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"More than a place, the Shady Dell was and will forever remain a state of mind." - Shady Del Knight

"More than a place, the Shady Dell was and will forever remain a state of mind." - Shady Del Knight

Monday, August 24, 2015

Hey Get Yer Battle of the Banned Here! Pick the Peachy Plum From Two Pears - No Melon-choly Soul Grapes Allowed!



It's the sweet fruit of my labor...
the latest installment in my series

Battle of the Banned.

You'll be pleased as punch to know that once again
there are two UK acts competing against each other.
However, instead of performing the same song,
the contenders will be singing different songs,
each covering a U.S. original. Cherry-pick
(vote for) for the UK cover that you
enjoy more. (Don't freak. The two
contestants are clearly labeled.)

The battle acts are waiting to take the stage.
They are berry berry eager to perform.
Prepare to pick the peachy plum
from two pears!
(Say that 5 times fast!)


In the summer of '62, Little Eva sprang from obscurity
working as a maid and part time babysitter for Carole
King and Gerry Goffin and achieved widespread
fame, topping the chart with the dance ditty
"The Loco-Motion."

As one of the so-called Dimension Dolls,
Eva released five more singles for the label
but her popularity steadily declined and
she never again reached the top 10.

In the summer of 1963 Little Eva released
a mediocre single with the long, cumbersome
title "What I Gotta Do (To Make You Jealous)."
Eva's record never rose higher than the
Bubbling Under basement. A great
song, "The Trouble With Boys,"
went to waste on the B side.

 "The Trouble With Boys" 
 Little Eva {August 1963, B side of  
 "What I Gotta Do (To Make You Jealous)"} 

Little Eva's recording is ineligible.
Do not vote for her... or else!



Scottish star Lulu is best known for appearing in
the hit 1967 British film To Sir, With Love and
singing the title song which rocketed to #1 that
fall. Three years earlier, in the fall of 1964,
15 year old Lulu released a self titled EP
that included "The Trouble With Boys."

 "The Trouble With Boys" - Lulu 
 (November 1964, B-2 side of Lulu EP) 


Founded by Doug Sahm, the San Antonio band
Sir Douglas Quintet is best known for their hit
"She's About a Mover" voted The Number One
Texas Song by Texas Monthly. The single went
to #15 in the UK, attracting the attention of
the Liverbirds, the act that you'll hear next.
First, let's listen to the SDQ original which
penetrated the top 20 stateside in 1965.

 "She's About a Mover" - Sir Douglas Quintet 
 (May 1965, highest chart position #13) 

The Sir Douglas Quintet is ineligible.
Do not vote for them... or else!



The Beatles redefined the vocal group by
playing their own instruments. An all girl
Liverpool band called the Liverbirds
did the same for girl groups.

Influenced by the Rolling Stones, Bo Diddley, Chuck Berry
and the Motown sound, the Liverbirds achieved popularity in
Germany playing at Hamburg’s Star-Club and their records
made the German chart. By 1966 the band was drifting
away from its R&B roots and performing other kinds
of material such as "He's About a Mover," a cover of
"She's About a Mover," the garage rock song made
famous by the Texas band Sir Douglas Quintet.

 "He's About a Mover" - The Liverbirds 
 (from 1966 album More of The Liverbirds

 Okay, you heard the two 

 UK covers, one by Lulu and 

 one by The Liverbirds. 

 Pick the peachy plum 

 from the two pears. 

 You may vote for: 

 "The Trouble With Boys" 

 by Lulu 


 "He's About a Mover" 

 by the Liverbirds. 

 Which one is the  

  apple of your ear? 

 Which is second banana 

 and deserves 

 a nice Hawaiian Punch? 


Stay tuned for my follow-up post 6 days from now
in which I will cast my vote, count the ballots
(including hanging chad and dimpled chad)
and announce the winner.

After voting here, please swing over
and visit my partner in grime

and cast your vote in his 
Battle of the Banned!

Have a Shady day!


  1. Ha!—I’m sure that’s a new world record for the most fruit puns used in a single post. I never liked Lulu. I realize she was only 15 when she made that record but she sounded too much like a little girl to me. I vote for the Liverbirds because I prefer the rough, raw sound of a girl band.

    1. Hi, dear Kathryn! Welcome to another round of Battle of the Banned.

      You wrote:

      << I’m sure that’s a new world record for the most fruit puns used in a single post. >>

      Orange you glad I did that?

      This variation of the banned battle requires voters to consider how much they like both the artist and the song before rendering their decision. When I played these four recordings for you last night I remember you stating that you do like Little Eva and her version of "The Trouble With Boys."

      Alright then, I will record your vote for The Liverbirds' cover of "Mover" and I thank you very much for participating, dear Kathryn. Yours is one vote that I never take for pomegranate.

  2. Both did a fine job and it was close. Think the Liverbirds get the edge for me. (And is there a real liverbird?)

    1. Hi, Alex! Thanks for coming to the hop, good buddy. To answer your question, yes indeed, "liverbird" is a thing, albeit a mythical thing. Here's what it says online:

      << The Liver bird is the symbol of the city of Liverpool, England. The use of a bird to represent the city dates to the medieval era, but the idea that the "liver bird" is a mythical creature specific to Liverpool evolved in the 20th century. >>

      I see that you are a Liverbird lover and I will enter another vote for the Liverpool lasses.

      Thanks again for coming, Alex. I'll let you know when I schedule the next BOTB. Have a great week!

  3. Shadester, my vote goes to Liverbird. I liked the song more, the instruments and also the fact the song was made famous in Texas!! Happy Monday sweet friend.

    1. Hi, dear Holli! Thank you for coming to the BOTB party.

      I suspected that you would be swayed by the fact that the song "Mover" was made famous by a Texas band. I will put you down as having voted for those lasses from Liverpool, The Liverbirds.

      Thank you for visiting, reading, listening and voting, dear friend Holli, and have a wonderful week ahead!

  4. I like the Liverbirds. Is that a typo? Should they be the Loverbirds? Or maybe they were worried about their livers...I dunno.

    I can't have a shady day, as it is sunny here in the mitten state.

    Have a good one!

    1. Hi, dear Susie! The girl band was from Liverpool, England, home of the Beatles, hence the name Liverbirds. Thanks for voting and have a great day!

  5. I think I shall cast my vote for Little Eva. Wait, no. That wouldn't be right. I think I like Sir Douglas Quintet song is catchier. Maybe I shall vote for them. Little Eva or Sir Douglas? I'm debating, I'm debating. It's a rough choice this week. So rough I think I'm going to go off the grid and place my vote for the Liverbirds. I hope I'm not banned for voting so crazy.

    1. Hi, Jeffrey! Thanks for coming by, good buddy. Well heck no. You voted for one of the two eligible artists in the contest and that's a good thing. If you had voted for Eva or SDQ it wouldn't have counted. If you come back for another visit maybe you can tell me why specifically you voted for the Liverbirds.

      Thanks for visiting and voting, Jeffrey! The results of the vote will be announced this coming Sunday. I hope to see you then!

    2. Yes, I did realize the first two were ineligible. Just thought I'd mess with you and make you think I was not going to vote for one of the two legitimate participants. At the end of the day, I think I voted for the Liverbirds because I liked the song more, because it seemed to be more energetic and this morning, it's the mood I'm in. I didn't find anything wrong with either song, Lulu or Liverbirds. It was a difficult decision, so I opted for the one I was more in the mood for. Hope that qualifies. :)

    3. Yes indeed sir, it does. I was just curious. The BOTB rules require voters to explain the reason behind their vote and I thank you for doing so. I find that the kind of music I like is often affected by my mood as well. Maybe that's why I'm heavily into death metal these days. :)

      Thanks for the return visit, good buddy Jeffrey. It's going to take some doing for me to achieve a tie in this battle but stranger things have happened. :) I'll be looking for you six days from now when I announce the winner. Take care!

  6. Hello dear Shady,

    It's Lulu all the way for me Shady. Those sweet vocals of hers and the back up singers on that cut is so smooth. I don't know who the session players were on this one but they did a great job. They rhythm section is tight and they've got groove. I also like the horn section. The song is beautifully produced and recorded.

    At first I didn't think I knew the "She's About A Mover" because I didn't remember the bands name. But when I played the song I went "Oh yeah, I know that song!"

    I admire what the Liver Birds did back then. It took real courage and Lennon gave them a rough time of it. That didn't stop them though. Also the scene in Hamburg was wild. To get acceptance there and at the Cavern was a true accomplishment and they are historically important for their work. All of that said, my vote still goes to Lulu.

    She still looks gorgeous today and it's not down to plastic surgery. I love it when she makes appearances in tv shows like Ab Fab, poking fun at herself. She's just a great lady all way round.

    Stay cool Shady!

    1. Hi again, dear Anne! You say that Lulu is a great lady all way round? I say the same about you, dear friend. Thank you very much for coming today. I love having you here!

      I also thank you for preventing a landslide in favor of the Liverbirds. Common wisdom (and famed oddsmaker Jimmy the Greek) state that "As Mrs. Shady goes, so goes the BOTB." :) Will that hold true in this latest contest? Will you and I extend our 3-game winning streak, matching each other's vote a record 4th time? Stay tuned! The results will be announced this coming Sunday. (I promise you that my vote was already decided long before I heard from you or anyone else. )

      I will record your vote for Lulu. I am very happy to know that you took into account such things as the song itself, the session musicians, the production quality and technique and the backing singers (possibly the Breakaways).

      Before I forget, Anne, I want you to know that Mrs. Shady and I watched that documentary The Wrecking Crew the same night you told me about it. It was sensational and we both loved it. Thanks for letting me know about it!

      Once again it's one vote for Lulu thanks to you, dear friend Anne. Thank you again for your visit, your vote and your excellent comments. I'll talk to you soon!

    2. I read the newer comments and it looks like it won't be a shut out against Lulu. Like Cherdo, I'm partial to the Scots. My first husband was a Scotsman who was a deep sea welder in the Royal Navy. He was killed in an explosion whilst doing repair work on an oil rig a year after our marriage. My current husband is third generation Scottish. During the referendum I was on pins and needles, but they voted to stay in UK. What a disappointment that was. Maybe next time.

      Anyway, we'll see if the two of us line up again. I can't anticipate which way you'll go. I know you like smooth vocals and good production, but I also know that you like hard rock. I'll be interested to see which way you vote and why.

      Have a good week and I'll see you on Sunday!

    3. Hi again, Anne! How tragic that your first husband died in an explosion at an early age. I'm very sorry to learn about your loss early on. It's interesting to know that you are partial to the Scots.

      You know me well, my dear friend. You know what I like and listen for. You know about my eclectic taste. You correctly identified elements in both recordings that I enjoy. I won't reveal which way I voted until Sunday, but I will again promise you that I made up my mind long before this post was published. My policy is to put my vote in writing in the text of the follow-up post before publishing the BOTB post. I do that to avoid the possibility that I will subconsciously align my vote with a favorite friend like you. I will give you this clue. You wrote, "It's Lulu all the way for me Shady." I was equally vehement about my vote.

      Thank you again for making time for me, dear friend Anne. Have a great week and I'll see you on Sunday!

  7. Ok, Shady, those 2 songs were like comparing apples to oranges!!!!
    My vote is with Lulu, her voice is so fresh and young sounding. I might be a little "prejudice" here because I absolutely LOVED her song, "To sir with love".
    I must admit, I liked the lead singers raspy voice from the Liverbirds and , "he's a mover" would be easier to dance to (for me)!
    I enjoyed comparing the same songs, too as well as your fruity puns! Another fun post chock full of Vitamin C!
    Toni Deroche

    1. Hi, dear Toni! Apples to oranges, huh? :) Thank you for coming to SDMM, your polling place in cyberspace, and voting in my latest Battle of the Banned.

      Try as we might, I don't think any of us can vote impartially on an artist, a group, a band or a political candidate. You have fond memories of Lulu singing "To Sir With Love." I remember her sweet innocence in the movie. Other voters might prefer the primitive garage band sound in general and associate the Liverbirds with those other famous moptops from Liverpool. Our friend Holli was fond of "She's About a Mover" because the song and the band that made it famous hail from her home state of Texas. We all have our reasons for liking what we do. I appreciate you giving me your impression of both contenders.

      Thank you again for raisin cane with me today, dear friend Toni. I will record your vote for Lulu. Be sure to check out my post this Sunday to find out who won the battle. God bless!

  8. Oh this post is so cool beans in my book! And while both song choices were as American as apple pie I was in a bit of a pickle to decide. At last I chose Liverbirds as top bananas, though the name itself makes me think of liverwurst...
    Interesting about Eva babysitting for Carole King, how ever do you find these remarkable little tidbits?

    1. Hi, dear Diedre! Thank you very much for coming to my latest BOTB challenge, my wonderful friend, and for contributing to the pun parade! I'm so glad you enjoyed the post and learned some trivia about these four artists.

      A few years ago I caught the girl group bug and bought dozens of CDs in that category. In the process I obtained this and other excellent but poor selling recordings by "Loco-Motion" princess Little Eva. I always read the booklets that come with the CDs and I also do a lot of reading about the artists online on sites like All Music and Wiki. That's how I learned how Eva was discovered.

      The Liverbirds are top banana in your ears and therefore I will enter another vote for those Liverpool lasses.

      Thank you again for your visit, vote and kind comment, dear friend Diedre!

  9. The Liverbirds, definitely the peachy plum;)

    1. AOK, dear Sandra. I will add your vote for the Liverbirds to the running total. Please check back this Sunday when I announce the BOTB winner.

      Thank you very much for visiting and voting, dear friend Sandra!

    2. I'll be back........
      Love the little Hawaiian Punch man:)
      Enjoy your Wednesday, Shady:)

    3. Hi again, dear Sandra! Remember when that little Hawaiian Punch guy was on TV each and every day in those commercials? I used to drink that fruity beverage by the gallon. Tang, too.

      Thanks for coming back over to see me, dear friend!

  10. Boy, Shade, it looks like I'm going to be in the minority here, but I've kinda had a "Lulu" thing for about the last ten years, and I'll go with her. Or I would have gone with her. No, wait, I mean I'm choosing the song she sang. I wouldn't say I'm bananas about her, but she is berry sweet. I'm not giving the raspberry to the other contestant, though.

    (I hope that I packed sufficient fruitage in there to keep my place in the bunch...

    1. Hi, Chris! (LOL) Thanks for working "raspberry" into our fruit cocktail, good buddy! That cracked me up.

      Don't worry about being in the minority here, Chris. As I make the rounds of these band battles I usually wind up on the losing team.

      Lulu is and was a cutie pie, that's for sure, and she's got a voice to match. I will give your vote (wait for it) "to her...with love." (A little play on words there... get it?)

      Hey, thanks a lot for coming by and voting in my contest, good buddy. Hustle on back here this Sunday to view the results. See you then, Chris!

  11. I glanced at some of the votes (I know, no fair peeking) and I guess I'm the odd man out because I love LULU! She's always been one of my favorites and a bit underrated. She's Scottish, man! We stick together (like Lulu and the Luvvers...oops...bad example).

    Not only that, she romanced a few of my favorites...which just made her legend grow: Davy Jones, Maurice Gibb...and she married John Frieda (I like his shampoo, so that's something).

    Last, but not least, I hate to be a lemming of sorts, but To Sir With Love is in my top 100 and every time I hear it and mentally put it up a notch.

    Why couldn't I just vote for Lulu? No...I had to go on and on...

    Have a great Monday, Shadymotion!

    1. Hi, dear Cherdo! (spelling is correct)

      Thank you very much for taking time out of your busy schedule to listen and vote in my latest BOTB, dear friend. I am very happy to see you!

      Yessum, Lulu is a Scottish lass and you know a lot more about her love life than I do. She dated Davy Jones? I'm still p-o'd at Marcia Brady for dating Davy Jones when she could have had ME!


      Well, don't look now, but thanks to you and Chris (above) Lulu is mounting a comeback of sorts. Will it be enough to turn the tide? We shall see. Please tune in six days from now, this Sunday, for the final vote tally.

      DISCLAIMER: Let me remind you that this is only an exhibition. It is not an actual competition. Please, ladies and gentlemen... no wagering.

      Thank you again for joining the fun, dear friend Cherdo. See you tamale! (correct spelling)

  12. I prefer Lulu! I like her voice and I think she does the best job with "The Trouble With Boys." How true that song is. HAHA. :D

    1. Hi, dear Jessica Marie! Thanks for coming by and for voting in my latest banned battle. I am pleased as PUNCH to see you! :)

      Lulu was left at the starting gate and stumbled early on, but now she's gaining ground. (The experts say she does well on a muddy track.) Are we in for a photo finish? Will she win by a nose? Please return here this Sunday if at all possible and view the final vote count.

      Thank you again, dear JM, for being such a great new friend. I'll be seeing you soon!

    2. I can't wait to see the results, dear Shady! I also love the fruit picture you chose. I always love fruit. :)

      After the past few days I've been having, fruit sounds good right about now. And the music did help too! :)

    3. I eat lots of fruit and vegetables, Jessica, (and fish), and would be happy to eliminate red meat from my diet entirely if my doctor would allow it; but he and Mrs. Shady say I need it for the protein and iron.

      If you've had some trying days lately and it helps to spend some time in the Shady, then it makes me happy to know that. Come back here any time for a chat and I will do my best to cheer you. That's what friends are for :)

    4. I was let go from my senior center job... though I feel relieved. I was only there as a contractor for five months and well, that is the only job I've disliked working. A lot of drama, I've been sending e-mail updates lately about things... especially with what happened last Thursday.

      I still have the library, but it's 10 hours/week. Tomorrow I have an interview for a temp job. It will most likely last a month, but I want and need it, to buy some time as I look for full time work. I have learned not to mention keeping the library on Saturdays in interviews.

      Music has always cheered me up and the music you have on your blog definitely cheers me up.

    5. Thanks for sharing, dear friend. Now I have a better understanding of what's going on behind the scenes in your life. We've all been there, I suppose - disillusioned with a job and/or losing it, searching for a permanent and fulfilling one while temporarily doing something else. I wish you all the best, Jessica.

      I'm happy knowing that you are making SDMM "your home away from home," the same as I made the original Shady Dell my home away from home when I was a teenager. :)

    6. Yeah, I mean I'm relieved the job ended - the job was more stress than it was worth. Bad treatment, etc. Right now I'm uninsured and I'm really hoping for full time soon. Hopefully this interview for the temp job goes well today - I think it well because I have experience being a receptionist. I'm good at that. :)

      Sometime I have to visit the original Shady Dell, if it's still around. It sounds like a very neat place! Of course, this blog is awesome too. I love the entries you post. :)

    7. Thank you, sweet friend. The original Dell house, now 103 years old, is still standing. It was nicely renovated in 2011-12 and then the entire estate was sold. Unfortunately, the new owners decided to demolish the historic dance hall in 2012. The memories linger on.

      I wish you lots of luck today with your interview. Thank you again for staying in touch and for being a great communicator and friend. Have a wonderful Wednesday, dear Jessica Marie!

    8. Well, it was an interesting interview to say the least. It's definitely temp. We'll see what happens.

      I just applied with the Federal government. 4 hours of working on my resume,but it is done and I applied online. Hopefully they call... eventually.I'll be looking for private sector jobs too.

      Awww that they demolished the dance hall.:( I think I'm going to have to gather some friends together so we can go on a road trip to see the Shady Dell! :D

    9. I admire what you're doing, JM. Be patient and keep exploring every job opportunity available. Sometimes you need to prime the pump for a good long while before water starts to flow.

      Honestly it would probably be a disappointing waste of time for you and your friends to drive all that way to York see the Dell because the whole property looks radically different now. You wouldn't be allowed to tresspass on the property either. If you happen to be visiting the White Rose City then, of course, it might be interesting for you to go up the hill and gaze at the house from the roadside.

      You can save yourself a long drive by keeping your dial tuned to SDMM. In the coming months and years I will show you rare pictures of the Dell house as it used to look before the millennial renovation and the barn/dance hall before the demolition.

      Thanks again for dropping by, dear friend Jessica. Good night to you!

    10. That's true, Shady! I'm glad I have the library, even though it's 10 hours/week. I had been searching for a year until the center hired me. So, I know things can take awhile. It's just the nature of the search nowadays. I eventually want to move away and after I graduated, I looked elsewhere. Then I realized I need more money than I have now to do such a thing. Haha. But, it was a good learning experience. This whole thing is a good learning experience. I'll be writing about it!

      I think that's what I'll do, Dear Shady! I'll stay tuned to SDMM to see everything you write about, listen to the music you post, and all the other amazing things you post about!

      I hope you had a good evening, Shady! Good morning now - it's a cool and beautiful morning here in Pennsylvania!

    11. Hi again, dear Jessica Marie! It's nice to find another "email" from you here in my "inbox." :) Yessum, everything in life is a learning experience. The only meaning anything has is the meaning you choose to attach to it.

      It pleases me tremendously that someone your age is taking a genuine interest in what I'm doing here. The opportunities for teaching and learning on both sides are limitless. Too many people cling to the safety and comfort of same age clones. Age and gender discrimination are facts of life in the blogging world.

      Too many people also forget that friendship is a two-way street. When they allow it to become a lonely one-way alley it leads to a dead end.

      Your cheery messages are greatly appreciated, JM. Have a wonderful Thursday up there in southeastern Pa! (I hope your monarchs are well south of the Mason-Dixon line by now.)

    12. The final one emerged this morning! Now we're raising other little caterpillars. It's such a fun hobby, Shady. :)

      That's true! I tend to write about my experiences. I need to start working on my travel poetry again. I really want to get that book self-published by November. After the week I had this week... yeah. :\

      I had a call for an interview. I was at work, then I received an e-mail from my old boss and the job she sent me was a scam! I fact checked and called the number she gave me - scam. That angered me. I didn't call the interviewer back for a set up time, but a little later I will leave her a voice mail that I received her message, I was at work, and I'm free on Monday, then give her a call on Monday. I hope that is okay and it doesn't show I'm lazy. I fear that.

      I spent a lot of time with Nan (grandma) while growing up. She died in January 2013 and I miss her tremendously. I'm also an only child and so is my dad. On his side of the family, I was the only grandchild. I've been exposed to older entertainment. Nan also housed a foreign exchange student, so I was also exposed to a lot of the 90s things too... as I grew up in the 90s and took an interest in the things the exchange student likes. I guess I just have a very eclectic background... which is probably evident by my blog. :)

      Thank you, Shady! I appreciate your cheery messages as well. They usually brighten my day!

    13. I'm so glad that I can brighten your day in some small way, dear Jessica. Thank you for letting me know more about your current life and your background.

      As for the job search, just keep following through and communicating like you are doing here. Show that you are interested, conscientious and professional. Follow every lead until you get what you want.

      I am proud of my eclectic taste and I can tell that you are proud of yours.

      Thank you again for staying in touch and demonstrating superb communication skills, dear friend JM. Enjoy your evening!

    14. That's true! I will leave that voice mail and then follow up tomorrow after work. I think that should be okay!

      Sometime this weekend I am also signing up for the free Arabic classes that take place in a bookstore in Philly on Saturday mornings. I loved learning it in school, I still keep up with it, but I would love to eventually get certified - I figured these classes could help with that goal. So excited!

      Enjoy your evening too, dear Shady!

    15. Thank you, dearie! All of those classes you take, all of your hobbies and interests, all the books you read, all the places you travel and exhibits you visit - all of those experiences enhance your resume and make you a more qualified candidate in the eyes of potential employers.

      Have a wonderful evening, dear friend JM!

    16. Hi Shady!

      Hmmm... maybe you're right. Sometimes I hold back in interviews; maybe I shouldn't. Maybe I should talk more about what I've done in terms of classes, travels, interests, etc. because it may help me land something. Tonight I'm finally going to start working on my book again - I've been applying for jobs and felt beat. Tonight I'm taking a break for book work.

      I hope you have a wonderful weekend and evening, Shady!

    17. Thank you, sweet friend! I think people who conduct job interviews are looking to fill positions with versatile, well rounded people who have a variety of interests and skills and are well traveled. Those qualifications reveal that a candidate likes to stay busy, learn and better himself or herself. I wouldn't dwell on those things or gush about them but I certainly wouldn't hesitate to touch on them if asked or if they relate to the job description.

      I hope you're having a fine weekend. Don't forget to take a peek back here again tomorrow and check the final vote count in my BOTB.

      Bless you, dear Jessica!

  13. Oh I have to go for the Liverbirds. I do love Lulu since she sings so clearly and she came out with that song, it seems, in 1964-a very good year since it was the year I was born:) There is something raw and bluesy about the Liverbirds and the lead singer has a great voice that reminds me just a little, mind you, of Carole Pope (Is it with an E or without an E??). At first I thought it was a man and then I giggled since it is an all girl band (Duh to me). Who is the singer? If you say it is the blond, you will floor me because I am assuming it is the That Girl gal who looks a bit like Morticia.

    1. Hi, dear Birgit! How are you doing this evening? Thanks for coming down to the Banned Battle Bash!

      You were born in 1964? I can testify that it was a great year because I was age 14 at the time, the perfect age to experience Beatlemania and the British Invasion.

      To answer your Pope question it's Carole with an "e." If you say the Liverbirds' lead singer sounds like her then I believe you. I don't know which Liverbird you think looks like Marlo Thomas or Morticia, only that the names of the two vocalists were Valerie Gell, one of the brunettes, and Pamela Birch, the blonde of the band.

      I will register your vote for the Liverbirds, dear Birgit, and again I thank you for your kind visit and comment. Please remember to swing by this Sunday when the BOTB winner will be announced. Take care, dear friend!

    2. Oh the girl in question is the one on the far right in the picture with the longer black hair. which might be Valerie...we shall see:)

    3. Yessum, I've checked several Google images and That Girl does indeed appear to be Valerie, one of the band's lead vocalists. Thanks for the return visit, dear friend BB. Don't forget to check back here this Sunday for the vote result!

  14. Okay this is totally another hard choice. But I'm going to go with... The Ladybirds!!!!
    HOW RAD IS THAT all girl rock group oh my goodness! Actually, the whole page is swimming with beautiful vibes from the fun times of yesteryear. Love these rockin' tunes!

    1. Hi, dear Abigail! Thank you very much for coming here to Election Central and casting your vote in the BOTB. I'm happy to know that you picked up some good vibrations from the music, the clothing fashions and the hair styles of the 60s on display in this post.

      Yessum, The Liverbirds were one of the earliest girl BANDS, trendsetters who helped make traditional all girl vocal groups seem old fashioned. I will enter another vote for the Liverbirds on your behalf and again I thank you for dropping by and voting. The winner will be declared this Sunday so stay tuned, dear friend Abigail!

  15. Hi Shady; Such fruity fun here today! ☺ Another bit of trivia about Lulu is that she was Bee Gee Maurice Gibb's first wife. Between the two song choices, I much preferred the second one and the gritty sound of the Liverbirds. Loved the video as well. Those birds rock!
    I didn't know you had a sidekick for these battles. Must check out what Alex is offering up.
    BTW, I have a bone to pick with your subscription service. It's always late! According to the email, this was Posted: 24 Aug 2015 02:00 AM PDT. I received the notice: 25 Aug 2015 12:10 AM EDT. No wonder there's dozens of comments ahead of me! Oh well, better late than not at all, yes? Thanks for another interesting and educational music post.

    1. Hi, dear Debbie the Doglady! Thanks for coming over for my latest round of Battle of the Banned and thank you for adding another interesting tidbit to the discussion of Lulu. I suspected that Lulu's girly voice would not be to your liking and I was correct. Isn't it funny how I enjoy girly voices but also enjoy scary cookie monster death metal growls? :)

      I'm sorry the email notifications are arriving late in your mailbox. Better late than never, I suppose. Keep in mind that I typically post only once a week which gives you ample time to get over here. This week, however, I am doing only a 6-day run so that my follow-up voting results post will be published and out of the way by the time the next BOTB hop starts two days later on September 1.

      I will add your vote for the Liverbirds to the running total. Thank you again for joining the fun, dear friend Debbie. I hope to see you back here Sunday when a very special guest will announce the winner. :)

  16. LIverbirds get the banana for one of the worst band names ever. I don't have a problem with the "Bird" part but the juxtaposition with liver is pretty weird. Besides I've never cared much for that song by Doug Sahm.

    Give my vote to sweet Lulu. She's a lulu and deserves the apple from the Bird man.

    Arlee Bird
    A to Z Challenge Co-host
    Tossing It Out

    1. Hi, Lee! Thanks for coming over, good buddy! Something's happening here! Your latest post matched mine pun for pun. You and I both voted for Hannah Montana of all people, and now I discover that you and I are equally ambivalent about that famous Texas tune! Are we brothers from diff'rent mothers? :)

      I will record your vote for sweet little Lulu and I thank you very much for joining my banned battle bash. Enjoy the rest of your week, Lee, and I hope to see you back here on Sunday when the winner will be revealed!

  17. I'm so freaked out by the photo of The Liverbirds that I'm afraid it will give me nightmares. Prometheus, anyone? I have to return later to listen to the music. Meanwhile, I'll try to erase their faces from my brain. I know I'll enjoy your "banned" when my eyes are tired and I see nothing but a blur.


    1. Hi, dear Janie Junebug! Thank you for dropping by to participate in my latest BOTB.

      With regard to that picture of the Liverbirds, ever notice how their eyes follow you all around the room... especially late at night? :)

      Well, I certainly didn't intend to traumatize you and give you nightmares with my banned battle, dear friend, and I do hope you will return later and make your vote count. Until then, have a great day, Janie!

    2. You're right, Shady. The Liverbirds stared at me all night. My terror increased. I couldn't sleep. I don't dare take a shower because they'll play the music from Psycho! Are you sure that's an all-girl band? Someone has a rather deep voice, and the girl in the middle of the photo? It's a man, baby! It's easy for me to cast my vote for Lulu. I've always had a soft spot for her beautiful voice--and face.

      I enjoyed your battle, Shady.


    3. Hi again, dear Janie! You are keeping odd hours lately. If it's because you can't sleep at night then I blame The Liverbirds (and Obama :).

      I agree that the Liverbirds could have tweaked their appearance a tad to come across as less scary. I think they bear resemblance to The Rutles, the Beatles parody band founded in the 70s by Eric Idle and Neil Innes. Remember them?

      Clearly you fancy Lulu and I will record your vote for the lovely lilting lassie.

      Thank you for the return visit, comment and vote, dear friend Janie. Please check back Sunday when my special guest blogger (not you this time) will announce the winner.

    4. Yes! I remember The Rutles. They do resemble The Rutles. I might not be here on Sunday, but I should be here Monday.

    5. AOK, dear Janie. The next post runs a full week so you have plenty of time to visit.

      I hope Lake Junebug doesn't overflow its banks in the coming days. Take care and have a nice weekend, dear friend!

  18. I'm going with Lulu, mostly because I like the tune better. I haven't heard those songs in ages! My dad used to play music like this when I was a kid.

    What's up with the name, "Livebirds"? Sounds like they have some kind of medical problem!

    1. Hi, dear Sherry! Thank you very much for coming over and voting in my latest BOTB, the second in a row to feature two UK acts competing against each other. There's really no mystery to the name Liverbirds. The all girl band originated in Liverpool, home of the Beatles. Back then, Brit girls were often referred to as "birds," hence the name Liverbirds.

      I will enter your vote for Scottish thrush Lulu and I thank you again, dear Sherry, for participating in my Banned Battle. Please check back in this Sunday when my special guest blogger will announce the winner of the contest. Until then, have a great week, my wonderful new friend!

  19. Hi Shady, I just read your post on Toto. It sounds like you brought each other much joy. She was lucky to have made her home with you.

    1. Thank you for taking time to read that post, sweet friend. It's true. Toto brought us a tremendous amount of joy for 14 years and she has been missed every single day since she's been gone.

      Thank you again for being so kind, Sandra!

  20. My dear friend Shady, I have no idea why, but I never saw this post. :( I just came to your blog now to see how you are doing and found this post. Goodness, I always read your blog and I don't know why I didn't see it in my news feed. Please accept my apology, and I hope you didn't think I had lost interest in your posts, because this is not so. :)

    I vote for Lulu. Sending you a hug and warm wishes from a beautiful sunny, comfortable, not hot or humid, Montreal. :)

    1. Hi, dear Linda! Thank you very much for coming over. I appreciate your explanation and reassurances. It is comforting to know you are still with me, my cherished friend. The last thing I want is for our friendship to get lost in the shuffle.

      I am very happy to know that you found the post in plenty of time. I will make note of your vote for Lulu. If at all possible, please come back this Sunday when a special guest blogger will announce the winner of the contest.

      Thank you again for sticking with me, dear friend Linda. I'll be over to see you tomorrow!

    2. Hi Shady, I never leave a good friend, and I count you at the top of this list! :) I prefer to have few and good ones. I have been struggling with depression again, which comes and goes, so this is why I have been a little say...out of it. I hope to get through this and thanks to you and my other good friends, it is a definite help! :)

    3. Hi, sweet Linda! I am very sorry to learn that you are in a depressed state. You are not alone. It happens to me and to many others. We all need to stick together. I agree that I'd rather have a few true blue friends than hundreds of "click-on" friends. You are among my dearest and most cherished friends and I will not abandon you.

      Thank you again for coming. I love your visits and our friendly communications. Get plenty of rest this weekend and know that I am thinking about you. God bless, Linda!

  21. Hi Shady, Like Linda, I don't remember getting a message on email either - thus, I am late.

    I have to vote for Lulu because I much prefer the song and I like her sweet voice. To Sir With Love, was a favorite, and I loved the movie back then in the olden days of yore.

    I did remember the Liverbird's song, but never liked it much. However, I am so impressed they got together and I do think they are a terrific band. They must have had a lot of fun.

    I had to go back and look at the Liverbird's album cover because it scared poor Janie. They aren't bad looking; it's the hairstyles and clothes, I think. The girl with the long bangs and straight hair - I remember how important it was to have long bangs. I would have a nervous breakdown if my bangs were cut too short back then. Great post, as ever.

    1. Hi, dear Belle! Welcome back, my sweet friend! I have learned not to trust the Blogger feed service. I'm glad you checked back here and found my post. This is why I think it's a good idea to have a more leisurely publishing schedule and allow a post to "breathe" for a week before replacing it.

      It's interesting to me that you evaluated the two songs in this contest along with the two competing artists before making up your mind how to vote. In addition to the song and the artist, I also take a few other things into account. I consider the quality of the production, the arrangement and the overall feel or attitude of the recording. Does it inspire me? Does it leave me feeling happy? Can I relate to the message?

      It makes perfect sense that a 60s girl band based in Liverpool would want to look like the Beatles and the male moptop bands of the British Invasion. I remember how popular bangs were on girls back then and how protective girls were of their locks. BB reminded us of That Girl:

      I am thrilled to see you, dear friend Belle, and once again I thank you for coming over and participating in the battle. Tune in Sunday when a familiar face makes a guest appearance and announces the winner. God bless!

  22. Hi Shady, I just wanted to say thank you for your wonderful comments on Chrys' blog. You made my day! I am honored to have you as a friend. It's people like you who make blogging such a wonderful experience! I wish I could give you a real-life hug, but a virtual one will have to do. Hugs!

    1. Dear Sherry, thank you! Thank you very much for expressing this! You don't know how much it means to me to read these kind words from someone of your caliber. This is what makes blogging great. Moments like these are to be treasured.

      Hugs to you, too, my dear friend! :)

  23. This is a tough one Shady! I like LuLu best though. And I do remember her from To Sir, With Love. What a great movie that was!!! I liked the Livergoods but I liked the Trouble with Boys and LuLu's voice better so she gets my vote. Good battle!
    Michele at Angels Bark

    1. Hi, dear Michele! Thank you very much for coming to the polls and voting just in time. Those poor Liverbirds. In these comments the all girl garage band from Liverpool has been called Liverbird (singular), the Livebirds, the Ladybirds and the Livergoods, and Susie thought they should be called the Loverbirds. Maybe one of the reasons why they didn't become major stars is that people couldn't remember their name! :)

      Your vote for Lulu is noted, Michele. The results post is just hours away and I invite you back here tomorrow (Sunday) to see which of these acts won the battle.

      Thank you again for your visit and participation, dear friend Michele!

  24. ATTENTION!!!


    Thank you very much for visiting and voting and making it a very exciting contest.

    The winner will be announced tomorrow (Sunday) morning. See you then, my friend!


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