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"More than a place, the Shady Dell was and will forever remain a state of mind." - Shady Del Knight

"More than a place, the Shady Dell was and will forever remain a state of mind." - Shady Del Knight

Friday, May 1, 2015

Hey Get Your Battle of the Bands Here! Prepare To Witness a Version Sacrifice!

Welcome to


It's my first post for the Battle of the Bands
blog hop group established in 1956 by
my good buddy Stephen T. McCarthy at


BOTB parties are held on the 1st and 15th of the month.
(BYOB parties are held every Friday and Saturday night.)
Version Sacrifice might sound a little disturbing but
I assure you it's merely a friendly competition
that let's you be the judge.

Today, a member of The Mod Squad competes
for Team USA in a three-way spin-off against
a mod Brit pop queen and the #1 British
female singer in the U.S. during the 60s.
All three ladies waxed the same song.
Listen to all three versions, pick the
one you like best and cast your
vote when you comment.

Note: If you try to leave the polling place
without explaining why you voted the
way you did, a burly security guard
will wrestle you to the ground.

"Alright, let's get on it." The contestants
are waiting in the wings and ready to perform.
Let the Battle of the Bands commence!


Petula Clark was nicknamed The First Lady of the
British Invasion for racking up a string of successful
singles in the U.S. that began with the international
mega-hit "Downtown." Most of Pet's hit recordings
were supplied by the British composing team of
Tony Hatch and his partner/wife Jackie Trent
who, sadly, died in March of this year.

On her 1966 album I Couldn't Live Without Your Love,
Petula Clark deviated from the norm and recorded
"Wasn't It You," a Carole King - Gerry Goffin song
that has become one of my favorites penned by
those famous Brill Building songsmiths.

 "Wasn't It You" - Petula Clark  
 (from the 1966 album 
 I Couldn't Live Without Your Love


"Bad scene. Mama swung pretty good."

That notwithstanding, 60s flower child Julie Barnes
managed to free herself from her hooker mom and
hook up with the good guys as an undercover cop
on the hit TV series The Mod Squad. Who knew
she could sing? I was pleasantly surprised
the first time I heard Peggy's laid back
rendition of "Wasn't It You," a track
on her self titled 1968 album. This
cool cut is easily one of the best
of Peggy's recording career.

 "Wasn't It You" - Peggy Lipton 
 (from 1968 album Peggy Lipton ) 


After being seriously injured in a 1963 auto crash,
a mishap that broke her jaw and her momentum as
an up-and-coming UK singing star, mod fashionista
Billie Davis bounced back. In 1965-66 she made
 records with Keith Powell as the male-female duo
of Keith & Billie. In 1967 she reemerged as a solo
artist with a string of superb recordings that
included our featured song, "Wasn't It You,"
a gem that somehow missed the UK chart.

 "Wasn't It You" - Billie Davis 
 (June 1967, uncharted) 

The moment of truth has come.

Three artists, three different arrangements.

Two versions must be sacrificed.

Which lady recorded the best version

of "Wasn't It You"?


Stay tuned for my follow-up post 6 days from now
in which I will cast my vote, count the ballots
(including hanging chad and dimpled chad)
and announce the winner.

After voting here today, please swing over
to Stephen's place where you will find links
to the other participating BOTB blogs.
Be a good friend and try to visit every
blog on the list. Find out how good it
feels to commit random acts of kindness.

Have a Shady day!


  1. This is a wonderful song by King/Goffin--they wrote so many great ones. I don't recall ever having heard this one before. My loss I guess, but now I've heard it and quite enjoy it. A great sound of the 60's that holds up nicely today.

    This is a very tough choice since there is a lot of similarity in the deliveries and arrangements.

    Firstly, though she does a very nice job with it, I'll eliminate Peggy Lipton. I never knew that she could sing, but she handles this song very credibly. I wonder if this was with the help of her one time husband Quincy Jones? I can sense his touch in the style. Solid backing with a good bass.

    Billie Davis is new to me. I really enjoy the orchestral backing behind her and there's nothing wrong with her vocal style. But it still comes up just a little short for me.

    That leaves Pet Clark. I had a big crush on her in my you and have enjoyed her throughout the years. Saw her in concert at the Old Vic theater in Toronto though from rather precarious feeling nosebleed seats. She's quite a singer and she carries this song with boldness.

    Great first Battle for you! It's a pretty tough choice as there is no bad version here. But for me, Petula Clark gets the vote as the front running favorite.

    Arlee Bird
    A to Z Challenge Co-host
    Join us on May 4 with your post of Reflections about this year's A to Z.
    Tossing It Out

    1. Hi, Lee! It must have been very exciting for you to attend a Pet Clark show, even if you had to sit in the peanut gallery. Thanks for voting in my first Battle of the Bands. I always post music that I enjoy and, in this case, I discovered three recorded versions of a little known King - Goffin song that I enjoy almost equally. I own two of these three on CD but I can't reveal which ones without tipping my hand and telegraphing which of the three singers failed to make the first round cut.

      Thanks again for playing along today, good buddy Lee. Look for my next post on the 7th and find out who won my first BOTB!

    2. Thought I'd mention that now this song is running through my head. A very catchy tune as King/Goffin recordings tend to be.

      Mostly I came back to subscribe to the comment thread because I forgot to on my first visit. I definitely want to keep up with the conversation here.

      Arlee Bird
      A to Z Challenge Co-host
      Join us on May 4 with your post of Reflections about this year's A to Z.
      Tossing It Out

    3. Thanks, Lee. Your thoroughness and dedication are marks of a great blogger and I appreciate you following my threads. You don't know how happy I am to learn that this catchy Carole King song is now stuck in your noggin. What better way is there to chase the blues? Mission accomplished!

  2. I have to go with Peggy Lipton since she didn't lose her soul and showed plenty of soul in her singing. Of course it could also be I enjoyed her on the Mod Squad.

    1. Hi, Jerre! I think those mini skirts influenced your vote! :) Until recently I wasn't aware of how much material Peggy Lipton recorded but, gosh, check out her 19 track CD - The Complete Ode Recordings! As Lee (above) mentioned, Peg was married to Quincy Jones for 12 years and benefited from his guidance and Lou Adler's production expertise during a mildly successful recording career that lasted from 1968 to 1970.

      Thanks for coming over and casting your vote for Hanging Chad... uh... I mean Peggy Lipton, good buddy. Be here on the 7th when I add my vote to the mix and declare a winner!

  3. I like the humor you inject in your posts, and those songs from the 70's just create a cetain groovy mood.

    1. Hi, Peaches! Welcome back, my new friend! Yessum, I love word play and enjoy injecting humor whenever and wherever possible. I appreciate you for appreciating me, dear friend!

  4. Replies
    1. Your vote for the lovely Peggy Lipton of Mod Squad/Twin Peaks fame has been recorded, dear friend Peaches!

  5. Oh Mr. Shady!

    I gave it all my best. Listened to all three individually, and then, practically frame by frame. (Or should I say, line by line?) I learned I did not want flutes blaring at me. I learned I needed the lead singer to well... lead in, even on the chorus... not some background vocalist piping along, and the lead jump on later. ( Example: the words, "What if" were lost, in the 2nd and 3rd versions, but then they chimed in with a loud "YOU") No! Only Petula carries every note and to think I almost dismissed her entirely. Such splendid torture. I thank you. (smile)

    My vote is for Petula Clark.

    1. Hi, Dixie! How are things in Dixieland today? :) I am having a ball learning from people who comment on my blog and on other BOTB blogs, what specifically it is that they listen for in a vocal and/or instrumental performance. We all have different filters and our individual tastes have been shaped by our unique experiences. Your comment fascinates me and I thank you for it. I am very happy that you regarded my Version Sacrifice as "splendid torture" and I hereby record your vote for Petula Clark, the most successful UK female vocalist in America during the 60s.

      Thank you again for coming by, dear friend Dixie!

  6. Welcome to the BoTB, Mr. Shady! The only artist I recognized by name was Petula Clark and because I'm so terrible with famous names, then it was only until I saw Peggy Lipton that I knew her from the Mod Squad. I was a little girl when that show was on. I had no clue that she was a singer, too. Billie Davis is the unknown factor in this battle. All the ladies did a fabulous job with this song. In fact, I thought from the start Clark would get my vote, but after hearing all three cuts this is the order I ranked the ladies: #1 Lipton, #2 Davis, & #3 Clark. The thing that separated them the most in my mind is their vocal style. Lipton has a more mellow tone to her voice and it's quite possible I could listen to more than one song by her back-to-back. Did she record other songs? Please, give my vote to Peggy Lipton!

    My BoTB addition: Go the Distance #BoTB #music

    1. Hi, Cathy! I am thrilled to have you here as I wade in the water and stage my first BOTB. (I will heading be over to your site shortly.) Yessum, Peggy Lipton waxed at least 19 different songs, some unreleased, that are now assembled on her compact disc The Complete Ode Recordings. Among her notable and more successful efforts was "Stoney End," a Laura Nyro song most famously covered by Barbra Streisand (a lady that several bloggers happen to be referencing today). Barbra's single cracked the top 10 in 1971 while Peggy's 1968 original only Bubbled Under at #121. Two other Peggy Lipton singles charted. In 1970, "Lu" Bubbled Under at #102 and "Wear Your Love Like Heaven," a Donovan cover, reached #108.

      Thank you again, Cathy, for coming over and helping me launch this new series. It is a pleasure to have you here and I look forward to a great friendship with you. Come again soon!

  7. Ah, I love your posts, dear Shady, and I also enjoy the way you express yourself. Peggy Lipton...yes, I remember her (most) fondly from The Mod Squad. This is a lovely song by her you are sharing. To be honest, I don't remember having heard her sing, (I do live a sheltered life...LOL!) :) so thanks for sharing this song. Great post once again, dear Shady, thank you so much! I hope that you weekend will be filled with happiness, peace and good health, and all of your days! :)

    1. Hi, dear Linda! I am very pleased to see you, my sweet Canadian friend. Yessum, Peggy Lipton took part in two of the most iconic TV series ever produced, The Mod Squad in the late 60s to early 70s and David Lynch's Twin Peaks which aired at the start of the 90s. Peggy and her Mod Squad cohorts were the epitome of "cool" and it is in that style her subdued recordings were rendered. In other words, Peggy did not "belt out a song."

      Dear Linda, if you read this reply, please leave another comment and cast your vote for one of the three recordings in this post. Seems like Peggy Lipton made a favorable impression, but I need to be sure you are voting for her before I add your vote to the tally.

      Thank you, dear friend!

    2. Hi dear Shady, so sorry, I got carried away. LOL! Peggy Lipton gets my vote, my cherished friend. :)

    3. AOK, dear Linda! I just wanted to make sure that Peggy was your pick in this contest. I will add your vote to the count and announce the winner next Thursday morning, May 7. Thank you again for playing, dear friend Linda. Good night and have a safe and happy weekend!

  8. After I listened to the Petula Clark version, I thought, "This will be hard to beat." Turns out I was right. I wasn't enamored of the Lipton or Davis versions. Lipton wasn't confident enough and something about the Davis version rubbed me wrong. So, give me Petula Clark!

    1. Hi, dear Robin! Thanks for coming! I am smiling and laughing at the same time because the comments people leave on these BOTB posts (not only this one) remind me of testimony given to police by eyewitnesses to a crime or a crash. No one gives the exact same story and some accounts might be polar opposites. It's amazing to me how differently the various members of our focus group are experiencing these three recordings. I'm loving it!

      Thank you again for your visit, comment and vote, dear friend Robin. I have you down for Pet Clark.

  9. I like Billie's version best, thought I can't put my finger on what resonated with me most, other than her somewhat spunky underdog status here on this post!

    1. Hi, Kim! Thank you very much for dropping by as I launch my BOTB series. (I'm coming over to your place soon.) It was starting to look like Billie Davis would get shut out by the other two contenders. Even though the exact reasons behind your vote might not be clear to you, something in Billie's performance resonated with you enough to garner your vote. I appreciate your explanation and I will register your vote for the underdog, Billie Davis. Thank you, dear friend Kim!

  10. OMG, OMG, OMG, I had NO idea that Peggy Lipton ever sang!!!! I'm voting for HER, ONLY because she was my first (and ONLY) girl crush (please remember I was 9-10 yrs. old) I thought she was THE most beautiful girl in the world! I can remember writing her fan letters and receiving an autograph pic of the Mod Squad! I wonder if that's how she met her X-hubby, Record producer , Quincy Jones?
    My ears must admit they liked Billie Davis version the best. I think her voice is the best as well as the tempo and arrangement. (Peggy sounded a little dreary)
    Great Post, I REALLY enjoyed seeing Peggy and hearing her sing most of all!
    Well, Shady, as Link would say, "SOLID"!
    Toni Deroche

    1. "Bad scene...
      Mama swung pretty good."

      LAST NAME: Hayes.
      FIRST NAME: Linnnnnnnnnn-kun.

      Hi, dear Toni! Welcome to the potty! As you might expect I am tickled silly to have all of these new faces showing up at the "Dell" along with returning "old-timers" like you and Jerre.

      I think I remember you telling me years ago how much you loved The Mod Squad and Julie Barnes aka Peggy Lipton. A few years ago I became aware that she had made some records during the series' run but I never bothered to investigate. When I got heavily into girl groups a couple of years ago, Peggy's version of "Wasn't It You" turned up on one of the girl pop/girl group CDs I bought.

      It intrigues me that you have selected the Billie Davis rendition as your Pick To Click and I thank you for stating the reasons why. Every vote counts in what could turn out to be a neck and neck 3-way race all the way to the finish line. Tune in on May 7 to find out who won my first Battle of the Bands!

      Thank you again for coming over, listening and voting, dear friend Toni, and have a safe and happy weekend!

  11. An excellent premiere for your version of Battle of the Bands! I've added you to my list.

    This was a good song, and three lovely versions by three lovely ladies. I had no idea that Peggy Lipton could sing as well as she did here, and I had never heard Billie Davis's version. And Petula Clark, hell, what can you say?

    Now... While Peggy is a better singer than I would have thought, there was something about her diction that I didn't care for. Pet Clark's version came to a good solid ending, where Billie Davis's faded off to nothingness. Still, I liked Billie Davis's voice better, and the musical arrangement was simpler, so give my vote to Billie.

    1. Hi, John! I am elated to see you, my friend! (I will be right over to vote in your Battle.)

      Like you, I was surprised when I heard this worthy cover waxed by actress Peggy Lipton. As I'm sure you know it was quite common for TV stars of the 60s to give it a go as recording artists. Others who tried their hand included Patty Duke, Shelley Fabares, Paul Petersen and Johnny Crawford (Chuck Connors' son on The Rifleman). Even Ed McMahon and Merv Griffin released records ("Thank Heaven For Little Girls"/"The Charanga"). Results varied and while Peggy Lipton never set the world on fire as a songstress, she should not be dismissed.

      I read your comment on somebody else's blog a while ago in which you liked a recording because it came to a finish rather than fading out. It fascinates me that you listen for and prefer that type of "completion." Even so, you gave your vote to Billie Davis. Thanks to your vote and Toni's (above) it looks like Billie is pulling up from the back of the pack in this exciting horse race.

      Thank you again, John, for honoring me with your presence here today. I hope you will make SDMM a habit from now on. "Derby Day" is May 7 when the winner will be determined. I'll see you then, my new friend!

  12. I like Peggy Lipton's version the best. It's relaxing and she's cute.

    1. Hi, Susie! Cuteness counts, dear friend, and if Peggy's voice lulls you into a state of contentment, then so be it. I am delighted to see you, dear friend Susie, and thank you very much for voting! Come back on the 7th and find out if your vote was enough to tip the scales and give Peggy a victory!

  13. Hi Shady, I did really like the Billie Davis version (thanks for introducing me to it) but I think the winner for me has to be Petula Clark.

    1. Hi, Sarah! It's great to see you over here, my English friend! Thank you for participating in my first Battle of the Bands competition. Your vote for Petula Clark has been noted, placed inside the ballot box for safe keeping and will be counted along with the others on May 7. I hope you will return that day when I unveil the winner. Good night, dear friend Sarah!

  14. Hmm, all three were well done, with little variance. I did like the "plinkish" beginning of Billie's, and that little bit of waver to her voice as she sang. I'll give Billie my vote.

    Yes, I was surprised Peggie could sing, and so well. Wonder of wonders. Funny, I remember watching Mod Squad avidly, but can't really remember any of the episodes. Uck.

    So nice to make your acquaintance Shady, and welcome to the Battle of Tunes. I'm Book Lover, btw, and don't post for this serial often. I'm expecting to musically entertain you on the 15th though.

    See ya then. Have a great weekend.

    1. Hi, Dolorah, and welcome to Shady Dell Music & Memories. I saw your comments all over the place today and read them with interest. I am honored to have you over for a visit and I hope it won't be your last.

      I think you might be on to something in your description of the Billie Davis recording. The precise reasons behind her appeal seem almost intangible, but your rationale is nicely expressed. I also confess that I can't remember any specific episodes of The Mod Squad even though I watched the program regularly, most of the time while hanging out at the Shady Dell. I suppose I was distracted by the jukebox, the pinball machine and the other kids who packed the snack bar.

      I am very happy to meet you as well, dear Dolorah, and I look forward to seeing the musical match-up you have in store for us on the 15th. I urge you to come back here on May 7 and find out who emerged victorious in my first band battle. Thank you again, dear friend Dolorah!

  15. Okay, first off- and I know you've heard this before- I have a huge crush on Petula. I was stunned first that Peggy Lipton sang, and then by that I liked her version better. It isn't that the voice is better, because her voice really isn't strong. But there is something in the eerieness, I guess, that caught my ear more firmly. The third was decent, but really didn't have the same effect, even though the soundtrack was the best of the three. One vote for Peggy here- and blow me down!

    1. Hi, Chris! Welcome back, good buddy, and thank you for casting your vote in my first BOTB competition. It's interesting to me that Petula Clark was much older than most of the other artists making hit records in the 60s. She had been singing professionally since the WWII years and it wasn't until the Hatch/Trent composing team started funneling their grade A songs to her that she cultivated a more youthful image and singing style and became a major star, embraced by teenage audiences the world over.

      I like what you wrote here to explain why you voted for Peggy Lipton. Her rendition of "Wasn't It You" is indeed rather eerie and that makes it compelling. One thing is for sure in the fickle world of popular music. Perfection (vocal, instrumental or quality of production) is not necessary to achieve greatness. Look at Jack Ely, the former lead singer of the Kingsmen who died the other day. Ely and his band gave us the iconic garage rock anthem "Louie Louie." On the recording Ely slurs the words of the song and the production mix is dense and murky. Look at Richard Harris, the Irishman who sang the wildly popular "MacArthur Park." No one ever accused him of having a good singing voice. Those are but two examples among many.

      I have entered your vote for Peggy L, good buddy Chris. Thanks again for joining the fun today and please hustle back here on the 7th to find out who wins this thing!

    This was an excellent 'BOTB' debut... but then I expected nuttin' less, and would have been shocked if I'd gotten it... "sumpin' less", I mean. (Which is an interesting concept: "GETTING" something less. Doesn't "less" mean you're NOT "getting"? I'd better move on before my mind turns itself inside-out and explodes... again.)

    >>... the Battle of the Bands blog hop group established in 1956 by my good buddy Stephen T. McCarthy

    True, that. And considering the fact that I was negative-3 years old at the time, I feel it ought to be considered one of the more remarkable achievements in history.

    Well, I listened to all 3 versions 2wice, just to make sure I heard 'em right the f1rst time. (I did.)

    Petula Clark I knew already. My Ma had one of her Greatest Hits compilation LPs when I was a tot, so I was exposed to her early. (Unfortunately, she was never exposed to me.)

    Peggy Lipton I knew, of course, from The Mod Squad, but had never heard her sing. And I don't believe I'd heard of Billie Davis before.

    I liked the Billie Davis version. There's a certain quality in her voice that, at first, caused me to back off. But as I got used to it, I... got used to it. Also, there's a slight "haunted" quality in her version, which I liked and wasn't present in the other two recordings.

    Peggy's version was OK, but I don't feel she really has the vocal chops that Billie and Petula do. She's not a bad singer - for an "actress" - but I suspect there's a (less attractive) girl in every town in America who could probably sing as well. (Cybill Shepherd - now THERE'S a blonde actress I feel really COULD sing well. I even used her version of 'Blue Moon' against The Marcels in a BOTB contest and Cybill won 11 to 7!)

    Well, in the final analysis, my vote goes to that chick 'DOWNTOWN'.

    I gotta say though that there's something super-familiar about that opening (and repeating) piano riff. "Bumm-BUMM-Bumm-BUMM...", that comes from another hit song (also from the '60s, I believe). Or maybe that riff appeared on THIS song first and was borrowed by someone else later.

    At any rate, I KNOW that riff, it's from a bigger hit, and it's really tickling my brain. It will eventually come to me. I wanna say "The Animals", or... not "The Rolling Stones" but from that era. A big, BIG hit song, and it sounds almost totally identical. Man... it's right there on the tip of my mind...

    ~ D-FensDogG
    'Loyal American Underground'

    1. Hi, good buddy Stephen! I'm so glad to see you here and thank you kindly for plugging SDMM everywhere you went today. You're a great friend!

      Just to make sure, are you saying that your vote goes to Pet Clark? Please let me know.

      Now that you mention it, that opening riff is quite familiar and now it's bugging my brain like it is yours. Hey, I think I got it! If you listen to the first few seconds of the Billie Davis version it kinda sounds like "She's Not There" by the Zombies. Listen to their record:

      Do you hear it? Did we solve the mystery?

      I agree that people should never underestimate the talents of a performer like Cybill Shepherd. She accumulated her share of haters and detractors over the years but I always thought she was the real deal, a fine dramatic actress and an even better comedic actress. I believe what you tell me if you say she was also an excellent singer.

      please let me know for sure Stephen. Is your Pick To Click the Pet Clark recording?

      Thanks again for your friendship and support, good buddy. I hope to see your face in my place May 7 when the votes are counted and the winner takes her victory lap. Take care!

      I just came back to see if you had figured out the riff mystery, and if you hadn't, I was going to say, "If you get it, DON'T tell me unless I say 'Uncle!', because I'm bound to get it eventually."

      But guess what! You got it already. I didn't even go to YouTube. The second I read "She's Not There" I literally yelled, "THAT'S IT!"

      Yeah, you can hear it in all 3 versions but it's strongest in the Billie Davis intro. Man, that was buggin' me because I was so close... SO CLOSE... to getting it. I was even starting to hear the next few notes, so my mind was closing in on it. But, you, sir, are better'n me.

      I wasn't too far off though when I was thinking it was something like "The Animals". I was pretty sure it wasn't them but I KNEW it was something similar. And The Zombies... I'd say that's pretty similar: Formed in the same country and just one year apart.

      What's sad is that I even used The Zombies' 'She's Not There' against the Santana version in an older BOTB installment.

      Yes, sir, Shady, sir, my vote goes to PETULA. That is if she ever comes back from downtown to claim it.

      ~ D-FensDogG

    3. Thanks, Stephen! I can't even remember where I put my dang comb, but somehow, my brain works well enough to scan the files and pull up a 60s song melody like I did this time. I'm glad I could help!

      Okay then, on your behalf I will stuff the ballot box with another vote for Petula Clark.

      Thanks again, Stephen, for inviting me to take part in the BOTB. This was a day of frantic fun all around our circle. Take care!

    4. I neglected to mention that I immediately noticed and enjoyed your "Alright, let's get on it." I'm big on traditions, so I appreciated it, and I'm sure that wherever he is now, Howlin' Wolf appreciated it, too.

      ~ D-FensDogG

    5. Hi, Stephen! I've been working on upcoming Battle drafts and have decided to use that quote to introduce every one of them.

      Thanks for the inspiration, good buddy!

  17. Interesting! All three ladies did a good job. I never knew Peggy Lipton could sing. Little bit of trivia: Did you know she was once married to music mega-producer Quincy Jones? Over all I prefer Petula Clark's rendition, mostly because her voice was the most pleasing to my ears. :)

    1. Hi, Debbie, and welcome to Shady Dell Music & Memories! I am very happy to see you and I thank you for dropping by.

      Yessum, I read that Peggy was married to Quincy Jones for a dozen years. Until recently I had no idea that Peggy sang and made records. I was delighted to discover a 19-track CD that includes all of her recordings for executive producer Lou Adler's Ode label in 1968, 69 and 70, some of them never before released!

      I'm glad you enjoyed all three versions of this little known song, Debbie, and I will register your vote for Petula Clark. I hope you will return on May 7 to find out which of these ladies won the battle and which two versions were sacrificed. :) Thank you again, dear Debbie. I invite you to make SDMM your home away from home. You are always welcome here!

  18. Hello Shady:) I never knew this song so this was fun to listen to all 3. I have to give it to Billie Davis even though Petula Clark's voice is stronger. I like the music composition more in this version as it is not competing with her voice. I also like her voice because it is unique and she seems to put some heart into it. Have a great weekend:)

    1. Hi, dear Birgit! Thanks for coming down to my first BOTB party. I'm very glad to see you. "Wasn't it You" was apparently penned in 1968 but remained unknown to me until about a year ago when I found the versions by two of these three ladies on separate CD compilations. (I won't reveal which two :) It was my pleasure to introduce you to this song. If you concentrate on the lyrics I think you'll agree it's one of the better written opuses of the late 60s, vintage Carole King.

      Thank you for voting. I will record your vote for Billie Davis. Please stay tuned for the final vote tally and the announcement of the winner in my May 7 post. Thanks again, dear friend BB, and good night to you!

  19. Hi Shady,

    Short and sweet, Petula Clark every time any song sung by her as singer-songwriter, or song offered to her to sing. See you Shades :)

    1. Hi, Allie-Millie! You must be president of the Petula Clark fan club. :) Alright then. Since you fancy "Pet Sounds" I will register one more vote for Petula Clark in your name. Thank you very much, dear friend Allie-Millie, for coming up to participate in my first Battle of the Bands!

  20. Shady,

    Welcome! Billie Davis gets my vote. Her vocals seamed darker to me. I don't recall hearing this song before so all three versions were new to me. Thanks for sharing.

    1. Hey, Mike! Thanks for attending your second music festival in a single week, the one here at SDMM!

      I am happy to have introduced you to a new song. I think you'll agree that "Wasn't It You" boasts compelling lyrics and a catchy melody that tends to get stuck in your head. I've been playing it on a continuous loop in my noggin since yesterday morning!

      Your vote for UK thrush Billie Davis has been recorded. Thanks for playing Mike, and please come back May 7 to check the stats and find out who won my BOTB. Thanks, good buddy!

  21. I had never heard of Billie Davis but my vote goes to her. She had the clearest voice with the most emotional, energetic rendition, IMHO. I liked the way they used the background singers in her version, too. She has a pure voice with a hint of vibrato (is that what they call that trembliness?). Kudos to her for going back to singing after having a broken jaw. She had to truly love it.

    I have always liked Petulia but she never seemed to put her heart into anything. I don't know how else to explain it. And Peggy was surprisingly good, but they overpowered her quieter voice with the instruments, etc. So, that's my two cents. ;)

    1. Hi, dear Rita! Your two cents are worth a ton of gold to me and I thank you (and Kitty Kat Karma) for being here today to witness the spectacle of a Version Sacrifice.

      Other readers who have voted for Billie Davis have given their own reasons why her rendition resonated with them. Your observations are absolutely terrific, Rita, and I appreciate you for continuing the Billie thread and expressing yourself so eloquently. In fact, your analysis of all three recordings was brilliant, in my humble opinion.

      Your vote for Brit girl Billie Davis has been entered into my tabulator machine thingy, dear friend Rita. Please come back on May 7 to witness democracy in action as the ballots are counted and the winner declared!

  22. gosh darn if i don't like that Peggy Lipton.
    1968 seemed to be a good year for music, just throwing that out there.
    also, Rita's comment above seems to be the perfect translation of my jumbled thoughts, i think we'll leave it at that and a thank you for this post, goodnight (er, morning).
    -Abigail and Daisy

    1. Hi, dear Abigail! Thank you very much for staying up late to cast your vote in this all important contest, one that might have a direct impact on the future of the planet! :)

      1968 was indeed a great year in music and I feel lucky to have been your age at that time. With her cover girl looks, Peggy Lipton, as flower child Julie Barnes, the so-called "canary with a broken wing," symbolized the Woodstock Generation, the independent, free spirited youth counterculture of the late 60s.

      Your vote for Peggy Lipton has been recorded, dear friend Abigail. Please bring Daisy and come back on May 7 when I will crown the BOTB winner. God bless!

  23. Shady!

    Okay, I'm listening to all these wonderful ladies - there's not a bad one in the bunch.

    Petula Clark has been a longtime favorite; really, I would guess that she'd be my favorite - hands down. BUT WAIT....

    Billie Davis - WOW! That name is unfamiliar to me but it was a real eyeopener. The musical arrangement had me leaning that way, too. BUT WAIT...!

    Then I listened to Peggy Lipton. Why did I listen to her last? Because I didn't think she would (or could) be in the running. She's too busy with Mod Squad duties around that time, right? How could she really have time for serious recording.

    Kick me. I pick Peggy Lipton. Hearing all three together made me think, yep! Thanks the one!

    Have a good weekend - glad to see you in the BOTB!

    1. Hi, dear Cherdo! Thanks for popping in, my wonderful friend, and voting in my first BOTB smackdown. You were wise to wait until the polling place crowd thinned out a bit. It was a madhouse here yesterday! :)

      I am fascinated by the workings of our minds. It stands to reason that Petula Clark, whose reputation as a consistent hit maker preceded her, would be the heavy favorite going into the contest. It pleases me that voters kept an open mind and an open ear until all of the contestants had a chance to perform.

      I will record your vote for Peggy Lipton. Please be on hand next Thursday, May 7, when I crack open the mayo jar containing the ballots, wipe the sticky off of them, tally the votes and announce the winner.

      Thank you again for participating, dear friend Cherdo, and stay tuned for my next Battle of the Bands when Clarence Williams III takes on The Singing Nun!

    2. Sister Bertrille is available, too!

    3. Ha! I'm much too young to get your reference to The Flying Nun, Cherdo! :)


  24. Well Mr. Knight, I’m here a day after the opening of this bi-monthly gig and I was going to give you a hearty welcome and hope that your BATTLE was doing well. YEOWEE! I got to the comments a see on day-2 you already have 54 comments. I guess you know how to do this thing, and don’t need no help from any of the veterans.

    Next I looked at a listened to the music. Wow! Great choices here. I’ve heard of and heard (quite possibly, I’ve over-heard her) Petula Clark, and know of Peggy Lipton, from TV fame, although I don’t think I ever saw that show. Billie Davis is new to me though, as is this song.

    Peggy has a sweet little voice, with the emphasis on little. I felt she was pretty much drowned out by the orchestration and therefore by process of elimination, Peggy hit the cutting room floor first.

    Petula’s version was pretty good, but I never really cared for her too much. Maybe it was her choice of songs that I really didn’t like, or her hairstyle (you know how women can be), but whatever, she just never did it for me.

    So, I’m on to Billie’s version, thinking this is gonna be it. Well, to my surprise, I didn’t care for her version at all. Something about her voice kind of irritated me. (I recognize that this afternoon, that might just be me, because I just came from STMcC’s place and although I love much of Maria Muldar’s work, her voice kind of irritated me on this version of ‘Long Hard Climb”.

    So, now I’m in a quandary, not to be confused with a quarry, many of which I’ve swum in after they were filled with water, and I went back and gave Petula another shot. Lo and behold, I find that I really do like Petula Clark singing this little ditty. Maybe I was judging her by past notes of fame (I really dislike that ‘Downtown’ song.), women can be like that sometime, too.
    In the end give my vote to Petula Clark, and not necessarily by default either. She does a good job on this one. Too bad it wasn’t the hit that ‘Downtown’ was, eh? Or maybe then I wouldn’t like it as much. Could just be a reaction to radio ‘over play’ that gave me those ‘up-city’ blues.

    Great first BATTLE, Mr. Knight. You are not only gonna fit right in with this gig, but you just might put the rest of us to shame. That’s in a ‘good way’, of course.

    1. Hi, dear FAE! Thank you very much for coming, my wonderful new friend! I dare say you are one of the few people on the face of the earth who don't particularly care for Petula Clark's international hit "Downtown." However, I get what you mean when a song or an artist is overexposed, saturating the airwaves weeks or months at a time. Eventually, you're just over it. It is for that very reason that I typically avoid posting #1 charting million sellers that we've all heard a gazillion times and instead take pride in presenting little known minor hits, non-hits and complete misses. Shady's Law states that chart position has absolutely nothing to do with a record's "greatness."

      One of the things that I am finding most fun about the BOTB is trying to anticipate how a friend is going to vote and the rationale they will give for having done so. I have been surprised, even shocked, several times so far. As I mentioned to another friend, this process is a lot like police eliciting testimony from a bunch of eyewitnesses to an accident or a crime. If there are 25 witnesses to the same event, it is very likely the cop will get 25 different stories about what was seen and heard. Some stories will be polar opposites. That fascinates me.

      Okay then, sweet friend. I will enter your vote for Petula Clark and look forward to seeing you again next Thursday, May 7, when I announce the winner.

      Thank you again, dear FAE, and enjoy the rest of your weekend!

  25. Hard to pick just one but I will go with Petula Clark

    1. AOK, dear Jo-Anne. Thanks for listening and voting. I'll chalk another one up for Pet Clark. Enjoy your Sunday, dear friend!

  26. For me Shady it's Peggy Lipton. A gorgeous version of the song.......the other 2 ladies were also good but Peggy is really feeling every word.....who knew she had such a beautiful voice! And it seems that it must have been a very popular song to cover....with 3 great singers doing a cover version of it.

    Another entertaining post Shady....look forward to hearing who the "winner" is!



    1. Hi, dear Robyn! Thank you very much for coming, my friend! I hope all is well in Brisbane, Australia today/tonight.

      Thank you for providing a rationale for voting for Peggy Lipton's version of "Wasn't It You." It fascinates me to know that your ears heard feeling in Peggy's voice. It seems like some people have a special set of filters or radar to detect feeling in a vocal performance that others might miss. It is very enlightening to find out how differently the various members of this focus group experience the same stimuli.

      Thank you very much for your visit, comment and vote, dear friend Robyn. Good night to you there on the East Coast. Please return this Thursday when the winner will be revealed!

  27. Hi Shady, I'm so glad you joined BOTB. I will go on over listen to more music, probably tomorrow because it's almost midnight here in Kelowna.

    Well, I vote for Petula Clark. I like her voice the best and also the arrangement. I didn't care for Peggy Lipton's voice; it seemed thin, but what I really didn't like was how the music overpowered her. I did like Billie's voice and music but not as much as Petula's.

    I've never heard this song before, but after listening to it a few times I really like it. Tons of hugs to you.

    1. Hi, Belle! Thank you so much, dear friend, for coming down to check out my first post as a member of the BOTB blog network. This has been a very interesting and rewarding experience for me so far. I am learning a lot about people, what they listen for in a piece of music, their likes and dislikes. One thing is for sure. One man's meat is indeed another man's poison. The elements in a vocal performance or a recording that cause one listener to respond favorably are the very things that turn off another listener.

      You noted that the music overpowered Peggy Lipton's voice. In all probability the recording was influenced by Phil Spector's Wall-of-Sound technique in which the lead vocal is positioned lower in the mix, buried under the orchestra. You have heard many examples of this method in my ongoing series Echoes of the Spectorian Era. I used to hate listening to Spector style records with their dense sound, preferring recordings with bright clean production and distinct vocals. These days I find that I appreciate both styles.

      Thank you very much for staying up late to cast your vote in my contest, dear friend Belle. Please look in on May 7 and find out who wins. God bless!

  28. Sorry I'm so late to your BOTB debut, Shady! I agree that all three women were entertaining in their own way, but Petula Clark gets my vote. She just had that star quality that really drove the song home. I also didn't know that Peggy Lipton could sing, but it definitely helped being married to Quincy Jones. Glad you joined this terrific team, Shady! Now I can't get this song out of my head.


    1. Hi, dear Julie! Thank you very much for swinging over and participating in my first BOTB competition. Every vote counts in what promises to be a neck and neck horse race to the finish line. No need to apologize for arriving late. I noticed that you were slammed for an entire month participating in the grueling A to Z challenge and it stands to reason that you needed a break.

      Petula Clark's star quality is undeniable and influential. I had just turned 15 when Pet conquered America and the rest of the civilized world with her smash hit "Downtown." As much as I liked that record as a teen, I enjoyed her follow-up single, the big beat go-go style dancer "I Know a Place" even more. Today, "I Know a Place" is the perfect song to describe my first impressions of the Shady Dell, the juke-joint that became my home away from home in the mid and late 60s.

      I can think of worse fates than to have a great song like "Wasn't It You" playing on a loop in your head all day long. It has been stuck in mine ever since I published the post on Friday and a couple of other people reported the same phenomenon in their comments.

      Thank you again, dear friend Julie, for joining the fun and casting your vote. Witness democracy in action this Thursday when the votes will be tabulated and the winner declared!

  29. I choose Pet because she's Pet. Peggy's voice sounds a little weak to me. Did her husband produce her record, or were they not married yet? Their daughter is very pretty. I've seen her on a number of TV shows and in some movies. They've been divorced for many years, I guess. Peggy and her husband, that is. Not Peggy and her daughter. Billie is okay, but she's not Pet. You've probably figured out by now that I love Pet. And you. And Cherdo. And Willy Dunne Wooters. And my children, both real and pretend. And Franklin. I really, really wuv Franklin. I love so many bloggers. I love, love, love, love, love.


    1. PERRY PARKER: You know I... I talk to my teens about love, and I always say "This crazy thing called love, it makes you laugh, it makes you cry...but hey, man, it's what makes the world go 'round." Now, dying for love? Whoa! That's too momentous! I mean it's good for the books, but not for teens. Now, on the other hand, there's nothing wrong with a teen king or a teen queen FEELING like you could die for love. That way, you'd cherish every dance and you'd never waste a kiss.

      Hi, dear Janie! I'm glad to see you overflowing with love today. Thanks for coming over and voting in my BOTB. Peggy Lipton made her recordings from the late 60s to early 70s, before she married Quincy in 1974. All of her recordings were produced by Lou Adler, Shelley Fabares' former husband.

      Thanks again for listening and voting, dear friend Janie. I will record your vote for Pet. Stay tuned for the crowning of the winner this Thursday!

    2. I didn't know Shelley Fabares was married to Lou Adler. Did he produce that great classic Shady Angel?

    3. Ha! No, Lou Adler did not produce Shelley's signature song "Shady Angel" aka "Johnny Angel." It was produced by Stu Phillips.

      Truth be told, Janie, Shelley Fabares made her best recordings after she left Colpix and joined husband Lou Adler's VeeJay label. Those sides include "I Know You'll Be There" and "Lost Summer Love." A third great one, "My Prayer" was released on Adler's Dunhill Records. Lou Adler produced all three of those fine recordings and I have them all coming up for you in my series Echoes of the Spectorian Era.

      Thank you for reporting in again, dear friend Janie. Come back tomorrow and find out who won my first BOTB contest!

  30. I'm late to this party but I hope I can still throw in my 5 cents...(inflation). I actually listened to all ladies twice. Peggy just did not do it for me. I thought she sounded flat and the music behind it all was too loud. My next instinct was to go for Petula, but dang after listening again I swayed my vote for Billie Davis. Yep, my final answer..Billie. Hope all is well with you and Mrs. Shady in your new home and I hope your week is a good one!

    1. Hi, dear YaYa! Thank you very much for coming to my first BOTB bash. You are not too late by any stretch of the imagination. The polls will remain open until Wednesday night.

      I can't tell you how pleased I am that you took time to listen carefully to all three recordings not once but twice. That second run through undoubtedly enabled you to distinguish the nuances of each and become a more informed voter.

      Yessum, Mrs. Shady and I are enjoying our new place. Thank you!

      Thank you for adding your $5 cents tonight, dear friend YaYa. It's worth all the gold in Fort Knox to me. Come on back here this Thursday when one of these candidates pops the cork on the champagne and celebrates victory while the other two experience the agony of defeat. God bless!

  31. Kathleen Mae SchneiderMay 6, 2015 at 12:54 PM

    Well, Tom, having done the best I could with my plugged up ears (I'm still sick...), I enjoyed listening to this song in all its versions. However, I'm a bit of a purist I guess and am casting my vote for Petula Clark.

    I agree that the overwhelming orchestration obscures Peggy Lipton's wonderful vocals and found Pet's voice more authentic and easier listening than that of Billie Davis.

    This was a good introduction to BOTB for me. Thanks for adding my opinion to the mix! >>>>


    1. Hi, dear Kathleen! I'm sure all your friends around the world are very sad to learn that you are still ailing all this time. Please take good care of yourself and let us know when you bounce back to 100%. I hope it's soon!

      Thank you very much for participating in the BOTB. I will add your vote for Pet Clark to the running total and announce the winner first thing tomorrow.

      Take care, Kathleen, and God bless!

  32. I'm a little late to this party but I'll still cast my vote anyway! I liked Peggy Lipton's version the best, and my reason is simple: I thought she had the better voice and the music was smoother.

    Thanks for the sweet comment on my post about the baby :) Now that life is starting to normalize and I'm not pregnant-exhausted, I hope to be posting more regularly again!

    1. Hi, Ashton! Welcome back to your home away from home, Shady Dell Music & Memories! I was overjoyed to see your little cutie pie the other day. I hope everything is going well with her and that you will continue to post pictures as she grows.

      Thank you for voting in my first official Battle of the Bands. I will add your vote for Peggy Lipton to the totals. Tune in tomorrow to find out who wins this thing!





  34. Correct me if I'm wrong, but aren't the music then so much better than the music now? At least generally speaking. I mean if you listen to the beats yeah, it's danceable but the lyrics are trash.

    I think the kind of generation is obvious in the kind of music produced. Or is it the other way around?

    Can't wait to hear the winner. I hope I won't forget to check back. :D

    1. Hi, dear Lux! I'm sorry you didn't get to the polls in time to cast your vote in my BOTB and I hope you will check back to find out which artist won.

      It's easy for members of the baby boom generation to say that music was "better" when we were young. It means a lot when younger people like you recognize its greatness. Thank you very much for your visit and comment, dear friend Lux. See you back here soon, I hope!


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