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"More than a place, the Shady Dell was and will forever remain a state of mind." - Shady Del Knight

"More than a place, the Shady Dell was and will forever remain a state of mind." - Shady Del Knight

Friday, January 4, 2013

The First Annual Shady Awards, Part 1




 Rolling Stone. 


 Entertainment Tonight 


 Access Hollywood. 


 "The Shadys"  



 First Annual Shady Awards 



The nominees in each category are the videos, songs and bands I liked best and I listened to most during 2012.

I have a confession to make. Last year while I was posting doo-wop and soul music here on the blog I was actually in a metal mood. (Hey, if it can happen to Pat Boone and William Shatner it can happen to anybody!)

One man's Meat Loaf is another man's Poison and throughout 2012 my music of choice was hard rock and heavy metal.
I made the switch from sweet soul and pop love songs to
the hard stuff in the interest of fitness. Every day I listen to music while exercising and I discovered that heavier sounds motivate me more and help me achieve better workouts.

Without further ado let's get the awards program underway
as I announce the nominees in my first category,

 New (to me) Band of the Year. 

These are bands I never heard of before
that are prolific and, IMHO, terrific.


 NEW (to me) 




 "Kalifornia" (2012) 


 "Here I Am" (2004) 


 "Can't Get Enough" (2007) 


 "Nowhere" (2010) 


 "Generation Wild" (2010) 


 "Medicate Me" (2007) 


 "Rock and a Hard Place" (2011) 


 "Can't Get U Out" (2005) 


 "Heartbreak Blvd" (1991) 


 "One Night Stand" (1990) 


 "Runnin' Wild" (2007) 


 "Walkin' Shoes" (1989) 



 NEW (to me) 


 GOES TO..... 

(pregnant pause while envelope opens)


Why? Because this San Francisco band brings back
the glory years of 80s rock, glam and heavy metal.
Miss Crazy produces a sound that is part Def Leppard,
part AC/DC, part Cinderella and part Ratt. (Me likey!)

 "My Way" - Miss Crazy (2006) 

Not too harsh, not too nasty and, on the other end of the spectrum,
not too innocent, emo or wimpy, Miss Crazy is just my style; and with bass player Kim Racer in the lineup... just my speed.

With shredded vocals over a driving beat, Miss Crazy
sounds like the love child produced by the mating of
Bon Scott and Cinderella. Result: 100% pure adrenaline!!!

 "Shut Eyes" - Miss Crazy (2006) 

 Please be here when the 

 First Annual Shady Awards 

 continues in coming weeks 

 with the naming of 





Have a Shady day!


  1. I am decades removed from my metal era, so I wasn't really familiar with these newer ones, but
    I'll take your word for it, my friend! And
    i work out at a gym on a university campus, and they are either playing metal or rap. Have a great day!

    1. Hi, Shelly! It's true. Music with a steady beat helps pace your workouts. A few years ago I tried using disco and urban dance funk. Unsatisfied, and not wanting to get into modern hip-hop and rap, I switched to the type of music featured here and it's doing the job. Among my current favorites are bands reviving the punk style you once favored along with revivalists of 80s glam and sleaze rock. Thank you very much for your comment, dear Shelly. Welcome back, happy new year and have a great weekend!

  2. Hi Tom. Hope all is going well over there in uptown Florida! You will already know that these songs aren't for me, but I can well imagine how they would be much more inspirational whilst pumping iron than listening to, say, Perry Como! LOL!!

    1. Hallo, dear Thisisme! You got it right, dear friend. In order to hold your own in the battle against aging (or the battle of the bulge) you need to stick to a fitness program. To do that you need to stay motivated. I found that soothing love ballads simply do not get me pumped up nearly as much as raw, intense, in your face sounds like these do. Fact is, even when I'm not exercising I love this type of music because I find it empowering. Thank you very much for giving it a whirl, dear Thisisme, and have a wonderful weekend!

  3. I like the Shady Awards, how clever! I hope you had a lovely holidays Shady dear, and a happy new year!

    1. Hello, dear Alabee! Happy new year to you, kiddo! I'm glad you could make it here for Part 1 of the Shadys. I wish you a safe and happy weekend, my dear friend, and all the best in 2013!

  4. Hmmmm... no. Not a fan. A couple of them started out well - good driving beat and all that, but the vocals just lose me. The videos definitely lost me. I hate to sound prissy, but they just give me a bad feeling. A few of them reminded me too much of Guns 'n Roses and that genre, and others just creeped me out. My youngest son is more a fan of the punk genre, although I think groups like Guttermouth just bring back his glory days in the mosh pit.
    He did recommend one group - completely different - that I liked so much I bought 2 CDs worth of their music. Gold Motel. You'll have to tell me what you think. Their music, for me, is pure feel good. My favorite is "Summer House." I think I could even take it to the gym.

    1. Hi, karen! It must be a guy thing because I love this kind of stuff. Maybe L does, too??? Yes? No? Anyway, I appreciate the fact that you gave it a try and also that you left a sincere and thoughtful comment. I am already familiar with Gold Motel because either you or another blog friend told me about that band several months ago and I checked them out. I agree that it is pure feel good music, very California. As for this darker, more intense music, all I can say is that it pumps me up and inspires me to push myself harder in my workouts. If something works and gets results I tend to stick with it. Thanks again for visiting, dear friend karen, and happy new year to you and yours!

    2. Ha - yep, it probably was me who told you about Gold Motel. I think I remember that now. Getting old/can't remember things! No, LaMar likes good strong rock, but not this kind of stuff. Too dark. He's a huge fan of Yes - the signature band of middle aged men everywhere. I went to a concert with him once, and that's all I saw. I am definitely into lighter fare - no one genre, but I don't like punk (except for Flogging Molly) or rap. And yes, I even like Lady Gaga. You would laugh at my playlists - they're all over the place.

    3. karen - You and I both have eclectic taste in music and to me that's a good thing. While our playlists would not be identical I know they would both include "Reach Out" by Friend & Lover along with a significant number of other matches. LaMar and I both love Kiss and my old buddies Dell Rat Jerre and Dave Bupp are both into classic progressive rock bands like Yes. I favor progressive heavy metal bands along with glam, sleaze and blues rock bands of the 80s and 90s and 21st century bands that are reviving those genres. I am not your typical middle aged man. My motto has always been "never grow up, never grow old" and I am the first to admit that I never grew up. I think, act and feel like a teenager. "I'm 18 and I like it" and bands like Miss Crazy resonate. You are a terrific friend, karen, and I thank you for returning here to continue our thread.

  5. Hi Shady...movin slow, but I'm getting there. I'm finally starting to feel a bit normal, hope you're feeling ok! And, hey! What a group of tunes! I really didn't recognize any of these artists, you know, they all had such crazy names, but was able to listen to 'Here I Am' by Pink Cream...a heck of a slide show! And, I did like the song. You are totally spot on about 'Miss Crazy'! I did listen, and too, detected a bit of Cinderella and Ratt in the style and music-pretty good, eh? I had no idea where Cinderella and Ratt came from, they were somewhere in there with Foreigner, early Bon Jovi, and the likes. And, you know, I think Ratt was actually in an episode of Jerry Seinfeld...they were living upstairs from him and driving him crazy with their music!

    What a fun idea to feature your favorites for 2012! Some of us will most likely remember some of the ones you pick...and, we'll be glad we came back. Thank you Shady for your friendship. I will be backtracking blogs to catch up, I've missed everyone! Have a wonderful weekend! See you soon.♫

    1. Hi, Suzanne! I'm doing well, thank you, and I'm so glad to see you up and around. Welcome back and happy new year! I'm delighted to know that you actually found something to like in this post. Truth be told these acts are mild and mainstream compared to those in more extreme categories such as Speed/Thrash and Death Metal. I briefly dabbled in those styles but needed to back away from them because they were producing the same type of bad feeling that karen and others got from listening to the bands featured here. Thank you very much for coming over to see me, dear friend Suzanne, and I hope your recovery continues unabated.

  6. Hi Shady, I'm with you , listening to these heavy metal bands does make you wanna move faster. My head and neck have really slimmed down head bangin to the beat!!!

    So, just where DID you find all these hair band thrashers? They certainly weren't on MY MTV!!! I do see the years are more current and they DO say everything comes back around. Is this sound making a comeback??? Nasty Idols , Pink Cream and the others do rock with their screechin , screamin and geeetar bangin! I think I like Crazy Lixx, "rock and a hard place" the best. Sounds a little like Sammy Hagar in the beginning. Your fav, "My Way", is certainly a different sound from Frank's and Ushers version but hey! who doesn't like variety???? I bet your wife is now taking on your parents roll yelling for you to "TURN THAT DOWN!!!!" I'll now have to tune into my XM radio, perhaps the Alt. Nation channel and listen for these new metal songs.

    Enjoyed rockin out w/ you, Shady, time to get out the leather and hair spray!--whatta change (from your Jack Purcells and the Baracuta)!

    1. Hi, Toni! Welcome back to SDM&M, my dear friend. "Seems like a mighty long time," as Barbara Lewis and the Capitols once sang. I'm thrilled that you give a thumbs up to these hard rock and heavy metal tunes. To answer your questions, this sound is indeed making a comeback in recent years. Exciting new bands in Sweden and other Scandanavian countries, as well as some in the USA have been reviving 80s glam and sleaze with a sound derived from Motley Crue, Faster Pussycat, Ratt, Cinderella, etc. Other bands, including a few in Australia, are bringing back the sound of AC/DC. Still other bands like Murderdolls and Wednesday 13 were influenced by B horror and sci-fi movies of the 50s, by Alice Cooper, Kiss and Rob Zombie and are producing intense music in the so-called "horror punk" category. I discovered all of these bands by doing research and reading reviews on The All Music Guide and on Amazon. It's great to see you back here again, dear Toni. You've been missed. Thanks so much for coming to my Headbangers Ball and stay tuned for Parts 2, 3 and 4 in the weeks ahead. Happy new year, Toni!

  7. )))((((((
    [____]---{ Havin' just viewed "Masque of the Red Death," on epix, then surfin' into your blog I simply must nominate this wee parody in keeping with your concept of "Opening your heart."
    Pretty wild, ehhhh, Daddy-O?

  8. Tor - My brain is overloaded, my friend! And yes, I knew in advance what you were going to show me in the way of "opening your heart." (LOL) I love parodies. Here's a favorite for you to enjoy:

    Thanks for stopping by, Tor, and enjoy the rest of your weekend!

  9. Hi Shady! It's funny but I was going to tell you that Miss Crazy was my favorite too. I thought 'Nowhere' andOne Night Stand' were pretty good songs.

    This isn't my kind of music but I can see where it would make you move while exercising. I think I could listen to Miss Crazy through a whole CD but not the other bands. Thanks for the intro to hard rock! I'll never be a fan but that's okay. Looking forward to the next post.

    1. Hi, Belle! Just as long as you're still a fan of Shady Del Knight, that's all I care about, dear friend. I'm glad we have a meeting of the minds about Miss Crazy. You also mentioned "Nowhere" by the Murderdolls which was actually the tamest and cleanest of their songs and videos I could find for use on the blog! (LOL) The "horror rock" band is led by Wednesday 13 who took his stage name from one of his (and my) favorite TV shows, The Addams Family. You also mentioned "One Night Stand," a selection by Rhino Bucket, a Los Angeles area band that replicates the sound of Bon Scott era AC/DC. Thank you very much for your visit and comments, dear Belle, and have a great week ahead!

  10. I love that you were listening to Metal last year Tom, it shows that there is so much we don't know about you!! My favourite music of last year was Father John Misty, Phantogram, Metronomy and Real Estate. I'm excited to get into new bands this year!

    Emma x

    1. Hello, dear Emma! I have come to know you well, dear friend, and I predicted that you would understand my eagerness to experiment with new and different styles of music. In the two years I have followed your fine blog and that of our mutual young friend Amber Blue Bird, I have acquired a genuine appreciation for modern bands and types of music I never listened to before and thought I wouldn't like. I agree with you that it is very exciting to discover new bands and I'm glad you came across the pond to sample the ones I'm currently into. Have a splendid week and a very happy, healthy and successful year, dear friend Emma!

  11. ummmm they are all new to me. LOL. I'm looking forward to the next awards. Biggest hugs!

    1. Hi, Katie! HUGS to you, dear friend! You say these bands are all new to you? I'm stunned! (LOL) Keep in mind they were all new to me, too, until very recently. It's amazing how many new artists and sounds you can discover by following the downlines on sites like AMG and Amazon. If this music hurts your ears fear not because the pendulum will swing back to the fabulous fifties very soon. Thank you for attending The Shadys, dear Katie, and have a terrific week!


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