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"More than a place, the Shady Dell was and will forever remain a state of mind." - Shady Del Knight

"More than a place, the Shady Dell was and will forever remain a state of mind." - Shady Del Knight

Sunday, October 19, 2014

Beyond the Valley of the Paper Dolls - 'Z-Man' Barzell's Killer Halloween Bash!



Ladies and gentlemen, an announcement if you please. 
There is a new girl group in the house, Their name?
The Shangri-Las. As the teen tycoon of rock I'd
like to hear them and I'm sure you would, too.
Here they are for your listening pleasure, the
myrmidons of melodrama, The Shangri-Las!

 "Sweet Sounds of Summer" 
 The Shangri-Las (January 1967 
 highest chart position #123) 

Languid Roxanne finds beauty,
that delicate pinch of feminine spice
with which she often flavors her interludes.

And now, a San Francisco garage band
made up of Diane, Sylvia, Rosemary
and Margaret Sandoval - a sister act
calling themselves The Girls!

 "Chico's Girl" 
 The Girls (1967, uncharted) 

Leave, Tandy darling? No! You have not yet
graced our gathering with a song. Come,
my dear Sharon, I must present you
to the faithful. Now!

 "Hold On" - Sharon Tandy 
 (October 1968) 

Hell, I ain't partied this hard in 15 years.
Wait'll I get home and tell Eula and Clara Belle.


And you, the infamous Ashley St. Ives,
what thou think of our fair minstrels,
The Feminine Complex?

Will you play them, as you do others,
like a game of hide and seek?

 "Hide and Seek" 
 The Feminine Complex (1969) 

Masters and mistresses, I'm so excited by what I've just heard
that I predict these magnific maidens, much like one of their
illustrious sisters before them, Carrie Nation, will crush
the musical barrier and rise like angels. You'll be superstars!

 "Daddy, You Gotta Let Him In" 
 The Satisfactions (May 1966, 
 group led by Jack Nitzshe's wife Gracia) 

Ah, look there, Lance Rocke!

Greek god and part-time actor.
See how well he performs?

The golden hair, the bedroom eyes, the firm young body.
These are the tools with which he plies his trade.
All are available for a price to those who beg,
"I want your love, Pussycat."

 "I Want Your Love" - The Pussycats 
 (May 1965, uncharted) 

You varlet! You serf! You knave!
How dare you cast aside my alabaster charms?
My capacious love? My undying troth?
Yes, I vow it! Ere this night does wane,
you will drink the black sperm of my vengeance.
You, Jungle Lad, shall be my play thing,
my puppet, my paper doll!

 "My Boyfriend's Back" 
 The Paper Dolls (1970) 

How now, Jungle Lad?
Why so helpless and why so frail?
Lo and behold.  My music hath
charms to soothe your savage breast.
Prepare to boldly go where no man has gone before
as I take you beyond the valley of the paper dolls!

 "Something Here in My Heart" 
 The Paper Dolls (1968) 

Poor poor Jungle Lad. The tables are turned
and you are the piteous object of my dalliance,
a groveling ant creeping across the malodorous moat!

Methinks you remind me of certain things, vassal -
another party with songs and revelry such as this -
coming soon to the SDMM blogspot. That fine day
the vorpal blade of my cutting edge humor will
once again go snickersnack! Again, Jungle Lad,
you will experience my razor sharp wit, finely
honed and keen like Excalibur, mightiest sword
of all time. Wrought by Woden, the god of time,
legendary blade of King Arthur.  Hurled into
the lake, it sprang forth again all shining
 and pure. And now, now it is wielded by
she who will eclipse all their deeds...
Arthur... Lancelot... and even
mighty Coeur de Leon - 



  1. Hahaha! I see what you're doing here. One by one you are spoofing all of our favorite movies and tv shows including this cult classic I didn't know any of these groups except the Shangri-las but never heard "Sweet Sounds of Summer" before. It's great! I never heard of the Paper Dolls but also loved their version of "My Boyfriend's Back." You did it again, a post that combines entertainment and education. Way to go!

    1. Hello, dear Kathryn! Thank you for attending Z-Man's Halloween Happening. You and I both love Beyond the Valley of the Dolls and in particular the Shakespearean prose spoken by gay record mogul Ronnie Barzell. As you recall, the movie was co-written by the late film critic Roger Ebert.

      This post offers a diverse music mix within the girl group category. It includes a little known, low charting single by the Shangri-Las, American female garage bands The Girls, The Feminine Complex and The Satisfactions, South African thrush Sharon Tandy and the popular British girl group The Paper Dolls. Their rendition of the Angels' "My Boyfriend's Back" excites me as much if not more than the original.

      Thank you very much for your visit and comment, dear Kathryn, and enjoy your Sunday!

  2. I think I had multiple songs playing at the same time...ahhhh! I did notice that the green pussycat(?) looks very Star Treky. Have a good day Shady!

    1. Hello hello hello, dear Susie, and welcome back to your home away from home, your haven for savin' (your youth), the place where all the cool kids meet, SDM&M!

      This was the perfect occasion for you to play all the songs at the same time, seeing as how I am paying tribute to the trippy, psychedelic, dark comedy movie BVD and some of the obscure girl groups and female garage bands that emerged in the mid and late 60s.

      In my reply to Mrs. Shady's comment I forgot to mention the little known Columbia Records recording artists The Pussycats and their bold, danger-laced recording "I Want Your Love." All I know about this girl group is that they also did a fine cover of the Shangri-Las famous B side "Dressed in Black" which I will feature in an upcoming post when I salute other so-called Girls in the Garage.

      Thank you very much for coming over, dear friend Susie. Have a lovely Sunday and a great week ahead!

  3. I'm loving the groovy style of all of these ladies, the hair and make up is great! Now if only I could get that much volume in my hair!! I hope you're having a lovely weekend Tom, you'll be happy to know the sun shone for most of the weekend here in Dublin, I hope the Florida weather has become a little more bearable for you!

    Emma x

    1. Hi, Emma! Thank you very much for hopping across the pond today. Yessum, these movie stills from Russ Meyer's best known and most successful film Beyond the Valley of the Dolls and the images contained in these YouTube videos give you a nice glimpse of the clothing and hair styles of that exciting period - the mid and late 60s.

      I'm glad you had some fun here today, Emma. Here in Florida we are experiencing a refreshing cool down with daytime highs only in the 80s rather than the uncomfortable 90s. I'm very happy to know that the sun is shining in your part of the world and I wish you a very happy week ahead! Take care, dear friend!

  4. I have to come back later. I can't listen to anything now. WDW is installing a camera that will monitor my back door, so he's using the desktop computer. I tried to play a song about twenty minutes ago and he said, That's bothering Frankie and me.

    I didn't care all that much about bothering WDW, but Franklin? I don't ever want to upset Franklin.


    1. Greetings and salutations, dear Janie Junebug! I love this long comment of yours explaining why you cannot leave a comment! (LOL) "Installing a camera that will monitor my back door" is the oldest excuse in the book for not listening to my tunes. :) If you REALLY want to bother WDW you will use Susie's method and play all the songs at once. That'll fix him!

      I hope you will make good on your promise to come back later, dear friend. Of course, if you're reading this, it means you already have. Are you as confused as I am by all this?

      Thanks for coming and have a wonderful week, dear friend Janie, and remember - Shecky Shady always rings twice!

    2. I'm not confused at all. At least I don't think I am. I love all these girls. Not just the way they sound, but the way they look (with one or two exceptions). If I played all the songs at the same time, WDW would run away, screaming like a little girl. Now that he's installed the camera, the thought of him screaming like a little girl seems rather amusing. Thank you for all the work you put into this post.

    3. I forgot to say that I LOVE My Boyfriend's Back. And his front. And his sides.

    4. Hello again, dear Janie Junebug! It pleases me greatly that you found time to return and listen to these edgy tunes. I'm very glad you enjoyed the look and sound of most of these groovy garage girls. I'm also thrilled to know that you dig the Paper Dolls' tough cover of "My Boyfriend's Back" as much as I do.

      I hope you feel more secure now that you have a camera trained on the spot outside your door. I know Harper was a good watchdog and his protective presence is sorely missed. My prayers continue to be with you, dear friend. Thank you again for making time for me and good night to you up there in Jax!

    5. Thanks, Shady. My fence is seven-feet tall. One gate is chained shut, and the other is nailed shut. I like keeping an eye on Franklin now that he goes outside alone. It wouldn't be easy for someone to get in the backyard, but it could be done; and it would scare Franklin half to death.

    6. I hope this system gives you peace of mind. The last thing any of us would want is for something to happen to Franklin. Bless you, dear friend Janie!

  5. No one loves a Halloween bash more than me so thanks for the musical invite! I must admit I haven't heard of these gals before but the videos were certainly entertaining! I loved the Pussycats' "I want your love", haunting sound... and the video really had me laughing too...I was green with envy...well, not really but I loved her green look! (Halloween costume idea? Hmmm) The Paper Dolls rendition of "My boyfriend's back" was pretty good but not as good as their curls! When I was watching Sharon Tandy I kept thinking...who does she remind me of?...OH! A young Cher. Today's Cher is a mere wax museum of herself...anyway...good post and fun music and a nice trick and treat bag of goodies for us today! Have a good week Shady!

    1. Hi, dear YaYa! Thank you for joining me for the first of two Halloween posts, this one anchored to the Russ Meyer - Roger Ebert cult classic BVD, released on DVD in recent years to the delight of its many fans. In my music collection I have "My Boyfriend's Back" by the Angels, the Paper Dolls and the Chiffons. I was so tired of hearing the Angels original all these years that I now play the other versions more often, especially this exciting rendition by the English girl group the Paper Dolls. I agree that South African vocalist Sharon Tandy resembles Cher. Sharon moved to England and joined the mid 60s Brit beat movement and I will be presenting another of her great recordings in a future post.

      Thank you very much for your visit and kind comments, dear friend YaYa. Have an excellent week!

  6. Hi Shady Del,

    Thanks for the quirky post, very retro and I loved The Girls song - Chico's Girls. I have a CD which 'My Boyfriend's Back,' has been covered. When you talked about 'Beyond the Valley of the Dolls' I wondered if it was a sequel to the Valley of the Dolls movie. I haven't seen the movie but last term I did an assignment on 'Mother's Little Helper,' a term make famous by the Rolling Stones song about valium. In my research there was also references to Valley of the Dolls and the effect valium had on females in Hollywood? I haven't actually seen the movie so feel free to elaborate :) I enjoyed the post, cheers Shady!

    1. Good morning and evening to you, dear friend Allie-Millie! How are things down under? I'm very happy to see you and I thank you for another fine comment.

      I am delighted that you mentioned "Chico's Girls" because no other reader had so far. Imagine the fun those four sisters had performing a tough, street wise song like that in a "garage girl" style. In the past year I have discovered dozens of edgy 60s girl bands like The Girls and I will be bringing you the best of their recordings in a special 2-part series.

      Yessum, dolls refers to downers, depressant pills used by entertainers, models and even the everyday housewife as a means to cope with the pressures of modern life in the Sixties. Valley of the Dolls explores the ripple effect of substance abuse on the lives of Hollywood actors and singers. I have seen both movies, Valley of the Dolls and Beyond the Valley of the Dolls, multiple times over the years and never tire of them. I urge you to see both. BVD was originally intended to be a sequel but was instead turned into a melodramatic parody. You simply MUST watch it and enjoy the antics of Ronnie 'Z-Man' Barzell, the iconic character inspired by Phil Spector. He steals the show!

      What a wonderful comment from you, dear Allie-Millie. I sincerely thank you for contributing to the discussion and I wish you a very happy week!

  7. Good morning, Shady-heart! First, let me apologize for being a day late - I have a house full of company and I've been in a constant mode of cook-clean-entertain-do touristy get the picture. I had company arrive on Friday and half are leaving today.

    This is a different kind of post for you, SDK! I love all the picture and links, but the commentary in between is priceless. You're so creative and talented. I'm glad you're my pal.

    Of the snippets o' song, I've always been a sucker for "My Boyfriend's Back." Thanks for "Something Here in my Heart" - I didn't know that one!

    Take care and keep expanding my knowledge of the history of rock and roll.

    Have a great Monday, Shady-bro!

    1. Hello, dear Cherdo!

      A house full of company?
      What's that like? (LOL)

      Leaving today?
      What's that like? (LOL)

      Please do not give me a writing credit, dear friend. Obviously you have not yet seen BVD. If you had you would know that most of the text is quoted word for word from the movie and was penned by Chicago Sun-Times movie critic Roger Ebert along with director Russ Meyer. I merely took the movie quotes and modified them a bit to create intros for the videos.

      As I've told other readers, this Paper Dolls version of "My Boyfriend's Back" is my new favorite. How about the video of the Paper Dolls shot on a speeding train car? I never saw anything quite like it. I also want to name my other Pick To Click for this post which is Hide and Seek by The Feminine Complex, an all girl garage band from Nashville led by Mindy Dalton. Little known in 1969 when they released this single and their only album, The Feminine Complex today enjoys quite a cult following. Mindy's vocal on "Hide and Seek" is beautiful beyond words and I hope you will give the full song a listen if and when you have time.

      Thank you very much for coming over in the midst of your busy schedule, dear Cherdo, and enjoy the rest of your week!

    2. Bwahahaha...."what's that like?'

  8. oh i know the Shangri-Las! A lot of times, the music you present here is not previously know to me or just slightly familiar. But this time i'm sure that i've listened to their catchy tunes (and maybe even the Paper Dolls?) somewhere, sometime.
    and wow, what an impressive and spooky progression this post had. i just think you're so cool, Shady, how you can turn an ordinary music post into an entertaining almost tv show like reading experience! well done.
    -Abigail and Daisy.

    1. Hello, dear Abigail & Daisy! Thank you for coming, my special friends. The Shangs are the best known artists in this bunch, at least here in America. The Paper Dolls had a following over in Britain and Sharon Tandy was known and loved in her native South Africa.

      As you might have guessed it was the Paper Dolls who inspired me to do a tribute to one of my all time favorite movies Beyond the Valley of the Dolls. If you haven't seen them I urge you to watch Valley of the Dolls and Beyond the Valley of the Dolls because both films explore life in the fast lane in the late 60s and are chock full of music and period fashions. As I told Cherdo, I cannot accept credit for writing most of the lines of text in this post. They are ripped directly from the BVD script which was co-written by famed movie critic Roger Ebert along with the film's director, Russ Meyer. Beyond the Valley of the Dolls was named #87 on the list of the 100 Greatest Films of the Century compiled by New York's famous newspaper The Village Voice.

      It makes me very happy when you get what I'm doing with posts like this one, dear Abigail. I love to entertain you as well as educate you. I hope I have aroused your curiosity about these two movies and about the exciting girl groups featured here. Thank you again and have a super week!

  9. That girl Kelly Mac Namara is a tramp.
    She was living in a single room
    with three other individuals.
    One of them was a male.
    And the other two?
    Well, the other two were females.
    God only knows what they
    were up to in there.
    And furthermore,
    I wouldn't be surprised to learn...
    ...that all four of them
    habitually smoke marijuana cigarettes.
    - Reefers.

    1. This tramp, Kelly Mac Namara. You don't happen to have her phone number, do you?

    2. Porter, methinks this brew is not
      for your more delicate sensibilities.

      Make haste, my supple countess.
      The last flight to Shangri-la
      leaves within the hour. Hasten, hasten!

      Does not the moment
      amuse you, Kracow?
      Hasten, ere the portcullis
      bars your entrance to Elsinore.

  10. Ha! There you go again with one of your fav R.Meyer movies," beyond the valley of the dolls"! Chock full of sex,drugs,rock and roll and MURDER! I remember seeing this on a post way back when , then had to watch that movie! I remember it being strange "trip" with strange characters!
    I do love girl bands! On this post I enjoyed , "hide and seek",with that creepy sound and the grace slick vibe!
    I enjoyed the last few posts and learned a lot about girl bands I never knew existed ! Thanks! Shady!
    Toni Deroche

    1. Hi, dear Toni! What a nice surprise it is to find a comment from you, my good friend. Thanks for attending Z-Man's Killer Halloween Bash. Hooray - I'm happy to find at least one reader who has actually seen this movie and is familiar with Z-Man and the other characters. You are correct. I did a BVD piece several years ago here on SDMM. What can I say - I love this movie!

      In this post I decided to include that funny old lady with.the orange hair who was one of the freaky people dancing at Z-Man's happening. Do you remember her? She was played by character actress Princess Livingston who also appeared in three other Russ Meyer movies, Wild Gals of the Naked West, Heavenly Bodies and Mudhoney. It is Princess Livingston's role as Maggie Marie in Mudhoney that I referenced in this post including her wild cackle.

      I am delighted you enjoyed these new wave girl singers and bands of the mid and late 60s, especially The Feminine Complex, the psychedelic Tennessee girl band that artfully combined the raw, wailing guitar sound of the garage with the smooth vocals of lead singer Mindy Dalton.

      Thanks a million for being here, dear friend Toni. Enjoy the rest of your week and stay tuned for more Halloween fun in my next post this Sunday!

  11. Wow! The styles- the sounds- what a fun, terrific post, as always, my friend! I do remember the Shangri- Las, and I remember listening to them with a teenaged aunt who had them on vinyl. What a delicious lode of memories that opened for me this afternoon. Love your posts!

    1. Hi, dear Shelly! I'm so glad you made it over before the party ended and Z-Man needed to return to Forest Lawn. :) (That's another reference from the movie script.)

      Yessum, the Shangs were by far the best known and most successful of the girl groups represented in this post. I'm glad their "Sweet Sounds of Summer" triggered fond memories. If you haven't see it I encourage you to watch one of the great cult films of the 20th century, Beyond the Valley of the Dolls, now available on DVD.

      Thank you again for coming, dear friend Shelly. Stay tuned for another petrifying post coming up this Sunday. I hope you like it!

  12. Marvellous! I've not heard of any of these except for the Shangri-La's and every time I go past the Shangri-la hotel in Sydney I starting singing Leader of the pack in my head!
    I did enjoy the paper dolls immensely and the dreamy green Pussycats. I prefer those Pussycats to the girl group of a similar name a few years ago... ahem.

    And apologies for taking a long time to comment! I'm very up and down lately!

    1. Hello and good evening to you, dear Catherine! I'm delighted to see you again. Thank you for attending Z-Man's Killer Halloween Bash. I was hoping you'd be here to check out the fashions, hair styles and music of that tumultuous period, the mid and late 60s.

      I'm thrilled to know you appreciate England's Paper Dolls and America's little known girl group The Pussycats along with the better known Shangs. Please try to see the movie referenced here, Russ Meyer's cult classic Beyond the Valley of the Dolls,

      Taglines: The world is full of them, the super-octane girls who are old at twenty. If they get to be twenty.

      This Is Not A Sequel.
      There Has Never Been Anything Like It!

      Thank you again for your friendship and support, dear friend Cat. Good night to you in Australia and have a groovy weekend!

  13. I just love that Sharon Tandy song and she has a great bob too! I enjoyed listening to these songs Shady, hope you have a good week.

    1. Hi, Sarah! I'm delighted to see you here on my back pages, dear friend, and to know that you didn't miss Z-Man Barzell's H-ween party. I love Sharon Tandy, too, and have several of her recordings in my personal CD collection. You'll be happy to know that I will be featuring the exciting South African Brit pop/rock singer in a future post.

      Thank you again for coming by and sampling some tunes, dear friend Sarah. I hope your week is off to a great start and will only get better. See you soon!

  14. Again, I'm embarrassingly late Shady! I'm still bringing up the rear and trying to stay up with our ever-increasing fast world!

    Gosh, where DO you find these ladies? I have to give them all a bravo for their efforts and talent! And, they all have great stage presence and spunk. Sharon Tandy is so cute and MOD, but, her voice lacks just a little clarity, unless the sound system was what drowned her out.

    And, 'My Boyfriend's Back' was a very good version. If I had heard it prior to the original one, I would have liked it more I think. Their voices just ring with beauty!

    You know, the video that accompanied 'I Want Your Love' was spectacular! That was one of the best videos I have seen to music Shady! And, I really liked the song too.

    You brought forth another rambunctious group, and they are all great! And, what a good job of introducing them with all the flair of a 'mild-mannered Wolfman Jack!' lol!

    I will try to bounce over to your next post Shady. I am grateful to see you are still posting. I have one in the works, just can't seem to get it finished. Our little Scootie has been with us for the last two weekends, so I have been busy, and he celebrated his 6th Birthday Sunday! Got some great photos!

    You take care now-we're still getting some smug 80's weather, hope yours is cooling down some. See you soon! ♫

    1. Hi, Suzanne! I'm delighted to see you up and around and back here on SDMM. I was worried that you had taken ill. I certainly hope not.

      It's hard to tell for sure on that Sharon Tandy clip. I know she's a fine singer. I'm guessing the sound system wasn't the greatest on the German music program Beat Club. That plus the age of the film clip itself produced a good bit of distortion. I'll have more from Sharon in future posts. I'm thrilled that you had a positive reaction to the Paper Dolls' rendition of the Angels smash "My Boyfriend's Back." I am truly enjoying British interpretations of U.S. hits, Glad you enjoyed the Pussycats and the video the uploader created for their recording "I Want Your Love."

      Thank you again for taking time to comment on both posts you missed, dear friend Suzanne, Please take good care of yourself. I think about you often, God bless!


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