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"More than a place, the Shady Dell was and will forever remain a state of mind." - Shady Del Knight

"More than a place, the Shady Dell was and will forever remain a state of mind." - Shady Del Knight

Sunday, November 17, 2013

Wise Man Say, Grasshopper: Journey of 500 Smiles Begins With Single Chuckle!

 Dear friends, today I am 

 celebrating my 500th post on 

 Shady Dell Music & Memories!  

In honor of this special occasion I'd
like to answer a question posed by
original Dell Rat Jerre Slaybaugh.

 DELL RAT JERRE: A trivia 
 question for the trivia expert - 
 Who said "Plunk Your Magic 
 Plunker Froggy"? 

That's a real memory flogger, Jerre, or maybe I should say "frogger."
The catch-phrase was actually "Plunk your magic twanger, Froggy!" and it was uttered by Andy Devine, host of the kids' television series Andy's Gang (1955 to 1960).

As I'm sure Jerre remembers, those famous words
were used to summon Froggy the Gremlin, the little
green mischief maker who appeared in a puff of
smoke exclaiming "Hiya Kids! Hiya! Hiya! Hiya!"

I hadn't thought about Froggy in eons, Jerre.
Thanks for reminding me. I watched Andy's Gang
regularly and before long begged my parents
to buy me a Froggy the Gremlin toy.

Apparently mom and dad couldn't find the official
Froggy the Gremlin for me, but they located a
reasonable facsimile at a store in Hanover.
It was a large, brightly colored rubber frog
that squeaked, sold primarily as a dog toy.

I loved Froggy. He became my constant
companion and my best friend.

Then came that dreadful day...

It was the day Mommy took Froggy away
from me, insisting I was, in her words,
"too old to play with dolls."

I'll never forget how she stormed into my room
and ripped Froggy from my arms as I lay in bed
in the fetal position, quivering, whimpering and
sucking my thumb... making my 39th birthday
the saddest and most traumatic day of my life.

 Six Degrees of Andy Devine 

Remember Andy Devine in the role of "Jingles,"
Guy Madison's sidekick on the western series
Wild Bill Hickok? I never missed that either.

Continuing our game of Six Degrees,
remember Guy Madison in
The Beast of Hollow Mountain?

Thanks for sending in your question,
Jerre, and for being a faithful follower of
Shady Dell Music & Memories from day one.

 Thank you all very much for 

 allowing me to entertain you 

 over the course of 500 posts. 

 I am very grateful for your 

 friendship and support! 

Have a Shady day!


  1. Kathleen Mae SchneiderNovember 17, 2013 at 3:51 AM

    Congratulations are in order, Tom! Wow - 500 posts! I wonder how many hours it has taken to research, write and produce all those quality pieces? (We won't even mention the frustration of dealing with unreliable guest bloggers. Hm- m-m..... wonder who that would be? LOL!) This is quite a record.

    I sure DO remember Froggy and Andy Devine! They were a staple of my early television viewing too. That photo of you with your (dog) toy is priceless! I'm so sorry for your loss and that you had to be parted, but it probably was time... What's life without a "twanger" by your side?!

    Do you remember Kukla, Fran and Ollie? I remember them from about this time in my formative years. I've read that the whole show was ad-libbed and that Burr Tillstrom was the only puppeteer. He and Fran Allison were geniuses from a simpler time with so little technology to help them. I also learned that those puppets were watched by more adults than children. Even Dave Garroway and Adlai Stevenson were fans! I loved the way Oliver J. Dragon would pound his chin on the edge of the puppet stage when angry and turn over on his back to act cute! I wonder if kids today could relate to these guys and Froggy the way we did? Or would Andy Devine be as respected for his character acting? How complicated the entertainment industry has become....

    Thanks for the laughs and flashbacks this morning, Tom. They almost made being in my sixties worth it!

    1. Hello and good morning, dear Kathleen! Thank you very much for the kind words on my 500th post. I wholeheartedly agree that everyone should have a magic twanger and that it should be plunked regularly, an average of two or three times a week. :)

      Yessum, along with Froggy the Gremlin, Midnight the Cat and other characters on Andy's Gang, I remember Kukla, Fran and Ollie and other puppets used on kids programming in the Fifties. My cub scout troop took a bus trip to Lancaster and joined the studio audience at WGAL for a telecast of Marijane Landis's program Percy Platypus and His Friends (including Cousin Kiwi). From my house on a hillside I could get a clear signal from TV stations in Baltimore including Romper Room with Miss Nancy (Claster), Bozo the Clown and others. Howdy Doody, Captain Kangaroo, Jimmie Dodd and the Mickey Mouse Club - they all stood for decency and clean living. Seems to me too many of today's programs for children teach them how to trick and deceive parents and peers, use force to settle differences and that it's more important to LOOK good than to BE good.

      Thanks again for your friendship and support and for your enormous contributions to SDMM, dear Kathleen. Have a great Sunday and a safe and happy week ahead!

    2. Kathleen Mae SchneiderNovember 17, 2013 at 5:34 AM

      I wonder how much of your early exposures to shows like Andy's Gang and the others influenced your later career in television. Seeing how programs were produced while being part of the audience at WGAL for Percy Platypus perhaps put stars in your eyes about being on the air someday - and it happened.

      When Bob first read the post this morning and saw Froggy he intoned "Hiya, hiya, hiya" in a gruff voice before he even read your rendition! Obviously he also had a "twanger" in his past! I never knew.

      As for Miss Nancy, I was always a little scared of that "Magic" mirror of hers!

    3. I remember doing imitations of TV commercials, TV hosts and their puppet characters for my friends and for my parents. They laughed and said I was funny and said I oughta be on television. The medium itself, relatively new at the time, fascinated me and that's another reason why I got into it as a career.

      Soupy Sales was another influence I forgot to mention. Lunch With Soupy featured a cast of characters that included White Fang, Black Tooth, Pookie and Hippie (the hippo).

      It doesn't surprise me that Bob remembers Froggy's familiar chant. It was a common refrain among kids of the 50s. Did Bob watch Andy Devine as Jingles on Wild Bill? I love those old westerns: Cisco Kid, Lone Ranger, Gunsmoke, Wagon Train, Rawhide, Cheyenne, Sugarfoot, Have Gun Will Travel, Tales of Wells Fargo. WGAL ran Covered Wagon Theater and I watched it every week.

      Come to think about it, Miss Nancy was a little creepy with that magic mirror, but whenever she said "I see Tommy" (back then every Tom, Dick and Harry's name was Tom) it gave me a thrill and made me believe that looking glass of hers really had magic powers!

      Thanks again, dear friend Kathleen. I appreciate the follow-up. Have a great day!

    4. yes. i watched every day waiting for Miss Nancy to tell me she could see me. I don't recall ever having her mention me -- so sad..

    5. Hi there, Kathryn! (Are you any relation to Mrs. Shady? :) I find it hard to believe you watched Romper Room every day and never heard Miss Nancy say "I see Kathy." Shucks, in those days every Tom, Dick and Harry was named Kathy! :) Which spelling do you think was most popular back then, Kathy or Cathy? Remember the Chatty Cathy doll? Did you own one?

      Thank you very much for reading and writing, dear Kathryn. I hope you'll make SDMM a habit from now on. Have a nice day and I'll see you tonight in front of the TV set! It's Huckleberry Hound night!!!

    6. of course i had a chatty Cathy. Didn't everyone? I know the C spelling was more predominate then as it is today. And mostly the name was either Cathie, Cathy or Catherine. However, my given name is Kathryn--which is what most people call me.

    7. Well, Katy bar the door! Don't look now but you and I are becoming BFF's, Kathryn! :) Incidentally, "Katy" is one of the many diminutives of Kathryn which is also commonly spelled Katherine and Katharine. I remember Kathy, the youngest daughter on Father Knows Best, spelled her name that way - with a "K" but I agree with you that there seemed to be more "C" Cathys than "K" Kathys in the 50s.

      To answer your question, not "everyone" had a Chatty Cathy doll. After Froggy was taken from me that terrible day, I filled the void with a Raggedy Ann, a Barbie and a Pee-Wee Herman Action Figure. :)

      Thanks again for your comments, dear Kathryn. Y'all come back now, y'hear?

  2. A very hearty and heartfelt congratulations on this noteworthy milestone, my friend! 500 posts is amazing, truly! I've barely passed 200 and don't know if I'll ever make 300, so I understand what a commitment this takes. I love the unexpected laugh in this one- 39 years old and your froggy is taken away...

    At any rate, I hope the next 500 posts are soon to come. Congratulations!

    1. Hi, Shelly! Oh my! - Thank you for pointing out that typo. I didn't mean to write "39." Froggy was actually snatched from my arms by mommy dearest when I was age 49! (LOL)

      Thank you very much for these kind and generous words, Shelly. They mean a great deal to me coming from a blogger of your caliber. You of all people know how much thought and work goes into a quality blog post and I have tried to follow your example and maintain a high standard. I hope to keep making SDM&M fun, entertaining and informative for great friends like you.

      Thank you very much for your friendship and generous support over the last two or three years, Shelly. Enjoy your Sunday and have a safe and happy week ahead!

  3. You ARE silly Shadikins, but we love you that way!! 39 indeed. That did make me smile!! 500
    Blog posts. Wow, that's quite an achievement dear friend. Many, many congratulations to you, and a big thank you from all of us for keeping us so royally entertained. Of all the posts I reAd, yours is certainly the most well researched. I look forward to the next 500! Eeeek!! Smooches on this special day.

    1. Hallo, dear Thisisme, and thank you very much for joining the celebration of my 500th blog post. It makes me happy to make you happy, dear friend, and blogging wouldn't be the same without you. The love and laughter that you and I have shared since 2010 have made the experience of blogging a great pleasure. Over the months and years our friendship kept me going at times when I felt like quitting. I deeply appreciate you, Diane.

      Thank you for the mandate to publish another 500 posts. Did you know there are 500 different types of heavy metal music??? :)

      SMOOCHES SMOOCHES SMOOCHES to you, dear friend. Thanks again for coming!

  4. I forgot to say that I could certainly see the man that you have become in that delightful photo of you as a young boy. :)

    1. That's so sweet, dear Thisisme. My father took that picture of Froggy and me. He snapped hundreds of pictures of our family over the years and I think I'll present some of his best photos in future posts, maybe on Wordless Wednesdays.

      Thank you again, dear friend Thisisme. You're the best! God bless!

  5. I wasn't here for your first post but I am glad to be able to join the celebration of # 500. Congratulations. I loved the memories you brought to us today. Of course I was a fan of "Andy's Gang" and always of fan of Andy Devine. The story of your froggy friend and "That Dreadful Day" is hilarious.

    1. Thank you very much for being here today, dear Jeanie! I am very grateful to have you as a friend and follower. For a couple of years I noticed your comments on Belle's blog and always thought you'd make an excellent friend. It's a pleasure getting to know you and learn about your life.

      It's good to know you remember Andy Devine and Andy's Gang. As you probably recall the program was sponsored by Buster Brown shoes.

      I'm glad you appreciate my (attempts at) humor, dear friend. Your support means the world to me. Take care of yourself and your family out there in Colorado, and I hope to chat with you again soon. Have a wonderful week, Jeanie!

  6. Hi Shady! Well, congratulations on your 500th post! You've done an amazing job entertaining and teaching us the ins and outs of the music industry with the history, and unsung heroes! I, for one, appreciate the sacrifices these singers and musicians have made for our enjoyment. I don't know what I would do without them.

    Andy Devine as Jingles was the greatest...we did watch him in Wild Bill Hickok, who, I might add wasn't bad himself, lol! I only vaguely remember Andy's gang, but that Fazooli guy and Froggy are familiar to me. How funny you had one of those frogs!!! A very cute photo of you and 'Froggy Knight'!

    This is a great way to begin your journey into the next 500 posts! Don't change a thing Shadylicious!

    Signing off...'same day Sadie' ♫

    1. Hi, Same Day Sadie! May I call you SDS? You're gonna get Thisisme riled up at you for inventing a new nickname for me. Don't tell Diane, but I kinda like Shadylicious! It sounds a new brand of bubblegum, candy, popsicle or sweetened cereal advertised on Saturday morning TV shows! :)

      I'm happy to find out that you also watched Wild Bill Hickok. In the list of TV Westerns I made in my reply to Kathleen Mae Schneider, I forgot to mention Roy Rogers, Gene Autry and William Boyd as "Hoppy" (Hopalong Cassidy). As you might recall, Boyd tagged every episode of his program with a mini sermon urging kids to wash with soap and water. Obviously, positive messages like that one stick with a kid all his life, as do negative ones.

      Thank you for being one of my greatest, best and most loyal friends for the last two years, Suzanne. You and I go way back to the old days when you called yourself Susan! :) Take care of Karo and Scootie and have yourself a wonderful week, dear friend!

    2. Maybe I can smooth Thisisme over by confessing that I learned from the BEST-her!

      We do have a retro TV station that shows 'Hoppy"...he was one of my favorites. I think it was the light hair color. We only had black and white, so I thought his hair was blonde, but it could have already been gray!

      Have a great're right Shadylicious is indicative of something sweet! ♫

    3. Hi again, sweet Suzanne! The first TV show to be broadcast in color was the Tournament of Roses Parade in 1954. Hopalong Cassidy was produced in the early 50s and was shot in black and white as was almost everything else on TV until the mid 60s. It's fascinating how we watched black and white television all those years w/o complaint and yet it's hard to get many of today's children to sit still for a single black and white show. They're missing a lot of good stuff!

      Thank you again for being such a great friend and for making me smile so often, Suzanne. Take care!

  7. OH, and, one more very important note: Thank you for your service, Del Rat Jerre! ♥

    1. This is very nice of you, Suzanne, and I know our good buddy Jerre Slaybaugh will appreciate you for expressing it. I add my thanks to yours.

  8. Congratulations on your 500 blog post! That is certainly a milestone!!!! Hard to believe, Shady!!!! Lots of love and creativity has been put into the blog throughout the years.

    I certainly don't remember Andy Devine or his Froggy the Gremlin. Must have been way before my time. You really had me going though until I read the "39"!

    In 1966 or 67 while you were cozying up to the fire at the dell, I was circling what I wanted for Christmas in the Sears catalog. I'll never forget my "must have" or my "Froggy the Gremlin" was a stuffed kitty in blue satin p.j. complete with curlers in her hair, (fur) and sleeping mask. I was sooo happy when Santa brought her to me. She was MY constant buddy.

    Congratulations again! Hope there's 500 + more!

    1. Hi, Toni! Thank you very much for the kind words, dear friend.

      Yessum, Andy's Gang, which ran from 1955 to 1960, was before your time, and I don't remember it surviving in reruns as did certain other kids shows. Do you remember the old TV and print ads for Buster Brown shoes, the series sponsor?

      It was nice of Santa to grant your wish and bring you that plush, pajama clad kitty with curlers in her hair. That same year I begged Santa for a life size Tuesday Weld and cried myself to sleep Christmas night when I didn't find her under the tree. :)

      I already thanked Kathleen Mae Schneider for her contributions to SDM&M over the years. Now I'd like to thank you for yours. You joined the online incarnation of the rat pack shortly after Dell Rat Jerre came on board and you have been a faithful, loyal friend ever since. The many pictures you took of the Shady Dell estate over the years, indoors and outdoors, and the valuable information you supplied, positioned SDM&M as the #1 source for information and images of Southside York's historic hangout. I will never be able to thank you enough for your tireless efforts.

      Thank you again for your friendship, dear Toni, and for all you've done for so long to make SDM&M the success it is today. Enjoy your week, dear friend!

  9. Hi Shady, Has it actually been that long? Time goes by fast when your having fun! You mentioned Wagon Train and I remember getting out of bed early on Saturday just for that show. Could not miss Lash LaRue and Tom Mix. Saturday morning had some great shows.

    Thanks to Suzanne for her service comment and reminding me of Hopalong Cassidy. I had several Hoppy records and my first uniform was an official Hopalong cowboy outfit. Always liked him more than Roy or Gene. Black outfit, white horse and white hair.

    Looking forward to the next 500. Maybe you can do a post on Froggy Meets the Beast of Hollow Mountain. That was a great Froggy clip.

    Dell Rat Jerre and Semper Fi to Suzanne

    1. Hi, Jerre! I'm glad you checked in and checked out Suzanne's kind comments. You certainly are appreciated here, Jerre.

      Bill Boyd as Hoppy was a unique kind of cowboy - mild mannered, peace loving and grandfatherly. Shucks, he was born in 1895 and took over the role of Hopalong Cassidy in films in 1935 when he was already age 40. The series ended in 1947, the rights to the character and films were purchased by Boyd and released to the new medium of television, running in the early 50s. It's sad to think that Hoppy (Boyd) died more than 40 years ago.

      I'm glad you enjoyed the Froggy clip from Andy's Gang. I will give careful consideration to your idea of producing a post called Froggy Meets the Beast of Hollow Mountain. First things first, though. I need to finish one called Tiny Tim Meets Disco Tex and the Sex-O-Lettes!

      Thank you again, Jerre, for your service and for sticking with me through 500 posts here on SDM&M. I appreciate your friendship and support, good buddy!

  10. Ha ha ..... like that .... as you lay in bed
    in the fetal position, quivering, whimpering and
    sucking the thumb... on your 39th birthday

    1. Hello, Haddock, and thank you for coming all the way from India to visit my little old blog! I'm pleased to see you and to know that you appreciate my attempts at humor.

      Enjoy the rest of your week, my friend, and come back and see us soon!

  11. Congrats on 500 posts! Yahooooo to you! I haven't been here for all of them but I've learned a lot from the time I've spent so far. Thanks for that! I do remember Andy Devine but not with the Froggie. When I was reading your touching part about getting that sweet gift and then the part about your mean Mom I was thinking "how sad"...then, and I should have known..the punch line! Made me laugh along with those video clips..such a sweet, innocent time. Love your pic with Froggie! It looks like you're sitting on the steps of a log cabin..had the Lincolns just moved out? (Ha!) Ok, seriously...I did have a Chatty Cathy. Even though I spell my name with a K, I still loved that doll. In fact, I still have her! She isn't very chatty these days, but she's still my fav toy. Except for the 3ft. dolls my sister and I received for Christmas one year..those were classic! Looking at how long this comment is becoming, I'm sure you understand why my folks thought that Chatty Cathy was appropriate for me! I hope you have a good week and I'll look forward to more posts and fun!

    1. Hi, dear YaYa! First of all, I hope that you and your family members in Ohio and in Chicago escaped the wrath of those severe storms. I was thinking about all of you as the tornadoes raked the Midwest.

      Secondly, I'm happy to know I got you giggling with my "mommy dearest" story. That picture was indeed taken on the porch of a log cabin. Every few summers my family drove to the mountains of Potter and Tioga Counties in northern Pennsylvania and stayed with another family in a log cabin. It was loads of fun. There was a park across the street where they held an annual Woodsman's Carnival while we were there. Lumberjacks and mountaineers competed for prizes in contests that tested their skill chopping logs, sawing down wooden poles and pulling tree trunks with a horse team. It was very exciting to watch. Every night, deer came within a few feet of the cabin to feast on apples that had fallen from trees. My father was able to take flash pictures of the deer feeding using a remote camera with a string attached to the shutter, running all the way up to the second floor loft!

      Your Chatty Cathy must be worth a fortune by now! I doubt there are many little girls who kept theirs all these years. I wish I had my Froggy back! :(

      Believe me, dear YaYa, I like nothing better than to have you visit and chat with me about anything and everything. You are an excellent friend! Thank you very much for your visit and comments and enjoy the rest of your week!

  12. 500 posts thank you for all the hard work and time you have put into not only keeping the Dell alive but a time that will live on forever thanks to you. I don't comment on each post but know that I am all ways here. Thanks for knowing how to push the buttons that take me back to a time that can never be repeated a time that is hard to belive ever existed given the time we live in today . Keep up the good work and remember I am here for you. your friend and A Dell Rat All Ways Greg

    1. Hi, Greg! Thank you very much for expressing all this, good buddy. It means a lot to me that you continue to find value in what we're doing here on SDM&M.

      I agree that the past is like a beautiful dream sometimes and doubt creeps in as to whether the world we knew was real or imagined.

      Thank you very much for your ongoing friendship and support, Greg. You are one of the very few original Dell rats keeping this thing alive over here and I am grateful to have you. Enjoy the rest of your week, good buddy, and I hope to see you again soon! (Kathleen's next chapter is coming up 10 days from now!)

  13. hehe you posts always make my giggle! what a sweet little photo of you with your froggy. i hope you did get it back in the end?

    1. Hello and good morning to you, dear Catherine! I'm sure you've heard of A Boy and His Dog. I'm glad you liked "A Boy and His Frog." (LOL)

      I've always been an animal lover and, as a boy, enjoyed collecting life-like plastic, rubber and wooden animal figures. I remember having bears, moose, bison and an assortment of dinosaurs all proudly displayed in my room. I loved to spot toads around the house and frogs at the stream near my home and when a frog became the central character on Andy's Gang, I simply had to have one.

      Thank you for being part of my 500th post celebration, dear friend. Your visit means a lot to me. Enjoy the rest of your Australian Wednesday and the rest of your week, dear Cat!

  14. I'm so late to the party. Forgive me Shady? Congratulations for 500!! Awesome. I don't even know how many I've written. Maybe I should Here's to many more fun filled posts!

    1. Thanks a gazillion, Bouncin' Barb! The party never ends here at SDM&M and you're always invited. It boggles my mind to think that I've published 500 posts. To think that I was going to quit writing new material at the end of 2010! Great friends like you keep me going.

      Thank you again for the well wishes, Barb. I very much appreciate your support these last three years. Enjoy the rest of your week way up there in snowbound Daytona! :)

  15. Congrats on your 500th blog, Shady Tom! I know years back you wondered many times, should I keep doing this or should I? But I believe yourself and everyone you've been in contact with as a result of SDM&M all had reasons why should continue it. And, first of all was, THAT YOU LOVE DOING IT! And, even though, this past year I look in on you just about every week to see what you've been up to, and don't take time to give you feedback, it never fails to put a smile on my face. Kathleen has me captivated with her story-telling abillities and the whys and wherefores regarding the fate of the Brown family and their infamous residence. I try to imagine the time and place as I read it,and being there.
    This time you had me capivated as soon as I saw Dell Rat Jerre's name, followed by what made me think "was that Froggy the Gremlin?". Yes, I believe it was "magic twanger". I didn't recall "Andy's Gang" right off, but kept thinking "I thought Froggy the Gremlin had something to do with Buster Brown. And I remember something associated with Froggy when Mom bought me a pair of shoes at the Buster Brown Shoe Store on W. Market Street near the old Hiway Theater."
    Whew! Fortunately, as I read on my memory was confirmed, although I don't remember those shows in the detail like yourself, Tom. I believe I have always been blessed with ADD and so, a little bit here, a little bit there. Got me into trouble all the time with teachers.
    Anyway, my Boy Scout troop toured your neighborhood TV station one evening, WSBA-TV, Channel 43. By the way, did you know it was the first UHF TV station in the country? I'm glad to hear you got inspired by your visit to Channel 8. Yes, I don't think I missed a Saturday morning without watching Covered Wagon Theater, even while getting tonsils out in the hospital. Any western I could see, I watched. I think it helped inspire my love of the southwest here.
    Lastly, was your vacation cabin, perhaps, across from Denton Hill? I think I caught a brief glimpse once of the lumberjack doin's there. Every year, my family rented a cabin west of Galeton, complete with an ice box on the porch. I recall swimming most years in Lyman Run Lake, and one evening, on the outskirts of Galeton having a one-of-a-kind sub sandwich at a Tropical Treat/Dairy Queen type place, which included cold Lebanon bologna, warmed hamburger barbecue (sloppy joe), cheese, etc. Haven't seen it duplicated anywhere in the country since. And did you also go to the Laurel Festival and Parade in Wellsboro and the Pennsylvania Grand Canyon? Like an early Supremes' song said "You Bring Back Memories".
    Enough said. And Jerre, have you tried a Geno Giant? I've been checking the web and the only areas they're sold in is near company HQ in King of Prussia and the Baltimore Area. How long before they get to you? And then me? A couple thousand miles away?
    Have another enjoyable 500 blogs and all the friends that come with it, Tom! Keep up the good work! I kind of enjoyed reading a few quips from the prettier Anderson, too.
    Dell Rat Ron

    1. Hi, Ron! It was wonderful to turn on the computer this morning and read your kind and generous comment. When I saw the length of it I at first thought it was another one from Kathleen! (LOL)

      Yes indeed, you know very well that I had planned to put the finishing touches on SDM&M by the end of 2010. At the time I reasoned that I had posted all the important Dell songs and told all the Dell's stories and therefore should "retire" the blog and recycle the old posts. I have since learned that there are many Dell stories yet untold and tons of great tunes recorded over the last six decades that deserve to be heard. Blogging is indeed a labor of love, but I have also learned that it is an important tool. Just as the Shady Dell brought together kids from all over Central PA - the cities, the suburbs, small towns and farms - and promoted a sense of unity and harmony, blogging brings people around the world closer together and helps promote love and understanding. I shall continue.

      Chapter 8 of Kathleen's In-Dell-ible Memories is coming up at the end of the month and I know she appreciates the fact that you follow her mother's true life story.

      That's right. Andy's Gang was sponsored by Buster Brown Shoes and I begged for them like I begged for my very own Froggy toy. Thanks for bringing back memories of the Buster Brown store and the Hiway Theater on Market St. in York. Remember the Southern off S. George St?

      As you might recall, Ron, the WSBA television tower rose into the sky atop Queen Street Hill and loomed above the basketball goal my dad installed at the edge of the patio behind our house. Over the years there were incidents of kids caught trying to climb that tower. Police and fire personnel were called in to stop them.

      You are exactly right about the areas of Potter and adjacent Tioga County where my family vacationed. We went to a farm house in Tioga with one family and a cabin next to an air field in Potter with a different family. We were close to the towns of Coudersport, Galeton and Wellsboro and, yes indeed, I swam in Lyman Lake many times. One of those towns had a movie theater built on the side of a mountain. The snack counter was at street level. You needed to walk down a flight of stairs to get to the balcony and another flight of stairs to get to the main seating level. I distinctly remember watching a screening of the 1959 horror movie The Bat starring Vincent Price and Agnes Moorehead at that mountainside theater.

      I could go for a Gino Giant right now! Of course, I could never eat just one. I usually ordered two Giants, two bags of large fries, onion rings, a vanilla shake and an apple pie. Note that I got a vanilla shake instead of chocolate because I was counting calories. :)

      Ron, you're right. Producing this blog is a lot of fun, even more so when you're here because your comments are second to none and are greatly appreciated. Thanks for coming, good buddy, and stay tuned for 99% fresh content in the coming year!

  16. Hi Ron, No Geno Giants lately. I did have some Mack's ice cream last weekend. But I certainly remember movies at the Hiway and the Southern. I'll date myself and include the Rialto on W. Market in town. There was also a movie house about a half block from the square on S. George St. I can't remember the name.

    1. I'll date myself and you, Jerre, by reminding you that, in our day, movies and the theaters that screened them were called "picture shows." Why, I can remember all the way back to a time in the distant past when the Trail Drive-in showed G-rated movies! :)

      Isn't it great to see Ron back here?

  17. Today (Wed, Nov 20th) is Tom's (a.k.a. Shady's) Birthday! If anyone of his followers reads this, please wish him a Happy Birthday!!!!

    1. Hello there, Anonymous! You certainly get around because I see your name on many other blogs! :)

      Well, it's true. Today's my birthday and I'm 39..... again!

      Thank you very much for your visit, Anonymous. Come back and see me again soon! :)

  18. Kathleen Mae SchneiderNovember 20, 2013 at 11:12 AM

    I'm ba-a-ack! Yes, Bob watched all those old westerns as a kid, and I liked some of them too. My favorites were Tom Mix, Hopalong Cassidy, Roy Rogers, Wild Bill Hickock, Annie Oakley and Davy Crockett. I had a crush on Fess Parker and got a white, genuine imitation coonskin cap that said "Betsy Crockett" on the top! There's even an old photo of me dressed as Annie aiming my toy six-shooter at the camera. As I recall it was a cap gun and I always had a fingernail or two that was black from the thing misfiring. (Or was it from laying the caps on the sidewalk and hitting them with a rock? I'm all non-violent now, but as a kid I liked to live dangerously! LOL!)

    1. You were definitely badass, Kathleen! :) I would love to see that pic of you dressed as Annie Oakley. Is there any way you can work it into your next chapter? :)

      Thanks for continuing the thread about old TV Westerns and adding Annie Oakley and Davy Crockett. I watched both of those series, too. Remember Roy Rogers' horse Trigger and his dog Bullet, and Pat Brady, Roy's sidekick, and Pat's beat up Jeep named Nellybelle? I also forgot to mention The Adventures of Rin Tin Tin (Rusty and Rinny) and the two Chuck Connors series The Rifleman and Branded. Then there was Fury, "the story of a horse and the boy who loved him" starring Peter Graves and Broken Arrow starring Michael Ansara, the lucky guy who married Barbara Eden. Ansara died a few months ago at age 91. Lots of great stuff back then and strong male role models.

      Thank you for the follow-up, Kathleen. My next post is this Friday and then you're up to bat with IDM-8! Have a nice evening, dear friend!

  19. Well I AM LATE TO THE PARTY today, but I do so want to congratulate you, I just hope you see my comment! When I read the plunk your plunker, I thought I'd remembered it wrong all these years! I used to tell the kids to 'Twang your magic Twanger, froggy' and they always would laugh. Have a wonderful Thanksgiving with Mrs Shady if I don't get back before then. One day soon I hope to be posting a bit more. Busy bee with grandchildren for now!

    1. Hi, Sush! Of course I see your comment and I am thrilled to see you, dear friend! Thank you for helping me celebrate 500 posts.

      I completely understand how spending time with your growing flock of grandkiddos takes precedence over blogging. When you're away we all miss you but absence makes your reappearance and comments all the more special.

      Thanks again for your visit, dear friend Sush, and happy Thanksgiving to you and your beautiful, growing family!

  20. Jerre, I remember the Strand and the Capitol Theaters at W. Philadelphia and N. George Streets, but any theaters on the south side of the square may well be before my time. My Mom used to talk about a theater which she called the "Ritz" on W. Market between the square and Beaver Streets, I believe next to Reineberg's Shoe Store. She may have been thinking of the Rialto. She used to recall taking me there to see Tom Mix movies, but said they closed the theater in the early fifties because there were always rats running around it while we were there.
    Yes, Tom, I remember, as a kid, seeing "Flaming Star", "Jailhouse Rock" and other movies in early days of the Trail Theater. Seeing as I had relatives living in Shrewsbury, I kept track of yearly openings and closings of that drive-in.
    Kathleen, I want to see that picture of you as a little girl in your western outfit, too. Please post it with your next installment. I had all but forgotten that often when our toy cap gun were too slow to fire shots, that we would take the paper caps and hammer them on the sidewalk. Gee, what younger kids miss out on. We didn't shoot each other with them either.
    Tom, I know I have your birthday written down somewhere around here, but---my bad, I forgot it. Happy 39th birthday, Bud! You caught up to me again!
    I never recalled a theater in Potter County but I wish I had seen that one. It sounds neat!
    Good blogging with everyone again for your 500th. SDM&M wouldn't be the same without the former and neo-Dell-Rats from Pa. and all around the world. Everybody rocks!
    Dell Rat Ron

    1. Thank you very much, Ron! Jerre and Kathleen will be happy to read your replies to their comments and this follow-up from you is evidence of how much you always bring to the table. I greatly appreciate your contributions, good buddy!


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