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"More than a place, the Shady Dell was and will forever remain a state of mind." - Shady Del Knight

"More than a place, the Shady Dell was and will forever remain a state of mind." - Shady Del Knight

Friday, May 15, 2015

Battle of the Bands, Special Edition - "Hey, That Sounds Just Like..." (Vol. 1)

Welcome to Volume 1 of

Hey, That Sounds Just Like...

It's my latest post for Battle of the Bands,
the blog hop group established in 1956 by
my good buddy Stephen T. McCarthy at

Hey, That Sounds Just Like compares recordings of
different songs that happen to share a similar sound.
Some examples in this series sound almost exactly
alike, either by accident or accidentally on purpose.
Listen to the two sets of recordings in this post.
Each set includes a record or two by a well known
artist along with a sound-alike record made by
a less well known act. Please vote for the
better of the two sound-alike records.

Note: If you try to leave the polling place
without explaining why you voted the
way you did, a burly security guard
will wrestle you to the ground.

"Alright, let's get on it." The contestants
are waiting in the wings and ready to perform.
Let the Battle of the Bands commence!


Image courtesy Davie Gordon @
Ramona King is a little known artist who released
four uncharted singles on the Warner Bros. label
in the mid 60s. Her third 45, "Run Johnny Run,"
was arranged and produced in the style of
 Phil Spector and includes his girl group
The Blossoms as background singers.
"Run Johnny Run" sounds a lot like
 "When You Walk in the Room."

 "Run Johnny Run" - Ramona King 
 (July 1964, uncharted) 


The English Merseybeat band The Searchers
did a fine job of covering the original recordings
of American artists. In September of 1964
The Searchers penetrated the U.S. top 40
with their version of our featured song
"When You Walk in the Room."

 "When You Walk in the Room" - The Searchers 
 (November 1964, highest chart position #35


"When You Walk in the Room" was written
and first recorded in the fall of 1963 by
singer/songscribe Jackie DeShannon,
a production arranged by the multi-
talented Jack Nitzsche. Hard to
believe this great recording
stalled at #99 on the chart!

 "When You Walk in the Room" 
 Jackie DeShannon (January 1964, 
 highest chart position #99) 


Here's one of those so-called Dimension Dolls
ditties, this one by a girl group called the Spandells.
Their 1964 one-off single "The Boy Next Door"
borrows heavily from the Shirelles' hit
"Foolish Little Girl."

 "The Boy Next Door" - The Spandells 
 (December 1964, uncharted) 


Now that you've heard "The Boy Next Door" listen to
the 1963 original by the girls next door, the Shirelles.

 "Foolish Little Girl" - The Shirelles 
 (May 1963, highest chart position #4) 

Okay, it's time for you to vote.

Which is the better sounding

sound-alike, Ramona King's

"Run Johnny Run"

or The Spandells' record

"The Boy Next Door"?


Stay tuned for my follow-up post 6 days from now
in which I will cast my vote, count the ballots
(including hanging chad and dimpled chad)
and announce the winner.

After voting here today, please swing over
to Stephen's place where you will find links
to the other participating BOTB blogs.
Be a good friend and try to visit every
blog on the list. Find out how good it
feels to commit random acts of kindness.

Have a Shady day!


  1. Okay,'s too early for me to do this. I kept going back and forth on the songs trying to figure out what you wanted before it clicked. My. Coffee. Is. Working. SLOW! lol After listening to all your tunes, I think the sound alikes most closely resembling is The Boy Next Door. So, give my vote the The Spandell's! Interesting BoTB show-down. Next time give forewarn me to get 3rd cup of coffee, if you EVER do this again. :D Have a good weekend!

    1. See, I can't even comment right. I meant to say...Next time forewarn me to get a 3rd cup of coffee, if you ever do this again.

    2. Spandells! But I liked the outfits on the ladies in the Searchers clip the best.

    3. Hi, Cathy! Thanks for visiting, listening and voting, my new friend. I've been chugging black coffee all morning and trying to keep my eyes open and my wits about me as I visit all of the BOTB's in our circle.

      In my contest I wasn't asking which sound-alike record you think sounds more like the original. I was merely asking you to vote for the sound-alike you prefer. I hope that doesn't change your vote.

      Thank you again for playing, dear Cathy, and have a safe and happy weekend!

    4. Susie - Thanks for coming dear friend! Spandells it is then, along with a vote for the clothing styles worn by the Brit girls in the Searchers video. :)

      Thanks for playing, dear friend Susie, and have a wonderful weekend!

  2. I've been storing away a couple of sound alike Battles in my someday series, but they're very different from this one. Interesting historical progression here.

    All the other song versions got me a little confused so I just listened to Ramona King and The Spandells back to back. I see the similarity in style and theme, but the songs seem distinctly different to me at this point.

    It's a somewhat difficult choice, but let me think on this. I like the upbeat sound of King as well as the band backing her up. It's such a great 60's sound.

    The musical arrangement of the Spandells is nice. As a rule I prefer strings and I like the strings, the flute, and the lazy flowing rhythm back up. Melodically "The Boy Next Store" is more interesting as well and over time I think it would retain a great listenability for me.

    For that I cast my vote for the Spandells "Boy Next Store". Besides, I don't like running very much.

    Arlee Bird
    A to Z Challenge Co-host
    Road trippin' with A to Z
    Tossing It Out

    1. Hi, Lee! Thanks for coming, good buddy. The Searchers' hit version of "Walk in the Room" along with the Jackie DeShannon original were included so that you could hear how similar the melody is to that of the Ramona King recording. The Shirelles' hit was included so that you could hear how similar the melody is to that of the Spandells' recording. You are right, the Ramona King record and the Spandells record are two completely different songs and they do not sound alike. I'm sorry if I seemed to imply that they do. The two recordings are not related in any way except that they are both mid 60s girl group recordings. You seem to prefer the Shirelles sound captured on the recording by the Spandells and I will add your vote to the tally.

      Thanks so much for coming by, Lee. Enjoy your weekend, good buddy!

    2. So, I go to leave a comment, and there ain't no comment box! Arrarrarr....

      So, the question appears to be "Did the Spandells sound more like the Shirelles, or did Ramona King sound more like Jackie DeShannon?" And the answer, I'm afraid, is yes. It's like comparing apples and hammers.

      In the final analysis, I'm voting for Ramona King, because she's cuter.

    3. Hi, John! Oh NO! Did Stephen and I use up all of the comment boxes? :)

      I'm sorry you misread the instructions, my friend. I wasn't comparing apples and hammers because it is obvious to me and everybody else that "The Boy Next Door" would get every single vote. There would be no point to staging such a lopsided contest. No, there's no trick to what I did here. I was simply asking which sound-alike you prefer on its own merits, regardless of how much it does or does not sound like the corresponding hit.

      There was one other person who clearly misread the instructions the way you did. Since that person picked the Spandells and you picked Ramona King, then I will count both of your votes knowing that it won't affect the outcome of the contest. However, if you wish to change your vote based on the new info I just gave you then feel free to do so.

      Thanks for coming, good buddy John. I'll have the grand total and the winner for you this Thursday. See you then!

  3. I will vote for Ramona King. In her song she was encouraging her guy and I liked that more than the other one. The other one was all these guys like me but I am in love with the guy next door.

    1. Hi, Mike! Thanks for coming, good buddy! You made an interesting observation. It's funny, but for me, the words to songs are often secondary to the overall sound, the production mix. Come to think of it, however, I do tend to prefer songs in which support and encouragement are given. In the case of "Run Johnny Run," a girl gives a pep talk to a guy, urging him to bust loose from the crowd that is holding him back (a gang maybe?), telling him he's got what it takes to have a better life and make something of himself.

      Hey, thanks for listening and voting, Mike, and have a great weekend!

    2. Hey, Mike - I wanted to add that lyrics to the Ramona King record remind me of the Four Seasons' "Big Man in Town" ("I'm gonna make it, just wait and see") and quite a few other hit songs/recordings of the period that had to do with rising above mediocrity and adversity and "making it." These include "On Broadway," "Only in America" and "Big City Lights," an obscure yet great B side by Sam the Sham and the Pharaohs, one of the Shady Dell's Greatest Hits.

  4. Oh, Shadyman, this one is tough.

    I like them both, in general. Musically sound and totally representative of the era in which they were famous.

    By the way, I don't think either of these songs got the chart placement they deserved, brother.

    In the end, it comes down to it, all the Battle of the Band votes grind down to personal opinion. Listening to both, I realize that I always gravitate to the songs that I think are vocally superior, as opposed to the arrangement. Great vocals rise to the top! Great arrangements can't reach those heights alone in Cherdo-land.

    My vote is for the Spandells "Boy Next Door." Can't argue with a contralto with rhythm and depth.

    Great post, Shadimus Maximus! Enjoy your day!

    1. Hi, dear Cherdo! Thanks for joining the BOTB party as a voter and as a host. I predicted that most females would prefer the Shirelles sound of the Spandells recording and so far that theory is holding up. I agree that both of these records were worthy of a run on the Hot 100 but they, like countless others, came and went almost unnoticed. Fortunately many of these great recordings are finding new life in the new millennium released for the first time on CD compilations.

      I will record your vote for the Spandells, dear friend Cherdo, and thanks again for being here!

  5. Okay Shady, this is going to take more than one comment. Ray Pholman did the arrangement for Run Johnny Run. Were the studio musicians on this part of The Wrecking Crew? I'm going to assume they were.

    This is a great song of the period. The song is uptempo, the vocals are sweet and the background singers hit it just right.

    The Shirelles were such an important band and I like everything they did. Tonight's the Night just blew me away.

    I'm going to take my time and listen to each song more than once before I cast a vote. Both singles have their own merit. And they have their own "feel", both of which are great.

    1. Hi, Anne! Thank you very much for reporting in on my second Battle of the Bands and my first installment of "Hey, That Sounds Just Like..."

      I wish I could answer your question with confidence. Little is known about about this Ramona King record, at least by me. According to my good friend and music historian Anthony Reichardt, the YouTuber who uploaded this video, the production was inspired by Phil Spector and the arrangement put together by Wrecking Crew bass player, Ray Pohlman. The single was produced in Los Angeles by Joe Saraceno and Jerry Riopelle, the latter one of Spector's proteges and style imitators. With session musicians making the rounds and playing on so many different recordings during that period, it seems likely that members of the Wrecking Crew took part in making Ramona King's single.

      Thank you for these great remarks, Anne. By now you know that I love your repeat visits, so take your time and come back later when you are ready to vote. Until then have a splendid day, Anne!

    2. So glad I read that again. The battle is between Run Johnny Run and The Boy Next Door.

      I'm going with Run Johnny Run because that song has a deep groove and it really swings. Ya, it's not as smooth as The Boy Next Door, but I like the "raw" feel of it. To me it sounds like they put everyone together in one room, miked that room,, hit record and got it in three takes or less. I also like the dynamic changes in the song.

    3. Hi, dear Anne! Thank you very much for the return visit and vote. I agree that "Run Johnny Run" has spontaneity and energy. It sounds as if it was crunch time in the studio and everybody just went for it and had fun. I appreciate the raw, unrefined, quality of Ramona's voice and her exuberance on that Spectorian recording.

      Thank you again, dear friend Anne, for popping back in and explaining what specifically you liked about the Ramona King recording. I will place your vote in the ballot box and hope to see you back here soon. Have a wonderful weekend, Anne!

    4. ...and thank you, dear Anne, for becoming a new follower of SDMM. I very much appreciate your friendship and support!

    5. I've had you up on my blogroll in my sidebar for a long time whilst I was just lurking. Then I finally decided to talk to you. It just occurred to me yesterday that I'd not pushed the follow button as in my own mind, I've been your follower for a long time.

      See, I told you I was daft :0)

    6. Some of my best friends are daft. In fact, ALL of them are! :) I feel very lucky to have a follower as sweet, kind and knowledgeable as you are, dear Anne! :)

    7. Dear Shady,

      Whilst doing my usual lurking, I noticed that you have a new grandchild. Congratulations on this happiest of events. The birth of ones children and grandchildren certainly are the best things in a persons life.

      My own daughter is to marry next year and although they aren't planning children for another five years, I am already dreaming of my future grandchildren.

      When the children were little, those were the best years of my life. Nothing before then or since then has matched the joy of those times.

      Best wishes to the parents and may the wee ones mum find time to sleep and to rest after the birth.

    8. Hi, dear Anne! If you have been reading the paperback novel that this comment section has become then I'm sure you realize that a sweet and supportive comment like yours is like a breath of fresh air. I greatly appreciate your thoughtfulness!

      I need to admit to you the fact that, like John and Helen Ettline, I never had any biological children of my own, but I have two children and now four grandchildren through marriage. Last evening was very special. Family members gathered around the hospital bed to behold the miracle of a new child. He measures 21 inches and weighs 7 pounds, 3 ounces, and has already had his picture taken as often as Justin Timberlake. :)

      Mrs. Shady and I received a text today from her daughter, the mum, letting us know that she and her new baby are both doing fine.

      Congratulations to you and your daughter on her upcoming wedding. I am rooting for you to experience the joy of becoming a grandparent.

      Thank you again, dear friend Anne, for returning here again and again to bless me with your presence and to share your thoughts.

      Good night!

    9. Dear Shady,

      With cell phones it's so much easier to get loads of early photo's. My children's pictures are all in photo albums, but my grandchildren's will be stored on a memory stick. I have to wonder how many of those photo's will survive over two or more generations. Memory sticks are easily lost.

      Glad to hear mum and baby are well!

    10. Hi again, dear Anne! My father was an avid shutterbug and over the years took hundreds of pictures of family members. Those pictures were saved in a dozen or more albums. Some of my happiest childhood memories revolve around paging through those family albums and listening to my parents and relatives tell stories about the people in them. I learned a lot about my family tree that way.

      My final blog post ever was supposed to be published at the end of 2010. :) Obviously, I have continued on well beyond that and I am very thankful that I didn't miss the opportunity to have a friend like you in my life. If you'd like to see some of the pictures my dad took of me as a baby, as a boy, as a teenager and as an adult, I invite you to take a look at my "farewell" post:

      Thank you again for you cheery greetings, dear friend Anne, and enjoy the rest of your Wednesday!

    11. Dear Shady,

      Thank you so much for the link. You were such a cute little boy. I particularly like the one from 1952 where you are wearing you jam jams. It's nice to see ther actual person behind the blog and to know about your history.

      The pics of the Dell were lovely as well. No, it wasn't a fancy, glitzy place, but you know those kinds of places don't allow one to relax and be themselves.

      I also like the pic of you sitting in that tree. I used to love climbing trees as a girl and was quite the little monkey.

      I'm so glad that you decided to stay as this is a blog where I feel safe. There are no worries about having my feelings hurt by you. I don't find many places like this outside of the world of my fellow painters.

      I would never have pegged you for a KISS fan. One of the cover bands I played in many years ago covered quite a few of their songs. Fun stuff and it got people on their feet.

      How do you feel about Led Zeppelin? I am a rabid fan and have been since I heard the first album. It's okay if you don't like them. I am just curious which side of that particular aisle you stand on.

    12. Hi, sweet Anne! I am always so happy to see your smiling face. Thanks for coming to see me again. I'm on the East Coast and needed to get into my jam jams and get to bed last night. That's why I didn't see your latest comment or reply to it until this morning.

      I'm glad you enjoyed seeing pictures of "the real me" and realize that I am not the pipe smoking character that hosts the blog. I believe you are also getting to know me and understand me through these "chat room" exchanges of ours.

      You are also getting the gist of what the Shady Dell was all about. The house where the snack bar was located and barn annex that served as the dance hall were already more than 50 years old by the time I started going there in 1965. The look of the Shady Dell stayed the same year after year, just like this blog dedicated to it. The Dell was like your favorite old pair of slippers that make you feel comfortable whenever you slip into them.

      Yessum, I loved to climb trees. I spent many summer days perched high in the trees of my neighborhood park. Alone up there, high above the ground, I found peace and serenity.

      You wrote:

      << I'm so glad that you decided to stay as this is a blog where I feel safe.>>

      This statement touches me deeply, Anne. For nearly seven years I have kept my version of the Dell going so that people like you can come here and feel safe. This is surely the greatest compliment that I have ever received and I will remember your words always. I promise that I will take good care of you, Anne. As Stephen pointed out there are all types of people in the blog world. Isn't it a joy, though, when you meet someone who is a good fit for your personality and temperament and you don't feel like you're constantly trying to jam a square peg into a round hole?

      I have been a KISS fan since 1974, an Alice Cooper fan since 1970 and a fan of Led Zeppelin since 1969. I also collect music by bands that sound like Zeppelin such as Kingdom Come, Kix and Tora Tora.

      << It's okay if you don't like them. I am just curious which side of that particular aisle you stand on. >>

      I feel safe being honest with you, Anne. I don't expect us to be a perfect match every time, but isn't it great to know that we do seem to have similar taste in music? :)

      This is a travel day for me, Anne, and I will need to be out of touch for many hours. I wish you a very happy day and hope to connect with you again soon. Again, thank you for all your kindness and support. Safe feels good.

    13. Oh ya, I like Cooper as well. I never did get to see one of his shows though. My gran was a bit freaked out by KISS and by Cooper.

      No I don't expect to like all the same music and that's not a bad thing at all. Sometimes my mind can be changed when I listen to a song from someone's perspective. However, we got the big one out of the way-Zep Rules!

      Don't ever be concerned about getting back to me here. We all have real lives and that trumps blogger live every time.

      Have a great day!

    14. Hi, Anne! I actually had a chance to go back stage and meet KISS. I was working at the MTV style television station that you might have seen me mention on my blog and others. We gained access to many of the leading rock acts of the 80s and 90s. It was the first week of 1986 when my camera crew went to a large venue where KISS was about to play. We were led directly into KISS's dressing room and stood a few feet away from the guys watching them apply their "unmasked" make-up and fix their hair. We interviewed their little drummer Eric Carr. I'm sure you know that he died a few years later. Blackie Lawless and his band W.A.S.P. were the opening act that night and we also hung out with them backstage. Groupies galore! :) Many other hair bands came to our studio to be interviewed, including Poison, Ratt and Cinderella. As you can imagine it was great fun!

      Thanks again for your warm and supportive comments, dear friend Anne!

  6. Okay, Mr. Shady, bear with me through this comment.

    At first, I was utterly confused about this battle. Now, I understand who you have matched up. I can't refrain (because it's just who I am) from offering up an opinion on an alternative way of doing this. You are so musically knowledgeable that it's tempting to throw a bunch of stuff against the wall.

    I think the better match-up for Ramona King would've been When You Walk In the Room (either version). Or you could've pitted the two versions of When You Walk In The Room against one another. I think the better match-up for The Boy Next Door would've been Foolish Little Girls. I can see the parallels between the two different songs in that they share many of the same elements. But, I can't hear it between Ramona King and The Spandells. They sound like two completely different songs to me. It's an apples/oranges thing.

    In other words, you could've been set with a whole other BoTB doing another this version sounds like this one next time. One more note: as this group is getting bigger and bigger people aren't going to have time to listen to all of these to hear the progression you're trying to show them. They're going to see who the actual contenders are and just listen to that (which is a waste of future battles you could use!).

    I only tell you my opinion on this because I want you to have great voter turn-out. You bring a distinct and welcome voice to BoTB. Whenever you offer up more than two versions of a song, you run the risk of someone deciding they just don't have time (and that would be a darn shame!).

    I vote for Ramona King. I like her oranges better than the Spandells' apples.

    1. Hi, dear Robin! Thank you for the advice. I seemed to have confused you, Arlee and Cathy with my variation of the BOTB. If I didn't make it clear enough in the post, I will state again that the two competing recordings DO NOT sound alike and I didn't mean to imply that they do. Instead, each of them sounds like a familiar hit by another artist. I suppose I could have posted only the two competing records and explained that the riff found in "Run Johnny Run" sounds very similar to "When You Walk in the Room," and that the melody of "The Boy Next Door" sounds a lot like "Foolish Little Girl." However, I thought it would be helpful to include the original and better known recordings (as you and others in the hop have done) in case the readers aren't familiar with them. You see, some of my readers are teenagers and 20-somethings. I can't assume that they are as familiar with the music of my generation as I am or as you might be. For their convenience and for the purpose of education, I posted the other three recordings. Again, I'm sorry if I confused you.

      I agree that these BOTB posts are time consuming, Robin, and it takes commitment. This morning I spent more than 5 hours reading, listening and commenting on the blogs of other people including yours. I have found that my posts are no longer than others in the hop circle. In some cases my posts are much shorter. I realize that listening to 10 seconds of three additional recordings is time consuming - 30 seconds to be exact :) and I appreciate those who are willing to do for me what I am willing to do for them. I don't worry about losing customers. I've been blogging almost 7 years now and I have always done it my way. Most of my non-BOTB posts have 5 or more songs in them. In the past, quite a few of my posts contained more than 10 songs. If people skip my posts because they seem too long, then so be it. They probably don't belong here anyway. I'm not playing a numbers game. I am seeking a few genuine friends. People who keep coming back here do so for the fun and the friendship. The content of the post is not all that important in the grand scheme. This is where the action is, Robin, right here in the comments section, and I thank you for engaging me in an honest discussion.

      I will enter your vote for Ramona King, dear friend, and I thank you for participating in my BOTB today!

    2. I find that it often takes me several days to get to all of the BoTB participants. I really want to listen and vote.

      You are right. I missed the point of this battle entirely. I was completely confused. I knew that we were making comparisons of similar sounding songs, but they weren't the songs in the actual battle. Result: my mind boggled.

      I think that everyone should run their battle the way they want to... and, of course, that includes you. I hope that my comment/advice didn't offend you as it was intended to be helpful and not hurtful.

      I just know that it took me a while to feel like *I* had a handle on BoTB (and I sometimes still feel like I don't!), so there you are.

    3. Hi again, dear Robin! Thank you very much for coming back over. This kind gesture on your part means a great deal to me and I'd like to explain why.

      I remember a few weeks ago, the first thing you ever wrote to me was something to the effect that you and I have the beginnings of a beautiful friendship. I took those words to heart. Let me assure you right here and now that I am very happy with the progress we are making toward that end. I noticed your comment on Arlee's blog today in which you mentioned having read my comment there about "Look For a Star." It's flattering to know that you pay attention to the things I write here and elsewhere. Naturally, I pay attention to what you write or else how would I have known you made reference to me? I also read your sweet and encouraging reply to my comment on your post today. Ours is most certainly a blossoming friendship, Robin. One of the things I like about you is that you do not deal in false diplomacy. You are honest, direct and outspoken and I admire those traits. While I always try to state things in the positive, I do not hesitate to get real and go deep with people, especially friends that I value and want to keep.

      I am not offended by your advice today because I appreciate and understand the noble intention behind it. Ultimately, I need to present my blog as I see fit. Each of us needs to do that. This is the first and only blog hop I ever joined because I don't particularly like having to change my format to conform to someone else's vision. I doubt that I ever would have joined BOTB if Stephen hadn't asked and practically insisted that I join. Now that I am here I will continue to do what I have done since 2008 and that is to please myself first. If other people happen to get a kick out of what I am doing, then they are welcome to visit my clubhouse and play with me, regardless of their age, gender, nationality, religious beliefs or political affiliation.

      You suggested earlier that some people might not have time to listen to more than two videos in a single post and therefore skip over my blog. That's fine with me, Robin, because I'm not looking for "hit and run" friends or "click-on" friends. I want what I believe you and I are building - a friendship built on honesty and commitment. You demonstrated your commitment today by taking extra time to return here and write a follow-up comment to make sure you hadn't offended me. That means more to me than I can express, Robin. Now I am happily reciprocating, taking time to let you know that we're in great shape. Our budding friendship does not rely on tact and diplomacy. It thrives on honesty and commitment. Thank you, Robin, for accepting me into your world and for appreciating me as I am just as I have learned to appreciate you. Have a wonderful evening and a safe and happy weekend, my dear friend!

  7. Hi Shady. I've been to your blog before but this is the first time as a BOTB participant! Glad to join in the ranks of you all.
    I like the Spandells' The Boy Next Door the best. I liked their melody better and I also liked the lyrics. Don't get me wrong, Ramona King was good too, but I was just pulled more by the Spandells.
    Interesting battle!
    Michele at Angels Bark

    1. Hi, Michele! Thanks for coming! I am thrilled to see you here at my second BOTB party. I'm happy to know you enjoyed both competing "girl group sound" recordings and I will add your vote for the Spandells to the running total.

      Thank you again for joining the fun, dear Michele. Stay close. I will be announcing the winner of this battle on May 21. I hope to see you back here that day and I look forward to growing a great friendship with you. Have a wonderful weekend, dear Michele!

    2. You too Shady! Have a fun and fabulous...and maybe a little relaxing... weekend. Thanks for the warm welcome!

    3. Hi, Michele! Dear friend, I hope you got my email tonight. I've been trying to leave a comment on your BOTB post all day and all evening - three different attempts - and each time my comment disappears w/o getting published. I don't know what's wrong and I'm hoping we can fix the problem. You and your blog are important to me and I'd like to vote in your band battle. Can you please reply to my email or respond to this reply and let me know if there's a way around this problem? I am willing to email you my comments and have you post them in my name if that's what it takes.

      Thanks, dear Michele!

  8. Hi Shady! Whoa - some battle sir - I am amazed that no one got sued over the closeness! This is so unique!!

    I liked the second round with, 'The Boy next Door' versus 'Foolish Little Girl.' I feel if I'd had the lyrics I could have sung along with either. Don't get me wrong - I like Romana King - but with this grouping... my vote goes to the Spandelles and the Shirelles.

    1. Hi, dear Dixie! Thank you very much for reporting in, my friend, and for exercising your right to vote in my latest Battle of the Bands. I'm glad you understood the "two rounds" concept of the post w/o any problem.

      As you know the Shirelles were one of the most popular of all girl groups. It's easy to understand why the Spandells, which was probably a studio group consisting of unknown session singers, took a similar name, rolled the dice and waxed a blatant imitation of "Foolish Little Girl."

      Your vote has been counted, dear friend Dixie. Thank you very much for playing!

    2. Hi Shady. Now that things for me have slowed down a bit, I wanted to revisit you. This is some battle you put together. So original, unique, and creates a brain busting moment. I would never have thought of doing this. Thanks for allowing me to comment a second time. (smile).

    3. Hi, dear Dixie! (smile). Dear friend, you are always welcome to return and comment as often as you wish. In this supportive follow-up comment, you chose to take a positive approach, describing what I presented here as original and unique. I admit that I enjoy challenging my readers, testing their skills and exploring variations on a theme. It keeps us sharp and youthful to exercise our brains and think outside the box.

      Once again I thank you, dear Dixie, for taking a little extra time out of your day to visit me again and offer these words of encouragement. Your kind message made my day and I know that it made you feel happy, too. (smile).

  9. Hi Shady; Were there any plagiarism suits involved with these soundalikes? The first one especially! It took me a little while to understand which songs we're supposed to be voting on. LOL Personally, I didn't care for Ramona King's vocals all that much, so my choice is The Spandelles. They all have that quintessential early 60s sound. Cool!

    1. Hi, Debbie! Thank you very much for coming over to play BOTB with me and also for becoming my latest follower. I appreciate your support!

      This series, "Hey, That Sounds Just Like...," will feature a few sound-alike recordings that did result in court battles. I doubt that either of these featured sound-alikes prompted legal action since they both remained obscure and uncharted and did not divert attention or sales from the originals that inspired them.

      You're right. Both competing recordings have that sweet and innocent sound that was so popular through the early 60s until the street wise Ronettes and Shangri-las reinvented the look and sound of girl groups.

      Thank you again, dear Debbie, for following me and for joining the party today. I will add your vote for the Spandells to the tally. Please come back May 21 when I will declare the winner!

  10. Hi Shady,
    I liked both songs . I really liked the sweet sound of innocence with the Spandell's ," the Boy next door". Ramona King's voice had a little harsher sound, not there's anything wrong w/ harsh. I did like the chorus on" Run Johnny Run" with the faster beat of the drums. So, Ok, it's a tough pick but. . . I'll go with the Spandells!!!
    "When you walk in the room" was my fav on this post, just in case you ask! LOL! I liked the words of her crushin on a guy who doesn't know she exist. Jackie DeShannon sounded a little like Kim Carnes. Fun Time, Shady!
    Toni Deroche

    1. Hi, dear Toni! Thanks for coming over! You're right. At times Jackie DeShannon sounds a little like Kim Carnes. It's hard for me to believe that Jackie's original of "Walk in the Room," which I consider definitive, barely made a dent in the chart. Incidentally, ABBA singer Aggie Faltskog also released a fine version of "Walk in the Room" on her 2004 album My Colouring Book. It seems odd that you favored "Walk in the Room" but not the sound-alike record derived from it. It must indeed be the song's lyrics that you liked most about that particular composition.

      Thanks for playing, dear friend Toni. Your vote has been recorded. Please hustle back here six days from now and find out who wins!

    At the risk of sounding dumb AND dumber, I'm going to confess that I'm rather confused.

    I will need to come back and try to tackle this later... after I've had my fourth Bloody Mary maybe.

    ~ D-FensDogG
    'Loyal American Anti-Sobriety Society'

    1. Hi, Stephen!

      You must be getting tired from making the BOTB rounds today, good buddy. It's good to see you!

      It's really quite simple, Stephen. Which record do you like more, the one by Ramona King (which sounds like "Walk in the Room") or the one by the Spandells (which sounds like "Foolish Little Girl.)

      Thanks, Stephen!

  12. Oh, I see it now... I can see clearly now, the sobriety's gone (thanks to FIVE Bloody Marys and an Everclear chaser).

    Here's what threw me:

    >>... Which is the better sounding sound-alike, Ramona King's "Run Johnny Run" or The Spandells' record "The Boy Next Door"?

    I wasn't sure if that meant I was supposed to vote for the one I thought MOST sounded like its twin, or if I was supposed to vote for which of those two songs I preferred (regardless of which one sounded the most like its twin).

    I must say, however, that I didn't think 'RUN JOHNNY RUN' sounded like 'WHEN YOU WALK IN THE ROOM'. To me, it sounded a lot more like 'SHE'S NOT THERE' by The Zombies.

    Also, I thought 'THE BOY NEXT DOOR' was, instrumentally speaking, nearly a note-for-note copy of (Link:->) 'PIANO CONCERTO NO. 1' by Emerson, Lake & Palmer.

    OK, having said that, given the two choices here, my vote goes to...

    'DO YOU HEAR WHAT I HEAR?' by The Harry Simeone Chorale.

    Nah. I'm just kidding. Like ANY sensible person would, I'm voting for...

    'FREE BIRD' by Lynyrd Skynyrd.

    ~ D-FensDogG
    'Loyal American Underground'

      Wait! Wait! The third time's a charm...

      In all seriousness, I'm voting for THE SPANDELLS. I like the harmonizing and much prefer the melody.

      ~ D-FensDogG

    2. Ha! And you had the utter audacity to claim that YOU were confused by what I wrote! (LOL) The only difference is that I don't even try to understand you, good buddy. I simply confer with your translator, Cherdo, to figure out what you're trying to say.

      Anyway, I'm sorry that my instructions were not crystal clear. Seems you would have voted for the Spandells either way because their record sounds more like "Foolish Little Girl" than Ramona's sounds like "Walk in the Room."

      I hope to redeem myself in your eyes next time when I present my special 20-part salute to your favorite crooner, TINY TIM. Be there!


      Oh, I'll be there. Wouldn't miss one Tiny sentence of it. (Please don't forget to include 'FRISCO FLO', as that might be my favorite of Tiny's big tunes.)

      And, yes, Cherdo is a reliable translator because she "gets" me (which should probably concern her a great deal).

      ~ D-FensDogG

    4. I actually met Tiny Tim in 1986 when he came to our TV studio and appeared on our live talk show. He was as soft spoken and polite in person as he always appeared to be on television. He bowed to me deferentially and repeatedly referred to me as "Mr. Anderson." He was a very nice man.

    5. Yes, TINY TIM really was a nice and super-polite guy. Your recollection of him is similar to accounts that a great many other people have also told.

      Undoubtedly a number of people probably think I'm deliberately attempting to cultivate a bizarre persona or reputation by publicly claiming myself a Tiny Tim fan. (I believe my friend DiscConnected, whom I worked with for years, had a particularly difficult time coming to the realization that I am a genuine Tiny Tim fan.)

      The truth is, I have very little patience with people who deliberately attempt to act strange and say weird things solely for the sake of strangeness or weirdness and to appear "different". That goes for people in "real life" and musicians / songwriters. I could go on and on listing "artists" I dislike simply because I think they are laying it on thick - playing the part of the "unique" artist type.

      I may go "off-the-wall" sometimes, but it's coming from a genuine place inside me; it's an organic facet of my personality. It's just the way my mind works (God help me!)

      TINY TIM was a genuine weirdo. I've looked into it and he was NOT just playing a game for attention. He was one of the most peculiar but "real" celebrities I've ever come across, and I love him for his courage to be himself regardless of how others judged him, shaking their heads and dismissing him as some sort of alien.

      Aside from all that, I posted a few blog bits on my defunct 'STUFFS' blog wherein I honestly proclaimed that I was shocked out of my gourd when I discovered almost by accident that I honest-to-goodness like a great many Tiny Tim recordings a hellck of a lot. (Maybe 70% of 'em.)

      Tiny Tim was also responsible for one of my all-time, All-Time favorite quotes of... ALL TIME.

      In the June 1970 issue of 'Playboy' magazine, Harold Ramis interviewed Tiny. The article ended with the following quote:

      ~ Tiny Tim

      That quote cracks me up, and it is SO authentically Tiny Tim. Who else could shift so quickly from such a grand, beautiful wish for mankind to such a small, nearly insignificant personal wish?

      It was THAT quote which was the foundation for a tradition my brother Nappy and I have been engaging in for quite a few years now (and some friends have even joined us in it).

      Every Christmas Day, we drop a coin into a body of water and make a wish that Tiny Tim (though he's gone now) will somehow wind up someday with a second hit song.

      I guess that makes me almost as weird as Tiny Tim, but we both came by our weirdness honestly. (I've told this story many times but... when I was a kid, my Pa used to wake me up for school by blasting Roger Miller's song 'You Can't Roller Skate In A Buffalo Herd'. If you don't think that might induce weirdness in a child, think again.)

      At any rate, Tiny was just being Tiny, and I celebrate the courage he displayed to be different in a world full of conformists and "head-shakers".

      ~ D-FensDogG

    6. Hi, Stephen!

      You wrote:

      << I could go on and on listing "artists" I dislike simply because I think they are laying it on thick - playing the part of the "unique" artist type.>>

      Just don't you go bad mouthin' my main man Monti Rock III aka Disco Tex & His Sex-O-Lettes! :)

      You wrote:

      << I may go "off-the-wall" sometimes, but it's coming from a genuine place inside me; it's an organic facet of my personality. It's just the way my mind works (God help me!) >>

      This is a quotable quote, good buddy, and I thank you for getting real with me and expressing this. This is one of the things I like about you, Stephen. I think you're the real deal. You don't have a bogus bone in your body. Like Don Rickles, you know when it's the right time to dial it back and communicate in a sincere manner. I greatly appreciate it. Honest, straight from the heart communication can smooth over the roughest waters. Those who withdraw and refuse to communicate forfeit the opportunity to clear up a misunderstanding and make an awkward situation better. "Let us never negotiate out of fear. But let us never fear to negotiate."

      Regarding Tiny Tim, you wrote:

      << I love him for his courage to be himself regardless of how others judged him, shaking their heads and dismissing him as some sort of alien. >>

      I totally agree with you. It took courage for him to remain true to himself - to dress, sing, speak and act in the manner he did - knowing that, in doing so, he would remain an object of ridicule. We can all learn from his example.

      Thank you again, Stephen, for showing me that you care by taking time to come here and share yourself with me and the other interested readers. This is what genuine friendship is all about. Have a great day!

  13. Hello Shady

    My vote goes to Ramona King. I enjoyed the Searchers video and the real 60s decade vibe - music and fashion. cheers Allie-Millie

    1. Hi, dear Allie-Millie! Happy Saturday to you, dear friend, and thank you for coming all the way from Australia for a look and a listen. I figured you'd like that Searchers video which gives us glimpses of the fashionistas of the Swingin' Sixties. I'm glad you noted the similar sound (the familiar riff) in the Ramona King recording. I will register your vote for Ramona at once. Thanks again and enjoy your weekend, dear friend Allie-Millie!

  14. OMG! 'Free Bird', I love that song. I hadn't noticed until now. Actually I've been so totally confused by this post altogether, that I was wondering if someone had tampered with my dental floss.

    BUT, once you mentioned 'Free Bird' I knew what page I was on and thought; 'you are absolutely right, I can just faintly hear it playing there in the background. It is a 'soundalike'. That is absolute ingenious or is that egregious, I always get those two confused.

    Now I think I'll go smoke me some ELP and slip into INaGADAdaVIDA, just to clear my head.

    1. FAE, did you really write this comment or have you been hacked? I actually hope it's the latter because the things you wrote here are completely out of character. The FAE I have come to know and admire would never write such things. You say that you are confused by my post. Well, let me tell you, I am thoroughly confused by your comment. It makes no sense and I have no idea which record if any you are voting for.

      I never once mentioned "Free Bird" in this post or in the comments. That was something Stephen wrote in his comment as a joke. "Free Bird" is not one of the competing recordings. The instructions seem clear enough to me. It states at the end of the post in big red and blue letters which two records are competing for your vote. This isn't rocket science!

      If you want to give it another try when your "head is clear" then you are welcome to return. When and if you do return I think you owe me and explanation if not an apology.

    2. I hesitate to add a comment of my own here but... "you know me".

      First, I'll speculate that perhaps FAE hasn't made up her mind who she's voting for yet and was buying some time.

      Also, perhaps it's just my own warped sense of humor but I thought FAE's comment was quite entertaining in a very (Link:->) "STUCK INSIDE OF MOBILE WITH THE MEMPHIS BLUES AGAIN' kind of way.

      But then again, I "get" FAE... which should probably concern her, too.

      ~ D-FensDogG

    3. I suspected that it was you, Stephen, who somehow came here "disguised" as FAE and that you wrote that gibberish as a prank. I refuse to believe that the sweet, kind, considerate woman that I have come to know would show contempt for what I'm trying to do. If it truly is her comment then I will be very interested to find out how she explains this lapse in judgement on the part of an experienced and respected blogger.

      Blogging etiquette 101, Stephen. You don't go into someone's house and disrespect them and insult them. FAE knows, you know and I know that job one is to give love, encouragement and support to our fellow bloggers, even if there are times when we don't quite understand something they posted or don't agree with their position on an issue. I have come to expect a certain amount of b-s from you. It's your style of humor and I can take it, but this "comment" allegedly left by FAE is totally out of character for a fine lady like her, the same person who wrote such nice things about me on her blog only one week ago. Unless and until she comes back and tells me differently, I refuse to believe it was actually her who wrote it. I think somebody hacked into her account and decided they wanted to drive a wedge between two people who were well on their way to a lasting friendship. I trust that the real FAE will come here, be just as outraged as I am, and clear up this mystery for all of us.

  15. Ahhhh...dear Shady, Jackie de Shannon! I fondly remember her song "For the Love of Him", one of my favourites. Sadly many today would look upon this song as putting women down due to some of the things said in this song, but I think it goes both ways. "Do unto others...." If more people remember this golden rule and practice it the world would be a better place.

    I am voting for Jackie de Shannon. :)

    1. Oh, sweet friend, I agree with what you wrote here about Jackie DeShannon. In fact, I admire Jackie so much that I have a two part series on her in the pipeline. It will feature songs that she wrote and recorded along with her excellent recordings of other people's material.

      Unfortunately, Jackie DeShannon is not eligible for your vote in this contest. You may vote for one of the sound-alike recording artists that I featured in the post, namely Ramona King or the Spandells. Thank you, dear Linda!

  16. Dearest Shady, I just glanced through the comments here and so far it looks as if I am the only one casting a vote for Jackie de Shannon. I don't mind being in the minority, as out of the choices here she is my favourite! Tough choice, but she gets my vote. :)

    1. There's good reason why no one else voted for Jackie. :) As you see at the end of my post in big red and blue letters, the contest is between "Run Johnny Run" by Ramona King and "The Boy Next Door" by the Spandells. Would you please choose between those two artists?

      Thank you very much, dear Linda, and enjoy your weekend!

  17. Tonight I am hitting and running, and will come back to listen and vote. But this concept sounds a lot like "Every song Al Green did compared to Let's Stay Together." I'll be around sometime tomorrow or Sunday to vote.

    1. Hi, Chris! That's AOK, good buddy. The polls don't close until the evening of May 20. Your vote will surely be counted even if it's in the form of dimpled chad. :) I got a laugh out of your Al Green remark. Hi Records had a distinctive sound and production style that made most of their recordings sound similar.

      See you soon, Chris!

    2. Okay, here's my take. I didn't get the sound-alike part of Ramona King's tune as much, but I liked it better than either of the others, which greatly surprised me, because I love Jackie and the Searchers are pretty much my wheelhouse. On the other side, I listened to the Standells first- hang on for it- and then when I listened to Foolish Little Girl, I knew that one. And it surprised me that listening to the Standells didn't jog my memory, since the songs are basically "same thing, different words". That said, I IMMEDIATELY fell in love with the Standells (see, right there on the notepad, I wrote it down to find on spotify)! So if the question is which does a better sounding like it's partner, Standells in a walkaway. If the question is which song did I like better, same thing. Now I sound alike!

    3. Hi, Chris! Thanks for returning to cast your vote, good buddy. Watch out for those typos. If you Google the "Standells" you'll find the garage band that sang "Dirty Water." :) This is a no hit wonder girl group called the Spandells. I find it interesting that you liked Ramona's record better than the two records from which it borrowed the familiar riff, the 45s released by Jackie and the Searchers.

      AOK then, I will record your vote for the Spandells "The Boy Next Door" and I thank you so much for playing along. I'll see you back here on May 21 when I announce the winner. Until then, take care, good buddy Chris!

    4. "Standells", what a bozo! I've got Spandells on the notebook, and I shoulda known better as I have the Standells in the six degrees about three weeks ago!

      I was surprised by that, too. I wanted to like the searchers... but it just didn't take.

    5. That's AOK, good buddy! As I told you on your own blog, I feel weird about not liking Aretha Franklin as much as other people do, but everybody's brain is wired differently. Sometimes it's hard to explain why we like something that few other people like or dislike something most other people like. This BOTB series is opening my ears to the fact that my taste in music is different from that of most other people, at least the ones in this sample group.

      Thanks again for playing, Chris, and enjoy the rest of your weekend!

  18. Kathryn AndersonMay 15, 2015 at 6:22 PM

    This was an easy decision for me because I like music with a faster beat to it. Ramona King's Run Johnny Run sounds like the other ones you mentioned but the driving beat also reminds me a little of the Four Seasons. I like both of these but I like Ramona King's better and that's the one I'm voting for.

    1. Hi, Kathryn! Welcome to this week's battle bash. It's interesting that the Ramona King record reminds you of the Four Seasons. I shared that same impression with another reader earlier today. To me, "Run Bobby Run" sounds like a mash-up of "When You Walk in the Room" and "Walk Like a Man." I agree. That driving beat does have its appeal.

      Thank you very much for your visit and your vote, dear Kathryn. Find out who wins in my next post on May 21. Good night to you!

  19. Now after having read all these comments I see that your post was very clear. After all I voted between the two correct competitors. But now it's the comments that have me confused. Did I miss the tequila bottle when it was passed around?

    Well, in any case I'm excited about that 20 part Battle with Tiny Tim.

    Arlee Bird
    A to Z Challenge Co-host
    Road trippin' with A to Z
    Tossing It Out

    1. Hi, again, Lee!

      Welcome back to BOTB -
      Battle of the Bloggers! :)

      If you have read ALL of the comments, then you know that you missed last night's fireworks display. :) Over the years I'm sure you have discussed on your own blog the topic of etiquette and the importance of showing courtesy and respect to other bloggers. Here's how I see it. If you are fortunate enough to be cultivating a friendship with someone new, another blogger whom you met only a few weeks ago, it makes sense to get to know them better before you dis them right in the middle of their own home in front of family and friends. In fact, I can't think of any good reason to discredit other people no matter how well you know them. Life's too short. It took me seven years. Lee, to earn a reputation as one of the nicest bloggers you'll ever meet. I never felt more proud than I did the day I read words to that effect on our mutual friend's blog. That is what makes last night's episode so shocking. I simply couldn't believe what I was reading knowing that the same person wrote that disastrous comment. It was completely out of character.

      I have a sense of humor, Lee, but here's the thing about that. Along the way I have learned that there is a right time and a wrong time to come across as a smart aleck. The wrong time is when you are trying to make a favorable impression on a new friend and make them feel welcome in your circle.

      It's only a blog. There are far more important concerns in all of our "real" lives. It's a new day. I will continue to think of this person as a valuable new friend. I predict that she and I will negotiate this speed bump with ease and put it far behind us. It's what mature, experienced bloggers do.

      The ushers will now pass the collection plate. :)

      Thanks again for coming, Lee. May I assume that your vote does not change now that you have a better understanding of the post?

    2. My vote doesn't change. I still vote for the Spandells for the reasons I cited.

      Sometimes these comment communications can be strange. I think sometimes people are trying to be funny but are taken seriously. I know more than once things I have said have seemed to have been taken in the wrong way while there have been times where I felt a bit taken aback by comments left on my site. In the end I think it's mostly good and it becomes obvious when there is some negative goings on that don't end up well.

      In the case here I think it's all good. We've got a good bunch. Even old cantankerous McCarthy is a pretty good ol' fellow. We've had our rounds but I love the guy.

      Arlee Bird
      A to Z Challenge Co-host
      Road trippin' with A to Z
      Tossing It Out

    3. Hi again, Lee! AOK, I got you down for the Spandells and I thank you for expanding our thread about that series of bizarre comments the other day.

      Here's my take on it, Lee, and I think most people would agree with me. When you are taking baby steps toward what hopefully will become a lasting friendship with another blogger, common sense dictates that you proceed with a certain amount of caution. Test the waters first. If you discover that it feels good to both of you to inject humor into your communications, then it becomes the accepted norm. In some cases, like with Stephen, you might find that, over a period of time, both of you realize that it's safe to dish out a few benign barbs and jabs now and then. Stephen and I have been poking at each other for months now and we're both cool with it. In the case of our mystery woman it was quite a different scenario. I had been cultivating an entirely different type of relationship with her. I had come to admire and trust her to treat me with kindness, dignity and respect, the same way that I have been treating her from the start. The comment she wrote blindsided me. It was jarring and hurtful - completely out of character - and I called her out on it. I sincerely hope she will return here, open the lines of communication and explain what was going on in her head that made such an insensitive comment seem like a good idea at the time. She neglected to comment on the recordings that I offered and she did not even bother to vote. Her attitude implied that she regarded my post as a waste of her valuable time. That's no way to treat a new friend, Lee. You know it and I know it. This can all be turned around in an instant if our mutual friend is willing to do the right thing and offer an explanation and an apology. I am eager to wipe the slate clean and get on with our friendship.

      Thanks again for your input, good buddy, and have a great week ahead!

  20. After reading how you chastised farawayeyes, I fear my comment will annoy you, but here goes nothin'. I don't like either song. *hangs head in shame* I'm with Linda in preferring Jackie DeShannon. I know she's not on the ballot, but I'm writing her in. I am such a rebel.


    1. Hi, Janie! You are absolutely right. Your comment annoys me. You go right ahead and be a rebel all you want. How's that working out for you? Your vote will not be counted. Come back when you learn to play nice.

      Buh bye now.

    2. Oh, you're such an old poop. Just like Willy Dunne Wooters. Good thing I happen to love old poops.

    3. That's my girl! If you are willing to get with the program and vote for one of the two competing recordings, then you have until Wednesday night to do so. (Think of it as a typical election and choose the candidate you hate the least.) If you remain unwilling to follow the rules of the game then I will gladly cast a vote on your behalf.

    4. Where is my vote? I voted a couple of days ago, but my vote has disappeared. You're pulling a Cherdo and deleting my comments, aren't you? I voted for Ramona King. I shall be downcast if my vote doesn't count because you deleted by comment.

    5. I forgot to include that I voted for Ramona because I like the Spectoresque sound.

    6. It's a mystery to me why only your negative comments made it through to publication. I did not see or remove your comment.

      I bent the rules and updated the new post this morning to add your vote for Ramona King. It didn't affect the outcome.

      Next time I hope you will come here with the same respectful attitude that I have shown toward you for more than a year. Teasing a close friend is one thing, but going out of your way to be rude and difficult for no good reason is a form of bullying. Think about it, Janie.

    7. Oi! The shame! I'll never live it down. I think I need to go back to bed for a couple of weeks.

  21. I remember 45's. And 78's. Did they really sound this bad? Wow.

    Well, this was a lot of work for this late in the evening. But, I'm voting for Run Johnny, cuz I liked the song a little more. Best music here today was The Searchers, but I don't think that was the question of the day.

    Have a good weekend Dude.

    1. Hi, Dolorah! It's great to see you back again, my new friend! Yessum, most 45's and 78's sounded pretty bad even when played on state of the art equipment, something very few people owned. This was especially true of pop and rock 'n' roll records marketed to teenagers. Most kids listened to transistor radios and played records on cheap turntables so they couldn't hear the difference anyway. Today's vinyl records are made with top quality materials and are sold to audiophiles who are willing to spend huge sums of money on pristine platters.

      I will register your vote for "Run Johnny Run" and I thank you very much for coming to this week's Battle. I'll see you on the 21st when I announce the winner. Enjoy the rest of your weekend, dear Dolorah!

  22. I vote for Ramona King because it sounded less of a rip off to me and I like that better. But if we are voting for which one sounded the most like a rip off...then it would be the Spandells. (But I prefer Jackie and the Shirelles, of course.) Very tired. Off to bed and will await the verdict. ;)

    1. Hi, dear Rita! Hi, Kitty Kat Karma! You got it right the first time. All I was asking you to do is decide which record you like better based on its own merits. With that in mind I will record your vote for Ramona King's "Run Johnny Run."

      The Spandells record is indeed a shameless rip-off of the Shirelles' hit. I haven't heard many records that sound so much like the original. The plan backfired. The copycat single sold poorly and failed to make the chart.

      Thank you again for staying up late to read, listen and comment, dear friend Rita. I'll see you back here on the 21st!

  23. I was confused at first too until I read through the comments and the dim lightbulb above my head came on. First I am surprised how close the music was to the original. I think this happens more than we realize. I love to see how the Searchers look now compared to when they were young. I always love seeing that. I didn't care for the first gal-I found her voice a bit shrill and it seemed she couldn't hit the high note, at least to me. My vote goes for The Boy Next Door by those Austin Power gals (I know they are not from the film but they remind me of those films). I actually felt they did the song justice and I liked it better than the original

    1. Hi Birgit! Thanks so much for dropping in and voting in my latest contest. Question: Do the Spandells remind you of Vanessa Kensington, Felicity Shagwell and Foxxy Cleopatra, or do they remind you more of Dr. Evil's Fembots? :)

      For the last couple of years I've been collecting CD compilations of rare, hard to find girl group sounds. Many of the artists are no hit wonders like Ramona King and the Spandells. You'd be surprised how pricey these CDs are compared to current releases by well known artists. You'd think it would be the other way around.

      Anyway, I thank you for voting and for giving the rationale behind your vote. Your vote for the Spandells has been added to the tally. I invite you to come back on May 21 to find out which sound-alike recording wins.

      Enjoy the rest of your weekend, dear friend BB!

    2. Ohh they are fembots all the way!

    3. Hi again, dear BB! I'm glad you enjoyed the Austin Powers movies because I often make reference to him here on the blog. I look forward to keeping you entertained in the future. Thank you very much for your generous follow-up comment, dear friend!

  24. I thought that Ramona King's song fell flat next to the Spandells. I really liked their style of harmonizing, so the Spandells get my vote. Shady, we all appreciate the amount of work that goes into the BOTB posts. On many occasions we've given Stephen and Lee a hard time about their selections, but they know it's in the spirit of fun. I don't think anyone is trying to be disrespectful to you, Shady. The fact that you've gotten so many responses this early on is something to be proud of.


    1. Hi, Julie!

      Thank you very much for sampling my set of tunes and casting your vote. I will place your vote for the Spandells in the ballot box. I hope you can join me here Thursday when the winner is announced.

      Thank you for the kind and supportive words, Julie. It seems you have read some of the other comments and replies. If so then you realize that I am not having a problem with Stephen nor am I having a problem with Lee. Stephen's initial comment, disrespectful as it was, was right in character, the kind of brutally honest communication that I have come to expect from him. I have seen him write inflammatory remarks on the blogs of others and realize that he means no harm. I admit that I was somewhat disappointed when Lee and a few others told me they were confused by the post. I have a theory about that, Julie. More and more bloggers are joining the BOTB hop, and the amount of time it takes for an individual blogger to make the rounds, listen and comment on all participating blogs is growing by leaps and bounds. I myself spent five full hours the first morning reading, listening and commenting on the blogs of others and I can testify that I was tired and bleary eyed by the time I finished. When you are tired you can still perform a familiar task but your brain has difficulty with an unfamiliar task. On my post I was careful to state the voting instructions at the end in large red and blue letters. I honestly believe some people were either too tired or in too much of a hurry to pay attention to those simple and very clear instructions. Stephen himself conducted his latest BOTB in that very same manner that I did, presenting a choice between two different songs recorded by two different artists.

      My upset occurred when a person that I had come to trust, admire and respect came here and, instead of being kind and supportive as she had always been in the past, for some reason chose to express herself in a condescending and dismissive manner. It hurt me, Julie, and I called her out on it. She has not returned here to explain what she was thinking that night, nor has she bothered to comment on or vote for either of the songs presented in the post. Perhaps, as you suggested, her freak lapse of judgement can be explained away as being "in the spirit of fun." To me it seemed like "piling on." Comedy legend Milton Berle said it best: "Funny is funny. Funny not is funny not." Sometimes, people who think they're being funny, simply aren't. In this dance that we do with each other in the blog world or in the "real" world, each of us needs to have the sensory acuity to know when we are stepping on somebody else's toes.

      There was another person who came here and found it necessary to state that she doesn't like either recording and refused to vote for either one. I have known this person more than a year. We are close friends and share our personal lives with each other via email. In the blog world she plays a certain type of character and I play a character known as Shady Del Knight. Think of it as a virtual reality game. In this case her character attacked mine and my character fought back. That's what that particular exchange was all about. If she wanted to be courteous like a good blogger should, then she could have decided which recording she hated least and expressed it publicly as the one she likes more. Instead she chose to go negative so, for the first time ever, I unloaded on her. It remains to be seen how her character will react now that I gave her a taste of her own medicine.

      I hope that gives you a better understanding of the background and the players involved in this little drama. It's all entertainment, Julie. We need to remember that. There are far more important things in life than band battles on blogs. I don't have an inflated sense of my own importance and I don't have much tolerance for people who do.

      Thank you again, Julie, for your comment and your vote and have a great week!

  25. So many songs listed, it was difficult to tell who was battling who.. and then of course, the songs didnt match. But if I were to give a vote, I would give my vote to the Spandells for their harmonies.

    And I have news! The boss man has given me the blessing of being able to sit at the cool kids table. My first battle will be June 1. So, if you want to add my name to your list of participants - I'd like that.

    Mary @ Jingle Jangle Jungle

    1. Hi, Mary! Welcome to Shady Dell Music & Memories and to the ever expanding BOTB group!

      When I used to go to Battle of the Bands shows as a teenager, the competing bands rarely played the same song. Likewise, it makes sense that an acceptable variation of the BOTB concept is to feature two different songs performed by two different artists and to ask the reader/listener which one he or she likes better. That's what I did here, plain and simple.

      Why so many songs included? Many times a BOTB host will post two little known versions of a popular recording, making it necessary to include for reference purposes the popular recorded version. If two different sound-alike recordings are competing against each other as they are in my post, then it stands to reason that, for the purpose of reference, I also needed to post the hit version that each one sounds like. Otherwise, the post wouldn't have made a bit of sense. I also added the Jackie DeShannon original of "Walk in the Room" because Jackie deserves props for writing and first recording it. It would have been remiss of me not to include her in the post. I hope that explains things to your satisfaction.

      I look forward to swinging by and experiencing your version of BOTB, dear Mary. Please be advised, however, (and I will be notifying the other members of the group), that I cannot participate in the June 1 BOTB because I will be in another city that day attending my granddaughter's high school graduation. I'll be away all day long and therefore don't want to publish a new post that day and not be present to reply to comments in a timely manner. Please understand that I will necessarily be getting a late start visiting other participating blogs and will get to yours a.s.a.p., probably on June 2 or later. Okay?

      Thank you again, dear Mary, for coming over and voting. I got you down for the Spandells. Have a great week!

  26. "When you Walk in the Room" gets my vote, dear Shady. (Jackie DeShannon). :)

    1. Sorry, dear friend. As indicated the two eligible songs for the vote are "Run Johnny Run" and "The Boy Next Door." You will need to choose between those two for your vote to count.

      Thanks, Linda!

  27. PART 1:

    After rereading many of these comments in greater detail, much of them related to FarAwayEyes, I've decided to put in my two dollars and two cents worth.

    >>... "Stephen's initial comment, disrespectful as it was, was right in character, the kind of brutally honest communication that I have come to expect from him."

    Good buddy, I'm glad you've come to expect that sort of communication from me, because here comes a bit more of that sort o' thang:

    >>... "disrespectful as it was..."

    It was no such thing. It was just "the fun before the vote".

    >>... "In some cases, like with Stephen, you might find that, over a period of time, both of you realize that it's safe to dish out a few benign barbs and jabs now and then. Stephen and I have been poking at each other for months now and we're both cool with it."

    We've been dishing out "benign barbs and jabs"? That's news to me. I would have said "we've been entertainingly building on and riffing off of each other's puns and wordplay".

    In the neighborhoods where I grew up, "benign barbs and jabs" amongst friends sounded more like this...

    "Uhp! Yer an idiot!"

    "You want I should hit you in the whiskers?"

    Cranium said, "I got a D in basic Algebra but I was persistent, I stuck with it, and now look at me. I'm in my third year."
    "Of basic Algebra," Pooh added.

    >>... "Blogging etiquette 101, Stephen. You don't go into someone's house and disrespect them and insult them."

    Blogging Etiquette 102 says that a blogger should have at least a semi-thick skin and not be unduly sensitive when a commenter decides to be his- or herself and have a little good, clean fun.

    >>... I sincerely hope she will return here, open the lines of communication and explain what was going on in her head that made such an insensitive comment seem like a good idea at the time. She neglected to comment on the recordings that I offered and she did not even bother to vote. Her attitude implied that she regarded my post as a waste of her valuable time. That's no way to treat a new friend, Lee. You know it and I know it.

    >>... This can all be turned around in an instant if our mutual friend is willing to do the right thing and offer an explanation and an apology.

    It is my considered opinion that FAE owes you neither an explanation or an apology.

    The BOTB blogfest has nearly 2 years of history behind it at this point. You should see some of the remarks that have been posted in ALL of our comment sections. Anyone participating and/or voting in BOTB, it can be assumed, is rather passionate about music, and that passion can sometimes result in exchanges that don't always meet everyone's personal standard of what constitutes "nice" behavior. We've all learned to be OK with that, to forgive and overlook when necessary, and to sometimes respond with witty, humorous replies of one-upmanship.

    Continued Below...

    1. PART 2:

      Have feelings gotten hurt? Yeah, occasionally. Has everyone eventually shrugged it off and moved on without demanding explanations and apologies? Yep.

      You should see some of the comments our good friend Arlee Bird has gotten in his comment sections at times when he's deliberately selected peculiar, avant-garde music that he surely knew would not be embraced by most of his blog guests.

      In a comment above, Arlee Bird referred to me as "cantankerous" (which indeed I can be) but stated that he still loves me. I also love my dear friend Arlee Bird, despite the fact that he told me in one BOTB comment section that he thought I needed to take "a Music Appreciation class". (I can imagine how you, Shady, might explode at a comment like that directed to you. Me? I laughed it off with a semi-humorous reply in which I mentioned some of the very non-mainstream music I love and own.)

      We have both agreed that people ought to be free to be themselves. I have known FAE for about 3 years and like most people, there are multiple sides to her personality. Just because you've only seen one aspect of her in your short acquaintance hardly means she's a one-dimensional, "nicey-nice-nice, "ever-so-100%-polite-and-totally-respectable" gal. If she were, I wouldn't be able to tolerate her for long.

      >>... There was another person who came here and found it necessary to state that she doesn't like either recording and refused to vote for either one.

      Over BOTB's 2-year history, this has become almost an actual BOTB tradition. I'll bet there's not a single BOTBer who hasn't (multiple times) had a visitor say that both songs stink and so they're refraining from casting a vote in that particular Battle. It's the "freedom" to vote or not vote - or to vote in a very straight, polite way with a curtsy or a bow - or to vote in a very musically-analytical way - or to vote in a rambling, humorous, stream-of-consciousness way - or to vote with a single sentence: "I like The Hollywood Argyles better" - or to vote by saying, "Give my vote to the lesser of two evils: Snoop Dogg". (Although it's hard for me to imagine Snoop Dogg ever being the lesser of two evils.)

      In the end, it's a "freedom" thang. Allowing people to be themselves so long as they don't delve into profanity, racism, or truly offensive personal slurs.

      Continued Below...

    2. PART 3:

      In closing, I want to point out that by FAE's writing "BUT, once you mentioned 'Free Bird'..." it was obvious that her comment was directed toward me and not toward you, since it was I who gave the "Free Bird" shout-out (which has become a national concert tradition over the last couple decades, as any Google search will verify: "Why Do People Keep Screaming For 'Free Bird' At Concerts?"; "Why Do People Yell 'Play 'Freebird' At Concerts?..."; "Rock's Oldest Joke: Yelling 'Freebird!' In A Crowded Theater..."; "Play Freebird' At A Concert - Voice Of America Blogs"; "The History Of Yelling "Freebird" - WFMU's Beware Of The Blog", etc., etc.)

      [I've heard that yelling "Stairway To Free Bird" is also picking up some momentum.]

      Some may not think that's funny, but I do, and apparently so does FAE, as she decided to run with the goofiness and have a moment of fun. Tsk!-Tsk!

      I have no doubt that FAE had initially intended to return here and submit a genuine BOTB vote in due time. But the demand for an explanation and an apology for a moment of unacceptable, free-spirited, 'nother-side-o'-myself jocularity on the part of an independently-thinking woman probably assured that no return visit would be made.

      I think it's important to remember that many different personality types participate in and vote on BOTB installments and we need to make allowances for that. One day, someone may seem very formal, and depending upon what's going on in their life (and/or the nature of the blog bit itself), on another day they may seem silly, or funny, or carefree(bird). It's part of what makes BOTB and personal interactions interesting.

      By no means, was any personal disrespect intended toward you by FAE, by me, or by anyone else, as far as I can see. In those immortal words: (Link:->) "I JUST WANT TO SAY, YOU KNOW, CAN WE-- CAN WE ALL GET ALONG? CAN WE-- CAN WE GET ALONG?"

      ~ Stephen

    3. This comment has been removed by the author.

    4. Stephen - I just got back from a day long trip to another city where I witnessed the birth of my grandson. It was a great day. The birth of that baby put things in perspective and reminded me what's really important. In stark contrast, I came home just now to find more of your voluminous comments rehashing this silly little drama. I'm tired of it, Stephen. Aren't you? Why does FAE need you to keep coming here to fight her battles for her? She's a big girl. She and I can handle this on our own just fine without you as mediator. She is always welcome here. I am not "demanding" an apology. People who demand apologies have an inflated sense of their own importance. I merely suggested that offering an explanation and an apology would be the right, responsible and mature thing for her to do. You see, I've been there, Stephen. A few years ago I committed a similar blunder. I was trying to be funny one day and I made a remark on a woman's blog that was inappropriate. I forgot a valuable principle that I was taught along the way, "The meaning of your communication is the response that you get." If you choose to show your funny side and leave a flip comment on the blog of someone you hardly know, then you run the risk of offending that person. How true.. My comment that day ignited a firestorm. Did I run away and hide? No! Did my best friend step in to fight my battle for me? No! I manned up, admitted that I made a mistake, explained what was going on in my mind that allowed me to write those words, and I offered a sincere apology. Instantly the problem vanished and we got on with our lives. That's the outcome I know can be achieved with my good friend FAE through honest, sincere communication, the kind that I have come to expect from her. I want her friendship. I will continue to work hard to earn it. We can resolve this and move on. I know we can.

      You imply that I have thin skin, Stephen. It's simply not true. I'm not a newbie. I'be been at this for seven years. I've seen them come and I've seen them go. You imply that I am defensive. False, Stephen, and frankly it's beneath you to keep trying to cast me in that light. I have found that the people who love to dish it out are the ones who get defensive. They can't handle it when somebody stands up to them. To become a regular at the Shady Dell of old you needed to fit in, learn to dance with people without stepping on their toes and, above all, you needed to respect the host, John Ettline. Senator, I am no John Ettline, but I deserve the same respect from people who pass through my door. In my seven years of blogging I have earned a reputation for consistently giving love, kindness and respect. Why shouldn't I expect those things in return? It's bitterly ironic that the person at the center of this drama wrote some of the kindest, sweetest things about me that have ever been expressed by a blog friend. Is it any wonder why I was devastated when she made a sudden 180 degree turnabout for no apparent reason? We can and will move beyond this and be better friends than ever. Please give us some space and let us work it out, okay Stephen? You have expressed yourself eloquently, and you did it because you care about people. I appreciate that. Now your work is done here. Let this be the final word.

      Thanks, good buddy, and good night!

    5. >>... We can and will move beyond this and be better friends than ever. Please give us some space and let us work it out, okay Stephen?

      OK. Good luck.

      ~ D-FensDogG

    6. Thank you again for devoting so much of your time to this issue, Stephen. :)

  28. Ah, such a lovely new series... totally loving it. There more i'm into music, especially older tunes, i find that even in the vast, never ending universe of musical notes and arrangement possibilities, we still somehow end up with a few similar ones. Interesting!
    Gonna hafta vote for The Boy Next Door, such a hard decision though!

    1. Hi, Abigail!

      Thank you very much for coming, dear friend! I'm glad you appreciate my new series comparing sets of sound-alikes. Yours is an interesting observation. In doing research for this series I encountered some recordings that were obviously inspired by familiar hits. Some were purposely arranged to sound as close to the original as possible. In other cases artists borrowed riffs and melodies from favorite songs without realizing that they were doing so.

      Thank you again for coming over to play, dear friend Abigail. I will record your vote for "The Boy Next Door." Come over and check out the winner in my Thursday post. Please give Daisy a big hug for me and enjoy the rest of your week, Abigail!

  29. Congratulations on the birth of your grandson! How many grandchildren is that now?

    I'm looking forward to a birth of a grandson coming up in mid July. I'll be traveling to New Jersey for that occasion. This will be a first grandson after 4 beautiful granddaughters. We're all excited.

    Hope you're able to see your grand babies more often than I see mine. The cross country trip is something I can only manage once or twice a year. Hopefully someday I can remedy that situation.

    All the best to you.

    Arlee Bird
    Tossing It Out

    1. Hi, Lee! Thank you very much for this kind comment, good buddy! This is my 4th grandchild. There are now three boys and one girl. I wish you and your family the best as you prepare to welcome another grandson a couple of months from now. Looks like your family is girl heavy. I can feel your excitement. My mother was one of four sisters and those four sisters yielded 6 boys and only 2 girls.

      By the way, to avoid another misunderstanding, I need to let you and Stephen know that I will not be participating in the June 1 BOTB. It won't be because I am trying to make a dramatic statement and refusing to play or that I need time to lick my wounds. It is simply a matter of courtesy. On June 1, I will once again need to travel across the state, this time to attend my granddaughters's high school graduation. I will be making a day of it there, no doubt visiting the new baby after the graduation ceremony. I simply don't feel comfortable hosting a BOTB event knowing I wouldn't be available to reply to comments or answer questions most of the first day. Keep in mind that I will be getting a very late start making the rounds and listening to other people's BOTB selections that day while I'm out of town and involved with family. I will visit the BOTB blogs a.s.a.p. that day but it might not be until evening or, most likely, the next day. Assuming that the tribe does not vote me off the island in the meantime, I will be back to give BOTB another try on June 15.

      Thanks again, Lee, for your kind and supportive comment. It was greatly appreciated.

  30. Ex...excuse me, Shady. I couldn't help noticing that the number of comments is getting very close to 100 now...

    1. Don't even go there, Monk.

      I'm not in the mood!

  31. Ok, super late YaYa here. I've been burning a few late night work fact, I've had to go to LED ones just to keep up! But visiting Shady is always a fun time so here I am with my vote. Ok, I'm going with the Spandells...why? Well, I'm not the great music critic as you know. However, many moons ago when I was just a little tyke, I had a super crush on the boy next door. He was 4yrs older than me but I thought he was the coolest. That song reminded me of him! Anyway, his Dad used to kid me that I would marry his son one day. This has all the sad endings of the tragic teen songs back in the day. The boy next door drowned. It was a really bad time back then but I'll never forget him and I'm glad I could listen to this song and be reminded of a first love. Congrats on a new Grandbaby! I hope you have a wonderful week!

    1. Hi, dear YaYa! Thank you very much for coming over and voting in this week's band battle.

      Oh my, that true life story of yours brought tears to my eyes. I am very sorry to learn of the tragic loss of the boy next door. It reminds me of the pilot of the TV series The Wonder Years in which Winnie Cooper's older brother, whom Kevin admired, was killed in Vietnam. I have a similar sad tale regarding my best friend in high school. A little over 10 years ago he drowned in a kayaking mishap on a lake. There are so many bittersweet what-ifs in life, aren't there, dear friend?

      Thank you for noticing that I have a new grandkiddo - (7 pounds, 3 ounces and 21 inches long). I will record your vote for the Spandells "The Boy Next Door." I hope to see you here on Thursday when the winner will be announced. God bless, YaYa!

  32. My vote goes to the Spandells, dear Shady, and sorry for the incorrect and obsolete vote. LOL! :) Warm hugs to you, my cherished friend.

    1. AOK, dear Linda! I'm sorry I troubled you with this over and over again but didn't want to leave a sweet friend like you out of the voting.

      I'll see you tomorrow!

    2. No trouble at all, Shady, I am glad you made it clear, and thank you so much for caring enough to make my vote count. :)

    3. You're the sweetest, Linda. I am really enjoying your posts in which you tell us more about yourself. As I mentioned before, I am discovering that we have a striking number of things in common.

      Have a great day, dear friend Linda, and I hope to see you again tomorrow!





  34. I tried to think of which song I would have bought back in 1964 when I was 14. I'm pretty sure it would have been, Run Johnny Run. I was amazed at how close the music in both songs copied its rival. I thought The Boy Next Door sounded just like Foolish Little Girl, a song I loved when I was a teen.

    I know my vote doesn't count but of course, I have to give my opinion! As you know I've been run around town by my cousins visiting from Alberta. Busy, busy, tired, tired.

    I love these sound-alike contests. Congratulations on your new grandchild. What a wonderful blessing babies are! Since my granddaughter, Cherish, has finally fallen in love, I might be a great-grandma some day. Love and hugs to you and your family.

    1. Hi, Belle! I am very happy to see you, my wonderful friend, and glad I checked back to this post and looked for new comments. Thanks for letting me know how you would have voted in this contest. Your vote would have tightened the race a little but would not have affected the outcome. I am happy to know that you easily understood and appreciated my post which introduced great but little known sound-alike recordings.

      Yessum, for the 4th time I have become a grandfather. Being there for the delivery of my 3rd grandson was very special - an experience I will always remember.

      I have difficulty thinking of myself as a grandfather and find it impossible to think of you as a great-grandma, youthful as you are. Nevertheless it is a blessing to welcome a new baby into the family.

      Thank you again, dear sweet Belle, for your loyal friendship all these years. Please take good care of yourself and I'll see you again soon.


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