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"More than a place, the Shady Dell was and will forever remain a state of mind." - Shady Del Knight

"More than a place, the Shady Dell was and will forever remain a state of mind." - Shady Del Knight

Monday, March 24, 2014

Hey, Spring Breakers, I Got a Question: Are You Jacked Up On Wolfman? I am!

Mercy mercy me! This
here's Wolfman Jack, baby, sittin' in for my good friend Shady Del Knight here at the greatest little station
in the nation, SDMM.
I'm your doctor of love and I got the cure you're looking for, the best oldies you ever heard plus the best oldies
you never heard!

While the moon is full and stars do shine
Cuddle and dance to these tunes of mine.

Grab that special someone, start squeezin'
and let the Wolfman's music do the pleasin'.

Now, you pay close
attention to these songs,
baby, or the Wolfman's
gonna GETCHA!

These girls played the Peppermint Lounge, were the first all female rock band signed to a major record label and had an international following.

Oh gingerbread, gingerbread, you’re full of sugar, 
you’re full of spice.You’re kinda naughty but
you’re naughty and nice. Goldie, when
you sing this 1961 Mary Wells song,
you make me wanna shout
and knock myself out!

 "Bye Bye Baby" - Goldie and the Gingerbreads 
 (unreleased until 1999) 

You got the Wolfman
on SDMM, baby, and
I'm gonna teach you
a lesson. In 1961 the Students had a top 30 R&B hit with this next classic doo-wop ballad.

In 1965 soul thrush Naomi Wilson had a swing and a miss with a cool cover. Yes, gracious... "I'm So Young."

 "I'm So Young" - Naomi Wilson  
 (November 1965, uncharted) 

All you Dell Vikings and Dellettes put your ears to the radio and listen to the Wolfman. In the early 70s, Los Angeles soul sister Carolyn Willis was a member of The Honey Cone, the girl group that gave us "Want Ads." A few years earlier she sang lead with the Sweethearts who sounded a lot like the Supremes on this next number. Stop in the name of love and think it over. It's a no more tears formula for your baby from Wolfman Jack and the Sweethearts!

 "No More Tears" - The Sweethearts  
 (March 1966, uncharted)  

I'm sure you remember the Angels and their hit "My Boyfriend's Back. When the Angels left Smash Records they temporarily lost the legal right to record under that name.

Peggy Santiglia took a leave of absence, Toni Mason replaced her as lead singer and the girls changed their name to The Halos. Angels... Halos... whatever their name they still sounded heavenly and that's a fact
or my name ain't Wolfman Jack!

 "Just Keep On Loving Me" - The Halos 
 (August 1965, uncharted B side of "Do I?") 

This one reminds me of "Lovers Who Wander" by Dion. Lo and behold it's Brian Wilson of the Beach Boys and three of his friends who made a 45 as the Survivors.

Brian's bunch used the melody of the Beach Boys ditty "Car Crazy Cutie," changed the lyrics and sang about a teen queen named Pamela Jean!

 "Pamela Jean" - The Survivors 
 (January 1964, uncharted 

Oh my my, I see by the old clock on the wall
there's a dead fly. The sun's coming up
and the Wolfman gotta go.

If you've been listening to the show at the
diner on the outskirts of town be sure
to tip your waitress when you leave.
She works hard for the money, honey.

This is your old friend Wolfman Jack sayin' see you next time in Volume 2 here on the greatest little station in the nation SDMM. I guarantee we gonna rock 'n' roll ourselves to death, baby. If I'm lyin' I'm dyin'.

Sunday, March 16, 2014

Do Your Ears Have a Sweet Tooth?

 Pour a little sugar on it, honey  

 Pour a little sugar on it, baby  

 Gonna make your day so sweet  

 (Yeah, yeah, yeah) 


The Cryan' Shames performed a smooth,
ear pleasing blend of Pop/Garage Rock
and racked up a string of hits in
their home market of Chicago.

On a national scale the group didn't fare as well.
Only one of their singles reached the top 50,
a cover of the Searchers' hit "Sugar and Spice."

 "Sugar and Spice" - The Cryan' Shames 
 (August 1966, highest chart position #49) 


The Cake was an exciting mid 60s girl group that
consisted of Jeanette Jacobs, Eleanor Barooshian
and Barbara Morillo. The New York trio was
managed and produced by Greene/Stone,
the team that handled Sonny and Cher,
Buffalo Springfield and Iron Butterfly.
In 1967 the Cake appeared on the
television special Popendipity
performing a brilliant cover
of the Charlie & Inez Foxx
hit "Mocking Bird."

 "Mockingbird" - The Cake 
 (August 1967, B side of "Baby, That's Me" 
 live TV appearance on Popendipity

Unlike many girl groups, The Cake wrote their own  
material and performed in a range of styles that
included Spectorian pop, baroque psychedelia
and covers of R&B classics. "Fire Fly," one of
The Cake's own compositions, is also one of
their most interesting recordings.

 "Fire Fly" - The Cake 
 (December 1967, B side of "Rainbow Wood" 
 from the 1967 debut album The Cake


In 1958, two of the founding members of the R&B
girl group the Cookies left to form the Raelettes,
the famous backing singers for Ray Charles.
A new lineup of Cookies emerged and at
the beginning of 1963 earned a top 20 hit
with "Chains," later covered by the Beatles.
The Cookies scored their biggest hit a few
months later, breaking into the top 10
with "Don't Say Nothin' Bad."

 "Don't Say Nothin' Bad" - The Cookies 
 (June 1963, highest chart position #7) 


In the summer of 1964 Cookies member Earl-Jean
McCrea left the group and released a solo single.
The record barely dented the top 40 and didn't
get Earl-Jean noticed, but a few months later it
became an international hit for (you guessed it)
a white English act, in this case Peter Noone
and Herman's Hermits, who gained a #1 UK
hit with their version. Written by famed Brill
Building husband and wife team Gerry Goffin
and Carole King, "I'm Into Something Good"
includes Carole herself singing background.
The blend of voices is other worldly!

 "I'm into Something Good" - Earl-Jean 
 (August 1964, highest chart position #38) 

 That's the way 

  the cookies crumble. 

  Now let's have a taste of 

 strawberries, cherries and 

 an angel's kiss in spring

 all from a sweet and sassy 

 vanilla vixen in Sugar Town! 



"Summer Wine," a duet by Nancy Sinatra and
Lee Hazlewod, was originally released in
November 1966 as the B side of Nancy's
"Sugar Town" which became a top 5 hit.

  "Sugar Town" - Nancy Sinatra 
 (January 1967, highest chart position #5) 

"Summer Wine" is a terrible thing to waste.
As the killer bee of "Sugar Town," the
Hazlewood-Sinatra side only made it
halfway up the chart. Knowing it wasn't
a case of sour grapes, Reprise Records
let "Summer Wine" breathe again in 1968
on the collaborative album Nancy & Lee.

 "Summer Wine" - Nancy Sinatra & Lee Hazlewood 
 (Released January 1967 as B side of "Sugar Town" 
 highest pos. #49/Rel. 1968 on album Nancy & Lee) 

 Sugar and spice and all things nice 

 Kisses sweeter than wine 

 Sugar and spice and all things nice 

 That concludes this little post of mine 

Have a Shady day!

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Happy Birthday, John!

 John Ettline was born 

 108 years ago today on 

 the 12th of March, 1906. 
 John was a wise man and he shared 

 his wisdom with all of us. I thought 

 it fitting for us to watch a video 

 that offers the kind of advice 

 John would have dispensed. 

 I also invite you to listen to this 

 timeless message of hope as we 

 remember our leader,  

 Mr. John Ettline. 

 Happy birthday, John! 

 We love you and miss you! 

Thursday, March 6, 2014

Gettin' Jiggy Wit Guest MC Big Tasty!

Yo! What's Crackalackin'?

I'm Barry Goldberg

but soon the whole world will know
me by my rap name, Big Tasty.

I'm the king of karate, success coach too
In fact I don't believe there's a thing that I can't do
Today, I'm here to say, Del's invited me to play
Some righteous awesome records as his guest D-J

My mother likes ta smother and it always upsets me
My homeboy Flavor Flav's the only one who gets me

Life at home is lame and such a drag you see
Mommy's always spyin' and bustin' in on me
She freaked the time she caught me havin' a lil fun
jonesin' for the lady cop on Reno 9-1-1!

So eat my shorts and barf me out
It's time for us to scream and shout.

 "Addicted To Love" - Robert Palmer 
 (April 1986, highest chart position #1) 

My dream is to become a famous roundball star.
The next Wilt the Stilt, that's who I think I are.
To make the NBA, well it takes a lot of struggle.
But I'm stoked and oh so sure that I'm on the double bubble.
While I sit by the phone and wait to be recruited
I'm a rapper, lookin' dapper, and fresh-uh-oh-lee suited.

 "Somebody's Watching Me" - Rockwell 
 (Mar. 1984, highest chart pos. #2 Hot 100/#1 R&B) 

Lampin wit my homeboys, hittin' on fly girls
Gimme all your lovin', I'll give you string of pearls
Take some time I know it but I'll change my evil ways
I'll be your Davie Addison, you'll be my Maddie Hayes.

 "Sharp Dressed Man" - ZZ Top 
 (October 1983, highest chart position 
 #56 Hot 100/#22 UK/#2 Mainstream Rock

Bye bye Beatles, yo Beast-E-Boyz!
We are gettin' down and makin' lotsa noise.
The boom box is blastin' and we're part-tay-ee-un hearty
With rad outrageous soundz that are tot-ta-tah-lee gnarly.

 "Touch Me ( I Want Your Body)" - Samantha Fox 
 (Released March 1986-UK, November 1986-U.S. 
 highest pos. #4 Hot 100/#3 UK/#1 Canada & Australia) 

If you want the foxy ladies to be all sprung on you
Listen to Big Tasty, here's what you gotta do
Get out on the floor, no couch potato thing
Bust a move, Rubik's Cube, it's bet-tah-ter than bling.

 "Let's Dance" - David Bowie 
 (April 1983, highest chart position 
 #1 Hot 100/#1 UK/#1 Canada) 

Disco's done and breakin's gettin' jiggy.
Pic up some road pizza on duh way to Piggly Wiggly
The platters that I'm servin' are major-oh-lee phat
"Afternoon Delight"? No! Homey don't play dat!

 "Tell It To My Heart" - Taylor Dane 
 (January 1988, highest chart pos. #7/#3 UK) 

I'm the Capricorn king, the rappin' ranger
A def M-C, ladies sense the danger
Got the bitchinest jams in his-to-ree
Certified bad and bombdigity.

 "Party All The Time" - Eddie Murphy 
 (July 1985, highest chart position #2) 

My DJ stint has ended and I'm sayin' later, dude.
I hope you dug my rappin and my rad new attitude.
It's time for me to bounce and get myself a-bookin'
At my weekly TV show you need to start a-lookin'
Me and my posse gotta Run-D.M.C.
But I'll see ya every Tuesday on The Goldbergs-ABC.

Now that all is said and done...

Click this link for the real Number One:

Have a Real Slim Shady day, yo!