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"More than a place, the Shady Dell was and will forever remain a state of mind." - Shady Del Knight

"More than a place, the Shady Dell was and will forever remain a state of mind." - Shady Del Knight

Monday, December 28, 2015

New Year's Rockin' Eve in the Shady - Mamma Mia, I Love Maria: The Queen of Metal Takes Us To the Brink of 2016!


Due to my strong personal convictions,
I wish to stress that this film in no way
endorses a belief in the occult 
— Michael Jackson (Intro to Thriller)

Due to my convictions (for littering,
loitering and jaywalking), I wish to stress
that this post containing heavy metal music
in no way endorses Satan worship, evil-
doing or premarital hand holding. 
- Shady Del Knight

For the past month or more
I've been listening to stuff like this:

Christmas carols and old gold
doo-wop are fine and dandy...

...but I reserve the right to rock, and a few times
every year I do just that. What better time than
now when we're celebrating the end of 2015?

I am therefore proud to prevent present Part 1
of a new five part series saluting my favorite
band of the new millennium, In This Moment,
a Los Angeles based Gothic industrial metal
band formed in 2005 by guitarist Chris
Howorth and one of the leading ladies
of modern metal, Maria Brink.

That's Maria below.

I can't wait to take her home to meet mama!

So enamored am I of Maria and her band
that I would like to share with you some of
their best songs and videos. Every post in the
series will be anchored by In This Moment
and will include performances by other
exciting acts that have come along
in the new millennium.

It's New Year's Rockin' Eve at SDMM
and you've got a front row seat to watch
the wrecking ball drop. If you're ready and
think you can handle cutting edge metal and
intense images, then watch, listen and ROCK!


Don't say I never gave you anything.
For the faint of heart, the easy listening crowd,
those who don't like their music too hard and heavy,
I give you the English girl group Clea.  In the fall
of 2005, Clea gained their third top 40 hit on the
 UK chart with "We Don't Have To Take Our
Clothes Off (to have a good time)," a cool
cover of the song made famous in 1986
by U.S. R&B singer Jermaine Stewart.

"We Don't Have To Take Our Clothes Off" 
 Clea (from 2005 album Trinity)


Just think.  Back in the day when I lived in
Central PA, I might have babysat for itty-bitty
Chris Motionless. Don't look at me that way.
Anything's possible! Now all grown up, Chris
leads Motionless in White, a goth industrial
metal band based in Scranton. Formed in
2005, Motionless in White was heavily
influenced by Marilyn Manson and
Rob Zombie. You can hear it in
their tunes and see it in their vids.

"A-M-E-R-I-C-A" is a single released in the spring
of 2013 from the band's second album Infamous.
Hurry...hurry...hurry! Let the sideshow begin!

"A-M-E-R-I-C-A" - Motionless in White 
(single rel. April 2013, video rel. June 2013
from November 2012 album Infamous)


I'm feelin' 100% pure adrenaline as I introduce
"Adrenalize," the second single released from
Blood, the 4th studio album by In This Moment.
Blood dropped in the summer of 2012 and
cracked the top 20 on Billboard's
Active Rock chart.

The graphic and delightfully disturbing video
you are about to see, directed by Robert John Kley,
was filmed at Linda Vista Community Hospital in
Los Angeles. Since it closed in 1991, Linda Vista
has been used as a filming location and as a site of
paranormal investigations. The abandoned facility
was the setting for an episode of the TV series
Ghost Adventures. Watch what happened
when the facility was haunted big time
by Maria and her mates!

"Adrenalize" - In This Moment 
(Feb. 2013, from August 2012 album Blood)


What better way to celebrate New Year's Rockin' Eve
than with New Years Day? Formed in 2005, this band
from Anaheim, California, started playing pop punk
but later adopted a harder and heavier rock style
which it calls "Hauntedmansioncore." Me likey!

On "Angel Eyes," a single released from the second New Years Day album Victim to Villain, founding member and lead singer Ashley Costello teamed up with Chris Motionless.

"Angel Eyes" - New Years Day 
featuring Chris Motionless of Motionless In White
(From June 2013 album Victim To Villain)


Let's go out in a blaze of glory with another
killer kut from featured band In This Moment.
"Sick Like Me," the first single released from
the band's 5th studio album, Black Widow,
was a solid hit, reaching #12 on the
U.S. Mainstream Rock chart.

Beware! The video you are about to watch,
directed by Maria Brink and Robert John Kley,
will commit assault and battery on your senses.
You will experience the brute force and full
fury of modern heavy metal thunder. If you
are willing to open your ears and mind and
stay with the video, you will be treated to
a beautiful, melodic love song relevant
to our modern world - a song about
passion, intimacy, acceptance,
tolerance, forgiveness and
unconditional love.

Even at my ugliest you always say
"You're beautiful"

Listen now as Maria and her band ask the
musical question, "Are you sick like me?"

"Sick Like Me" - In This Moment
(September 2014, from November 2014
album Black Widow)

I hope you enjoyed New Year's Rockin' Eve,

Shady style. Thank you very much,

dear reader, for your unwavering

friendship and support in 2015.

Have a Shady day and

a happy new year!


  1. Bravo! What a way to end the year --you really rocked it out, Shady! For more than twenty years the only music I ever heard you listening to was your collection of oldies from the Shady Dell. It’s nice to see you giving new bands a chance.

    At the beginning of the millennium when I got into Nine Inch Nails, Nirvana and other grunge and alternative rock bands, you assumed that I was going through a phase. --You were wrong. I still love that style of rock and still listen to it. It took you a long time to test the waters of modern rock and now you know what you were missing.

    I enjoyed Motionless in White --and the two songs and videos by In This Moment are outstanding. Both bands achieve a balance of intensity and emotion. I agree that Sick Like Me is a beautiful love song. You need only to listen carefully and allow Maria's words to sink in.

    Who is Robert John Kley? That Linda Vista Hospital setting looks familiar. I think it was used in a movie we watched but I can’t remember its name.

    Thank you for another exciting year of music and fun, Shady. I can't wait to find out what's in store for us in 2016.

    1. Hi, dear Kathryn!

      Thank you for chiming in as we ring out the old and ring in the new.

      You aren't kidding when you remind me that I spent decades listening to my safe, familiar Dell oldies to the exclusion of almost everything else. In fact, all those years I was a modern rock/metal "hater." I convinced myself that I am not "that kind of person" and I flatly refused to listen to it. Then, a few years ago, it dawned on me. How can I hate something that I don't even know, something that I have not yet experienced? Subconsciously I think I was afraid I would stop liking the old stuff if I started liking the new stuff. That fear was unfounded. I love it all, and now that I am branching out and exploring other genres, I have many more choices, a richer, more rewarding life, and a greater knowledge and appreciation of this edgy music that I rejected for so long.

      I'm glad you enjoyed Motionless in White. I'm sure you could see and hear the Marilyn Manson influences in their video and song. I am especially pleased that you dig Maria Brink and In This Moment. I do lots of research and I haven't found any other female-fronted metal band that comes close to their unique sound and style. Their videos are works of modern art and, as you mentioned, their recordings are an exciting blend of "emo" and "screamo." The only criticism I have read about In This Moment is that they are regarded by some metal purists as too commercial, too mainstream, too pop- oriented and not brutal enough. While I have cultivated a taste for the latter - wall-to-wall screaming and growling - my aging ears still prefer the balance of harsh vs. clean, melodic vocals found in the work of Maria and her men. I am thrilled that you regard "Sick Like Me" as I do - a magnificent love song for the new millennium.

      To answer your questions, Robert John Kley is a Los Angeles based photographer and director who has his own production company. The creepy old Linda Vista Hospital in Los Angeles was used as a filming location for two movies that you and I watched, Pearl Harbor (2001) and Outbreak (1995). It was also used in an episode of ER, the TV medical drama that you and I watched and loved, and several other movies and TV series.

      Thank you again for joining me for my final post of 2015, dear Kathryn. I look forward to welcoming you back on New Year's Day.

      Happy new year!

  2. Wow ...Pleasantly surprised about this post, Mr. Shady ... you could/ should be my date for Shambhala 2016 Aug. 05 to 08th in Salmo, BC ??? ... smiles ... Love, cat.

    1. O, and Happy New Year ... smiles ...

    2. Hi, cat!

      Thank you for coming down, dear friend! I am delighted to know that you found my first annual New Year's Rockin' Eve in the Shady post to be a pleasant surprise. It must be those magical barking bow-wows! :)

      Thank you again for visiting and for spreading cheer, dear friend cat!

    3. ....and Happy New Year to you as well!

      I feel very lucky that you discovered SDMM toward the end of the year and chose to join me here. I look forward to keeping you entertained in 2016. Thanks again, cat!

    4. ... but ... but ... what about our Shambhala date??? ... smiles ... Love, cat.

    5. It's a date, cat! I just watched the official 2015 Aftermovie on YouTube. It looks like the Woodstock of electronica. I'm 3,000 miles away but, heck, if I start walking now I can be there by August. :)

      I can tell my sister by the flowers in her eyes
      On the road to Shambala
      I can tell my brother by the flowers in his eyes
      On the road to Shambala

      How does your light shine, in the halls of Shambala

  3. I just turned the speakers off so Laurie can watch Leave It To Beaver... I'll drop by when she heads to work. Although I will postulate that Clea (named after Dr Strange's girlfriend?) will cause me to argue with the point of their song, dirty old man that I am...

    1. Hi, Chris!

      I've seen the exact same episode that Laurie is watching! Beaver disobeys Ward and June's rules, gets caught, needs to be punished and learns a valuable life lesson. Eddie exerts peer pressure on Wally and gets him into trouble. Lumpy's old jalopy breaks down. :)

      Good buddy, it will probably take a post-Christmas miracle for you to like anything beyond the barking dogs and Clea but, if you like Jane Hathaway, I'm betting that you will also like Maria Brink. :)

      See you soon...I hope.

    2. 1- Barking Dogs- NO. Not a big novelty fan, and one time is enough for all eternity.

      2- Clea- while they are somewhat cute, they seem a bit thin for... oh, the song? No, but better than the singing dogs or what have you.

      3- Motionless, better yet, but I coulda done without Michael Moore's little brother eating KFC...

      4- Adrenalize: I see your point on this girl. Better still, but the video alternately reminded me that I can't wait for my new glasses, and wondering if I should take them off...

      5- New Years day- definitely the pick of the first five (typing as I go along). Prolly would have liked it even better were I an afficianado of the genre. The entrance by Motionless was really cool.

      6- Sick Like Me: I'd give it the number two spot, as I think you saved the (by far) best (two) for last. Amazing filmwork- even if I did get the impression I was watching a lot of the same things over and over, my eyes followed it much better than the earlier video.

      And yes, Maria does beat Ashley.

      Definition of like: now that's a debatable topic. There is a lot on my M10 playlist that never makes the top ten, there's a lot on the main list I have that I don't put on the M10 list. If I feel comfortable with something and I don't get annoyed by it (like I do with, say, the barking dogs) I can put it in the like category. The last two I wouldn't have a big problem listening to again. By contrast, my Monday weekly Spotify suggestion list held only one song that I actually noticed, much less added to any of my stuff.

      I was reading your earlier comments, and I understand when you were talking about debating yourself on not liking something you never listened to. I have learned to listen to a lot of things lately that I ignored in the past. A song like I Wish by the Knocks would have never been on my radar at one point, and I doubt that three years ago I would have called Beach House "the Beatles of the M10". But we all do have our things. You are exploring and sharing the genres that are exciting you now, just like I'm doing on M10- and sometimes, we find common ground.

      So, I do like those last two above the others, and that bunch to Manson and some others. But for my money, I'm getting a close enough taste of the style from Linkin Park.

      And in closing, I think Miss Jane and Granny are more built for the Clea set...

      Have a great New Year!

    3. Hi again, Chris!

      (Boy, I wish you had off work more often. You write one heck of a comment! :)

      Those barking dogs would go into my "like" column if they learned how to perform cookie monster death growls. :) Did you try playing that vid for Scrappy's amusement? Did he hurl his Kibbles 'n Bits? :)

      Chris, you have distinguished yourself with this fine comment. I was cringing, all set to be blasted to kingdom come, but you actually took time to listen to each song and dissect what you were seeing and hearing. Turns out it wasn't all bad. In fact you seem to have found quite a few things to like, even the antics of Maria Brink, a girl who actually does have to take her clothes off to have a good time. :) (By the way, Maria had Christmas dinner with mama and me and mama likes her, too! :)

      As I explained to Sherry, there is musicianship and virtuosity here. There is artistry. There is passion and pain, sin and salvation. It's theater. It's opera. It's Alice Cooper's shtick updated for the new millennium. Thank you very much for acknowledging that.

      You are a great friend, Chris, and I thank you again for manning the mosh pit at my first annual New Year's Rockin' Eve in the Shady. I have a new post coming this Friday, New Year's Day, and I look forward to keeping you entertained in the coming year.

      Happy New Year, good buddy!

    4. I should make up a generic "blast to kingdom come" comment to insert in randomly, just for fun...

    5. Does Scrappy know how to use the keyboard? :)

  4. Well, that version of Angel Eyes is nothing like the Jim Brickman version I so like. That was a serious dosage of heavy metal! I think I need to go detox and listen to some calming Debussy (classical piano music);-)

    I wish you a wonderful 2016! I have so enjoyed getting to know you these past few months! Thank you for your friendship!

    1. Hi, Sherry!

      Thank you very much for coming by, dear friend!

      It's official. I played the gentle Jim Brickman piano melody on YouTube and have confirmed that it is not... repeat NOT the same as my New Years Day toe-tapper. :) Both are different from the hit "Angeleyes" by ABBA. :)

      You might call posts like this one "Shady's Stretch Class" because I think it does us all good to expand our horizons occasionally. For example, I enjoy listening to classical music, a genre that Mrs. Shady introduced me to some 20 years ago. She loves classical music and Impressionist art and she also loves hard rock and heavy metal. I love all of those things, too, largely because she exposed me to them and urged me to try them. I'm glad I did! Although I can't imagine you ever becoming a head-banger, I think an accomplished musician like you should be able to appreciate the virtuosity present in today's rock and metal recordings. It isn't just noise - it's artistry.

      Thank you again for your ongoing friendship and support, dear Sherry. It took us four years to get together and I'm so glad we made it. I thoroughly enjoy reading your family anecdotes. I wish you and your family a happy new year and I hope to continue to grow this wonderful friendship of ours in 2016.

      (P.S. - Please play my Barking Dogs "Jingle Bells" video for Shultz! :)

    2. Hi Shady. Thanks for the tip on beating the Google Gremlins. My latest post appears on your blog roll now.

      You are right. I will probably never be a head banger. But I can appreciate their artistry. I actually think heavy metal music is far more complex than the pop music you hear on the radio these days - simple I, IV, V chord progressions. I think heavy metal is interesting in that respect.

      As soon as I heard the Barking Dogs, I thought of Schultz. When he awakes from his nap, I will be sure to play it for him.

      I wish you and Mrs. Shady a very Happy New Year!

    3. Ha! Let me know how Schultz reacts to "Jingle Bells." I can't wait to find out. We used to play that song for our Toto but she didn't react to it. We couldn't get her to watch TV either, even when dogs were on the screen.

      Thank you for acknowledging the technical excellence that goes into many of these recordings, especially in the "prog metal" and "Djent" categories.

      I'm glad you followed my tip and got your post in the reader. I have needed to do that UPDATE thing on my last four posts in a row!

      Thanks again for your visit and comments, sweet friend Sherry!

    4. Schultz was entertained by the barking dogs. He sat very still, cocked his big German Shepherd head to the side, and listened intently. When it was finished, he wagged his tail and sauntered off.

    5. Hi, Sherry!

      That's great! I think they used the barks of large breed canines on that recording. They must have resonated with Schultz. They were speaking his language. :)

      I love your visits, kind friend, and appreciate this wonderful friendship of ours that was four years in the making.

      Happy New Year, Sherry!

  5. Hi Shady,
    Am I "sick like you (me)" Yeah! I guess I am because I did like these songs! The scariest thing in the vids was the butt crack! LOL! I like the aggression, don't get me wrong, I couldn't have a steady diet of these songs but, throw 'em into the mix and I could jam to them! My fav, A M E R I C A !
    Can't forget Clea's remake, (knew it well) I like how the girls changed it up a bit! Thanks for enlightening different music styles/genres. Ya never know what to expect on this blog! Happy New Year to Ya!
    Toni Deroche

    1. Hi, Toni!

      Thank you very much for dropping in, dear friend!

      It's good to know that you are "sick like me." :) I'll have to go searching for that butt crack. Which video was it in? :)

      It's so cool that readers are picking different songs as their favorites - the barking dogs, New Years Day, ITM and MIW. Take it from me, these tunes are great motivational tools that spur you on to better exercise sessions. ("Jingle Bells" - not so much :)

      I am astounded that you actually remember the Brit girl trio Clea. I never heard of them before discovering this cool cover on YouTube in recent months.

      I am delighted that you liked so many aspects of the post, dear friend Toni. Thanks for keeping open ears and an open mind. Thank you again for your comment and happy new year to you!

  6. Wonderful song selections, Shady! I never heard of Clea and I loved their style. I am going to go to iTunes and hear more. The other groups are great too. I just love me some heavy metal. :D

    Happy New Year, dear friend!

    1. Hi, Jessica Marie!

      Thank you for dropping in for a dose of Brit girl pop and a heaping helping of goth industrial metal, dear friend.

      Although I captioned the Clea number as a "token vanilla video," I really do enjoy watching it. Do you remember the late great Jermaine Stewart's electrifying original? I'm happy to know you also dug the rest of the tuneage in my final post of 2015.

      Thank you again for stopping in, dear friend Jessica Marie. I wish you and your family a happy and prosperous new year!

    2. I do! Those type of videos characterize my freshman year of high school well (I was in 9th grade from 2004-2005) because I watched that genre all the dang time! Good memories, indeed. :D

    3. Hi again, Jessica Marie!

      It always pleases me to read personal anecdotes as they relate to the material presented in the post. I am very thankful to have you here because you seem to be one of the few readers who already enjoys the more modern sounds I am featuring. Your rock reinforcement will come in handy and be greatly appreciated in the coming year.

      Happy New Year to you, to your parents, your kitty and all your other family members, dear friend Jessica!

  7. I am one who prefers the dogs..Yup I went to the dogs. Even though I can't stand this heavy metal music, I can appreciate the originality-I did listen to each one but not all the way through....sorry. They do bring their own originality and mark on the songs plus with the videos. I appreciate this much better than hip hop crap or the decaying teeth sweet crap of Justin Bieberhead (as my hubby calls him). I have been MIA due to Christmas but hope to get back in the saddle once again:) I hope you had a lovely Christmas and a wonderful and healthy New Year. Right now it is horrible outside-freezing rain!

    1. Hi, dear Birgit!

      Thank you very much for dropping in this evening. Your comment is excellent as usual, dear friend. Gee, for someone who can't stand heavy metal you managed to say some positive things about it. :) It's good to know there are styles of music you like less than metal. I want you to know that I appreciate the words you chose and the time commitment required for you to watch all of the vids most of the way through in order to render an opinion. I could ask no more of a great friend.

      Yessum, I did have a lovely Christmas, Birgit, and I hope you did as well. I also wish you and your family a happy and healthy new year. It will be my pleasure to welcome you back for another year of fun here at SDMM. Thanks, again, dear friend BB!

  8. When it comes to this genre of music, I'm verrrry selective. A lot of it is just too guttural for me, to be honest. However, I did like "Angel Eyes" and "Sick Like Me." I've also been known to listen to H.I.M. on occasion.

    Hope you had a good Christmas and happy new year!

    1. Hi, Ashton!

      Thank you very much for coming, dear friend!

      I'm pleased to know that a couple of these selections resonated with you. You might wonder how I developed a liking for this stuff. A few years ago I started getting into Scandinavian glam and sleaze metal bands that are pay tribute to the Sunset Strip sound of 1980s/90s hair bands like Motley Crue. From there I got into female-fronted Gothic symphonic metal bands based in Europe, then bounced back across the pond to U.S. metal acts like MIW AND ITM.

      Thanks again for coming, dear friend Ashton. I wish you, your little girl and the rest of your family a very happy new year. Let's stick together in 2016, okay?

  9. ...premarital hand holding...OMG HAHAHA. (that one got to me)
    AND OH MY GOODNESS SHADY: that barking dogs Jingle Bells is one of the coolest things ever!! It not only made me outwardly smile but also inwardly laugh.
    It struck me as interesting and i enjoyed the way that New Years Day's Angel Eyes duet style traded off lead singing!
    Hope that you and yours had a wonderful wonderful Christmas season and that the joy will overflow into the new year!
    -A and D

    1. Hi, dear Abigail! Hi, dear Daisy!

      Thank you both for coming by to experience my last post of 2015. You always seem to get a kick out of my humor. I love to make you smile and laugh. I'm surprised you never heard that "Jingle Bells" barking dogs recording before. I remember listening to it when I was in my teens or 20s. I'm happy to know that you enjoyed guest vocalist Chris Motionless in that song and video by New Years Day. Maria Brink of In This Moment has also been a guest vocalist on albums produced by Motionless in White, Halestorm, Papa Roach, Five Finger Death Punch and other modern metal bands.

      Thank you again for your faithful friendship again this year, dear friend Agibail. Happy new year to you, to sweet little Daisy and to your whole family!

  10. You know me well enough by now to know this style of music isn't my cup of tea but hey, I hope you know that I enjoy your posts enough to give it a go! Weirdly fun...dogs and all! I'm a bit of a fan of paranormal shows and I'm sure doing that shoot would bring out any souls dying to rock out! I hope you had a wonderful Christmas and enjoy celebrating the end of 2015...can't believe how fast it went and best of everything to you and Mrs. Shady in 2016..especially good health and happiness and music posts! You Rock!

    1. Hi, dear YaYa!

      Thank you very much for swinging in for a visit as I close out another calendar year of blogging with my first annual New Year's Rockin' Eve in the Shady.

      Yessum, I am well aware that "Shady's Stretch Class" requires you to push beyond your comfort zone and experience the sounds of the current rock/metal scene, not only here in the U.S. but around the world. It's an educational experience for you and for me, because every single act presented in this post (with the exception of the barking dogs) is new to me as well (since 2013).

      You have lots of class, YaYa, and I thank you for being here for me and remaining a faithful follower year in and year out regardless of the content. I am very grateful to have you as one of my best friends ever and delighted to welcome you back here for more music, memories and fun in 2016.

      Happy new year to you, to Jack, to your mother, Chubbs, Eddy, your sons, your grandkiddos and all the other members of your family!

      God bless, Kathleen!

  11. Hi Shady, I hope your Christmas was wonderful and you have a good New Year. Well, I liked the dogs and Clea was cute. I liked the message of their song. LOL I started each of the songs, but didn't like the bareness of the clothes or the music. Sorry.

    1. Hi, dear Belle!

      Thank you very much for making time for a visit tonight, dear friend!

      Yessum, we had a great Christmas, most of it spent with our 7 month old grandson. It was wonderful to watch him experiencing his first Christmas.

      I'm glad you enjoyed the first two videos and I sincerely thank you for at least giving the others a try. I'm sorry you don't care for the costumes or the style of music but again, I thank you for at least sampling each one. That's all I can ask of you. When I watch those last four videos it strikes me that the costuming and choreography aren't that different from mainstream modern dance routines that I have seen. They are also similar to opera and similar to ballet in which the dancers are practically nude. In recent years I have cultivated a taste for this edgy type of artistic expression. It took me many years to set aside my Dell oldies and give more modern material a try. Some of it was an acquired taste but I'm glad that I investigated because I have found many new favorites among millennial bands and their recordings.

      In the months and years to come I will continue to introduce new music to you, some of it hard and heavy, but the vast majority of it will continue to be the bread and butter of SDMM - music of the 50s through 70s - the songs that formed the soundtrack of my youth.

      Thank you again for being here for me as I close out another year, dear friend Belle. I invite you to join me in 2016 as I continue my journey and practice the art of blogging.

      Happy new year and God bless, Belle!

    2. Overnight I had another thought that I'd like to share, Belle. Most of the modern metal that I present, the recordings I like best, share a similar song structure. At the beginning of a recording these bands usually hit you with a shock wave. If you hang on and listen long enough you come to a breakdown, a dramatic shift in style. The screamo subsides and the emo begins. At that point you are treated to melodic, clean vocals. Motionless in White, In This Moment, Deadlock and many other bands use this structure. Therefore, if you only listen to the first few seconds of a piece and bail out, you are missing the core of the song, the beautiful melody and poetic lyrics. For example, "Sick Like Me" is a tender love song cloaked in heavy metal armor. If Mariah Carey sang those same lyrics over a standard hip hop arrangement, she'd have another mainstream million seller. If you abort the ITM recording too soon you will miss that melodic, emotion charged section and form an incomplete impression of the piece. Likewise, if somebody stumbled upon SDMM for the first time this week and read this post and nothing else that I have offered throughout the year, they might incorrectly conclude that this is a heavy metal blog. In reality, metal makes up less than 10% of my total yearly output. That's why I urge all of my readers to listen long enough to hear the various facets of a recording before drawing a conclusion.

      Thank you again for helping me ring out the old and ring in the new. I'll be back Friday with a post for New Year's Day. God bless, Belle!

  12. Hi Shady, I will try moving forward through those songs and try to see what you mean. See you Friday.

    1. Thanks, Belle! I look forward to connecting with you again Friday and throughout the coming year.

      God bless you!

  13. In order to be fair about this, we need meowing cats next year:)

    1. Maybe I can find a video of cats HISSING "Jingle Bells." :)

      Thanks, Sandra!

  14. I tried Shady, I really did. But I just can't get into that metal stuff. I liked Clea for sure so that was a nice touch. Thanks for that! :) The metal stuff just grates on my nerves. I think it's very neat that they shot a music video in a place that has been known to have paranormal activity. That music was sure to wake the dead, of that I have no doubt. :)
    Happy New Year Shady! Thanks for rockin' us all year long. We'll all look forward to your informative posts in the coming year!

    Michele at Angels Bark

    1. Hi, Michele!

      Thank you very much for coming by and spreading New Year cheer!

      Your comment regarding these metal nuggets does not surprise me because you have expressed a dislike for this type of material on previous posts. Maybe metal is mostly a guy thing, but I know there are millions of female fans, too. I just want to make sure you and other readers are listening long enough to get to the melodic clean vocals in the middle of the recordings. Otherwise you might not be getting the complete picture. If you did listen to the clean vocals and still don't like what you heard, then fair enough.

      These recordings are the kind I currently like best - a mix of harsh and clean vocals accompanied by a technically proficient band. The videos are imaginative and edgy. Keep in mind that the recordings offered here are nowhere near the extreme fringes of today's metal. Much of what is out there now is ALL screams and death growls - no clean vocals - with blistering guitar and drum work - very brutal. Even I have turned away from some of the more extreme forms of metal. My point is that everything is relative. Motionless in White, New Years Day and In This Moment are criticized by some metal fans as being too tame and commercial. Indeed many of their singles and albums are played in dance clubs and climb high on the rock music charts.

      You are quite a few years younger than Shady. A few years ago, I stopped listening to music for relaxation and started listening to music that motivates me to exercise regularly and keep fit. I soon discovered that my soothing doo-wop oldies weren't getting the job done. To combat the aging process I found that I needed to fight fire with fire and that's where hard rock and metal comes in. Think of it as the drill sergeant at a military boot camp. He screams at new recruits for a reason - to motivate them, to instill discipline. When you get to be my age you will find that it takes a greater effort every passing year to stay in shape. With this type of music playing loudly in my ears, I am spurred on to better, more vigorous workouts. These tunes are my fountain of youth!

      When I was your age, if someone had told me that I would be listening to and loving this style of music, I would have told them they are crazy. :) We never know for sure where our journey will take us. A year from now I might be back to listening to nothing but 50s music to the exclusion of everything else. :)

      Anyway, thank you very much for showing up for me, for letting me know that you gave all of these selections a legitimate try and for writing a quality comment. That's all I could ask of a great friend and you are one, Michele. I'll be back Friday, New Year's Day, and I look forward to entertaining you throughout 2016.

      Happy New Year, dear friend Michele!

    2. Wow Shady, that's really interesting about how you came to enjoy the metal stuff. I can see where it would spur one on to work out harder. I can definitely see that. Then I'll have to say it's good for one thing... :) (jk)
      I'm glad you found your fountain of youth. I have yet to find mine... :)
      And you're so right: we never do know quite where our journeys will take us. Glad to be on this blogging journey with you, my friend!
      Take care and have a blessed New Year! XOXO

    3. Thank you, dear Michele! I am eager to follow your journey through the coming year and appreciate having you along for the ride here at SDMM.

      Stay safe and happy new year to you!

  15. Hope you and Mrs. Shady have a 'groovy' New Years Eve. Don't party too hard now:)

    1. I promise not to do anything you wouldn't do, Sandra. :) Have a safe and happy one, dear friend!

  16. Let's make it a nice even 50 comments, Shady.

    Happy New Year from Sharona, Natalie and me!

  17. Oh dear. I saw "Mama Mia," and thought Abba. I'm getting old, Shady!

    Happy sweet 2016!

    1. Hi, dear Dixie!

      Looks like my word play reeled you in. :) I hope you weren't too disappointed when you examined the content. We're all getting old but my mission is to help keep us young by intrroducing a wide variety of music including modern rock and metal. I hope you enjoyed some of these toe-tappers.

      Thanks for coming, dear friend Dixie, and happy new year to you!

  18. You are living up to your mission! Always a variety at your blog!


You talkin' to me?