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"More than a place, the Shady Dell was and will forever remain a state of mind." - Shady Del Knight

"More than a place, the Shady Dell was and will forever remain a state of mind." - Shady Del Knight

Friday, January 11, 2013

Dell Rat Ron's Got Good Vibrations and Shady's Got the Shakes!

 Introducing...the Vibrations! 

 "Misty" - Vibrations (November 1965, highest chart 
 position #63) 

  Dell Rat Ron's back and today we're 

 kicking off a 3 part salute to the Vibrations,  

 an R&B vocal group that influenced bands 

 and delighted fans all over Central PA.  

 Starting in the mid 50s and continuing through 

 the 60s, the act produced hit records using three 

 different names: the Jayhawks, the Marathons 

 and the Vibrations. 

Ron and I are going to have some fun with this and play tag team. For every  VIBRATIONS  record that Ron plays I'll spin one or two that   SHAKE Confused? Don't worry. You'll catch on.

Here's my first one, a shakin' song by a Brit Merseybeat group that looked and sounded a lot like that other famous English combo whose name escapes me at the moment.


 "Hippy Hippy Shake" - Swinging Blue Jeans (April 1964, 
 highest chart position #24) 




Now, here's one of my favorite shakin' songs performed
by a Canadian group originally known as Chad Allan &
the Expressions. They changed their name and became consistent hit makers n America as Guess Who?

 Quivers down my backbone 
 I got the shakes in my thigh bone 
 I got the shivers in my knee bone 
 Shakin' all over 

 "Shakin' All Over" - Guess Who (June 1965, highest 
 chart position #22) 

 See how it works? 

Now that we've established the ground rules it's time to


 Ron, I'm pickin' up GOOD VIBRATIONS.   

 Did I say good? I mean GREAT! 

 Shady, the Vibrations were 
 equally as popular as the 
 original O'Jays with the 
 local bands and their 
 followers. Their recording 
 of "Misty" was the one the 
 Magnificent Men covered. 
 The Mag Men also per- 
 formed with and backed 
 up the Vibrations at the 
 Raven and other venues. 
 When the Magnificent Men 
 sang "Misty" on their set
(I believe after asking the 

 Vibrations if they minded), 
 the Vibrations had nothing 
 but approval for them.  
 This group originally 
 recorded under the name the Jayhawks and had a hit with 
 "Peanut Butter" using the name the Marathons. Every band 
 did the original "My Girl Sloopy" the way the Vibrations 
 created it. Dick Biondi, late night DJ from WLS in Chicago, 
 won me over night after night with this. It did well on the 
 charts. I think this original version is just so much funkier 
 than the monster hit the McCoys had with it a year later. 
 I'd like to dedicate this song to Sue Work, a Dallastown 
 graduate, and dear friend with whom I experienced much 
 of this music. 

 "My Girl Sloopy" - Vibrations (May 1964, 
 highest chart position #26) 



Ron, Shady's next shake song is an up tempo goodie by Peggy Scott and Jo Jo Benson, an R&B duo that sounded like Ike and Tina. In a post a year ago I featured another of their hits, "Picking Wild Mountain Berries." This time around there's more bounce to the ounce with "Soul Shake."

 "Soul Shake" - Peggy Scott and Jo Jo Benson 
 (February 1969, highest chart position #37) 

 Tag,'re it! 

 Shady, this next song is the first the Vibrations recorded on   Atlantic before "My Girl Sloopy". They only released two 45s 
 for that label. The Delchords used to sing this and I believe 
 Buddy sang the lead on it as he did on the Mag Men's ver- 
 sion of the Vibrations' arrangement of "Misty" later on. This 
 is one of the sweetest ballads ever recorded. As in "Misty" 
 Ricky Owens sings lead here. The Vibrations broke up when 
 Ricky left the group to join the Temptations. 

 "Between Hello and Goodbye" - Vibrations 
 (January 1964, uncharted) 


Ron,  I WANNA TESTIFY.  While Peggy and Jo Jo were up there doing a "Soul Shake," P-Funk architect George Clinton, creator of the Parliament-Funkadelic empire, was down here asking the burning question "Do Fries Go With That Shake?" This video was a frequent fryer (sorry about that) at the MTV style television station where I worked. A sizzler in the spring of 1986, Clinton's cookin' clip begins by sampling that year's hot new singing star Janet Jackson performing in her hit music video "What Have You Done for Me Lately."

 "Do Fries Go With That Shake" - George Clinton 
 (May 1986, highest chart position #13 R&B) 

 Shady, in 1961 the Vibrations released a sweet ballad 
 called "Stop Right Now."  The B-side of that single was
 "All My Love Belongs To You," another sweet ballad. 

 "All My Love Belongs To You" - Vibrations 
 (August 1961, uncharted) 



 Here's one I'm sure 

 you remember from 

 the Dell, Ron. 

Autry DeWalt Mixon, Jr. took the stage name Jr. Walker and became an architect of the Motown Sound.  In the spring of 1965, Walker's signature song, "Shotgun" went top 5 pop and #1 R&B.  Junior and his band The All Stars followed with the top 40 hit "Do the Boomerang" and capped off the year with the top 30 entry "Shake and Fingerpop."

 "Shake and Fingerpop" - Jr. Walker and the All Stars 
 (September 1965, highest chart position #29) 

 The Vibrations waxed "The Watusi" 
 for Checker and the Delchords and 
 other groups frequently performed 
 "The Watusi" and the B-Side, 
 "Wallflower" at the Oaks and other 
 dance halls. The reunion groups in 
 Pennsylvania still do "The Watusi". 

 "The Watusi" - Vibrations (March 1961, highest chart 
 position #25) 

 I got an answer for that, Ron! 


As I'm sure you recall, one of the highlights of John Waters' original 1988 Hairspray movie was when Baltimore's TV teens performed
a bitchin' line dance to "Shake a Tail Feather," a black chart hit
by the Five Du-Tones.

Go Amber Von Tussle!

 "Shake a Tail Feather" - Five Du-Tones (June 1963, 
 highest chart position #51) 

 Let me squeeze in one more, Ron. 


Johnny Rivers was the first artist to appear regularly at the famed Whisky A Go Go nightclub on the Sunset Strip.  Johnny and his gaggle of singing, squealing, shouting go-go girls took the hit song made famous by Jerry Lee Lewis and turned it into a killer of their own!

 "Whole Lotta Shakin' Goin' On" - Johnny Rivers 
 (from the 1964 album Here We A Go Go Again) 


Ron has more good great  VIBRATIONS 
in Parts 2 and 3 of our series coming soon!

Have a Shady day!


  1. Oh, Shady and Ron, my elderly computer is not letting me even see the links to play the music. A pity, as I really enjoyed reading about them and the artists. I shall try later on a different computer, as these songs look too good to pass up. Thank you for the great research and time always put into these!

    1. Hi, Shelly! I've had my share of computer problems and it's aggravating. I'm sorry you aren't able to listen to these song selections this morning and hope you can listen to them later on a different machine. My favorite relic in this batch is the mid 80s video by George Clinton in which he samples Janet Jackson, pokes fun at Diana Ross and her "Mirror, Mirror" hit and reminds us of how comedian Billy Crystal caused a media sensation on SNL with his recurring sketch parody of Fernando Lamas uttering the famous words "You look... mahvelous." Thank you very much for your visit and comment, dear Shelly, and have a great weekend!

  2. Great fun shakin' to some great music with you this morning! Started my morning out right!

    1. Glad to hear it, karen! Thanks so much for visiting and have a safe and happy weekend, dear friend!

  3. Hi Tom & Ron - This was a clever post about Shake, Rattle & Roll! Very cleverly thought out. Hey! There was one in there that I was really familiar with, which was, of course, The Swinging Blue Jeans and The Hippy Hippy Shake! That sure brought back memories my friends. I actually really enjoyed all the music today, and thankfully, unlike poor Shelly, I was able to listen to them all. Well done boys!! Smooches to you both.

    1. Hallo, dear Thisisme! You mean to tell me you prefer the Swinging Blue Jeans over the Murderdolls from my heavy metal post? (LOL) As you know I like to present variety and this is certainly is another mixed bag. I'm so glad you found time to come over and listen today, dear friend. SMOOCHES to you and have a wonderful weekend!

  4. Hi Shady! I loved the line-up today. I think my favorite Vibrations song was, "Between Hello and Goodbye". That was lovely and I'm going to listen to again after I say goodbye. The 'Misty' I remember was by Johnny Mathis but I liked the way the Vibrations did it too.

    Couldn't get the George Clinton one to play. They said they won't play it in Canada. Sheesh! Have a happy day, my friend.

    1. Hi, Belle! I don't understand why some songs and videos are blocked in other countries. It's frustrating for me the presenter and you the reader of my blog. Dell Rat Ron will be pleased to know that you enjoyed his good Vibrations. "Misty" was recorded by our hometown heroes The Magnificent Men and Dell rats consider it to be the definitive. Thank you very much for coming all the way from western Canada to listen and learn, dear friend Belle, and have a splendid weekend!

  5. Hi Shady and Ron. I'm just this side of getting a little better...trying to make my way back from being sick.

    A good group of folks today you guys, oh "The Watusi" and "Shake a Tailfeather"! You know I don't think I ever hear Johnny Rivers' version of Whole Lotta Shakin Goin On, but he did a good job of it. Of course I do remember 'Shakin All Over' and 'Hippy Hippy Shake'. Those were two fun dance songs and good sing-a-longs! Jr. Walker was always one of my favorites, so I really enjoyed the video you presented-great go-go dancers, lol!

    Thank you guys for making my day-see you soon!♥

    1. Hi, Suzanne! I was getting worried about you, dear friend, afraid you had suffered a relapse since you were here last. I hope your wellness trend continues and that you will be back to 100% very soon. I'm delighted to know a few of these selections resonated with you. I can always count on you to know your soul music. I never get tired of listening to Johnny Rivers because, even when he's covering somebody else's material, he puts a lot into the performance and makes the song his own. In the mid 60s I collected all of his Live at the Whisky albums and fortunately they have all been released on nicely remastered CD's. Thank you very much for coming to the party, dear friend Suzanne. Please remember that I am thinking about you and praying for your speedy recovery.

  6. Yay...I'm back and able to listen and read without squinting and losing my eyesight! I came back at the right time dear friend! Loved the music and it made me smile.
    Hope all has been well in Shadyland while I was away. I'm looking forward to having some fun fun fun now that Daddy gave me a new book to play!
    Oh I know but really I couldn't resisit!

    1. Hooray for you, Sush! I was over there commenting on your blog while you were here on mine. I love our friendship and welcome you back. I know from experience the frustration of using an old computer and I am delighted to know you are back in business and blogging with a brand new machine. Feels great, doesn't it? You'll have fun fun fun til your daddy takes your Macbook away and I hope that won't be any time soon. Thanks so much for coming to our good vibrations party, dear friend. (Seems you forgot all about the library like you told you old man, now.) Please come back again soon, dear Sushi! Good night!

  7. Tom I keep meaning to listen to George Clinton since one of my favourite bands the Red Hot Chili Peppers were influenced by his music.

    I hope you're having a good start to the week!

    Emma x

    1. Hi, Emma! I was told by my friend Belle in Canada that the George Cinton video is blocked in her country. I hope you're not saying it is also blocked in Ireland. I hope you do get to view it or at least listen to the track. It's so nice to see you again, dear friend, and I hope your week is going well and will continue so. Take care, Emma!


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