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"More than a place, the Shady Dell was and will forever remain a state of mind." - Shady Del Knight

"More than a place, the Shady Dell was and will forever remain a state of mind." - Shady Del Knight

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

15 Out of 15 Ain't Bad - Dell Rat Jerre Presents the 15 Greatest Recordings This Side of Doo-Wop!

 Dell Rat Jerre's back 
 with another memory 
 flogging play list.  
 Jerre urges us all to 
 doo-wop till we drop, 
 but when we're in the 
 mood for something 
 different he suggests 
 that we give these 
 records a spin. Let's 
 find out which ones 
 Jerre considers to be 

 The 15 Greatest Recordings 

 This Side of Doo-wop! 


 Right here, Clara, at #1 on Jerre's list! 

 1. "Two Out Of Three Ain’t Bad" 
 – Meat Loaf (1977) 

 2. "The Voice" – Moody Blues (1981) 

 3. "Imagine" – John Lennon (Nov. 1971) 

 4. "First of May" – Bee Gees (April 1969) 

 5. "My Girl" - Temptations (Feb. 1965) 

 6. "Bridge Over Troubled Water" 
 – Simon & Garfunkel (March 1970) 

 7. "Cowboy" – Three Dog Night (May 1970) 

 8. "Everything I Own" – Bread (1972) 

 9. "Saturday In The Park" - Chicago 
 (August 1972) 

 10. "Blessed Is The Rain" – Brooklyn Bridge 
 (March 1969) 

 11. "My Best Friend" – Jefferson Airplane 
 (March 1967) 

 12. "I’d Lie For You and That’s The Truth" 
 – Meat Loaf (December 1995) 

 13. "Unchained Melody" – Righteous Bros. 
 (August 1965) 

 14. "You’re My Best Friend" – Queen 
 (July 1979) 

 15. "I Know You're Out There Somewhere" 
 – Moody Blues (1988) 

 Jerre, this list rocks! 

You served up a couple more heaping helpings of Meat Loaf. The All Music Guide sums it up by asserting that Meat Loaf always sang "like his life depended on it."

I was delighted to see "First of May" on your list. 9 out of
10 people who ever even heard of the Bee Gees probably remember them best for their late 70s Saturday Night Fever disco hits. I much prefer their 60s output which includes "New York Mining Disaster 1941," "I Can't See Nobody,"
"To Love Somebody,""Holiday," "Every Christian Lion Hearted Man Will Show You," "Words," "(The Lights Went Out in) Massachusetts," "I've Gotta Get a Message to You" and
"I Started a Joke" along with your Pick to Click "First of May." Unlike other English acts, the Brothers Gibb didn't exactly take America by storm during the 1960s.  The Bee Gees didn't have any number one hits on the domestic chart, none in the top 5 and only two in the top 10. Yet, they produced some of the finest soft rock recordings of the decade.

I'm going play six degrees and connect Chicago with former Abba member Agnetha Faltskog. Vocalist Peter Cetera, an original member of Chicago before he began a solo career, produced I Stand Alone, one of three outstanding English language albums recorded by the Swedish songbird during the 1980s. I own all three of those albums on CD and highly recommend them. I guarantee that it's the best music you're not listening to! If you ever tire of Abba I predict that you'll still be enjoying the fresh, exciting sound of Aggie Faltskog.

We heard from Johnny Maestro in one of your previous lists. In Music Mike's clip featured here today we found a good example of the dreaded split play phenomenon. "Blessed is the Rain" and "Welcome Me Love" were two top 10 hits just waiting to happen; but released back-to-back on the same 45, both songs failed to reach the top 40. Johnny Maestro and his Brooklyn Bridge were too good for their own good!

Your list taught me something new about The Jefferson Airplane. I had always assumed that "Somebody to Love"
was the first single released from Surrealistic Pillow. Thanks to you I now know that "My Best Friend" came first, released two months earlier backed with "How Do You Feel," another track from the album. "My Best Friend" struggled on the Billboard Bubbling Under chart for 5 weeks and disappeared after reaching #103.

 Thank you, Dell Rat Jerre, 

 for another sensational 

 song survey! 

Have a Shady day!


  1. Ahh, these are some great picks for us today. I read Meatloaf just turned 65, and I couldn't believe it! Wasn't it just yesterday he was the bad boy ex football player turned rocker/ crooner?

    All these are timeless classics and it did my heart good this morning to hear them. Great walk down memory lane~

    1. Thanks, Shelly! 65 year old Meatloaf sounds appetizing, doesn't it? (LOL) I agree with you. Jerre's picks to click are mine, too. Thanks so much for coming by, dear friend, and enjoy the rest of your week!

  2. Hi dear Tom, and thanks to Jerre for such a great list of songs today. I'm thrilled to say that I knew almost all of them, which made me happy! I have always loved Meatloaf and Two Out Of Three Ain't Bad was such a good one. Gosh, that one by Bread really took me back. Haven't heard of them for yonks, but I did have an LP by them once. Moody Blues, Queen and Bee Gees all in one post - it doesn't get much better than that. Add to that The Temptations, The Righteous Brothers and Simon & Garfunkel, and I think that we've been well and truly spoilt!! Thanks Jerre and thank you Tom. Really enjoyed this one!

    1. Hallo, dear Thisisme! I'm so glad you stopped and bopped. It surprises me a little that you know so many of these recordings, because many were released in the 80s and 90s and you are typically more in tune with the music of the early 60s. I'm sure Jerre will appreciate your comments as do I, dear friend! Cheers!

  3. Oh! I forgot to give John Lennon & Imagine a mention! Beautiful!!

    1. Can't go wrong with that John Lennon classic, can you? Thank you very much, my dear Thisisme!

  4. Hi Shady, I had completely forgotten that I had put this list together. That shows my age as much as the play list does. I really enjoyed that old Meat Loaf clip and yes I liked the early BeeGees songs more than their disco stuff. They kept up with the times and I didn't. Meat Loaf is still keeping up with the times and his new album shows that. Not his best, but still fairly good and worth a listen. I will take your advice and give
    Agnetha Faltskog a try. I don't like todays rap much, but do enjoy some of todays hits and I'm sure there are many other great songs that should be on the list from later years. Thanks for putting this together and adding all the good history. I hope your young readers don't get too bored.


    1. Hi, Jerre! I doubt that too many of our friends will get bored with this dynamite playlist of yours. It's good to know that warmed over Meatloaf is still fresh enough to suit you. Yes, you submitted this list to me quite a long time ago. With all the huge breaking news events unfolding this year, I had to hold off on it until now. I'm glad you enjoyed it, good buddy, and thanks for sending it in!

  5. Fun playlist you've got here! I hadn't heard that Jefferson Airplane tune before and I didnt realize MeatLoaf (I actually typed MeatLoad at first, thankfully I caught it before I hit publish) was considered doo wop. You learn something knew everyday.

    1. MEATLOAD? (LOLOLOL) Any relation to Beaver Stew? Why I oughta ban you from my family friendly blog, Blue Bird! (LOL) I learned a lot from Jerre's song list and I'm glad to know it tickled your fancy as well. Thank you very much for flying down on your day off, dearie. I'll be seeing you soon unless you see me first!

  6. It's a tricky Tuesday kicked off of your blog, but managed to get back! Quite a list of goodies Jerre, but, you know, even tho I know the artists, I must have missed some the songs you featured. The First of May by the Bee Gees, I just don't remember, but what a beautiful song and video! And, of course, Meatloaf-I do know the songs you featured. And, earlier in his career, I thought Meatloaf was just a slob, but later learned there is much more to the man, and gained much respect and admiration for him. Oh, Queen, what a fantastic group! I still hear 'Your My Best Friend', almost daily, Freddie Mercury was great, and it's a great loss to have lost him. I remember Bread and 'Everything I Own', a wonderful love song. Peter Cetera still looked good in 1988 didn't he? I was a Chicago and Moody Blues fan-got to see The Moody Blues in 1970, in a Philharmonic hall in Kansas City Missouri. Their music always sent chills down my spine, and their harmonies were like no others of that time, (save the Bee Gees).

    Well, you know how I could go on. Three Dog Night-too great, and, they were very entertaining...brought more to the table than just song!

    Shady, I was glancing, again at your side bar while I listened-your mom was right up there with my mom...white sport coat and pink carnation! She thought all of our dates should be dressed like that when they picked us up! LOL! Love this post, you guys are too much! Have a wonderfully 'Shady' week! ♫ 'You've Got the Beef!!!

    1. Hi, Susan! In your remarks about Meatloaf I noticed you didn't have much to beef about. I love an artist who "sings like his life depends on it." I agree that Chicago put on a fabulous live show and there are some great clips of those performances offered on YouTube. It was nice of you to read my side bar cover story. My mother thought the Beatles and other English mop tops were Satan. Gangsta rap was still light years away. Dell Rat Jerre will be pleased by your comments, dear Susan, as was I. Have a wonderful Wednesday, dear friend!

  7. Jerre and Tom this was a really great list and it included some of my favorites and some I had not heard before. Made my morning.

    1. Hey, Odie! Glad to hear it. This was a nice mix of songs, mostly more recent ones. I'm glad they got your morning off to a good start. Thanks, good buddy!

  8. A message to Amber Blue Bird - No, Meatloaf is not Doo Wop. You misunderstood Shady's opening paragraph stating that these where some of my favorite songs that are not Doo Wop. However, many of these singers could have been very good additions to Doo Wop groups. Three Dog Night did a "sort of" Doo Wop song called Good Feelin 69. Sorry about the confusion, but hope you enjoyed the songs anyway. Jerre

    1. Good point, Jerre. As Music Mike reminded us in that Brooklyn Bridge video, Johnny Maestro was one of the kings of doo-wop. Thank you for checking back in, good buddy!

  9. Great list Shady and Jerre! I'd forgotten all about that Jefferson Airplane song "My Best Friend." I always think of it as a Lovin' Spoonful kind of song, I guess. I'll go out on a limb and be the only person in the world who dislikes "Imagine." Lennon was never a favorite of mine on his own - kind of petulant, and arrogant, but I'm clearly in the minority there. But who doesn't love anything by the Moody Blues, Simon & Garfunkel and Chicago? Anyway, good trip back in time - although many of these are classics that will be around forever.
    Shady - appreciate the advice and I did talk to my doc about it. Methotrexate was the drug I so blithely stopped taking, so I'm back on it, hoping it will help the Enbrel work better, and I'll start to feel better. If not, I have another appt in November and we'll discuss other options, your Simponi/Symponi (SP?) among them. Thanks!

  10. Hey, karen! I'm so glad to hear from you, dear friend! I know John was difficult, angry and arrogant at times but he's still my favorite Beatle. As a rule, at least from what I've learned, it's not a good idea to curtail use of a medication because it can spark a severe flare-up and also, when you resume, it might not be as effective. I was on Enbrel for several years then switched to Remicade (2-hour drip infusions every 8 weeks). Not only is Simponi (correct spelling) much more convenient, (a 5 second self injection once a month at home rather than a trip to a nurse clinic), it has worked far better for me than anything I tried before. Thanks again, dear karen!

  11. Hi Jerre & Shady,
    Watching Meatloaf sing more wonderful songs made me want to buy his albums. What a voice! I loved both Meatloaf songs you have featured lately and can see why my sister Liz loved him. She went to see him perform in Calgary, Alberta I think.

    I also prefer the early Bee Gees songs. I heard 'I Started A Joke' the other day and was so moved by it. I noticed 'Cowboy' was written by Randy Newman who has gone on to win Oscars for his songs for movies. Absolutely love 'I Would Give Everything' These were all great songs and I had a blast listening to them. Thanks a lot.

    1. Hi, Belle! Thanks for coming down to play Jerre's jukebox. Jerre submitted several of these great playlists in various categories and I am proud to present them to you. I enjoy listening to Meatloaf and especially watching his nicely produced conceptual videos. I'm glad you agree with Jerre and me that the Bee Gees were at their best before the dawn of disco. Thanks again for checking in, dear friend Belle, and have a wonderful weekend!

  12. Hi, Tom! I guess better late than never. I looked over Jerre's list earlier but it took awhile to listen to the songs. I'd never heard "Cowboy" before, and it's real nice. I hadn't known "First of May" very well, but it was a beautiful listen. I was saddened by the memory of the vocalist on it, Robin Gibb's passing not too many months ago after putting up a long and valiant fight against cancer. I thought he was going to pull through.
    I think "Imagine" has got to be one of the greatest songs of all time, with its poignant and positive message. John is missed also.
    You can't get much better than "Bridge Over Troubled Water" with Simon & Garfunkel. That song is a black gospel song, like many others made into mainstream songs.
    I can't listen to "Saturday In The Park" without flashing back on a 4th of July, when I was living in Los Angeles and walked through MacArthur Park and had my first taste of enchiladas at a Mexican restaurant, across the street from it.
    Can't go wrong with the Moody Blues songs. I caught their "Long Distance Voyager" tour in Reno and loved it. It's still one of my favorite albums.
    Every other song was superb also. Many of my favorites in there. Jerre, you rock! And thank you Tom for putting them together in such an entertaining and informative fashion.

    Your buddy,
    Dell Rat Ron

    1. Hey, Ron! Great to hear from you, good buddy. You beat the weekly publish deadline by a good two minutes! (LOL) Yes, this was a fun list from Jerre. It gave us a break from the older stuff we present here throughout the year. I already had this post in the can when Robin passed away. One by one the great voices that lent themselves to the soundtrack of our youth are falling silent. Thank you for coming, Ron, and now stay tuned for the next chapter of In-Dell-ible Memories!


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