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"More than a place, the Shady Dell was and will forever remain a state of mind." - Shady Del Knight

"More than a place, the Shady Dell was and will forever remain a state of mind." - Shady Del Knight

Sunday, November 2, 2014

Echoes of the Spectorian Era, Volume 6: Out of the Picture... but In Our Prayers

 Welcome to Part 6 of my 

 17-part series featuring 

 the best of Phil Spector 

 and cool soundalike 

 recordings produced 

 by those he influenced! 



Actress Marcia Strassman played Julie Kotter
on the TV sitcom Welcome Back Kotter,
Later, she was Diane Szalinski, wife of
nutty inventor Wayne Szalinski in the
movie Honey I Shrunk the Kids
and its sequels.

As a singer in the 60s Marcia made the girl group
style recording "Out of the Picture" produced by
Jerry Goldstein, one third of New York-based
FGG Productions, the guys who recorded as
the Strangeloves. "Out of the Picture" begins
with the distinctive beat and  Spectorian
sound of  "Be My Baby" and "The Dum
Dum Ditty." Released in the spring of '67,
 "Out of the Picture" went to waste on
 the B side of "The Flower Children,"
a single that clearly pandered to the
burgeoning West Coast hippie scene
but sold poorly, Bubbling Under
at #105. This fab flip, a much
more enjoyable recording,
remained out of the picture.

 "Out of the Picture" 
 Marcia Strassman 
 (April 1967, B side of 
 "The Flower Children") 

Ironically, the draft of this post was finished
nearly a year ago and scheduled to be
published at this time.

Last week I was shocked and saddened when
news broke that Marcia Strassman had died.

Marcia passed away on October 25 after a
long battle with breast cancer. She was 66.
May she rest in peace.



At the end of 1963, the Chiffons scored a
top 40 hit single with "I Have a Boyfriend."

In 1965 a fine cover was included on the album
Whenever a Teenager Cries released by Catholic
school girl Mary "Reparata" Aiese and her group
The Delrons. Reparata and the Delrons were one
of the best girl groups of the 1960s. They were
invited to tour with Dick Clark's Caravan of Stars
road show, yet they never achieved a top 40 hit.
You'll be scratching your head and wondering
how that's possible when you hear them sing.

 "I Have a Boyfriend" 
 Reparata and the Delrons 
 (from the 1965 album 
 Whenever a Teenager Cries



 Is it live or is it Memorex? 

 Is it the Ronettes or is it 

 Lorraine and the Delights? 

 Is it a Northern Soul record 

 or a girl group record? 

I can answer the last two questions. The A side
of the following single is the Northern Soul favorite
"Baby I Need You." The killer bee, resurrected on
the Wall of Soundalikes CD Phil's Spectre, Vol.1,
is the obscure girl group nugget "I Just Couldn't
Say," a recording that sounds very much like the
Ronettes. This schizophrenic single was waxed
in 1965 and released early in 1966 by no hit
wonders Lorraine and the Delights. I ask that
you listen to the record 30 seconds or more
(or begin listening at the 30 second mark)
to give the melody a chance to kick in.
You'll swear it's Ronnie Spector!

 "I Just Couldn't Say" 
 Lorraine and the Delights 
 (January 1966, uncharted) 


The name of the act offers a strong hint about what's
in the grooves of this long lost 1963 girl group single.
"I Love Him" by the Castanets (lead singer unknown)
is another opus that goes beyond paying homage
to Spector. It comes very close to matching the
 melody and production style of the Crystals'
"Then He Kissed Me." Uncharted nationally,
"I Love Him" went top 40 on stations in
Springfield, Massachusetts and Miami
and reached #60 on AM radio in
New Haven, Connecticut.

 "I Love Him" - The Castanets 
 (Dec. 1963/Jan. 1964, uncharted) 


One of my earliest childhood memories was sitting
on the floor of my basement with my tiny tinny
record player spinning my big brother's copy
of "Teen Age Prayer" by Gloria Mann.
Gloria's dreamy ballad began its chart
ascent a few days after I turned 6
and brushed the top 20 early in
1956. A rendition by singing
actress Gale Storm
made the top 10.

In 1964, a country pop version of "A Teen Age Prayer"
was released by Linda Brannon but did not chart.
That same year, "Dimension doll" Caroline Day
waxed Spectorian and gave us this castanet
clacking interpretation of the song.

 "Teenage Prayer" - Caroline Day 
 (March 1964, uncharted) 


"He Really Loves Me" was recorded in New York and
released in January 1964 at the height of Spectormania.
Unfortunately it was also the height of Beatlemania
which might explain why this great record failed to
chart. Lead vocalist Debbie Rollins is backed by
veteran session singers Dee Dee Warwick and
Sweet Inspirations members Cissy Houston
(Dee Dee's mother) and Sylvia Shemwell.
Listen now to this fine example of the
East Coast Wall-of-Sound!

 "He Really Loves Me" - Debbie Rollins 
 (January 1964, uncharted) 

 I hope you got your kicks 

 with Echoes Volume 6. 

 Stick around for more 

 Spectoresque goodness 

 coming your way soon 

 in Echoes Volume 7! 

Have a Shady day!


  1. How sad about Marcia Strassman! I remember seeing the headline about her death a few days ago but didn't remember who she was. I occasionally watched Welcome Back Kotter but the only character I remember from the show is John Travolta. I never saw those Honey movies Marcia was in. The timing of her death was quite a coincidence if you had this post written and scheduled for this date a year in advance. I enjoyed Marcia's "Out of the Picture" song and these other Spector influenced records. The one by Lorraine and the Delights is my favorite. They really do sound like the Ronettes.. Thanks for another great post in your series!

    1. Hi, dear Kathryn! The timing of this post featuring Marcia Strassman in the lead position was indeed uncanny. Marcia was diagnosed with advanced breast cancer in 2007 and battled courageously all these years. She raised awareness by speaking publicly and candidly about her illness. Her brave struggle reminds us that breast cancer is a ruthless killer that needs to be stopped. I confess that I didn't remember Marcia very well either. I didn't watch Kotter and only vaguely remember the Honey movies, preferring the spin-off Canadian TV series that had Barbara Alyn Woods in the role of wife Diane.

      I'm glad you enjoyed Lorraine and the Delights. I was blown away the first time I heard it. I am pleased to have it in my CD collection along with Marcia's "Out of the Picture" and most of the other Spectorian recordings presented in this series.

      Thank you again for your visit and comment, dear Kathryn. I wish you a happy week ahead!

  2. I have a boyfriend. His name is Sir Shady. I was sad about Marcia Strassman's rather early demise. I didn't know she sang. (You prepare posts a year in advance?) Catholic Schoolgirls would be a great name for a band. I'm confused about Dee Dee Warwick and Cissy Houston. I thought Cissy Houston was the late Whitney Houston's mother. Does Dee Dee have some connection with Dionne Warwick? I realize I can Google my questions, but I'd rather learn from you. Google never sends me a nice email when I don't feel well.


    1. Hi, dear Janie Junebug! I'm proud to be your boyfriend and I feel safe putting it in print right here where no one will see it, in this ghost town I like to call Shady Dell Music & Memories! :) By the way I'll soon be installing an app that makes tumbleweed roll across my home page. Stay tuned! :)

      Yessum, I like to do my research and prepare posts well in advance. Currently I have enough finished saved drafts to last until the summer of 2016 (not joking).

      Yessum, Dee Dee Warwick was the singing sister of Dionne Warwick, the niece of Cissy Houston and the cousin of Whitney. I'm pretty sure Richard Nixon and Sid Vicious of the Sex Pistols are also somehow related. :) I have an upcoming post featuring Dee Dee and Dionne along with another set of singing sisters, Aretha Franklin and her sister Erma. Stick around because I have the post scheduled for the year 2043. :)

      Gosh, I hope this isn't one of those days you're not feeling well, dear Janie. Maybe this cold snap we're having triggered a case of the Harper blues. If so, drop me a line and I will send you a nice reply. I care about you!

      Have a great week, dear friend!

    2. Thanks, but I'm fine. It was nice to have a chill in the air over the weekend. I appreciate you clearing up the Dee Dee/Dionne mater. I hope I live long enough to read the post about Aretha. When we went to the celebration for Bill Clinton's first inauguration, the one person I could pick out on the stage was Aretha Franklin. She wore a huge fur coat.

    3. You seem to be in very good spirits today, dear Janie. That always makes me happy.

      It's so cool that you went to the first Clinton inauguration and saw Aretha Franklin. I jumped nude out of a cake at Dick Nixon's second inaugural. Wish you'd been there.

      Thank you very much for the return visit and for exchanging humorous remarks with me at your place and Cherdo's. I am very grateful for your friendship, Janie! Have a good evening and a fine week!

    4. I wish I'd been around for Nixon's second inauguration. I'd heard about the cake, but I didn't know it was you who jumped out. What did Dick say?

    5. Dick said to me, "I am not a crook... and aren't you the hippie troublemaker who streaked at Tricia's wedding last year?"

      Janie Junebug, we need to stop meeting like this! People are gonna talk. :) Seriously, I love it when you come by and help run up my comment total. Your visits are always welcome and appreciated, dear friend!

  3. Hi Shady Del,

    Thanks again for the interesting tid bits, this time about Marcia Strassman and I remember Welcome Back Kotter as I found the soundtrack very catchy! Although I too didn’t watch it that much.

    ‘He Really Loves Me,’ by Debbie Rollins is very catchy and it seems many entertainers try both singing and acting before settling on one or the other such as Kylie (Neighbours role, going way back to the mid 80’s??) and then she was sometimes known as the ‘singing budgie’ :) and now is simply Kylie :) great thanks Shady Del, see you.

    1. Hello and welcome, dear Allie-Millie! The sun is already setting here in the Eastern U.S. whilst a new day and week have begun for you there in Australia. I am very happy to see you!

      It pleases me that you enjoyed the Spectoresque Debbie Rollins recording with backing vocals provided by that dream team of soulful female vocalists. It just goes to show that loads of talent and a great sound do not guarantee a hit record.

      I am very familiar with Australian singer and actress Kylie Minogue stemming back to 1988 when the MTV-style television station where I served as producer worked with Geffen Records on promotions for her debut album Kylie and her worldwide hit single and music video, a cover of Little Eva's hit "The Loco-Motion." I noticed that the theme of Kylie's Australian soap opera Neighbours was composed by Tony Hatch and Jackie Trent, the talented husband and wife team that I featured in my previous post.

      Thank you very much for popping in, dear friend Allie-Millie. I wish you a delightful week ahead!

  4. I very much remember Marcia Strassman. "Kotter" was a fav show around our house back in the day. I also saw the "Honey I Shrunk the kids" movie and I was sad when I heard she lost the battle with breast cancer. I didn't realize she was singer. She was a beautiful woman...thanks for sharing news about her that I'm sure most people don't know. But then that's what you do...share with us info about bands and background history of the music industry that few...OK, maybe just me...don't know. I was toe tapping with the Castanets. My fav of this session! Have a good week Shady and thanks for the lovely comments you always leave on my blog..I'm honored! P.S...Eddy was here today. He had surgery on his leg last week but he's healed well and spunky as ever! It was nice enough for him to run through the Creepy Woods too! Just thought you'd like to know!

    1. Hi, YaYa! This was one of your greatest comments ever, dear friend, and I needed to tell you so. It always pleases me when you or another reader can pinpoint something in a post that resonates, introduce a thread or expand one that has already been established.

      Yessum, Marcia Strassman was a brave and beautiful woman and it makes me sad that her life was cut short at age 66 by that silent killer.

      I'm delighted that you singled out a recording no one else mentioned, the one by the Castanets, as your favorite. Truth be told every recording I post is a favorite of mine and it makes me very happy when your ears are in tune with mine.

      I also very much appreciate it when you remember the void left by the death of my dog Toto and how much I love hearing about and seeing your son's dog Eddy. I'm sorry he required leg surgery but glad to know he's bouncing back and was able to visit the Pines and romp in the Creepy Woods.

      Thank you again for your friendship and support, dear friend YaYa. I wish you a safe and happy week ahead!

  5. Good afternoon, Shermie...uh, I mean, Shady!

    I was so saddened by the passing of Marcia Strassman (and by the way, that is a great picture of her with blond hair - who knew?). I loved the scripted banter between her and GK on "Welcome Back, Kotter" and my older boys loved the "Honey, I Shrunk the Kids" franchise.

    The song by MS is lovely! Too bad she didn't have a bigger music career, too - it sounds like she could handle it.

    I just erased the second paragraph because it was nearly identical to Janie's comment - well, there ya go. I must have absorbed it as I scrolled down...went back up to make sure I had the right title to a song, and saw Janie' use saying it twice!

    Phil Spector was definitely the golden boy of an era, and not without reason. I think he definitely "made" many songs with his Wall of Sound and attention to the nuances of a song (bet you never hear "nuance" thrown around much with ole' Phil, but you know what I mean...he knew what needed to come to the forefront of a song, and how to back it up and make it great!).

    That said, if I WERE Phil Spector, I'm not sure I ever would have wanted to have an album called a "Wall of Soundalikes." It almost sounds negative in tone. Like, "here we go again..."

    That may be what made his hair stand up later on.

    My friend, I'm off to a little dose of Methodism...Have a great day!

    1. Hello hello hello, dear Cherdo! Suddenly my ghost town is looking more like a boom town. Thank you very much for coming!

      You say you wrote the same comment as Janie Junebug - that Sir Shady is your boyfriend? Can we be Frank with each other? :)

      I might have watched a few episodes of Kotter but I wasn't a regular viewer. Little known fact: I was cast in the role of "Vinnie" Barbarino, leader of the Sweathogs, in the pilot episode, but the producers replaced me with John Travolta, telling me that I was simply "too hot and too hunky." There went my acting career!

      Although Phil Spector's image appears on all three volumes of the Phil's Spectre series, I don't think he had anything to do with them. The series does not contain any of the recordings Spector actually produced, only those made by other producers and artists who were influenced by him and tried to copy his success. Frankly (there's that word again) I like these sound-alikes more than some of the original Spector recordings, maybe because these are fresh and new to me and I've heard the others (by the Ronettes, Crystals, etc.) a gazillion times.

      Thank you so very much for making time for a visit, dear friend Cherdo. I hope you're coming down from your Halloween sugar rush by now and I look forward to seeing you over at your place tomorrow. God bless!

    2. Ha ha ha...maybe I missed Janie's first line, tee hee.

    3. The handwriting's on the wall, dear friend. I urge you to give careful consideration to my idea for a Three's Company living arrangement. :)

    4. Did we ever decide which one of us gets to be Chrissy? Is that the correct name? I was aware of the show, but I'm the one person in the U.S. who never watched it.

    5. Another "mercy comment," dear Janie? :) You are so sweet! Yessum, Chrissy Snow was one of the Three's Company characters along with Janet Wood and Jack Tripper. If you and Cherdo and I move in together there's no need for us to keep those exact names. We can always be Frank with each other. In true sitcom fashion, we could also introduce a new character, Janet Wood's kid sister Morning. U on board?

  6. oh my goodness, what a lovely lady Marcia was. it saddens me so that she recently died. i have never really watched the shows that she played in, but i am familiar with who she is. very pretty girl, and equally pretty as a grown up woman. she sounds like such a lovely soul.
    and while i guess this comment kind of turned out to be more of a sad thing over Maria, i also did enjoy the other music/subjects here as well.
    gosh, i just love those great names like 'the Castanets' and 'Loraine and the Delights'. calling your band members 'delights' is just so retro and so cute! sorry, but we got a kick out of that.
    -Abigail and Daisy.

    1. Hi, dear Abigail! Hi, dear Daisy! Thank you both for making the journey all the way from Kansas to be here today. I agree that Marcia Strassman was a lovely lady and courageous as well. Diagnosed with advanced breast cancer early in 2007, Marcia did not avoid the spotlight, choosing instead to discuss her condition publicly and draw attention to this killer of women. She is, as her song says, "Out of the Picture," but she will remain in our memories thanks to her music and her acting roles. Be sure to catch her romantic comedy Soup For One if you get a chance.

      Yessum, there are cute and amusing girl group names in this post and many more to come as I continue my 17-part Echoes series the rest of this year and all of next. I'm happy to know you're enjoying the sounds and the opportunity to learn about these little known artists.

      Thank you again for swinging by for a look and a listen, dear Abigail. I hope your week's off to a wonderful start. Please give little Daisy some extra lubbins from Shady!

  7. Hi Shady,
    What an ironic post that you wrote about Marica Strassman at the time of her death. I did listen to her song," out of the picture". I must admit, I didn't know
    she had a music career and I must admit I didn't love her singing voice . I also didn't watch Kotter but, I did enjoy her movies, "Honey I shrunk the kids" and the sequel, "Honey, I blew up the kid". It's sad to hear about her passing and at such a young age.
    It's easy to see (and hear) why others jumped on the Phil Spector (sound) train. I really enjoyed," I just couldn't say" , especially once it got going, lol! --AND Lorraine and Delights really did sound like Ronnie!
    "He really loves me" was my favorite on this post. Is it just me or does this song sound like the Shangri Las, "Leader of the pack" with all it's melodrama sound? Is that another Spector "wanna be " girl group, Shady? I do love that song! Well, this was another enjoyable/informative Spector history lesson.
    Toni Deroche

    1. Hi, dear Toni! Thank you very much for coming! Yessum, my eyes popped when I saw the headline reporting Marcia Strassman's death because, earlier that same day, I had been proofreading this post which features Marcia, a post that was finished long ago and scheduled to be published immediately after Halloween this year. I'm sorry you didn't love Marcia's singing voice on "Out of the Picture." I took an immediate liking to it because I appreciate song "stylists" as much as or perhaps more than singers with technically perfect voices.

      I am excited to know that you enjoyed "I Just Couldn't Say," a Spectorian production that imitates the recordings of the Ronettes. I can't argue with "He Really Loves Me" by Debbie Rollins as your Pick To Click because I love it, too. It's another Spectoresque opus and an example of the East Coast Wall of Sound, this one produced by Jerry Ragavoy, the studio wizard who had a hand in writing and producing some of the Shady Dell's Greatest Hits. I agree that Debbie Rollins seems to be imitating the melodrama of the Shangri-Las, but it doesn't seem likely since the Shangs didn't become popular until after the Rollins record was released and "Leader of the Pack" was still 9 months in the future at that time.

      It's safe to say that record company weasels jumped on any trend, fad, style or popular sound that sold records and copycat recordings were released in hopes of cashing in. Some succeeded but many failed, even great ones like these.

      Thank you again for being here today, dear friend Toni. I hope your week's off to a super start and will only get better. God bless!

  8. Hi Shady. I remember Marcia Strassman as a really cool lady. I first saw her on Kotter, and she was portrayed as an intelligent, easy going hippie type lady. She was cute and funny-I even enjoyed seeing her on Mash! I didn't know she sang, and they played her song on my radio station the other day. I think she was well loved by a lot of folks.

    So, I did make it the second day, instead of the seventh! And, I have no idea who the ladies are in your lineup! But, they're all good! I especially like the Delrons, for name and talent! "I Have a Boyfriend" is the type of song where the storyteller is spellbound and hopeful that the relationship will endure. And, the Castanets were also good. I, too wonder why these girls just got pushed aside. If the Castanets charted to even #60, I'm surprised I didn't hear them. Okay, Lorraine did sound a little like Ronnie Spector, and, 'I Just Couldn't Say' is a pretty good song.

    You've pulled even more unsung heroins out of your hat, sir Shady! I keep saying that one of these times, I will surprise you and recognize one of them. You're too good! Thank you for this very good post, and for writing about Marcia Strassman, and, posting some very good pictures of her. I have never forgotten her, and I'm glad to know she will be remembered by others.

    Have a great week Shady-we've had some unbelievably cool weather here, and I have tried to send some your way! Take care and I will see you soon! ♫

    1. Hi, dear Suzanne! You seem to be feeling much better this week and that makes me very happy. I'm so glad you could come over this soon and join the Echoes party.

      You also seem to know Marcia Strassman better than the other readers. Yessum, in my research I did notice that she had a recurring role on M.A.S.H. I agree that Marcia seemed like a cool person - pretty, funny and intelligent. Her premature demise is a tragedy.

      I'm glad you mentioned Reparata and the Delrons because they are actually the best known of the artists in this post. They are highly regarded by girl group collectors and I like their recordings better than those of the Shangri-Las. Why did so many of these girls and girl groups get pushed aside and become no hit wonders? It might be because people tend to value originals more than imitations. Recordings that sound like Spector were at a disadvantage because they were assumed to be inferior. It's like people who stubbornly stick to a brand of cola that they've been drinking all their lives even though they preferred a different brand in a blind taste test. Fan loyalty (brand loyalty) is difficult to overcome.

      We've had some delightfully cool weather here the last few days but the mercury will be inching upward into the 80s as the week wears on. It's time for the great state of Texas to send another cold front our way!

      Thank you again, Suzanne, for helping me eulogize the late Marcia Strassman. I'm happy to know you enjoyed these tunes. Please take good care of yourself until we chat again, dear friend. Good night!

  9. Another enjoyable musical history lesson. The 'Spector Sound' is a passion of mine and it's always a pleasure to see it celebrated and with such detail and wit as you so brilliantly do.
    Anthony Reichardt
    Santa Ana, California

    1. Hi, Anthony! I'm thrilled to see you back here, my good friend, and to know that you still check out my posts months after our tribute to Chi Chi. By the way, that Chi Chi two-parter received more comments than any other series in the six year history of SDM&M. I am overjoyed that the dear lady is getting her props and I know you are, too.

      As you know I make heavy use of your YouTube uploads in my posts. As Carly Simon wrote, "Nobody does it better" and nobody knows the music and cares about it more than you. Having you here to read and comment is truly an honor for me, Anthony, and thank you again for providing the rare, obscure and consistently excellent musical material that is life blood of my blog.

      Happy Tuesday to you, Anthony, and please stop by again soon!

  10. Kathleen Mae SchneiderNovember 4, 2014 at 7:17 PM

    Hey, Shady! Remember me? Sorry for going AWOL for several weeks. In addition to not feeling up to par, my leftover time after caring for Mother has been taken up with helping my daughter to move into her first house. Then on top of it all, my iPad was on the blink for a while and I couldn't hear any music or see videos. For about a week, I couldn't even get any internet connection. That's the thanks I get for updating!

    Anyway, this will be short. The harmonies and expansive sound of "He Really Loves Me" makes it my favorite song on this post, although I also enjoyed the beat and background sound on "Out of the Picture".

    I wasn't familiar with Marcia Strassman as a singer, but she sure was a gifted and beautiful woman. Bob and I watched "Welcome Back Cotter" regularly, probably because we were both teachers and the episodes seemed closer to reality than fantasy. :) I'll never forget Vinny Barbarino's 'book report' read from the back cover of a bodice ripper - John Travolta at his best!

    Thanks for the music and memories, Shady!

    1. Hello, dear Kathleen! I'm delighted to see you back here at Shady Dell Music & Memories, your home away from home (or maybe I should say your OTHER home away from home. :) I'm sorry there were so many factors that prevented you for enjoying recent posts, but I am especially glad you made it here for this one remembering Marcia Strassman. I wasn't a regular viewer of the Kotter series so thank you very much for contributing a story about it. If I may play "Six Degrees" you might be interested to know that I was Travolta's body double in Saturday Night Fever.

      I'm thrilled to know that so many people like Debbie Rollins' recording "He Really Loves Me." All these recordings are winners in my book and there are dozens more to come in future episodes of Echoes,

      Thank you again for making time for a visit, dear friend Kathleen. Please give Mother my love and enjoy the rest of your week ("rest" being the operative word). God bless!

  11. Kathleen Mae SchneiderNovember 4, 2014 at 8:33 PM

    Nude in a cake? Hippie wedding streaker? Almost a Sweathog? White-suited disco dancer? You certainly were versatile, Shady. That's some visual imagery bringing lots of laughs at a time most needed....thank you.

    1. LOL! It pleases me to know that you read some of my exchanges with Janie and Cherdo. You should see how the three of us misbehave on their blogs. We all have our crosses to bear and humor helps.

      Thanks for the return visit and comment, dear friend Kathleen. Please take good care of yourself and Mother and come back again soon!

  12. hi Tom
    just stopped by to say hello after avery long long time! greetings from me, Javi & Giuseppe :)
    have a nice week!!

    1. Hi, dear Katia! I am overjoyed to receive a visit and message from you, dear friend!

      Does that extra name mean that you have delivered your new baby? I hope you and your husband and child are all in good health and that you will post pictures of your newborn soon on one of your blogs.

      Thank you again for thinking about me, dear friend Katia. I think about you often and wish you well! God bless!

  13. Another great selection of songs Shady. Apologies for the lack of comments recently, I'm still catching up after my holiday!

    1. Hi again, sweet Sarah! No need to apologize. You have been a steady friend for a very long time now and I am always happy to see you, even when you hop over a bit late. I love to share my music memories and new discoveries with you. I hope you enjoyed these girl groups and soloists. Thank you again for coming, Sarah. Your friendship and support are deeply appreciated!

  14. Took me quite a while to read all of the posts I'd missed. I manage to post maybe once a month or so. I liked Marcia Strassman and wondered for a long time whether or not she was the same person who had recorded "The Flower Children." It was such a little-known song (except maybe on the West Coast where it was played a lot) that no one had ever heard of it. It's always a strange feeling when someone dies who was part of your growing years. Hope you're doing well, and will forgive me for being so absent. There are so many things taking my attention these days!

    1. Hello, dear karen, and welcome back to SDMM. Yessum, I noticed that your blogging activity has been on the decline lately. Thank you for remembering me and coming over for a visit. It was a nice present to receive on this my 65th birthday.

      I'm glad you remember "The Flower Children," the A side of that Marcia Strassman 45. The single has a split personality. "Flower Children" was intended to blend in with the hippie movement while the B side had a somewhat dated production style similar to Phil Spector's Wall of Sound which by 1967 had faded in popularity. It's a shame the B side wasn't released as an A side a year or two earlier. I think it could have been a hit.

      Thank you again for your visit and ongoing friendship, dear karen, and please come back again soon!

  15. Hey Shady, Thanks for directing me to this post. I didn't know that Marcia Strassman was a singer. Interestingly, out of all the Phil Spector gals you featured here, I like Marcia Strassman the best!
    Thanks for alerting me that your comment today on my W post might be in my spam folder. Can't understand how it ended up there but I'm so glad we freed it from its blog prison!

    Michele at Angels Bark

    1. Hi, Michele!

      Thank you for taking a peek at this post which includes a terrific side by Kotter star Marcia Strassman. I would have to say it is my Pick To Click, too! Like many of the great recordings I present on SDMM, "Out of the Picture" was a fab but forgotten flip, released as the B side of a single that sold poorly. It seems obvious to me that "Out of the Question" was the better song and recording. It's a shame it went to waste. It could have been a hit and Marcia could have gained traction as a recording artist.

      Thank you for freeing my comment from the spam dungeon and for being such a great friend, Michele!


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