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"More than a place, the Shady Dell was and will forever remain a state of mind." - Shady Del Knight

"More than a place, the Shady Dell was and will forever remain a state of mind." - Shady Del Knight

Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Battle of the Banned... Volume 1: Remembering the Dell's Dirty Ditty!




Welcome to Volume 1 of


 "Listen, honey... 

 they're playing our song!" 

You have no right to call yourself a Dell rat
if you don't remember Doug Clark & the Nuts
aka Doug Clark & the Hot Nuts, singing their
nasty novelty # "Baby Let Me Bang Your Box."
The song is about a male guest at a dull party
who sees a piano in the corner and asks the
female host's permission to liven things up
by pounding on it. The lyrics are overtly
and hilariously suggestive.

 "Baby Let Me Bang Your Box, Part 1" 
 Doug Clark  & The Nuts (October 1966) 

Actually the dirty ditty was recorded several times
and I intend to give you more bang for your buck.
A rhythm and blues group called the Toppers waxed
the original version of the rowdy party song in 1954.

 "(I Love To Play Your Piano) 
 Let Me Bang Your Box" -  The Toppers  

The Bangers, another R&B group, came out with their
own rendition of "Baby Let Me Bang Your Box" in 1965.

The Bangers single was released by R&B Records,
a company in Tulsa, Oklahoma.

 "Baby Let Me Bang Your Box, Part 1" 
 The Bangers  (March 1965) 

In 1966 a third version of “Baby Let Me Bang Your Box”
was released by Doug Clark and The Hot Nuts.

Radio stations considered "Baby Let Me Bang
Your Box" too hot to handle and all three versions
were banned from the airwaves. As a result,
none of them registered on the national chart.

There's a time and place for everything.
"Baby Let Me Bang Your Box" was popular
at private parties and juke joints including
the Shady Dell where both the Bangers
version and the one by Doug Clark
& the Nuts were played often
on the barn’s jukebox.

Along with the forbidden forty-five on Jubilee,
a different production mix of “Bang Your Box”
was included on the Hot Nuts’ 1966 album
Summer Session released on the
Gross record label.  How fitting!

Deller fellers loved this raunchy party platter and
the outrageous group that recorded it. Doug Clark
& The Hot Nuts were also wildly popular on the
 east coast fraternity circuit and are credited
as the inspiration for Otis Day & the Knights,
the fictional group that performed in the
1978 comedy movie Animal House.

Early on, Doug Clark & the Hot Nuts were crowned
the “kings of gross out lyrics.” They solidified their
 reputation by appearing on stage at frat parties
clad only in velvet athletic supporters!

 Janet Jackson's halftime halter horseplay? 





 "Milk the Cow" - Doug Clark and The Nuts 
 (December 1966, from 1965 album Panty Raid) 

 "A little bit now, a little bit later, 

 a little bit in between." 

 "A little but now, 

 baby, you know what I mean!" 

Have a Shady day!


  1. Son, I'm ashamed of you! Me and Pa didn't raise you to be a smut peddler. Just who do you think you are - the next Hugh Heffenger? If this is the way you behaved at college and this is the kind of crap you listened to at those fraternity parties when you were supposed to be attending evening bible study classes, then you failed us, boy. You failed us!

    1. Mother, I'll be brief. The issue here is not whether we broke a few rules, or took a few liberties with our female party guests - we did.

      [winks at Janie Junebug]

      But you can't hold a whole fraternity responsible for the behavior of a few, sick twisted individuals. For if you do, then shouldn't we blame the whole fraternity system? And if the whole fraternity system is guilty, then isn't this an indictment of our educational institutions in general? I put it to you, Mama - isn't this an indictment of our entire American society? Well, you can do whatever you want to us, but we're not going to sit here and listen to you badmouth the United States of America!

    2. Your wink made me laugh so hard that Franklin came to check on me.

  2. This is a new song to me. This is also the first time that I can remember hearing anything by Doug Clark and band done by them. I used to hear about Doug Clark all the time in the late 60's / early 70's and heard friends sing snippets of their songs, but I don't remember ever actually hearing their music. It had to have been a party spirit thing or live performance phenomena since musically I don't care much for it. Maybe back then I would have liked it better.

    The Bangers don't do much for me either. On the other hand The Toppers give it a more rock and roll sound from a serious perspective and not as much as a raunchy novelty. The Toppers really rock out with this. I like that rinky tinky piano sound.

    Well, now I know about Doug Clark and the Hot Nuts and I guess that's all the more I need to know. I won't be looking for any more of their music I don't think.

    Interesting bit of history.

    Arlee Bird
    A to Z Challenge Co-host
    Tossing It Out

    1. Hi, Lee! Thanks for coming to the toga party, good buddy! You're right. Doug Clark and the Hot Nuts were tailor made for frat bashes. When a group of guys appear on stage wearing nothing but velvet jock straps, you know they don't take themselves or their music all that seriously. I wish I would have seen them at Penn State!

      Decades ago while the songs were still fresh in my mind I decided to jot down on paper a list of The 200 Greatest Hits of the Shady Dell. It would have been remiss of me not to include "Baby Let Me Bang Your Box" because Dell rats got a kick out of the record and played it heavily. I know for sure that the Doug Clark version was on the jukebox in 1966 and I'm pretty sure the Bangers' 45 was also in the box the previous year when I first started frequenting the joint. It's quite possible that the more traditional sounding version by the Toppers was played at the Dell during the 50s.

      Thanks again for your visit and comment, Lee. Enjoy your day!

  3. It's hot in here!

    1. Hi, Susie! I hope you learned everything you always wanted to know about this naughty novelty number - one of the Shady Dell's Greatest Hits! Thanks for stopping by!

    2. Let's take off all our clothes!

  4. Dear Shady,

    I can definitely see why this was banned from the airways. Parents and sponsors would have flipped their lids over something like this. Likewise I can see why this was popular at parties and juke joints.

    I've not heard this song before and I got a big kick out of it.

    Now I know we're not voting here, but I will state my preference. Doug Clark and the Nuts version really swings and that appeals to me. To me it sounds like the incident in question took place in a juke joint the night before.

    I've also not heard of Doug Clark and the Nuts before. After listening to "Baby Let Me Bang Your Box" and "Milk the Cow" I want to find one of their albums, preferably Panty Raid.

    Their stuff would make good road music for me and it would make good music to clean the house by. I detest house work and have music blaring away whilst I do it. This would be perfect for me.

    Thank you for posting this as I've learned something new and found a new band!

    1. Hi, dear Anne! Thank you very much for coming and for finding something nice to say about our featured song. (My mama wasn't nearly as enamoured of it :)

      Yessum, when you recall that Mick Jagger was forced to change the words "Let's spend the night together" to "Let's spend some TIME together" in order to appease censors on The Ed Sullivan Show, it's easy to see why "Baby Let Me Bang Your Box" didn't make the top 40 in the heartland. The record was a perfect fit for coin-op venues where people went to loosen their ties and blow off steam. They included bottle clubs and juke joints like the Shady Dell. Rowdy records like these were also a hit at frat parties as were original and cover bands that appeared live and played this style of music. Fans of the genre can find a Doug Clark and the Hot Nuts compilation on CD. Around the same time that I assembled my list of the Dell's Greatest Hits I started collecting near mint copies of the rarest records on the list and paid a pretty penny for the original 45s of the Hot Nuts and the Bangers. The label scans used in this post are taken from those records in my personal collection. If you have seen the movie Animal House then you should recall Otis Day & the Knights, the raw, primitive R&B group that played at the roadhouse. They were inspired by Doug Clark's Hot Nuts.

      Thank you very much for your visit and kind comments, dear friend Anne. I hope you are having a splendid day and I'll connect with you again soon!

    2. Dear Shady,

      I'm taking a break from the 90 degree heat outside so I thought I'd swing back by your place.

      Your record collection must be extensive and priceless. I wish I had all the albums I bought coming along. But I moved so many times and couldn't always afford to have them shipped overseas. I don't think I had anything this rare though.

      Yes, I saw Animal House and I remember the band. Like most people, I remember most of the lines from the movie as well.

      I noticed that Your Momma unfollowed you and that's a terrible thing for a child to have to endure. I'm so proud of you for standing up to her and risking her wrath. My mother is dead and I'm still afraid of her :0)

    3. Hi again, dear Anne! I am thrilled to see you again, my special friend! I don't know where you are writing from but here on Florida's gulf coast the temperature is a little cooler than 90 today, plus we have a great breeze blowing in off the water to give us some pleasant relief.

      Like you I once owned a lot more vinyl that I have today. I could kick myself because I went through a period of purging around 1990 and sold almost all of my albums to a record dealer. The guy paid me by the inch! He stacked the albums and measured the thickness of the stack, then offered me something like 50 cents an inch for them - a tiny fraction of their worth! Today my vinyl collection mainly consists of 211 semi-rare singles in near mint condition, some of them pressed on colored vinyl. The rarest of these 45s cost $75 each when I bought them a dozen years ago.

      I'm glad you saw Animal House and remember the dialogue. It makes my feud with Mother much easier to understand. :)

      You're a delight, Anne. I always look forward to your visits and I thank you for participating in my first ever Battle of the Banned. Please take good care of yourself and come back and see me again soon. Have a nice evening!

    4. I love it that Jim Morrison "forgot" to change the words to Light My Fire on the Sullivan show. I would probably forget, too.

    5. Censorship was very arbitrary back then. Gary Puckett and the Union gap sang "Young Girl" and nobody seemed offended by it. I think I remember reading that Ed Sullivan was not all that phased by rock lyrics but needed to obey the censors and play it safe.

    6. Ed certainly understood what kids wanted to see. I have all my albums (thank you, God), but a certain man (NOT WDW) got his hands on my 45s and they went in the garbage. Pretty stupid.

    7. That's just cruel and makes me cringe because I know how hurt and angry I'd be if my records got tossed. In most cases 45s are more coveted by vinyl collectors than albums, at least that was the case years ago when I assembled my collection.

      Another seemingly stiff and square kinda guy who knew the score was Mike Douglas. His program showcased the talents of many edgy rockers over the years. Same with Dick Cavett, David Frost and Tom Snyder, all favorites of mine.

  5. Dearest Shady, I laughed hysterically at your mama's comment. LOL! What fun! :) I have to admit that I do not remember this at all...and perhaps have never even heard it. I will have to take a listen. Your knowledge in music is astounding, and I always enjoy your posts. Thank you so much for yet another educational and enjoyable post, my dear friend. :)

    1. Hi, dear Linda! Thanks for coming. I'm glad I gave you a laugh today. I suppose this post is the equivalent of the gag videos you are fond of presenting to us on your blog. :)

      I continue to deny that I have extensive knowledge of music. In the case of "Baby Let Me Bang Your Box," I am merely reporting on a song that helped form the soundtrack of my youth as a card carrying Dell rat. Had the record not been available and popular at the Dell in the mid 60s, there's a good chance that I would never have heard of it.

      I'm glad you enjoyed my mother's rant. :) I think my eloquent rebuttal shook her up a bit because she just unfriended me! :)

      Thank you again, dear Linda, for having a sense of humor and for appreciating mine. Have a wonderful day!

  6. Sorry I'm a bit late to the gig, but I had to go to the funeral of that young man I spoke of on the Flipside.

    First and foremost, I can't believe this many artists covered these songs and I had never heard of them. I may be a pop princess after all. I know the chart stuff, the biggies, the videos, the books written by artists and the show tunes! Where's Ethel Merman (or Mertrz) in all of this??

    Listening to all, I narrowed it down to the Toppers or the Bangers. I could just imagine the Bangers on stage doing this tune.

    Stepping away from my solid rock-pop-folk vibe, I'm adding the Toppers version for its honky-tonk feel. I can imagine them doing their schtick onstage and a young Fats Domino sitting in the audience and thinking, "I should play the piano..."

    Have a great day, dear pal!

    1. Hi, dear Cherdo! Thank you for coming to my prohibited platter party aka Battle of the Banned. Yessum, there were at least three vocal groups that waxed "Baby Let Me Bang You Box," maybe more. I don't think I ever heard a version by Ethel Merman or Ethel Mertz, although both ladies recorded bad-ass renditions of "Give Up the Funk (Tear the Roof off the Sucker)." :)

      I hope you enjoyed your visit, dear friend, and that you have this song delightfully stuck in your head for the rest of the day. :) I also hope that you cheer up soon and that my post gave you a little something to smile about on an otherwise sad day. God bless, Cherdo!

  7. The Toppers was my least favorite rendition of this song, though the song is hilarious, and I can see why teens all over loved it (to their parents horror!). I'm torn between The Bangers and Doug Clark and The Hot Nuts. (Holy cow! What a name for a band!)

    I think I like Doug Clark best. I've listened to it twice now.

    1. Hi, dear Robin! Thank you for coming, my Tallahassee Lassie! (That's code for Florida friend.) I'm glad you enjoyed my musical matinee for a spring day, a medley of toe-tapping, easy listening favorites. :)

      If voting was allowed in this my first Battle of the Banned, the distribution would be fairly even. You liked the the Hot Nuts. Cherdo liked the Toppers and the Bangers, Anne preferred the Hot Nuts and Arlee favored the Toppers. (My mother turned thumbs down on all three and unsubscribed from my blog! :)

      I think you're getting the gist of the Shady Dell now, Robin, and that pleases me immensely. The Dell was not a place for the timid or the faint of heart. It was a place for true believers who were willing to take what they got and like it, to accept and love the Dell exactly as it was without feeling the need to change or rearrange. I deeply appreciate the fact that you keep coming back here to visit. On a day when even my own mother disowned me :) you continued to demonstrate your faithful friendship. Thank you, Robin, and have a wonderful evening!

  8. Memories of Lorties Bar in downtown Zulu, playing Clarence Carter's Strokin'. There's one in every old-time jukebox, ain't there?

    1. Hi, Chris! Thanks for checking in and checking out the Toppers, the Bangers and the Hot Nuts. I just listened to that Clarence Carter number on YouTube. I never heard it before and enjoyed it tremendously. Thanks! As you know, sexy songs like these have been around for eons. Ever hear the Swallows sing "It Ain't the Meat It's the Motion"? Gosh, even Maria Muldaur covered that one. Then there was "Sixty Minute Man" by the Dominoes and "Big Ten-Inch Record" by Bull Moose Jackson. Decades later, when audiences were more sophisticated, radio stations didn't shy away from playing Marvin Gaye's "Sexual Healing," a song that might have been banned back when.

      Thanks again for coming, good buddy, and enjoy the rest of your day!

    2. Didn't Marvin win a Grammy or two for that healthy number?

    3. Yessum, Marvin won the 1983 Grammy Award for Best R&B Male Vocal Performance and Best R&B Instrumental Performance for the catchy reggae-styled instrumental version.

  9. That's a lot of versions for one song!
    I think I would pick the second one.
    Here's to Battle of the Banned!

    1. Hi, Alex! If this was a voting post then we would have a three way race on our hands. I used to have both the Bangers' and the Hot Nuts' singles uploaded on my YouTube channel. The Doug Clark version that I needed to use in this post, the only one left on Y/T, sounds a bit speeded up and therefore does not represent the original sound as I remember it. However, there is also a Doug Clark album version that was a different production mix and that might be what we are hearing in this clip.

      Thanks for coming, good buddy!

  10. Hi, Shady. This is Belle logging on as anonymous because I am using my daughter's computer in Princeton and I can't remember my password. First, let me see if it works.

    1. Hi, dear Belle! Yessum, it works just fine! Glad to see you!

  11. I'm with Arlee. I liked the Toppers version the best. They had a good sound. I have never heard this song before, which isn't surprising since I wasn't allowed to go to dances. My ear was always glued to a radio in those days.

    I can see why the song was banned, but I was so innocent back then I wouldn't have known what the words meant! Big hugs, Belle

    1. Hi, dear Belle! Thank you for returning! I needed to look up Princeton, B.C., to see where it is located in relation to Kelowna. I found it on the map there to the southwest.

      My goodness! The vote would be just about even among these three bands if voting had been permitted. Released as it was in the mid 50s, the Toppers' record had the more traditional R&B vocal group sound with the honky-tonk piano being a nice added touch. It was more than a decade later when the Bangers and the Hot Nuts released their singles and Dell rats embraced those raunchier renditions. I admit that it was mainly a guy thing. I remember many Dellettes rolling their eyes when "Baby Let Me Bang Your Box" started playing on the jukebox, and I remember the guys laughing, cheering and singing along.

      Thanks a million for getting your messages out to me in the midst of your travels, dear friend Belle. I hope your visit with your daughter is going well and I hope to see you again soon. God bless!

  12. Oh I have never heard of either of these songs but they are racy:) I have learned quite a bit here especially that the last band was an inspiration for the film "Animal House" band that is in there. I sent this to my brother since he knows quite a bit about music. I will be curious if he knows these songs

    1. Hi, dear Birgit! I'm excited to see you this evening, my friend! I hope your brother recognizes this racy classic. Please let me know if you hear from him or feel free to invite him over here to comment if he'd like. Can you imagine going to a frat party and having a group of men performing live on stage wearing nothing but athletic supporters? The wildest frat bash I went to was a toga party and they flooded the basement dance floor 2 or 3 inches deep in beer! Some guys were actually swimming across the floor! (LOL)

      Thank you very much for your visit and comment, dear friend Birgit. I'll see you soon!

    2. My brother did listen and he liked the The Toppers version best but he never heard of this song so you stumped him!

    3. AOK, dear Birgit. Thanks for letting me know that I stumped your musically inclined brother on this one. I hope you both got a kick out of this naughty novelty number which ranks high on my list of The Dell's Greatest Hits. Thanks for the return visit, dear friend BB. If I don't see you before, having a great weekend!

  13. Oh I have to vote and I like the first band that sings "Baby Let me bang your Box"-I am still giggling at the title but I am also mooing...ohoh, that's not good:)

    1. No, dear friend. This was only an exhibition, not a competition - no need to vote - and please, no wagering! :) Thanks again, dear BB!

  14. That would have been a shocking song back in the day, true. But the song that was banned on the radio in Minneapolis when I was growing up that I still love today was "Let's Spend The Night Together" by the Stones.

    Banning that song started up a devoted following for an "underground" music extravaganza every night at midnight (but, for the life of me, I cannot remember the radio station now) where they played songs that lasted longer than two and a half minutes and you could hear Vanilla Fudge, Cream, Led Zepplin, The Doors, Janice Joplin, Jimi Hendrix, The Stones...well, the list went on and on. You have touched on my memories of falling to sleep listening to the underground. Ahhh! :)

    1. Hi, dear Rita! Thank you for coming to my toga party. In the late 60s and early 70s my local top 40 radio station, WSBA, offered "The Sound Experiment" on the FM side, a late night show that featured long album cuts by bands like the ones you mentioned. It was a totally different kind of radio broadcast. The DJ spoke in a hushed tone, almost a whisper, and there was plenty of "dead air" - silence between the announced intros and the music. In other words the deejay did not talk over the records and there were no cowbells or other goofy sound effects that were the norm on top 40 AM broadcasts. I thoroughly enjoyed "The Sound Experiment.".

      Yessum, it's worth noting that the Rolling Stones' hit "Let's Spend the Night Together" was banned by radio stations in certain markets and that Jagger was required to change the words to "Let's spend some time together" when the Stones appeared on Ed Sullivan.

      Thank you very much for contributing to the dialogue, dear friend Rita. Please smooch Kitty Kat Karma for me and have a great day!

    2. I just came from my neighborhood diner where I sang along on Eric Clapton's Cocaine. I mean he snorted, and I sang. How can I get myself out of this mess? I've never used cocaine, do not condone its use, and as far as I know, Eric has been clean for quite some time. I thought that playing a song about cocaine was open minded, because it's a good song even though it's about a bad drug.

    3. Hey, that's one of my favorite songs, Janie. I used to own both the Eric Clapton cover (fall 1977) and the JJ Cale original (fall 1976). In 1980, I experienced cocaine when the doctor stuffed it up my nose to perform a rhinoplasty procedure which I needed to correct an obstructed nasal passage. It was a pleasant buzz, I must admit, but I haven't tried the stuff since.

    4. I didn't know it was a cover!

    5. I didn't know it was a cover!

  15. How will I get any work done today? I want to do nothing but listen to Baby Let Me Bang Your Box. I vote for Doug Clark. How can I not vote for men who appeared in velvet jock straps? Any color will do. Wait . . . something just occurred to me. You know I have a piano. Don't you dare show up at my door with a wink and a song.


    1. Listen, Janie - they're playing our song! :) I've been waiting to shout that from the rooftops! :) I hope you are not putting your editing project in jeopardy by coming over here and spending some time being naughty in the Shady. Don't be surprised if I show up at your door this Halloween wearing my D.C. & the Hot Nuts costume. I'm thinking pink polka dots would be nice.

      Well, as I stated at the top of the post, there is no voting required because this is merely en exhibition bout, but it seems like everybody is compelled to vote anyway. Maybe I'll count them all up and announce the weiner... er... I mean WINNER.. after all.

      Thank you very much for being a great friend, dear Janie Junebug. I'm glad you had some fun here today. Now get back to work!

    2. Voting is fun, and I'm allowed an occasional break.

    3. I hope your editing project is going well. I love having you over for a play break. You are my favorite playmate! :)

  16. Hi Shady,
    I love "Bang your box "!
    "It's got a great beat and it's easy to dance to!" Your mother would certainly blush if she can hear the lyrics to some of today's hits!
    I enjoyed listening to all the different versions of this hilarious song!
    I'd really like to try the "milk the cow"dance. I can just imagine the motions and would like to give it a try! What fun, Shady!

    1. Hi, Toni! Thank you very much for coming, dear friend!

      You wrote:

      << Your mother would certainly blush if she can hear the lyrics to some of today's hits! >>

      I'm still reeling after being unfriended by my other mother! :) So true, Toni. Songs with suggestive lyrics were nothing new by the time the Toppers, Bangers and Hot Nuts recorded "Bang Your Box," and many more have been written since. "Bang Your Box" is good clean fun and quite innocent compared to many of today's songs that spell it out completely with a misogynistic attitude.

      I knew "Walkin' the Dog" and "Wooly Bully" but never heard "Milk the Cow" until recently when I found it on YouTube. I don't know the steps but my imagination is running wild. :)

      Thank you again for coming to my toga party, dear friend Toni. Take care and I hope to see you soon!

  17. Neat song, I hope you are enjoying your travels.

    1. Thanks, MIke! Dell rats embraced novelty records and "Bang Your Box" was a big hit. The B side, "Part 2," offers more of the same rip-roaring fun. In 1980, J. Silver released a 4th version of the song in a rockin' style that reminds me of Bachman-Turner Overdrive.

      Thanks again for being here, good buddy, and enjoy your weekend!

  18. This is all new to me and it was fun listening to all the different versions. ☺ I liked the Toppers best, but The Bangers were pretty good too. Doug Clark and the Hot Nuts must have been quite the sight in their velvet jockstraps. LOL "Milk the Cow" is pretty catchy. I always come away from here smiling. That's a good thing, Shady. Have a nice weekend.

    1. Hi, dear Debbie the Doglady! Thank you very much for dropping by to sample my selection of easy listening favorites. The tender ballad "Baby Let Me Bang Your Box" might even qualify as elevator musak! :)

      Yessum, I've been to many wild and woolly parties and shows in my time but never saw a group of guys take the stage wearing nothing but velvet jockstraps. Doug Clark's Hot Nuts were hot and playing the frat circuit during the time I was in college and I wish I had seen them. I remember attending a frat bash that had a similar type of act performing and I have a vague recollection of joining the group on stage at some point and singing with them. Needless to say it's all a blur and I wish I had those brain cells back! :)

      Thank you again for being here today, dear friend Debbie. Take care and have a great weekend!

  19. OH haha, i'm a little late to the party but GOSH THIS IS HILARIOUS. How do you find this stuff, Shady?
    I kind of wish we could vote, though. It would be interesting to see who comes out on top? Hope you're having a good weekend, thanks for this pick-me-up!
    -Abigail and Daisy

    1. Hi, dear Abigail & Daisy! Thank you for joining me today and listening to these toe-tappers. :) I didn't find this stuff. It found me all those years ago at the Dell. "Baby Let Me Bang Your Box" was on the jukebox in 1965 and 1966 and the gang enjoyed listening, singing along and dancing to it, prompting me to include the record on my list of the 200 Greatest Hits of the Shady Dell.

      I'm glad you got a laugh out of this ditty which was waxed by these three different R&B groups.

      Thank you again for coming, dear friend Abigail, and enjoy the rest of your weekend!

  20. I think you're really musically inclined. I am not. So thanks for always posting topics like this. I appreciate it.

    1. That's very kind of you, dear Lux. As you have seen this past year, SDMM offers a wide variety of music to suit nearly every taste. "Bang Your Box" might not be everyone's cup of tea but it was a hit with Dell rats and that's why it earned a spot on my Dell's Top 200 list.

      Thank you very much for your visit and comment, dear friend Lux!

  21. I'm definitely not a Dell Rat. After all, I'm a CAThy! ;) I have not heard this group before now. I can imagine the stir this band caused with such lyrics as these. lol It's funny you should mention Animal House. We just watched that for the first time a couple of weeks ago. I wasn't the worse movie ever nor is it the best movie ever, but it was fun to watch. John Belushi is hilarious in it and all I kept thinking was what a waste of life. He had it all and allowed drugs to do him in. Soooo sad! Anywho, Mr. Shady I enjoyed this fun, fun musical post! Have a bandtastic week!

    1. Hi, dear CAThy! (LOL) I am very happy to see you here today even though I am no longer officially participating in the original BOTB group. Believe me, I appreciate your ongoing support. :)

      I have probably seen Animal House a dozen times over the years. Overall I consider it to be one of the funniest movies ever made, but I always thought it went awry during the last reel and had a rather weak ending. It certainly is painful to watch Belushi in the comedy knowing the real life tragedy that came after.

      I'm so glad you had fun and a few laughs here today, dear Cathy. Once again I thank you for your visit, your friendship and your continuing support of Shady Dell Music & Memories. Have a great week!

  22. Australia's DADDY COOL did a version of "Baby Let Me Bang Your Box" back in 1972 that was actually a hit Down Under. It got a little FM radio play in Los Angeles, too...

    1. Thanks for letting me know about this version! I just watched their live performance on YouTube. It's quite different from the hard driving R&B of the Bangers and Nuts but quite enjoyable nevertheless.

      Thanks again. I hope you'll visit again soon!


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