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"More than a place, the Shady Dell was and will forever remain a state of mind." - Shady Del Knight

"More than a place, the Shady Dell was and will forever remain a state of mind." - Shady Del Knight

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Pop Gets Rocky and Soul Gets Funky! The Jukebox Giants of August 1967

 Summer 1967 is fading fast.

 It's time once again to 

 sample the sounds inside 

 the Shady Dell jukebox. 

As the record selection for August reveals, innocent teen pop is being supplanted by rock, and soul music is becoming slick, sophisticated, hip, trendy and funky.

 Experience the look and sound of  

 young America! 

 New, Hot and Hitbound: 

 “You’re My Everything” – Temptations 

 “The Letter” – Box Tops 

 “Funky Broadway” – Wilson Pickett 

 “Reflections” – Diana Ross & the Supremes 

 “Gimme Little Sign” – Brenton Wood 

 “Get on Up” – Esquires 


 Old Dell Gold: 
 (Records from past weeks, months and years 
 that have maintained their popularity) 

 “I Could Be So Happy” – Magnificent Men (July ’67) 

 “You Changed My Life" – Magnificent Men (July ’67) 

 "Karate Boogaloo” – Emperors (July ’67) 

 “You Gave Me Something (and Everything’s Alright)” – 
 Fantastic Four (June ’67) 

 “Washed Ashore (On a Lonely Island in the Sea)”
  – Platters (July ’67) 

 “Apples, Peaches, Pumpkin Pie” – Jay & the 
 Techniques  (July ’67) 

 “(I Wanna) Testify” – Parliaments (July ’67) 

 “A Whiter Shade of Pale" – Procol Harum (July ’67) 

 “White Rabbit" – Jefferson Airplane (July ’67) 

 “Searchin’” – Emperors (May ’67) 

 “Lookin’ For My Baby” – Emperors (May ’67) 

 “Hypnotized” – Linda Jones (June ’67) 

 “Soul Finger” – Bar-Kays (June ’67) 

 “I’ll Turn To Stone” – Four Tops (May ’67) 

Big changes are coming to the Dell jukebox in September.

Which of these records will still be spinning and which ones will take an early retirement?

 You have 
 one month 
 to speculate 
 but remember, 
 ladies & 
 this is only 
 an exhibition, 
 this is not 
 a competition; 
 so please -- 
 no wagering! 

Have a Shady day!


  1. Great way to start the morning, my friend! Even though it's been so many years since these great tunes were released, I am struck by the timelessness of them. I really enjoyed Reflections by the Supremes. That got me to thinking: what songs just released this summer will have that same timelessness and will still be fondly played 45 years from now? I can't picture any I've heard recently that would fit that bill, but then, who knows?

    Thanks for the terrific start to the morning~

    1. Hi, Shelly! I hear ya! When I was a kid the older generation turned thumbs down on the new style of music called roll 'n' roll. There was a joke going around that went something like this: "My wife and I were having dinner at a restaurant. The waiter dropped a tray of dishes on the floor and three teenage couples jumped up and started dancing." The other day I saw stats revealing that some of today's pop idols have had more hits and sold more records than the Beatles or Elvis ever did. I gave up following modern music circa 1990 and in my opinion it has continued to go down hill ever since. Then again, I'm listening through aging ears and therefore have no more right to criticize than my parents or grandparents did when I was young. Thanks for giving us something to ponder, dear friend Shelly, and have a great day over your way!

  2. Wow, I never get this close to the first comment! I must be up early or something. This was a fun post for me - I went down memory lane with a lot of them (Boxtops, Jefferson Airplane, Supremes) but I have to say I never heard of "Karate Boogaloo" and some of the others, so I enjoyed hearing those. In reading what you and Shelley said, I think there's a lot of music these days that will be just as timeless as many of these selections are, but I confess that if it weren't for my kids I probably wouldn't even hear a lot of it. They keep my ear fresh. My son is actually a contributor to a website where they review new music. Much of it I don't like, but I've found some gems that way, most recently Gold Motel. Check out their Summer House CD on
    i-Tunes. I think you'd like the nostalgic feel of their music and you'll love the vocalist. Looking forward to whatever tricks you have up your sleeve in September!

    1. Hi karen! Yes, this is rather early in the day for you to be commenting, my dear SoCal friend. Thank you very much for being here! I realize my comment probably made you think I spend my days chasing kids off my lawn. Such is not the case. I chase them off my xeriscape. :) When I indicated that modern music turns me off I was referring mainly to warbling, melisma laden pop balladry and hateful, violent, misogynist rap. I happen to love modern alt rock and indie pop bands like Gold Motel. At your urging I checked out their Summer House and enjoyed those fresh sounding, 60s influenced tracks. You have two advantages over me, karen. You are more than ten years younger, a fact I have found to be significant. I have discovered that people your age tend to pay much more attention to modern music than people my age and older. You also have children whereas I do not. Your children keep you tuned in to the latest and the greatest. In the last two years I have benefited greatly from my friendship with 20-something Amber @ The Girly Bird. Every Friday she introduces a band on her blog and she is really helping me to stay current. My young Irish friend Emma @ Ol' Green Eyes also posts music by today's best bands and I am also getting an education from her. Thank you again, dear karen, for continuing the thread with a thought provoking comment. I very much appreciate your visit and wish you a happy day out on the Coast.

    2. I'm so glad you liked Gold Motel! I'll pass along other goodies as I discover them.

    3. Please do, karen. I find it exciting and encouraging that so many new bands are paying homage to rockabilly, surf rock, Spector, garage, sunshine pop and other music trends of the past. I am always eager to learn, and friends like you help keep me young. I appreciate it very much when you come by like this to post a friendly follow-up to a running thread. One minute of your time made my whole day! :) :) :) Thank you, dear friend karen!

  3. These songs make me wanna DANCE! I needed a little early afternoon dance session so thanks for that :) I especially enjoyed “Get on Up." I manged to get a good smooth shimmy going when I played that song. Hope your Tuesday is going well!

    1. Hi there, Amber Blue Bird! Are your ears ringing? I was just "talking" about you in my reply to karen (above). I demand that you show us video of that good smooth shimmy of yours in your next post! Thanks so much for stopping by and playing the old jukebox, dear friend Amber. I'll be seeing you over at your place tomorrow, correct? Have a great day, dearie!

    2. Oh kind sir, you are simply the best :) I am so happy to see that you enjoy my Friday music series. I dont tend to get the most comments on those posts but I sure do enjoy whipping them up. Thanks so much for always stopping by and for your insightful and witty comments. Have a great Friday!

    3. Hi, Amber! I'm sure you know by now how much you mean to me. Earlier today I visited your videos page and watched your very first vid which I believe was entitled "Missing Summer." It showed you strolling along the water's edge and sitting on the rocks. As you might recall that was the first post of yours I ever read/watched after clicking to become a follower of Amber Blue Bird. It's been a fantastic journey since then, hasn't it, dear friend? I have come to care a great deal about you and your little family and I will be forever grateful that you were the first one to reach out your hand in friendship. Bless you, dear Amber! Thank you for these sweet words and have a wonderful weekend.

  4. Once again introducing me to artists I haven't had the pleasure of hearing before! As well as favourites like the Temptations and Supremes! Hope you're having a good week so far in Florida my friend!

    Emma x

    1. Hello, dear Emma! Gosh, this is quite a coincidence. I mentioned you and Amber in my reply to karen (above) and soon after both you and Amber showed up to comment. I really appreciate your visit and the fact that you enjoyed some of these old Dell songs. I'm having a fine week, thank you, and hope you are as well, dear friend. Thanks again, Emma!

  5. Hi dear Tom. Hi there froma quite pleasant Devon at the moment! You know that I'm having a little bloggy break at the moment, but you know that I couldn't NOT pop over to the good old Shady Dell! Great tunes for us again today, and I was having a little bop again, especially to The Supremes and The Four Tops. If I'm honest, I was really in favour of teen pop in the earlier 60's. I certainly agree with you and Shelly about the present music scene. I listen to it, and can't see it being played 40 or 50 years time. Although I do love Adele, I must admit! Thanks for a great post again my friend. Smooches.

    1. Smooches smooches smooches, dear Thisisme! Hallo and welcome to you, my dear friend. I've been wondering how you're doing over there. By "quite pleasant Devon" I trust that you mean the sun is finally shining. I'm so glad to hear it! I'm with you in favoring innocent teen pop of the earlier 60s. This edition of "Now Playing at the Shady Dell" is the second from last, because the following month, September 1967, I left town for college and was no longer hanging out at the Dell every night. Just as well because the music was rapidly changing. The greatest music and the best of times were behind me and I knew it. At least we have our fond memories, right? I'm glad I had you bopping today, dear friend. I hope you are well. I also hope dear little Ruby has regained use of her arm and that Alfred is keeping you in good spirits. Thank you very much for your visit and comments, dear Thisisme!

  6. Howdy Pawdna! You were actually on my reading list tonite! And, with a great lineup for summer's close. The Esquires were really cool with 'Get On Up'-a kind of slinky sound with a good beat, and fantastic vocals. And, 'The Oogum Boogum' man with 'Gimme a Little Sign' had some good songs. He was a bit older than I had thought back then, you wouldn't even know it-but, he stayed young through his music! Funky Wilson Pickett will always be up there on my list...I don't think his music will EVER retire! Yay to The Box Tops and their 'Letter'...which conveys a message much like other 'come back home' stories, but, the vocals and music bring it to another dimension. It takes the melancholy out of the sad story, and, brings us a happy ending.

    We've had some much needed rain and cooler temps, but, as you know, the 'skeeters' are still running rampant in the Lone Star State. What we need is 'ole Jack Frost' to make an appearance, and, be done with it! Loved your post Shady...the Supremes, The Temptations, and, The Emperors-there were so many good groups, so much to cover. You do a fabulous job-it's a lot of work, but, what joy there is in music! Thank you Shady, have a great week!♫

    1. Awww, thank you very much, dear Susan! You touched on some records that nobody else has so far, revealing your love of the soulful side of music. One of my all time favorite movies, The Last Days of Disco, has "The Oogum Boogum Song" in its soundtrack. The Emperors were from Harrisburg, PA, just up the road from York. They produced an impressive string of Dell hits and I'm proud to say I own all their 45s. Next week I'm taking us back to the 50s and early 60s with Dueling Doo-Wops and you will hear the vast difference in the level of sophistication and production capability. Even so, it's a bounty of great music, much of it obscure, and I hope you'll join me and have a listen.

      We're getting monsoon rain tonight and sweating out the new tropical storm which is expected to strengthen into a hurricane and could strike Tampa Bay next Monday, disrupting the start of the G.O.P. Convention. We're preparing for the worst and hoping for the best. Thank you very much for coming over, dear friend Susan, and I'll be chatting with you again soon!

  7. I was like Emma not familiar with some but when the Temptations and Supremes are around you make my day. Have a great rest of the week.

    1. Thanks so much, Odie! When "Reflections" starts to play I can name that tune in less than two seconds, how about you? Enjoy the rest of your week, too, good buddy!

  8. I played "The Letter" three times. I just love that song. It was fun hearing songs I don't know and I notice you had two from the 'Magnificent Men' also. Terrific! Thanks for the Shady Day.

    1. Hi, Belle! Yessum, records by the Magnificent Men and the Emperors show up regularly in the 22 monthly installments of "Now Playing." Both local acts were heavy hitters at the Shady Dell. Funny you should mention "The Letter" by the Box Tops. I was just listening to my CD jukebox a few minutes ago and the last song I played before turning it off was "Soul Deep," another fine recording by Alex Chilton and his Memphis based blue-eyed soul group. Thank you very much for visiting and listening, dear friend Belle, and have a Shady evening up there in Canada!

  9. Hi, Tom!

    Most of those songs received HEAVY play by me, and I thought I'd just throw you a little bit of trivia.
    The Bar-Kays, whose "Soulfinger" was one of the greatest instrumentals, started out as a studio band at Memphis based Stax-Volt Records. In 1967 they became Otis Redding's travelling band. Four of their six members perished along with Mr. Redding in the same plane crash. The trumpeter survived the crash, and the bass player was on a different plane. They became the core of the new Bar-Kays.
    Also, the Parliaments had been around since the 50s in New Jersey. George Clinton was their leader and manager. They performed in the barber shop which George co-owned.
    Keep on rockin'. I was glad to read in the comments that everybody is doing fine. Can you send some of that Florida rain here to southern New Mexico. An occasional brief drizzle here is cause for a thrill.

    D.R. Ron

    1. Hi, Ron! It's great to hear from you. Rock history is filled with twists of fate involving recording artists taking, missing or surviving doomed flights. Thanks for the lesson about the Bar-Kays, a band that survived into the 80s but adopted a radically different, slick, urban dance funk style evident on recordings like "Hit & Run" and "Freak Show on the Dance Floor." The Parliaments underwent an evolution of their own transitioning from doo-wop and soul in the 60s to the Parliament-Funkadelic P-Funk dynasty of the 70s. As you know George Clinton later went solo and had a string of R&B successes that included "Do Fries Go With That Shake?," a record and video that I'll be featuring here on SDM&M in the months to come. Thanks a lot for being here, Ron, and stay tuned for our Dueling Doo-Wops post coming next Tuesday!


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