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"More than a place, the Shady Dell was and will forever remain a state of mind." - Shady Del Knight

"More than a place, the Shady Dell was and will forever remain a state of mind." - Shady Del Knight

Friday, March 25, 2016

A Musical Challenge: My Life According To Guess Who... (No, the Artist is NOT The Guess Who. You actually need to guess who. Guess that's clear as mud.)

Here's a fun music challenge.

I first learned about it at The Doglady's Den.
My dear friend Debbie the Doglady created a post
in which she answered a set of questions about her
life using song names from a favorite band. My
dear friend Cathy at Curious as a Cathy created
her own variation on a theme by providing links
to the videos for each song in her post. For my
version I also drew inspiration from my dear
friend Diedre at Pensive Pens and chose to
use the song titles to inform a narrative.
I am also using Diedre's idea and
challenging you to guess the
artist before you get to the
end of my story.

If you are confused about how
this works, read this:

Without further ado, I hereby present

My Life According to...( ? )

No, it is not Question Mark & the Mysterians!


Are you a male or female?

"I'm Just a Lonely Boy"

Describe yourself:

"Busted." (as in broke)
"Don't You Know"?
I was "Born to Lose."

How do you feel?

"Feel So Bad" "Feelin' Sad."
"A Tear Fell," but I'm "Making Believe"
with "The Brightest Smile in Town"
and "I Don't Need No Doctor."

Describe where you currently live:

"Alone in the City,"
"Smack Dab in the Middle."
"Can Anyone Ask for More?"

If you could go anywhere,
where would you go?

"I'm Movin' On."
"I'm Gonna 'Hit The Road Jack' and
Move to the Outskirts of Town."
I've got "Georgia On My Mind."

Your favorite form of transportation:

"The Train" - "Chattanooga Choo-Choo."

Your best friend is:

"Black Coffee"

Your favorite color is:

"Greenback$" and "Blackjack."

What’s the weather like?



"I've Got News For You."
"Baby, It's Cold Outside"
and "The Snow is Falling"
in "St Pete Florida."
("That's a Lie")

Favorite time of day:

"I Didn't Know What Time It Was"
but it was "Late in the Evening."
"Night Time is the Right Time"
to "Mess Around."
(Favorite day? "Yesterday")

If your life was a TV show,
what would it be called?


What is life to you?

"Sticks and Stones,"
"But on the Other Hand, Baby,"
"I Chose to Sing the Blues," and
"Somebody Ought to Write
 a Book About It."

Your relationships:

"I've Had My Fun"
"In the Heat of the Night"
"Just For a Thrill" but, oh,
 it's "Crying Time" again.
"Misery is in My Heart" and
I'm "Walkin' and Talkin' (To Myself)."
"I'm Wonderin' and Wonderin'"
"Baby Won't You Please Come Home"?
"I Can't Stop Loving You." "Come Back."
"Baby Let Me Hear You Call My Name."
"I Wonder Who's Kissing Her Now."
"It Shoulda Been Me." "I'm a Fool to Care."

Your fear:

"One Mint Julep"
(Haven't touched a drop in 24 years!)

What is the best advice you have to give?

"Tell the Truth."
"Don't Put All Your Dreams in One Basket."
"Don't Let the Sun Catch You Cryin'"
"Come Rain or Come Shine."

If you could change your name,
you would change it to:

"Ruby," "Mary Ann," "Eleanor Rigby,"
"Louise" "Hardhearted Hannah"
or "The Cincinnati Kid."

Thought for the day:

"You'll Never Miss the Water
(Until the Well Runs Dry)"

How you would like to die:

"Roly Poly," "Sitting on Top of the World"
and "Makin' Whoopee."

Your soul’s present condition:

"Together Again."

Your motto:

"We Can Make It." "Let the Good Times Roll"
and "Let's Have a Ball" "Laughin and Clownin"
"At the Club." (Shady Dell) Repeat it
back to me. "What'd I Say"?

And that, my friend, is

My Life According to


I'm betting this is one of the greatest Ray Charles
sides you've never heard. In the summer of 1958,
"You Be My Baby" went to waste as the forgotten
flip side of the uncharted (and rather boring) single
"My Bonnie." The decision makers goofed. They
could have pushed "Baby" instead of "Bonnie"
and scored a hit. Listen and see if you agree.

"You Be My Baby" - Ray Charles
(Aug. 1958, uncharted B side
of "My Bonnie")

How about you?

Would you like to take the

My Life According To...

Musical Challenge?

Have a Shady Day!


  1. Holy moly! I never knew Ray Charles recorded all those songs--and you did an amazing job piecing together the titles into a story that was fun to read. I never heard of You Be My Baby and agree that it is a cool tune that should have been a hit. You met this music challenge head-on, Shady--Great post!

    1. Hi, Kathryn!

      Yessum, Ray Charles was as prolific as he was terrific. Years ago when my collection was vinyl, I owned many of Ray's pre-Atlantic blues recordings released from 1949 through the early 50s on labels like Downbeat, Swingtime, Sittin' in With and Rockin'. IMO, Ray was at his best in that decade from 1949 to 1959 before he adopted a more commercial sound and branched out into country ballads and other types of recordings.

      I'm glad you enjoyed "My (so-called) Life According To... Challenge." Thanks again to Debbie the Doglady, Cathy Kennedy and Diedre Knight for providing inspiration for this post.

      Have a fine day, Kathryn!

  2. Once I hit Georgia on my Mind, I knew it was Ray Charles. (Which is good, because up until that point, I had no clue.)

    1. Hi, Alex!

      Thanks for dropping in, good buddy! I think a lot of people would guess Paul Anka when they read the first answer, "Lonely Boy," but would know it's Brother Ray when they saw "Busted" and "Born To Lose." Thanks for playing, good buddy, and have a happy Easter!

  3. Nope! I couldn't guess it (him)! Even after "GA on my mind" because so many of the other songs were sung by other artist as well. You did a great job for the challenge, Shady! I don't think I could've tackle it. Ray Charles is very talented and has a soulful voice. This was fun!

    1. Hi, Toni!

      How are you, dear friend? Thanks for coming! It's interesting to learn that you remained stumped even after seeing the song title "Georgia" in my story. There are dozens and dozens of other songs recorded by Ray Charles in his long, successful career.

      I'm glad you had fun with today's post, dear friend Toni. Happy Easter to you and your family!

  4. You are a gem in your right, my friend! I guessed your gem of an artist right away,and was sure at Born to Lose, but having listened to Ray Charles since birth, it's no wonder:-) It brought me to the sad realization that I don't own a single recording - gasp! Thank you ever so much for sharing this as well as for the shout out :-)

    1. Hi, dear Diedre!

      Thank you for coming over to see what I put together for this music challenge. I'm pleased to know that you correctly guessed the artist by the time you got to "Born To Lose." I am also happy to know that Ray Charles is an artist you have admired all your life. As I told Mrs. Shady, I once owned many of Ray's bluesy early career recordings on vinyl albums but foolishly parted with them along the way. I don't think I have anything by Brother Ray in my current CD collection.

      Thank you again for joining the fun today, dear friend Diedre. I wish you and your loved ones a happy Easter!

  5. Growing up in South Georgia not far from Ray Charles' hometown (one hour and 15 minutes to be exact), we learned a lot about him! Although I will admit I wasn't 100% sure until I got to "Georgia on My Mind." Too bad the Georgia Music Hall of Fame closed a few years ago. They had a wonderful exhibit dedicated to Ray.

    1. Hi, dear Ashton!

      Thank you very much for popping over to test your skill on my brain buster - My Life According To... ?

      I didn't know you came of age near Albany, Georgia. I'm happy to know that the song "GA on My Mind" allowed you to correctly guess that my featured artist is Ray Charles. As you might know, Ray later moved to Greenville, FL, and also lived in Jacksonville, Orlando and Tampa and recorded "Saint Pete Florida Blues." I didn't know about the closing of the Georgia Music Hall of Fame. I let my fingers do the walking through Wiki and found out that the museum closed due to lack of attendance. That's a doggone shame!

      Thank you very much for your visit and comment, dear friend Ashton, and have a happy Easter with your lovely family!

  6. Well, Eleanor, You know I already did this, and thought about using the Guess Who, but ELO had a bigger set list.

    You Be My Baby is pretty good in a Jerry Lee as-the-caffeine-wore-off sort of way. I tend to agree with your assessment. A&R men, whaddya gonna do?

    But perhaps you should have done it by lyrics from Friggin' In The Riggin'. Now THAT would have made a funny post- and likely got you TOSed from Blogger, lol!
    While the first song almost had me saying Paul Anka, the second gave it away.

    1. And somehow or another, as I took the name of Blogger in vain, it decided to move my second sentence to the END of the comment. Hopefully this one will appear in the right order... if not, ask Robert Vaughn if he still has his UNCLE code book that you can borrow.

    2. Hi, Chris!

      Thanks for coming to the potty, good buddy! I'm excited to learn that you dig "You Be My Baby." If you are familiar with Ray's version of "My Bonnie" (avail. on YouTube), then I'm confident you will agree that the weasels should have made "Baby" the plug side of the platter.

      You can make fun all you want of the tender ballad "Friggin' in the Riggin'"... but I'll have you know it has been selected as the official fight song of the 2016 Tampa Bay Buccaneers! :)

      Yes, if this was a game show, I'm sure you would have pounded the red button and shouted "Paul Anka" at first glimpse of "Lonely Boy." You would have been wrong. The Singing Nun would also have been incorrect.

      "Thou shalt not take the name of Blogger in vain," my friend. Perhaps it would be best if we kept such comments inside the Get Smart Cone of Silence.


    3. I hate odd numbered comment totals, so here I am again to say thank you for your visit and comment, good buddy Chris. Have a safe and Scrappy weekend and a Scrappy Easter and all things Scrappy!

  7. What a great Post !
    To use just one Artist or Band is very hard but you did a terrific job. I had to go back and read that part of the post.

    Happy Easter.
    cheers, parsnip

    1. Hi, Gayle!

      Thank you very much for coming over, dear friend! Yessum, this is a fun challenge that's going around, but it is not very easy to accomplish unless you pick a prolific artist like Ray Charles.

      Thank you very much for the kind compliment and for your visit. I hope you and the hamish have a wonderful Easter, dear friend Gayle!

  8. Now this shows talent! I am amazed at all the songs you have here and it all works so well. I love your answers and congrats to the 24 years!

    1. Hi, dear Birgit!

      I found both comments you left tonight and appreciate them very much. You are another example of a "full service" blogger and friend. :)

      I deeply appreciate the compliment on this post and the previous. I'm happy to see that you noticed my reference to being clean and sober for 24 years and counting. Thank you for paying close attention to what I write. That in itself is a tremendous compliment.

      Thank you again for all your kindness tonight, dear friend BB. Happy Easter to you and yours!

  9. Very clever, indeed! Such a vast discography to choose from, and a brilliant musician. Fun topic. One of these days, I'll sit down and do one, but it may be a few weeks.

    Twitter: @KnottyMarie
    Jingle Jangle Jungle

    1. Hi, Mary!

      Welcome back to SDMM, my friend! Thank you for the compliment on my interpretation of the My Life challenge. Yessum, it helps to pick an artist with a vast discography and Ray's got one.

      Thank you very much for checking out my challenge post, dear Mary, and please come back again soon.

      Happy Easter!

  10. I guessed Ray Charles pretty quickly, but then started having doubts as you listed more songs that I never knew he recorded.

    You really too this meme to another level making sentences out of the title. Nice work.

    Arlee Bird
    A to Z Challenge Co-host
    Tossing It Out

    1. Hi, Lee!

      Thanks for dropping by, good buddy, and for the kind comments about my musical challenge post. I'm glad you found my string of Ray Charles titles to be a fun read. As I have stated before, Ray's 40s and 50s recordings are the ones I like best. "I've Got a Woman" and "Greenbacks" are old favorites and "You Be My Baby" is a newly discovered favorite.

      Thanks again, Lee, and happy Easter to you, good buddy!

  11. Okay, this was one serious challenge. I saw Bruce Springsteen, Humble Pie, Three Dog Night... I was thinking these were lyrics lines and not just song titles. I never would've guessed Ray Charles. I don't have much experience with the great Ray. Love this song you presented here. It's jammin' in my ear right now!
    Great Challenge Shady. You stumped me for sure... But that's not hard to do, truth be told... :)

    Michele at Angels Bark

    1. Hi, Michele!

      Thank you for coming by, dear friend! I'm thrilled to know you learned a few things from my brain buster post and that you enjoyed my featured Ray Charles recording, "You Be My Baby," a killer bee if ever there was one.

      I hope all is well in your household this weekend. I wish you and your folks and dogs a very happy Easter. Thanks again, dear friend Michele!

  12. I should have read this early in the day..not at midnight! Holy cow he sang a ton of songs..and I didn't guess it until the know, when you told us! I'm a loser..wait, isn't that a song? Anyway, have a wonderful Easter and I hope you have a great week. It's always fun visiting here, even at midnight!

    1. Hi, dear YaYa!

      Thank you for staying up late to visit me at SDMM, my wonderful friend!

      Yessum, Ray Charles recorded tons of material in several different styles during his long career. I never heard of most of these recordings and there are dozens if not hundreds of other Ray Charles titles that I didn't use in the story of my so-called life. :)

      Thank you again for being a great friend, dear YaYa. I wish you and your delightful family a happy Easter.

      God bless!

  13. I loved this post; it was lots of fun. I'm afraid I didn't guess either. I remember seeing Ray Charles on TV and liking him, but I never bought his music.

    I loved 'You Be My Baby." I tried thinking of a song that might tell how I'm thinking. "In My Life," by the Beatles, came to mind. I found your answers very interesting. I'm also glad to be booze free for around 4 or 5 years now. It feels good to feel good.

    1. Hi, dear Belle!

      Thank you very much for coming and happy Easter to you, dear friend!

      I'm pleased to know that you enjoyed the post. Ray Charles released dozens and dozens of singles, but I don't remember any of them being played on the jukebox at the Shady Dell. I once owned a good selection of Ray's late 40s and early to mid 50s work but haven't had any of his records in my collection since 1990. That was the year I foolishly sold all of my albums, hundreds of them, to a vinyl dealer who paid me a tiny fraction of their worth. I wish I had them back.

      "In My Life" is one of my favorite Beatles songs and I often find it running through my head as I think of friends and loved ones who have passed on. I lost two members of my high school class this month, one week apart. Garry Shandling was only 66. See where I am going with this? It pays to take good care of yourself. I applaud you for avoiding alcohol for the last 4 or 5 years. Heavy drinking nearly wrecked my life and I am proud of myself for staying clean and sober 24 years (this June). You're right, Belle. It feels good to feel good and to be in control.

      Thank you again for your kind visit and comment, dear friend Belle, and happy Easter to you and your wonderful family. God bless!

  14. What fun. This one must have taken some time to put together. Love Ray Charles.
    Happy Easter, Shady. Hope it's joyous.

    1. Hi, dear Sandra!

      Thanks for stopping by on Easter Sunday, dear friend! Yessum, this post took some time to assemble but, like everything I try to do here on SDMM, it was a labor of love. I'm glad you had fun reading the story of my so-called life according to Ray Charles.

      Happy Easter to you and your loved ones, dear friend Sandra!

    2. Thanks, Shady. Again enjoyed the post. It was fun.

      Was your Easter a good one?

    3. Yessum!

      Mrs. Shady served baked ham, asparagus and yams. It was delicious! Thanks for asking, dear friend Sandra, and enjoy the rest of your day and week!

  15. I love this!!! Such a fun fun idea. My mind is churning. What to do - what to do?! Good Ol Ray, man he's awesome! Did you see the movie where Jamie Lee Fox starred as him? He did a great job , and did his own singing.
    Hope you had a very Happy Easter!!

    1. Hi, dear Holli!

      It's wonderful to see you again, dear friend. Thanks for coming by! I hope you and Todd, your mother and family had a great Easter.

      I'm thrilled to know that you got a kick out of my Music Challenge. Are you inspired to try it? Yessum, I saw the biopic starring Jamie Fox. It was a good movie, but Jamie didn't remind me very much of Ray. I guess that's why some call Ray "inimitable."

      Yessum, I had a very nice Easter and a great meal. Thanks for asking.

      Thank you again for your kind visit and comment, dear friend Holli, and enjoy the rest of your week!

  16. Tom, WOW, you did a fantastic job putting this together! I had no clue who your artist was given the song titles used. You picked a tremendous legend in the industry. Thanks for sharing the fun with us! Have a tunetastic week!!

    1. Hi, Cathy!

      Thanks for coming over to see what you and Debbie and Diedre inspired me to do. I'm glad you had fun reading the post and that it kept you guessing who the artist is all the way to the end. Ray Charles was a major contributor to the soundtrack of my life and I enjoyed putting my story together using his song titles.

      Thanks again for spending some time in the Shady, dear friend Cathy,. I wish you a tunetastic week as well.

      God bless!

  17. Replies
    1. Hi, shortybear!

      I'm glad you enjoyed my music challenge and I hope you will visit SDMM again soon.

      Have a super day!

  18. Busted...Ha. Great way to describe yourself;)
    Have a good one, Shady.

    1. Thank you, dear Sandra, and have a marvelous Tuesday!

  19. Wow. I am officially impressed. You rocked the challenge! I would have to give this challenge I huge amount of thought, and I'm not sure I could even come close to answering as well as you have! I really had no idea he sang all those songs. Very impressive!

    Well done, Shady! Enjoy your week!

    1. Hi, dear Sherry!

      Thank you for stopping in, dear friend, and for the kind compliments on my musical challenge post. Ray Charles has an extensive catalog. The titles used in this post represent only a fraction of his career output.

      If you decide to accept the challenge and create a My Life post of your own, I'll be there with bells on. Once again I applaud you for doing a fine job on your MWA acceptance post.

      I hope you enjoy the rest of your week as well, dear friend Sherry!

  20. That was awesome, Shady! I'm sorry to get here so late, but I never received an email that you had a new post up and I've been submerged in writing A to Z posts. Ray Charles was an amazing artist with a prolific catalogue. Great choice for the challenge and your answers are incredibly clever, as you usually are. ☺ Thanks for participating and apologies once again for my tardiness. Cheers!

    1. Hi, dear Debbie the Doglady!

      Thank you very much for coming by to take a gander at the My Life According To... Musical Challenge post that I put together. As you know it was originally inspired by your post a couple of weeks ago. I am relieved to see you and thank you for taking a break from your A to Z preps to find out if I had a new post running even though you didn't receive an email notification. You are a great friend!

      I'm glad you enjoyed the storyline I created using Ray Charles song titles. Thank you very much for the compliment.

      Good news! My post inspired one of the original Dell rats to take the Music Challenge and I am in the midst of producing a guest post with his artist, song titles and answers. It's coming soon, so stay tuned!

      Thank you very much for being a faithful friend, dear Debbie, and enjoy the rest of your week. Are you ready for April Madness? :)

  21. I thought it was unusual to not see a notification for so long and decided to check up on you. ☺ Looking forward to your guest post now. No, I'm not near ready for April and will probably have to wing it after the first two weeks - again! . Life keeps getting in the way. I should start next year's drafts before this year is over.

    1. Hi again, dear Debbie!

      How true it is that life keeps getting in the way of our best laid plans. The adrenaline will surely be pumping throughout the month of April. My advice to you is to begin preparing next year's A to Z posts at the break of dawn on the first of May! :)

      Enjoy the rest of your week, dear friend Debbie!

    2. Yeah, sure. I'll be completely strung out by then and not thinking about blogging. LOL Definitely a good idea to start earlier though. Cheers!

    3. Cheers to you, dear friend Debbie! As (bad) luck would have it, I have some traveling to do and family obligations coming up during the month of April, but I promise that I will make every effort to visit your blog every day of the challenge and try to leave a halfway intelligent comment. If I can't make it some of the days, I'm sure you will understand.

      See you tomorrow, dear friend!

  22. Oh, this is a fun game to play! Me and my cousins must play this.

    It's been fun to read your answers too.

    1. Hi, Luxie!

      How are you today, my friend around the world? Thank you for taking a peek at my post which tells the story of my life using song titles by a single solo artist, group or band. I hope you will take the challenge. I'd love to see your post.

      I'm delighted to know you had fun here today, dear friend Lux, and thank you again for coming by!

  23. Replies
    1. Thanks, MIke!

      It was fun taking this challenge and much easier than I thought it would be, thanks to the extensive song catalog of the late, great Ray Charles.

      Thanks for coming, good buddy Mike!

  24. How do you feel? And I Don't Need No Doctor.
    Another classic response:)

    1. Ha! Thank you for being so observant, dear friend Sandra. I love to make you smile and laugh. See you tomorrow, dear friend!


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