"The Times They Are A Changin" and that
"Flowers Never Bend With The Rainfall"

How would you like to die?


Your soul's present condition?


Your motto?

"Keep The Customer Satisfied"

How did you do, dear reader? Were you able to guess the artist Jerre picked for the story of his life? I struck out after three wrong guesses in a row:

1) Tiny Tim
2.) Disco Tex & the Sex-O-Lettes
3.) The Singing Nun

To help those of us who are still
scratching our heads, Jerre added
the following clues:

This post was brought to you by Tom...

...and Jerre
(pron. "Jerry")


"Hey Schoolgirl," We're just "Two Teenagers"
playing "Our Song" and "Dancin' Wild," so please,
"(Pretty Baby) Don't Say Goodbye."
"That's My Story."



Thanks for taking the

My Life According To... 

Musical Challenge 

good buddy Jerre!

Have a Shady Day!

Friday, April 1, 2016

Flaming Youth! Forget About the Dell - Kiss it Goodbye. From Now On SDMM is ALL ABOUT KISS - ALL THE TIME!

That's right, friends and neighbors.

Everybody needs a metal health day

now and then and Kiss, my fave band,

has got the cure you're thinkin' of.  

But why stop at one day?  

From now on I will feature Kiss 

in EVERY post so we can 

Kiss and makeup 24-7-365!

Let's start with one of my patented "poor man's  
music videos." In case you forgot, here's how it works.  
Just click the video to start the song playing then
scroll down and follow along to the lyrics as you
check out some of my favorite ladies.

KISS, the hottest band in the land,
turns up the heat & lays down the law 
on this incendiary track from Asylum

 "Trial By Fire!" 

While the 25 second instrumental lead-in is playing,
I'd like you to meet one of my all time favorite
actresses in a honey of a role!




 Diane Szalinski, 

 Honey, I Shrunk the 
 Kids:  The TV Show 

As soon as the singing starts, scroll down to the
picture below and follow along to the lyrics.



 Lynne Camden, 

 Girls Club (2002) 

Only got one life to live
I'm gonna live it, oh yeah 
Some people say I go to far 
I don't care, reachin' for the stars

 Chyler Leigh 

 Sarah Mickle, 

 Girls Club (2002) 

Gonna climb that ladder to the top 
Nothin' can stop me now 
Well, look out world 
'Cause here I come 
Oh yeah, oh yeah



 Lori Colson, 

 Boston Legal

Life's a trial by fire 
I'm gonna live my life, oh yeah 
It's a trial by fire 
So just roll the dice, oh yeah 
And I'll take what I get



 Jessica Rossi, 

 Conviction (2006) 

Can't listen to nobody else, 
You just got to believe in yourself 
They'll criticize you and lay down the law 
They'll say, "Just who do you think you are?"



 Madeline Poe, 

 Shark (2006-2008) 

Gonna live it till the rivers run dry 
What've I got to lose 
Well just try and stop me, go ahead and try, 
Oh yeah, oh yeah

 Julie Bowen 

 Denise Bauer, 

 Boston Legal 

Life's a trial by fire
So I'm gonna live it up, oh yeah, oh yeah
Trial by fire
So just roll the dice, oh yeah, oh yeah

 Vail Bloom 

 Genoa City 

 The Young and the

Trial by, trial by fire 
Never gonna give it up, oh yeah, 
Oh yeah, oh yeah

They say I'm crazy
They don't understand
They haven't got a clue, oh no

 Leah Pipes 

 Beth Branford, 
 1st-year law

 The Deep End (2010) 

They say, "Tell me everything" 
They say, "Let me hear you sing" 
I say, "Tell you what I'm gonna do", oh yeah 
(3 seconds of guitar)



 Alicia Florrick, 

 The Good Wife 

'Cause I'm gonna live my life 
The way I want to 
Live it, live it, 
The way I want to

 Jenny Wade  

 Liz Traynor, 

 The Good Guys

Trial by fire 
I'm gonna live my life, oh yeah, oh yeah 
Trial by, trial by fire 
So just roll the dice, oh yeah, oh yeah



 Bailey Clark, 

 The Young and the

Trial by, trial by fire, fire
I'm gonna live it up
Oh, oh, oh yeah



 Laurel Lance,
 Starling City 


Trial by, yeah, fire, yeah 
I'm gonna live it up, oh yeah 
Trial by, yeah, fire, yeah 
I'm gonna live my life, oh yeah

Join me for tomorrow's post when
I'll present the lyrics to "Love Gun"
and show you my collection of 
whimsical toilet seats!