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"More than a place, the Shady Dell was and will forever remain a state of mind." - Shady Del Knight

"More than a place, the Shady Dell was and will forever remain a state of mind." - Shady Del Knight

Monday, January 4, 2016

Records Broken! A Version Sacrifice On "The Coldest Night of the Year!"

Welcome to the New Year edition of
my Bloggy Award winning series

Battle of the Banned!

No! Enough is enough. For the last 7 months
the name I selected for this series has been
causing friction.  It was never my intention
to mock Battle of the Bands or its founders.
I was merely trying to maintain a sense of
humor after they withdrew their support
and unsubscribed from SDMM. Today
I am taking a step to ease tension and
foster a climate of peaceful coexistence.
Effective immediately I am dropping
the title Battle of the Banned and
renaming my music contest series.
It is my sincere hope that this
gesture will enable us to have
a better, happier blogging
experience in 2016.

I was going to rename the series
Shady's Notes 'n' Votes but that
didn't grab me. My next idea was
Ten Zany Birds but that title has
already been taken. :) Finally I
decided to use a title that has
accrued brand equity, one that
I have used in previous posts.
From now on this series
will be named...

Version Sacrifice!

To relaunch Version Sacrifice, I am pleased to
welcome back my good friend Bub, the zombie
from Day of the Dead. Bub, as you recall, is a
new breed of zombie. He thinks. He reasons.
He reads books. He listens to cool tuneage.
In addition, Bub is founder of the IZSG,
Insecure Zombie's Support Group,
which meets the first Wednesday
of every month. Bub, you have
the floor. Break a leg...
and then eat it.

Good one, Shady, and thanks for having me.
I'll be having you later. (BA-DUM-BUMP)
First I want to say "Hello, Aunt Alicia!"
Next I invite you all to check out the
cool tunes in this competition
Or is it decomp-etition?. 
(A little zombie humor there.)

In today's spin-off, Team USA battles
the UK. The two competing artists
perform the same song. Listen to
both, vote for the version you
prefer and take a moment
to explain why.

The contestants are backstage with
a bad case of the jitters. Let the
Version Sacrifice begin!




Nino Tempo & April Stevens, the brother-sister
duo from Niagara Falls who had a #1 hit with
"Deep Purple," were the first to record a song
that's become a wintertime favorite of mine,
"The Coldest Night of the Year." Released
as a single in the UK in 1966, the version
by Nino and April went to waste in the
U.S. on the B side of a poor selling
platter, a cover of Otis Redding's
"These Arms of Mine."

 "The Coldest Night of the Year" 
 Nino Tempo and April Stevens 
 (Feb. '65, B side of "These Arms of Mine") 

Nino and April are ineligible.
Do not vote for them...or else!





Twice As Much was the English duo of Dave Skinner
and Andrew Rose, a pair of singer/songwriters who
released singles on Immediate Records, the British
label established by Rolling Stones manager
Andrew Loog Oldham. With similarities to
Simon & Garfunkel, Peter & Gordon
and Chad & Jeremy, Twice As Much
created a unique psych-pop groove,
especially on their 1968 album
That's All which featured the
vocal talent of up-and-coming
singer-songwriter Vashti Bunyan.

My favorite song from That's All is
"The Coldest Night of the Year,"
an unreleased single from 1966.
Compared to the original recording
by Nino and April, this version of
"Coldest Night" is moodier and more
atmospheric with a dense mix that
imitates Phil Spector's wall-of-sound.
In spots it reminds me of the Ronettes
single "Walking in the Rain." Maybe
it's because both songs were written
by Brill scribes Barry Mann and
Cynthia Weil. Listen to this
Spectorian opus and maybe
you'll agree - "Coldest" the coolest!

 "The Coldest Night of the Year" 
  Twice as Much feat. Vashti Bunyan 
 (unreleased 1966 single and a track 
 on the 1968 album That's All



Turning 73 next month, Lou Christie
is one of Pittsburgh's Favorite Oldies.
The singer-songwriter who scored 5
top 40 hits in the 60s, including the
chart-topping "Lightnin' Strikes," was
back in the studio in the new millennium.
In 2007 Lou recorded and released a CD
that include this evocative interpretation
of "Coldest Night." Can you name the
female who sings on it with Lou?

 "The Coldest Night of the Year" 
 Lou Christie (January 2007, from CD 
 Lightning Strikes! (Beyond the Blue Horizon

Today's tuneage has me all verklempt.

My mascara's running but
there's no time for tears.

The moment of truth has come.

One version must be sacrificed.

Which artist recorded the better

cover of "The Coldest Night"?

Vote for one of the following:


 feat. VASHTI 




After voting here, please visit my partner in grime

and vote in his

Battle of the Banned!

Version Sacrifice!

Stay tuned for my follow-up post 5 days from now
in which I will cast my vote, count the ballots
(including hanging chad and dimpled chad)
and announce the winner.

Have a Shady day!


  1. Love the humor in this one, Shady. :) I can honestly say I say love Twice As Much and Vashti - the way they perform grab me! Wonderful!

    1. Hi, Jessica Marie!

      Thank you for coming by, dear friend! I'm happy to know I tickled your funny bone with my zombie humor and other gags and gimmicks. Twice As Much & Vashti B. jump out to an early lead thanks to your vote. I'm glad you enjoyed the tuneage and thank you for again for visiting and voting, dear friend!

  2. Coldest Night of the Year is new to me and a great pick for early January. The only artist I know well is Lou Christie —I vaguely remember you using a different song by Nino and April in another post.

    The Lou Christie version sounds very Americanized –therefore “standardized” “least common denominator” “sterile”, “pabulum —trite, bland and unsatisfying”. I can’t take the sickeningly sweet voice of the unknown female singer and that’s probably why she has ended up in obscurity.

    The original –by Nino Tempo and April Stevens—yes, I know we are not voting for that one—had an alternative and unusual sound for their day. Probably why they never went on to be HUGE in the pop world.

    I much preferred the Vashti version. It seems more true to the original —the harmonics are great —but somehow they’ve managed to make the song more their own than just a mere cover.

    Funny. Sometimes a good cover is far better than the original and I think this one might be a case on point. I vote for Twice As Much feat. Vashti. Thank you, Shady!

    1. Good morning, Kathryn!

      Thank you for weighing in on my first Version Sacrifice of 2016.

      You wrote:

      << The Lou Christie version sounds very Americanized –therefore “standardized” “least common denominator” “sterile”, “pabulum —trite, bland and unsatisfying”. I can’t take the sickeningly sweet voice of the unknown female singer and that’s probably why she has ended up in obscurity. >>

      You're meek as a mouse, spouse! Please don't be afraid to express an opinion once in a while! :) Wait till Debbie the Doglady reads your comment. She'll probably copy and paste it as her own! :)

      I hope somebody comes forward and names the female vocalist on Lou Christie's version. I read somewhere that his sister sometimes sings on his recordings. Maybe that's who it is. It seems strange that the female part, significant as it is, was left uncredited.

      Yessum, Nino Tempo and April Stevens have appeared on SDMM before (in my Echoes series) and there is more of their fine work in the pipeline. They weren't "huge," as you put it, but they did have a #1 hit record with "Deep Purple" which reached the top of the chart in the weeks leading up to the assassination of JFK. After that Nino and April brushed the top 10 with "Whispering" and gained a top 30 single with "Stardust." Many music historians agree that the best recordings of their career came later, in the mid 60s, when they got into a younger groove and adopted the Spectorian wall-of-sound production style. Those are the recordings I am featuring on SDMM.

      I agree. Sometimes a good cover is better than the original and Battle of the Bands participants offer proof of that twice a month. I will enter your vote for T.A.M. + Vashti and I thank you again for making time to listen and vote, dear Kathryn!

  3. Nice direction with the name change. An olive branch might soothe over some bad feelings--I hope so as this is all blogging fun and not war. We have enough war on our hands in this world. Though I did think "Battle of the Banned" was a clever take on the situation. The name didn't bother me at all.

    This is a totally new song to me. A nice period piece. Vashti's band was unknown to me but I'm well aware of Lou Christie and was a big fan of his 60's output. I had no idea that he'd done a more recent attempt.

    The two are so similar that it's a tough call for me. I like the first version, but out of loyalty to Christie I'm voting for his version. I think production-wise it's superior. And I like a song with oboe and xylophone--don't know why but I always have.

    A vote for Lou Christie!

    Arlee Bird
    Tossing It Out

    1. Hi, Lee!

      Thanks for coming over! I hope you are feeling better today, good buddy.

      I appreciate what you wrote here, Lee. I am indeed extending an olive branch and hope that my sincerity is evident. As you know I make frequent use of humor and satire on SDMM and on other blogs. I do it to encourage myself and my friends to lighten up and not take ourselves too seriously. Blogging is supposed to be fun. Let us not wage war against one another. As you reminded us in your "Trouble of the World" battle, there are far more important things for us to worry about across our nation and around the world.

      I never heard of the Barry Mann - Cynthia Weil song "Coldest Night" until a couple of years ago when I discovered the Vashti version on a various artists CD that I purchased. I am also a big fan of Nino and April and of Lou Christie. Like you, I was not aware that Lou continued to record and release albums into the new millennium. If you ever find out who sings with him on this track please let me know so I can update my text.

      Lou Christie is off and running thanks to your vote, good buddy Lee, and thank you very much for participating in my Version Sacrifice!

  4. "Twice as much with Vashti ... no doubt ... why do U think I still wear flared jeans? and Patchouli is my perfume? and I smoke ...well, I'm tryin to quit that ... smiles ...anyway, lovely, lovely post Mr. S ...always, cat

    1. Hi, cat!

      How are you today, dear friend? I'm thrilled to know that you enjoyed my first Version Sacrifice of the new year.

      We can learn a lot about ourselves and others by reading the comments and tracking the votes in these music contests. The more I learn about you, the more I realize that you are great friend material and a good fit for SDMM. I am very thankful that you have taken an interest in what I am doing here, cat.

      Another vote for Vashti! Tell me, cat... did you like Vashti "twice as much" as Lou? :) Thank you again for playing, dear friend cat, and enjoy the week ahead!

    2. The Lou video is not available in my country ...

    3. Hi, cat!

      Yessum, I found out from Debbie the Doglady. If you'd like to listen to a 30 second sound clip of that Lou Christie recording, please go to the following address on Amazon. Then let me know if you want to change your vote or stick with Vashti. Okay?

      Thank you, dear friend cat!

  5. Bub!!! From one of my favorite zombie movies. I'm honored.
    Sorry, Lou. Twice as Much and Vashti get my vote.

    1. Hi, Alex!

      Thanks for dropping in, good buddy!

      I love Geo. A. Romero's zombie trilogy and have seen all three chapters numerous times over the years. Bub's a cool zombie but he's always short on cash and putting the bite on me! :)

      Okay then, Alex, another vote goes to 2X + Vashti and I thank you very much for participating in our first Version Sacrifice of 2016. See you next time, good buddy!

  6. Love the new title, Shady! ☺ "Version Sacrifice" fits well with the zombie spokesman. He's cute! I do hope the ruffled feathers will be smoothed over as well.

    Alas, the Lou Christie video was unavailable to me and I was unable to find a substitute. The original and first cover were pleasant enough, but obviously, without hearing Lou's version there's no point in voting. I'll keep searching and come back if I find something. Have a good week, my friend!

    1. Hi, dear Debbie!

      Oh NO! The Lou Christie vid is unavailable for playback in your region? That's such a shame! Maybe you should copy and paste Mrs. Shady's comment after all! :) This is also happening to me on YouTube, and much more often than in the past. I get a message that states, "unavailable for playback in your country." It makes it more difficult and rather frustrating to operate a music blog.

      Could you please try these two sites which offer 30 second samples of Lou Christie's version and see if one of them works for you? A 30 second sound clip should enable you to form an impression of the recording.

      Sorry for the inconvenience, Debbie. Thank you very much for visiting and I hope to see you again soon. Have a great week!

    2. I was able to listen to a sample on Amazon and have to agree with Kathryn's assessment, as you predicted. ICK! :P
      So, here's another vote for Vashti. Cheers!

    3. This Youtube Restriction Checker is a great little tool, except I usually forget to use it.

    4. Hahaha! Well that didn't take long. I'm so glad you found a way, dear Debbie. I only wish someone could help me identify that mystery female vocalist. Don't you consider it a bit odd that she was not credited on the track, given the fact that it's a male-female duet?

      Vashti Bunyan collects another vote and I thank you very much for following through, dear friend Debbie!

    5. Wow - I never knew that tool existed. I plugged in the URL address of that Christie video and it reveals that it is only available in the U.S. Thanks for letting me know about this useful tool, dear Debbie!

    6. That is an excellent tool to which to have access. I'll try to use this in the future.


    7. No, it sure didn't. I'm actually glad it was only 30 seconds! ☺ It is odd that the female singer wasn't credited. I'll do some research and let you know if I find anything.

    8. Glad to be of service, Shady and Lee. It is a good little tool. If I could just remember to use it.....

    9. Thanks again, Debbie and Lee, for your input. I have that tool bookmarked. I certainly don't want to stage music contests in which my Canadian, European and Australian friends are excluded from voting.

      Have a great week, both of you!

  7. I liked the name Battle of the Banned. I can't imagine anyone getting uptight over that but oh well. The version sacrifice is awesome too! Such a fun post today. My vote goes to Vashti. The zombie was perfect for this Monday. Have a great day sweet Shadester.

    1. Hi, dear Holli!

      Thank you very much for swinging over again today to visit, listen and vote. I'm happy to know that you had fun with this post and that my zombie humor put a smile on your face. I look forward to keeping you smiling. laughing and toe-tapping throughout the year.

      Okay, that's another vote for Vashti Bunyan fronting Twice As Much. Thank you very much for voicing your choice, dear friend Holli, and enjoy the rest of your week!

  8. Hi Shady and Happy New Year!
    I like your New Year resolution (to share peace in the blogging world) I like your new name for he battles, too! (Shady's notes N votes)
    As far as these 2 songs, I'll vote for Lou Christie's version for the simple reason, I like both male and female voices better, more pleasant to my ear. Vashti's, especially the female lead, seemed gloomy to me (until the jingle bells kicked in).LOL!
    I'll tell you one thing, "Baby it's cold out there and IT'S GETTING COLDER ", in York, PA. Winter is finally here, I'm fraid!
    I'll tell you, "

    1. Hi, Toni!

      Thank you very much for coming over, dear friend!

      The new name I picked for this series is Version Sacrifice, not Shady's Notes N Votes and not Ten Zany Birds. :)

      Your ears match Arlee's but they certainly don't match Mrs. Shady's. Her comment contains the strongest negative reaction I ever got from her in these music battles.

      Looks like the timing was perfect for me to run this "Coldest Night of the Year" contest. It's even chilly here in Florida. We have the heat running and yesterday for the first time in many months I felt comfortable wearing a long sleeve shirt!

      Thank you very much for your kind visit and comment, Toni. I will add your vote for Lou Christie to the ballot box. The results of the vote will be announced this Saturday. I wish you a safe and happy week ahead, dear friend Toni!

  9. Wow! sorry about the mess up! BUT. . .
    I do like the name "Shady's Notes n Votes better!!!! LOL!

    1. Really? Well then maybe I'll switch back and forth occasionally, but I won't be going back to Battle of the Banned. Thanks for the return visit, dear friend Toni, and have a great day!

  10. Happy New Year, Tom! First off, my hat is off to you for taking the first step. This proves more than ever not only that you're the gentleman I thought you to be, but you have a good heart wanting to set things right. *applauds* I don't care what you call your series. I'm here to for the music education and laughs. This is an easy vote for me. Twice as Much feat. Vasti Bunyan steals the show, in my opinion. The soft vocals seemed more pleasing for my listening enjoyment. However, contender #2 wasn't a shabby pick and I won't be sad if they pull out the victory. Either way, nice new-to-me tune and three not-so-familiar artists. Have a tunetastic week, my friend!

    1. One more thing, this is the perfect song title. We are definitely feeling some cold, cold nights here and it looks like the frigid temps are going to linger a bit longer than I hoped. :(

    2. Hi, dear Cathy!

      I am delighted to have you over for a visit dear friend. Thanks for coming!

      I'm pleased to know that you enjoyed both competing versions of "Coldest Night." I am also happy to know that the song was brand new to you and that the timing of my post coincided with the cold snap you are experiencing in your area. I will enter your vote for Twice As Much feat. Vashti. The results post is coming up in just 5 days this time - on Saturday. Good luck!

      Thank you very much for the kind and generous words you expressed here, Cathy. As you might suspect, my decision to change the name of the series came as a direct result of the things written about me a few weeks ago on your blog. I was genuinely shocked when I read that and realized how sensitive this issue has remained all these months later. I truly do want peace now and hope this gesture will facilitate it. I realize I can't be friends with everybody, but I don't want to be making enemies either. It's a new year and each of us has a clean slate. We can all choose to make a fresh start. All I ever wanted was to have a few genuine friends like you, people with whom I feel comfortable. You have always been warm and polite to me and for that I am grateful, Cathy. Thank you for sticking with me as we proceed through 2016!

      God bless you, Cathy!

    3. Tom, I think friends should be able to disagree without falling by the wayside, but I know this isn't always the case. You just gotta know when to walk away from somethings. It is a new year of new beginnings. It's a good time for us ALL to start fresh. Who knows maybe this fence is on the way to being mended with this one little act you've taken. I'll say a prayer and cross my fingers because you know I hate it when there's a fallout between friends, even if it's cyber buds. Blessings to you, too!

    4. Thank you, sweet friend. Let's pray for peace in the coming year, in our blog circle, across our great country and around the world. God bless!

  11. Leapin Lizards! Folks actually get chapped while blogging? Guess I have much to learn - or not, thanks anyhow ;-)
    I thought Battle of the Banned was rather clever, as is Version Sacrifice. Each post is a new adventure in musical delight and I hope you don't change too much. I'm betting you're going to shine ever brighter for this!
    Oh yes, the song! Beautiful and one I'd never heard before, I enjoyed Vashti's version the most.:-)

    1. Hi, dear Diedre!

      Thank you very much for paying me a visit and voting in my "new and improved" Version Sacrifice series!

      I'm glad you agree that it starts with a great song and that "The Coldest Night of the Year," penned by Brill Building vets Barry Mann and Cynthia Weil, is a great song. Vashti Bunyan continues to garner most of the votes and I again thank you for casting yours. T.A.M. + Vashti it is!

      Diedre, thank you for the very kind and supportive words, my friend. I learned in seminar training that "the meaning of your communication is the response that you get." My attempt at clever word play in naming my series "Battle of the Banned" was only intended to mask my pain and humiliation and put a whimsical spin on an unpleasant situation. Recently, I tried looking at the issue from the other person's point of view. When I did, I came to consider for the first time that, even though my intention was benign, I might be inflicting pain on him and others by continuing to run the series under that name. The last thing I want to do is hurt people, and so, I made the name change. I sincerely hope the coming year brings much needed closure and peace of mind to all concerned. I want us all to be able to relax and have fun practicing the art of blogging with friends of our own choosing. I love to entertain great friends like you, Diedre. You are always gracious and generous to me and that inspires me to reciprocate and take good care of you in return.

      Thanks again for making time for me today and enjoy the rest of your week, dear friend Diedre!

  12. Okay, so it took me 20 minutes of research and another five to convince my damnable computer that I wanted to type, but I have your answer!

    Most of that time it took to find a picture of a Lou Christie single of the tune, which said on it, "featuring the Crayons". And they took a little while as well, but finally I found a link:

    that explains the Crayons to be two ladies named Mary Fox and Jene Hernandez. The link has a picture of them with his original backing ladies at a reunion concert.

    Why did I do this? Didn't wanna hear "But Chris, I was depending on your ability to find useless trivia!" Not that I mind being the bloodhound of useless trivia, but I don't like to be the letter-downer.

    Anyway, I liked the first version best. And parantheticly (A word I apparently cannot spell right), while I don't think you should feel you should have to change the names, it is prolly for the best- hanging on to a bitter memory does no one any good, and makes you sound too much like me.

    Thanks for the cool tunes, and the research project!

    1. Hi, Chris!

      Thanks for popping over, good buddy!

      Wow - you actually assigned yourself homework and completed it before showing up here? That's the mark of a great friend (and a guy with waaaaay too much time on his hands! :) At least you didn't try to claim that Scrappy ate your homework.

      Thanks for the link and info about The Crayons. (Color me impressed :) I never heard of the Crayons before and don't know the names Mary Fox or Jere Hernandez, but I do know Denise and Bernadette. In fact, I will be featuring them in an upcoming three part series. In the picture you showed me, the brunette in the middle is Denise "Dee" Ferri, formerly a member of The Delicates, a girl group that released singles of their own and backed Lou on some of his biggest hits including "Lightnin' Strikes." The blonde, Bernadette Carroll Dente, was a member of the Starlets, a girl group that achieved fame after they changed their name to The Angels. Bernadette also released solo singles in the early and mid 60s. Lou's sister, Amy Sacco, sang with Lou's early group Lugee & the Lions. I guess the mystery female singer on "Coldest Night" could be any one of those women or somebody else entirely, right?

      You wrote:

      << I don't like to be the letter-downer. >>

      You're not, good buddy. You're the quicker picker-upper, I assure you! :)

      AOK, Chris. I've got you down for Twice As Much to win in the 5th race at Hialeah. Thank you very much for visiting, listening voting and contributing significantly to the discussion, good buddy. I appreciate it! (Bub the zombie says hello - parenthetically :)

  13. I loved Lou Christie music, but looking back, talk about sexist. Wow.

    Going with the first group.

    Happy Monday, Shady.

    1. Hi, dear Sandra!

      Welcome back to SDMM as I present Version Sacrifice, the music competition that let's you be the judge.

      I suppose a case could be made that most pop music of the 20th century was sexist. You need only examine the lyrics of countless popular songs. Are you referring to Lou Christie's "I'm Gonna Make You Mine" in which he sounds like a stalker?:

      << I'll be a hard-lovin', pushin' kind of individual
      Knockin' night and day at your door
      You'll have to turn me away like an indestructible force >>

      Chalk up another vote for Vashti. Thank you very much for joining the fun and for voting, dear friend Sandra. Enjoy the rest of your week!

  14. Oh Bummer-I can't listen to the Christie version! It won't allow it here in Canuckland. I went to Youtube and it even stopped me there so I listened to his voice in a couple of other songs. If you can take my vote I like the first one. I love the sound of the winter with a throw towards Christmas in one part. I also like the woman's voice so Vashti gets my vote. Happy New year to you!

    1. Hi, dear BB!

      How are you this evening? I'm sorry about the second song not being available in Canada. Obviously I wasn't aware of that going in. I found the URL to a 30 second sound sample on Amazon. If you want to have an honest impression of Christie's performance on "Coldest Night," then I ask that you please take 30 seconds more to go there and listen before making up your mind.

      Here's the address:

      It's looks like Vashti is going to win this contest by a wide margin regardless, but it would be nice if you could listen to a portion of the competing version. I am very sorry for the inconvenience. I will register another vote for Vashti and await word from you if you wish to change your mind.

      Thank you very much, dear friend Birgit!

    2. Sorry you did not hear from me but I still liked Vashti:)

    3. AOK, dear Birgit! Chances are you still would have picked Vashti's version even if you had been able to hear the full length Christie recording.

      Thanks again for stopping by, dear friend BB!

  15. Since I live in Canada too, I listened to Lou Christie on Amazon. His voice sounded good, but I do prefer the Twice as Much version.

    This song has a beautiful melody. I liked it right away. If I were writing the words, I think I would have tried something other than, "I might catch the flu." Lol Still, it is a romantic song.

    1. Hi, dear Belle!

      Thank you very much for dropping by this evening! You beat me to it. I was going to give you the same address that I gave to Birgit, to Debbie the Doglady and to my newest Canadian friend cat. (I didn't realize I have so many Canadian followers now! :)

      Thank you very much for listening to the available segment of Lou Christie's version before deciding on your vote.

      I agree that "Coldest Night" is a beautiful, romantic ballad, but the line about catching the flu is a little jarring. :) I think it was supposed to illustrate how desperate the man was to stay in out of the cold and coax the woman into letting him spend the night. He was saying anything he could think of to persuade her. I'm so glad you enjoyed the song and I will record another vote for Twice As Much & Vashti on your behalf. It looks like Vashti is going to get Twice As Much of the votes and then some! :)

      Thank you again for going to the extra effort to cast an informed vote in my Version Sacrifice, dear friend Belle. I hope your week and your year are off to a great start.

      God bless!

  16. OK I vote for Bub ! He is the best !
    Ummmmm What he isn't running for President ?
    Oh wait I have to vote for the other two ?
    I want to vote for Bub. Sorry.
    Even though I remember Lou Christie I vote for Vashti.
    Good to see your first post !

    cheers, parsnip and thehamish

    1. Hi, Gayle!

      Happy birthday, dear friend, and thank you for stopping in. How did you like The Force Awakens? When you got home from the movie I hope you gave thehamish a great big hug and some chikin for being a gud dog and waiting patiently for you.

      How about the super ticket of Mayor Adam West and Bub the Zombie as his running mate? :)

      Okay then, you like Lou Christie but you like Vashti Bunyan even more. Therefore, I will enter another vote for T.A.M. & Vashti in your name. The results post is coming this Saturday, but it looks like this battle is going to be my first blow-out.

      Thank you very much for making time to visit me on your special day, dear friend Gayle. I hope it was a great day for you and hope to see you again soon. Have a wonderful week!

  17. I'll vote for Twice AS Much. Neither version was bad, for my ears the Twice As Much vocals worked best!

    1. AOK, Mike!

      Thanks for swinging over to cast your vote in my V.S., good buddy.

      Another vote for Twice As Much! It looks like the tribe has spoken and Lou Christie will be asked to grab his torch and leave the island immediately. :)

      Thanks again, Mike, and enjoy the rest of your week!

  18. What a perfect day for this particular's the coldest day we've had all season! For some reason the lyrics made me know, getting a cold, or the flu..I think I need another cup of cocoa to calm me down! Another thought came through my thin cranium...this song reminded me of the Christmas song by Dean Martin and various others: "Baby it's cold outside". With that being said, I voted for Vashti...I just liked that sound better! Now, I have to comment on Bub. I'm trying to figure out why Zombies have bad teeth. I mean, they eat lots of protein and all the vitamins and stuff from the intestines and gnawing on bones should make the teeth shiny...hey, it works on dog teeth...just sayin'. (after rereading my comment I think I've had one too many hot cocoas!)

    1. Hi, dear YaYa!

      Happy New Year once again, dear friend! Thank you very much for coming to my first Notes 'N' Votes - Version Sacrifice of the year.

      Yessum, I am being told by readers from sea to shining sea that the timing of this post couldn't have been better. It is windy and raw here in Florida so I can only imagine what you guys are going through. I hope the Yeti in your Creepy Woods has his den insulated. :)

      Yessum, the lyrics are rather comical and maybe that prevented the otherwise beautiful love ballad from being recorded famously by anybody (like a duet with William Shatner and Roseann Barr :)

      Yessum, you are right and you stole a line from my voting results post (coming Saturday) in which I compare "The Coldest Night" to "Baby, It's Cold Outside" and another winter weather favorite of mine, "It's Now Winter's Day" by Tommy Roe (a huge Dell song).

      Yessum, I bought Zombie Bub some Milk-Bone dog biscuits ("healthier teeth and gums guaranteed"), but he flatly refuses to try them! Plus, he ran out of money the other day and put the bite on me! :)

      If you're tipsy on cocoa then please consume mass quantities every week before you visit SDMM. I love to play with you, YaYa! :)

      I hope your year is going well so far and I thank you again for making time for me today. I will record another vote for Vashti. Thank you, sweet friend, and enjoy the rest of your week!

  19. I'm voting for Lou Christie. It was a difficult decision for me. Usually I'm all for the UK, but Lou won me over. I like the back-up especially.

    1. Hi, Jeffrey!

      How are you doing, good buddy? Happy New Year to you!

      I'm glad you made it over for my first musical competition of 2016. I'm happy to know that you found value in both versions and wrestled with the decision before voting. I will add your vote for Lou Christie to the running total and reveal the Version Sacrifice "survivor" this coming Saturday.

      Thank you again for visiting, listening and voting, good buddy Jeffrey. I wish you a happy and healthy 2016!

    2. Looking forward to the rest of the 2016 music selections you will have for offer. PS, I was under the weather so I did not do a BOTB for the first. I sacrificed it in favour of doing my End of Year post. Feel free to stop in and check it out. :)

    3. I wondered why you didn't run a band battle, good buddy. I'm sorry you were "poorly" as they say on Downton Abbey. I hope you're bouncing back now.

      I'll be over to check out your year-ender. Thanks, Jeffrey!

  20. So what's in a name, depends on the name some people get their knickers in a knot about a name others like me couldn't care less a name is a name just saying

    1. Hi, Jo-Anne!

      Happy New Year and thank you very much for popping over for a visit!

      I'm sorry that the Lou Christie video is not available in Australia. I'll be more careful to check that out the next time.

      Thank you for the supportive words in response to the name change. It's good to know that you don't get your knickers in a knot too easily just saying... :)

      Thanks again for visiting and Happy New Year to you, dear friend Jo-Anne!

  21. That's too bad the name caused friction. It was a nice play on words. Which you are very good at:)
    Have a great Thursday.

    1. Ha! Thank you dear Sandra! I have always enjoyed word play, both reading it and incorporating it into in my own writing style. I'm glad you appreciate it, too.

      Enjoy the rest of your week and look for the battle results this Saturday. God bless!

  22. I finally made it! Sorry I'm so late in getting here. Been running crazy lately. I like the new name of your series. I hope the olive branch soothes and heals...
    Re: your battle: tough one! Both versions are good but I have to say that I like Twice as Much and Vashti better. I don't know that I'd like Lou Christie's version had he not had the female vocal. Please give Twice as Much my vote. And I love the name of the song: perfect pick for this January sweater-weather!!
    Have a great weekend Shady!

    Michele at Angels Bark

    1. Hi, Michele!

      Thank you for making time for a visit, dear friend. I appreciate it!

      I'm happy to know you enjoyed the song "The Coldest Night of the Year." You certainly aren't alone in preferring the version by Twice As Much and Vashti. Vashti's headed for victory tomorrow barring an eleventh hour rally by Lou Christie fans.

      I got you down for Vashti. Thank you again for coming over, dear friend Michele, and have a safe and happy weekend!

  23. First of all, thank you so much for the little shout out for Ten Zany Birds! You made my day!

    I very much like that song. I prefer Vashti's version. It has a mysterious/ethereal quality. I think I will listen to it again.

    I didn't mind your pervious Battle of the Banned name, but this new one is fine, too. I hope it finds universal acceptance.

    Have a wonderful weekend!

    1. Hi, dear Sherry!

      Thank you very much for coming by. I didn't want you to miss my plug for Ten Zany Birds. :)

      Your ears match the majority this time around. Barring a miracle, Vashti Bunyan is going to take this contest with ease. I agree that it has a moody, mysterious, ethereal quality due largely to the Spectorian style of production.

      Thank you for the kind words. I doubt anything I do here will find universal acceptance, but that's life. Thank you very much for being a devoted friend.

      Have a safe and happy weekend, Sherry!

  24. Love that one. Battle of the Banned and the coldest night with monsters. You're so spot on here. :)

    How's your holiday? Wish you a bountiful 2016!

    1. Hi, dear Luxie!

      Thank you very much for coming by, my round the world friend!

      It's nice to know you enjoy my word play and my timing. I enjoyed the holidays this year and I hope you did as well. I wish you the very same - a bountiful new year, dear friend Lux. Thanks again for your visit and comment!

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