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"More than a place, the Shady Dell was and will forever remain a state of mind." - Shady Del Knight

"More than a place, the Shady Dell was and will forever remain a state of mind." - Shady Del Knight

Monday, October 26, 2015

Shocking Expose': The Family Plot to Rob Zombie! - Pt. 2 of My BOTB Fright Nite Double Feature Heavy Halloween

Welcome to



(...not to be confused with Let's Rob Mick Jagger,
the TV sitcom renamed The Knights of Prosperity.)

It's the latest post in my series

Battle of the Banned

and Part 2 of


not one...but TWO rock hard

Banned Battles in a row!

Listen to the two recordings made by the
two clearly marked competing artists
and vote for the one you like best.
Let the Banned Battle begin! 

Ladies and gentlemen, I'm as shocked as you're
gonna be when I announce my latest findings.

As it turns out, Bob Cummings (above),
the movie actor of the 1930s and 40s
and television star of the 50s and 60s

...went on to become heavy metal shock rocker
Rob Zombie in the 80s and 90s!  Whodathunkit?

Ooooops...hold on a minute. I just checked again,
more carefully this time, and determined that
metal madman Rob Zombie's real name is
Robert Bartleh Cummings and actor Bob
Cummings actual name was Charles
Clarence Robert Orville Cummings.
Do you know what that means?
It means the two men are not...
repeat NOT the same person.

Nope! NOT the same. This is so embarrassing.
Please forgive my foolish blunder, folks.


Just like me, Rob Zombie was heavily influenced
in his youth by horror movies and fantasy comics.
Rob converted his passion for the macabre into
music, forming the band White Zombie in 1985.
In 1998, Rob went solo and released 5 studio
albums. "Feel So Numb" is a single released
from his second album, The Sinister Urge.

 "Feel So Numb" - Rob Zombie (from album 
 The Sinister Urge - November/December 2001, 
 highest chart pos. #10 Hot Mainstream Rock

Rob Zombie is not eligible.
Please do not vote for him...or else!



Oceans Red started out as Make Me Famous,
a 5-man Ukranian metal band.

The band is currently 4-man unit with members
from Ukraine, Belarus and Sweden. You'll tingle
as you listen to Oceans Red and their spot on
rendition of Rob Zombie's "Feel So Numb."

 "Feel So Numb" - Oceans Red 
 (Rob Zombie cover) 


"Living Dead Girl" is an easy listening Zombie
toe-tapper released as a single from
his first album Hellbilly Deluxe. 

The announcer voice-over intro was borrowed
from the 1971 Italian horror film Lady Frankenstein.

 "Living Dead Girl" - Rob Zombie (from album 
 Hellbilly Deluxe, February/March 1999, 
 highest chart pos. #7 Mainstream Rock

Once again, Rob Zombie is not eligible.
Please do not vote for him...or else!



Now here's UK rock vocalist Andrew Chape,
who goes by the name Andyflange on YouTube.

Listen as Andy breathes new life into Zombie's
"Living Dead Girl," Shady whispered gravely.

 "Living Dead Girl" - Andyflange 
 (Rob Zombie cover) 

 Okay, you heard the two originals 

 by monster music meister Rob Zombie. 

 You also heard the covers by 

 the two BOTB contestants. 

 Which cover do you prefer? 



 "Feel So Numb"  



 "Living Dead Girl." 


After voting here, please visit my partner in grime

and vote in his

Battle of the Banned!

Stay tuned for my follow-up post 7 days from now
in which I will cast my vote, count the ballots
(including hanging chad and dimpled chad)
and announce the winner.

Have a Shady day and a


Monday, October 19, 2015

Barry Goldberg Screams 4 Vengeance!

 Hi... I'm Barry Goldberg. 

 You probably know me better as 

 the famous rapper Big Tasty. 

 Don't you remember?  Shady Del Knight aka 
 The Real Slim Shady, featured me and my hit 
 video "Ferris Wheel" right here on SDMM! 

 To help refresh your memory about my many talents, 
 please watch my short 22 minute resume tape: 

(Editor's note: 22 minutes? I don't think so!
Even the most loyal of blog friends will need to
bail out of Barry's video after 15 or 20 seconds.)

 Now that you've watched all 22 minutes of my goody reel. 
 I think we can all agree - Big Tasty is the next big thang. 
 I'm headed for rap super stardom - #1 with a bullet. 

 But Wait, there's more! Rap isn't my only forte. 
 Heavy metal's cool, too, and my Twisted Sister 
 tribute band is the baddest in the land. Seeing 
 as how I'm a metal monster, it should come as 
 no surprise that Shady asked me to sub for him 
 today and announce the winner of this week's 
 Battle of the Banned. 

 In this battle, voters were asked to choose 
 between two covers of hard rock anthems. 
 Both covers were performed by the same 
 artist, Jean-Christophe Duvivier, known to 
 YouTube fans as Scream4vengeance. In the 
 first video, Jean-Christophe and his band 
 covered "Nobody's Fool," originally waxed 
 by my homeboys, Cinderella, the glam rock 
 band from Philadelphia.  In the second vid, 
 J-C and his men performed "Live Wire" by 
 AC/DC, those rough and rowdy rockers 
 from Australia. Voters picked the 
 better of the two covers. 

 Slim Shady wrote me a note 
 that reads as follows: 

I love it when a tribute artist or band performs a convincing cover, and Jean-Christophe Duvivier and his band Scream4vengeance deliver the goods in both of these performances. The guys crush it on AC/DC's "Live Wire" but, when I experienced their version of "Nobody's Fool," I laughed, I cried,
I threw up in my mouth a little. AC/DC and Cinderella are two of my favorite bands. In 2013 they and other hard rock and heavy metal faves competed for Band of the Year in my First Annual Shady Awards. I'm a sucker for glam bands and Cinderella came out on top in that competition. On his YouTube channel, Jean-Christophe does a fine job of imitating the grandiose style of Ronnie James Dio. In this BOTB, Jean-Christophe gave "Nobody's Fool" a similar treatment, summoning all his passion and fire and executing a killer Keifer kover. It was a very tough decision but "Nobody's Fool," one of my favorite 80s power ballads, won my vote by a hair... one very long hair.

Back to you, Barry.

 Okay, it's time to find out 
 how the vote went down. 
 Let's check the stats and 
 see which cover rules. 


 "LIVE WIRE" 12 

 Freddie Blassie 
 (write-in vote)   

 Congratulations to the winning team, 
 all you peeps who voted for "Nobody's Fool." 
 "Live Wire" staged an impressive late week rally 
 but "Nobody's Fool" held on to win by 3 votes. 
 Now this is Barry Goldberg, the new, improved, 
 undisputed king of all media, saying ciao for now. 

 I'll be ABC-ing you every Wednesday night this fall 
 on The Goldbergs, starring me and some other people 
 (my family). Take care, and remember... no matter 
 what your smother tells you, just keep on rockin'! 

Monday, October 12, 2015

Scream4Vengeance as Classic Jurassic Hard Rock and Heavy Metal Rear Their Hairy Heads! (Battle of the Banned)

Welcome to


It's another episode of

Battle of the Banned
the series that dares to be different!

In today's contest, a heavy metal tribute artist that
I discovered on YouTube competes against himself,
performing covers of songs made famous by two
of my favorite hard rock acts. His name is Jean-
Christophe Duvivier and he fronts a band called
Scream4vengeance. Both originals are posted
along with the covers by Jean-Christophe and
his men. Your job is to tell me which of J-C's
cover performances you like better.

Jean-Christophe is turning blue in the
green room, waiting for his chance to
bust loose and Scream4vengeance.

It's time to put the Banned-Aid

on this gaping wound and

let you pick the ghoulest tune!


The year was 1986. I was lucky enough to be "working"
at a television station modeled after MTV. I put the
word in quotes because it was more like play than
 work. We hired a staff of veejays to host shows
in various day parts. Late nights were reserved
for hard rock and heavy metal and on Friday
and Saturday nights we put on a bash that
mimicked (and rivaled) Headbangers Ball.

That year, two Pennsylvania bands toured together -
Mechanicsburg based glam metal rockers Poison and
Philadelphia area glam metal rockers Cinderella.
Both bands came to our studios for interviews.
Cinderella, led by gravel voiced Tom Keifer,
scored a triple platinum album with their debut
Night Songs. "Nobody's Fool," the second single
released from the album, was a mainstream hit,
making a convincing run at the Billboard top 10.
The power ballad was accompanied by one of
the greatest MTV videos of the 80s.

 "Nobody's Fool" - Cinderella 
 (February 1987, highest chart position #13) 

Cinderella is not eligible.
Do not vote for her them...or else!




Now hold onto your hat as you witness the cover
of "Nobody's Fool" performed by tribute artist
Jean-Christophe Duvivier and his band

 "Nobody's Fool" - Cover by 
 Jean-Christophe Duvivier/Scream4vengeance 


"Live Wire" is a track from High Voltage, the first
internationally released studio album by the Australian
hard rock band AC/DC. Most of the songs on the album
were written by the Scottish born Aussie band members
Angus Young, Malcolm Young and Bon Scott. If you
are like me, listening to an AC/DC album gets your
blood pumping and your feet stomping, but the
excitement is multiplied at their live shows.
Watch this video of the band playing a gig
in Paris in 1979 performing "Live Wire."

 "Live Wire" - AC/DC (Live in Pavillion de Paris 
 Dec 9th 1979, track from 1976 album High Voltage

AC/DC is not eligible.
Do not vote for them...or else!




Now check out the power packed cover performed
by our featured BOTB artists, Jean-Christophe
Duvivier and his band Scream4vengeance.

 "Live Wire" - Cover by 
 Jean-Christophe Duvivier @ Scream4vengeance 

Okay, it's time for you to vote.

Keep in mind that you may not vote for

for Cinderella or AC/DC in this battle.

Scream4vengeance covered two 

rock classics.  Which of their cover

performances did you like more,

"Nobody's Fool" or "Live Wire"?

You are voting only for your

favorite Scream4vengeance

cover, not your favorite original.


"Hello, Aunt Alicia," my rear end! I'm diggin' Motley Crue!

(above) Bub, introduced in George A. Romero's
Day of the Dead (1985), is a new breed of zombie.
Bub thinks. He reads books. He listens to cool tuneage.
As founder of the IZSG, Insecure Zombie's Support Group,
Bub reminds you to visit our friend and partner in grime

and vote in his

Battle of the Banned!

Stay tuned for my follow-up post 7 days from now
in which I will cast my vote, count the ballots
(including hanging chad and dimpled chad)
and announce the winner.

Have a Shady day!

Thursday, October 8, 2015

In Loving Memory

I am sad to report that the Shady Dell family
has lost two more members. In the span of
one week, two good friends of mine died.
They were an important part of my youth.

Chris Sternbergh

Chris Sternbergh's mom was my cub scout den mother. I went to school with Chris, played sports with him and ran around York County with him. If you have read my cover story in the right column you might recall the story of my first visit to the Shady Dell. Chris was one of the pals who accompanied me the night I became a Dell rat.

Kathleen Ruvolis

Kathleen Ruvolis and her twin sister Katherine were Chris's neighbors in the 50s and 60s. My cousins lived in the same neighborhood. When I visited my cousins, Chris and the twins were often there and we played games together. The Ruvolis twins were in my high school graduating class and they were familiar faces at the Shady Dell. Katherine Ruvolis died three years ago and this week her sister Kathleen also passed away.

Chris and Kathleen (and twin sister Katherine)
meant a lot to me. They were Shady Dell family
and good friends. I will remember them always.

May they rest in peace.

Monday, October 5, 2015

BOTB Results + “Mudd with two 'D's."

It's time to declare a winner in my latest

Battle of the Banned!

The tribe has spoken...but before I tell you
who won I'd like to challenge you with a few


In the picture above, can you name the
character actor on the left? Can you name
the family friendly television sitcom
for which he is best known?
When was his name Mudd?
I'll have the answers at
the end of this post.


My latest Battle of the Banned featured Nancy Ames,
"The TW3 Girl," competing for your vote against
The Stylettes, a soulful girl group from Philly.




I loved James Brown's music even before he
got a brand new bag and pumped up the funk.
One of his prettiest recordings is "Out of the Blue,"
an obscure B side on the back of "The Things That I
Used To Do," a 1964 Smash single that only reached
#99 on the chart. The Stylettes recording, "Packing
Up My Memories," is derivative of Brown's record
and that's a good thing because I enjoy them both.

As much as I like the soulful Stylettes, my vote in this contest goes to Nancy Ames and her recording "Friends and Lovers Forever" which shamelessly carries the melody of The McCoys' monster hit "Hang On Sloopy." I love Nancy's recording because it's exciting to me when a "nerd" jumps out of character and gets in touch with his or her inner cool kid. Remember how Hot Lips Houlihan turned cool and became one of the gang in M*A*S*H? Remember Jerry Lewis in his role as The Nutty Professor and how he transformed into the swinging hipster Buddy Love? That's what I'm talkin' 'bout.

Nancy Ames is best known for singing folk
songs and making Spanish language records.
"Friends and Lovers Forever" is a radical
departure for Nancy, totally unexpected
and one-of-a-kind. I couldn't believe
my ears the first time I heard those
sassy backup singers chiming in
near the end of the song, imitating
the shouting finish of the McCoys
single. I laughed and shook my head
in amazement. Now that's the way to
to make a record, folks! So what if
it doesn't stand a snowball's chance
of becoming a hit? Just go for it.
I admire that attitude! Nancy's
nifty novelty number sold poorly
but it's one of my favorite girl group
style records of the 60s. The Stylettes
are great, no doubt about it, but Nancy
took me by surprise and won me over
with "Friends and Lovers Forever,"
the coolest record she ever made.
Nancy Ames to please. She pleased
me a lot with this oddball single
and she gets my vote!

Now let's check the final vote count
and name the winner.

Going in, I expected a balanced vote because,
in my mind, the two competing recordings are
evenly matched. I was quite surprised when
The Stylettes received nearly twice as
many votes as Nancy Ames.




Congratulations to The Stylettes,
winners of the latest BOTB!


My dear friend Anne O'Leary at O'Leary Miniatures
holds the world record for most votes in a row matching
mine. Anne and I voted for the same artist in all four
of my previous banned battles. Did we extend our
winning streak to five games? NO! All good
things eventually come to an end and our
win streak halted at four when Anne
voted for The Stylettes. It was nice
while it lasted, Anne. At least now
no one can accuse us of being
in cahoots with each other and
rigging the game. :) Maybe we
will match votes again next time.


The fine character actor on the left
in the picture above was Sid Melton.

From the late 50s through the mid 60s Sid
appeared on The Danny Thomas Show in the
role of 'Uncle Charley' Halper, proprietor
of the Copa Club, and Danny's manager.

Sid with Pat Carroll (Bunny Halper)

But wait...what about the title of this post,
“Mudd with two 'D's"? Those words formed
the signature introductory gag line used by
Sid in the role of Ichabod "Ikky" Mudd
aka "Icky" Mudd, a character used for
comic relief in Captain Midnight,
an action adventure television
series that I watched every
Saturday morning in the mid 50s.

Sponsored by Ovaltine, Captain Midnight
was the program that first convinced me
to try the breakfast drink. Ironically,
Richard Webb (above), who starred
as Captain Midnight, irked the show's
sponsors because he didn't like the taste
of Ovaltine and refused to drink it in public!


Sid Melton and Richard Webb in Captain Midnight

In their roles as Superman and Captain Midnight,
George Reeves and Richard Webb were two
of the greatest heroes and role models
for kids of the 20th century.

George Reeves as Superman

Tragically both men died of gunshot wounds.
Both deaths were ruled suicide, although the
debate goes on as to whether Reeves' death
was suicide, murder or accidental. Comic
character actor Sid Melton guest starred in
an episode of The Adventures of Superman.

"Jeepers, Mr. Kent!"

R.I.P. Jack Larson
"Jimmy Olsen" on Superman
He died September 20, 2015.