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"More than a place, the Shady Dell was and will forever remain a state of mind." - Shady Del Knight

"More than a place, the Shady Dell was and will forever remain a state of mind." - Shady Del Knight

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Mag Men Reign and the Emperors Rule! Jukebox Giants of July 1967

 Another month has flown by. 

 Once again it's time to peek inside the 

 Shady Dell jukebox and find out which 

 records are rockin' the rat pack. 

The Dell lineup for July 1967 contains brand new releases by our two favorite Central Pennsylvania groups, the Mag Men and the Emperors!

 Experience the look and sound of  

 young America! 


 New, Hot and Hitbound: 

 “I Could Be So Happy” – Magnificent Men 

 “You Changed My Life” – Magnificent Men 

 “Karate Boogaloo” – Emperors 

 “Mumble Shing-a-Ling” – Emperors 

 “A Whiter Shade of Pale” – Procol Harum 

 “Washed Ashore (On a Lonely Island in the Sea)” – Platters 

 “Apples, Peaches, Pumpkin Pie” – Jay & the Techniques 

 “(I Wanna) Testify” – Parliaments 

 “White Rabbit” – Jefferson Airplane 


 Old Dell Gold: 
 (Records from past weeks, months and years 
 that have maintained their popularity) 

“You Gave Me Something (and Everything’s Alright)” – Fantastic Four (June ’67)

“Light My Fire” – Doors (June ’67)

“The Crystal Ship” – Doors (June ’67)

“I Was Made to Love Her” – Stevie Wonder (June ’67)

“Hypnotized” – Linda Jones (June ’67)

“San Francisco” – Scott McKenzie (June ’67)

“Mercy, Mercy, Mercy” – Buckinghams (June ’67)

“Soul Finger” – Bar-Kays (June ’67)

“Knucklehead” – Bar-Kays (June ’67)

“Groovin’” – Young Rascals (May ’67)

“Let’s Live for Today” – Grass Roots (May ’67)

“Searchin’” – Emperors (May ’67)

“Lookin’ for My Baby” – Emperors (May ’67)

“I’ll Turn to Stone”– Four Tops (May ’67)

“Respect” –Aretha Franklin (May ’67)

“When I Was Young” – Eric Burdon and the Animals (April ’67)

"A Girl Named Sandoz" - Eric Burdon and the Animals
(April '67)

“I’m a Man” – Spencer Davis Group (April ’67)

Big changes are coming to the jukebox in August.

Which of these records will still be hot
and which ones will most certainly be not?

 You have 
 one month 
 to speculate 
 but remember, 
 ladies & 
 this is only 
 an exhibition, 
 this is not 
 a competition; 
 so please -- 
 no wagering! 

Have a Shady day!


  1. More great songs for us, Shady! There is a big deal going on down here because Jim Morrison spent several years here going to elementary school. His dad was in the Navy and they moved a lot. So, they are having Doors tribute bands, a Jim Morrison look a like contest, etc. It will be interesting to see how this pans out. He was truly a candle that burned out much too soon. Take care and thank you for this great way to start a day~

    1. Hi, Shelly (aka SheLLy, Selly)! :) A visit from you always gets my day started on a pleasant note. That's interesting about Morrison. I didn't know he went to school down your way. Imagine what it was like being his teacher! I love it when tribute bands are able to capture the look, sound and true essence of an artist or band. I hope you'll let me know if any of them succeeded in doing that. Thank you for being the early bird, dear friend Shelly, and have a wonderful Wednesday as you prepare your lesson plans for the new school year.

  2. Hi tom! My favourite song from July 67 has to be Whiter Shade of Pale! What a song! Hope you're having a great day!

    Emma x

    1. I am, Emma... thank you! How about you? And how about that original video for the song? You have an eye for fashion and I'm sure the apparel worn by the Procol Harum band members was of particular interest to you. The "White Rabbit" video also gives you an idea of how young people dressed in the Summer of Love, 1967. Thank you very much for coming over again today, dear Emma. I treasure our friendship!

  3. Hi there Tom. Wow, I can;t believe that another month has gone by already. Soon be Christmas! lol! I have to admit that, obviously I loved the 60's because I was there, but my favourite years were very much 1960 - 1966 music wise. I regret to say that I have never heard of Emperors or Magnificent Men :( But that's one of the good things about your Blog, in that you bring us all this different music for us to listen to. Whiter Shade of Pale by Procol Harum I loved, and it's a real classic in my eyes. I also loved San Francisco by Scott McKenzie. Thank you for another great selection on the old juke box for the month of July my friend.

    1. Hallo, dear Thisisme! Yes, the months are rolling by quickly and before we know it we'll be counting down the shopping days left until Christmas. I'm in total agreement with you about the early 60s being my favorite period for music. It wasn't always so but my tastes have changed in recent years. Lately I'm quite content listening to "silly love songs" rather than music with a message and a nasty attitude. It's wonderful to hear from you and I am very happy and relieved to know that you are feeling stronger again. I'm sure if you remember to pace yourself you'll press on toward your October holiday w/o any more setbacks. Thank you very much for coming across the pond, my dear friend, and please give little Ruby an extra hug the next time you see her.

  4. Hi Tom, enjoyed them all even though I didn't know a lot of them so it was another learning experience which is also great. That was the year I finished up business college and entered the Army so it brought back some memories of a special time. Thanks

    1. Hi, Odie! Glad I brought back some memories for you, good buddy. I really appreciate your visit and comments. Please give Rocky and Soffie a bubba burger to split between them. Tell them it's from Shady. Thanks again, Odie, and take care of yourself and your family.

  5. I love all these "new to me tunes" and White Rabbit is a personal fave of mine (my inner hippie knows every word to that tune). I love the end when she sings "feed your head." Not that I have any idea what she is talking about ;)

    1. Hello, Amber! "Feed your head," the dormouse said. (Or was it the Dell rat?) "If you remember the Sixties, you weren't there." That quote is attributed to Grace Slick but also to several other people including Dennis Hopper, George Harrison and Robin Williams. Glad I turned you on to some new to you tunes, dearie. Thank you very much for stopping by and please remember these words:

      And if you go chasing rabbits
      And you know you're going to fall,
      Tell 'em a hookah smoking caterpillar
      Has given you the call.
      Call Alice
      When she was just small

  6. Oooohh, good stuff Shady! Of course my favorites were the Doors, Jefferson Airplane, and Eric Burdon and the Animals. "When I Was Young" was an especially haunting one. "San Francisco" by Scott McKenzie was another favorite.
    So what's coming up in August? Can't wait to see what tricks you have up your sleeve!

    1. Hi karen! What's on tap for August, you ask? You'll be happy to know that I've got a medley of Tiny Tim's greatest hits just for you! :) I'm glad to know you're an Animal lover same as me. You would have made a great Dellette because the Animals were enormously popular at the Shady Dell. Burdon and company released an album entitled Winds of Change and indeed, by the summer of '67, those winds were blowing up Violet Hill. Records by bands like the reinvented Eric Burdon & the Animals, the Doors, the Airplane, the Electric Prunes, Strawberry Alarm Clock, Blue Cheer and Sean Bonniwell's Music Machine were filling up the jukebox and there wasn't much room left for traditional sweet soul music. Thank you ever so much for being here today, dear karen, and enjoy your Friday and weekend!

  7. As usual, you weren't on my reading list, so I took the back roads and got here anyway, lol! What a group of greatness you've put out Shady! Aretha, Spencer Davis, Grass Roots, and, my favs, the Animals! I believe 'Light My Fire' will always be hot, however, I'm not fond of Jose Feliciano's version (don't tell him)! Scott McKenzie's San Francisco will always be a classic, I think, the song was crucial to so many changes in our time.

    But, White Rabbit...I don't know. I really liked the song, not because I could identify with it (I really couldn't), but I got it! Oh, that song could be interpreted in several ways. And, I believe that Grace's unique voice is what made the song so compelling-I always tried to copy her voice and sing along with her, haha! And I stopped short when I read Amber's comment on the ending of the song. 'Feed your head.' I thought Grace was saying 'Keep your head'. You see? That's how I interpreted it, and, it would make sense with the rest of the song, don't you think? It would have been good advice. Ah, nothing like a song blooper! See what you started Shady?

    I've had some internet problems tonite and couldn't listen to all of your songs, but I did get to hear 'Searchin'. I remember that song and always liked it too. So, while the goins' good, I'd better get goin'! Don't want to tick Blogger off! I enjoyed this post, and, your grand entrance into year 5! Have a wonderful weekend Shady!♫

    1. Hi, Susan! This is a mystery. I just checked and my latest post is listed in the reader on both of your blogs! I am very conscious of the problem lately and check every time I publish. For some reason Blogger has stopped publishing my posts to reader streams if the titles are similar to earlier posts. The original title of this post began as it does every month with "Now Playing at the Shady Dell," but when I published it and checked another friend's blog list to make sure it was there... it wasn't! I had to change the title two more times to get it to show up on her roll. This is alarming because all my series including "Now Playing," "Counting Down," "The D-Team," and even Kathleen Mae Schneider's "In-Dell-ible Memories" will need to have different (unique) titles from now on for them to make it onto reader rolls! I applaud you for coming to look for my new post even though you couldn't find it on your list. I'm glad you enjoyed the Emperors' take on "Searchin'" because Dell rats regarded it as the definitive version. Thank you very much for listening to this month's jukebox, dear Susan. Have a great weekend and hugs to Scootie!

  8. I just came across your blog and I "LOVE" it :D
    I am following you, you are welcome to follow me back if you want :)


    1. LoLy - Thank you for visiting, commenting and following. You are always welcome here and I hope you will find a lot to "LOVE."

  9. It sure was nice to have bands like The Magnificent Men and The Emperors so close to home, and be able to enjoy them for so small a price of admission, wherever they played. And, in those days, they did sound checks so that, even though we did like it loud, we could even talk to our dates or friends without getting laryngitis. Tom, I was living in downtown Baltimore right after high school, so in addition to the songs you mention we were also graced with Vanilla Fudge's "You Keep Me Hangin' On" and the album, "Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band" and "Are You Experienced". Yep, wasn't much happening on the music scene then. Later, buddy, and keep groovin'.

    D.R. Ron

    1. Hi, Ron! It was a great time to be a teenager, that's for sure. I freaked out my freshman year at PSU when my mass media professor announced that we would be spending weeks studying Sgt. Pepper's L.H.C.B. along with Mike Nichols' new film The Graduate which showcased the music of S&G. My mom actually got upset over the hip curriculum. She worried that I wasn't learning anything of value and that my college education was "a waste of money." By the way I also loved the Vanilla Fudge covers of "Season of the Witch" and "Shotgun." Thanks for visiting, good buddy, and b.o.l.o. for Kathleen Mae Schneider who's in the on-deck circle.

  10. another great collection of songs!I remember A Whiter Shade of Pale as theme song of some tv spot here in Italy but I never had any idea it was a so old song! thanks a lot for your beautiful comments, and sorry if I don't reply very oftem.

    1. Hi, Katia! Of course I miss you when you don't visit and comment, but at the same time, you are one of my oldest blog followers and I know that our friendship remains secure even when you are out of touch. Thank you very much for coming to see me today, dear Katia, and have a beautiful night in Italy!

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