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"More than a place, the Shady Dell was and will forever remain a state of mind." - Shady Del Knight

"More than a place, the Shady Dell was and will forever remain a state of mind." - Shady Del Knight

Thursday, February 7, 2013

"I Want My S-D-M-M!" Which Rock Clip Wins the Coveted "Shady Award" for Video of the Year?










 First Annual Shady Awards 




In Part 1,  MISS CRAZY   took the title of

 New (to me) Band of the Year. 

We now proceed to the next category,
the award for Video of the Year.




 "White Wedding" - Murderdolls (2008)  

 "Don't Change That Song" - Faster Pussycat (1987 
 with scenes from Russ Meyer's 1965 motion picture 
 Faster, Pussycat! Kill! Kill!

 "Hall of the Mountain King" - Savatage (1987) 

 "Dreamin' in a Casket" - Hardcore Superstar (2007) 

 "Somebody Save Me" - Cinderella (1986) 

 "Turn Up the Radio" - Autograph (1984) 

 "Balls to the Wall" - Accept (1984, lip sync circa 2006-09 
 performed by Japanese anime character Haruhi Suzumiya) 

 "Screaming in the Night" - Krokus (1983) 

 "Planet Boom" - Tommy Lee/Motley Crue (orig. 1994, 
 rereleased in 1997 on soundtrack of movie Barb Wire 

 "Hot and Bothered" - Cinderella (1994) 

 "Hide Your Heart" - Kiss (1989) 



 GOES TO..... 

(pregnant pause while envelope opens)

 "Screaming in the Night" 

 by Krokus! 

Why? Because it's a great song combined with a great video!
This band from Switzerland also impressed me with its
versatility and longevity. Krokus is still together and will
be releasing a new album, Dirty Dynamite, this month!

Named after (of all things) a flower, Krokus started out
in the mid 70s playing prog rock. The band achieved
much greater success when they switched to a more aggressive, hard-edged yet commercial rock style.

 "To the Top" - Krokus  (1982) 

Along with bands like Airbourne and Rhino Bucket, both
featured in this series, Krokus became adroit imitators
of the Bon Scott era AC/DC, a sound clearly heard on such
songs as "Long Stick Goes Boom" and "Playin' the Outlaw."

 "Playin' the Outlaw" - Krokus (1982) 

Krokus evolved into a pop metal band, mastered the
power ballad and scored a hit with "Screaming in the Night"
due in large part to the high budget conceptual video that
ran on MTV. "Screaming in the Night" is also nominated
for Song of the Year and will take on a field of worthy
challengers in the next phase of the competition.

 Please stay tuned for Part 3 of the 

 First Annual Shady Awards 

 coming soon! 

Have a Shady day!


  1. Now some of these I actually knew today! You picked some great ones, my friend. Hall of the Mountain King is one I really liked.

    I think you picked a worthy winner. I'm glad you don't get locked up in one genre because there is so much music out their to love.

    Have a wonderful day today, my friend!

    1. Hey, Shelly! It's great to know that you appreciated a few of these, especially the one by Savatage. That band, today regarded as one of the finest pure metal bands of the 80s and early 90s, was based right here in the greater Tampa Bay area. The guys frequently dropped by the studios of the MTV style television station where I worked and the veejay who hosted our late night heavy metal segment gave their videos lots of exposure. Tragically, one of the founding brothers, lead guitarist Criss Oliva, was killed by a drunk driver in 1993, but the band played on. Thank you very much for tuning in today, dear friend Shelly, and enjoy your upcoming weekend!

  2. I closed my eyes, took a deep breath, opened my heart...and then you rocked my socks off!! I must admit, when I first started reading your blog I had no idea that I'd be treated to this type of music and I LIKE IT!! The first concert I ever went to was Bon Jovi and Cinderella at Joe Louis Arena in Detroit, so the Cinderella videos you shared really brought back memories. I must have watched that video for Somebody Save Me 1,000 times back in the day! I also clearly recall Hall of the Mountain King, Turn Up the Radio and Planet Boom...all great jams! I was never a Krokus fan but I do remember that my friend, April, was a huge fan. So funny that they named their group after a flower! I can certainly hear the AC/DC influence on Playin' the Outlaw. If I'd heard that one on the radio and didn't know better I'd have thought it really was AC/DC! I'd also never heard Dreamin' in a Casket before and I really enjoyed the spooky goth imagery in that one.

    Thank you for WAKING ME UP on this fine Thursday morning, bringing back some fun memories, expanding my musical knowledge and sharing your inner headbanging badass with us! (LOL) ;) I'm really looking forward to reading the rest of this fun series. Have a great day, my friend!

    1. Howdy, Jenn June!!! I was hoping you'd see this post because I figured somebody your age might be able to relate to it. I'm happy to know that you dig Cinderella as much as I. In my humble opinion, Tom Keifer's was the greatest voice in rock during that period. His is also a lesson in courage and perseverance. At one point in his career he lost his voice and didn't get it back for quite a while in spite of several surgeries. His mom died during that period and he battled depression. He fought back, regained his voice and continues to rock the house present day. Cinderella will be performing in the Monsters of Rock Cruise next month along with Kix and Tesla, two bands also featured in this series of mine.

      I have several AC/DC albums in my changer along with several more by bands that imitated their sound. It is very hard to tell one from another but to me it's all great.

      Sweet friend, I am delighted that you came by this morning to join me in some headbanging and reminiscing. Thank you so much, Jenn June, and stay tuned for Parts 3 and 4!

    2. Wow, I did not know that about Tom Keifer! I am in total agreement with you about his great voice and now that I hear what he went through I've gained an even greater level of respect for him.

    3. Hi, Jenn! I forgot to mention to you that I met Cinderella, Ratt, Poison, Tesla, Kiss, The Thompson Twins, Winger, Night Ranger, Swedish guitarist Yngwie Malmsteen and many other hard rock, heavy metal and New Wave bands and artists in the 1980s when they came to play tour venues in the Tampa Bay area. The MTV style television station where I worked had a late night heavy metal program similar to Headbanger's Ball and our veejay invited band members over to the studio for interviews. As I told Shelly, who posted the comment above yours, I also met Savatage because they were local guys who lived in Tarpon Springs. If Dell Rat Jerre reads this I forgot to mention to him that Savatage evolved into a respected prog metal act.

      Thank you for coming back over to see me, Jenn June. It is always a pleasure to connect with you!

  3. Hmmmmm, Hmmmm, well I do love Bon Jovi if that's any good to you!!! I really do, generally, love all types of music, from opera through to country, but heavy metal I have never liked, I'm afraid. I always thought that this was much more of a masculine choice, although I see that our friend Shelly enjoyed it. Oh well, you can't win them all! Take care my friend.

    1. Hallo, dear Thisisme! Everything is relative, dear friend. Some of the songs in this post, such as the ones by Autograph and Kiss and especially the winning video by Krokus, would be considered soft, easy listening pop compared to the truly hardcore music that's come out in recent years in categories such as thrash, speed metal, death metal, black metal, doom metal, grindcore, etc. Even I cannot tolerate more than a few seconds of such extreme material but there are many people who love it. To each his own. Nevertheless, I respect your taste in music and I thank you for coming over to say hello. I hope you are well and in good spirits and I'll be chatting with you again soon, dear friend.

  4. Now I really feel old as many of these were new to me. I must have missed them while my daughter was in charge of the music as she was more of a country fan. Enjoyed many of these as they were better than some of the bands that I do remember. Jerre

    1. Hi, Jerre! Well, it's a pleasant surprise to find your comment today, good buddy. I know your favorite category is doo-wop but I am also aware of your love for progressive rock and Krokus got its start in prog. Several of the bands in this four part series such as Murderdolls (gotta love 'em!), Hardcore Superstar, Nasty Idols, Miss Crazy and Pink Cream 69 were completely new to me until a couple of months ago but now I'm a big fan and use their music for exercise. I'm thrilled to know that you enjoyed a few of these because they are all big favorites of mine. How about that anime? (LOL) Thanks for stopping by, Jerre, and BOLO for more doo-wop sounds coming soon!

  5. I don't know any of these! Except for the cover of White Wedding, which was very unusual! :)

    I hope you're doing well Tom, thank you for your words on my post about my grandad. It's a daily struggle but I have my family to grieve with and it somehow makes it easier being able to talk to them about him and how much we all miss him. :)

    Emma x

    1. You are absolutely right, Emma. At a time like this you need to keep loved ones close and express what you're feeling. We've all been there and I feel very sad for your loss. Your granddad was undoubtedly a fine man and I am sure he was proud of you.

      I loved that video for "White Wedding" which pokes fun at American Idol and other popular televised singing contests. The Murderdolls aggressive treatment of Billy Idol's hit is, in its own way, just as great as the original. Thank you very much for your visit and comments, dear friend Emma. My thoughts and prayers remain with you and your family.

  6. Oh Lord - not a fan. Not at all. But it was a fun little romp, Shady. You head banging crazy man, you!

    1. LOL! Hi, karen! Since when don't you love the Murderdolls? (LOL) As I told my friend Thisisme, a couple of these songs are in the relatively tame, melodic, pop metal category. Compared to the really hardcore stuff that's being produced they are almost suitable for the Lawrence Welk Show. The two by Cinderella are examples of hard rock/blues rock similar to the music performed by Aerosmith and the Rolling Stones. As your husband will tell you, the Kiss song and video is a public service announcement which addresses the problem of gang violence in our cities.

      I love your sense of humor, dear friend, and I truly enjoy your company. Thank you for visiting and have a terrific weekend!

  7. Hi Shady! I didn't know any of these songs but I had my favorites as I listened. Somebody Save Me, Dreamin' in a Casket, Don't Change That Song, and Turn Up the Radio.

    I really liked these, I'm afraid all the rest were too heavy for me, but I can see why you chose Krokus. They must have appealed to hard rock fans. Screaming in the Night was an interesting video and the song wasn't too awful for me. :) I liked how the guy ended up in a restaurant. Thanks for the fun, dear friend.

    1. Hi dear Belle! I am very pleased to know that you actually enjoyed a few of these. I am hooked on that Faster Pussycat video because it includes scenes from one of my favorite movies, Faster Pussycat! Kill Kill! directed by Russ Meyer. I first saw that movie at a local drive-in movie theater or "passion pit" as they were called. "Turn Up the Radio" turned up on an episode of Miami Vice that I watched recently. That video by Autograph and the ones Savatage, Kiss and the pop oriented "Screaming in the Night" by Krokus remind us of the elaborate, big budget concept videos produced for MTV. Record companies hired well known movie directors for the projects. I know you like Bryan Adams and his conceptual videos automatically come to mind. I will be featuring one of them in an upcoming post.

      Thank you very much for visiting, listening and commenting, dear friend Belle, and have a safe and happy weekend!

  8. Once again you are thinking "outside the Shady box"! It's always fun to see a change up! I liked that version of Billy Idol's "White wedding", I didn't think it could get much harder than his but the Murderdolls rocked it even harder. Speaking of "idol" , the video emulated a silly version of American Idol(a show I really enjoy watching)!
    My picks would have been either one of the Cinderella tunes, the pretty boys of Metal. Mostly, because I was more familiar with them and got to see them live in my late teens. Next pick, Autograph, I do love that song, "Turn up the radio", it's not as hard as some of the others and when I head bang to that one, I don't need to put a call in for my Chiropractor!!! (Love that verse, "things go better with ROCK!") Enjoyed rocking out with you today, that was a fun post!
    BTW, Shady, since you "hale" from York, did you know that a York area band is up for a Grammy this Sunday for best Metal/hard rock?
    The band is called, Halestorm and the song nominated is "Love Bites"! Congratulations and good luck to them!

    1. Hi, Toni! I'm glad you enjoyed the Murderdolls murdering "White Wedding" in fine fashion on a simulated edition of American Idol. (I think Steven Tyler would have given them a big thumbs up!) Those horror/shock rockers resonate with me in a big way and I refuse to believe it's just a guy thing. I am also delighted that you selected Cinderella's videos as your Picks to Click. The band originated in the suburban Philadelphia area and became one of the best hard rock/blues rock outfits in the world, certainly not your run of the mill pretty boy glam band. I could listen to Tom Keifer's gravel voiced growling all day every day.

      It's a small world after all! I have been listening to Halestorm on the internet for months but never knew they are from back home in Red Lion, York County. I, too, wish them luck in the Grammys. (Sorry that I overlooked them in The Shadys!) Thank you very much for coming over for a look and a listen, dear friend Toni, and I hope to see you here again soon!

  9. I managed to surf my way over here today...hope all's well with you Shady! Well, well, well! I do know some of these folks...actually saw Cinderella in concert in the late 1980's. They're kind of wild, but I did like a few of their songs. And, you mentioned Ratt-I liked them too! So, on to your award for 'Screaming in the Night'. I'm afraid I missed that song, but did listen and watch your video, and it is good.

    I always liked 'White Wedding'! It is an unpredictable don't know for sure, where, but, it's an exciting song! And, I also remember 'Turn up the Radio'. So, you didn't have me completely out there with your choices. A very fun post, Shady! have a great weekend!♫

    1. Hi there, Suzanne! I'm happy to see you, dear friend. I don't want to be a spoiler but Cinderella will be featured prominently in the rest of this series. I love their sound and the fact that they shunned the trappings of glam metal and cranked out some serious hard rock and blues rock.

      The Murderdolls kill in their exciting video performance of "White Wedding." I'm glad you agree that it pure rock excitement and I can't find a thing wrong with that.

      As I mentioned in an earlier reply, I was watching an episode of Miami Vice a few weeks ago and they used Autograph's signature song in the soundtrack, prompting me to include the concept video in this awards competition.

      Thank you very much for coming to my metal meltdown, dear friend Suzanne. If you've got Scootie again this weekend have fun with the little guy. Whatever you're up to I hope you are feeling great and enjoying yourself.

  10. what a good eclectic mix Shady! not all of them were my cup of tea, but for you ol friend i gave em a listen and for the most part was pleasantly surprised!

    1. Hello, dear Alabee! Yours just might be the perfect comment to a post of this kind. You found the right combination of words that let me know this wasn't the style of music you typically listen to but at the same time you kept an open mind, gave these videos a try and found something to like. That's all I could ever ask of you. It leaves both of us feeling good inside. Thanks for being a true blue friend, dear Alabee. I wish you a very happy Valentine's day.


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