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"More than a place, the Shady Dell was and will forever remain a state of mind." - Shady Del Knight

"More than a place, the Shady Dell was and will forever remain a state of mind." - Shady Del Knight

Thursday, January 22, 2015

Able to Leap 4 Decades in a Single Post, Now That's What I Call Old School Cool!

 I'm Shady Del Knight 

 and I've got proof 

 that old school COLD COOL! 


They got their name from a magazine article about
indigenous Australians. The article explained that
on cold nights original inhabitants of The Land
Down Under slept in a hole in the ground and
 hugged a dingo to keep warm, a practice still
carried on today by Janie Junebug. On colder
nights the first Aussies slept with two of
the wild dogs. On the coldest nights -
you guessed it - they gave up
and checked into Motel 6! 

From 1969 to 1975, the American rock band
Three Dog Night racked up 41 top 40 chart hits
and brought national acclaim to a number of
songwriters, one of them Paul Williams.

Paul Williams, Genoa City Police Chief

No, not that Paul Williams, silly!

I mean this Paul Williams, the little dude who
appeared in one of my favorite movies, the 1966
drama The Chase starring Marlon Brando, Jane
Fonda and Robert Redford. Okay, Paul is much
better know for composing song classics like
"We've Only Just Begun" and "Rainy Days
and Mondays" for Karen Carpenter, Barbra
Streisand's "Evergreen" and other hits for
Three Dog Night including "Just An Old
Fashioned Love Song," but here's the
one I like best, "Out in the Country,"
a top 20 hit for Three Dog Night
in the fall of 1970.

 "Out in the Country" - Three Dog Night 
 (Sept./Oct. 1970, highest chart position #15) 


The Aquatones started out as three male New York
schoolmates who sang doo-wop harmony and played
their own instruments. The guys added female singer
Lynne Nixon, signed with a small record company
and had a hit with their first release, the doo-wop
ballad "You." More popular in the East than in
other parts of the country, "You" made a run
at the national top 20 but fell short. A genre
classic, "You" has turned up in recent years in
episodes of The Sopranos and Vampire Diaries.

 "You" - The Aquatones 
 (May 1958, highest chart pos. #21) 


In 1999, British heavy metal band Def Leppard
released their 9th album, Euphoria. It peaked
at #11 on both the U.S. and the UK charts
and yielded the fine single "Paper Sun"
which also reached #11 on the U.S.
Mainstream Rock chart.

 "Paper Sun" - Def Leppard 
 (September 1999, highest chart position 
 #11 U.S. Mainstream Rock 



These last three gems were produced and arranged
by one of Philly's Phinest, Jerry "Rags" Ragovoy,
the east coast wizard who brought to wax some
of the most soulful sounds of the 60s. Ragovoy
wrote "Time is on My Side" which became a
hit for the Rolling Stones. He co-wrote the
 towering deep soul masterpiece "Stay
With Me" for Lorraine Ellison and
engineered the hits of Shady Dell
favorites Garnet Mimms
and Erma Franklin.

Image courtesy 55bluesman @

In 1963 Jerry Ragovoy gave us these New York
style R&B sides recorded by the Tran-Sisters,
a trio of Jersey girls whose recordings boast tight
harmony and a ton of nitty gritty streetwise 'tude.
Listen first to "You Could've Knocked Me Over"
the B side of the Tran-Sisters' first single.

 "You Could've Knocked Me Over" 
 The Tran-Sisters (June 1963, 
 B side of "Somebody's Blue") 

A couple of months after the release of their
first single, "Somebody's Blue"/"You Could've
Knocked Me Over," the Tran-Sisters rolled out
another sensational doublesider. The shouting
style on "Your Love" makes the girls sound
like The Ike and Tina Turner Revue.

 "Your Love" - The Tran-Sisters 
 (August 1963) 

There's some confusion over which
was the push side of this 45.

The sophisticated, big city beat ballad
"Pull the Covers Right Up (Over My Head)"
is the one that seems to get most of the
buzz in the new millennium.

 "Pull the Covers Right Up (Over My Head)" 
 The Tran-Sisters (August 1963, 
 B side of "Your Love") 

 Join me next time 

 for more proof 

 that old school COOL! 

Have a Shady day!


  1. Oh, you're soooo funny, Shady! From your Motel 6 joke to your (Y & R) Paul Williams funny!!!
    Well, this was the biggest potpourri post to date!
    I LOVED 3 dog night! In my early grade school yrs my fav. song was "Joy to the World". I had that 45 and spun it over and over!!! I remember " Out in the country" very well , too- beautiful, love it!
    Ok, then there's Def Leppard!!! I can't believe that I never heard , Paper sun"! Although, if sounded very much like their "foolin" song from the 80's. D.L. was a huge favorite of mine in the 80's with their mega hit albums, Pyromania and Hysteria. They knew how to get the party and dancing started! Now you are hitting my eras and I'm loving it! (although, I did enjoy , "pull the covers right up"!) LOL!
    Toni Deroche

    1. Hi, dear Toni! Thank you for being the early bird today. I am aware that you occasionally watch Y&R and I'm pleased to know that you got a chuckle from that picture of Chief Paul Williams who was formerly the head of Paul Williams Investigations, Genoa City's finest detective agency. That other Paul Williams, the songwriter, had only a tiny role in The Chase but it's a piece of trivia that has stuck with me over the years. He wrote some of the most iconic hits of the 20th century and I remember him singing his songs on TV music/variety shows. As I recall he was a frequent guest on The Tonight Show Starring Johnny Carson. I'm glad you enjoyed this little known track by Def Leppard and these sides by the obscure girl group the Tran-Sisters.

      Thank you very much for your visit and terrific comment, dear friend Toni. Enjoy the rest of your week!

    2. I remember Paul Williams very well. He often appeared on The Mike Douglas Show and other talk shows. I love so many of the songs he wrote, especially Just An Old Fashioned Love Song. He is still alive. I don't know where I learned that, but it might have been this blog. Do you recall any content from Shady's blog, Tom?

    3. Hi, dear Janie! I'm happy to see you, my sweet friend. Yessum, I'm sure that Paul Williams made the rounds of all the talk shows including The Mike Douglas Show. On June 1, 1973 (eons before you were born) he was also the guest host of Wolfman Jack's music showcase The Midnight Special on NBC. On that broadcast Paul sang "We've Only Just Begun" and "Rainy Days and Mondays."

      IIRC, this is the first time I have featured this Paul Williams on my blog. A few years ago I featured the Paul Williams who was a member of Motown's male super group The Temptations and, of course, I have made reference to the Paul Williams character on The Young and the Restless on several occasions.

      Thank you very much for your comment, dear Janie Junebug!

    4. I haven't watched The Young and The Restless for many years, but I recall that the Paul Williams character was a hottie.

    5. On the show they've been rerunning clips of Paul (Doug Davidson) and Nikki (Melody Thomas Scott) in their younger years. I suppose Paul was/is a hottie but he is mostly portrayed as a good, solid, honest, hard working cop.

    6. Are they re-running the clips of Paul and Nikki to save money? Soaps are in trouble these days. I was mighty shocked when Guiding Light and As The World Turns disappeared, although I hadn't watched them in twenty years.

    7. Hi, Janie! I doubt that they run the old clips strictly to save $$$. I think they do it to help give new, younger viewers the back story about older characters. Also, it is a treat for longtime fans of the show to watch those old clips and recall how the actors looked all those years ago. I know I get a kick out of seeing them.

      Yessum, soaps are in trouble and many have been canceled. Around 1970, I started following One Life To Live and GH. "Robert Scorpio" from GH is now on Y&R. The NBC affiliate where I first worked carried Days of Our Lives (the Doug and Julie period) and I followed it during those years. The MTV-style station where I worked in the 80s and 90s carried The Bold and the Beautiful and I put together promotions for that series.

      The main problems I have with soaps is that they pander to women and they repeat themselves a lot, recapping all the major story lines for the benefit of new viewers.

      Thanks for coming over, dear friend Janie. I appreciate your support!

    8. I remember when the actress who plays Nikki first joined the show. I think she became a stripper for a while. She was a beautiful young woman. I was devoted to Guiding Light. I watched it every day for many years, until the day The Hurricane was born. I didn't watch, and never watched again. I guess I didn't need a Guiding Light with The Hurricane. With her, I could see. When I visited her in San Francisco, she held my arm or hand everywhere we went. She helped me on and off the BART. She positively spoiled me. Now I'm getting teary-eyed again. I miss my girl so.

    9. I know you do, Janie, and I'm sorry there are so many miles separating you and your daughter. I hope you get a chance to see each other face to face very soon.

      Yessum, Nikki started out as a stripper and caught the eye of the wealthiest man in town, Victor Newman, who swept her off her feet and married her over and over again thru the years. At the moment they're having marital problems again and another split up might be inevitable!

  2. Well this was an assortment of sounds. Probably not surprisingly, Def Leppard was my favorite from this post. The drummer is super inspiring. It's amazing that he can still play like that with no arms!

    1. Hi, Ashton! Thanks for coming, my friend. Given your age, I'm surprised you even know Def Leppard at all. I'm glad you enjoyed their "Paper Sun," a track that I only recently discovered when I bought their Rock of Ages: Definitive Collection. Drummer Rick Allen's story is inspiring and, unless I'm mistaken, he still has one arm. The lessons to be learned from him are to keep your cool behind the wheel of a car and never give up, never give in, no matter how difficult your predicament.

      Thank you again for visiting, dear friend Ashton, and enjoy the rest of your week and weekend!

  3. What a great selection of songs. I just love the ones by the Tran-Sisters, yet another artist you've introduced me to Shady! As you know I love that style of 60s r&b so those songs were right up my street.

    Have a great weekend!

    1. Hi, dear Sarah! I'm delighted to see you back here, my special English friend. I'm even happier knowing that your ears hear what mine do whilst listening to this unknown girl group of the pre-Beatles (USA) era, The Tran-Sisters. I'm afraid that particular group name would convey an entirely different meaning nowadays, don't you think? Jerry Ragovoy knew how to produce quality soul and R&B records and these long lost sides prove it. Riches from Rags, indeed!

      Thank you again for being such a wonderful friend, dear Sarah. Good night to you and have a wonderful Friday and weekend!

  4. I would like to have a one-dog night, but Franklin is much too sophisticated to join me in my hole in the ground. I'm thrilled that you (sort of) associated me with Three Dog Night, one of my favorite groups just a few years ago when I was a teenager. I have several of their albums. One is autographed by two members of the group. When we lived in Maryland, Three Dog Night down to two dogs gave a free Fourth of July performance in Frederick. It was great fun. Thanks for noticin' me.


    1. Hi again, dear Janie! Thank you very much for the double comment this evening. You were a teenager a few years ago? I assumed you are still in the sweet sixteen range, eighteen tops! (I have a mental age of five and I am regressing rapidly! :) That's very cool that you own an album autographed by two of the Dogs. If you ever decide to sell them on eBay you'll be rich! FYI - For a limited time, I will autograph the body part of your choice for only a dollar-98. Think about it. Mrs. Shady lived in Maryland much of her life and you and I both lived in Penna if memory serves. (I know you did but I can't remember if I did. :)

      Thank you again for your kind visit and delightful comments, dear friend Janie. Please smooch Franklin for me and I'll chat with you again tomorrow!

    2. I worked in Pennsylvania and my daughter went to prep school there, but I never lived in Pennsylvania. We lived in Maryland. I kinda doubt that anyone would pay real money for my autographed two dog album. I saw edible body paints for sale recently. Very tempting. Franklin and I had a smooching session this evening after I went out for dinner with Favorite Young Man.

    3. Are you and Franklin making plans to marry? If so, how did WDW take the news?

    4. Franklin says he loves me, but marriage is just a piece of paper. If we were to marry, it would not bother WDW. I didn't really come back to add comments, though here I am, chatting away. I came to listen to Out In The Country. It's so relaxing.

    5. Hi, again, sweet friend Janie! Are you saying that you and Franklin might marry? Isn't that what they call "animal husbandry"? Doggone it, it's nice of you to come over to chat again today. A week between posts is a long time and I get lonely. I wish more people would come over for repeat visits, especially if I visit their blogs 3, 4 or 5 times per week. It's funny. Many bloggers could use a tutorial on the simple rules of blogging etiquette. That's what I attempted to express in my lengthy rant on your blog today.

      Thank you again for your kind visit and comment, dear friend Janie. I'll connect with you again soon - "here, there and everywhere."

    6. I'm willing to marry Franklin, but he won't have me. I'm grateful I'm allowed to scratch his head and kiss him.

    7. Maybe he fancies WDW and is plotting to steal him away from you. One never knows! :)

  5. haha, you don't have to prove to us that old school is cool, but i'm pretty sure this could convince anyone.
    I had Classical for Studying pandora radio on for background music and bam! for some reason i choose the Tram-Sisters to start off this round instead of Out in the Country. man was that a good choice! about to head out of town so sorry this is short but suffice it to say that i do love these old school tunes.
    -A and D

    1. Hello, dear A&D! Do you happen to know A&W of root beer fame? :) Thank you for taking time to swing over for a visit, my special friend. I am very excited to find young friends on both sides of the pond (you and Sarah) responding favorably to the old school sound of the Tran-Sisters, a girl group I never heard of until I came across their recordings on YouTube recently. What a discovery! Their Jerry Ragovoy produced singles are soulful surprises, instant classics of the girl group genre, in my opinion.

      Thank you again for squeezing me in before you head out, dear friend Abigail. I wish you safe travels and a wonderful weekend. Kiss Daisy for me and God bless!

  6. Brother Shady, I apologize for arriving late. Thursday is spent mainly away from the house and I have trouble reading the smartphone screen (don't start...I had eye issues since I was two, ha ha).

    The Tran-sisters are totally new to me, but I like what I'm hearing. Your Love made me want to dig in the closet to find my go-go boots.

    Def Leopard was an okay group, but they had a spell there where they were just overplayed, or at least in my neck of the woods, and I got sick of them. Sorry, Def Leopard guys.

    Paul Williams...always loved him. Which reminds need to do a whole series on Harry Nilsson. There's just not enough fond remembrances of old Harry - I loved his voice and song writing, The first dance I ever went to (and amazingly enough, someone asked me to dance) played Without You. Awww...

    Loved them, still love them. I'd spin their records any chance I got - as a matter of fact, I have some on my mp3 player right now. I loved the song you chose, and my two cents is that the songs One and Easy to Be Hard are at the top of the heap, too.

    Thanks for a great post, Shady! Have a Floridian half-dog night.

    1. PS: I'm still mad at Chuck Negron for throwing his career away with drugs, etc. His voice just isn't the same.

    2. Hi, dear Cherdo!

      Thank you very much for coming, dear friend. I swear the Tran-Sisters sound like Tina Turner and the Ikettes on "Your Love." High energy dance numbers or slick uptown ballads, those girls had it all covered and I'm glad you enjoyed hearing them.

      Def Leppard was not overexposed in my part of the world. I discovered that I got tired of Van Halen and Kiss long before I tired of hearing Lef Leppard and Krokus, as another example. Maybe it's a guy thing.

      Over the months and years I try to present music to suit every taste and I'm sure I'll be posting a few Harry Nilsson songs, Thanks for reminding me.

      I'm pleased to know that this Paul Wms. song performed by 3DN resonates. I might mention another great one recorded by the boys, the Laura Nyro song "Eli's Comin'." I have a specific memory of that song being played by Mrs. Shady's daughter's high school marching band. What a fine performance it was, too!

      It was so warm in Florida yesterday that it was like the return of summer. I hate summer in Florida! :)

      Thank you again for showing up for me, dear friend Cherdo, and for your excellent comments, Happy Friday to you!

    3. I just can't shut up.

      Documentary on Paul Williams called Still Alive:

      My favorite Paul Williams song, What Would They Say?

      Apparently, I didn't realize I was a Paul Williams groupie. Oh, I knew about Three Dog Night, but I was blissfully unaware of the PW thing.

    4. I would never ask you to shut up, dear friend Cherdo, especially since your comments (and Janie's) help to falsely inflate my comment total and give the impression that I host a popular blog. :)

      Hey, thanks for those links. I want to watch that Paul Williams documentary for sure. I worked the late shift at an NBC station in the 70s and remember watching Paul host The Midnight Special in 1973. Did you watch that broadcast from your crib? :)

      Now I've got a clip for you, a Paul Williams tribute that I'd like you to see:

      I remember that Travolta movie Boy in a Plastic Bubble but I had forgotten about this song and don't think I ever heard it sung by the man who wrote it, PW.

      Thank you for stopping by on your Saturday, dear friend Cherdo. I hope your weekend's going swell.

      God bless!

    5. I love Eli's Comin'. I didn't realize it was a Laura Nyro song until American Masters focused on David Geffen. Three Dog Night often recorded songs by up and coming songwriters, such as Elton John, thus giving them a boost.

    6. And I love Harry Nilsson. His death was a great loss to music. I didn't realize for a long time that he didn't write I Can't Live (If Livin' Is Without You). Love that song.

    7. Are you trying to see if I really do reply to all comments? :) I try. I try.

      I've got another Harry for you, one who also died too soon (age 38) - Harry Chapin. Remember his classics "Taxi" and "Cat's in the Cradle"? Then there was singer/songwriter Jim Croce who died even younger at age 30! Remember his "Operator" and "Time in a Bottle"?

      Thanks again, dearie, and have a great evening!

    8. I loved Harry Chapin and loved Jim Croce even more. I have two or three Jim Croce albums. He performed in Topeka not long before he died. Some of my friends saw him. You don't have to reply to all my comments. I'm just here to yakkity yak (don't talk back).

    9. Dearie, I am always here for you. Always. I love it when you stop by. Don't forget to come back here tomorrow because you and Cherdo both inspired my next post! I hope to hear from her and you on this important topic. Thank you!

  7. Shady, I love your posts, you bring back some great memories for me...and also remind me of ones I had forgotten. When you mentioned, "Just an Old Fashioned Love Song" it brings to mind one of my favourite songs by B.J. Thomas "Whatever Happened to Old Fashioned Love?"

    I find it a shame that so many songs today have foul language...however, this is my personal opinion, some may not agree with me and this is fine. "Back in the day" I remember watching televisions shows such as The Andy Griffith Show, Bewitched and many others and you would not have to ask your children, if you had any, to leave the room, there was nothing in them that you would be embarrassed to have your children watch. The same goes for music.

    Now when I hear songs that the youth listen to today it makes me cringe...I find it a shame. I guess it's no wonder that many of us enjoy reminiscing about days gone by. :)

    1. Hi, dear Linda! Thank you very much for coming over and sharing your thoughts. Your comments here are superb and I couldn't agree more. It's hard to shock me, and yet I am shocked on a regular basis by the disturbing messages conveyed by many of today's recordings, movies and TV shows, not to mention social media. It seems impossible to shield young people from all the harmful and destructive influences that bombard them. The last television series I recall that even tried to present a consistently positive family model was Seventh Heaven and by now you know how that turned out. I will continue to resist this alarming trend by keeping alive the great songs of the 20th century. My spirits are buoyed by the positive response to our old music from young people all over the world. Keep planting seeds, dear friend Linda,.Thank you again for coming and have a wonderful weekend!

  8. I tried them all, and Three Dog Night was my fave. Thanks for the effort, Shady.

    1. You liked all Three of the Dog Nights? Glad to hear it, dear friend Susie. Thank you very much for your visit and comment and have a great weekend!

  9. The only one I recognize was Three Dog Night's. But I noticed "You" was on Fargo records--LOL! Sorry, but couldn't listen to Def Leppard. The heavy metal stuff just hurts my ears--ROFL! ;)

    1. Hi, dear Rita! Yessum, I noticed that the Aquatones issued their single on the Fargo record label. Isn't that a coincidence?

      No need to apologize for not wanting to hear Def Leppard. Posts like this one present music in a variety of styles from different decades. Over time I try to offer something to please everybody. Some posts will be entirely heavy metal and aren't for the faint of heart. You are welcome to give them a try but I won't blame you if you decline. I do appreciate your ongoing friendship and support.

      Please give Karma a hug for me and have a safe and happy weekend, dear Rita!

  10. Oh my goodness thank you for making me laugh, you are one bloody funny fella just in case you didn't know

    1. Hi, hello and good morning to you, dear friend Jo-Anne! I'm glad this post left you laughing. I wish I knew which parts you found funny. :) At any rate, I am tickled to have you over to start your Australian day with some music and laughter. Have a wonderful weekend and I hope to see you back here soon, Jo-Anne!

  11. Nice one Shady! Loved this selection especially the Tran-Sisters. Fabulous voices. I had never heard of them so thank you for the introduction. Some of their vocals reminded me a bit of the infamous Etta James.....I've been listening to the wondrous Etta in the little Mazda MX5 of late...full blast...and oh my...could that lady sing.

    That reminds me you remember Darlene Love? There's a fantastic movie out now entitled "Twenty Feet From Stardom"....about some sensational backing singers and how many of them are so good, so close to stardom...yet we seldom know much about them.

    It's a great film Shady....tells how dear old Phil really did the dirty on Darlene. He may have been a unique arranger but as a human being he was/is very, very ordinary. And that's being charitable!!!

    Anyway, it's all good here Shady. Keep 'em coming darling!!



    1. Hi, dear Robyn! Welcome back to SDMM. It was my pleasure to introduce you to the soulful sounds of the Tran-Sisters, a versatile girl group that came and went in a flash and never had a hit even though they deserved at least a couple.

      Yessum, I watched the documentary Twenty Feet From Stardom a few months ago and learned a lot from it. I have posted about Darlene Love in the past and plan to present more of her work in the future. I will also be presenting recordings made by some of the other session singers profiled in that documentary including Clydie King and Merry Clayton, so please stay tuned!

      Thank you very much for popping in from down under, dear friend Robyn. Enjoy the rest of your Australian weekend!

    2. Thanks Shady. I'll check out your Darlene Love post...I'm sure it will be interesting. The other woman that was fabulous in the documentary was Lisa Fischer!!!!!!!!!!! She is truly a *star*!


  12. 4 decades in one post! Now that's impressive.
    Def Leppard is still a thing today. I can still hear it being played and some friends of mine even younger than I am love their music. That's more impressive, right?

    1. Hi, dear SuperLux! Thank you very much for coming over today and listening to some tunes. Yessum, it always impresses me when millennials and Generation Z teenagers get interested in the great music of the 20th century. Thanks for letting me know that you are familiar with the classic 80s/90s metal band Def Leppard and that you have friends even younger who dig them.

      Thank you again for being here, dear friend SuperLux, and enjoy the rest of your weekend!

  13. I are really late getting here. But better late than forever.

    >>... They got their name from a magazine article about indigenous Australians.

    No. Willie Davis, the outfielder for the Los Angeles Dodgers, was nicknamed "Three Dog", and they took their name from him, since he was their favorite player.

    Either that or Willie Davis was nicknamed "Three Dog" because Three Dog Night was his favorite band. I forget exactly which way it worked.

    I thought maybe the Def Leppard song was a cover of Traffic's original song titled 'Paper Sun'... but it wasn't.

    Sexy Shecky Shady Shaft, aren't you glad I came by with such interesting information to tack onto your blog bit?

    ~ D-FensDogg
    'Loyal American Underground'

    1. Hi, Stephen! Welcome back, good buddy! You're right on time because the party's still going strong and I just refilled the punch bowl.

      I think Janie Junebug is the only true authority on Three Dog Night, or at least two of the three Dogs. Maybe we should ask her how the band really got its name. I confess that I never heard "Paper Sun" until recently when I went through an unexpected head banging, hair-metal phase and bought Rock of Ages: The Definitive Collection. If you like Def Leppard, I highly recommend that 2XCD compilation.

      You don't have to go to the trouble of typing "Sexy Shecky Shady Shaft." My friends all call me "SSSS." (It's also the sound that fox-y American girls, who are very attractive and who enjoy having a good swinging time make when they see me and my brother, Yortuk, two wild and crazy guys from Czechoslovakia, approach them in a swinging singles bar.)

      Thank you again for dropping in, good friend Stephen. I invite you back here Wednesday when I will present a post inspired by your friend and mine, Cherdo the Flipster!

    2. I remember Casey Kasem saying that the group got its name from Eskimos who slept with three dogs on the coldest nights. Now I have to look it up.

    3. I got my info from Wiki and Wiki ALWAYS has accurate information! :)

  14. I'm late, I'm late, for a very important date...your blog post! I actually read it last week and listened to the music..thought I posted a comment, but can tell I didn't..Oh well, I enjoyed all the info here and the thing that jumped out at me was Def Leppard. My son Phil is the music man here and he was a big thanks for the memories and good tunes...I hope I'm not late for the next one!

    1. Hi, YaYa! How are you feeling these days, dear friend? I'm so glad you could make it over for this post and I truly appreciate you taking the time to be here.

      I'd be willing to bet that Phil already owns the Def Leppard CD compilation Rock of Ages: The Definitive Collection. If not, it would make a great birthday present for him.

      I hope you also found something to like in this post, if not the music then my attempts at humor. :)

      My next post is two days from now, on Wednesday, and it runs a full week. It's the start of a new series that asks for your opinion. I hope you enjoy it.

      I also hope your recovery is going well and that you aren't up to your ears in snow by now. Thank you again for your comment, dear Kathleen, and enjoy the rest of your week!

  15. Hi Shady! This is one of the rare times I hadn't heard any of the songs before. 3 Dog Night was a good band; I do remember one of their songs mentioned in the comments. I liked the song, "You," and I was surprised I liked "Paper Sun," not the first bit, but as it got going I did really like it.

    Trans-Sisters is a cute name. Never heard of them but again, I enjoyed their music. I found the talk in the comments about soap operas interesting. The only time I ever watched them was when my daughters started having babies. I would be helping them and when the babes went down for their naps we would watch soaps. Goodnight, Shady. I'll try to make it on time Wednesday.

    1. Hi, dear Belle! "Goodnight"? My goodness, you stayed up very late to read and comment, dear friend. Thank you very much for making time for a visit. I hope all is well with you and your family.

      I'm always happy to introduce you to recordings that you never heard, especially if you discover that you like them. I didn't remember the Aquatones or their record and never heard "Paper Sun" or any of the sides by the Tran-Sisters until recently when I assembled this post. It's a shame to realize how many great recordings were made that never reached the charts. Over the years I have presented hundreds of examples including these by the Tran-Sisters.

      With a career in broadcasting that had me working the late shift for years, I was able to follow and get hooked on various soaps. The only one I still watch is Y&R.

      Thank you again for generously making time to visit and comment, dear friend Belle. Please take good care of yourself and I hope to see you again soon. God bless!

  16. Mama told me not to come, but one is the loneliest number. Have you ever seen Magnolia? It has a great rendition of One at the beginning of the movie.

    1. I love Julianne Moore and William H. Macy but I haven't seen Magnolia. Steel Magnolias, yes, but not Magnolia.

  17. From Wikipedia: The official commentary included in the CD set Celebrate: The Three Dog Night Story, 1964–1975 states that vocalist Danny Hutton's girlfriend, actress June Fairchild (best known as the "Ajax Lady" from the Cheech and Chong movie Up In Smoke) suggested the name after reading a magazine article about indigenous Australians, in which it was explained that on cold nights they would customarily sleep in a hole in the ground while embracing a dingo (feral dog). On colder nights they would sleep with two dogs and, if the night was freezing, it was a "three dog night".

  18. Hoyt Axton wrote Joy To The World. I had no idea.

  19. Aimee Mann performs One in Magnolia, a movie that was inspired by her music, according to Paul Thomas Anderson.

    Now I know that when I'm lonely I can come by to chat.

    Shady's comin'. Hide your heart, girl.

    1. You are always ALWAYS welcome here, dear Janie. I hope to see you back at this blogspot tomorrow for the start of my new series in which we discuss important topics. Have a great night and please hug Franklin for me (if he'll let you).


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