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"More than a place, the Shady Dell was and will forever remain a state of mind." - Shady Del Knight

"More than a place, the Shady Dell was and will forever remain a state of mind." - Shady Del Knight

Thursday, June 20, 2013

Counting Down the 200 Greatest Hits of the Shady Dell (#165-161)

 It's time once again to put your 

 musical knowledge to the test 

 as we continue our countdown of 

 The 200 Greatest Hits of the Shady Dell! 

 You know the drill. 

I'll give you a line or two of lyrics taken from five
of the most popular Dell songs of the mid 60s.
Your mission, Jim, if you decide to accept it, is to

 Name That Tune. 

Put on your thinking cap. Here are the lyric samples
for the next five Dell songs in the countdown:

 If this whole world crumbles, 
 By her side I'll still 
be standing there. 

 I need you girl, by my side 
 Uh-oh, little girl, would you 
 like to take a ride, now 

 and what I'd like 
 for you to say 
 is you'll come home 
 to me each day 

 I'm hanging on a string 
 girl, I'll do anything 

 Walls move. 
Minds do too. 

Okay, let's find out how well you did.
Here are the Dell songs in today's countdown:

 165. "I Was Made To Love Her" - Stevie Wonder 
 (June '67) 

 164. "Psychotic Reaction" - Count Five 
 (September '66) 

 163. "Just Like Me" - Paul Revere & The Raiders 
 (December '65) 

 162. "I'm Your Puppet" - James & Bobby Purify 
 (October '66) 

 161. "San Franciscan Nights" - Eric Burdon & 
 The Animals (August '67) 

How many songs did you correctly guess from the lyric clues? Refer to the grading scale below to determine your musical I.Q.

 All 5 right – 

 Congratulations! You’ve been appointed 

 dean of the College of Musical Knowledge. 

 3 or 4 right – 

 Licensed lyric lover. 

 2 right - 

 Lyrically challenged. 

 1 right – 

 Sign up for remedial classes 

 at the School of Rock. 

 0 right – 

 You just dance and hum along! 

Have a Shady day!


  1. Well, I'm just dancing and humming along! Nevertheless, I enjoyed these songs today, and Shake a Tail Feather made me smile!

    Thank you friend, for such consistent and well researched song lists for us. That is an incredible amount of work you put into each one, and it shows your complete love of music and the artists.

    Have a wonderful week!

    1. Hi, Shelly! I'm very happy to see you this morning, dear friend. I hope this means your problems with Google reader have been resolved. Did I stump you with today's countdown? I actually assembled this list of the 200 Greatest Hits of the Shady Dell back in the 1980s. I wanted to tackle the project while my memories were intact and before my brain turned to mush. I spent many weeks compiling a long list of record titles, whittling it down to the top 200, then making numerous changes to the ranking order before I was completely satisfied that it represented the most popular Dell records of the mid 60s. Thank you for appreciating my efforts, dear friend, and for your kind visit. I hope you are back to feeling 100% and have a wonderful weekend, dear Shelly!

  2. Well, what do you know, that Shelly has gone and pinched my first words!! Yes siree, I'm afraid that I'm just dancing & humming along. I knew the Stevie Wonder Song and also the Eric Burdon and The Animals one. (I would have been in trouble if I didn't know that one!!). Actually, I suppose I should have tried to fool you, and said "step aside Shadykins, because there's a new Dean of The College of Musical Knowledge in the building!!! I enjoyed the songs you picked out for us today my friend. Well, we had summer here in Devon again yesterday, but now we're back to heavy rain again. Hey Ho! Smooches coming your way!

    1. SMOOCHES, SMOOCHES SMOOCHES, dear Thisisme! Do you mean to tell me you'll be wearing the Dell dunce cap today? :) It still has our friend Desiree's initials carved in it! :) Don't fret, my friend. It's much harder to name that tune when you can't hear it and are merely reading a few of the lyrics. Even I have difficulty doing so. It's getting harder for me to operate a music blog because YouTube is cracking down and enforcing copyright claims, making it more and more difficult to offer you the original versions of vintage recordings.

      I'm sorry that the beautiful weather didn't last over your way but at least you had a few sunny days this season and I'm confident you'll enjoy many more in the coming months. I hope you and my buddy Alfred are both on the mend, my dear friend. Please know that I think about you both throughout the day and send healing prayers your way.

  3. Awww all I got was San Franciscan nights! I'm really bad with lyrics and song names as I tend to let them just play on my ipod. I used to love learning the words as a teenager, but now I love to listen to the melodies and certain guitar riffs or the keyboards and so on instead. I love to listen to Ravi Shenkar for that reason - lovely melody in place of lyrics.
    The Count Five song I recognized after listening to it and of course I knew Shake your tail feather!
    I'm gonna go sign up for class now...


    1. Hello again, dear Catherine, and thank you so much for coming. "Dell rats," as we called ourselves, often made up our own lyrics to popular songs and sang them in unison while the jukebox played. Like you I tend to appreciate the overall sound and feel of most songs with the lyrics and their overt or hidden meaning being secondary. Your friendship means the world to me, dear Cat. You have brightened my day with your visit and comment and I bid you a good night down there in Australia!

  4. Would it be OK if I said I remember the tunes once I heard them??? Well, I did alot of dancing and humming with PR and the Raiders...I went to every concert in Chicago that they had...except the last one...MCCormick place burned and the concert was cancelled..I was so mad! Then I saw them at a YMCA of all places, a bit after their fame had dimmed..and I loved that one too! Thanks for having them here today! I'm going to have to dig out those old albums and take and deep breath and enjoy some tunes!

    1. Hi, YaYa! Never fear, my dear friend. There is no grading system involved here. This test is "pass/fail" and you passed with flying colors on the basis of this interesting comment! How about that cool radio jingle for that Cleveland radio station leading into the PR&R record? To me it's a reminder of how exciting Top 40 AM radio was in the 60s. If a smaller station could afford to purchase a big league jingle package and had a halfway decent roster of deejays, they could position themselves as the leading station in the market. You don't have to twist my arm to get me to like Paul Revere & the Raiders. I took the full ride with them from their early career instrumentals and covers all the way to "Indian Reservation" and Mark's fine soft rock solos including "And The Grass Won't Pay No Mind," "Arizona" and "Miss America." Thank you very much for paying me a visit, dear friend YaYa. Have a nice Friday and a great weekend!

  5. I'm afraid I'm on brain freeze overload. I'm in the same shape as YaYa..hearing them helped me put it together for some. I needed some good toe tapping music to keep me awake after I was up for the 2AM feedings, lol!
    Thanks Tom for all you do to bring music and happiness to all of us...YOU have a wonderful weekend as well!

    1. Hello again, dear Sushie! Maybe your steady date (hubby) will be able to i.d. these songs and rack up a higher score tonight at 3am when you play them really loud and awaken him! :) Yessum, you do seem to have bebes on the brain but who could blame you? I am bursting with happiness and getting a natural high from the twin blessings that have come into your life. Thank you so very much for making me smile and cry happy tears along with you, dear Sush. Take good care of yourself and those wonderful bundles of joy!

  6. Shake a Tail Feather was always popular in NOLA!!!

    1. Hello again, my dear friend! I imagine you are also fond of the Neville Bros. - Yes? No? It's so funny. You are the third person to comment and mention "Shake a Tail Feather," a song that is not included in this post! (LOL) If you'll notice, the recording I posted by James & Bobby Purify is "I'm Your Puppet" and it is found on the Shake a Tail Feather "Best of" compilation issued by Sundazed. Both songs are great, however, as is the original version of "Shake a Tail Feather" which was recorded by the Five Du-Tones. That version was used in the original 1988 Hairspray movie. Thank you very much for the tag, dear Sush. Get some rest, my special friend, and I hope to see you back here or over there very soon!

  7. Hi Shady...shamefully, once again, I'm lyrically challenged. But, if it counts, I do know all of your songs for today. Funny, I got 'Just Like Me' and 'I'm Your Puppet'. There's something about Paul Revere & the Raiders, that almost always rings a bell. And I do terribly like Eric Burdon/Animals, but don't always recognize their lyrics, just the music.

    You've done it again, my friend! But, one day, I, too, will say, "Step aside, ShadyMaster, make way for the new, well, whatever Thisisme said." Haha, we love you!

    This was very fun, I know we'll do it again. Take care, Shady-keep batting those mammoth mosquitoes! Thank you for your post!♫

    1. Lyrically challenged? "I'm truly sorry, Suzanne!" Remember that Hollies song? :) Hey, dear friend, if you're "lyrically challenged" and got two right, that means you move to the head of the class! (LOL) I don't see how Thisisme expects to become Dean of the College of Musical Knowledge if all she can do is, as the Temptations sang, "dance and hum along."

      Isn't that top 40 radio intro to "Just Like Me" the coolest thing? A slick, professional customized "big city" jingle and intro get you stoked for the record that follows and could even make "Tiptoe Thru the Tulips" seem exciting.

      I still haven't seen any of those colossal mosquitos around my house and I hope they stay away. I've heard that even Army tanks and missiles don't stop them! (LOL) Thank you very much for joining the platter party and making it even more fun, dear Suzanne!

  8. OMG! I didn't get a chance to listen to 'Psychotic Reaction' when I was here earlier, so, I came back! Thank goodness I did, because I didn't even remember that title. I loved that song, remember it fun to dance to, and, just laugh to. You're too good to us ShadyMaster! Thanks again!♫

    1. Hi again, Suzanne! Are you saying that you're still having trouble playing the videos on my blog? If that's the case "I'm truly sorry, Suzanne." (LOL) GOTCHA! No, seriously, I hope you can play all the videos I post because it puzzles me if you can't and I can. Yessum - Count Five, a teenage band from San Jose, recorded one of the most highly regarded garage rock records of the Sixties. Count Five often dressed in Dracula capes to perform at live gigs. The gimmick was ahead of its time (think Alice Cooper, etc.) but it failed to get them another hit after "Psychotic Reaction." Thank you for coming back to see me, my dear friend. I always enjoy having you here and sharing smiles and laughs with you. Take care!

  9. Well Tom, I think I'll just have to dance and hum along because I didn't get any of them :(

    I hope you had a nice week and that you have a lovely weekend too!

    Emma x

    1. Hi, Emma! I'm sorry you drew a blank and couldn't Name That Tune, but I hope you enjoyed one or two of these. I did have a nice week and I hope you did, too. Have a safe and happy weekend, dear friend, and thank you very much for coming for a visit!

  10. I'm hopeless at recognizing lyrics, but I did know all these songs. They are all wonderful but I guess I would choose Stevie Wonder's song as my favorite of the bunch. I would have loved to dance at the Dell with you to these songs. Have a happy week!

    1. Hi, dear Belle! It pleases me to know that Stevie's "I Was Made To Love Her" is your Pick to Click. I don't think anybody else mentioned it. I can still picture the Dell rats performing a synchronized line dance to that one. Sweet soul songs like that one always tug at my heart strings, much more so than the attitude driven funk that replaced it. If you had been a Dellette and consented to dance with me, I would have dropped a fist full of quarters into the jukebox and played 50 slow songs in a row! :) Thank you very much for swinging by, dear friend Belle. Take care of yourself and have a great weekend!


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