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"More than a place, the Shady Dell was and will forever remain a state of mind." - Shady Del Knight

"More than a place, the Shady Dell was and will forever remain a state of mind." - Shady Del Knight

Friday, June 5, 2015

Spring Cleaning - It Ain't Much Fun and You're Always Happy When It's Done. Introducing..... Battle of the Banned!

I'm On The Outside Looking In
(Know what I mean, Vern?)


Once upon a time...
I was encouraged to join the Battle of the Bands group.
I had never before taken part in a hop, but BOTB is
all about music and so I decided to give it a try.
When, after only two of my posts, the group's
organizers decided to cancel their subscription to
The Resurrection Shady Dell Music & Memories,
I made the brilliant deduction that it wasn't
going to work out. Ya think? The old retort
"You can't fire me - I quit!" comes to mind.
All kidding aside, I think the three of us
realized at the same time that it wasn't
a good fit. Therefore this outcome is
best for all concerned. Hey, at least
we tried. There are no hard feelings
on my part and I sincerely wish
them well in their future endeavors.

The upshot of the break-up is that
I have 30+ finished drafts that I prepared
in advance for the BOTB. It seems a shame
to let them go to waste. Since I no longer
have the support of the principals I've
decided to go rogue and call my
series Battle of the Banned.
 Yeah... that's the ticket!

Out of consideration for your valuable time,
I plan to run my banned battles on days of
the month other than the 1st and 15th.
Think about it. The BOTB hop is
growing by leaps and bounds,
right? That means there's a glut
of reading, listening and commenting
on the 1st and 15th. I intend to lighten
your load by spacing my battle posts
in between those days of the month
and spreading them out over
a period of three years.


If you belong to the BOTB circle I will not abandon you.
I will happily continue to support the blog of anyone
who continues to support mine.  If you are still here
then please know that I am grateful for your loyal
friendship. (That includes you, mommy.) If you are
no longer here, then I'm wondering how you could
possibly be reading this. Enough of this small talk.
It's time for me to dry my eyes and launch the new
series and I will do that next Wednesday, June 10.
See ya then!


  1. You've got our support, son. Me and Pa are behind you a thousand percent, maybe even more.

    Make us proud, boy. Make us proud!

    1. Hi, Ma!

      First of all, I’m pretty sure it’s “Pa and I.” I’ll need to check with chief grammatician Janie Junebug.

      Second, gee willikers, Ma, why’d you have to go and embarrass me in front of the guys?

    2. Yes, it should be "Pa and I," but let's pretend we don't care.

    3. I'm happy to see you up and around, dear Janie. I hope this means you are feeling better.

  2. Your posts are always educating, humourous at times and thoroughly enjoyable, dear Shady. Thank you so much for sharing. Enjoy your weekend, my cherished friend. :)

    1. Hi, dear Linda! Thank you very much, my cherished friend. It's good to be appreciated. I wish you a safe and happy weekend, Linda!

  3. You go rogue!

    1. Hi, Susie! That's right. I'm casting my fate to the wind. From now on every post will be devoted to Cowboy Copas. Enjoy!

      Thank you for visiting, dear friend Susie, and have a great weekend!

  4. Oh, Shady, you had STAY on your blog today! I love that song.

    Personally,I love the blog hops that make me do posts I might not do otherwise. As you are well aware (lol), I post five days a week. It's not a predestined size or topic - I just want to make myself write and draw daily. I kind of enjoy putting the hops on the calendar and filling in the "between" spaces. Some of the most popular posts for readers have been blog hop posts.

    I totally support your Battle of the Banned, as long as you never ban Cherdo!! I'm the cheerleader and I'll be here as soon as I can get here every stinkin' day you post and there's nothing you can do about it. BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHA...I'm drunk with power.

    Love, Cherdo

    1. Hi, dear Cherdo! Thank you very much for coming! Your bloggy love intoxicates me. Yessum, it seems I'm on the blacklist, the black hat blogger, banned in Beantown. You exhibit great courage coming here and being seen with me in my den of iniquity. (Janie Junebug is smoking in the girls' room as we speak.) Thank you for pledging to support my Battle of the Banned. The first installment is coming up next Wednesday, the 10th.

      Thank you again for your faithful friendship and support, dear Cherdo. Please have a safe and happy weekend!

    2. Everybody knows that smokin' ain't allowed in school. Good thing I'm not in school. I am here with my doobie.

    3. That explains a lot, Janie Junebug. :)

    4. You made me laugh with your southern comfort.

    5. I love to make you laugh and smile. dear friend.

  5. I suppose it's good to know when a relationship simply isn't going to work out and move on.

    I'm glad you're not just abandoning all the work you put into your posts.

    Since it sounds like you're running this feature on your own timetable (go you!), should I remove your name from my list of participants for Battle of the Bands? I'm thinking that's what you want me to do, but checking in just to be sure.

    Battle of the Banned seems so sad to me. I know you are saying it with a wink and a grin, but still. Maybe call your battles: Who Does It Better?

    Okay, that wasn't great. How about: Same Song, Different Sound.

    Well, whatever you call it, I plan to vote. (Maybe not the week of July as I'll be largely unavailable, but the rest of the time!)

    1. Hi, dear Robin! I am pleasantly surprised to see you. (Didn't you get the memo? :)

      Yessum, it is always better to cut your losses and move on when something isn't working. However, since you are close to the other parties involved, I need to admit to you that it hurts. It is a tremendous disappointment when three civilized adults fail to work through a simple misunderstanding, put it behind them and commit to stick together as friends. I kept the door open long after being unfriended. I even tried to leave a supportive comment on the person's blog and they chose not to publish it. Since when is it "one strike and you're out"? It seems like the baby was thrown out the window along with the bath water. It's regrettable, but life goes on and so must we. If that friendship was so fragile to begin with, nothing more than a house of cards that came tumbling down in the first gust of wind, then it wasn't the kind of relationship any of us wants or needs.

      Robin, you continue to surprise me in a very good way. I am deeply grateful for your visit and comment. If you will continue to follow me then we will indeed have the lasting friendship you predicted weeks ago. Thank you again, dear friend, and have a safe and happy weekend!

  6. I'm sorry things didn't work out with you and the BOTB hosts, Shady. :( Unaware of the controversy, I went back a few posts to see what happened. Personality conflicts are a fact of life. Hopefully, you can all put it behind you, eventually. In the meantime, I'll be sure to check out your band battles and other posts. We've only met recently, but I think your blog is pretty cool and unique. Also, congratulations on your new grandchild! Have a good weekend.

    1. Hi, dear Debbie! Thank you very much for expressing this to me. It means more than I can express back to you. It's good to know that you intend to keep following me even though I will not officially be a member of the blog hop. I promise to do my best to keep you smiling.

      I can honestly say that I am enjoying your blog, too. I can tell by your music selections that you and I share similar tastes in music. On top of that I am a lifelong dog lover. :)

      Thank you again for pledging your friendship and support, dear Debbie the Doglady. You're a keeper!

  7. Dear Shady,

    As I'm not a part of this group I can do as I please. Heck, what have I got to lose? None of these people would follow or read my blog if I paid them.

    So I say do you're Battle of the Bland, have fun with it and bugger anybody who doesn't like it.

    I'll be by when I'm able to cheer you on!

    1. That's Battle of the Banned. Sorry had a blonde moment there :0)

    2. Hi, dear Anne! I am very happy and grateful to see you again. I was hoping that I hadn't lost you so soon after finding you. Thank you, dear friend. Thank you for what you expressed here today.

      Yessum, Battle of the Blands was the name of my previous tongue in cheek post. :) Going forward my series will be called Battle of the Banned. No matter what it is called, the content of any given post is only window dressing, an invitation or an excuse for genuine friends to drop in and say a friendly hello. That's all I ever wanted out of blogging and it is what you, dear Anne, have consistently offered. Again I thank you for being you. Your support means the world to me!

    3. Dear Shady,

      No, you didn't lose me. I saw your Battle of the Bland post and chose just to lurk.

      You've been nothing but kind to me and what other people think has no effect on me as I'm my own person.

      Ya, it's all about connecting with people for me as well and after four years, I've got a pretty good crew surrounding me. A bunch of wargamrs who call themselves "Anne's Army" and would do just about anything I asked them to.

      So what day are you doing your first battle? Are you going to do any kind of post on Monday?

    4. Hi, again, Anne! No, I don't have a post coming up on Monday. I used to publish a new post every 3 or 4 days but, in recent years, I have slowed down the pace to an average of 6 or 7 days between posts. I do that out of consideration for your valuable time. My posts are typically long. Most contain 5 or 6 videos/songs that I'd like you to hear. I figure if you don't have time to make it all the way through my post on your first visit you still have nearly a week to return and finish reading and listening. Of course, a friend like you is a rare find, because you love to drop in to continue our threads and strengthen our bond. Friends make time for friends and I love how you make time for me. I am really enjoying the chance to get to know you, Anne!

      To answer your question, my first Battle of the Banned is coming up next Wednesday, June 10. However, I will tell you in advance that it is another "exhibition match." No voting is required. Actually, Anne, I looked at my schedule just now and realized that I won't be able to present another legitimate battle with voting until August 3. Let me explain why. I have several time sensitive posts that need to run between now and then including Father's Day, my Echoes series saluting the Phil Spector sound and a special 3-part series which begins the last week of this month and runs through mid July, followed by my 7 year blog anniversary.

      Anne, thank you again for your generous nature. I appreciate your frequent visits and comments. Have a nice evening and a safe and happy weekend, dear friend!

    5. Dear Shady,

      I don't post often either and I don't adhere to any schedule. I can be gone for 1 to 3 months and just come back when I feel like it. People don't get bored with me that way and I don't get bored with myself either. Also, my life is busy, so I spend only what time I can afford on blogger.

      When I've the time, I do enjoy carrying on long conversations with people as it is a way to get to know people very different from myself. Also I have a "no private contact" policy. I don't permit personal conversations via email so the only way I talk to folks is out in the open in comment sections. I find that keeps me honest, keeps the other person honest and keeps me from getting pulled into any kind of blogger gossip.

      You write your posts ahead then. I think that helps if one is be consistent on the blogoshphere. The Phil Spector series sounds intriguing. His contribution to music is undeniable, but sadly his life is a terrible mess.

      Seven years! There's not much you haven't seen on blogger then. The good, the bad and the ugly must have all crossed your path by now. Thankfully in my experience the good have outweighed the other two.

      I shall let you go then to have a nice weekend!

    6. Hi again ,dear Anne!

      Yessum, I like to prepare my articles (posts) well in advance. At this point I actually have enough new material saved in the form of finished drafts to last three more years. That includes nearly 40 more banned battles that will be spread out over that time span.

      I think a no private contact policy is wise in today's world. If you are willing to meet me here in the comments section of SDMM then we can engage in conversations long and short and discuss any topic under the sun.

      I've had a very enjoyable evening, Anne. It began when I clicked to follow your blog. Please forgive me for taking so long to get around to it. I was going to join a while back but became intimidated when I realized that I am completely out of my element and have nothing intelligent to contribute. Until tonight I knew absolutely nothing about miniature wargaming. Tonight I decided to remedy that situation to a certain extent and to learn more about your other interests. After reading a selection of your blog posts, comments and replies, I hopped around Wiki and YouTube and took a crash course in the hobby of miniature wargaming. I listened to tutorials and viewed scenes from conventions. The hobby is vast, almost beyond comprehension, and it is equally fascinating. Next, I found your YouTube channel, subscribed and listened to all of your uploads. I sat spellbound listening to the music that you and your husband composed and performed. I listened to your drumming and your angelic singing. I took note of the artwork on display in your videos and gathered that you love nature and are concerned about the survival of endangered species of animals. I noted that you are nicknamed Pnut. To sum it up, Anne, I am astounded by the breadth and depth of your talent. You are a gifted artist, musician, singer, composer and humanitarian and I realize that's only the beginning. I feel very fortunate that you were somehow drawn to my little corner of the world and have taken an interest in my meager pursuits. Thank you for being a world class friend, dear Anne!

    7. Dear Shady,

      I'm so touched that you took the time to become acquainted with me. The hobby is massive and I knew nothing of it till I started blogging. I came across another Irish and he was a painter. Fascinated with the hobby I followed him and went to all his friends blogs. Those gamers were so kind that they sent me my first figures, bought me my first set of paints and brushes. Then they proceeded to teach me how to paint online by writing tutorials for me. Without blogger I'd never have found the hobby that brings me such joy.

      I'm so pleased to hear that you listened to our music and liked it. We've never had illusions about "making it in the business" which has allowed us to do as we please and enjoy ourselves. The only thing I do is sing and play drums. My husband is the talented one as he is playing all the other instruments, writes out the arrangements and does the engineering when we've done something in a studio.

      You never have to feel pressured to comment as I don't do the "leave a comment, get a comment" thing. If that's what blogging was all about, it would be a hollow thing indeed.

      I enjoy coming here, talking to you and learning about your taste in music. Which is rich and varied. You are a kind man Shady and will make a good friend to me.

    8. Hi, Anne! Thank you for understanding that I will mainly lurk on your site and leave the commenting to the experts and avid enthusiasts who know what they're talking about. Keep meeting me here in the Shady. This can be our chat room.

      I will be a good friend to you, Anne. At the very start I promised to take good care of our friendship. You are important to me. :)

    9. Dear Shady,

      Thank you so very much for stopping by to see me today. It meant the world to me that you would feel comfortable enough to do so.

      I'm looking forward to your post tomorrow and will be here for it. It may be late morning or early afternoon as I've to see my husband off to his parents house.

    10. Hi, sweet Anne! It was my pleasure to help you celebrate this important milestone, the completion of four years of blogging. Your friendship means the world to me, too! :)

  8. Hello Shady,

    It's funny we all have our tiffs. We sure did -- we had our own "battles" but, it does not break our friendship. Looks like you're the bigger person here. Your "true" friends will not abandon you! Somehow you still found humor in the whole situation,LOL! Your Ma (and Pa) raised you right!

    With that said , I will voice my opinion on the two songs posted today, even though you didn't ask and they are not battling. Picking between the two I'll have to go with "Stay" although I like Jackson Brown's version better. As for the "outside looking in", The band Staind, has a song called "Outside (looking in)" that would be my pick to click! Try it you'll like it!
    Your friend always,
    Toni Deroche

    1. Hi, dear Toni! Thank you very much for coming over! We have all seen the familiar quote and it bears repeating. "Be who you are and say what you feel, because those who mind don't matter and those who matter don't mind." - Bernard Baruch

      Yessum, I try to find humor in everything. I try to "vanish" upsets quickly and avoid holding a grudge. As I stated in the text there are no residual hard feelings on my part.

      I wasn't familiar with "Outside Looking In" by Staind. I went to YouTube and listened to it. Thanks! Now that we're playing a game of Six Degrees I will add that Eric Burdon and the Animals had a top 40 hit with "Inside-Looking Out" and, of course Diana Ross once sang:

      Upside down
      Boy, you turn me
      Inside out
      And round and round

      Thank you very much for this message of friendship and support, dear Toni. Over the years you have always been there for me and today was no exception. Have a safe and happy weekend. God bless!

  9. Some people are just jerks. One of them is me, but I'll be more than happy to stay. They actually "unfriended" you? Well, I'll I'll say is one of them never was good at working with those who disagreed with them. I don't think the person's worldview allows for people who draw alternate conclusions. I got that breakup note from that one a while back. It kinda hurt my feelings, but in a way I think I wasn't supposed to be poisoned by that person's opinions, so God moved and the thing's done. Too bad, so sad.

    I like it here. I learn a lot!

    1. Hi, Chris! Wow, good buddy, you hit a homer out of the park with that comment! I suppose we've all been in this situation at least once in our lives. It's good to know that I am not alone and I thank you very much for sharing. I feel the same way about your blog. It's loaded with info, trivia, stats, exactly the kind of thing I enjoy most. Nothing needs to be forced - no trying to fit a square peg in a round hole. When you're having fun and the feeling's right, you just know it. Thanks again for your ongoing friendship and support, Chris. I promise to keep you amused and entertained for as long as you care to join me.

      Have a great weekend, CW!

  10. Hello Shady,

    Good to see you're continuing here at the Del, so post away :) happy to stay and play and like Cherdo I loved Maurice Williams and the Zodiacs original soundtrack of 'Stay,'

    That's all for now


    1. Hi, dear Allie-Millie! Thanks for coming to my pity party! :) Yessum, I intend to press on and do my best to entertain and educate dear friends like you who choose to stand by me. I greatly appreciate your friendship and support, Allie-Millie. I see you have a new chapter up and I will get to it first thing tomorrow when I am fresh and rested. Okay? Have a wonderful weekend and I will see you tomorrow, dear friend!

  11. Well, Shady, this is a sad outcome, but at least you're taking it in an upbeat way and making the best of it. I plan to keep your link on my list even if your Battles (gosh I almost hate to call them that now) don't coincide with the 1st and 15th. I presume any visitors would still find some kind of comparative study in song version when they came to visit and even if not I know they'd find something of interest.

    Sadly there can be so many misunderstandings in written communications such as comment threads, emails, or anything else where there can be no immediate explanations. At least in real time we can counter with whatever is necessary to defend, retract, or do whatever needs to be done to salvage a communication going in the wrong direction.

    I'm still a bit baffled as to what happened other than people talking in their own heads and misunderstanding what others where saying. It can happen, but like you say rational people should be able to resolve issues that come up and not just leaving one party to hold the hot potato.

    I wish I knew the perfect solution, but I guess if I knew that I would be wiser and wealthier and maybe the President or something like that. It's sad but what do we do but do what we are doing?

    I too have many of these Music Face-offs sitting in the hopper and no matter what I'm in even if everyone else abandons the project. I like the concept and I've always enjoyed blogging about music. It's more fun if done in a setting of sharing and discussion, but a blog is always more fun if people are commenting and voting.

    So life goes on and hopefully we all will avoid further misunderstanding or at least resolve the ones that might come along. And who knows, maybe everyone will decide to play nicey and shake hands and let bygones be bygones. It's a nice dream and it could happen.

    Thanks for your continued visits to my blog and your swell comments. Like Robin I could be more scarce come the upcoming couple of months--depends on my internet connections and time and stuff. You can read more about my plans on my Saturday post at Wrote By Rote.

    See ya around. You've still got lots of friends.

    By the way, I've also got a bit more to say on my Monday post at Tossing It Out. It's a post that's been sitting in my line-up for a year or more and I figured now was as good time as any to go ahead and publish it.

    Arlee Bird
    A to Z Challenge Co-host
    Road trippin' with A to Z
    Tossing It Out

    1. Hi, Lee!

      Thank you for staying up late to express yourself on the subject. It's good to know that I still have your support.

      It's so true, good buddy. Written words can be misinterpreted or even misread. They can lead to a series of uncomfortable exchanges that escalate tensions and exacerbate the situation. Before you know it you're off to the races and damage is done. If we had the advantage of speaking face to face or on the telephone I'm sure this misunderstanding would have been cleared up quickly, easily and painlessly. Instead it became a deal breaker. It's disappointing when a single incident, a very minor one at that, causes people to withdraw, unsubscribe, break off further communication and forfeit all the good that might have come from the relationship in the future.

      Although disappointed in this outcome I can see how it serves a purpose. With SDMM permanently removed from the master list of participating BOTB blogs, it will soon become apparent which people are interested in following my blog and keeping me as a friend and which ones aren't, hence "spring cleaning." It's for the best, Lee, because I am already swamped. I simply can't afford to spend all day every day "servicing accounts" that don't yield much. Friendship is a commitment, a commitment of time and effort. I don't want or need hundreds of followers. All I want, all I ever wanted, are a few good, loyal friends. I am very thankful that you and Robin are still with me, Lee. :)

      Enjoy your weekend, good buddy, and I will be over to see you on Monday. Take care!

  12. Oh my goodness, thirty plus drafts?! Holy mackerel this will be good. And yet another great display of your dedication and preparedness in the blogging world. And how resourceful of you to go ahead and share them with us, turning a disappointment into something good, something for others as well!!

    1. Hi, dear Abigail & Daisy! Thank you very much for dropping by. Ha! I actually have more than 150 finished drafts in the can, enough to last for the next 3 years. :) When you are inspired, when you've got your mojo, your muse, you can crank out a lot of good material in record time. That productive period is often followed by one in which you feel uninspired. It's normal, the cyclical nature of life.

      Thank you very much for your ongoing friendship and support, dear friend Abigail. Enjoy your weekend, hug Daisy for me, and I'll connect with you again soon. God bless!

  13. I know nothing about this other outfit. I only know you, Shady, and enjoy your Battle of the Bands or Banned or whatever you decide to post. You have my support in whatever endeavors you choose. :)
    That was a great song, BTW.

    1. Hi, dear Rita! (Hi, KKK!) Thank you very much for coming down and for pledging your continued support. As you know by now, I am a down to earth person and I am attracted to the same. You are my kind of people and I am sincerely grateful that you enjoy coming here and relaxing with me in the Shady.

      I hope you and the other members of your delightful family are well and happy and enjoying a fine weekend up there in Fargo. God bless, dear Rita!

  14. Kathleen Mae SchneiderJune 6, 2015 at 11:32 PM

    Okay, so I might as well turn this bout of insomnia into something productive by adding my two cents to this discussion, although I've been too overwhelmed by my caregiving schedule recently to get involved in this sad turn of events.

    Someone once referred to the philosophy of Voltaire with the following: "I do not agree with what you have to say, but I'll defend to the death your right to say it."

    This is certainly a worthwhile way to live and get along with others who think differently, on a blog or face to face. It seems to me though, that in any relationship, online or otherwise, kindness and reasonableness seem more positive and life-affirming than competitive snark put forth in the name of cleverness. However, to each his (or her) own, and I guess it works for some.

    I'm sure by what you describe, there were many dust ups at the original Shady Dell, so perhaps this is just an extension of that. I applaud your equanimity at being "dropped" by a few bloggers. That's their loss, in my opinion.

    As you well know by now, SDM&M helps to fill in the musical blanks from my teenage years devoted to classical music. While I still love Beethoven and the boys, it's really refreshing to lighten up a bit and belatedly ( about forty years) listen to this music that is just plain fun! I always learn something new and find it is an excellent way to broaden my mind and cultural understanding.

    Your diverse selections reliably brighten many days for me as well as encourage (when I can spare a few minutes!) some research about musical artists and styles from all over the world. Let's hear it for lifelong learning!

    I so appreciate being accepted into this unique blog community where friendship and goodwill reign, laughs and good humor among us abound, and your creativity and surprises delight us weekly.

    In addition to the music and Dell atmosphere, we share insights gained from our lives, supporting one another in both good times and bad. It feels like an extended family of sorts, where there is always room for one more "adoption".

    Even though I can't be a consistent contributor to conversations right now, please do count me in! As always, thank you for enriching so many of our lives, Tom, and please thank Shady as well for all his dedication and hard work here. ;-)

    1. Hi, Kathleen! It's a wonderful surprise to find a comment from you this morning. Thank you for contributing to our discussion, You're right. This blog was inspired by and is modeled after the original Shady Dell hangout for teenagers. The Dell was no stranger to controversy. It spent most of its long history on the outside, the fringe of mainstream society. The Dell was a forerunner of the modern underground rave experience, "banned" by concerned parents who didn't want Babs and Junior to fall under the influence of the undesirable element that frequented the joint, a group of kids known as Dell rats. Funny thing about that. For the most part, Dell rats were ordinary guys and girls who just wanted a private place where they could go to relax, be themselves and have a little fun without being hassled by parents and other authority figures. Notice that I called the Dell a "private place." It was, after all, a private club. You entered the Dell and stayed a member of the Dell at John's discretion. Every once in a while a few strangers would blow in the door from out of town. They'd take a look around, turn up their noses and start picking, finding fault with the way the place looked, with the music, etc. They didn't last long. Soon they were gone and life at the Dell went back to normal. Was it always peaceful? Certainly not! I was punched in the face three times on Dell property - twice in the parking lot and once on the dance floor when I simply looked at a guy the wrong way. Being involved in an occasional altercation did not deter me. Black eyes and bloody noses were not enough to make me pack up and go home. They made me more determined than ever to stay and find a way to work through problems and fit in. I loved the Dell and remained committed to it. These were my people, the rat pack, a bunch of down to earth, unpretentious kids that I wanted to be around. I sucked it up, stuck it out, endured and, eventually, I belonged.

      Thank you again for making time to express yourself, dear friend Kathleen. I think of you and Mother every day and pray for you every night. God bless!

  15. Dear Sir Shady,

    Mommy is here and will stay longer than just a little bit longer.


    1. Hi, Janie! I'm back off the road following another day of travels. It's good to see you. Your visits are always a comfort to me. (Southern Comfort.) What I'm trying to say is, your bloggy love intoxicates me.

      I hope you had a great weekend, Janie. Thanks again for stopping by.

    2. I had a good weekend. Kind of strange at times, but good strange. You are a busy bee with all your travels. How is the new grandbaby? Oi! What I wouldn't give for a grandchild. I know. I've said it before. I want grandchildren. My oxymorons refuse to procreate.

    3. Early on our grandson had problems taking nourishment and wasn't gaining enough weight. The doctor determined that he is tongue-tied and will need a laser treatment to correct it. He is now drinking formula and gaining weight, so that is no longer a worry. Thank you for asking. You know that I am rooting for you to become a grandmother. I realize that I disappointed a lot of people when I chose not to have any children, but we all have the right to choose the lifestyle that feels right and that's what I did.

      Thank you again for your return visits, Janie. I was just thinking the other day how much I miss our frequent exchanges. I hope you will stay in touch more often.

      Stay tuned for my first official Battle of the Banned post coming two days from now - on Wednesday!
      Hint: They'll be playing "our song." Can you guess what it is?

  16. I'm pretty shocked BOTB would take you off their list. That is pretty mean. Well, a really good thing came out of it - you have a backload of posts with music battles! That makes me very happy; as you know, I find those blogs lots of fun.

    Yes, I have had people block me on Twitter and their blogs. I think it is because I make fun of Republicans. No sense of Ha-Ha. Oh well. A Christian guy gave me good advice when he said we should avoid making fun of people. He was right. Jesus wouldn't do it; I'm trying to stop.

    Hmm, a little off topic. I'll never leave your blog, Tom. We are united til death us do part - or you stop blogging!

    1. Hi, dear Belle! Your sweet words brought tears to my eyes, my wonderful friend. If I lost every other follower I would be happy and feel lucky if I still had you. We have quite a history together going back years and I cherish the bond that has formed between us.

      When you think about it, I have been staging an informal version of BOTB every week for almost seven years. I typically post 5 or 6 songs and the readers tell me which ones they like.

      You are right, Belle. In our communications on social media, we should always err on the side of caution and avoid poking fun at individuals, groups or political parties because words, spoken or written, can hurt people. We are entering another presidential election cycle and I am bracing for the mudslinging that's sure to come. I choose to remain neutral on SDMM and not discuss politics, religion or other hot potato topics. Even so, I learned the hard way that you can't avoid controversy and conflict forever, even if you stick to the harmless subject of music. I regret what transpired here in recent weeks but, now that I have been given the boot, I once again feel free to operate my blog as I see fit without being locked into somebody else's format. It's win-win!

      Til death do us part, dear friend Belle. That's my promise to you, too! Thank you again for your visit and lovely, supportive comment and have a safe and happy week ahead!

  17. Battle of the Banned? I should join you. I'm on the list, but received no visit. (Maybe Battle of the Ignored?) I don't get to participate every time because I only post on Mondays. I had a battle planned for June 15, but probably won't participate now. Shame, as I thought it was fun.
    Let me know what days you plan to post!

    1. Hi, Alex! Thank you very much for coming over, my new friend! First of all, I want you to know that you are always welcome here at SDMM and that I am delighted to have you as a new follower. Secondly, I would be honored to have you join my Battle of the Banned. Just think. We can have our own splinter group made up of a ragtag bunch of misfits. :)

      Here's my deal. My first Battle of the Banned post will be published this Wednesday, June 10. However, it is only an exhibition match - no voting required. In the weeks ahead I have a lot of time-sensitive non-BOTB posts that I need to run. Therefore, my second Battle of the Banned won't take place until August 3. August 3 is a Monday so you are welcome to tie your BOTB to mine that day. Regardless of when you decide to publish your battle posts or what you choose to call them, I promise that I will show up for you and read, listen and vote.

      Alex, thank you again for your support. You have my support as well, my friend. I'll connect with you again soon and until then have a great week!

    2. August 3 it is! Will you have a badge for Battle of the Banned? Let me know if you need one made. Let's hear it for the ragtag misfits!

    3. Hi again, Alex! AOK, good buddy, we will "simulcast" on August 3. Our message of inspiration and hope will touch the hearts of people in every corner of the world! :)

      I hesitate to have a Battle of the Banned badge or banner made, Alex, and here's why. I don't want to convey the impression that I am thumbing my nose at or trying to compete with the original BOTB group. Feelings have already been hurt and I don't want to fan the flames. I just want to burn off the 30 or 40 BOTB posts that I already have in the can and then go back to my regularly scheduled programming.

      I hope you will tune in Wednesday and experience the Mother of all Battle of the Banned posts, the one that inspired the series. See you soon, Alex!

    4. An honorable stance to take, Shady. I respect that a lot and thank you for it.

      Arlee Bird
      A to Z Challenge Co-host
      Road trippin' with A to Z
      Tossing It Out

    5. Thank you, Lee. It's good to know you are still following this thread and understand the "body English" of blogging and how it can hurt or heal.

      Take care, good buddy!

  18. Wow, this is what happens when you're late to class or late for the party..."things" happen! I'm not sure what all has transpired here, but I plan on sticking around dear friend! I'll be honest, I never would have thought this type of blog would have me as a follower. I know very little about music and bands and musical artists. But I've learned more than I can remember, taken walks (in my white gogo boots) down memory lane, and had fun! So God willing and the creek don't rise, I'm ready for the battle!

    1. Hi, dear YaYa! Thank you very much for dropping in today! Dear friend, Shady Dell Music & Memories is lucky to have you as follower. If anybody belongs here it is you.

      I love music, but I have never claimed to be an expert. At best I have an average knowledge of music. In fact I know next to nothing about many types of music. Check my replies back through the years to comments in which people remark about my vast knowledge of music. You will see that I keep going out of my way to deny it. I always let readers know that I am learning most of this stuff right along with them as I do my research. Anyone can do what I am doing here if they have the interest and the time to invest. As you are doing with your blog, I am using mine as a place to keep a permanent record of that which I have found to be of value over the years. However, the most important aspect of blogging to me is the opportunity to build quality, long lasting friendships with good, kind, down-to-earth people like you.

      In the late 1990s, I joined an online music appreciation forum. I assumed that I would be a natural fit for the group because I am a music lover and always eager to meet like-minded people who want to exchange stories and information. It turned out to be a terrible experience. Instead of welcoming me as a new member, the inner circle of regulars who did most of the posting on the forum had an almost pathological need to correct me, put me in my place and prove that they know more than I know. I should have learned my lesson back then but it seems I didn't... until now.

      Shady Dell Music & Memories welcomes people of all ages and background from all over the world. A vast knowledge of music is not required, only a good heart and a kind, respectful attitude. Those are the things you have consistently brought with you as you come through my door, dear YaYa, and that's why I feel blessed to have you here.

      Thank you again for joining me, dear friend YaYa, and enjoy the rest of your week!

  19. Hi Shady, As you know, I am not a blog person and yours is the only one I follow. It is because I have always enjoyed your efforts, the music and the historical facts. I will continue to follow your blog and hope you continue to provide history and trivia about the musical groups. Remember the lyrics of an old Animals song and keep all the blogs coming!!!!

    Jerre (Not a member of any blog but a faithful Dell Rat)

    1. Baby, do you understand me now
      Sometimes I feel a little mad
      But don't you know that no one alive
      Can always be an angel
      When things go wrong I seem to be bad
      But I'm just a soul whose intentions are good
      Oh Lord, please don't let me be misunderstood

      Hi, Jerre! Thank you very much for visiting, good buddy. I'm coming up on my seven year blog anniversary. Every year around this time I remember that you have been with me from the very start. You were the first person to take an interest in what I'm doing and I am grateful that you are still following me. I assure you that I am eager to put this temporary distraction in the past where it belongs and get back to the style of blogging that I love and that you and other long time faithful friends have come to expect.

      There's a new post coming tomorrow morning and I hope you enjoy it. When you hear the tender ballad that I am featuring it will surely tug at your heartstrings, even more so than "Tiptoe Thru the Tulips." :)

      Thanks again for your loyal friendship and support all these years, Jerre. Take care and I hope to see you again soon!

  20. OK I am unsure how I missed this one but this was a biggy to miss! I am a new follower to you but I am simply dumbfounded that something so wonderful as music and voting could have caused such sadness. I am not even sure what has happened but I believe in one having the right to say what they say or do and if it bends the rules (or sometimes break them) then so be it. I am all for that anyway as long as no one is harmed and I have a feeling the other party took things to a whole other level that just didn't need to be. So that being said, we must move forward to the positive and enjoy what blogging is all about. I find that sometimes people are looking to be offended and you can't do anything to change their mind. I will have fun listening to your Battle of the Banned. I commend you for rising above the hurt and moving on. Sorry that my blondness missed this. A big hug to you


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