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"More than a place, the Shady Dell was and will forever remain a state of mind." - Shady Del Knight

"More than a place, the Shady Dell was and will forever remain a state of mind." - Shady Del Knight

Friday, May 23, 2014

Take A Stroll Down Memory Lane With Chi Chi - My Exclusive Interview, Pt. 1

My friends... it gives me

great pleasure to introduce my

Person of Interest

... this year's big interview!

The sweet, charming and talented lady you are about
to meet was lead singer of the vocal group that gave us
the time honored Philadelphia doo-wop hit "Memory Lane."

 "Memory Lane" - The Hippies 
 (April 1963, highest chart position #63) 

This could be considered a bonus edition of my Echoes series because my gifted guest went on to become a solo artist and made some of the greatest girl group and Spectorian Wall-of-Sound recordings of the Sixties.
I am proud to present my exclusive two part interview with a good friend and one
of Philly's Phinest, Chi Chi!

S.D. KNIGHT: Welcome to Shady Dell Music & Memories,
Chi Chi. I am thrilled to meet you!

 CHI CHI: Hello, Shady! It was very exciting to hear from 
 you and find out what you do. I still get pins and needles 
 whenever I'm told someone has an interest in our group, 
 the Tams/Hippies! 

S.D. KNIGHT: Your popular vocal group actually underwent
a series of name changes over the years from the Impalas to
the Stereos, the Tams and finally the Hippies, and you have
used several different names personally and professionally
including Carole Varleta, Carole Devine, Chi-Chi McCauley
and Chi Chi. Can you sort it out for us?

 CHI CHI: Carole Devine is my name. My husband, Tom 
 Devine, died 16 yrs. ago. Varleta was my maiden name. 
 My father was Filipino. My mother Scotch and Welsh. 

 Chi Chi is my nickname, given me 
 by my father. My family and close 
 friends have always called me that. 
 Jerry Blavat started calling me 
 Chi Chi and the name "stuck" 
 with the public. 

S.D. KNIGHT: Your group started out in 1956 or '57 as the
Impalas. Who were the members and how did you meet?

 CHI CHI: The members of our singing group consisted 
 originally of four. Howard Boggess aka Boggie (who wrote 
 "Memory Lane"), Jack Felker, Nancy Orth and myself. 
 We were all raised in a home for children. Later we 
 added a friend of mine from school, Cookie, who 
 added so much to our group. 


S.D. KNIGHT: Why the name Impalas for your group?
Whose idea was it?

 CHI CHI: I don't know how we picked the name. 
 Maybe it was Boggie and/or Jack. I know Nancy and 
 I didn't. I know we won 1st place in a talent show at 
 our school, Roxborough High School, and used the 
 name then. I was either 14 or 15 at the time. 

S.D. KNIGHT: Like a gazillion other American teenagers,
you and your friends decided to put together a singing
group.  How did that come about?

 CHI CHI: Nancy & I were playing the piano and singing 
 in the back room of the gym and Boggie and Jack heard us 
 while playing basketball and came in. We sang some songs 
 together (harmonizing) and after a while Boggie said, "I'm 
 gonna write a song for us." We laughed and said, "Sure, 
 you do that and we'll sing it." Shortly after that, he came 
 back with his song called, "Memory Lane." We sang that 
 song in the Talent Show! 

S.D. KNIGHT: How did you and the other group members
dress for stage performances? Did you have costumes?

 CHI CHI: Our outfit consisted of a gold sweater and 
 navy blue skirt for the girls, and gold sweaters and navy 
 or black pants for the boys. That was it.  Bud Brees, 
 our manager, purchased them for us. It was later 
 deducted from our royalties, I was told. 

S.D. KNIGHT: The name of your group was changed from
the Impalas to the Stereos for the release of “Memory Lane”
and "Teenage Kids” in 1959. Who made that decision?

 CHI CHI: That would again be Bud Brees, a local DJ who 
 heard us sing when our prize from the talent show was 
 a summer gig at the Germantown Y. Bud was the celebrity 
 DJ there. This was not his type of music, but I think he felt 
 he had a winner in us, and wanted to be our agent. 

S.D. KNIGHT:  Did Bud Brees scrap the name Impalas because another vocal group with the same name emerged that year and had a hit with "Sorry
(I Ran All the Way Home)"?

 CHI CHI: Yes the name change came because of the 
 other Impalas group having had their hit. 

S.D. KNIGHT: “Memory Lane” backed with ”Teenage Kids”
was re-released that same
year with your group now
called the Tams. Was that
also Bud Brees' doing?

 CHI CHI: Yes, Bud Brees came up with the name 
 "The Tams." The Mink label was Bud's collaboration 
 with Russ Faith, a song writer. 

The Tams released two sides of a Swan single in 1960
and two more on Heritage in 1961.

The Heritage record was recorded by Chi Chi, Boggie and two
other male singers who were not part of the original group.

In 1962, an alternate version of “Memory Lane" was waxed
by the group and released on Parkway as by the Tams.

In 1963, Chi Chi's vocal group underwent yet another name
change. “Memory Lane” was released again on Parkway, this
time as by the Hippies. A new name was needed because the
name "The Tams" was already being used by a black group
that specialized in Carolina Shag Beach Music which included
their top 10 hit "What Kind of Fool (Do You Think I Am)."

S.D. Knight: Who came up with the group name The Hippies?

 CHI CHI: I'm not sure who picked "The Hippies" - us or 
 the record company. I think it might have been us. That 
 name was around at the time and I know we liked it and 
 used it in our everyday language. 

S.D. KNIGHT: Your Cameo-Parkway label mates, the Orlons,
were reaching the top 5 around that time singing the words
"Where do all the hippies meet...South Street. South Street."

 CHI CHI: Right, it became a cool name and could be 
 associated with kids our age. 

S.D. KNIGHT: "Memory Lane" spent five weeks on the chart
and peaked at #63. I am not alone in thinking the doo-wop
gem deserved to be a bigger hit. You cite a specific reason
why the record was not more successful, an event that
made headlines and affected the careers of rock 'n' roll
luminaries like Alan Freed and Dick Clark.

 CHI CHI: Yes, I believe the Payola Scandal was happening 
 at the time and all records that were getting air play were 
 taken off the air. Ours was one of these.

S.D. KNIGHT: Cameo-Parkway released "Memory Lane" in the
spring of 1963. Beginning the following year the once mighty
label went into a steep decline on its way to financial ruin.
Factors leading to the downturn included the British Invasion
and American Bandstand leaving Philadelphia that year and
relocating to Los Angeles. However, there was a silver lining
for your group and your record. It was given a new lease on
life by our friend The Geator With the Heater.

 CHI CHI: That's correct.  When I heard Jerry Blavat play 
 our song on a local radio station some three years later, 
 I called and asked how they obtained our record. Jerry 
 called me back later that day and said Cameo Parkway 
 had gone out of business and that he heard the record, 
 liked it and played it at his hops and it was getting good 
 feedback. I got "chills" when I heard it on the radio! 

"Memory Lane" by the Tams was included on a Jerry Blavat
doo-wop oldies compilation album released by Lost-Nite.

At the time the self proclaimed Boss With the Hot Sauce
was a partner in that popular oldies reissue company.

Now let's listen to "Teenage Kids," the B side of the original
Mink single by Chi Chi and her Stereos/Tams group. Cameo-
Parkway obviously had faith in "Teenage Kids" because the
label re-released the recording as the A side of a separate
single as by The Tams.

 "Teenage Kids" - The Tams 
 (April 1963) 

In the mid 60s, Chi Chi blossomed into a fine and quite
versatile solo recording artist. Working with Kama Sutra
Productions in 1964, she waxed two sides of a single for
Red Bird, a leading producer of the 60s girl group sound
and home to the Dixie Cups and Shangri-Las. Both sides
of Chi Chi's single were written and produced by Frank
Bendinelli and Leroy Lovett of Ben-Lee Music. The artist
name appeared on the label as Chi Chi McCauley.

S.D. KNIGHT: Chi Chi, before we listen to the first of your
Red Bird recordings, would you please explain where the
name "McCauley" came from?

 CHI CHI: McCauley, which was misspelled on records 
 and should have been spelled Macauley, was my name 
 from my first marriage. I forget who it was at Red Bird 
 that decided it would be "cute" to put Chi Chi and 
 McCauley together when I recorded. I had no idea they 
 were going to do that! Cha Cha O'Brien was a character 
 on Surfside 6 in the early 60s, and so the folks at the 
 record company thought they'd be doing that same sort 
 of thing. It worked for her, maybe it would work for me. 

S.D. KNIGHT: I'm saving the fab flip of your Red Bird single
for Part 2, Chi Chi, so right now let's listen to the fantastic
A side made by Chi Chi McCauley and the Ben-Lee team -
"I Know He Loves Me."

 "I Know He Loves Me" - Chi-Chi McCauley 
 (June 1964) 

Coming up in my next post...

you'll hear more of Chi Chi's great recordings and find out which rock 'n' roll stars and broadcast legends she met
and worked with along the way. Stay tuned for more stories and more sensational sounds from my very special guest, Chi Chi, in part 2!

Have a Shady day!


  1. Kathryn AndersonMay 23, 2014 at 3:02 AM

    This is exciting! I have known for months that you were interviewing Carole (Chi Chi) but you kept the whole thing under wraps and didn't let me see the drafts. A few weeks ago you let me hear I Know He Loves Me and I was very impressed. Chi Chi has a pure and powerful singing voice. Until now I didn't know she sang Memory Lane. I grew up a few miles from Baltimore along old Route 7 (Philadelphia Road) and remember hearing Memory Lane on the radio and at dances. All three of these songs are great! I can’t wait to hear more of her work in next Friday's post as you continue to trace Chi Chi’s career as a solo artist.

    1. Hi, Kathryn! Thank you very much for starting your day by taking a stroll down memory lane with Carole (Chi Chi). You have a background in music and I am keenly aware of your discriminating taste. Truth be told, you turn thumbs down on many of my favorite recordings. :) That's why I was elated when I recently summoned you to the listening room, played "I Know He Loves Me" and had you respond to it with great enthusiasm.

      You and I were lucky to have been born in the Mid Atlantic region and to have grown up during the 1950s and 60s. Baltimore and Philadelphia were teeming with talent back then and this fine lady, Chi Chi, was right there in the thick of it. I am very proud to share her story and her musical legacy.

      Thank you for being the early bird again today, dear Kathryn. Please join me again next Friday for more stories and more great sounds from my very special guest, Chi Chi!

  2. Hi Shady, This is a very interesting post. You know how I enjoy the history of old groups and especially the ones with roots in my area. I have many Jerry Blavat albums and now I must dig out the one with Chi Chi's song. Very interesting that Jerry helped with her name. Of course I remember most of the groups you mentioned, but the places Chi Chi mentioned brought back good memories. I was living in Philly in the Mayfair area near Abe Lincoln HIgh School in early 60s and very much enjoyed all the soul music. I don't remember Bud Brees, but then I am getting old. I still enjoy all the music from that era and attend many oldies shows. Does Chi Chi keep in contact with any of the Orlons? I saw them recently at Hershey Park. Does Chi Chi ever do any oldie shows? I am really looking forward to the rest of the interview and another walk down Memory Lane. Dell Rat Jerre

    1. Hi, Jerre! Thank you very much for taking a stroll through Old Philadelphia with my special guest, Miss Carole Varleta Devine aka Chi Chi. I'm thrilled to know you lived in Philly in the early 60s when a plethora of black and white singers and vocal groups were producing great doo-wop, dance and soul records that became the foundation of The Sound of Philadelphia.

      If Chi Chi reads your comment perhaps she can answer your question about The Orlons. I can answer your other question. Chi Chi is still going strong - performing live shows hosted by Jerry Blavat at the Kimmel Center in Center City, Pa. In addition to the Geator's shows, Carole has been appearing one Saturday a month for the past year at a club in Warrington, PA (Bucks County) called the Casa Cafe. If you go over and catch one of her shows, tell her Shady sent you! :)

      Jerre, I couldn't be happier knowing that you enjoyed this post and appreciated the chance to learn about Chi Chi and her music. This blog was founded with guys like you in mind and I deeply appreciate your friendship and support over the years. I'll see you back here for Part 2 next Friday. Until then, take care, good buddy!

    2. Shady, I only lived in Philly a short time while I spent a semester student teaching chemistry and physics at Abe Lincoln. Then back to PSU and York. My daughter now lives in Warrington and I will try to find the club when I visit her. I will also try to get to a Blavat show as we go in town often when we visit. Thanks for the additional info.

    3. Hi again, good buddy! What a coincidence that your daughter lives in Warrington of all places! Seems there's a good possibility you'll be able to get to one of Chi Chi's shows. Let me know if you do.

      Thanks for the follow up, Jerre. I'm eager for you to check out Part 2 because you will see the list of people that Chi Chi worked with. I guarantee you'll be impressed and know most or all of the names.

      Hope you're having a great weekend and thank you very much for being here for our dear friend Chi Chi.

  3. What a gem of an interview and post, my friend! I found myself hanging onto every word and I love the music. Her voice is really amazing, and in a bit I'll go to youtube and see if I can find more. You've taken blogging to a whole new level and set the bar very high. What a delight to read this morning!

    1. Hi, dear Shelly! My friend, that is quite a compliment coming from a blogger of your stature. I will remember your words for a very long time and appreciate them more than I could ever express. I'm ecstatic to learn that you enjoy Chi Chi's vocal talents. I agree that she has an amazing voice - distinctive, bold, powerful and authoritative. There are four more fabulous solo recordings made by Chi Chi coming up in the Part 2 post next Friday so stay tuned.

      What a friend you are, dear Shelly. Thank you very much for being here and have a safe and happy weekend!

  4. ah! i love this!! Thank you so much for introducing us to Chi Chi and the Hippies. I very much enjoyed reading this post, Shady, I had been looking forward to it and you did not disappoint!!
    This is terribly fascinating and the music perfect. What great, upbeat and fun tues, i especially enjoyed 'Teenage Kids'. Such a talented group you have shown us, along with an extremely talented lady. Her voice is just wonderful.
    I look forward to hearing more of Chi Chi!
    ~Abigail and Daisy

    1. Hello and welcome, dear friends Abigail and Daisy! It's very nice of you both to come by early in your day to experience my tribute to a singer I have come to idolize, Chi Chi.

      I'm so glad you singled out "Teenage Kids" because Chi Chi's operatic virtuosity is evident throughout. When I listen to "Teenage Kids" the intro and melody always remind me of the Linda Scott hit "I've Told Every Little Star" which was used in the David Lynch/Naomi Watts suspense thriller Mulholland Dr. Use this address and watch the movie clip:

      Dear Abigail and dear Daisy, I thank you again for your visit, for your terrific comment and for your loyal friendship. Please take good care of each other and have a splendid weekend!

      (Carole, if you read this I would like you to know that Abigail is a teenager living in the nation's heartland. She is part of a new breed of "modern vintagers" as I call them, a generation of young people tuned in to all that was good and great about the mid 20th century. Is it any wonder Abigail has come here today to join the celebration as we pay tribute to you and your music?)

    2. oh my goodness, what a catchy tune! it is quite similar. i have a feeling that that I've Told Every LIttle Star and Teenage Kids are going to be stuck in my head all weekend, and i don't mind that one little bit. i just love the clear ringing female vocals of early 60s songs, especially with the peppy guitar and violin backup. it doesn't get much better than that.
      thank you thank you thank you for sharing more great music, Shady.
      we love you!
      ~Abigail and Daisy

    3. Hi, A & D! I'm very excited to know you followed the link and listened to Linda Scott's hit "I've Told Every Little Star" as it was used in the context of David Lynch's mystery classic Mulholland Dr. I love to share good music with you and I couldn't be happier knowing that you embrace the music, movies, fashions and other aspects of pop culture that were popular when I was young. It creates a unique bond between us, Abigail, and for that I am very thankful.

      Thank you very much for your follow-up comment, dear Abigail and Daisy! I hope you are both having a fine weekend out there in Kansas. God bless!

  5. Hi dear Tom. How exciting for you to be interviewing Chi Chi, a lady whom you obviously admire so much from a musical point of view. It was very interesting to hear Chi Chi's answers to your very pertinent questions and I really enjoyed listening to the music my friend. I shall look forward to the next instalment of a fascinating interview. Good to see that Mrs Shady approved of your choice of music this time round ! Enjoy the Memorial Weekend dear Tom. Smooches.

    1. Hallo, dear Thisisme! How are you, my friend? Yessum, I was somewhat surprised when I read Mrs. Shady's comment this morning and saw that she gave an enthusiastic thumbs up to this first set of recordings by Chi Chi. When it comes to music, Mrs. Shady is very hard to please and for her to give Carole's singing her unconditional endorsement means a lot to me.

      I'm delighted to have you here, dear friend, and to know that you appreciated Part 1 of my special interview. As I told Kathleen Mae Schneider, this Chi Chi series is the biggest event of the year apart from her mother Margaret's 102nd birthday celebration.

      Thank you very much for your visit and kind comments, dear friend Thisisme. Hugs and SMOOCHES to you and have a wonderful weekend in England!

  6. Great post Shady, thanks for introducing me to yet another great artist. I'm looking forward to part 2!

    1. Hello and welcome back, dear friend Sarah! I'm glad you agree that Carole Devine aka Chi Chi was and is a great artist. Rarely in my life have I encountered a more versatile song stylist. You will understand the meaning of that statement when I play another stack of her records for you in Part 2.

      Thank you very much for coming, dear Sarah, and I hope to see you next Friday for the conclusion of the interview. Until then, have a great weekend in England and a fine week ahead!

  7. That was a great part 1 of your interview, Shady, and you have every right to be proud. What a thrill it must have been for you to interview this impressive woman. It sounds like Chi Chi accomplished quite a lot in spite of all the struggles and hardships of the music biz! She prevailed and left us with some wonderful recordings. I enjoyed them all but picked "I Know He Loves Me" as my favorite for today!

    Chi Chi has a wonderful voice. I can't wait to read more about this remarkable and beautiful woman and hear more of her songs!

    1. Hi, dear Toni! How kind of you, my special friend. I am certain that Carole will appreciate the love shower that you and other readers are giving her today! It's so true. Carole (Chi Chi) overcame career obstacles and accomplished quite a lot. She managed to wax classic recordings in several different styles and categories, an achievement that few recording artists can match.

      I hope you will be back one week from now for more great music and memories with this dear woman, my special guest Chi Chi. Thank you very much for your visit and comment, dear friend Toni, and have a great weekend!

  8. Beautiful voice and a beautiful singer! I enjoyed reading along with the music. Thanks. That was quite the effort, Shady.

    1. Well hello, dear Susie, and thank you very much for these generous words! I heartily agree with you that Carole is a beautiful lady with a voice to match. I know you will love reading Part 2 of the interview in which Chi Chi blossoms into one of the best solo recording artists of the Sixties.

      I greatly appreciate your friendship and support, dear Susie. Thank you very much for your visit and comment and have a safe and happy weekend. I hope to see you back here for the Part 2 conclusion!

  9. Hi, Chi Chi! Memory Lane is beautiful. Thanks for the great post, Sir Shady.


    1. Thank you very much for expressing this, dear JJ. I trust that Chi Chi will be reading all of these comments and I am grateful to you for stopping in to give her props. Please pet your doggies for me and have a safe and happy weekend, dear friend Janie!

  10. Kathleen Mae SchneiderMay 23, 2014 at 5:15 PM

    This is a great 'take-me-back' post, as well as a catchup and new learning one for me.

    The first time I ever heard Jerry Blavat and the Philly sound was as it drifted in the window of my dorm in college. Directly outside my ground-level room was a grassy area where the girls from my building went to sunbathe. There was always a radio playing, and for me, coming out of a classical music background, this new sound was both exotic and liberating. Oh for those days of healthy bodies and freewheeling lives!

    Now, all these years later, I can't hear songs like "Memory Lane" and "I Know He Loves Me" without remembering the sight of dozens of bikini-clad co-eds and the smell of Coppertone Oil warmed by the sun, and the rather sudden awakening to what I had been missing in the musical world around me.

    Thankfully, it's still not too late to reap the benefits of hearing Chi-Chi's marvelous voice enhanced by learning her story. For me - who sees a story in everyone's life - that's a great combination.

    Also, realizing that she is still singing and performing is great inspiration to a person my age. I just love that second act spirit! We also have a friend who used to give tours of the Kimmel Center. It sounds like a wonderful venue that we hope to check out some day.

    I'm so glad that Chi Chi overcame the frustrations of her early career and found an indomitable spirit underneath it all that enabled her to not just go on, but also to thrive!

    My thanks go out to you for this informative and uplifting post, Shady, and to Carole too! I surely am looking forward to learning and hearing more next week.

    1. Hi, dear Kathleen! Thank you very much for breaking away from your duties and for making time to read my post, get to know Carole and listen to her songs. I sincerely appreciate it!

      It's cool that this post took you down memory lane to your college days and that pivotal moment when you experienced "the big bang," the great awakening. You became intoxicated by the scent of Coppertone and the Sound of Philly and realized how much you were missing by immersing yourself in classical music 24-7.

      You're right, dear friend. It's never too late to learn something new even when it is old. You and I are both discovering many outstanding artists and recordings that we somehow overlooked decades ago.

      I'm delighted to know that you share my fascination with Carole, her story and her music. Obviously you read my reply to Dell Rat Jerre's comment and found out that Carole continues to perform live shows to this day. I intend to reveal that fact to all the readers in the Part 2 post along with many other interesting tidbits about this sensational songbird. I hope you will be on hand for the conclusion next Friday. If you enjoyed this first batch of songs by Chi Chi, I guarantee you will love the four recordings of hers still in the pipeline.

      Thank you again for being here for me in the midst of your hectic schedule, dear friend Kathleen. Tell Mother we all love her and wish her the best. God bless!

  11. Hi Shady. This is such a great interview, and Chi Chi is so charming! I'm sorry I did not know of her in the 60's, as she is so energetic and talented. 'I Know He Loves Me' is one of those songs that differed and had a more optimistic story that the usual 'Does he Love me' songs. It is so unique, and Chi Chi really puts it out there!
    And she comes across as a person who is so easy to talk with. It was interesting to hear of the various names the group used, and why. I appreciated how she let us in on a bit of her personal life. It's quite an accomplishment when we can overcome some of the hurdles that are pushed in front of us, and really do something to bring music and fun to others.

    I guess you have to be pretty careful when it comes to naming your group. I remember the Impalas, and I didn't know the Tams did What Kind of Fool Do You Think I Am. I always liked that song.

    You really used the best illustrations on this post. The record labels and old photos. The video that accompanied 'I Know He Loves Me' was pretty great. And, 'Memory Lane' is also a good sounding, song. The voices blend well and compliment each other. Just love good harmonizing songs!

    So, thank you for this post, that introduced us to yet another well-deserving singer and her warm personality. She is a real sweetheart Shady!

    Have a great weekend, see you soon! ♫

    1. Hi there, dear (same day) Suzanne! Thank you very much for joining me as I pay tribute to this exciting entertainer, the one and only Chi Chi.

      You made a good point about "I Know He Loves Me." It is refreshingly different. Unlike many mid 60s girl group recordings, some of them released on the same label (Red Bird), there's nothing sad, depressing or melodramatic about "I Know He Loves Me." It flat out rocks with energy and exuberance and, as you noted, Chi Chi belts it out with gusto. You can't help feeling good and wanting to sing along and dance when it's playing. It's the perfect antidote when you're tired of hearing downer songs like "Leader of the Pack" and "I Can Never Go Home Anymore."

      You are right again. Carole Devine is a wonderful, down to earth lady and easy to talk to. It was a joy getting to know her and working with her to produce this blog interview.

      Thank you for admiring the assortment of illustrations used in this post. It takes a fellow blogger to understand how much time can be spent searching for good images and tweaking them to look their best. It's nice of you to notice, dearie!

      Chi Chi is a sweetheart, dear friend Suzanne, and so are you. Thanks a million for hustling over here so quickly. I appreciate your enthusiasm and invite you to return one week from now for more of Chi Chi! Good night and have a fabulous weekend, Suzanne!

  12. Oh, by the way...your favorite person of interest, Michael Emerson is appearing on Arsenio's show right now! lol! I do look forward to your 2nd interview with Chi Chi! ♫

    1. Hooray for Harold Finch! I think Root (Miss Groves) is sweet on him. :) Thanks for letting me know, dear Suzanne, and thank you again for being such a great and supportive friend.

      See you back here next Friday for Part 2!

      Good night!

  13. Out here in the Midwest growing up in Minnesota I never heard these songs. This was fascinating to read about and to listen to the songs. Times were so different back then. She sounds like a great lady!! Can hardly wait to get the rest of the story next week. :)

    1. Hello, dear Rita! I'm very happy to hear from you, my Fargo friend! Thank you for coming over for part 1 of my interview with Chi Chi. Great music speaks a universal language and I'm glad you enjoyed these three made by Carole and her group. I cordially invite you back for part 2 and I predict that you will thoroughly enjoy her second set of songs . Carole is indeed a great lady and it takes one to know one. Thank you again, dear friend Rita, for your support and encouragement. I hope you have a nice Sunday and a healthy and happy week ahead! Talk to you soon!

  14. Shady & Chi Chi, Thank you for sharing this interview and songs. I think, 'Memory Lane' is one of my favorite doo-wop songs. I really love it. And, 'I Know He Loves Me' sounds like a #1 hit song to me. Love your voice, Chi Chi.

    It is very interesting to hear the background of your groups and how your name was changed. I remember Surfside 6 was one of my favorite shows back then. Chi Chi is a very cute name so I can see why they chose it for you. I'm looking forward to the next post.

    1. Hi, dear Belle! Welcome welcome welcome! You brought up a good point here, dear friend. "Memory Lane" is a doo-wop gem but, for reasons outlined in the post, didn't even make it halfway up the pop chart. "I Know He Loves Me" is one of the greatest girl group recordings I ever heard. It deserved to be a big hit, yet it missed the chart entirely. Life isn't fair and neither is the record business.

      I'm delighted to know you remember watching Surfside 6, the early 60s detective series starring Troy Donahue. Cha Cha O'Brien, an entertainer at The Boom Boom Room, was played by Margarita Sierra who sadly died at the age of 27!

      Belle, I am very excited to have you here and to know you enjoyed learning about Carole and her recording career. Stay tuned for more great Chi Chi stories and songs coming up in Part 2 this coming Friday.

      Thank you again for coming, dear friend Belle. Have a wonderful Sunday and a safe and happy week ahead!

  15. Hi Shady,

    Congratulations on Part 1 - it's truly awesome and I learned a lot about that period of music in the US and it's exciting to gain insights from a native - LOL to really begin to understand the psyche of you folks via your music :) thank you Shady and I look forward to Part 2, yours @ Writing the Rapids

    1. Hi, dear Allie-Millie! Thank you very much for joining me as I salute a great singer and a fine lady, my special guest Chi Chi.

      The opportunity to learn as well as to teach is what makes blogging a rewarding experience. It is my pleasure to introduce you to the music and memories that are important to me and I am equally excited to have the opportunity to learn about your life, your youth, your culture and all the things that are important to you there in Australia.

      Thank you again for being such a great blogger and friend, dear Allie-Millie. I know you will enjoy Part 2 coming up this Friday. In the meantime, have a wonderful week!

  16. Any You Tube videos of Chi Chi's live performances? Where can I find a schedule of her upcoming shows?

    1. Hello, Anonymous! I have not seen any Y/T videos of Chi Chi's live performances. As for her appearance schedule, all I know is that she does a show one Saturday a month at the Casa Cafe in Warrington, Bucks County, PA. It might be the place called "Club Casa" that is listed online and on Facebook. You could phone them and ask when she next performs. As far as the Jerry Blavat oldies hops at which she appears, you'd have to check The Geator's website or his or Carole's Facebook pages for the list of upcoming events. If Chi Chi happens to read your comment she might leave a reply with specific info.

      Thanks for your interest, my friend!

  17. Replies
    1. Hello again, Anonymous! How's the wife and kids? (LOL)

  18. I came in the back door of your party Shady...I hope you don't mind! It's been a very crazy and busy weekend but I couldn't let the weekend close without finding out about your guest and learning some new facts and songs! First, she's a real beauty! I enjoyed listening to her music and found all the name changes and ins and outs of the music industry really fascinating, but I'm thinking I would have been very frustrated if I were her! I was pretty caught up in the British invasion during the early 60's and didn't know these songs. I love her voice. Today she would be a contender for the title of "American Idol"! I'm looking forward to part II and I hope you have a great week. Sorry for commenting so late!

    1. Hello, dear YaYa! Thank you for coming, my very special friend! I never doubted you'd be here and I'm so glad you joined me this evening as I salute this sensational singer, Chi Chi.

      I know it must have been frustrating for Chi Chi to make so many great recordings but achieve no big hits. History has been kind, however, because today Chi Chi is known and loved by millions of fans of doo-wop, girl group and Spectorian pop and her records are prized collectibles.

      I can't wait for you to hear the four remaining Chi Chi recordings coming up in Part 2 this Friday. I know you'll enjoy them!

      Thank you again, dear friend YaYa, for being here to help celebrate Carole's life and music. Have a wonderful week ahead!

  19. What a great interview! Love the guest spots.

    In my day, I've known so many wonderful musicians who are relatively "unknown." Thanks for immortalizing Chi-Chi at the Shady Dell!


    1. Hello, dear Cherdo! I'm very pleased to see you, my friend. Thank you for being here for one of the biggest events of my six year blogging career - my two part interview with the sweet and versatile songbird Chi Chi.

      This blog is dedicated to talented artists like Chi Chi who paid their dues and made great recordings but never attained star status. I'm glad you share my affection for underdogs like her who deserve recognition and are receiving it here at SDM&M.

      Cherdo, I thank you very much for dropping by. Your friendship and support mean a great deal to me. Enjoy the rest of your week and I hope to see you back here for the Part 2 conclusion of the Chi Chi interview this Friday. Take care!

  20. Replies
    1. Dear Cherdo, I can't wait for you to experience the full spectrum of song styles mastered by this lovely lady. Carole's a solid pro and I know you will be awestruck when you hear what's coming in Part 2. See you then, dear friend!

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  22. WOW......
    Yet another magnificent addition to the highly informative, musically entertaining and visually stimulating, 'Shady Dell Music & Memories'. Talk about gifted, CHI CHI more than fills that category. It's interesting to track and listen to her career from the early days to her transitional period with Red Bird Records and then her mammoth Kapp Records recordings from 1966. You are not going to find a more humble and kind lady than Miss Carole Devine, known in the music world as Chi Chi, who is sincerely humbled by the love and admiration given to her by the fans of her musical career. This Part 1 interview of her career is by far the best compiled to date and it's just the first part! I am so looking forward to Part 2. BRAVO!
    Anthony Reichardt
    Santa Ana, California

    1. Hello, Anthony! Welcome, kind sir, to Shady Dell Music & Memories! Thank you very much for dropping by to help me pay a much deserved tribute to our dear friend Carole.

      I'm glad you agree with me that the sweet, lovely and talented Chi Chi made a seamless transition from 50s doo-wop to girl group style recordings for the legendary Red Bird label to her crowning achievements, the lush, richly orchestrated solo pop recordings for Kapp.

      Anthony, I can't thank you enough for coming here to testify about Carole's contributions to popular music. You are one of the world's leading music experts and your YouTube channel is the best I've ever encountered. You somehow locate and upload all the good stuff, the great, obscure recordings that few people know about but which deserve to be heard. Moreover, you consistently provide more information about the artists, composers, producers, and recording session personnel and techniques than any other YouTuber I've ever seen. Simply put, you are the best at what you do. It is an honor to have someone of your stature here on my blog and your generous remarks are deeply appreciated.

      Thank you again, Anthony, and stay tuned for Chi Chi Part 2 coming tomorrow morning!

  23. As most of the things you show one your blog, ive not heard of the Tams or Hippies or even Chi Chi - but thank you so much for this post, im so glad to have heard of them now! And apologies for taking so long to comment - life only gives me so much time these days for recreation... :(

    1. Hello again, dear Catherine, and welcome back to Shady Dell Music & Memories. You've been missed! It gives me great pleasure to turn you on to great artists and their music. The Tams, The Hippies and Chi Chi as a solo recording artist gave us some of the finest sounds of the rock 'n' roll era. Everything Carole Devine touched turned to solid gold in my book.

      Blogging is a complex proposition, dear Cat. We all have a limited amount of time, forcing us to make a difficult choice. Which friendships are most important to us? Which blogs should we continue to support? You are important to me, Catherine, and I will continue to do my best to earn your friendship and support.

      Thank you very much for popping in and have a fine week ahead there in Australia!

  24. I have known Chi Chi since high school. We became very close friends. I am so glad she is getting some of the recognition she so rightly deserves. It is long over due. I enjoyed when she and Cookie would get together and harmonize in school. Memory Lane has always been my favorite. Thank you for interviewing a very special person.

    1. You are very welcome, Erva. It's so nice to hear from you. Chi Chi reads these comments from friends and fans and recently told me she is very grateful (to the point of tears) for the love everybody is showing her. Thank you again, Erva. I hope you will visit SDMM regularly.

  25. Shady, we don't follow each other, but we run in many of the same circles. I do an every Friday Time machine post where I bop around the "Martin Era" (1962-79) and do a post on the various charts of the days. Believe it or not, researching next week's post today, I ran into the song Memory Lane on the chart of WAAT, Trenton. I noted that this chart had it by the Tams, while Cashbox had it by the Hippies. By the time I followed the trail here (to my utter amazement that it led me to someone Ive seen in the comments of many blogs I follow), I was up to 7 different names that this group used, and it is here that I finally got confirmation that they were all connected. I hope you will allow me to link this to next Fridays post, because this is one of those classic Time Machine small-world type things that make it all so much fun.

    1. Hey hey hey, good buddy Chris! Contrary to what my April Fool's Day post stated, I do not have a moderated blog, so I would have missed this great comment of yours completely if you hadn't poked me about it.

      This is great! It's a small world after all, isn't it? I would be delighted to have you link over to this 2-parter which pays tribute to a good friend and one of Philly's Phinest, Carole Devine aka Chi-Chi McCauley, and her doo-wop vocal group the Hippies (aka The Tams etc. etc.) Just beware that there was another group called The Tams (brothers Charles and Joseph Pope along with Robert Smith, Floyd Ashton and Horace Key, based in Atlanta, that reached the charts making Carolina beach music. Their biggest hit was "What Kind of Fool (Do You Think I Am)." Carole and company changed their name to the Hippies to avoid being confused with those guys.

      You wrote:

      << Shady, we don't follow each other >>

      We do now, my friend. We do now!

  26. Hi Shady,

    What an interview and thanks for all of the information. I didn't know about the Heritage release. My wife and I met Chi Chi at a club in Warrington, PA she frequently performs at. She was nice enough to sign my Hippies/Tams Parkway 45s and also took a picture with us. Such a humble person. "Memory Lane" deserved more recognition than it originally received.


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