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"More than a place, the Shady Dell was and will forever remain a state of mind." - Shady Del Knight

"More than a place, the Shady Dell was and will forever remain a state of mind." - Shady Del Knight

Sunday, August 17, 2014

Postcards From The Edge: Pt. 2 of My Trip Series - How The West Was Fun!










When it was time to leave El Paso we hopped in our
rental car and drove north by northwest through
New Mexico, stopping to explore the famous VLA
(Very Large Array) radio astronomy observatory.

It is here at this facility that 27 dish antennae
peer deep into space and help unlock
the secrets of the Milky Way.

From VLA we continued up the western
side of New Mexico until we crossed
the border into another state:

Look at this map of north central Arizona.

Enroute to our destination, Flagstaff,
we drove past Winslow, the town made
famous by the Eagles song "Take It Easy."

(Begin playing the video at 1:00.)

An historic highway that inspired another famous
song runs through both Winslow and Flagstaff.
Yessum, Shady got his kicks on Route 66.

During our stay in Flagstaff we made the
90 minute trip north to see the Grand Canyon.

All of these pictures were taken
at the Grand Canyon's South Rim.

The elevation was more than 8,100 feet at some
lookout points. Watch that first's a doozy!

Enlarge the pic above and look at the rocks
outside the guard rail. While we were taking
pictures at this lookout point, a young man
hopped the railing and jumped out onto one
of those rocks to pose for pictures. There
the guy stood on a small, uneven surface
with the canyon floor a thousand feet
below him on three sides. People were
freaking out. After some whistle blowing
and coaxing, the park ranger talked the
kid in off the ledge to safety. Unreal!!!

To learn more scholarly facts and stuff
about the Grand Canyon, click here:

After spending a day at the Grand Canyon
and getting a good night's sleep we left Flagstaff.
The route took us down steep, winding mountain
roads, dropping thousands of feet to sea level.

Among the most spectacular sights along
the way were the red rocks of Sedona.

My my my my Sedona
(Everybody sing!)

Close to Phoenix we passed another road that
inspired a hit record, this one by Gordon Lightfoot,
State Route 74 aka "Carefree Highway."

Carefree highway is not the way I would
describe this particular part of the journey.
"By the time I got to Phoenix I was sweating"
is much more accurate.

It was late morning when we passed Phoenix and
crossed the Sonoran Desert on the way to Yuma
enroute to San Diego. In the Phoenix area the
temperature was already 106 with several
more hours of daytime heating ahead.

The mercury soared to a scorching 111 by
early afternoon and was forecast to reach 115!

I like to complain about the Florida heat,
but 111 degrees was...otherworldly.

It felt like I was standing too close
to a blast furnace.

Relief was on the horizon.  Soon we would
cross into California and make our way to
the coast. In a span of two hours the
temperature dropped more than
30 degrees to a refreshing 78.










Have a Shady day!


  1. Thanks for the pics. I've been to Sedona and Flagstaff. Did you see Meteor Crater?

    What is wrong with people?? It seems like they are falling off cliffs every day. :-\

    I'm glad YOU returned safely. :-)

    1. Hi, Susie! Thank you very much for being the early bird today, dear friend. First of all, we both loved Flagstaff and could see ourselves living there someday. Second, we passed the exit to the Meteor Crater but elected to continue on our way instead of driving back to see it. We were both tired and wanted to stay on schedule and arrive at our destination in San Diego at the designated hour.

      I read that an average of 2 or 3 people die in falls at the Grand Canyon every year. I saw many people taking risks there that day and I'm surprised the number of fatalities isn't higher.

      Thank you again for coming over to see my vacation pics, dear friend Susie. Enjoy your Sunday!

  2. As you know I had wanted to see the Grand Canyon all my life. I'm happy with the way the pictures turned out but they still don't do it justice. Sedona was another beautiful spot and I loved the pancake breakfast we had there.

    1. Good morning, dear Kathryn! It makes me happy to know that you were able to cross a major item off your bucket list. Surely we will remember our visit to the Grand Canyon and our other western adventures the rest of our lives. I agree. I thoroughly enjoyed our breakfast at that quaint restaurant in downtown Sedona. I never before tackled such a huge stack of pancakes. The orange juice was fresh and delicious and so was the coffee. What I didn't like was returning to the car around 9:30 am and finding that the temperature was already 95 degrees with many hours of daytime heating still to come!

      Thank you very much, Mrs. Shady, for telling the readers How The West Was Fun for you!

  3. I really like the musical accompaniment you have added to your trip west. Beautiful pics of the many sights you saw along the way. Sedona is a special favorite of mine.

    1. Hi, Jeanie! When I returned from my three week blogging hiatus I checked your latest post and saw that you were taking a break of your own. It means a lot to me that you took time to drop in for a visit, dear friend!

      It pleases me to know that you appreciate the music I add to picture posts like these. Music makes my day and I am always eager to share some of my favorite tunes with friends.

      Mrs. Shady and I loved Sedona. As you have no doubt discovered, it is a lovely town, spotlessly clean, pretty architecture, nice shops and eateries and majestic, red rock mountain peaks nearby.

      Thank you again for being a great friend, Jeanie. Please take good care of yourself and come on back a week from today to see more postcards from our adventures out west!

  4. Hi "Shady" (betcha wish you had some!)
    Some how I missed that lint shot! LOL!
    Again, you captured some wonderful pics. Your Grand Canyon shots were amazing--and so much better than mine! I was lucky enough to visit the canyon in the mid 90's. It's so breathtaking. I was hoping to see a pic of you and the Mrs. hanging out by the rail but, certainly NOT over it like that crazy kid!!! GEEZ! I also visited "your" Sedona. My parents lived in AZ for 24 yrs. so we took many trips to different parts of the beautiful desert. They say I lived there when I was 2-3, unfortunately, I don't remember a thing! It certainly is a different world, with a different beauty out there! I love the way you matched the songs with the scenery (and , of course, a little humor thrown in, too)--Great Job! I'm anxious to see SD--San Diego--not Shady Dell! LOL!
    Toni Deroche

    1. Hi again, dear friend Toni! Thank you for the compliments on the Grand Canyon pictures. I can't accept any credit for them because Mrs. Shady took them all. Never mind that kid who jumped the railing to pose for pictures. Mrs. S. took a few risks of her own that day, such as leaning precariously over the low railings to snap pictures. That made me nervous. I was also worried that she might lose her grip and drop the phone/camera a thousand feet down to the canyon floor and lose all of our vacation photos!

      Sedona was another beautiful area. The town was spotlessly clean and the scenery was breathtaking. I'm sure your mother could help fill in the gaps of your memory about places you went in Arizona as a child. I'd love to return in winter when the dreadful heat is gone. 111 degrees makes it feel like your flesh is on fire!

      Thank you again for getting up to speed on my vacation posts, dear Toni. Part 3 is coming up next Sunday. I think you'll enjoy the next set of pictures and recognize a few of the places you have visited around San Diego.

      Have a wonderful week, Toni, and God bless!

  5. I enjoy your vacation photos, but I really love the way you take me back in time every week. I hadn't heard Arizona in such a long time, and I don't remember the last time I ate a Milky Way. The Eagles were in Jacksonville a few months ago. I'd love to see them, but most concerts are beyond my meager means. My older brother lived in Flagstaff once upon a time. When we gathered for our dad's funeral at the end of May/early June, my brother and his wife headed home to snow. My sister-in-law said, Only in Flagstaff.

    I've never been there, but I've been to Phoenix a few times. One of my nephews lives there. I kind of like the dry heat as opposed to our current heat and humidity. I've never been to the Grand Canyon. The thought of it makes my insides quiver a bit. Although I would never bounce around on the rocks at the edge, the thought of that drop frightens me. I love the Gordon Lightfoot song. I hadn't heard that in a long time, either. Thanks for the memories and for showing me places I've never seen and never will. WDW took me out to breakfast this morning. He said he was going to take a shower when we got home, but he sat down next to me. I knew he'd fall asleep, and, indeed, he's snoring happily.


    1. Hi, Janie! My goodness, this is the longest comment I've ever received from you, dear friend. It makes me very happy to know that so many aspects of this post resonated with you.

      Mark Lindsay's 1969 solo recording "Arizona" is one of my favorites and is linked in my memory to Easy Rider, Bob & Carol & Ted & Alice, Goodbye, Columbus, the lunar landing and other phenomenon of that heady period in American history.

      Mrs. S. and I loved Flagstaff and could envision retiring there. We read that it is one of the snowiest places in the U.S. but that residents there enjoy not four but FIVE different seasons. That's appealing considering Central Florida's 9 month long summer. You're right. It's dry heat out there and it's the only thing that made a temperature of 111 (in the vicinity of Gila Bend) somewhat bearable.

      Janie, if you think you'd enjoy seeing the Grand Canyon then please don't rule out the possibility that it could happen someday. Frankly, once was enough for me because of the dizzying heights at those lookout points. There are numerous spots where there are no guard rails and there were quite a few people taking enormous risks posing for pictures on rocks and ledges a couple feet from disaster.

      If WDW fell asleep next to you then please understand how special that is. If you feel comfortable enough around your partner to fall asleep in their presence, it means you have a deep rapport and a great relationship.

      Thank you very VERY much, dear Janie Junebug, for visiting, reading, listening and leaving such an extraordinary comment. You're the greatest, dearie. Have a wonderful week ahead!

    2. I love it when Willy Dunne Wooters naps next to me. His snore doesn't upset me in the least. Everything is better when he's here. His snore sounds very similar to that of a hound dog who once owned me.

    3. I'm glad you understand my point, Janie. There are few things I can think of that are better for a relationship than sleeping together - actual sleeping. Breath sounds, including snoring, are comfortable, familiar anchors that allow us to relax and feel safe. Give thanks every day for all that you have including my sincere friendship.

  6. HI Shady Del Knight,

    I love all the photos you've posted both city and remote places like travelling through the Sonoran Desert and we would love to go to the Grand Canyon. Is this your first road trip through the US and it's big like Australia! so you need a couple of trips to see everything.



    1. Hi, Allie-Millie! It's great to see you again, my dear friend! Yessum, this was my first trip to California. Indeed, it was the first time I've ever been west of Houston, Texas. It takes a lot of traveling to see most of the USA and Mrs. Shady and I are talking about someday exploring the Pacific Northwest or the mountain states such as Colorado, Montana, Idaho, Wyoming and/or the Dakotas.

      I hope you get a chance to come to America and see the Grand Canyon. The staggering heights are a bit disconcerting at times but the memories will last a lifetime.

      Thank you very much for stopping by, dear friend Allie-Millie. I hope you'll pop in next Sunday when I present pictures we took on the third leg of our journey in California and elsewhere.

      Have a delightful week in Australia, dear friend!

  7. Oh my. Your grand canyon images are definatly spectacular and i just really enjoyed them. The desert southwest and all its heat and glory is one of my top places to visit (route 66) so i hope to oneday venture through flagstaff and the surrounding area.
    The images you made are very good. The sky so blue and the canyon more dramatic than what ive ever seen, streching beyond the pictures edge made me sigh with wonder and excitement.
    Also...heres to good old air conditioning, for what would we do without it? It certainly helps make the west more fun, right? :)
    -Abigail and daisy

    1. Hi, dear Abigail! Thank you very much for coming, my special friend. As soon as I realized I was on Route 66 I thought about you, remembering how enchanted you are with the legendary highway, surrounded as it is by legend and lore.

      You're right. Sunshine and blue skies followed us practically everywhere we went on our long trip. The only rain we encountered during our entire journey was spotty showers between Winslow and Flagstaff. Other than that, the weather was perfect for sightseeing and yes, our air conditioner got a real workout.

      Thank you very much for checking in and checking out How The West Was Fun Part 2. Stay tuned now for the rest of the story as we visit family in Southern California, take pictures at scenic spots out there, then move on to yet another mystery destination!

      Please pet little Daisy and give her a Milk-bone for me, dear friend Abigail, and have a safe and happy week ahead!

  8. Boy, that was a beautiful trip and I can't wait to see the California let of the journey. The Grand Canyon is just breathtaking; it's hard to imagine the size of that thing!

    How in the world did you stand being in the car that long, lol? I don't really know why I'm complaining about it - my husband always drives. He figures, "If ya have to be in the car anyway, you might as well be driving."

    Or he fears for his's a flip of the coin.

    Dearest SDK, I hope you are having a good week. Love the post, friend.

    1. Hello, dear Cherdo! Thank you very much for coming over for a look and a listen, my friend! The size of the Grand Canyon boggles the mind. Before we even began touring the South Rim we went into the iMax Theater and watched the movie Grand Canyon: The Hidden Secrets. That alone was an event - breathtaking scenes taken above and down inside the canyon by cameras mounted on aircraft, plus a dramatization of the earliest settlers and explorers of the canyon. Brilliant photography and sound and blown up to immense proportions there on the iMax screen!

      How could Mrs. Shady and I stand being cooped up in a car together for roughly 30 hours? It's a crazy little thing called love, kiddo. :) GOTCHA! To answer your question seriously and truthfully, it wasn't that bad. There were amazing sights to see all along the way and we were like two wide eyed kids. We were having too much fun to mind the long ride plus we took frequent breaks at rest stops (which, by the way, posted signs warning visitors to BOLO for poisonous snakes and scorpions).

      Thank you again, dear friend Cherdo, for your visit and generous comment. I'll be seeing you tomorrow, I hope. Good night, dearie!

  9. This is my second attempt to comment....wouldn't let me a few minutes ago! Loved Mark Lindsay! Your scenery is great. It reminded me of one of our trips to the Grand Canyon when the kiddos were young. They would give me a heart attack hanging over the rails or trying to climb down. I finally had it and told them: "Do what you want, but don't come crying to me when you fall over into the canyon!" (I'm such a good Mom!) Can't beat the beauty of our country and even though it was stinkin' hot, it's a "dry" heat..right?! Can't wait until the next chapter. Eddy came to visit today and sends a doggy hug your way!

    1. Hi, dear YaYa! I'm thrilled to see you and to know that Eddy visited you today and still remembers his pal Shady. I miss that pooch and somewhere in the Creepy Woods the Yeti is shedding tears, too!

      You made me laugh with "don't come crying to me when you fall over into the canyon!" I'll tell you this much. There were plenty of parents letting their children walk, stand and pose on rocks with no guard rails and a thousand foot cliff only a couple feet behind them. I would never have allowed such a thing but then maybe that's why I never had children. I worry too much. I read that an average of 2 or 3 people fall to their deaths at the Grand Canyon every year and that young males are the highest risk group because they like to show off, engage in horseplay and prove how macho they are by jumping from rock to rock. The young man who hopped over the rail and walked out on that rock while we were there is a good example. He stood there posing in a super hero stance while his buddies took his picture. The crowd was gasping and the park ranger was having a fit!

      Thank you very much for coming to see me, dear friend YaYa, and for persisting in getting your comment published. Have a great week!

  10. These photos show some impress looking landscapes! I was destined to see the grand canyon back in 2008, which was the sole purpose behind our stopover in Las Vegas, but on the day we were set to leave we realised there were accessibility issues (my brother is completely wheelchair bound and couldn't get on the coach, even though the company had insisted it was accessible on the phone.) Maybe someday! Although I am very afraid of heights so I most certainly won't be crossing any guard rails like that reckless person you spied.
    I can almost feel the heat radiating off of those photos. I can't imagine being in 111 degree heat was too pleasant.
    I enjoyed listening to the songs that accompanied the recount of your travels. I look forward to part 3. Enjoy your week!

    1. Hi, dear Anneka! Thank you for popping in for Part 2 of the series, my Australian friend. I know about your brother's special needs from reading your blog and it breaks my heart to learn that you were misled into thinking there wouldn't be any accessibility issues involved in your trip to the Grand Canyon when there actually were. It's a terrible shame you traveled all the way to America and had to miss that experience. If you had made your way to the Canyon from Vegas you would have been at Grand Canyon West and could have experienced the Skywalk, a giant glass platform that opened to the public in 2007. I don't know if I would have felt more or less secure walking out on that thing! We remained on the South Rim the whole time and enjoyed climbing to the top of a 70 foot tall observation tower at Desert View, the lookout point farthest east. Would you believe they sell alcoholic beverages there? I don't think it's a very good idea to mix booze and deadly heights, do you?

      Thank you again for your kind visit and comments, dear friend Anneka. Enjoy your week and I'll talk to you again soon!

    2. It was certainly disappointing, but Las Vegas was an interesting place (I'm not sure it's the best place for a 13 year old though, being surrounded by gambling and posters of scantily clad women. But exploring the novelty hotels and various more wholesome forms of entertainment were enjoyable.) That wasn't our only stop in the united states though, so at least we saw other landmarks along the way. The sky walk sounds a like it'd take a lot of courage for someone like me- an observation tower sounds quite a bit less daunting!
      And no, achohol and deadly heights don't seem like a good combination at all.

    3. Hi again, dear Anneka! Well, I'm happy to know you visited other interesting places in the U.S. but I still feel very badly that you, your brother and your family missed seeing the G.C. I'm glad you agree with me that alcohol and deadly heights don't mix. There were countless unprotected spots where a person could plunge hundreds of feet if they weren't careful. Everyone needs to be in complete possession of their faculties to enjoy a safe visit. I read that most fatalities at the canyon are caused by young men jumping from rock to rock and standing at dangerous spots to have their picture taken. It seems logical that drinking alcohol would cause them to take even greater risks.

      Thank you very much for the follow-up, dear friend Anneka. Good night to you and have a wonderful Wednesday!

  11. I think we followed in your footsteps! We also ended up at the Grand Canyon, and stayed in Flagstaff! What an amazing place the GC is- we are already planning a return trip next year and will do some river rafting while we are there. Wow- it's amazing how we were in the same places, just a few weeks apart!

    1. Hi again, dear Shelly! My goodness, I think you're stalking me! All those trips to Orlando and now this! :) It's truly a wonderful coincidence that we visited the same places and saw the same amazing sights. Mrs. Shady and I were originally planning to take our trip in early August but moved it up to late July, otherwise you and I might have bumped into each other along the way.

      We loved the town of Flagstaff and could envision living there someday. As I told Janie Junebug, residents there enjoy 5 different seasons, so the weather never gets boring. On the way to the Grand Canyon, did you happen to stop and watch the Secrets movie in the iMax Theater? It contained incredible footage of people river rafting.

      Thank you again for joining us on our adventures out west, dear friend Shelly. I'll be over to your place soon to read about yours and I invite you back here this Sunday for pictures taken during Part 3 of our trip!

  12. How amazing is the Grand Canyon!! I love all that sort of thing - looking out at natures formations. We have a mountainous valley here called Jamison Valley which is no where near as grand and is full of trees, but it has the flat top and sudden cliff drops the same as the GC but it's miniature in a way! 111 in Arizona! Is that in a heat wave or a normal day? The peak of our summer will get that high sometimes, and for some reason the Australian Open tennis tournament always ends up getting played during Melbournes peak season, and the players will often suffer throughout 40 degree heat while playing tennis! I love all you lovely photos Shady, it's making this cold rainy day much more pleasant! Can't wait till the next one!

    1. Hello hello hello, dear Catherine! I'm thrilled to see you back for Part 2, my friend, and glad to know you enjoyed these postcards from the edge of the Grand Canyon. I Googled pictures of Jamison Valley and it looks spectacular! If you can't get to the states any time soon to see the Grand Canyon then Jamison is a fitting substitute and you really aren't missing much.

      It is not unusual for the daytime highs to exceed 110 in the Phoenix - Gila Bend - Yuma region of Arizona. The desert was, as you might expect, bone dry when we drove through on our vacation, but I saw on the news this week that the Phoenix area has received several inches of rain which caused flash flooding and forced evacuations. We were lucky we didn't have to drive through that mess!

      I'm sorry to learn you're having a cold, rainy Thursday down there. Cheer up. Spring will soon gain a foothold in Australia and then you can start wearing all your warm weather me-mades.

      Thank you again for being a terrific friend, dear Catherine. Stay dry, have a great day, and I hope to see you back here again for Part 3 of How The West Was Fun!

  13. I enjoyed the Grand Canyon pictures. I haven't been there in years....need to go back!!!

    1. Hi, Coffee Lady! Glad to see you, dear friend, and happy to know you enjoyed these pictures of the Grand Canyon. We were lucky to have ideal weather on our trip and that included the day we spent there on the South Rim. There were many great photo ops and we made the most of the sunshine.

      Thanks again for your visit and comment , Coffee Lady, and enjoy the rest of your week!

  14. Well I made it at last! We've had Scootie all week, so my time has been limited. I got to look at your photos the other day-they are fantastic! And, oh the heat! Your VLA objects look very spooky...I wouldn't want to drive through them. I'ts like picking out a space ship to board for the unknown galaxy, lol!

    What a good choice of songs-Dick and DeeDee 'The Mountain's High'. That's one of the greatest songs ever Shady! I really loved hearing it again. And, Mark Lindsay's 'Arizona'...well, I didn't know he sang that song! His voice range is amazing, and the dynamics of the rhythm and chord changes really make it a great. I also liked the video with that one!

    I cannot deny the Eagles for anything they've done! That group still gets me, because they did so many different varieties of songs. Just when I think I've heard them all, another one pops up that I do remember!

    Your pics of the Grand Canyon are really great! I've never been there either, but, I'm with you-I'll stay inside the fence. Well, years ago I may have wanted to venture outside onto a wobbly rock, but not anymore, lol!

    This was really great Shady, I was able to sneak a peak-haha the other day at work. I do have the rest of the week off now, and we have to take our little guy home. He is to start kindergarten next week, and, although we won't get to have visits for longer than a couple of days, I am glad he will get to learn more and be around other children.

    I'm sorry to be so late, and, hope your week has been restful! See you soon! Take care, Shady!♫

    1. Hi, same century Suzanne! :) I'm delighted to see you, dear friend! Yessum, it was a little creepy seeing that field of huge satellite dishes pointed skyward. I thought we were at the corporate headquarters of Direct TV. :) Those antennae are constantly searching deep space trying to unlock the secrets of the Milky Way (penetrating the dark layer of chocolate and examining the nougat at the center :)

      I'm glad you liked my choice of music for the post. I thought Dick & Dee Dee's "The Mountain's High" (and the valley's so deep) was a good one to use for the Grand Canyon.

      I'm still having flashbacks about that guy who leaped over the guardrail and jumped out onto a rock a thousand feet from the canyon floor. When the ranger first blew his whistle and demanded that he come back in to safety, the guy refused because his buddies hadn't taken any pics of him yet. There were some tense moments before he jumped back inside to safety. He's lucky a gust of wind didn't come along while he was playing king of the mountain.

      The kids are already back in school this week in Central Florida. Imagine having to drag yourself off to class with the heat index reaching 100 every day! I hope Scootie likes kindergarten and that you get to see him again soon.

      Thank you very much for coming by, dear friend Suzanne. Stay tuned for Part 3 of our journey coming up this Sunday!

  15. Hi Shady, Really enjoyed these posts. Both the pics and songs. I hope you didn't miss visiting the Tijuana jail (From the Outside) since it only a short distance from San Diego. I was stationed in San Diego for some time and loved that area. They can keep LA. Glad you enjoyed your vacation.

    1. Hi, Jerre! Thanks for checking in, good buddy! No, I didn't get down to Mexico on this trip but we went through several international check points in our travels. Canine officers were on duty and ready for action if Mrs. Shady and I had been smuggling contraband. She told them the only dope in the car was me! :)

      Yes, I enjoyed the San Diego area. We got a taste of the good life out there but even so I was happy to return to my home sweet home.

      Thanks again for your visit and comment, Jerre, and stay tune for the thrill packed conclusion this Sunday!

  16. Kathleen Mae SchneiderAugust 22, 2014 at 9:09 PM

    I'm feeling like I'm bookending here to comment so late but I guess 'better late than not at all' has to be my motto.

    Since I'm apparently one of about a dozen people in the world who doesn't like to travel, it's fun to see these sights without having to leave home.

    What an amazing place! The rock formations with their layers of colors and textures are works of art that took several million years to create. Mrs. Shady's photographs are well composed and really do the scenes justice.

    Looking at the Grand Canyon makes me wonder what the first people to ever have come across it must have thought. I remember in elementary school learning the tall tale of Paul Bunyon and how the GC was the result of him dragging his lumberjack's axe on the ground.

    The music on this post was apropos. If memory serves me right, there was once a t.v. series called Route 66. Was this the theme song?

    Gordon Lightfoot is a favorite of ours. He is a prolific songwriter whose music spans several genres. We also like the Eagles. (I guess you and Mrs. S. didn't consider a stay at The Hotel California...)

    This was an enjoyable segment of your travel series and the end post will be the same I'm sure.

    1. Hi, Kathleen! Thank you very much for making time to visit. Truth be told, traveling isn't one of my favorite things either. However, Mrs. Shady loves to travel and wanted to fulfill her lifelong dream of seeing the Grand Canyon so we went there. We don't often get a chance to see those family members who live in California and that was another reason we took this trip.

      I admit that I was astonished when I looked at the pictures Mrs. Shady took at the Canyon. Even so, you need to be there in person to fully experience the panoramic view and beauty of the rock formations and the hardy species of trees and shrubs that cling to the steep cliffs.

      I remember reading about Paul Bunyan in school. (Call me a doubting Thomas but I think somebody made it all up.)

      The song "Route 66" was written in 1946 and first recorded by Nat King Cole. The producers of the popular TV series didn't want to pay royalties so they ordered a new theme to be composed - an instrumental by Nelson Riddle:

      Mrs. S and I chose not to stay at the Hotel California, but we visited another famous hotel and I'll be playing show and tell in tomorrow's post.

      Thank you again for setting aside time at the end of your long day, dear friend Kathleen. I hope to see you back here in the coming week for the conclusion of our wild west series.

      God bless!

  17. Well, I'm sorry I'm here so late; right before you post your next pictures. Your lovely wife takes terrific photos. I've been to the Grand Canyon and these brought me back. As someone else said, her pics are much better than mine.

    Loved the music along with the pictures. Arizona was a favorite. I didn't like the desert when I was a child in California, but when my sister moved to Nevada I fell in love with it. It has a quiet majesty of nowhere else. I'm so happy Mrs. Shady fulfilled a life-long dream. It had been a dream of mine also.

    I enjoyed reading all the comments and was horrified at what that young man did. It is no joke to risk your life like that and also upset people. How foolish. When Dan and I went to Zion Park in Utah, there was one trail that was extremely dangerous - so said the sign - so we didn't take it. They also cautioned people not to tell people to, "Back up," so they would fit into the camera lens! I'm freakish about heights so it would be a miracle if I ever fell.

    I was glad to hear you had air conditioning, still, to get out of the car into that kind of heat must have been shocking. It sounds like you two might retire to Flagstaff one day. I'm sure you would be happy there in the "dry" heat. I hate any kind of humidity myself. God bless, and I'll check your blog tomorrow. I've had lots of visitors lately and very busy but after Labor Day things will calm down.

    1. Hi, dear Belle! I'm very happy to see you, dear friend. I'm glad everything's AOK with you. I'm happy to find out that you had also been to the Grand Canyon and that these pictures brought back memories. Were you at the South Rim?

      I agree with the way you describe the desert as having a quiet majesty. Those hardy saguaros stand there in the relentless heat day after day and some have an estimated life span of 150 to 200 years in those harsh conditions.

      Yessum, the young man who jumped out of bounds to pose on a rock pinnacle gave everyone a scare. I read that to be young and male at the Grand Canyon is a bad combination because that's the age group responsible for most deaths and injuries. Mrs. Shady played daredevil herself and took selfies on an unprotected ledge a couple feet from a cliff. I held my breath until she got back away from the edge to safety.

      Yessum, we really liked Flagstaff and could see ourselves living there someday. It would be a treat to see snow again after all these years of living in Florida.

      Thank you very much for looking at Pt. 2, dear friend Belle. I hope you enjoy Pt. 3 as well.

      God bless!

  18. I am finally getting to get caught up on your trip! I am so jealous. I've always wanted to visit the Grand Canyon.

    I have been to the Little Grand Canyon (Providence Canyon) in Georgia, but I don't know that it really compares.


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