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"More than a place, the Shady Dell was and will forever remain a state of mind." - Shady Del Knight

"More than a place, the Shady Dell was and will forever remain a state of mind." - Shady Del Knight

Sunday, November 9, 2014

Counting Down the 200 Greatest Hits of the Shady Dell (#145 to #141)

 It's time once again to put your 

 musical knowledge to the test 

 as we continue our countdown of 

 The 200 Greatest Hits of the Shady Dell! 

 You know the drill. 

I'll give you a line or two of lyrics taken from five
of the most popular Dell songs of the mid 60s.
Your mission, Jim, if you decide to accept it, is to

 Name That Tune. 

Put on your thinking cap. Here are the lyric
samples for the next five Dell songs:

I have to turn my head
until my darkness goes

Without you I had no consolation
But with you I have appreciation.

Got spring and summer 
 runnin’ through me

I know what your thinking,
You're alone now, 
 no love of your own

Gonna live each minute
Fill the hours and days
Til I`ve had my fill


Okay, let's find out how well you did.
Here are the Dell songs in today's countdown:

145. "Paint It, Black" - The Rolling Stones 
(May '66)

144. "You Got Me Where You Want Me" 
The Emperors (March '67)

143. "98.6" - Keith (December '66)

142. "Reach Out I'll Be There" 
 The Four Tops (September '66)

141. "Hungry" - Paul Revere & The Raiders 
(June '66)

How many songs did you correctly guess from the lyric clues? Refer to the grading scale below to determine your musical I.Q.

 All 5 right – 

 Congratulations! You’ve been appointed 

 dean of the College of Musical Knowledge. 

 3 or 4 right – 

 Licensed lyric lover. 

 2 right - 

 Lyrically challenged. 

 1 right – 

 Sign up for remedial classes 

 at the School of Rock. 

 0 right – 

 You just dance and hum along! 

Have a Shady day!


  1. I only got 1 right, the first one. I love the Rolling Stones and Paint It Black is one of my favorites. Who's going to cook for you while I'm taking remedial classes at the School of Rock?

    1. Good morning, dear Kathryn! I'm just back from the corner grocery where I stocked up on frozen TV dinners, Slim Jims, Beef Jerky, Pork Rinds and Reddi-Wip. I'll be eating like a king in your absence!

      I'm sorry you didn't do better on the mom and pop quiz. You should have aced the test because, as you recall, I forced you to memorize the list of the 200 Greatest Hits of the Shady Dell a few years ago. What happened? :)

      Thank you very much for playing Name That Tune with me this morning, dear Kathryn. Have a nice day and a great week!

  2. Ummm....I left my homework on the bus....wait, Eddy ate my record player was broke....oh dang it Prof Shady...I love all the artists featured and after matching the words with the songs of course I knew them! That makes it an open book test and I think I may have scored 100%.....Thanks for featuring my very fav...The Raiders! Enjoy this lovely Sunday!

    1. Hi, dear YaYa! Thank you very much for coming by on a Sunday morning to play America's favorite game - Name That Tune.

      What??? You're accusing my buddy Eddy of eating your homework? Maybe he got tired of asking "Where's the beef?" and was so desperate for food that he'd eat anything. If after chowing down on your homework the poor pooch has a tummy ache, please have him take two issues of Reader's Digest and call me in the morning. :)

      I admit it is hard to guess the name of the song just by reading the lyrics. Even I have trouble with it. This post was finished a year ago and slated to run on this date. At the time I assembled the draft I had no way of knowing that PR&R fans would be still be mourning the death of Paul Revere when the post was published.

      Thank you again for coming over, dear friend YaYa. If Eddy is with you this weekend please give him a pat on the noggin for me. Have a wonderful week!

  3. Ok, ok, Shady I didn't get any right BUT, I actually knew 2 of the songs--once I peeked. Reach out and Paint it black. So. . . will you let me slide with being "lyrically challenged"? I will tell you that I know many Paul Revere songs but never heard, Hungry! I really liked it!!! I'm telling you, if you ever do the 70's (and newer) I'll get 100% a be a "licensed lyric lover!!!! Have a great week!
    Toni Deroche

    1. Hey hey hey, dear Toni! Thanks for swinging by for a visit! I forgot to tell Mrs. Shady that the correct title of that Rolling Stones song is "Paint It, Black" (with a comma inserted). It was that little comma, placed in the title by Decca Records, that stirred controversy and fueled speculation that the song was a racial slur against black people. The Stones insisted it wasn't and claimed the comma was as much a mystery to them as to their fans.

      If I understand you correctly, you want me to change your failing grade (zero correct) to two correct, just because you recognized the songs once you "peeked." My dear, if I bend the rules for you, I will have to bend them for the entire class. I can't do that. I think you need to take your medicine and wear the dreaded Dell dunce cap for a while. Maybe then you'll make sure you're better prepared for my next mom and pop quiz. :)

      It won't be possible for me to put 70s music in the countdown because the survey only covers a 22 month period in the mid 60s. Sorry!

      Thank you again for making time for me today, dear friend Toni. Have a safe and happy week ahead and please join me for my next two posts in which I will teach history lessons you will long remember! God bless!

    2. Do I have to wear the dunce cap, too?

    3. My dear Janie, it is an honor to wear the Dell dunce cap. I'm thinking of having "JJ" monogrammed on it!

    4. That doesn't sound like an honor to me. I must be the permanent dunce.

    5. Let me be your personal tutor, Janie. By the time the next mom and pop quiz rolls around you'll know your stuff, ace the test and shed the dunce cap We'll get started with lesson one tonight at midnight on Skype!

  4. FINALLY! I got one, Paint It Black! I'll pat myself on the back.

    Emma x

    1. Hi, dear Emma! I put this post together a year ago and when I proofread it recently, I decided to play an honest game of Name That Tune. The Stones recording was the only one I guessed at first. It took a while before the others came to me. Even I get "rusty" if I don't review my own material frequently. :)

      I'm very happy to see you, dear friend Emma. I hope you're enjoying the fall season in Ireland and wish you a wonderful week ahead!

  5. Well, Shady, same day Sadie is coming in at lyrically challenged. I actually missed the one that is my favorite on your list, 'Paint It Black' by the Stones! But what a great video, I really loved it with Brian Jones and that large guitar-like instrument he was playing! It's funny, though. I do know all but one of the songs, and Keith did throw me until I listened to it. Soooo,
    I only got two correct-the last two! I love the Four Tops, and just couldn't have missed that one or Paul Revere and the Raiders. Looks like you got to all of us this time Shady, or is it the weather, lol!

    Hope you and Mrs. Shady are doing well. We have such great weather right now, but they are predicting some really cool stuff this next week. I know I haven't posted anything in a while, but I'll get back there!

    In the meantime I am trying to stay informed, and I'm helping Karo with a new post for his blog-so maybe we'll get it done soon!

    Take care, see you soon! ♫

    1. Hi, Suzanne! Thanks for hustling over the same day, dear friend. It means that you earn extra credit and your grade gets bumped up a notch to Licensed Lyric Lover. Send me a cool front and I'll make you dean of the College of Musical Knowledge! :)

      Yessum, "Paint It, Black" (notice the mysterious comma placed in the title by Decca Records UK) seems to be the easiest song to identify in this batch. I don't expect anyone except hardcore local Dell rats to know the Emperors of Harrisburg, PA and this obscure B side of theirs. We're still in the 145-141 range of the countdown and it will only get more difficult as the countdown progresses from this point on because many of the songs/sides were known and played primarily at the Dell, in Central Pennsylvania or up and down the East Coast. Most people who grew up in the western two-thirds of the nation probably never heard of them.

      I look forward to a new post from you and from Karo and I hope Karo will come over and visit me more often. We're all friends here and he is always welcome to join the discussion or just say a friendly hello now and then.

      I hope Fort Worth doesn't get clobbered by the polar vortex this week. Thank you again for coming by so soon and for your delightful comments, dear friend Suzanne!

  6. I didn't get a single one, but I know the songs when I hear them. Do I have to hum? I'd like to sing. I picture you and me and Cherdo as The Three Tops instead of Four. We can coordinate our dance moves. Or maybe we can be Pips and find a Gladys Knight. Those are all great songs, but I can't remember Mick Jagger being that young. He looks like a little kid. Now he's a great-grandpa.


    1. Hello, dear Janie Junebug, and welcome to your home away from home, SDM&M. Thank you for joining the fun and playing a lively game of Name That Tune with me. Sorry you flunked out!

      I like your idea to have you and Cherdo and me form an act called The Three Tops. Do you mind if I tweak it a little and make it one Top and two Topless?


      Your other idea also has merit. There can never be too many Pips as far as I'm concerned.

      Speaking of the Rolling Stones' aging lead singer, I dined under the Golden Arches yesterday and ordered their new breakfast treat, the Egg MickJagger. I Can't Get No Satisfaction because it tasted like Brown Sugar on Dandelion so This Could Be The Last Time I order it. (BA-DUM-BUMP)

      Thanks a bunch for swinging by this evening, dear friend Janie. I hope you had a nice weekend and I look forward to playing with you in the week ahead. SMOOCHES!

    2. I need those SMOOCHES. Willy Dunne Wooters is not big on kissing. I get little pecks from him. Fortunately, Franklin kisses frequently.

  7. Dear Shadester:

    Yay, I'm a licensed lyric lover!! Thanks for using Paul Revere and the Raiders - that sealed the deal.

    My fall? The Emperors! The lyric sounded vaguely familiar, but my guess was wrong, double wrong.

    I'd love to be in a group with you and Janie. I don't even mind going topless - in fact, I never wear hats because my head is too big. I wish I could say it was because of my huge brain...note that I don't say that.

    I love musical trivia. I think you should do a whole bunch of these, Shadaladadingdong.

    Have a great weekend!! I've been running all day and sorry I got here late!

    1. Hello hello hello, dear Cherdo! Thanks for taking my brain busting mom and pop quiz aka Name That Tune. Don't worry, this is an ongoing countdown of the 200 Greatest Hits of the Shady Dell, 5 songs at a time. At the rate we're going, we will get down to the top 10 around the turn of the century.

      The Emperors were strictly a local/regional Central PA/East coast act. You might remember their one hit record, "Karate," the melody of which was later used by Carlos Santana in his hit single "Everybody's Everything."

      I'm thrilled to be part of the greatest group of all time The Three Besties (beasties?) - Cherdo, Janie and me. We do have fun, don't we dear friend? Please get a good night's rest and I'll see you bright and early over at your place.

      It's getting late on a school night and my office is about to turn into a pumpkin (you know what I mean) so I will say thank you, dear Cherdo, and good night!

    2. We are the fun-est folks on the planet! I think Beasties works just as good as Besties. :-)

    3. Hi again, dear friend! I was faced with a deadline last night. My office was closing for the night and I was rushed and didn't have much time to write a reply to your comment. I know you understand.

      Hey, maybe we should just stick to our original idea and go on tour as Three's Company, unless we'd get slapped with a lawsuit. Whattya think?

      Thank you for the return visit, dear friend Cherdo, and have a wonderful day!

    4. I like the idea of you and Cherdo being topless. I'll remain clothed, thank you very much. Which song should we practice first? Maybe we can rehearse by Skype.

    5. I can't carry a tune, Janie Junebug. My idea is for the three of us to go retro. I will tell jokes on stage while you and Cherdo delight audiences by performing as burlesque dancers. We could tour the Borscht Belt in the Catskills!

      Thank you again for coming by, dear Janie, and have a nice day!

  8. aw. it's just dance and hum along for me today, Shady! i thought i had number 3, but i missed it. song lyrics just ins't my strong point in general. however my older sister and one of my cousins can remember the words to songs very quickly. i don't know... maybe i'm just paying more attention to the groovy beats that the words. anyway, gotta love those Paul Revere and the Raiders!!!
    -Abigail and Daisy
    P.S. i'm with Cherdo, more musical trivia sounds great. it doesn't matter if i lose, i still hear more great music :)

    1. Hi, dear Abigail! Thank you very much for coming by to play Name That Tune. If it's great music you're after, then you've come to the right place. This countdown goes on for a few more years with many other music posts in between.

      I must admit that I have never been one to memorize song lyrics like some people do. When I was a teenager and these records were first popular, I didn't know the words to most of them. It wasn't until the internet came along that I was able to look them up. I agree with you that lyrics are not as important as the overall sound of the recording. As a television producer and wannabe record producer I have always been interested in sound mixing. It is there, in the studio, that real art is practiced and magic happens.

      I'm happy to know you like Paul Revere & the Raiders. So sad that Paul passed away a few weeks ago. Too many of the stars of my generation are flaming out. As long as I can keep SDMM going I will try to make sure they and their music are remembered.

      Thank you again for visiting, dear friend Abigail. You and Daisy bundle up and keep warm and I'll be chatting with you again soon. God bless!

  9. Hey Shady Del,

    Nice change, the interactive quiz :) my excuse is I only know 2 of the songs anyway, Paint it, Black, Rolling Stones (they are in Australia at the moment by the way :)) and 'Reach Out & I'll be there', Four Tops - so it looks like I'll be dancing along which I love anyway. For what it's worth I mostly listen to the tunes over the lyrics of songs :) and simply enjoy the beat unless the chorus is really catchy. I can see you're quite a musical wonk and you would be great here at what we call 'trivia' nights, where you go to a venue with a group of people and win prizes for answering trivial questions - lol, a lot of fun - see you - Allie-Millie

    1. Hi, dear Allie-Millie! If you got two songs right then you did better than most. Nice to see you even remembered to put the mystery comma in "Paint It, Black," Are you going to see the Stones whilst they are in your homeland?

      Interesting you wrote what you did because I did win a couple of prizes over the years by answering musical trivia questions. The first time I won a jar of mustache wax (no joke) by being the first to call a radio station hotline with the correct answer. On another occasion I remember winning a music trivia contest at a wine festival.

      Thank you very much for your cheery visit and comment, dear friend Allie-Millie. Enjoy the rest of your week!

  10. I guess it has cost me dearly to be away from you wondrous blog...I am a true 0. But I'll hum and dance along any time I stop by! Hope you are doing well dear friend! I'm hanging in...maybe one day I can get back to writing posts.
    Big hugs to you and Mrs Shady!

    1. My goodness gracious, hello dear Sush! I'm delighted to see you! I feared that you had dropped out of blogging as did Thisisme and several other good friends. It's very nice of you to come by and say hello.

      You are most welcome to dance and hum along. Your test score doesn't matter. The important thing is that you enjoy yourself when you are here.

      I am definitely happier now that you've dropped in for a visit. Thank you, dear friend Sush. Take good care of yourself and your wonderful family. I hope we can connect again soon. God bless!

  11. awww i only got one this time! the Rolling Stones one of course... but that is because ive barely heard of the others, save the Four Tops. Thank you for introducing them to me!

    1. Hello, dear Catherine! I never expect you to get a perfect score on my Shady Dell countdown quizzes, seeing as how you were born and raised so many years later in far away Australia.

      My sentimental favorite in this set is "98.6," a great example of the sunshine pop sound that was popular at the time. I hope you'll give it another listen. Thank you again for coming, dear friend Catherine!


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