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"More than a place, the Shady Dell was and will forever remain a state of mind." - Shady Del Knight

"More than a place, the Shady Dell was and will forever remain a state of mind." - Shady Del Knight

Friday, June 27, 2014

Counting Down the 200 Greatest Hits of the Shady Dell (#150-#146)

 It's time once again to put your 

 musical knowledge to the test 

 as we continue our countdown of 

 The 200 Greatest Hits of the Shady Dell! 

 You know the drill. 

I'll give you a line or two of lyrics taken from five
of the most popular Dell songs of the mid 60s.
Your mission, Jim, if you decide to accept it, is to

 Name That Tune. 

Put on your thinking cap. Here are the lyric
samples for the next five Dell songs:

Get out of my life
and let me sleep at night

When I needed sunshine I got rain.

You're daddy's rich
and your mommy's good-lookin'

I'm in way over my head;
Now she thinks that I love her

Whenever he calls me
I come runnin' on the double


Okay, let's find out how well you did.
Here are the Dell songs in today's countdown:

 150. "You Keep Me Hangin' On" 
 The Supremes (November '66) 

 149. "I'm A Believer" - The Monkees (December '66) 

 148. "Summertime" - Billy Stewart (July '66) 

 147. "I Saw Her Again" - The Mamas & Papas (July '66) 

 146. "My Baby Loves Me" Martha & The Vandellas 
 (February '66) 

How many songs did you correctly guess from the lyric clues? Refer to the grading scale below to determine your musical I.Q.

 All 5 right – 

 Congratulations! You’ve been appointed 

 dean of the College of Musical Knowledge. 

 3 or 4 right – 

 Licensed lyric lover. 

 2 right - 

 Lyrically challenged. 

 1 right – 

 Sign up for remedial classes 

 at the School of Rock. 

 0 right – 

 You just dance and hum along! 

Have a Shady day!


  1. Replies
    1. Hi, Sol! Little known fact: I once dated Davy Jones! :)

      Thanks for coming, my friend, and enjoy your weekend!

  2. Great blog dear!!! Love it!


    1. XOXO to you, dear Fashion Lover! I am very happy to see you, my friend, and I hope you will find that Shady Dell Music & Memories is a hard habit to break. Please come again soon!

  3. Well , Shady , I did get the first one (Supremes) right but, I REALLY should have gotten 2 more --the Monkees and Mamas and Papas --there's just NO excuse for me not to have gotten those!!! Nice to see Davey Jones, RIP, how sad to have lost him! Fun game, you're coming up in the years--one day, you'll get to more my era! Then , I be the "Dean of the College of Music Knowledge!!!!!
    Toni Deroche

    1. Hi, dear Toni! Thank you very much for coming by to play Shady's version of Name That Tune! You almost flunked today's mom and pop quiz? It would have been a shame if you needed to attend summer school to bring up your grades! :)

      Yessum, it's hard to watch young Davy Jones and realize he is no longer with us. It's very sad.

      Thank you again for your visit and comment, dear friend Toni! Have a great weekend and come back again next time!

  4. I refuse to go to remedial classes unless Jack Black still teaches The School of Rock. I was only sure of Summertime. The others were familiar, but I couldn't quite place them. When I saw the titles, I thought, Oh, yeah, of course. I watched the I'm A Believer video. Poor dead Davy really worked hard at banging that tambourine.


    1. Hi, dear Janie! Thanks for coming over to spend some time in the Shady and test your music I.Q. I'm sorry you didn't ace the quiz. The good news is that private tutoring is available upon request. :)

      I am amazed at all the high quality Monkees vids on YouTube. Their stuff has been preserved better than the Beatles, it seems. Remember when Davy showed up at the Brady's door to take Marcia on a date?

      Thank you very much for being here today, dearie. I wish you and the boys a safe and happy weekend!

    2. Oh, yes, I remember Davy taking Marcia to the dance. At least I think it was a dance. Wasn't she supposed to be the president of his fan club? I think I'll find a way to become the president of the Ryan Gosling and Johnny Depp fan clubs. No doubt they'll show up to take me to the dance, and afterwards, they'll make sweet, sweet love to me (not at the same time--two dances, one for each man).

    3. Hello again, dear JJ! I'm just now coming up for air, totally immersed in my own version of the Brady Bunch. I think you're right. Marcia was president of Davy's fan club. Shucks, she could have had a V-8 (Shady). :) Ryan Gosling? Johnny Depp? I don't understand why women throw their undies at those guys. Take away their handsome features, their trim, muscular bodies, their animal magnetism, their talent and their millions and what have you got? ME! :)

      You are such a sweetie pie for coming to see me again. With the Florida temperature in the mid 90s it makes good sense to spend some time in the Shady. Smile, dear friend, and have a wonderful week ahead!

  5. I just danced, Shady. Thanks!

    1. Hi, Susie! Heck, zero out of five is a decent score, dear friend! :) At least I got you dancing and, I hope, humming along, too!

      Have a safe and happy weekend, Susie!

  6. HI Shady! Came by and visited early this morning, but had to get to work, so I couldn't stay. Soooo...I'm a 3 1/3 er. So I did better this time than the last time. 'Summertime' by Billy Stewart has always been a favorite of mine. He sure does have some 'out of sight' sound effects, but what an upbeat song!

    The Monkees were a breed of their own, and, really, they were cute guys and a good group of singers. It's sad to see Davy and know that he's gone now. I did see the episode where he took Marsha Brady to the dance. And, I do really like Martha and the Vandellas, but I am not familiar with that particular song.

    You picked some good ones. The Mamas and Papas had such a unique sound, and, able to blend their separate voices so well. That takes discipline, doesn't it?

    Well, I must get on my broom and ride for now. I'm glad to still be in the running for your 'Name that Tune' program! We had a good visit with Scootie, and he was glad to see us too! You have a wonderful weekend, Shady. Will see you soon! Thanks very much for sticking around! ♥

    1. Hi, Suzanne! Dear friend, I think you need to get your priorities straight. After all, what's more important, going to work at Kard Korner Krib or hanging out with Shady all day listening to the best tunes in the lower 48? :)

      How did you like that YouTube upload with the full length album version of "Summertime" dubbed over footage of Billy performing on Where The Action Is? It's a shame that Dick Clark music series was erased and only a few episodes are left on grainy black & white kinescopes. This gives me a chance to plug my exclusive 3-part series on WTAI to be published a year from now! Mark your calendar! :)

      I'm glad you recall Davy Jones' guest appearance on The Brady Bunch. I remember being upset with Marcia for settling for a rock star when she could have dated Shady! :)

      I'm glad you enjoyed a visit with Scootie and thank you for the kind words about sticking around. Don't you worry, I'm not going anywhere. I'm like a bad penny and keep turning up again and again. I shed a tear the other day when I had to place Thisisme's dunce cap in moth balls. What a huge loss for all of us!

      Thank you very much for your faithful friendship, Suzanne, and enjoy your Texas weekend!

  7. I recognised 2- Supremes and Monkees...I'm not sure how I missed the Mamas and Papas though! Then I got to enjoy listening to them all. Thanks for sharing :)

    1. Hi, dear Anneka! I'm very happy to see you, my friend. You've been missed! Looks like you got a better score than most people. Good job!

      Thank you for your kind visit, dear Anneka. I'm glad you enjoyed playing Name That Tune with me today. Enjoy the rest of your Australian weekend and please come back again soon, my friend!

  8. THE MONKEES!!! i got that one right!! (when i needed sunshine i got rain). They are one of my favorite groups of all time, and if i need a smile, all i have to do is find one of their tv episodes on YouTube and it's sure to have me in stitches. I'm also had a surprise at a thrift store last year and am now the proud owner of their Headquarters album, which you may know was 'THEIR' project, being allowed to record it by themselves. i may be several decades behind, but i'll always remember fall and winter 2012 as when i first saw their show, and then last summer as filled with their music. Their music in particular was the soundtrack to my summer, I'm A Believer being one of the countless songs i listened to every chance i could get. Its cool to know that the kids of Shady Dell moved to and enjoyed this song, too. i can almost see the cool teens groovin' to the catchy beat.
    I'm also a BIG fan of the Mamas and the Papas.
    this post really brightened my day!!
    -Abigail (and Daisy)

    1. Hi, Abigail and Daisy! I'm so pleased to see you two today and glad you enjoyed the tune quiz. Isn't it a pleasure to watch that colorful, nicely restored vintage music video of the Monkees performing one of their signature songs, "I'm a Believer?" It amazes me how many high quality Monkees performances are available for all generations to enjoy on YouTube - a lot more than most 60s bands, that's for sure. Congratulations on finding a copy of Headquarters, the album that gave the Monkees a chance to prove to critics and fans alike that they were a legitimate self-contained band. You were also lucky to catch their live show. Glad you like the Mamas and Papas, too.

      Yes, it is a wonderful connection we have, dear Abigail. I am thrilled to know you like the same music that Dell rats danced to all those years ago. I wish you could have been there when it was all brand new!

      Thank you again for stopping by, dear friends A & D, and enjoy the rest of your weekend!

  9. I got three right so that makes me a licensed lyric lover!

    1. Hi, Sarah! WOW! You have forged into the lead with a 3 out of 5 score, dear friend. Way to go!

      Thank you very much for your visit and for playing Name That Tune with me. Enjoy the rest of your English weekend, Sarah!

  10. four out of five! this is the best i've ever done! 'I saw her again last night' was a favourite when i was little. On the Disney channel they used to have music breaks between shows and they would run classic songs along with an old cartoon. There was one that featured that song with a cartoon of a chicken or some other animal trying to woo the girl and the music just matched the cartoon so well and i loved it! Thanks for this musical challenge! i feel a lot more confident for the next one!

    1. Hi, dear Catherine! I am thrilled to see you here again, dear friend! With a score of 4 out of 5 you leapfrogged ahead of Sarah, the previous leader. Congratulations - You are a Licensed Lyric Lover! I'm on a winning streak of my own, having garnered comments from 3 out of my 4 Australian friends plus Sarah in the UK. I will always make time for you if you make time for me. Thanks again, dear Cat, for spending some time in the Shady playing Name That Tune. Have a wonderful week ahead!

  11. Yahoo! Mark me 4! I just wasn't familiar (not in the biblical sense) with Billy Stewart. Hey, I even have a little tidbit about the of the ladies is married to a guy who lives here in Ashland...she lives up north...hmmm...strange...(I always thought he was gay)..anyway, just thought I'd share since she visits here quite often! Thanks for the fun this Sunday morning..sorry I'm so late in posting..dang, it's been a catch up week for sure! Enjoy the rest of this weekend!

    1. Hi, YaYa! Thanks for dropping by to play an exciting round of Name That Tune! With a score of 4 correct out of 5 you are currently tied for the lead with my Aussie friend Catherine. I might need to stage a tie-breaker competition. Whoever is the first to make fire wins! :)

      It's a good thing you explained that you are not familiar with Billy Stewart in the biblical sense. I was all set to ask if you have any juicy stories. :) I also appreciated the tidbit about one of the Vandellas and her husband and the connection to Ohio, Ashland. Not to be outdone, I am proud to inform you that Milli and Vanilli are my next door neighbors! :)

      Thank you very much for coming over, dear friend YaYa. Have a great week and please give Eddy extra hugs for me. (You know why.) :(

  12. Kathleen Mae SchneiderJune 29, 2014 at 5:45 AM

    Oh no! I fear you'll just have to file me under remedial on this one, Tom. Although on a good day, with songs I know and love, I typically have a hard time understanding lyrics. Many times, after getting hysterical over my versions and telling me what the real lyrics to a song are, Bob and Lis tell me I should work for Weird Al because my interpretation of what I hear is nothing even close to what is intended!

    After listening to the songs on this post, I recognized the music, but all but one's lyrics eluded me. That one is "Summertime". I must be honest - I'm a Gershwin purist -so I'm afraid Billy Stewart's cover doesn't come close to reaching me the way the original from Porgy and Bess does, sung solo against the sultry backdrop of poverty and sweet acceptance of ones lot in life.

    It's pretty amazing what Billy did with the song however. After some research, I learned it is one of the most covered songs ever - more than 33,000 times! Who would have ever thought, though, to give it a Spanish-sounding (to me) brass intro, and then combine it with scat?

    The Monkees' have a near perfect blending of voices and instruments, and the melody and rhythm on "I'm a Believer" quickly becomes an earworm that stays around for a long time. I love the keyboard and guitar riffs especially. Same thing for the Supremes' "You Keep Me Hangin' On". The Mamas and Papas are one of my favorite groups of all time. Again, the perfect combination of their voices and harmonies will never, ever be replicated, and their songs are classics.

    I realize it's summer, and that's when remedial work usually takes place, but I've got way too much gardening to do before we become slaves to air conditioning. (Guess you and Mrs. S. know something about that....) So I'll have to make my class up sometime later. Just don't label me a drop out!

    Thanks for a great fun post, as always.

    1. Hello, dear Kathleen, and thank you very much for coming over for another heaping helping of My Bologna! :) You showed courage by testing your knowledge of pop music in a challenging game of Name That Tune. I'm a lot like Bob and Lis. When I hear somebody other than Weird Al singing the wrong lyrics to a popular song, I cringe. In your case all is forgiven because you simply weren't exposed to music of this type the way most of us were. By the way, you mentioned somebody named Gershwin. By any chance was he the drummer for Judas Priest? :) Yessum, "Summertime" is an oft recorded song. Our good friend Janie Junebug recently presented a version sung by Janis Joplin.

      Since you only guessed one tune out of 5, I would like to give you the honor of wearing Thisisme's dunce cap. She won't be needing it anymore. :( If you need remedial classes, Shady's Summer School is now open for beeswax. If you need to wait till fall, you can enroll then but for a slightly higher fee. :)

      I was very pleased to find high quality YouTube videos for all 5 of the songs in this contest. It's unusual to find 5 videos with good clean audio recorded at roughly the same volume, allowing the reader to listen to all the selections without adjusting the sound level on each one.

      Thank you again for setting aside time to visit me today, dear friend Kathleen. I wish you and Mother an excellent week ahead!

  13. I came back to listen to the rest of the 'Summertime' song, I only got to see part of it the other day. Back in the day, I had no idea what Billy Stewart looked like. The video was really cool! That's what makes the internet such a treasure (for the most part)! We finally get to see some of the great faces behind the great music!

    And, I could sing with the Mamas and Papas all day long! I couldn't believe my ears when I heard them for the first times in the 60's. I said to myself, "YAY, we've got some great harmony going on here!" Each member of this group had such individuality-I mean, you would never have thought THEY would even recognize each other on the street!

    This is a 'bang up' post Shady! And, you're correct-Thisisme is so missed. Maybe she'll venture by from time to time! Have a wonderful week-summer is truly peeking through the Lone Star State! ♫

    1. Hi, dear Suzanne! You are ever so sweet for coming back to listen to these songs again. It was the same way at the Shady Dell. Popular records played on the jukebox several times every night for weeks or months on end and the Dellions never got tired of hearing them and dancing to them.

      Yessum, you get a look at Billy Stewart aka "Fat Boy" aka "Motor Mouth" in that grainy washed out black and white video. His is another tragic tale. Just before his 33rd birthday, Billy was killed when his brand new T-Bird plunged off a bridge into a river.

      "I couldn't believe my ears" is a good way of describing your experience the first time you heard the Mamas and Papas. That's because their 1966 debut album was titled If You Can Believe Your Eyes and Ears. "California Dreamin" was a huge Dell hit and "I Saw Her Again" was nearly as popular with the Rodentia Intelligentsia.

      Dear Suzanne, some of the best friends I ever had have come and gone and it makes me very sad to have lost them. I hope and pray that you and I will go the distance. Thank you again for being here for me week after week. You are appreciated. Have a terrific week ahead and try to stay cool over there in triple digit territory. God bless!

  14. I simply cannot look at lyrics and remember what song they are from! Just doesn't compute for some reason. Maybe it means I love the sound more than the lyrics of a song.

    Listening to the Supremes again made me remember why I loved them as a teen. I also remember loving their clothes and how they looked.

    Loved the Monkees - then and now. A great band. I remember 'Summertime' very well. A terrific rendition, I had heard many other on my parent's records, but I think this is the best.

    Always liked the Mamas and Papas. They had such fun, light and airy songs that made you feel good. I didn't know, 'My Baby Loves Me.'

    Thanks for a fun time listening to great songs.

    1. Hi, dear Belle! Thank you very much for coming down to play Name That Tune! I'm so sorry you flunked the test, dear friend. Don't feel bad. I'm the blog author and my brain doesn't easily make the connection between the lyrics and the songs. Yet, when a song is played I can usually name that tune in a couple of seconds.

      I've been following a blog that posts top tunes surveys from a radio station in "The Inland Empire" and noticed there are very few records by black artists and black groups on those lists. That helps explain why you are unfamiliar with many of my soul selections. As you recall, soul was king in Central Pennsylvania in the 60s.

      I'm so glad to see you, Belle. Our dear friend Thisisme has quit blogging and is sorely missed. Although you have not been publishing your Tales blog it is so nice of you to continue to join me here. Thank you, dear friend Belle, and have a wonderful week!

  15. 5 out of 5!

    I'm the opposite of one of your dear readers. When I read a song lyric, the music starts playing in my head like a human radio. The songs you named were some of my favorites.

    In the early 80s, I attended a Diana Ross concert - which was great. Hey, she's DIANA ROSS. But I have to say that the Supremes as a group are far more enjoyable. Diana was a little too Hollywood. She entered with "Ain't No Mountain High Enough" and did the obligatory spoken lines at the beginning. It felt cheesy.

    One of my other Diana Ross favorites is "Last Time I Saw Him." Do you know that snappy tune, Shady?

    I'm also a fan of the B-side of many records or the songs lost in the midst of other songs with more air time. I love The Monkees tune "Shades of Grey."

    Whoops! Son #3 on my Chronological Top Three Son List needs a ride home. I'm off! Thanks for a great post!!

    See you on the flipside!

    1. Holy crap, Cherdo! 5 out of 5? Not only did you make the dean's list with that score, you've actually been appointed dean of the College of Musical Knowledge! Congratulations, dear friend!

      Isn't it funny how everyone's brain is wired differently? My brain's wiring diagram looks like a hurricane spaghetti model! :)

      I tend to agree with you about Diana Ross. I am not very fond of divas and I think she qualifies as one. However, I have her greatest hits on CD along with those of the Supremes and, by chance, I just listened to "Last Time I Saw Him" a few nights ago.

      It doesn't surprise me that Cherdo on the flipside is a fan of B-sides. You would have made a great Dell rat, dearie, because the Rodentia Intelligentsia prided themselves on discovering cool tunes, many of them obscure B sides that were ignored by top 40 radio stations.

      Thanks a bunch for coming to my platter party, dear friend Cherdo. I'll be seeing you soon either at your place or mine. Take care, sweetie!

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