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"More than a place, the Shady Dell was and will forever remain a state of mind." - Shady Del Knight

"More than a place, the Shady Dell was and will forever remain a state of mind." - Shady Del Knight

Monday, October 12, 2015

Scream4Vengeance as Classic Jurassic Hard Rock and Heavy Metal Rear Their Hairy Heads! (Battle of the Banned)

Welcome to


It's another episode of

Battle of the Banned
the series that dares to be different!

In today's contest, a heavy metal tribute artist that
I discovered on YouTube competes against himself,
performing covers of songs made famous by two
of my favorite hard rock acts. His name is Jean-
Christophe Duvivier and he fronts a band called
Scream4vengeance. Both originals are posted
along with the covers by Jean-Christophe and
his men. Your job is to tell me which of J-C's
cover performances you like better.

Jean-Christophe is turning blue in the
green room, waiting for his chance to
bust loose and Scream4vengeance.

It's time to put the Banned-Aid

on this gaping wound and

let you pick the ghoulest tune!


The year was 1986. I was lucky enough to be "working"
at a television station modeled after MTV. I put the
word in quotes because it was more like play than
 work. We hired a staff of veejays to host shows
in various day parts. Late nights were reserved
for hard rock and heavy metal and on Friday
and Saturday nights we put on a bash that
mimicked (and rivaled) Headbangers Ball.

That year, two Pennsylvania bands toured together -
Mechanicsburg based glam metal rockers Poison and
Philadelphia area glam metal rockers Cinderella.
Both bands came to our studios for interviews.
Cinderella, led by gravel voiced Tom Keifer,
scored a triple platinum album with their debut
Night Songs. "Nobody's Fool," the second single
released from the album, was a mainstream hit,
making a convincing run at the Billboard top 10.
The power ballad was accompanied by one of
the greatest MTV videos of the 80s.

 "Nobody's Fool" - Cinderella 
 (February 1987, highest chart position #13) 

Cinderella is not eligible.
Do not vote for her them...or else!




Now hold onto your hat as you witness the cover
of "Nobody's Fool" performed by tribute artist
Jean-Christophe Duvivier and his band

 "Nobody's Fool" - Cover by 
 Jean-Christophe Duvivier/Scream4vengeance 


"Live Wire" is a track from High Voltage, the first
internationally released studio album by the Australian
hard rock band AC/DC. Most of the songs on the album
were written by the Scottish born Aussie band members
Angus Young, Malcolm Young and Bon Scott. If you
are like me, listening to an AC/DC album gets your
blood pumping and your feet stomping, but the
excitement is multiplied at their live shows.
Watch this video of the band playing a gig
in Paris in 1979 performing "Live Wire."

 "Live Wire" - AC/DC (Live in Pavillion de Paris 
 Dec 9th 1979, track from 1976 album High Voltage

AC/DC is not eligible.
Do not vote for them...or else!




Now check out the power packed cover performed
by our featured BOTB artists, Jean-Christophe
Duvivier and his band Scream4vengeance.

 "Live Wire" - Cover by 
 Jean-Christophe Duvivier @ Scream4vengeance 

Okay, it's time for you to vote.

Keep in mind that you may not vote for

for Cinderella or AC/DC in this battle.

Scream4vengeance covered two 

rock classics.  Which of their cover

performances did you like more,

"Nobody's Fool" or "Live Wire"?

You are voting only for your

favorite Scream4vengeance

cover, not your favorite original.


"Hello, Aunt Alicia," my rear end! I'm diggin' Motley Crue!

(above) Bub, introduced in George A. Romero's
Day of the Dead (1985), is a new breed of zombie.
Bub thinks. He reads books. He listens to cool tuneage.
As founder of the IZSG, Insecure Zombie's Support Group,
Bub reminds you to visit our friend and partner in grime

and vote in his

Battle of the Banned!

Stay tuned for my follow-up post 7 days from now
in which I will cast my vote, count the ballots
(including hanging chad and dimpled chad)
and announce the winner.

Have a Shady day!


  1. That one is difficult! They covered Nobody's Fool very well. I'd dare say nearly perfect. Live Wire is not one of my favorite AC/DC songs. However, since his voice is smoother, the overall result is better than the original.
    So, while Nobody's Fool is the better song of the two, my vote goes to Live Wire for improving on the original.

    1. Hi, Alex! Welcome to another round of the Banned Battle, good buddy. I'm glad you enjoyed J-C and the Sunshine Band. (LOL) Those guys shocked me with the high quality of these two covers, both the singing and the musicianship. The first vote in the contest goes to "Live Wire" and I thank you for participating, good buddy. Have a great week!

  2. I like Cinderella and Poison, but I never knew they were from Pennsylvania! Who would have thought?! Haha. Motley Crue was the first concert I ever went to at the age of 16. They were performing at the Allentown Fair and I said to my parents, "I want to go!" and mom bought the tickets. It was great! Hair metal is fun. :)

    Shady, I like the cover of Nobody's Fool the best. Scream4vegence is amazing - I will either have to buy their songs from Amazon/iTunes or check out their albums. Thank you for sharing these.

    Have a great day dear friend!

    1. Hi, Jessica Marie! Zombie Bub says happy Monday to you, dear friend! :) Yessum, the Cinderella band is based in the Philadelphia area. Maybe you can get to one of their local shows. Thanks for sharing the anecdote about your first heavy metal concert experience. Around the time Motley Crue and other hair metal bands were at their peak I moved away from Penna. I wonder how many rock and metal acts appeared at the York Fair during the 80s and 90s. Maybe one of my York followers can tell us.

      I'm glad you enjoyed J-C. I like the fact that he doesn't just do it karaoke style. He really gets into the songs and performs them authentically... with feeling.

      I will enter your vote for "Nobody's Fool." Looks like we have a tie for the first time in a long time. Thank you very much for your visit and vote, dear friend JM, and have a wonderful week!

  3. If I can't understand the words to a song, then the music better have a lot going for it. The original versions of Nobody's Fool and Live Wire do have a lot going for them and I enjoy them both. That makes the decision more difficult. I appreciate the fact that I can better understand the words to both songs on the Scream 4 Vengeance covers. Jean does an equally great job on both. AC/DC is more my kind of music so I guess i will vote for the Live Wire cover.

    1. Hi, dear Kathryn! It's fascinating that you can understand the lyrics of both songs in the versions sung by J-C with his French accent. :) I suppose today's technology enables a cleaner sound than the recordings of the 70s and 80s featured in this battle. Let's remember, however, that on many recordings a dense wall-of-sound production is the desired goal and the lead singer's vocals are buried in the mix. I am delighted to know that you like both originals and both covers in this contest. I figured you might like the blues rock style of AC/DC a bit more than the glam power ballad by Cinderella. I will enter you vote for "Live Wire." Thank you very much for participating, Kathryn!

  4. Dearest Shady,

    I must admit that I am totally unfamiliar with the music you are sharing here. I will go with the cover of Nobody's Fool.

    1. Hi, dear Linda! Thank you very much for coming, dear friend! It's actually a very good thing that you are totally unfamiliar with the music I am sharing. We are all here to learn and to teach one another. I'm happy to know I was able to introduce classic rock nuggets that are new and fresh to you. I will record your vote for "Nobody's Fool." Once again, we have a tie! Thank you very much for playing, dear friend Linda!

  5. What a cool job to have working at an MTV-like TV station! Fun!! I thought I had a cool job working at a classic rock radio station but yours sounds like a ton of fun!
    My vote is going to Jean Christophe's version of Nobody's Fool. He was great at both covers for sure but I liked Scream4Vengence's Nobody's Fool better.
    Have a great week Shady!
    Michele at Angels Bark

    1. Hi, dear Michele! Thanks for hustling over to participate in this week's BOTB. Yessum, it was a cool job, one that brought me in contact with a cavalcade of rock stars, famous singers and musicians of other music genres, models, Playboy playmates and even motivational seminar trainers who inspired me to walk barefoot on fire. It was an exciting and fun-filled chapter of my life.

      I'm glad you enjoyed this battle which featured Scream4Vengeance covering the hits of the classic rock bands Cinderella and AC/DC. Your vote for the "Nobody's Fool" cover is noted and will show up in the final tally one week from today. I hope to see you then, dear friend Michele!

    2. I've had the opportunity to walk on fire but opted not to! I didn't trust the process to not get burned. I'm a big chicken!

    3. I performed the firewalk five times in NLP seminars in Florida and Texas. It's okay to be a big chicken, Michele. Anyone would be scared to take on such a challenge. The idea is to make it okay to be afraid and then motivate yourself to go ahead and do it anyway. The firewalk is a metaphor with many applications in life.

      "Turning fear into power."

  6. I want the pink Barbie car with the polka dots. I can't decide on Battle of the Banned because I don't think it's supposed to take place for a few more days. I am confoosed. I will be back when I wake up.


    1. Hi, dear Janie! That's one vote for the pink polka dot Barbiemobile! :) I think you'd look cute behind the wheel, Janie Junebug.

      No, dear friend. (Shady laughs to himself) You must have Battle of the Banned confused with Battle of the Bands. They are both great programs with proud traditions and fine members but they are quite different, I assure you. You see, Janie, Banned Battles are scheduled on dates other than the 1st and 15th of the month. That is done on purpose so as not to interfere, conflict or compete with Battle of the Bands (a completely different program with a proud tradition and fine members). Banned Battles have fewer rules. (In fact the only rule is to play nice and have fun.) Artists can compete with versions of the same song or two different songs. As you can see in today's post, an artist may even compete against himself performing two different songs. Kid tested - mother approved, Battle of the Banned is fun for the whole family!

      I look forward to your return and your vote when you are fully awake, dear friend.

  7. Kathleen Mae SchneiderOctober 12, 2015 at 8:45 AM

    I woke up this morning feeling kind of sluggish and "down", wondering how to get enough energy for a day of cleaning and housework, a doctor appointment and prepping for my caregiving shift in York tomorrow.

    Well,Tom, you took care of THAT with this post! I turned up the volume and it was like a shot in the arm. My piano teacher must be spinning in her grave to hear me say this, but I love this music!

    First off, your featured artist's name was a giveaway in a sense. I know enough French to know that anything with "vive" in it means alive, active, and animated, as in "brought to life". Think "Vive la differénce", or the root word for "vivid" and "vivacious". Christophe means "Christ-bearer" and is the French spelling of my son's name. So even before I listened to the positively electric songs, I was hooked.

    The melody and harmonies of "Nobody's Fool" reminds me somewhat of that Gothic music that you introduced to Bob and me previously. Although the Cinderella video clips played up in the corner of the screen next to him, I enjoyed seeing and hearing just Jean-Christophe's expressive rendition.

    For someone as ADD as myself, it allows me to focus more on the music and less on all the stage antics of the original. (The gals with the clocks on their heads in the Cinderella video kind of confused me anyway, and I was afraid the guy with the Bermuda shorts in the AC/DC video was surely going to trip over his cord at some point, giving new meaning to "live wire"!)

    However, I REALLY love Scream 4 Vengeance's video of "Live Wire"! Showing the excellent guitar work closeup appeals to my former musician self, and while all the performers are great, that one older guy in the plaid shirt is a fantastic guitarist!

    While I enjoy the sounds of the song without having a reason really, I think the whole production of the video is superior quality in timing, atmospheric effects, i.e., fire and laser shots.

    Of course I'm a little embarrassed to admit it, but it also gets my vote for a purely non musical reason: It had animals in it. (..and I'm not referring to members of the band either.��). Could we assume the kangaroos had something to do with the power outage, or was it really just the too-hard rocking? I guess since so many of the musicians are Australian it makes sense to include their national animal.

    Anyway, thanks Tom, for getting me off to an energetic start this morning. Who woulda thought this nearly 70-year-old, sleep-deprived gal could be found doing up the breakfast dishes and cleaning the bird's cage singing along to this positively high voltage music in the background?

    I can't wait to share this post with Bob when he gets back from golf later today. I know he will love it. He plays guitar and will even more appreciate the technique involved so he will be able to make much more informed comments about the music than I.

    Rest in peace, Miss Lenhart! (My classical-minded piano teacher who thought "South Pacific" was a musical travesty)

    Hope the rest of your week is like this post - dynamic and full of energy!

    1. Hi, dear Kathleen! I am delighted to see you over here today. What a pleasant surprise! I am also surprised that I was able to get you hooked on the guilty pleasures of hard rock and Gothic metal. Thanks for coming out of the closet and admitting that you enjoy it. Seems like far too many folks our age dismiss harder and heavier music without giving it much of a chance. I love open minded people like you.

      Shady says, "Rock will keep you young... Angus Young!"

      I don't understand why the daffy debutantes in the Cinderella video had clocks on their heads. Must be a groupie thing. I think they were supposed to be the evil step sisters in the Cinderella folk tale. Maybe the clocks on their heads were there to remind Cinderella that her party's over when the clock strikes 12. Yes? No? Maybe?

      I believe the footage of the hopping roo was inserted in S-4-V's "Live Wire" video as a nod to the Australian origin of AC/DC.

      I hope Bob takes time to comment on the post and vote in the battle. As you know, a great deal is riding on the outcome of this battle. Our great nation's future is at stake and every vote counts. Please go up and down your street and knock on neighbors' doors and get them out to the polls, rain or shine!

      Shady says, "You have a right to vote - use it or lose it."

      Thank you for dragging your sleep deprived self over here today, dear friend Kathleen. I really appreciate it! :) I will enter your vote for "Live Wire." Please come back next Monday to find out which tune won the battle.

      God bless!

  8. Kathleen Mae SchneiderOctober 12, 2015 at 8:51 AM

    P.S. Don't get encouraged, Tom.... I STILL don't like Murderdolls!

    1. WOW - it impresses the stuffins out of me that you remember the horror-rock band Murderdolls. You have a great memory. I think their cover of "White Wedding" is a toe-tapper! :) They also do a great job with the ballad "Feelings... nothing more than feelings." (Kidding - do not try to Google it! :)

      Thanks again, dear friend Kathleen!

  9. I'm enjoying this metal showcase, Shady. :) Working at that music station must have been great fun. Sounds like the perfect job.

    Cinderella was never on my radar until I saw them live in 2010, opening for Scorpions. They rocked the house and I was especially entertained by guitarist Jeff LaBar's antics - and he was bare-chested the whole time! ☺ I researched the band after that and became a fan. Tom Kiefer sure has some powerful pipes, especially considering his previous vocal chord paralysis and multiple surgeries. Jean-Christophe does a credible version of Nobody's Fool; sounds quite similar to the original.

    What can you say about AC/DC? The "Thunder from Down Under" certainly lives up to the name. Bon Scott's vocals (may he R.I.P.) are far superior to Brian Johnson's shouting, IMO, but I still love the music, regardless. "Live Wire" had me rockin' and, although I was momentarily jarred when they stopped the music, this one gets my vote. \m/ Rock on!

    1. Hey hey hey, Debbie the Doglady! Thanks for attending this weeks Banned Battle bash! No girly voices this time, kiddo! (May I call you kiddo? :) It is a great comeback story about Keifer. Imagine losing your voice at the peak of your career as a rock star. I get chills and fever every time I watch AC/DC and see Angus in his schoolboy garb performing Chuck Berry's duckwalk across the stage. Now that's entertainment, folks!

      I'm glad you had some fun today, dear friend Debbie, and I will register another vote for the "Live Wire" cover. Thank you once again and have a great week!

    2. Nope, no "girly" voices, just hairdos. LOL
      Angus is awesome, for sure!
      My next BOTB will be pretty hardcore as well. Good stuff!

    3. I'm there, dude! Oops, I can't call you "dude." :) Thanks again for participating in my battles, dear friend Debbie!

  10. I've never been much into the big hair glam rock scene and AC/DC is a group that I find particularly abhorrent though mostly for personal reasons I won't discuss here.

    Despite my taste regarding the original artists I will say that the cover band does both songs well. Not the artists fault, but mostly the song itself, I started getting bored with "Nobody's Fool". On the other hand, "Live Wire" was a pretty exciting performance. More neat stuff happening.

    I vote for "Live Wire".

    Arlee Bird
    A to Z Challenge Co-host
    Tossing It Out

    1. Hi, Lee! Thanks for responding to my R.S.V.P. and joining the fun at my latest BOTB party. You aroused my curiosity with the statement that you find AC/DC abhorrent, but I won't pry. I'm happy to know you enjoyed this YouTube based cover band called Scream4Vengeance and agree they performed worthy renditions of both rock classics. Your vote for "Live Wire" is noted and will be counted. Look for the results post one week from today.

      Thanks again for coming, good buddy Lee, and have a great week!

  11. Hi Shady!
    I really miss those hair bands/ glam rockers! Two of the members of Poison ( Brett & Ricky Rocket) dated 2 of my friends. I am just a town away from where they hailed.
    I still like to head bang! I could bang more to "live wire" but, I could still do a slower nod to "nobody's fool" . LOL!--which is MY pick. I remember Cinderella's MTV video's so well (also loved, "don't know what you got till it's gone") Jean-Christophe Duivivier did a wonderful job covering both! He nailed those screaming high notes!
    I must admit my fav pretty boy band was Bon Jovi! I was lucky enough to see them many times!
    Thanks Shady, for this Halloween treat!!!
    Toni Deroche

    1. Hi, dear Toni! How are you doing? Thank you very much for coming by to make your vote count in this all important contest, the first of two "Heavy Halloween" Battles of the Banned.

      I have vivid memories of Bret Michaels, Rikki Rockett, Bobby Dall and C.C. DeVille goofing and lounging around on a sofa in the studio of our television station, resting between videotaping sessions. We taped interviews with them and with the members of Cinderella and the interview segments were broadcast on our late night hard rock/heavy metal program. We also took a video crew out to the St. Pete venue where they were performing. It was a wild scene, let me tell you!

      It's funny. Bands like Ratt, Poison, (rat poison, get it?) Cinderella, Van Halen, Winger, Dokken, Bon Jovi, etc. were considered so rad and bad back in the day, but compared to today's rock and metal scene, their music is very tame and comes across as pop. I'm not putting it down by any means because I still love this stuff. It's just that times have changed and music continues to get more extreme with every passing year.

      Remember Jon Bon Jovi on Ally McBeal?

      I'm glad you agree me about with J-C's greatness. He doesn't do a parody. He takes the music seriously as if it's his own and he does hit those screaming high notes, especially on "Nobody's Fool" in which he is forced to keep up with Keifer.

      I will record your vote for "Nobody's Fool," dear friend Toni. Thank you again for your visit, your comment and your vote!

  12. "Nobody's Fool" for me, dear Shady! But now I've a case of AC/DC on the brain! And speaking of them, the song "Back in Black" exploded on the scene of the Father/Daughter dance at my daughter's wedding - right after "I loved her first" as my husband made a hasty escape from the dance floor!

    1. Hi, dear Diedre! Thank you very much for coming to play some tunes and vote in my latest BOTB contest.

      I can imagine an AC/DC rock number suddenly clearing the room of one group of people at the wedding and instantly attracting a different group to the dance floor. I hope you don't mind having "Live Wire" stuck in your noggin' for a few hours. I've been playing the song in a loop in my own brain. I will add your vote for the "Nobody's Fool" cover to the official count and you can find out which song won by tuning in next Monday, the 19th.

      Thank you again for your cheery visit, comment and vote, dear friend Diedre. I wish you a wonderful week!

  13. Well, aren't you the tricky one! This requires some thought. I can listen to both and see the talent in the covers, but whoo-whee...I gotta give this a big ole' think.

    AC/DC might be mental legends in the minds of millions but I just think they are okay. Not really my cup of tea. I tend to lean toward the hits and ignore the rest of their catalog.

    Now, Cinderella - mental but with HAIR. I'm a normal (somewhat) girl from that era - it's all about the hair. I'm pretty fond of the glam stuff, too.

    But I must ignore these deep seated preferences to say which cover sounds best...

    I've gotta go with Nobody's Fool; it is nearly spot on to a tune I liked in the first place. J-C D is great at this, by the way.

    Thanks, Shadster!

    1. Howdy and hello, dear friend Cherdo! Welcome to another exciting round of Battle of the Banned. (Janie doesn't understand why I published my BOTB today. Would you please dial her up and give her a lesson in recent history? :)

      I'm surprised to see AC/DC getting a lukewarm reception from a few people today. I thought they were universally loved. It's nice to know that you fancy those long haired boy bands of the 80s. The Cinderella vid is one of my favorites from the MTV era and our station played it heavily. I agree that Jean-C nails his performance of "Nobody's Fool." I will add your vote for his Cinder-fella cover to the ballot box.

      Thank you very much for making time for me today, dear friend Cherdo. Tell Gonzo I'm thinking about him many times every day and praying for his complete recovery. Your family will have much for which to be thankful come Turkey Day, won't you?

      God bless!

    2. I sure hope we will! I keep telling him "after the holidays...after the holidays." He is following doc's orders to the letter and continues to improve, slowly. God bless!

    3. Slow improvement is better than no improvement. I know it must be very hard for a young man to put his life on hold for months to recuperate from an injury. I am happy to know that he isn't rushing things and is following the doctor's orders. I will continue to keep Gonzo in my prayers, dear friend.

  14. OH MY GOODNESS!!! One of the toughest battles I've encountered personally in a long time. I love both bands Cinderella and ACDC. Funny I had no idea anything good came from Mechanicsburg besides the old diners. I had to work there a few times on occasion and it was very uneventful. I would drive to Gettysburg or Harrisburg to have dinner or 'see the sights". I am an 80's girl all the way and hair glam makes me heart pitter patter. Jean does such a terrific job on both of these songs. Its so hard to decide. The kangaroo cracked me up in the video. So random! I think I will give my vote to Nobody's Fool because that's not an easy song to sing and he does it so well!!
    Thank you for introducing us to Jean C. I have also worked enough in Montreal, Canada to know immediately that he was French from his name. So good!!

    1. Hi, dear Holli! Thanks for popping over to cast your vote in my latest BOTB, dear friend! Wow, if you worked in Mechanicsburg and visited Harrisburg and G-burg, then we were practically neighbors (unless it was 1984 or later in which case I had already moved to Florida).

      It pleases me greatly to be able to present a BOTB match-up that makes the voting decision tough for you. I think that's every blogger host's goal. I'm thrilled to know you agree that my featured artist Jean-C and his band Scream4Vengeance did a fine job on both covers. I will mark you down as having voted for "Nobody's Fool" and I invite you back here one week from today to find out which cover wins.

      Thanks a million for being a great friend, dear Holli, and enjoy the rest of your week!

  15. I will bloviate as I listen...

    I was never a big arena rocker back the day, but one of the songs that broke through the screams back then was Nobody's Fool. On the other hand, other than a brief Back In Black moment, I had little desire for AC/DC, and my associates- one set of brothers in particular- played them until the horse was dead, buried, rotted, and fossilized.

    And it doesn't help that Scrappy walked past and farted just as I cued up Live Wire- geez!

    Pre- vote: They do a better live wire than AC/DC- at least until they blew the fuse. I'd have to say I'll take the original on NF, but that's not the question, is it?

    If I had been so AC/DCd out over the years, I would vote differently. But as I cannot bring myself to do it, my vote goes to the Cinderella cover.

    (Of course, if your AC/DC experience was mainly in a home with a pit bull that didn't really like you and a dried dog turd or two in every room, you might vote Cinderella too.)

    1. Hi, Chris! Thanks for coming, good buddy! You did some industrial strength bloviating here. :) (Back in the day I used to binge and bloviate.) My goodness. You painted some vivid pictures, good buddy. It's gonna require the jaws of life to pry some of those images out of my head! (LOL)

      I am quite surprised by the AC/DC backlash going on here today. Are you naysayers gonna form a lynch mob or what? :) You gonna let Scrappy's gas bomb sway your vote? :)

      Well anyway, Chris, I hope you had fun with this because your comment had me laughing from start to finish. It's a classic - suitable for framing. Even though you are not completely sold on it, I will nevertheless record your vote for the "Nobody's Fool" cover. Come back and see me next Monday and witness democracy in action as I crack open the ballot box and read every single vote aloud individually. A great time is in store for one and all, I promise you. Thanks again for coming (and blovating all over the place) Chris and Scrappy! See you both soon!

  16. Banned Aid...heh heh.
    I'm going with Nobody's Fool.

    1. AOK, dear Sandra! I'll jot you down in the official balloting book as having voted for Jean-C's cover of "Nobody's Fool." Thank you very much for coming over and participating, dear Sandra!

  17. I vote for the pink pokadot car for the win !
    And I want one Now !
    Hard choice for me. Music was great on both.
    Never like men who have thicker more beautiful and longer hair than I do ! Bummer !
    So as it a hard music choice I go for the cover with some in shorter hair.
    How is that for a messed up vote !
    But no really.......
    Nobody's Fool was really great but one vote for Live Wire !

    cheers, parsnip

    1. Hi, dear Gayle! Thank you very much for coming over and participating in my latest Battle of the Banned.

      That pink polka dot car at the beginning of the Cinderella video is a nice director's touch, isn't it? As Wiki explains, "the music video continues the storyline from where the "Shake Me" video leaves off, following the Cinderella-like girl as she accompanies the band to their rehearsal space, with the wicked sisters in pursuit."

      LOL, I love your rationale. At this stage of the game I envy men who have any hair at all on their heads, thick or thin. You prefer the "Live Wire" cover and I will record your vote. Please check back next Monday for the results post.

      Thank you again, dear Gayle!

  18. I have to say I vote for Live Wire. The vocals were smoother and the whole sounds seemed better than the one who covered AC/DC.

    1. Hi, dear Birgit! Thank you very much for coming down to vote in the BOTB. I am a little confused by what you wrote here since "Live Wire" IS the song by AC/DC. Did you mean to write Cinderella there at the end? Your voting choices are the two covers by Jean-C's band Scream4Vengeance and I will assume that you liked their cover of "Live Wire" more. Please correct me if I misunderstood. The polls don't close until Sunday night and we have plenty of time to get this corrected if necessary.

      Thank you again, dear friend BB!

    2. OK that is what happens when i try to write when it is so late, my sleepy head with pain and general lack of memory brings this on. Yes you are right! I did not like AC/DC as much as Cinderella with "Nobody's Fool. Ughh forgive my brain

    3. Hi, dear Birgit! Thank you for returning to set the record straight. In light of this new info, I will change your vote. You are now saying that you favor Jean-C's cover of the power ballad "Nobody's Fool." Thank you again for letting me know. I hope to see you back here next Monday, dear friend BB!

  19. I prefer Nobody's Fool for two reasons. One, I think the room it was recorded in was better acoustically, and two, I felt it took much longer to get to the lyrics in the second song. Title one gets my vote.

    I also want to thank you for stopping by the blog my book was reviewed on and leaving that nice comment. You're a great guy!

    1. Hi, dear Sherry! Thank you for coming and for providing the rationale for your vote. I agree that the extended instrumental intro on "Live Wire" is a little long. I will add your vote for the cover of "Nobody's Fool" to the official count. Please try to check back next week beginning Monday when I will be posting the results of the vote.

      You are a great lady and a wonderful friend, Sherry, and it is always a pleasure to give well deserved encouragement and support to someone to you. :)

      Thanks again for coming out to play and enjoy the rest of your week, dear Sherry!

    2. Thanks, Shady. Enjoy your weekend!

  20. I was living with a part time country singer who had his own band throughout the 80s so I missed all this heavy metal stuff with the bouffant hair dos. Well, "missed" isn't quite the right word. Maybe "avoided" is a better choice--LOL! That said--I listened to them all. Because I could understand the words a little better with Screaming4vengence I liked him better than both the original bands and vastly preferred his version of Live Wire because it was quite less energetic, shall we say, than AC/DC (I think the little hopping man in the short's fly was open, BTW). But the question was which was the better cover? Difficult. Live Wire was more of an altered cover, but Nobody's Fool was a spot on tribute. I think I would have to vote for Nobody's Fool. Have a wonderful week, my friend. :)

    1. Hi, dear Rita! Thank you very much for attending the latest BOTB bash. I appreciate it! Hey, this was a great comment, too. I enjoyed following the deliberations that led to your vote. You wrote the same thing that Mrs. Shady wrote - that you could understand the words when Jean-C was singing the songs. Interesting! What??? You say Angus Young's fly was open as he did his Chuck Berry imitation? I'll have to check that out. (Well, on second thought, maybe not. :)

      Alright then, Rita, I've got you down for "Nobody's Fool." (Karma gets to vote, too, if she'd care to join the party. :)

      Thank you very much for sampling the songs and voicing your choice, dear friend Rita. The results post is coming next Monday and I hope to see you then!

    2. Unless Angus had a very long white zipper? I'm not sure what the 80s rock fashions were. ;)

    3. I think a lot of those rock stars wore codpieces on their breeches! :)

  21. Replies
    1. Hi, dear Jo-Anne! You remember the 80s hair bands and the rowdy rockin' AC/DC blokes? Thanks for the visit, my dear Australian friend. I hope your Wednesday's going well!

  22. Geez Shady, holy comments!
    I like the guitar in Live Wire, but the vocals in the first band....way up there. I forgot already!
    Nobody's Fool...that's it.

    1. Hi, dear Susie! Thanks for coming over to vote. Please correct me if I'm reading you wrong but it seems like you are voting for the cover of "Nobody's Fool," right?

      Thanks again for your visit, comment and vote, dear friend Susie!

  23. Hmmmm. I must begin, uh, by mentioning that I find, ah, Jean Christophe SMOKIN' HOT! I wanna grab that man by the hair and have my way with him, and my way is every way CENSORED CENSORED CENSORED AND CENSORED. I'm with Kathryn on enjoying the ability to understand the lyrics. They are quite clear. I wonder if because of his French language background, Jean Christophe tries extra HARD to make himself understood. *sigh* Oh, God, please let me wake up one morning to find that Willy Dunne Wooters is still a nice old man, but he looks like Jean Christophe. I would grab him by the hair and . . . I guess we've already been there. I'm not sure why, but Nobody's Fool just doesn't do it for me. I find it a bit dull. Then I listen to Live Wire with its HARD driving rhythm, and I wanna rock out like Wayne and Garth listening to Bohemian Rhapsody in their car. I picture myself dancing naked to this music as I dust the bookcases and put commas in their places and clean out the dirt that hides in small spaces. It's way cool, baby, and I'm a hip chick. I just plain like the sound. I vote for Live Wire because I do it my way. It begs me to escape from reality because I'm easy come, easy go, little high, little low. Let's not go to the hop. Let's take off for the rave. Where's the mosh pit? I'll clear it out because I'm a Riot Grrrrrrrrl. Although I won't change my vote, I want to listen again. I can't promise, but I might have more to say after I recover from looking at Jean Christophe.


    1. Hi, dear Janie Junebug!

      You wrote:

      << Hmmmm. I must begin, uh, by mentioning that I find, ah, Jean Christophe SMOKIN' HOT! I wanna grab that man by the hair and have my way with him, and my way is every way CENSORED CENSORED CENSORED AND CENSORED. >>

      I just checked the OBRB - the Official Blogging Rule Book - and it says you're not allowed to use the terms "SMOKIN' HOT" or "have my way with him." You may instead write things like "I find him attractive, in a Fabio Lanzoni sort of way" and "I'd like to engage in premarital hand holding with him."

      You wrote:

      << I picture myself dancing naked to this music as I dust the bookcases and put commas in their places and clean out the dirt that hides in small spaces. >>

      Church Lady: Well isn't that special? Getting in touch with all our tingly naughty parts, are we?

      You wrote:

      << I vote for Live Wire because I do it my way. It begs me to escape from reality because I'm easy come, easy go, little high, little low. Let's not go to the hop. Let's take off for the rave. Where's the mosh pit? I'll clear it out because I'm a Riot Grrrrrrrrl. >>

      Customer in restaurant: I'll have what she's having.

      Alrighty then, Janie Junebug. Seems like you are now fully awake and that you had yourself a real good time over here. I'm happy to know it. I will enter your vote for J-C's killer kover of "Live Wire." The results of the vote will be announced this coming Monday and I hope you will check back at that time or shortly thereafter.

      Thanks a bunch for the return visit and for this sensational comment, dear friend Janie! I need to hit the shower.

    2. I gave it more thought. All I have to say is that I miss the hot hair bands and their bad ass rhythms. Sometimes I miss the big hair I had during the eighties. Maybe I can schedule a perm . . .

    3. You made me laugh so hard that, although Franklin is in the backyard, he's barking at Mom. Maybe he's laughing at my cackle.

    4. I only hope that I didn't give you an attack of incontinence, dear Janie. If I did, then please accept my sincere and humble apology. :)

    5. Okay, I thought of something else I wanted to say, and it's gone. I'll be in touch if the train returns to the station.

    6. If you'll permit me, Janie, I think I know precisely what you wanted to say. You wanted to make the following eloquent assertion:

      "Disco will never be over. It will always live in our minds and hearts. Something like this, that was this big, and this important, and this great, will never die. Oh, for a few years - maybe many years - it'll be considered passé and ridiculous. It will be misrepresented and caricatured and sneered at, or - worse - completely ignored. People will laugh about John Travolta, Olivia Newton-John, white polyester suits and platform shoes and people going like *this*

      [Janie strikes disco pose]

      but we had nothing to do with those things and still loved disco. Those who didn't understand will never understand: disco was much more, and much better, than all that. Disco was too great, and too much fun, to be gone forever! It's got to come back someday. I just hope it will be in our own lifetimes."

      Am I right or am I right?

  24. Welllllllll.....I'm going to vote here because I believe in getting outside my box and learning and exploring...oh, let's get real here...I'm not a fan of heavy metal but after working for 15yrs with Dr. B who is my fav orthopedic surgeon who loved AC/DC and blasted it every Wednesday and Friday I should go for "Live Wire'". (I'm sure it was played during my bilateral knee replacement!) "Nobody's Fool" made me depressed. I don't know why, it just made me want to sit in the corner and cry. Plus everyone in the video looked like they needed a bath and a detox. That being said, I did enjoy Skippy and so my vote is definitely "Live Wire". I hope I didn't make you sad that I'm not a heavy metal kind of gal, and I hope I'll still be invited to your contests! I always learn something here! Have a good day! (I'm not depressed anymore!)

    1. Hi, dear YaYa! Thank you very much for coming over tonight. You know that you are always welcome here and I am always interested in your opinion even when it does not match mine. The only reason why I get a little sad is because I have so much I want to share with you and I wish you could experience the same joy that I do when I listen to the hard stuff. To me it's empowering and helps to strengthen me for the fight against aging. I always hold out hope that I can convert you into a lover of hard rock and heavy metal the same way I did with Kathleen Mae Schneider. (See her comment above.) I also need to warn you that I have another heavy metal BOTB coming up right after I post the results of this contest. After all, it's Heavy Halloween, and for a lot of us, heavy metal is the music of choice for this holiday. :)

      I will add another vote for Jean C's cover of "Live Wire" in your name, dear friend YaYa, and once again I thank you very much for playing along even though this isn't your favorite genre. You are a true friend and I cherish you! Enjoy the rest of your week.

    2. I just love Halloween so don't give up on this 'ol gal just yet!

    3. I will never give up on you, sweet friend! Thanks again for spreading cheer and have a delightful Thursday. See you soon!

    Obviously as we could say (and have many times) how great both these tunes are. And powerful. Like wow Nobody's Fool just got me. And Live Wire is so incredible. But we have to choose one. We must. And that's a difficult thing but aww man Live Wire is my vote!
    Gosh darn that eighties scene hair was cool.

    1. Hi, dear Abigail & Daisy! Thanks for hopping over to the BOTB bash tonight. Looks like "Live Wire" shocked a vote out of you. I'm pleased to know you enjoyed the look and sound of this 80s hair band and those rowdy rockers from down under.

      I will mark you down as having voted for "Live Wire." Thank you again for participating in this week's battle of the Banned, dear friend Abigail. The results post is coming next Monday so stay tuned. It looks like this one is going right down to the (live) wire! :)

  26. I love a good hair-band. Both of these songs (the cover version or no), I would not turn off if they were played on the radio. If I had to pick one, okay I guess I do have to pick one. (Thanks for the $5.00) I'd pick Nobody's Fool from Scream4Vengence. It's just closer to what I like in a good rock song. Great battle this week. Sorry, I'm like one of the last to vote. Again.

    1. Hi, Jeffrey! Thank you for hustling over to vote, even though the polls will remain open until Sunday night. I'm happy to know you enjoyed both of these entries. I will add your vote for "Nobody's Fool" to the official count and I'll be posting the winner next Monday. I hope you'll return to check the final score.

      Thanks again for playing, good buddy Jeffrey, and enjoy the rest of your week and weekend!

  27. Hello, I'd like to vote for AC/DC please. Thanks.

    1. Hi, Anonymous! Thanks for joining the Battle of the Banned. I assume that you are voting for the cover of "Live Wire" as performed by Scream4vengeance. Therefore, I will add your vote for "Live Wire" to the running total.

      Thank you again for visiting and playing. I hope you'll stop by again soon and introduce yourself. We are all friends here and you are always welcome!

    2. No, not voting for Live Wire. Sorry for the confusion. Give my vote to Diana Krall.

    3. Oh, you got me good, Jeffrey. Nicely played, my friend! I was wondering about your reply to my comment on your blog and now I understand what you meant. :)

      Sorry I can't give you two votes. If I allowed you to vote twice then I'd have to let everybody vote twice and I could get banned for doing that! :)

  28. Hi Shady. I've never listened to AC/DC before, but I must say I loved the song, 'Nobody's Fool.' I also loved the cover. However, I'm with Alex on this; Although I like that song better, I think the cover of 'Live Wire' was fantastic. I didn't like the song at all when AC/DC sang it, I actually liked it when that Jean- guy's band sang it. So, I'm voting for Live Wire.

    My granddaughter, Cherish, loves AC/DC so I'm glad I got to see what the fuss was all about!

    1. Hi, dear Belle! Welcome to the latest Banned Battle. It's part one of my special two-part Heavy Halloween! I'm glad you found something to like about both competing songs. It's interesting that you enjoyed the cover version of "Live Wire" more than the original. Mrs. Shady and Rita both had similar comments, telling me they could understand the words better when Jean-Christophe sang them. I hope Jean-C reads this post and all the nice comments and realizes how many people appreciate his hard rock and heavy metal performances.

      Okay then, I will mark you down as having voted for "Live Wire" and I thank you very much for taking time to visit, read, listen, comment and vote. I'll be posting the winner this coming Monday and I hope to see you next week. Take care until then, my very special friend.

      Good night, Belle, and God bless!

  29. Hmm, not impressed with either. Despite the silly interruption though, Live Wire sounds better. Loved both original bands though. I'm a hair band, metal rocker from way back. Cinderella was the coolest back then. or maybe it was Zepplin, no wait, G n R. Wait, gotta go hit up YouTube, lol. Oh the bad bad memories.

    1. Hi, Donna/Dolorah! Thanks for coming to my Banned Battle, good friend! Seems like your ears match mine when it comes to classic hair and metal bands. I could get lost on YouTube for hours reviewing all those great old tunes.

      Unless I'm mistaken, you are voting for the S4V cover of "Live Wire" in this contest. Please let me know if that is not the case. I will add your vote to the running total and announce the winner on Monday. Thank you again for visiting and playing, dear Donna, and enjoy the rest of your weekend!

  30. Both covers had their strong points. Nobody's Fool -JCD's vocal range is outstanding - strong and well articulated. Live Wire - the chord(s) hook in the intro sucked you in and the guitar riffs were sweet and throbbing all at the same time - a mark of good musicianship. But then I'm all about the music - could care less about hair, videos,or dare I say head banging. A hard choice, but I will give a slight nod to Live Wire. In my humble opinion both covers by S4v were superior musically to the originals. (Performance may be another issue altogether.) Long live democracy!

    1. Hello, keyaminor! Welcome to Shady Dell Music & Memories. It's great to have you here and thank you for voting in my BOTB. I appreciate how you dissected both performances and gave the rational behind your vote. You are not the first reader/voter to assert that JCD's vocals are actually better than the originals. I notified him that we're running this contest and I hope he tunes in and reads these favorable reviews.

      Thank you again for your splendid comment and for voting in my battle. I will add another vote for "Live Wire." Check back tomorrow for the final score. This one's gonna be close!

  31. Have you had a good weekend, Shady dear? The weather here has been great. Trust it has at your place as well. See ya tomorrow.

    1. Hi, Sandra! Yessum, I had a great weekend, too. I went to an outdoor festival yesterday and the weather was delightful.

      Thanks for the poke, dear friend Sandra. I'll see you tomorrow!





  33. Replies
    1. Sorry, Mike. Keep in mind that Alex J. Cavanaugh and I run our Banned Battles on dates other than the 1st and 15th of the month. Therefore, the polls close on different dates as well. Alex and I have a new BOTB coming next Monday, Oct. 26 and I hope you'll join us!


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