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"More than a place, the Shady Dell was and will forever remain a state of mind." - Shady Del Knight

"More than a place, the Shady Dell was and will forever remain a state of mind." - Shady Del Knight

Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Lime Disease aka Fedderson Fever

I got it bad for Yvonne Lime

aka Yvonne Fedderson.

She's the pert and pretty actress
who appeared in some of my favorite
movies and television shows in
the late 50s to early 60s.

On the small screen Yvonne had a recurring
role as Betty Anderson's high school friend
Dotty Snow on Father Knows Best.

With Tim Considine in The Hardy Boys:
The Mystery of the Ghost Farm (1957)

Yvonne played the part of Gloria in the Disney serial
The Hardy Boys: The Mystery of the Ghost Farm.

In 1960-61, Yvonne co-starred in the TV sitcom Happy which featured a "talking" infant played by twins.

On the big screen she landed roles in mainstream
Hollywood features beginning in 1956 with
Burt Lancaster's The Rainmaker.

With Gary Clarke in Dragstrip Riot (1958)

Yvonne is best known for her starring roles in
B movies - horror, juvenile delinquent and hot rod
flicks that included I Was a Teenage Werewolf, 
Untamed Youth, Dragstrip Riot and Speed Crazy.

With Michael Landon in I Was a Teenage Werewolf (1957)

Every guy (and teenage werewolf) wanted to date her!

With Jana Lund in High School Hellcats (1958)

Every girl (and envious female gang leader)
wanted to be her!

Yvonne met Elvis Presley when she landed
a role in his 1957 movie Loving You.

Elvis was a connoisseur of women
and he and Yvonne dated that year.

 "Let Me Be Your Teddy Bear" - Elvis Presley 
 (July/August 1957, highest chart position #1 
 from July 1957 movie Loving You

In 1958 Yvonne played Ricky Nelson's girlfriend in an episode of Rick's popular family sitcom The Adventures of
Ozzie and Harriet.

 "Waitin' In School" - Ricky Nelson 
 (February 1958, highest chart position #18) 

What was so special about Yvonne Lime?

Yvonne epitomized the
ideal teenage girl of the
50s - fresh and lovely,
pure and innocent.

Yvonne was wisely cast as
the good girl and sometimes played a good girl surrounded by bad influences, teetering on the brink of going wrong.

Faced with relentless peer pressure from a rebellious crowd, what will she say and do... how far will she gain acceptance?

That was the theme of my favorite
Yvonne Lime movie, High School Hellcats.

I am proud to present production stills of rare, deleted scenes from
High School Hellcats.
Let me repeat the bogus premise. The following are rare deleted scenes salvaged from the cutting room floor. They did not make it into the final cut of the movie.

Let's pick up the action as Joyce (Yvonne),
the new girl in school, meets Connie, queen
of a wild, mean-girl mob called the Hellcats!

 CONNIE:  Listen, missy, I'm the leader of the
Hellcats and what I say goes. If you wanna
fit in and get along, you'd better do exactly
as I tell ya, got it?

Now here's the thing. Tomorrow all the girls
are wearing bathing suits to class and so will
you if ya know what's good for ya.

 JOYCE:   Oh, what fun! My boyfriend bought me
an itsy bitsy, teenie weenie, yellow polka-dot bikini
and I've been dying to show it off! Maybe you've
heard of my boyfriend - Elvis. Elvis PRESLEY!
Come to think of it, that bikini might have
been a gift from one of my other boyfriends
- Ricky NELSON or Michael LANDON!


 JOYCE:  Miss Davis, I don't like being a snitch,
but there's something you need to know about
me, about Connie and about the Hellcats.

I'll be brief. The issue here is not whether
we broke a few rules, or took a few liberties
with our male party guests - we did.

But you can't hold a whole gang responsible for
the behavior of a few, sick twisted individuals.
For if you do, then shouldn't we blame the whole
high school gang system? And if the whole gang
system is guilty, then isn't this an indictment
of our educational institutions in general?
I put it to you, Miss Davis - isn't this an
indictment of our entire American society?
Well, you can do whatever you want to us,
but we're not going to sit here and listen to
you badmouth the United States of America!

 CONNIE:  Whoa, that was powerful. Girls,
I do believe we just found us a P-R director.

 CONNIE:  You really gave Miss Davis the business,
newbie.  Nicely done!  You just might have
what it takes to be a Hellcat.

The next step in your initiation is for you
to do something really evil. Tomorrow in class
you will chew gum and slouch in your chair!

Young lady, as long as you live under my roof you'll
follow my rules. I order you to stop prancing around
in slacks that are so short they expose your ankles!

  JOYCE:   Thanks for the free coffee, but
when I said I could go for a little joe...

 MIKE:  I don't get it, Joyce. Why would you
want to date rock stars like Elvis and Ricky
or a hot young actor like Michael Landon
when you could have a loser soda jerk like me?

 JOYCE:  Look, Mike, when I agreed to this mercy date
I didn't expect you to cross the line. Let's be clear -
I'm not into premarital hand holding! Besides, Elvis
and Ricky always brought their guitars along and
sang to me. You don't even have a harmonica!

 "Loving You" - Elvis Presley 
 (July/August 1957, highest chart position #28 
 B side of "Let Me Be Your Teddy Bear" 
 from July 1957 movie Loving You

 JOYCE:  What's that, Connie? I'm invited to an all night
sleepover slumber party thingy at the creepy old
abandoned movie theater on the poor side of town?
Neato! I'll bring my Ouija board. Will there
be a pillow fight? Pin the tail on the donkey?

 DOLLY:  I was just leaving you a note, kitten.

Connie had a little "accident" in the previous
reel and is unable to complete her reign
as queen of the Hellcats. I'm taking over.
Meet me and the gang at the creepy old
abandoned movie theater at midnight
...or else!...

 JOYCE:  Thanks for giving me a lift to the hen party.
We just crossed over to the wrong side of the tracks.
The creepy old abandoned movie theater should be
around here somewhere.
 MIKE:   I know where it is - right across the street
from the Shady Dell.

 JOYCE:   What's going on, Dolly? You and I are
the only ones here. You tricked me! You led me
to believe there was a party with smoking and 
drinking and rock 'n roll and boys!

 DOLLY:  Oh I got something real special planned for you,
princess. I'll get you, my pretty, and your little dog, too!



That's right, Cinderella. It's a Scentsy party
and you ain't leavin' until you buy something!

 JOYCE:  He saved my life in that creepy old
abandoned movie theater. Now he's gone and
I didn't even get a chance to thank him.
Who was that masked man?


In 1959, Yvonne Fedderson began a life of philanthropy.
Along with Sara O'Meara, Yvonne founded Childhelp,
a national non-profit organization "bringing love, hope
and self-esteem to abused and neglected children
worldwide." Ten years later she married executive
producer Don Fedderson, creator of the hit
TV series My Three Sons. In recent years,
Yvonne and Sara have become authors,
writing books on God's power to heal.

Happy birthday to you,

Yvonne Lime Fedderson

80 years old today

and forever young.


  1. Oh, I love this so!

    When you said "Yvonne epitomized the ideal teenage girl of the 50s - fresh and lovely, pure and innocent" that was almost my exact thought when I saw her picture. She was the "good girl" in the movies - how could she not be? Blond and beautiful, neatly dressed, and always chipper! The perfect protagonist to some bad girl antagonist for films of the 50s and 60s.

    I've seen every one of these films except Hellcats, but I didn't know her name. My grandmother's house got two channels of glorious black and white television programs and most of the movies we saw - we saw twice or more.

    From Ozzie & Harriet, My Three Sons, The Patty Duke Show, and every Elvis movie, we pretty well figured out the "good girl."

    Michael Landon and Ricky Nelson look more and more handsome to me today than when I first saw them. It figures... Someone fire up Joni Mitchell's "Paved Paradise: Don't it always seem to go that you don't know what you got till it's gone..."

    I'd love to see a picture of her now, so I'll have to Google with purpose. I didn't recognize her name as a Christian author - but cool!

    Well, dear, I've got to earn my keep around here, so I'm off! Thank you, dear Shady!

    1. One more thing: Bad girls got bad lighting. So, if you want to be viewed as a good girl, always take your own illumination.

    2. Hello and good morning, dear Cherdo! Thank you very much for making time to swing by for my birthday salute to Yvonne Lime Fedderson, the quintessential good girl. (Notice how I followed the Blogger guidelines and limited the post to 300,000 words or less? :) Anyway, it's hard for me to believe she's now 80, but when I think of how soon I'll be 80...gheezh! (I think I read somewhere that 80 is the new 18 so we all have reason to smile.)

      Yessum, it's true. You don't know what you got till it's gone. Yvonne, of course, is still with us, but many of the leading men with whom she appeared are now gone including Elvis, Ricky, Michael Landon and Scott Forbes, who played the lead role in the TV series The Adventures of Jim Bowie. See that pic where I wrote "Yvonne epitomized..."? That's Scott with Yvonne in a scene from a 1956 episode of the popular western TV series. Two other leading men shown in this post with Yvonne, Tim Considine and Gary Clarke, are reportedly still alive.

      Thank you again for being the early bird today, dear friend Cherdo. I appreciate your thoughtful comments. Have a great day!

    3. Yessum, I studied movie making techniques in college and learned how harsh, low angle lighting is often used to make a character appear sinister. That Dolly is a scary Hellcat, isn't she? It's a good thing Joyce had enough money to buy a scented candle. :) I hope you get a chance to see H.S. Hellcats at some point. Let me know what you think of it.

      Thanks again for your visit and comments, dear friend Cherdo!

    4. Ha ha ha....the A-to-Z guidelines asked that posts be between 100-300 words, and I'm like, "Whoa! That's the past that is gonna be harder than the 26 posts!"

    5. Ha ha ha....the A-to-Z guidelines asked that posts be between 100-300 words, and I'm like, "Whoa! That's the past that is gonna be harder than the 26 posts!"

  2. Hilarious post, Sir Shady. I recognized Yvonne immediately. I think I remember her from Father Knows Best, though I wasn't yet born when it was on. We used to watch it in re-runs. I have a secret to tell you: I was a high school hellcat, and I got great lighting.


    1. Hey there, hi there, ho there, dear Janie Junebug! I have no doubt that you were a high school hellcat. High school hellcats need love, too, and I always had a soft spot in my heart for high school hellcats. Back in my halcyon days, quite a few hellcats chased this Dell rat.

      Yessum, I was watching the Father Knows Best series on Netflix recently and found Yvonne (as Dotty Snow) in several episodes. I also remember watching her series Happy which featured a talking baby, a forerunner of the John Travolta movie Look Who's Talking. I realize that show was also light years before your time. Seems like you don't remember anything that came before The Mysteries of Laura.

      Thanks a lot for coming over to see me, dear friend Janie. There's another important April birthday coming up soon on SDMM so please stay tuned!

    2. Favorite Young Man once told me he has a soft spot in his heart for skanks. Oi.

    3. Reminds me of the old song, "Skanks for the Memories."

  3. Ricky Nelson, Elivs and Lime aka Fedderson... does it get any better than this?
    oh i did enjoy this trip back in time! I do recall seeing this lovely little gal on Father Knows Best and maybe in a few other things. i hope to catch up on her films someday. the 1950s teen life is something that i enjoy studying and watching (like James Dean stuff) and these look pretty promising. such a lovely gal, happy birthday to her!

    1. Hi, dear Abigail! I am well aware that you are an enthusiastic student of mid 20th century life and culture and I predicted that you would enjoy this flashback to the 50s when actress Yvonne Lime was at her peak, one of the best and most recognizable igenues in television and film. Along with the movies and TV shows mentioned in the post, Yvonne's acting credits also included roles in The Millionaire, The Adventures of Jim Bowie (pictured), December Bride, The Thin Man, The People's Choice, The Gale Storm Show, Dragnet, The George Burns and Gracie Allen Show, Bat Masterson, Dobie Gillis, Bringing Up Buddy, The Joey Bishop Show, The Bill Dana Show, Andy Griffith, Gomer Pyle and My Three Sons, the series executive produced by Yvonne's husband, Don Fedderson.

      Thank you very much for dropping by, dear friend Abigail. Please give Daisy a pat for me and enjoy the rest of your week!

  4. Dear Shady,

    I have been a bit slow lately so please forgive my lateness in reading your post. I haven't been feeling very well over the last couple of days.

    Elvis...he is still very popular today, and I think it is because he put his heart and soul into his music and people could feel this! Michael is so sad he died at such a young age of cancer. I remember many of the things he was known for including Bonanza, Little House on the Prairie and Highway to Heaven. Great man.

    Thank you so much for this great post and bringing back so many wonderful memories, dear Shady. I am so happy you are back. Hugs to you, my cherished friend.

    1. Hi, dear Linda! You are also my cherished friend and it makes me sad to find out that you haven't been feeling your best lately. I care about you and I hope your health improves in the very near future.

      Yessum, it still brings me down to think about young, handsome Michael Landon and how his life was cut short by cancer. I vividly recall Michael openly discussing his condition with Johnny Carson on The Tonight Show and other programs. We lost him far too soon. Same with Elvis and Ricky.

      I hope you enjoyed meeting Yvonne Lime, the actress who appeared on screen with all three of those male icons and dated Elvis for a time.

      Thank you again for your visit and kind comment, dear friend Linda. I'll be thinking about you. Please get well soon!

    2. I did indeed enjoy meeting Yvonne Lime, dear Shady. It's funny, but (I guess) most of us think of Linda Thompson, Priscilla Presley and Ginger Alden as Elvis' girlfriends; especially Linda and Priscilla, so it is nice to hear about someone else who had dated and known Elvis as well. :)

    3. Hi again, dear Linda! I'm pretty sure Yvonne and Elvis had a mostly platonic friendship rather than a hot romantic relationship. They probably dated for the mutually beneficial publicity. If you use the Google images search engine you will find at least a half dozen good pictures of Elvis and Yvonne together on dates.

      Thank you again for your follow-up visit and comments, dear friend Linda!

    4. Interesting you mention platonic, because Elvis and Priscilla had a platonic relationship until he married her. Yes, she lived in his house before they married, but I remember reading that he had made a promise to Priscilla's parents that there would be no sex until after the marriage was consummated and he kept that promise.

    5. Interesting you mention platonic, because Elvis and Priscilla had a platonic relationship until he married her. Yes, she lived in his house before they married, but I remember reading that he had made a promise to Priscilla's parents that there would be no sex until after the marriage was consummated and he kept that promise.

    6. Hi, again, dear Linda! Yessum, I remember that story about Elvis. He had a wild "lady killer" image and yet, when it came to dating, he observed a traditional code of etiquette. He was very family oriented, worshiped and adored his mother, and was respectful of people of older generations. In today's world, that is becoming increasingly rare.

      Thank you again for your follow-up visits and comments, dear friend Linda!

  5. When I was home recouping this Winter I think I watched every episode of Father Knows Best, Donna Reed Show, That Girl, and Leave It To Beaver...actually, I watch the Beav every afternoon but please lets just keep that to ourselves! Every teen, even the "bad seeds" looked fresh and innocent! Of course back in the day the blondes always got the good parts....the sweet and perky parts...the pretty girl parts. And Miss Yvonne fit that bill! Us brunettes were always the evil ones. That's why I have always loved Snow least she was a brunette! (My secret wish when I was a teen was to move to Florida when Disney World opened and be Snow White. I even sent an application to them. But that's another story) I think I'm off topic here! Anyway, this post was fun because I know the songs and the singers and the actors...not personally of course. They would never hang with me..I'm a brunette after all! Happy Birthday Yvonne!

    1. Hi, dear YaYa! Thank you very much for dropping in this evening and getting to know Yvonne Lime Fedderson on this her 80th birthday. (Stay tuned for another special birthday celebration here on SDMM coming ten days from tomorrow. You've been with me a couple of years now so you should know whose it is.)

      I love all those old sitcoms you listed and recently watched all available episodes of Father Knows Best, Ozzie & Harriet and Leave It To Beaver. Question: Did you happen to see the episode of Leave It To Beaver in which Eddie Haskell pays June Cleaver a disingenuous compliment? :)

      YaYa YaYa YaYa - Please don't think you need to take a back seat to the blondes of the world. Some of the most iconic beauties in history were and are brunettes (including you). That's right. I've seen pictures of you and you would have made an ideal Snow White at Disney World, the theme park located just a hop, skip and a jump from where I live.

      I hope Eddy and Jord are both feeling better by now and that spring continues to gain a foothold in your neck of the Creepy Woods.

      Thank you again for your visit and cheery comments, dear friend YaYa. I'll chat with you again soon. God bless!

  6. Hello Shady,

    She is drop dead gorgeous in that Monroe-esque style, roughly around the same time. Thanx for the post, I love learning about American pop culture from a native :) especially with some of the shows, movies little known to me. I trust you're settling well into your new environment and feeling very much at home already. Until next time, keep safe.

    1. Hi, Allie-Millie! Thank you for coming over and allowing me to introduce you to Yvonne Lime, one of the freshest faces on the screen in the 50s and 60s. Yvonne was already in her 20s when she played most of her teenage roles, but you'd never know it by the way she looked, talked and acted. Yvonne was age 22 and I was 7 when my big brother took me to the movie theater to see her opposite Michael Landon in I Was a Teenage Werewolf. By that time I was already a horror movie "veteran," having watched a hundred or more scary films beginning at age three. Yvonne was the prettiest horror movie damsel in distress I had ever seen.

      Thank you very much for your visit and comment, dear friend Allie-Millie!

  7. I recognized her right away. No clue what her name was, but when you started going over her credits...well, it's no wonder I recognized her. I watched Father Knows Best, The Hardy Boys, The Nelsons (and Donna Reed, Leave It To Beaver) faithfully. And we used to pile into cars and go to the drive-in to watch the B-movies like Teenage Werewolf, Elvis movies...and I saw The Rainmaker, too, on TV, I think. I never heard of the show with the talking twins, but I sure recognized those pointed bras in the last pic before Sheldon. The look was around long before Madonna's cones--ROFL!

    This was a great post! Some awesome music, too. You made my morning, my friend! :):)

    1. Hi, dear Rita and Kitty Kat Karma!

      Thank you very much for the visit and fabulous comments! It delights me to know that you recognized Yvonne and are familiar with some of the movies and TV shows in which she appeared. I loved Disney's two Hardy Boys serials which aired on The Mickey Mouse Club. The first, as you might recall, was The Mystery of the Applegate Treasure, an adaptation of the first Hardy Boys book The Tower Treasure.

      It's so cool that you and I both grew up watching B movies and horror flicks like the ones named here. Those cone shaped "Madonna" bras were usually worn by the bad girls in teen exploitation films that depicted juvenile delinquents or ones set in reform schools, etc. The girl on the right in the picture you mentioned was one of the mean-girl Hellcats gang and even threw a knife into a door at school at the beginning of the movie. By the end, she had learned her lesson and decided to become a good girl like Joyce (Yvonne).

      Thank you again for letting me know how much you enjoyed yourself here today, dear friend Rita. You made my whole day!

  8. I knew the face but not the name, but there are many actors and such that I know who they are when I see them but have no idea what their name is

    1. Hi, Jo-Anne! By the late 50s I had seen Yvonne Lime perform on TV shows I watched regularly. These included The Millionaire, Jim Bowie, The Hardy Boys, The Thin Man, Gale Storm, Dragnet, Burns & Allen and Father Knows Best. In addition, my big brother took me to sci-fi and horror movies every weekend and I saw her in Teenage Werewolf. I recognized her when I saw her but never learned her name until recently when I watched High School Hellcats in which she played the starring role of Joyce, the new girl in school recruited by the H-cats gang.

      Thank you very much for your visit and comment, dear friend Jo-Anne!

  9. Hi Shady....great creative writing again. And those clips of Elvis! He was sooooo good (and, of course, he knew it!)

    I think Yvonne Lime must have been the 'original Barbie'! So cute with all her blonde ponytail gorgeousness!!

    No wonder you were smitten. And not only was she beautiful and talented....but it seems very generous and kind too. So bravo Yvonne and have a wonderful 80th.

    In Australia we knew most of those TV shows....and, of course, I remember "I Was a Teenage Werewolf". I remember my older brother was crazy about horror films (still is) and he actually assembled and painted a plastic model of a werewolf and other assorted nasties like The Mummy and Frankenstein!

    Anyway Shady....everything old is new again (re: the pointy bras...but hopefully not those uncomfortable girdles!)


    P.S. I thought Michael Landon was hot too!

    1. Hi, dear Robyn! Thank you for coming by to help me pay tribute to Yvonne Lime, one of the leading "it" girls of the 50s, as she celebrates her 80th birthday. I never thought of it before, but I agree with you. Yvonne looked very much like a walking, talking Barbie doll, petite and cute as a button. No wonder she caught the eye of Elvis Presley and other rockers and actors of the period. She was perfectly cast in H.S. Hellcats, playing a good girl from a good home, the envy of all the mean girls in the Hellcats gang.

      I've been a fan of horror, sci-fi and exploitation films since the age of three. On my wall I have a collection of framed original movie posters representing those genres.

      Thank you again for your visit and thoughtful comments, dear friend Robyn. Have a fabulous day there in Brisbane!

  10. DEEP BREATHS, Shady. I'll say you got it bad for Yvonne Fedderson...there are 37 pictures of her in this post! Heh.

    1. Hi, Susie! Ya think? :) Please don't feel jealous of Ms. Lime-Fedderson. After all, didn't I serenade you the other day with your own song, "Susie Darlin"? If I could find 37 pictures of you I'd plaster them all over my blog. Really I would!

      Anyway, thank you very much, dear Susie, for taking a look at my flashback post celebrating the 80th birthday of the pretty, perky and philanthropic Yvonne Lime Fedderson!

  11. Geez, Shady , Yvonne, the "pert and pretty girl", sure got around!!! Guess , I'm one of the envious! LOL!
    Are you sure you weren't a comedy script writer in your past life? So many funnies left on the cutting room floor from "Joe Cartwright" to "the creepy old abandoned movie theater across from the Shady Dell"!--along with the old fashion (non) promiscuous innuendos. The funniest thing that I related to was the Scentsy Party -(Today's women's home party, like Tupperware parties of the 50's & 60's ) My daughter actually sells Scentsy, it's a great product!
    I never saw "Hellcat" but it looks like a fun movie, especially the uncut version!!! Also, love that Teddy Bear song by Elvis!
    Toni Deroche

    1. Hi, Toni! Thank you very much for checking in and checking out my special post saluting Yvonne Lime Fedderson on her 80th birthday. Yessum, Yvonne made the rounds in the 50s and early 60s. She worked with and/or dated some of the biggest celebs of the 20th century.

      It pleases me greatly that you noticed my Little Joe Cartwright reference and other jokes embedded in the script of High School Hellcats. If you ever saw the movie Animal House, you might also have recognized Otter's classic speech before Dean Wormer and the fraternity council. Joyce's speech before Miss Davis and the class was based on it:

      << Otter: Ladies and gentlemen, I'll be brief. The issue here is not whether we broke a few rules or took a few liberties with our female party guests - we did.
      [winks at Dean Wormer]
      Otter: But you can't hold a whole fraternity responsible for the behavior of a few, sick twisted individuals. For if you do, then shouldn't we blame the whole fraternity system? And if the whole fraternity system is guilty, then isn't this an indictment of our educational institutions in general? I put it to you, Greg - isn't this an indictment of our entire American society? Well, you can do whatever you want to us, but we're not going to sit here and listen to you badmouth the United States of America. >>

      I hope you get a chance to watch Hellcats someday because it's a hoot. I'm also glad you got a kick out of my Scentsy party reference. I thought you might. :)

      Thank you again, dear friend Toni, for always getting me. I couldn't ask for more from a friend. Stay tuned for more fun, more music and another birthday salute coming soon!

  12. >>... "I put it to you, Miss Davis - isn't this an
    indictment of our entire American society?"

    Ha!-Ha! Yep, you know it's a purdy old movie when you hear an expression like, "I put it to you..." (That was my favorite part, even though there were LOTS of good parts... parts... that were... good.)

    Funny thing is, at times I got the feeling I'd seen these outtakes before, and then other times everything seemed totally new to me. Oh well... what can a poor boy do 'cept be a roadie for a Rock 'N' Roll band?

    ~ D-FensDogG
    'Loyal American Underground'

    1. Hi, good buddy Stephen! Thanks for coming over to this special 80th birthday party honoring Yvonne Lime, the quintessential girl next door (if you happen to live one house down from the Playboy Mansion). With her stunning looks, Yvonne could have played any number of roles, including the leader of the Hellcats. Instead, she usually plied her trade playing wholesome young women who somehow get mixed up with a bad crowd.

      Regarding that quote you pulled from my H.S. Hellcats script, please scroll up and read my reply to Toni's comment just above yours. You will see that Joyce's speech was almost word for word the same speech Otter delivered to the kangaroo court staged by Dean Worner in the 1978 movie National Lampoon's Animal House. So maybe that's why you feel like you've seen some of these outtakes before. You see, when I write the parodies, and there have been quite a few of them here on SDMM, I frequently make references to or use quotes from my favorite movies, television series and songs. I love it when friends spot those embeds and mention them in their comments.

      Thanks again for coming over, Stephen. I'll be presenting another birthday tribute 9 days from now and I'm calling on all my friends, including you, to swing by and help me stage a "comment shower" for a very special lady. I sincerely hope you can make it, good buddy!


      >>... if you happen to live one house down from the Playboy Mansion

      Ha! Only in my dreams. ...Every one of 'em.

      Actually, when I referred to the feeling of having seen these outtakes before, I was making a joke. I had the following lines in mind:

      >>... I'll get you, my pretty, and your little dog, too!

      >>... I didn't even get a chance to thank him. Who was that masked man?

      There was something VERY FAMILIAR about those lines.

      I've only ever seen 'Animal House' one time, and it was a long time ago, so I didn't catch that reference. However, I have borrowed the following line on many occasions:

      >>... not going to sit here and listen to
      you badmouth the United States of America!

      So, now, for the first time, I realize where I got it from.

      I liked this one a lot, too:

      >>... You really gave Miss Davis the business

      "The business" - another one of those old expressions I like and use from time to time. I've embraced a lot of the classics that have gone outta style, and sometimes I'll just freshen 'em up a bit. Like, I might have to "go see a man about an aardvark", and so on and so forth.

      >>... on the poor side of town

      Good ol' Johnny Rivers!

      My friend Sheboyganboy Six once wrote the following comment about me in one of my blog bits:

      >>... "He has his own style, and I've never read anything quite like it. It is filled with far more references to a wide variety of things than I can ever pick out, though I can still pick out plenty. Most people fill their prose with nothing, let alone fun allusions that require knowing something more than the average reader!"

      Well, if SBB-6 read your blog, then it seems he WOULD be reading something "quite like it". And he's right, I toss off all kinds of references and bury them in my writing. References to film, literature, music, politics, history, religion, etc. It's never premeditated but just seems to happen in the moment as something sparks something else and... "away we go!"

      Definitely looking forward to reading your next blog bit because "when I read your stuff, I wax and wane between the thought that you are truly psychotic or a genius."

      [Truthfully, that's something Good Friend Cherdo wrote about me. But if it really applies to me, I think it must also apply to you.]

      ~ D-FensDogG
      'Loyal American Underground'

    3. Hi, Stephen! Thanks for swinging back over for another visit. I totally agree that your style and mine are very similar. It always pleases me when a blog friend is media savvy and notices the borrowed phrases embedded in my posts. For example, thanks for mentioning the Johnny Rivers song lyrics and the references to The Wizard of Oz and The Lone Ranger. I think I subconsciously borrowed the words "the business" from Wally Cleaver because I remember him (and the Beav) using that expression quite often. I think it was also used much earlier by the Our Gang kids, The Bowery Boys, Chester A. Riley and other movie and TV characters that influenced me during my childhood years.

      It means a lot to be acknowledged by somebody like you, Stephen. I recognize you as a brilliant writer with a ready wit and I am truly enjoying our friendship.

      I have a new post coming Monday (no creative writing involved) and then the biggie next Saturday, April 18. Please mark your calendar and try to be here that day as I salute a very special lady on her birthday. Thanks again, good buddy D-Dog!

    4. S-3 ~

      >>... I think I subconsciously borrowed the words "the business" from Wally Cleaver...

      Oh, yeah, I have definitely heard "the business" on 'Leave It To Beaver' - and I really haven't even seen many episodes of that show. Also, in other places like those you named, and more. (Chester A. Riley? That's a new one on me, I think.)

      >>... It means a lot to be acknowledged by somebody like you, Stephen.

      PSHAW!!! I ain't got NUTTIN' on you, man! But I appreciate the kind words. ("Pshaw" - there's another old, mostly-forgotten classic that I have resurrected just because I likes it.)

      I think it's really CHERDO. She seems to somehow draw "We Weird Ones" to her like moths to a light bulb. ...Say, that gives me an idea! ...Oops. Lost it.

      I don't even know how I came to find Cherdo, but it wasn't really very long ago, however it happened. I wonder if SHE even remembers.

      But reading your comments on her blog, I noticed a couple things right away: You are VERY clever and witty with a wacky sense o' humor. Also, you and I generally seem to leave the longest comments. Most folks leave a 1, 2, or 3 sentence comment. You and I often write 2, 3 or 4 paragraphs, and then we return to carry on the discussion in 2 or 3 mo' comment blocks.

      Well, we got things to say and dognap-it, we're gonna be heard!

      You can count on me returning for the upcoming blog bits here. I'd like to see someone try to stop me!

      Say, there's the idea again... I do a blog bit series called "BATTLE OF THE BANDS" and I would be honored to have you placing your votes on the installments. Each contest starts on the 1st and 15th of each month; the votes are totaled and the winner announced on every 7th and 21st.

      My next Battle, on April 15th, might just be right up your alley. So, I formally - in a suit, tie, and pipe - (and informally, too, in a white T-shirt, blue jeans and black leather 1950's street punk jacket) invite you to visit and vote.

      FYI: This is like an invitation by The Mob. You accept and attend, and that's all there is to it. Otherwise, I'll have the High School Hellcats leave your favorite aardvark's head in your bed while you sleep.

      One Q before I go: I've puzzled and puzzed, 'til my puzzler was sore. I still don't know and "I gots to know"... Whose picture is that you use as your avatar? You know, the archetype neat, clean-cut conservative 1950's Dad with a pipe.

      It looks familiar but I can't place it. Then again, maybe it looks familiar just because it's almost the archetype image of that sort o' person. It's been killing me trying to figure it out. It's driving me to drink and then leaving me alone in the bar with no transportation home!

      Reminds me of Harley, who was somehow related to me, being my cousin-by-marriage's pop. As a kid, I only saw him about once a year, at Christmas, but he was a very nice man, and had certain characteristics about his speech pattern that my Brother and I have emulated for 5 decades. Never saw him without the pipe.

      ~ D-FensDogG

    5. Hi again Stephen! You made me an offer I can't refuse. :) So I signed on the dotted line and subscribed to your Battle of the Bands. Thank you for inviting me, good buddy!

      Wally Cleaver was usually referring to something that sly, manipulative weasel Eddie Haskell did. For example, Wally would say to Beaver, "Don't let that wise guy Eddie give you the business, Beav." I'm pretty sure The Three Stooges also used the expression, Jackie Gleason on the Honeymooners and many others around that time. Chester A. Riley was the central character on the 50s TV sitcom Life of Riley.

      I think people like us have a certain philosophy about blogging. To me, it's not a numbers game. All I am interested in doing is establishing and maintaining quality friendships with people regardless of race, religion, nationality or political views. I love to meet different kinds of people of all ages and backgrounds from all over the world, learn from them, teach them and celebrate the things we have in common. As you can see, I am a great believer in meaningful communication. Whenever a friend is nice enough to take time to visit and leave a comment, I always make time to write a personalized reply. When I visit the blogs of others, I refuse to simply phone it in. I ponder for a while and even do some research if necessary in order to write a halfway intelligent comment.

      Who's the Shady Del Knight guy? I don't really know. in 2008 as I was preparing to start my blog I looked for a scholarly professor type of image - (think Fred MacMurray, the dad on My Three Sons). I found this guy's picture and it seemed perfectly suited to represent the character that would become the jovial host of Shady Dell Music & Memories. Whoever he is, living or dead, I thank him for allowing me to borrow his image. I hope that I have brought him a certain amount of fame beyond that which he achieved on his own.

      Thanks again, good buddy Stephen. Have a great weekend and I'll be seeing you on the Flipside, at your site and here on SDMM, your home away from home.

      And now you know.........................
      ...the rest of the story.

      Paul Harrrvey............................... ..................................................
      ..............Good day!


      >>... Chester A. Riley was the central character on the 50s TV sitcom Life of Riley.

      Ahh, got it! Thank ya.
      Of course, I know what "the life of Riley" means (my two old Aunts from Canada used it all the time in my boyhood). And I DID know there had been an old TV show called 'Life Of Riley', but I have never seen even one episode, so the name escaped me.

      >>... I think people like us have a certain philosophy about blogging. To me, it's not a numbers game.

      BINGO! (Without the numbers.)
      I am not a writer or even a would-be writer (gave up those pipe dreams long ago). I have no book to sell and no "personality" to promote. So, for me, blogging is just about having fun and meeting some really intelligent, cool, and creative folks (like you, Cherdo, Sheboyganboy Six, FAE, etc., etc.)

      >>... All I am interested in doing is establishing and maintaining quality friendships with people regardless of race, religion, nationality or political views.

      Yeah, my outlook is very nearly EXACTLY like yours... very nearly. ...Except, where your view is highly healthy, incorporating the intelligence of Rocket J. Squirrel with the fun, adventurous spirit of Bullwinkle, I'm more like... uhm... Bullwinkle J. Badenov. ...But hey, we're both kind of like each other. At least, close enough for hand grenades, eh?

      >>... Who's the Shady Del Knight guy? I don't really know. ... (think Fred MacMurray, the dad on My Three Sons).

      That's very much who the image reminds me of. ...The Fred MacMurray of 'My Three Sons'; NOT the Fred MacMurray of 'Double Indemnity'.

      I like the fact that you don't really know who he is. There's something mysterious and neat and afterlife-y about that.

      I will say though that, whoever he was, I suspect he was an entertainer of some sort. That photo strikes me as being a professional portrait - very well lit, and posed for effect, with an unobtrusive "studio" background - and if I had a buck to bet, I'd bet that it's someone's old public relations 8x10.

      I likes it.

      >>... Paul Harrrvey............................... ..................................................
      ..............Good day!

      Someone knows his "Paul Harvey". I ain't a bit surprised.

      ~ D-FensDogG

    7. My mother listened to Paul Harvey on the radio for many years and I listened along with her. What a great storyteller he was, and a master of the ............... (wait for it) ............................ "pregnant pause."

      Thanks for your follow-up comments, good buddy Stephen. I hope you had a great weekend and I wish you a fine week ahead!

  13. "What was so special about Yvonne Lime?"

    She pretty. Attractive. Funny.

    Happy 80th birthday, Yvonne.

    1. Oh, thank you, Peaches! It's so nice of you to drop by and flash back with me 60 years for a look at actress Yvonne Lime, her roles on the big and small screen and some of her famous male co-stars. Along with her dramatic roles, Yvonne was a gifted comic actress as evidenced by her guest appearances as Dotty on the family friendly sitcom Father Knows Best and her starring role in the TV comedy series Happy.

      Thank you very much for your visit and kind comment, dear friend Peaches!

  14. Wow. I enjoyed this post so much. First, I have to mention Elvis singing, 'Loving You.' Sometimes I forget how amazing his voice was. I felt so moved as I listened.

    It was lots of fun learning about Yvonne! I don't remember her at all but I must have seen her on 'Father Knows Best'. I watched that show faithfully. I also must have seen her with Ricky and Elvis since I saw most of their movies and TV shows. I guess I was too busy looking at the boys in these shows. But she was lovely looking.

    That movie of Hellcats looked like a lot of fun and how you spoofed it was funny. I'm so glad her life turned out to be a beautiful one helping children. Thanks, Tom.

    1. Hi, dear Belle! Thank you very much for joining the celebration as actress Yvonne Lime Fedderson observes her 80th birthday. I agree with you that Elvis gave a riveting performance of "Loving You" in the movie. I also enjoy seeing vintage clips of Ricky singing on his family sitcom Ozzie & Harriet.

      I hope you get a chance to see High School Hellcats. Released in 1958, it is one of those unintentionally funny juvenile delinquency dramas made during the period. 1958 seemed to be the peak year for the genre.

      Of course, it needs to be noted that Yvonne retired from acting at an early age and devoted her life to philanthropy. Wiki states the following: << Fedderson and fellow actress, Sara Buckner O'Meara, who met on the set of The Adventures of Ozzie and Harriet, in which they were both guest stars, launched International Orphans Inc., a charity which built and maintained four orphanages in Japan and five orphanages, a hospital, and a school in Vietnam. Fedderson and O'Meara later devoted their efforts to assist neglected children in the United States and renamed their group, Childhelp, an organization based in Scottsdale, Arizona. >> Yvonne Lime Fedderson is the author of Miracle Healing: God's Call: Testimonials of Miracles Through Sara Buckner O'Meara.

      Thank you again, dear friend Belle, for coming over to learn about the beautiful, talented and goodhearted actress, Yvonne Lime. Stay tuned for another special birthday salute a week from tomorrow, Saturday, April 18. I hope to see you then if not before. God bless!

  15. Aw she's a beauty. And obviously so as even Elvis fell for her. What a loss. But her life definitely wasn't as she's given the world her gift of beauty and talent and in the end, generosity and selflessness.

    Wish we have more actress today like her.

    Have a fantastic weekend!

    1. Hi there, Lux! I'm very happy to see you, my dear friend. Nicely put - as it turned out, Yvonne Lime Fedderson is as beautiful on the inside as she is on the outside. She retired from acting at a young age and has dedicated the rest of her life to philanthropy. Yvonne entertained U.S. troops overseas and, along with fellow actress Sara Buckner O'Meara, started a charity to help orphans. Later the two founded Childhelp, an organization that assists abused and neglected children. The two women have been nominated five times for the Nobel Peace Prize for their work with Childhelp. It's so true, Lux. We certainly do need more celebrities like Yvonne in today's world.

      Thank you very much for your visit and comment, dear friend Lux, and enjoy the rest of your weekend!

  16. Uh, Shady... I just needed to leave a comment. I'm sure you agree that 50 comments is better than 49 comments... 50 being such a nice round, even number and all.

    50... always better than 49.

    1. Right you are, Mr. Monk. Thanks!

    2. No..... no.... but you see, you ruined it there by leaving another comment, Now we will need to keep going with this until we reach an even 100.

      100.... a much better number than 51.

      Natalie... Where's Natalie?
      I need a sedative.

    3. Ha!-Ha! That's my kind-a commenter. Must investigate further.

      (And this makes 53. Only 47 comments more to the nice, round number 100.)

      ~ D-FensDogG


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