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"More than a place, the Shady Dell was and will forever remain a state of mind." - Shady Del Knight

"More than a place, the Shady Dell was and will forever remain a state of mind." - Shady Del Knight

Monday, March 24, 2014

Hey, Spring Breakers, I Got a Question: Are You Jacked Up On Wolfman? I am!

Mercy mercy me! This
here's Wolfman Jack, baby, sittin' in for my good friend Shady Del Knight here at the greatest little station
in the nation, SDMM.
I'm your doctor of love and I got the cure you're looking for, the best oldies you ever heard plus the best oldies
you never heard!

While the moon is full and stars do shine
Cuddle and dance to these tunes of mine.

Grab that special someone, start squeezin'
and let the Wolfman's music do the pleasin'.

Now, you pay close
attention to these songs,
baby, or the Wolfman's
gonna GETCHA!

These girls played the Peppermint Lounge, were the first all female rock band signed to a major record label and had an international following.

Oh gingerbread, gingerbread, you’re full of sugar, 
you’re full of spice.You’re kinda naughty but
you’re naughty and nice. Goldie, when
you sing this 1961 Mary Wells song,
you make me wanna shout
and knock myself out!

 "Bye Bye Baby" - Goldie and the Gingerbreads 
 (unreleased until 1999) 

You got the Wolfman
on SDMM, baby, and
I'm gonna teach you
a lesson. In 1961 the Students had a top 30 R&B hit with this next classic doo-wop ballad.

In 1965 soul thrush Naomi Wilson had a swing and a miss with a cool cover. Yes, gracious... "I'm So Young."

 "I'm So Young" - Naomi Wilson  
 (November 1965, uncharted) 

All you Dell Vikings and Dellettes put your ears to the radio and listen to the Wolfman. In the early 70s, Los Angeles soul sister Carolyn Willis was a member of The Honey Cone, the girl group that gave us "Want Ads." A few years earlier she sang lead with the Sweethearts who sounded a lot like the Supremes on this next number. Stop in the name of love and think it over. It's a no more tears formula for your baby from Wolfman Jack and the Sweethearts!

 "No More Tears" - The Sweethearts  
 (March 1966, uncharted)  

I'm sure you remember the Angels and their hit "My Boyfriend's Back. When the Angels left Smash Records they temporarily lost the legal right to record under that name.

Peggy Santiglia took a leave of absence, Toni Mason replaced her as lead singer and the girls changed their name to The Halos. Angels... Halos... whatever their name they still sounded heavenly and that's a fact
or my name ain't Wolfman Jack!

 "Just Keep On Loving Me" - The Halos 
 (August 1965, uncharted B side of "Do I?") 

This one reminds me of "Lovers Who Wander" by Dion. Lo and behold it's Brian Wilson of the Beach Boys and three of his friends who made a 45 as the Survivors.

Brian's bunch used the melody of the Beach Boys ditty "Car Crazy Cutie," changed the lyrics and sang about a teen queen named Pamela Jean!

 "Pamela Jean" - The Survivors 
 (January 1964, uncharted 

Oh my my, I see by the old clock on the wall
there's a dead fly. The sun's coming up
and the Wolfman gotta go.

If you've been listening to the show at the
diner on the outskirts of town be sure
to tip your waitress when you leave.
She works hard for the money, honey.

This is your old friend Wolfman Jack sayin' see you next time in Volume 2 here on the greatest little station in the nation SDMM. I guarantee we gonna rock 'n' roll ourselves to death, baby. If I'm lyin' I'm dyin'.


  1. Ahhoooooo!! I feel a howl coming on this morning, friend Shady! What great music, and a terrific person to spotlight in the old Wolfman. He's the epitome of cool. I wonder how many records he turned into hits, just on the strength of his personality? Great way to start the week and the morning! Have a great one in your beautiful state!

    1. Hi, dear Shelly! You're right about Wolfman Jack. His endorsement had the power to turn a record into a hit and the recording artist into a star. I admired him tremendously, miss him, and enjoy remembering him here on the blog. I'm thrilled to know that you enjoyed the post and I thank you for coming.

      Enjoy the rest of your week, dear friend Shelly!

  2. What a fun way to start the week, going back in time and seeing the Wolfman in his prime. He was certainly unique in his ability to get the party started and keep it going.

    1. Hi, Jeanie! It's good to see you again, dear friend! I worked at an NBC affiliated TV station and we aired Wolfman Jack's Midnight Special. Every Friday night I sat in master control with the guys on the production crew and watched the program. Wolfman Jack was a hero of mine and I try my best to remember the patter he used on his radio show and in American Graffiti.

      Thank you again for your visit and comment, dear friend Jeanie, and have a great week!

  3. Tom thanks for sharing these collection on this rainy monday evening ... I didn't know even one song!!! but I enjoyed "No more tears " very much, thank you and have a nice week!

    1. Hi, dear Katia! I'm excited by your visit, my special friend! "No More Tears" is derivative of the Supremes' hit "Stop in the Name of Love" but just different enough to stand as a great girl group recording in its own right. I'm happy to know you liked it.

      Thank you very much for joining me today, dear friend Katia. Please come again soon!

  4. Not a bad cover of "I'm So Young". Almost as good as that done by Rosie and the Originals. Wolfman had almost as much following as Ed Lincoln. LOL

    1. Hi, Jerre! It's nice to know you're "Jacked up on Wolfman," good buddy! In case you don't recognize that word play, it was inspired the words of the youth pastor in the 2012 movie Spring Breakers which was filmed down here in the greater Tampa Bay region.

      As I'm sure you know, the late Maureen Gray also waxed a fine version of "So Young" which I intend to post at some point in the future.

      Thanks for mentioning Ed Lincoln, the great Central Pennsylvania radio personality. I just read that Ed and ‘Doc’ Daugherty took turns winning the annual popularity contest staged by the Bon-Ton record department.

      Thanks for your visit and comment, Jerre. Enjoy the rest of your week and come back soon!

  5. Hi Shady. You know that I could NOT miss coming over to see you, but this is all double dutch to me I'm afraid, as I have never heard of the Wolfman. Eeeeek! I guess it's the dunce's cap all over again for me. Wish Desiree was still around. She might have been able to help me with some of these. It certainly does look like a fun post though Tom, and I hope you had a good rest whilst Wolfman took over the reins here at the most hip place in town! Toodles!

    1. Hallo, hallo, hallo, dear Thisisme! Thank you for coming over for a look and a listen. I doubt that our old friend Desiree could have helped much with this post except to share dunce cap duties with you. :)

      It boggles my mind to realize how many of my jokes and pop culture references sail over your head because we grew up thousands of miles apart. It's sad but no fault of your own that you do not know Wolfman Jack, a pop culture icon who was so much a part of my life. Wolfman, whose real name was ordinary as can be, Robert Smith, was a very popular American disc jockey in the 60s and 70s. He appeared as himself in the hit movie American Graffiti and hosted the long running network television music program The Midnight Special, a series that featured performances by international recording stars that included David Bowie and countless others.

      I do hope you enjoyed these songs, however, which included one of Beach Boy Brian Wilson's pet projects, "Pamela Jean."

      Thank you very much for your cheery visit and comment, dear friend Thisisme. Please take good care of yourself and I'll be chatting with you again soon! God bless!

  6. Wow! Look at the facial hair on The Wolfman! I'm impressed! :)

    Hope you had a great weekend Tom!

    Emma x

    1. Hello, dear Emma! Yessum, the late Wolfman Jack had a distinctive look and style which included a gravel voice, an eerie howl and an endearing top 40 radio banter. I hope you checked out one of two of these rare ditties and that you enjoyed your visit. Thank you very much for coming, dear friend Emma, and good night to you in Dublin!

  7. What hair the Wolf-man has, as well as a great taste in music! I have never had the pleasure of meeting him before, nor several of these songs. Thank you!!
    I did enjoy No More Tears. Some of my earliest memories of music ride on songs very similar to that one. In the central Kansas area there are fast food restaurants called Spangles. Besides having really great food, every restaurants walls are plastered with old photos of Elvis, Marilyn, Ricky Nelson, Lucy, girl groups, advertisements, movie posters, old guitars and 45s (you name it, it's probably on the wall or shelves).
    The booths are shiny red leather and there is a jukebox all lit up in the corner. But what really tops everything off and gives it the retro vibe is the music. It's glorious. One minute they'll play Hank Williams, next, the Beach Boys and the Chubby Checker. It makes everything so much better. I remember being younger and helping mom carry the food to sit down, be-bopping and jiving and smiling all the way.
    Many fast food joints are busy, dirty and hectic, the sound of yelling and people talking the only noise. But even though we live farther away from it, we always go back. Who doesn't love eating to awesome music? Its just so. much. fun.
    A little rabbit trail there... anyway, thanks for the good memories.
    Abigail and Daisy

    1. Hi, dear Abigail! Hi, dear Daisy! What a superb comment this is from the two of you. It adds a great deal to the discussion thread.

      Until I met you, I knew very little about Kansas. You are providing me with the kind of personalized education that I could not get anywhere else. It's fascinating to learn about your way of life there in the nation's heartland.

      I wholeheartedly agree with you that dining is much more pleasurable at restaurants that feature a rock 'n' roll theme. They are a refreshing alternative to the typical hustle-bustle fast food joints and sports bars. When I first moved to Tampa Bay in the mid 80s I hung out at a place called Chevys. It was similar to Spangles in that the walls were covered with rock 'n' roll and classic movie memorabilia and Atomic Age pop culture ads and artifacts. Oldies records played continuously through the sound system. As if those special features weren't enough, the ambiance was enhanced by the seating arrangement. Instead of dining at ordinary tables, patrons occupied replicas of vintage Chevrolet automobiles! It was so. much. fun.

      What wonderful friends you and Daisy turned out to be, Abigail. Thank you very much for your visit and excellent comment and for sharing your world in such an inspiring manner on your own blog. I wish you all the best in the week ahead... and your little dog, too!

    2. What an awesome place Chevy's sounds like, what fun it must have been.
      I enjoy your interest in my photography and Kansas. The same way you feel learning about Kansas, i feel about your blog, too. The music and writing is funny and enjoyable, and for that, i thank you.
      Have a good week as well. :)

    3. :) You're a keeper, Abigail! Thank you, dear friend!

  8. Another great selection of songs Shady, I especially liked Goldie & The Gingerbreads. Your blog always introduces me to music that I might otherwise have not heard of! Hope you have a great week!

    1. Hi, Sarah! I thought you might fancy the edgy girl band Goldie and the Gingerbreads, given the fact that they toured with the Beatles, Rolling Stones, Animals, Yardbirds, Hollies and Kinks and had a top 30 UK hit with "Can't You Hear My Heartbeat," a song that turned into a top 5 hit stateside for Herman's Hermits.

      Your visit means a great deal to me, Sarah. I appreciate you more than I can express and hope you are having an excellent week so far. Good night and have a terrific Tuesday, dear friend!

  9. What a supply of fun here Wolfman! My favs in this installment? Well, I was really loving the Halos..that sound was awesome! My other had to be The Beach Boys/Survivors with Pamela Jean. This sure brought back some memories of a place my group loved to hang out in Chi-Town called "Dog 'n Suds". If you had a convertible you were really cool and popular there. Here in my old age we have a place everyone frequents called "The A&W Rootbeer Stand". You pull up and the young cuties run out and get your order and you can sit in the car and check out who's hanging with ya! Now, some tunes would really make it perfect so maybe I need to suggest that with the tip I leave next time! The only thing that really bothered me about this post was the fact that Wolfman and I had the same hair do back in the day...minus the beard for me..just sayin. Have a Shady Day!

    1. Hi, YaYa! Thank you very much for coming, dear friend! You and Wolfman Jack might have sported the same hair style but that's definitely where the resemblance ends, you cutie pie! (Although... I'll bet you could rock a beard! :)

      Dog 'n Suds seems like my kind of place and I'm happy to know that Brian Wilson's "Pamela Jean" song brought back memories of it. Those drive-in fast food restaurants were great fun back in the day. I frequented one in York and there was one in my Central Florida town that recently closed after many decades of operation. Ain't that a shame? My tears fell like rain.

      Of course, the Gulf Coast Florida town of Clearwater is also home to the original Hooters restaurant chain which plays oldies but goodies on the jukebox while cute servers parade around in orange shorts and revealing T-shirts. However, to my knowledge, the franchise does not have car hops.

      Well, you are in a great mood, dear friend, and that puts me in one, too. Thank you very much for attending my Spring Break bash. Give Eddy a pat for me and enjoy the rest of your week, dear friend YaYa!

  10. I've heard a lot about Wolfman Jack but the radio stations in San Bernardino didn't feature him, as far as I know. My favorite group here is Goldie and the Gingerbreads. I really loved their sound and singing.

    The Sweethearts sounded very close to the Supremes as you said. The background music was similar, but I like the Supremes more. In the Halos, I thought Toni Mason had a good voice. Of course, the last song with Brian Wilson sounded like a Beach Boy song.

    Lots of fun to hear these songs which were unknown to me. Hope you are having a beautiful spring, Tom.

    1. Hello, dear Belle! Thanks for visiting Wolfman Jack's Howl of Fame and meeting the latest inductees. :) These rare records were all new to me until very recently when my research led me to discover them. I'm glad you enjoyed Goldie and the other featured recording acts and songs. I don't think I became aware of Wolfman Jack until I saw him in American Graffiti. Sadly, he died of a heart attack at age 57. He was a favorite of mine and I intend to keep memories of him alive here on SDMM.

      I hope the weather's warming up in your part of North America, dear friend Belle. Thank you again for joining the fun and please take good care of yourself until we chat again. God bless!

  11. Hi Tom,
    I've had a break tiny as it is in babysitting and wedding duties so I had a chance to hop over to my favorite music spot! Loved the music and the music man you highlighted today! The teen angst in this songs is so much what I remember of that era's music. I must say I do like when they get a little spunky, was one of my complaints about Patsy Cline. Loved her voice but she was always whining about a man when she could have just kicked him to the curb and lived a life, vocally that is. Oh well I get off point here, I am so glad I was able to have some music from the Dell to make my day better! Hope you have been fine and one of these days probably after Memorial Day weekend I hope to be blogging and visiting again on a regular basis again. Until then you take care dear friend…enjoy the Summer Breezes and hugs to you and Mrs Shady!

    1. Well, this is so nice of you, dear Sush. Welcome back to my little corner of the blogging world, my friend!

      I appreciated your remarks about spunky songs and arrangements. Good point. I also tend to avoid sad, whiny songs because life's already depressing enough without being reminded of it. I'd rather laugh and dance than hang my head and cry. I trust these ditties did the trick for you. Even songs about troubled relationships, lost love and the anguish of unrequited love can send a feel good vibe if they are sung to a beat and convey a sense of hope that things will get better.

      Thank you very much for coming, dear Sush. I would like nothing better than to have you back as a regular friend and visitor. You are one of my oldest, dearest and most cherished friends. Take care and I hope to see you again soon!

    2. Oh Tom, I would so love to be back blogging and visiting regularly. At the moment my house is in total disarray as we are completing the final bathroom reno and we have trappings for the May wedding all over along with the rest of the painting, scraping of ceilings my date of the last 43 years wants to complete. That with babysitting for the littles I'm clinging to the edge of reality these days. I do pop in to read your blog when I can but commenting is almost more than I can do except for stolen moments! Keep your tunes coming as they give me great happiness, dear friend…
      Big hugs~

    3. AOK, dear Sush. It's good to know you're still out there and still care. I'm sure you know by now how much I care about you and your family. Taking a few seconds out of your busy day to say a friendly hello can make a big difference in somebody's day or even their life.

      Thank you very much for the follow-up comment, dear friend Sush, and please give Molly Christine a hug and a kiss for me.

      God bless!

  12. Hi Shady! This time...I'm just late! I came by the other night and checked your post out, loved it, but had to get busy with dinner, etc. How about that Wolfman Jack? He was one of a kind...I really loved him! He was another gentleman/character who left his mark on our music world-I am so glad I was in his era of rock! He was more than just a DJ...he was a mentor!

    Well, well, you brought some new ladies to the Dell and they were good. The Sweethearts 'No More Tears'. As you mentioned, it was a very similar Supremes Sound, but with a different sound, giving the group their own uniqueness.

    I liked the Angels 'My Boyfriend's Back'-I never had a boyfriend come back, lol...but us girls had fun singing the song!

    So, McShade, I'll have to say that The Gingerbreads' Bye Bye Baby is my favorite of your offerings. They had a great sound-love the beat. I mean, this one really takes me back to slumber parties, the teen church dances, and, just being a young teen! I know I never heard them, but their sound, the music and the beat are so familiar-it sends chills!

    Thank you so much for your hard work, research, and, just plain knowing what we like!!! See you next time ♫

    P.S. I'll try to be more prompt (after Tax Season, lol)

    1. Hi, Suzanne! How have you been? It's always a pleasure to be reunited with someone out of my past! (LOL) So you're just plain late, huh? At least you didn't try to use the excuse that the dog ate your comment! :)

      I am thrilled by what you wrote here, dear friend. My goal in keeping SDM&M operating is to transport you back to your teenage years, to "send chills" and enable you to feel young again. Just think. When we are 100 we can still be using songs like these as our fountain of youth. I'm so pleased you knew and loved Wolfman Jack. He was one of a kind and I miss him.

      You wrote: << I never had a boyfriend come back, lol >> That's because no boyfriend in his right mind would ever LEAVE a great gal like you in the first place! :)

      I am delighted that you came by and testified this evening, Suzanne, and so glad you enjoyed the latest batch of tuneage.

      Please have a safe and happy weekend, my dear friend!

  13. OH, I wanted to mention, great pictures! Just love Mel's Drive-in, and the old American Graffiti shots. And, who wouldn't love that Wolman Jack's loving face?

    1. Thanks, Suzanne! I'm glad you liked my choice of illustration. We all had the equivalent of a Mel's Drive-In in our youth and images like these from American Graffiti stir a thousand fond memories.

      Thanks again, dear friend, and good night!

  14. Hi Shady!

    Wolfman Jack was one cool cat (er, canine!, lol!). Of course I remember him best from the fantastic show, The Midnight Special, as the announcer.

    My favs on this post? Well, I enjoyed Naomi Wilson's voice the best but I enjoyed the "No More Tears" song and harmonies the best. But, (and it's a big "but"!), The Sweethearts (along with the Survivors) should be called "the Impersonators" for their same sound, both melodically and vocally, as their famous predecessors. I'm surprised there weren't copyright infringement charges, lol!

    I did, however, love that Honey Cone hit, "Want Ads" back in the 70s. This post really makes me miss Wolfman Jack with his distinctive voice (and hair!).

    1. Hi, Toni! You're just in time to comment on this post before it gets bumped. I greatly appreciate you coming over the spend some time with me in the Shady.

      I'm glad you mentioned Naomi Wilson. Dell Rat Jerre also mentioned her in his comment but I forgot to tell him what I learned about her. Sadly, Naomi ran afoul of the law, got into heroin use and somehow, I'm not quite sure of her alleged crimes, got herself sentenced to life in prison w/o the possibility of parole. She has been behind bars at Pennsylvania's SCI Muncy, a prison for women near Williamsport, since the 1980s. Very sad!

      Yessum, one of Brian Wilson's so-called "pet projects," the Survivors group gave us the sound of the Beach Boys. Meanwhile, the little known girl group the Sweethearts borrowed, copied, imitated (stole?) the sound of "Stop! In The Name of Love" by the hugely popular Supremes. Coincidentally, just today I found another girl group that derived the melody of one of their songs from that same Supremes hit. I (or the Wolfman) will be bringing you that great record in a future post.

      Thank you ever so much for the wonderful comment, Toni. Stay tuned for my next post coming tomorrow morning and enjoy the rest of your week, dear friend!


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